Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 16, 1960 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1960
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, JUNE 16,1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH High Cost Of Food Explained WHAT MAKIS DAD SO OlAD WHIN MOTHW SHOPS AT A»Pt ALL THOU... BY BDfni*. BAKBKR Recently at the market, a wale (hupped expressed his BUT, prise - or perhaps 1 should say shock — at the price of straw* berries, tto remakred that in ' California they would be priced at " only half as much. . Of course, he did not realize • that the cost of refrigerated transportation naturally influenced the - price of the fruit which had traveled all the way from the West to the East Coast. At the same time, there was a bargain in California products. Fine asparagus was selling by the pound for comparatively little. The marketer was also delighted at the quality and low price of fresh mushrooms which came daily from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to t h e New York markets by means of swift tracking. Some of there were as creamy white as if they had been freshly picked. A tinge of brown Is usually not significant, but when this has completely darkened, the' mushrooms have usually toughen-' ed to some extent. j There is no other vegetable that gives a meat-like flavor and which, for this reason, is so popular with all the members of t h e family. Mushrooms are carefully grown ip well fertilized beds inside dark mushroom houses where light will not destroy their color. Creamed Mushrooms 1 pound mushrooms % cup water 4 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper IVx cups milk % cup mushroom stock * 1 teasoon onion juice Wash and stem mushrooms. Slice caps and tender portions of stems. Cook tough portions of stems with % cup water 10 minutes. Melt butter, add mushrooms, and cook over low heat about 3 minutes. Stir in flour, salt and pepper, and when well blended, add milk, strained mushroom stock and onion juice. Stir constantly over low heat until mixture thickens and boils. Serve on toast or in patty shells, or with hot split and buttered baking powder biscuits. Yield: 6 servings. Mushrooms la Sour Cream 1 tablespoon instant minced onion 1 tablespoon water 1 pound fresh mushrooms % cup butter or margarine 1 teaspoon seasoned sail ^, % cup commercial sour cream Stir onion into water. Wash and stem mushrooms. Sliice caps and tender portions of stems. Saute in butter or margarine until tender. Add onion, salt and sour cream and heat but do not boil. Yield: About 4 servings. (Copyright 1960, General Features Corp.) Roast Leg Of Lamb Is Delicious Meat By EDITH M. BARBER Nutrition is such a comparatively new science that the rules j put forth for proper diet were, in t h e beginning, quite inflexible. We were asked to build our menus upon certain classes of food such as protein, carbohydrates and fat. i Most of these terms were uii-j familiar and ils was necessary to interpret them. We learned that for protein, we must depend upon meat, fish eggs, cheese and milk. Starchy foods such as bread and cereals and sugars were classified as carbohydrates. The principal cources of f a t were butter, cream and shortenings. Later, margarine was added to this group and oils such as olive, cottonseed and corn were added to the fat group. When the importance of minerals and vitamins were realized, the nutrition problem became more complicated as far as our understanding was concerned. It was gratifying when we learned a varied choice of foods for our three- meal-a-day plan would supply us with all the nutrients we needed. We do not ignore those meats and potatoes that have always been considered the standard ha- is for menu making. We add, however, plenty of other vegetables and fruits, the most important being the citrus family, and most! of us have established that very) good salad habit that supplies us with plenty of green and raw vegetables. Hoart Uf of Urab Have butcher remove shank bone, and tie roast firmly. Rub in salt, pepper and any herbs you like, and insert slivers of garlic. Roast in moderate oven (350 degrees F.) 1% to 2 hours, until tender. tout* For Boast Uunb Combine equal portions of mint! and currant or grape feUy. Melt over low heat and pass with the lamb. (Copyright I960. Features Corp.) SOUTHIRN-OftOWN Fresh Peaches Lb. 19 This versatile fruit is naturally sweet and juicy "as is" or as a delicious addition to scores of desserts. Serve A&Ps fresh peaches tonight! Watermelons Large, Sweet and Juicy 18-Lb. Average, serve one tonight, this weekend for sure! Each 99 Head Lettuce 2-29 94 fiie) Freuh Finn Cantaloupe,California Seedless Grapes Fresh Apricots 19' Rushed From California California Fancy Home Grown Per Htad Bananas Sweet Corn Green Peppers ke Cream Golden Ripe Beauties Florida Fresh .Fancy (Duality MARVEL VANILLA 10° 2 u,. 29* 5^29' 5* 59* loth Vi-Gel. CtH. CANNED JUICES A&P Fancy •} Quick Frozen 0 3 2 2t Orange Juice A&P Orange Juice A&P Blend Juice Bel Monte Prune Juice Hi-C Brinks Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juice Pineapple-Grapefruit Blend Drink * REAL PRUNE CRAPE or ORANGE Tropical or Golden 65" 59« 3 46-01. Ti Tins $ I 00 I I Motfs BLEND AM or PM Frozen Beef er Chicken Gerber Baby Food 10^89* Morton Dinners Star-Kist s 2 vs 55* ^^^ ••pej ^BF ^^F Black Pepper ^= k %35* Pen Jel "ur 2 •» 27* Krispy Crackers '".::? <^27' Lucky Whip Topping i? 47* Tang Breakfast Drink >?59' Total population ol the United States will be an estimated 235 million by 1OT5, with • labor force ol 94 million, MiiMMMt Oraptfrult JuJct DtMto Oil Auat Nellie's "fUHR.RIOHT" QUALITY STEAK CUT Ib. 69 If your appetite calls for STEAK, yer your budget says no—here's the steak for you—it's a real value—low priced, yet trimmed that famous "Super-Right" way—delicious center cuts- try one this weekend—you'll be glad you did. Hare's How "SUPER-RIGHT" TRIM means "MOREJATING MEAT" for you for every cent yov spend! EXCESS FAT REMOVED •y.-'.-v. "f UPIR-IIIOHT" QUALITY SIRLOIN STEAK C WEDGE BONE REMOVED Ib. 89 c M-M-M! thick, red, juicy steak—there's a barbecue treat thafs hard to beat . . . because the quality of the grain-fed beef is truly outstanding. Close- trimmed . . . and look at the Low, Low Price. Serve with Fresh, Fancy Button Mushrooms. , Here's How "SUPER-RIGHT" TRIM means "MORE EATING MEAT" for you for every cent you spend "SUPIR-RIOHT" QUALITY PORTERHOUSE CLUB OR T-BONI STEAK m •vA II •: : : : : : : : Ib. Indoors or outdoors—either way it will be the center of attraction. It's bound to be ... each one is cut from grain-fed steer beef selected by A&P's own experts. Guaranteed to be tasty, juicy and tender or your money back. >:::x¥ Beef Patisserie Roast Pork Dallies, fresh Chicken Legs Quck Canned Ham "Super- Right" Lb. Lb. 25 Frozen Pear Shaped 9 to 11 Lb. Avg. 79* Large Bologna French Fried Haddock Whiting Frozen Shrimp ib.49* 3? u. 63« hilly Drown, Fully Drtsswl I'/i-lb. Rudy for the Pon rt«. "«122r 69c YOUNG TURKEYS 4 to 8 ib. avg. eon be fried B-B-Qued, braised or Roasted—a treat anytime 49 "SUPER-RIGHT' SKINLISS FRANKS An excellent item for quick week-end meals—kids love 1 -Lb* 'em — try 'em — you'll agree with the kids . . . 49 SPECIAL SALE on Eight SAVE 8<-Now Only MB. BAG 49 O'Clock Coffee! SAVE »-N,w (My 3-1.43 Sharp Cheddar Cheese Fmh Butter Brick Cheese Pure Mayonnaise Pork 'n Buns Stuffed Olivet Sunnyfield 93 Score SLICES AlP Natural Ann Page Sultana Brand u59* C 68' l-Ot. large £49' T19« i« Pie Donots Coffee Cake Apple Sauce Jane Parker Regular 49c Jone Parker HO/V Three Varieties to Choott ^39* -t27« ^59* 8 U Ol. $|OQ Til I GRAVY TRAIN H 5-73c| Jw ao lbi ibt. Floor WOK T%^J^IA » i^PJ^P^lW Initant Ftlf Niptha S«Off • He MIDIUM 2for Of 10* CAMPBitL'S JAil Tomato Juice o. V-8 Juice 3 46-01. Tins 1 00 Tomato Soup tSF 9 lo r**1" Vegetable Soup C SSP 7 Chicken Noodle °W 6 Pork 'n Beans Campbell's or France American Spaghetti 15-Ot. 8 16-Ox. $ Tim 1 00 Chicken Gravy Cream Sauce Franco American Hollandaise Sauce »Sn Franco American ISM* 2 2 45* 35" POPULAR FAVORITES For • Popular Ouy — June 19th Cigarettes $2° 7 CewteMi erf IO Package* Regular Cigarette*, Camols, LuckUs ertc. Charcoal Briquets Charcoal Lighter 20. $ 4 09 Lbs. I Nershey 39* 49* liSw MIX CHOCOLATE SYRUP I For Delicious Treats I and SPAGHETTI *) Chef Boy-Ar-Dee £ Chef Boy-Ar-Dee ISVi-Oi, MJf Easy to Make Pfcf. "If Chef Boy-Ar-Dee MS », 43* ri9' lw *35« Good Seasons Salad Dressing Maull's Bar-B-Q Sauce Swansdown White, I) Chocolate or Yellow £ I* NH. Nabisco Cookies 59" SA? 1 ! 80 Royal Gelatin t°r 4^39' Lestoil Liquid Cleaner & €5' Vel Liquid Detergent u -°' 39o Fab Detergent 2 % 67* Ad Detergent 8 U ^S2.45 Ajax Cleanser T i>rj n ' 2'« 33* Florient At t? 75* QekeMim ^"".tV 3 J1 84 luiiftB fttuU Ann p *** A *!•• HBJUBBJ wiyiv Dressing—-8 Oj. ™ JeVf I

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