The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on February 10, 1972 · Page 10
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 10

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1972
Page 10
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The Orange Peelings STAFF Editor: Phil SJSit Editor: «>i. staff* Jay Sfi' Snhors lay Grlend. Susafl Stewart, Laur - - ^ -~ ^^ Ita Top, Barb Jan*, Photographers- M,I Terry Goslinga, % Layout Editors:f gel, Linda Berry Vol. 20, NO, 9, January 2l,| 1111 —•———"***—*~' Maurice-Orange City Community School. Orange City, Iowa EDITORIAL: Responsible Students? Who ran >* considered a responsible student? Logically, oM*r and more mature students s.Sould be considered rp«wnsibl* Everv stu-Jent that enters high school will -orrUav havr- a chance to be a senior, whereupon special privili?^ such as « Responsible Student pass awl the UWc''' loung*. The Responsible Stwtert pass must be «i?r.ed bv ea--h =tu-3*r;ts' teachers that semester plus the librarian' ar,.< *o principal. The pass ^« them the ~- *«m*nt iwnge is a small room where students .,..,>. a " r , 'p' v>" o'" ct uden« Council members may go to •*!* o7 H«Wto music. The ration is, should Student r^ru 'r,r--bers be allowed to go to the student lounge, or W'" Are they responsible just because they are Stuoent Council members'' Dutchmen Dateline Feb.ll-Akron-here 12 KW Icwa Choral Festival 15 Band trip to Verrnll- llon ,15-Floyd Valley-here 15 Unity-Fresh rnen-here 16 Y-Teen meeting 15 Sioux Center-there 19 West Si era -he re 22 Vocal Concert 2~ District Speech Contest 2C District Speech Contest March " Career Day 8 V-Teer; Cabinet 57 State Speech Contest 17 End of 3rd nine weeks 18 State Speech Contest 24 Parent Teacher Con- Jerence 24 All School Play 25 All School Play 30 Al Bell 31 I«"o School - Zaster Winter Concert On February 9, at 7:00p.rn., the Pride of the Dutchmen Band from M-OC, will present its Winter Concert. The 125 member group will be performing such numbers as, "Japanese Folk Suite," "Modal Dance," and "Kneller Hall," for just a few. The wind ensemble, a smaller, select group, will also a.dd to the evening by play- in? "Die Fladermaus." The POD Band is directed by Mr. Gene K. Krueger. POD Band Travels to Vermillion POD has been invited by Prof. Rav DeVUMss, Director of Bands, University of South Dakota, to participate in the twenty-first annual Instrumental clinic on Febraury 15. The band will be performing at 3:00 In the Slagle Auditorium on the university campus. Krueger said, 'at is indeed a great" honor for the POD to be included in this annual event. We will be performing for over 1200 students and their directors In our four- state area. Each year one band" from the state of Iowa Is invited. And we are extremely pleased to have this honor and to share the stage with the Stevens High School band from Rapid City, S.D. We encourage and invite all local townspeople to the concert if they desire. It would make us feel very good to see a number of our local people in this audience. Admission will be free." Volleyball Team The volleyball team played one of two scheduled at Paul- Una on February 2. The next scheduled meet will be at Rock Valley on February 16. A second team has been added to the girls' volleyball program. The B team will play other B teams In this area. STUDENT JFK Is John F. Kennedy alive or dead? If the answer was negative good. But if positive whv would past president Johnson write answer, that, by penalty of law, opened before' 80 years, because the answer will have a detrimental effect on the American people. Was it sealed and put in the Arcives building in Washington? Why does Jackie Cmassls visit the hospital bed in Dallas, Texas, where he was immediately taken after the shooting, more than the grave- vard? Is it true or false? Many reporters have followed the store to the unknown peak. Why'is the whole floor, sealed and guarded at the multimillion dollar hospital and no one admitted but doctors? Is it true Jackie Onassls is still sending money to the hospital and why was the marriage private and no certificate can be found? I feel that if he's a vegetable in the Dallas hospital we the people have the right to know. More proof that he's alive is thought to be known but first the above questions should be anwered. I don't see that the unanswered question is a major one but we should know for sure. It's true the Kennedy families are the only one's to answer and to them the case is closed, or is It? Jay Dorschner LOUNGE Vocal/Concert Mixed CAOfttS FFA News HW Music Festivals !V:Vr-!fc 'JOJ'iir'i, Karen '•''-!: ':"S-.V.':\, l^ve I'l'Sf:.'.'.'-, '--'•>''- '.j-'.:<- Hub.:-..''., r.Vir.v.ers of the •r.:xe-: quartet '/. M-OC, -.YiH lov/a Cr.ors!" Festival in Che- '.2. v*.ijd--r:.'.>: !ror:i ip^rox- i.Ti.-!Sely 'i'j SChOOlS V.-il! bf- .'r-hearsing !or '•-. confer' to v x- given Saturday evening at College, Vioux Center, v/ill be rJijr.ct-i director for the ':VJ voice chorus in the concert »o bf- ;-;iven if: the Cherokee • •:: ;•• r. '.<:\.'i'A •'•• u 'i i t o r i u rn. •.ccorr,r,::r,vin? the choir in .•.''/Mr' 1 ';' "Te r/eurn" v,'ll! be •.'r:r.;' fevers !>.-bbK- TiO- !';;*. r'!, i. 1 . ri-i'-j Tra'.eh-as, Janna >.'vjv/, Car la Penning, Bren-i^ !->'Jorr., Judy I.eri'ierink, J';e»h J^ekel, !>bbie Muy- <;l"-ri 1 ., I'3'.i.v "coep, Jane :,r/i I'^ve Vliet'er. ?.'or'.hv.-est lov/a Bar.d Fes- tiavl v,-as held or: February " in Cherokee at V/ashinton High School. Representing ?•!OC were Beth Paekel, on clarinet playing Mrst part; Cam Korver, on clarinet; Dorenda Kleinhessellnk, on contrabass clarinet; Dave P.itserna on trombone; -Jan Toenjes, on oboe; and Judy Lenderink, plaving saxophone, sitting third chair, first part. Thev left early the morning of February 5 and re- turne'J home the srnae day. Trir- morning arid afternoon were spent rehearsing and the concert was presented at night. The 280 member band were directed by F.d Marty from Casper College, V/yomlng. He is a French horn clinician and v,'as guests director. The FFA annual friut sale was again a great success. We sold over 500 boxes of fruit. Spoilage on the fruit was held to a minimum. Top salesmen in each class were Doug Oolman, senior; Glenn Leusink, junior; Marvin Ool- man, sophomore; and Dennis Vander Schaaf, freshman. All top salesmen received a FFA jacket. A couple of new projects have come into the shop during the last few weeks. Ler oy Maassen brought in a tractor to overhaul and repaint. Phil Dykstra brought in a stalk shredder to repair and repaint. At a meeting held on Jan. 11, we decided to hold another annual Father and Son Banquet. No definite date was set. After the meeting, v/ehad recreation and refreshments were served, Doug Oolrnan Senior Galen Kleinwolterink relaxes as he studies in the new senior lounge at M-OC. >«»»»»»««»»»»»»<» The annual M-OC Winter Vocal Concert will be held high school auditorium February 22 at 7:30 p.m. Four vocal groups will perform: a 90 voice mixed chorus, 45 voice boys glee, a 100 voice girls glee and a 54 voice newly formed Honors choir singing varied A Cappella works, . The program will consist of different choral literature ranging from Renasclence music to Broadway musicals. To name a few, mixed choirs will perform, "Varbum Caro Factum Est" by Hans Jeo Hasslar. This number will be accompanied by as instrumental chamber group; "An Early American work by William Billings, "Be Glad The America", a speaking chorus by Earnest Toch, "Geographical Fugue", and "Requiem for the Masses" by Kirkman and Craig. This piece shows a beautiful correlation between modern text and early litergy. The boys glee will feature a folk arrangement by Robert Shaw, "Pilgrims Chorus" from Richard Wagnar's opera "Tomnhansar",andtwo selections from Broadway musicals "Hello Dolly" and "Gonna Build a Mountain" from "Stop the World I Want to Get Off." The girls glee will sing three Spanish ballads by Eugene Butler, and "Lord, I Love the Place" by Karl H. Grain. The girls will sing one of the top twenty, "Cherish." The choruses will be directed by Lyle Kline and the girls glee has been rehearsed bv Miss Diane Blom, a Northwestern College student teacher. ********** Valentine's Day is ... Red Roses Hugs and Kisses Love-Alright! Box of chocolates and zits "Sexy cards "• ; Feeling merry Febnwry 14 Sitting -at home with no valentine Your mother being your only Valentine Holding hands In .first grade and getting a box of candy Mother and Father sitting on the couch and telling you to go to bed when It's three hours before your normal bedtime • Director Lyle Kline puts a vocal music group Ihn a rehearsal polishing it for the Winter Concert,™ February 22 in the M-OC High School Audltat Honor Students, M-OC's final First Semester Principal's list has been released. Students with 4.0 average are as follows: With 5 subjects -- Seniors: Stan Toenjes; Junlros: Jeff De Haan, Linda Hammerstrom, Cam Korver, Carol Vande Brake, Dawn Wieners; Sophmores: Rhonda Vanden Berge, Kathy Vlieger, Cathy Weiss; Freshmen: Sue Van Aartsen, Dave Vlieger. With 4 subjects -- Seniors: Linda Berry, Lavonne Kosters, Jolene Vande Brake, Twila Vander Meide; Juniors: Brenda Ekdom, Sandra Raak, Dorene Stegink; Sophomores: Marilyn Muilenburg, Beth Paekel, Janice Van Roekel. Other students on the list taking 5 subjects with a grade point average of 3.8 to 3.2 are as follows: Seniors: Le-Ann De Haan, Dorenda Klein- Hesselink, Lynda Tratebas,' Neva Wielenga, John Hubers, Lynne Lenderink, Ronald Eeu- sirik, Kirk v Schott, Karen_Van Roekel, Alice Vander Waefdt," Steve Woodard; Juniors: Milton Ackerman, Dan De Koter, Laura Kiel, Robert De Haan, Faye Muilenburg, Debra Vernon, Brenda Vande Grlend, Mark Vellinga; Sophomores: Jan Toenjes, Judy Lenderink, Patty Schoep, Randy Lubbers, Tim Vellinga, Cindy Rulsch, Daryl Ter Horst, Randy De Koter, Kathy Langstraat, Jerry Muilenburg, Jim Sie- Boys Scouts and Cubs ol Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lev/Maurice attended Church ser- j s of Ames spent the v/eek- vices Sun. evening in a body enc j i n the parental Brouwer v/ith their parents. home. Local New bersma; Freshman 1 ,! Bierma, Brad De JonJ Mouw. Donn Mulderf Pals, Kelly ' Van Zanten, Connisl temeyer, Kathy Huben| Mick, Lowell Van C Vande Brake, Jim] Gary Bruxvoort, Roil Jerlene Mars, 'Tim JT burg, Randy Ritseim, lotte Siebersma, slid Jong, Sara Douglas, i Rozeboom, Larry Stoep, Rik Villegas. The remaining lisle of students taking 4 s. also with a grade poltl| age of 3.8 to 3.2. Doug Van Klompenbt, nise Van Peursem, L Vander Weerd, Blair) Scott Dunlop, Kevin) Greg Vermeer, Barb: ssen, Norma Olson,] Oolman, Jim Smits, 1 Vander Laan, Ellzate! gel; Juniors: Machete! Lorene Stegink, Crystal! pinger, Peggy Pals,! Woodard, Terry Goi'| Minerva Hibma, AledaK Carla Pennings.JaneTel enhuis, Cathie VanderMl Beverly Vander Weidejl omores: Shawn Dulstel Debbie Muyskens, Ruthl dl, Debbie Dunlop, Denlsl iebout, Pam BonnemaJ Ann Hawkins, Roma J| horst; Freshmen: Eddltl tenson. With 3 subjects] Van Rooyen is also list. Mr. :ind Mrs. Wallace Mui- 1'Tihuri'. and Mrs. Anna Mull-' enburg attei/J'r'i funeral ser- vjr.-r.'-. k,r Mrs. Lester Mui- k-nhun: at Archer Wed. They visite'l with the far/illy the'lay U.-fore. Mrs. F'j'Inoy Kluls onter- taino'l at dinner in her home for Mrs. fjick Kluls Wed. noon for her birthday. Others present w-rfr Mr.-;. Herbert /r-uterihorst and Mrs, Bill HuLsteiri of :;ioux Center, Mrs. Have Kluls of Maurice and Mrs. (-.liner Hofmeyer of OC. The Mark Chapman family visited in the Bill Sleeker home Sunday evening after the services. Woman's Club met Thurs. evening with the showing of a Film and Mrs. Frerichs .spoke on Ecology. Roll Call was something I can do to help this problem. Maxine Jager was hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Schat had gone to Sheldon Mon. to visit with Mr. and Mrs, Bert Van Stoenwyk. Julie Ann, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Eugene Van Roekel was baptised Sun. morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ray De Jong returned home from California this past weekend. They stopped off in Denver to visit in the the Peter Vande Brake home and with Miss Lynn Krornendyke at Bethesda. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schat and two sons of Rapid City, Roger of Vermillion and Linda of Omaha stopped off at the Renald Schat home this weekend and also attended a wedding in Sioux Falls. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Slobe of Sioux Falls were dinner guests in the Schat home Thurs. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hanrahan and family from Fort Dodge spent the week end visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nolen. Mr. and Mrs. Craig Brent from Audubon, Iowa spent Friday in the home of Mrs. Gerrit J. Raak. Mr. and Mrs. JohnRens and son from Larchwood were Sat. afternoon callers in the home of Mrs. Johanna Rens. VALENTINE'S DAY Buy the gift that shows your love everyday of the year -- the financial security only life insurance can provide. See DON VAN DER WEIDE, C.L.U. Phone 787-4500 or 737-2309 Orange City New York Life Insurance Company Life Insurance - Group Insurance - Annuities Health Insurance - Pension Plans Mr. Stan Oordt went toChl- cago on January 26 where he obtained his release from the Army. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Punt and family were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Punt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Boterhoek at Hospers, In celebration of Mrs. Boterhoek's birthday. SNOWMOBILE Protection The Literature Department of the Woman's Club met on Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lars Granberg with Mrs. W. Breese in charge of the program. Mrs. Francis Alstott from Laurens was a guest on Saturday in the home of Mrs. Gerrit J. Raak. Mrs. Dell Reindersl hostess to a dinner" home on Thursday for Post Matrons Cliil Order of the Easten| Assisting her were! bert Van Roekel awl Chad Godfrey from A Leap Year isn'tev of a big deal to main about anymore, is It. sxxx^^ FOR YOU and YOUR , FAMILY <* For a Fun Filled Winter Weekend - SKIING Lesson - Rental - Oft ticket Complete Day FOR DETAILS — CALL OR SEE US Richard Simonson Ph. 737-4980 Gary Horstman Ph. 439-2927 Dick Kimmel Ph. 324-2029 Call or Write GREAT BEAR SKI VALLEY \ FflRm BUREflU OES MOINES, IOWA 10--THK SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, February 10, 1972 Sioux Falls 605-332-9984 NOTICE of Annual Meeting of the GERMAN FARMERS MUTUI INSURANCE ASSOCIATION! of Sioux, Plymouth and .Lyon Counties, Iowa The Meeting will be held on Monday, February^ im*t 1:30p^ In the BUIWttG Sioux Center la. The purpose of the meeting will be for the election 01 Directors, and suqh other business as may P r0 ' perly come before the meeting. By order of the Board of Directors: Jacob I, Moeller, Sec'y.-Treas, Sioux Center, la, LUNCH WlU iE SERVED °rSSt «SL£ B tl WIU F CARDED, Members ? 11 *!? r S wtlr * and register to be for the door prise drawings,

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