The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 3
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THK Kr.lTHLM'AV ALli'>V\, . \VKl>NKSl)A Y, AP1ML 15 1M>0 '"Not How Cheap, but How. Good' Is the Principle Applied to WHITE PEAR FLOUR. DIAMOND BRAND COFFEE. BATAVIA PRESERVED FRUITS. LION AND GOLDEN' CANNED GOODS. PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR AND VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP. The above Goods are the BEST ON THE MARKET and guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded. -PATTERSON & SON. MULL1CA& OHNSTEDT, Props. Wo do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work' donu on short notice. MOWERS AND HINDERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED. Wo arc here to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House, l orders promptly attended. MULLIOA & OHNSTEDT. Al»omi, IOWM. Not Necessary! can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing- Machine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not necessary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, f or— W1NKEL PAYS THE FREIGHT, <J. B. "W Notary Public.. Loan Aarent. Manages Farms for Non-Residents, The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A. FRECH, Proprietor. Is always on deck with 12 good Companiesto do all kinds of Fire, Lightning, Tornado, Life, Accident, PJate Glass, and Hail Insurance. The strongest agency in Kossuth county. The most easy and liberal terms. Correspondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossuth county. NEW LESTER CULTIVATOR. witli any Gangs. Simple, Strong and no Breakage If your agent docs not keep it, write us. GALE MFG. CO., ALBION, MICH. HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, RAKES AND PLANTERS. Farmers ! the risk, of Losing Crops by Hail? — When for— 2 Cents an Acre you can secure a policy in the GOD'S WORD. -rl Reply io Infidels, A book by Dit. .1. L. PUCKETT. Just Published. Tliore is nothing 1 liko it in tho English -language. It moots infidels on tho ground of theii 1 own choosing, whether on the field of history, philosophy, riulonuo. or nmson and simply unnihiltitois thuir arguments. 35 cts. per Copy, or $3.OO per Doz, Put the price of the book into u letter and direct it to the Of I)MS .MulNKS, guaranteeing run against loss for a term ol' ft\v. years. Apply to GEO S, ANGUS. County Agent BURT. IOWA, owyer In — Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks..-* Finest Jlilue auU L<IIryest Stock. Uenalr- ibt a Specialty. We oinpJpy pnly cow- putcnt worUroen. Call at «ur aew n it, Kokorno Indiana,.. And it will bo .suntyou by return mail. WATER OB'NO PAY, Artesian \vull contractor. I have the only cablo .steam drilling machine owned ia the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities and railroads. Special attention to farm well work. Estimates made. I omploy only expert drillers. Address. A. l<\ DAIT.EV, AI.GONA, SALESMEN WANTED. Pushing, trustworthy incu to represent us iu the sale of our Choice Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. Highest salary and commission paid weekly. Steady employment the year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay assured workers; special In^ ducemouts to beginners. Write at once for particulars to 36-39 AH.EN NURSERY CQ., BOCHEST B, N- Y. SuVs Mrs. Mnviti JitisscuaTV of MANSON, IOWA Dr. David Kennedy's Fivvorit.n RiMniiily is the. only tnndleiin! t.lini. innUcs pcopk-, well. This strong stat.iiiimnl. is not, nnulo only hy Dr. David ICciinc-ily. the, di.-covoi 1 or of IJr. David Ki'iinody's Kavorite HIMII- (idy. but hy tlionsiind^ of p(!0|)li' in (ivory walk of life .Jl ovcrthl.-f connt.ry wlioluvvo rccov(!i 1 i i d hi'iilth IIIKI slriMigth throujcli its nso. No more grateful acknowlcdgi'iimnl. could be written of the merit of Knvorii.i' Remedy than the hitler of .Mr-. Maria Mesfonger. ot Mnnsoti. Imv». In hnr letter to Dr. David K'ennedy, of Uondonl. N. V.. Mrs. Messenger says: "1 wish to 11 pl.-dn ii.iul simple siiiti 1 - tnent, of t he grcn t benelit, DR. "DAVID KENNEDY'S FAVORITE REMEDY hn.s to inystMl'and fumily. I \v;is jif- lllcl.ed \vitli kidney and 1 took it, but. a short, time and it. cured me. My boy sull'oreil with kidney diseiiM) from.Infancy ami Dr. David Kennedy';- Favorite Remedy i 1 11 red him and lie N now '.veil and strung. Anyone troubled \\iUi kidney, liver or blood diseases will surely get re- lie.f from its use.." Dr. David Kennedy's Favoritiv Remedy' ranks with the medical profession as the most perfect of all blond and nerve medicines. It. restores the liver to a healthy condition and cures tho \\or.-t ciiM-s of constipation. It, is a certain cm e for all diseases peculiar to females, nnd all'ords great protection from altiick.s t.lini. originate in change of life. It cures scrofula, salt, rheum. rhetimatJMii, dyspepsia., all kidney, bladder and urinary diseases, diabetes and Bright's disease.' In tills last it has cured where all else failed. K I. BAKNUM'S WIDOV*. BY STANLEY J. WEYMAN. Is an Exciting Story of Adventure in France during the MASSACRE OF H ST. BARTHOLOMEW. IF YOU WANT TO READ A FIRST-CLASS STORY. A : lig;!it Mistake. "I clklu't know you v.-crc so accomplished a linguist," he remarked, as he glanced at the paper slie was reading 1 . "I don't, ninke any pretensions in that direction," she answered. "But that is u Russian newspaper have picked up." "Why, so it is," shs answered, in surprise. "I thought it waa a dialect story."—•'Washington Star. Molded with tv Cast. She wounded men's hearts In a way that was strange; Her method but few could descry. The truth was she managed this wonderful - change By the cast in her beautiful eye. —N. Y. World. AN IDEA FROM GERMANY. How the witty artist of Fliegende Blaetter would utilize the ti-olley after midnight. All Hope Gone. Mr. Ffcibley—J. told me that he never knew what it was happy up to the time of bis marriage. Mrs. Flabley—Haven't 1 always toW you that marriage js the only happy state? Mr. Flabloy—Yes; but J. says he never expects to know what it is to be happy now.—Brooklyn Life. O» AnotUor lay Now"| remember," sai<J Mrs. Wickwire, impressively, "yoy once said, that if you had the world 1 you -would gladly lay it at my feet." "ph., did I?" asked Mr. Wickwire. "Yes, y<pij did- And now J &jrve to ft* ?w fpr three days tp ge$ you to e«wrp*t."— is Disappointed with Her Marriage to the Greek Nobleman. Hip. Iii-|iort(Ml (Jrout Olive Plantations ou lulniiii of MRlltit I'ncli! Into inslgnlfl- <'iin<;c in Light of Kucts—Bride to Return to America. A I'.ridjreport (Conn.) special says: Mrs. Nancy Barman Callias, widow of I'. T. Uimitun. nnd now t,bc wife of De- jnetrius Callin.s Key, the Greek nobleman, is coining back to America to live, and in all probability will make this city her home in the future. Since the news of her return became known it luus been asserted by ninny of her I'ritnds that she is disappointed in her marriage to the (jreek. but this is denied by Benjamin Fish, of New York city, a cousin of Mrs. Callias. There is one thing- certain, however, nnd Unit is this amount of wealth CuJJhiR possessed is not n,s great as was represented at the time, of the The wedding of Mrs. Dnriuim to the • jreek nobleman took place ' in the Greek church in New York city August 8, 1S05. Only a few of the intimate friends of Mrs. Barnnni knew of it until the ceremony had been performed. It was a great surprise that she had selected a foreigner as a husband. When it was said that he had several millions of dollars that explained it. After the ceremony Callias and his bride sailed for Paris, and since that time have traveled in Europe. When they arrived at the Greek's estates, on the island of Melita. where it was said he possessed great olive plantations. Mrs. O.llir.s was surprised and dftmp- pohited to learn the true value of her husband's possessions. Then the bey endeavored to get her to erect a grand palace on his estate, or in some other part of Europe, but she declined to invest, any part of her money abroad, and decided to return to America. In letters to Airs. William Perry and Mrs. Jerome Orcntt, of New York city, Mrs. Callias speaks of her early return to America, but docs not infer that the. bey will accompany her. At the death of the veteran showman he left his .widow $100.000, Marina, the beautiful home in New York city, and an annuity of $40,000 a year. The mai- riage contract'with Callias was of such ii-nature that he could not obtain'any part of her fortune. Marina has been in the market for some time, but has been withdrawn. Benjamin Fish. Mrs. Callias' cousin, says: "It is true Callias is not as rich as he said he was. But as for a separation, 1 do not believe the story. It is not likely that he is going to lose what he has. 1 exp'ect that they will be back this spring, and it is probable they will live in New Yorl\." MOHAMMEDANISM OR DEATH. l-'orty Thousand' Armenians Snitl to Have Renounced Their Christian Faith. The report is sent out from Constantinople that the number of Armenians who have nominally accepted Mohammedanism in various provinces of Turkey sinee the massacres is now estimated, at somewhat over 40,000. These people are "converted." some in the heat of the massacre, to save their lives; some in cold blood to save their wives and daughters from dishonor; some in hunger, to secure food offered by officials on this condition, and some on receiving assurances recently that Christianity will no longer be tolerated in the empire,.and that security can be restored in no other way. In some districts the government has alloxved these forced converts to return to their own faith. In other districts the Turks have informed them that they will fall be killed if they attempt to return to Christianity. In some districts, notably in the mountainous parts of the province of Aleppo, these forced converts are daily flogged if they do not go to the mosque, and if at mosque they make errors in the liturgy. Great difficulty is being experienced in distributing relief in many of the villages which have been plundered, as local committees are unwilling to handle funds through fear. LULU BIRD IN HIGHWOOD. Odd Member of the Feathered Tribe Found In the Suburb. Highwbod, 111., is possessed of a bird of evil omen. It flew into the dignified and circumspect village the other night, and the townspeople find nothing like it in the /oologies or the history of things since the days of the dodo. It is all black except its head, which is white. Its tail is flat, like a beaver's, but not of feathers. It looks half animal and half crow, very like a mixture of quadruped and fowl. The creature of torment to the superstitious roosts in the day in a deserted barn and haunts the village at nights with its uncanny song. Hunters fear to shoot it, and all the suburb is bent on capturing it alive. The description tallies with that of the lulu-bird. Adopt American Devices. French engineers who have been investigating the work on the Chicago river drainage canal have decided to duplicate the machinery for removing dirt and stone ou the Panama canal. This decision was reached after examining all the best excavating devices in the world, which is a substantial com plimeut to American inventors and engineers. ^^^ Red Rabtilt to Georgia. A red rabbit was caught near Eastman, Ua., a few days ago. It is alive and on exhibition in. that place, awd, th.e fanpej-f living thereabouts say it i 8 the first of the kind they ever saw. It take 8 abjwjt three secpnds for a message, $Q $<j |yppj o»p fn,d of the At" f/.ODELS I.OANED TO CHAMPS. Government Allow* i;.m-of Minluture \Vaf Sh'p.-t In Socnrln.!; •):!]> UKVI« Contracts. ',;..• ;. ,',:- u, ;..',• l;»ttlf. ship .K.;,.!,a i,; ,1 !.:• • . s. >i T Ni'w York, ii!c!i v<u- i.', .. . il vo hsivi? l.-i'tn inn-, cd n .1 r i .PI:.; oi tuJy to t.h,' .)>•.]. '.inese r.v'i miu ill :-; a«.«..-.; ,n ik-tci-mining the (.•kaincu;r of vcsst i.-; which Japan intends to build, have really been loaned to the Cramps, the great Philadelphia ship builders. Mr. Charles Cramp arranged the ma.ttcr, and gave bonds for tho EU.fe return of tin- modi-Is. It is •understood thatthoy will be used by the Cramps to illustrate- 1,hf character of •warships constriift.od by the firm, in order to su'cmv contraci * 'i':;r '-r.nie of (he new Japanese VL-Rwis. Thr Indiana a.nd the New York v,en> built by the Cramps. ICach model ia an o.x:;ct reproduction of the vessel it re;:n's; in every I/articular, and each cost tho navy de- -n-rtment . between 57.0CO i-SS.OOO. They are about seven tot in length, and give an excellent idea of the vessels ;>« they appear in active service. 1C very feature of the vessel is faithfully reproduced to a carefully drawn scale, and to im expert they will form an interesting subject for study, and serve a usefu! purpose in designing ships on iheir general plan. The.«e models v.'en- ;i:r.di' nt'the Washington navy yard 1: y two it: en who are employed exclusively or, the work. They formed one of the main exhibits of the navy both at Chicap;o and Atla.nta, and are without doubt (!:'.• rlncKMuiniature models ol 1 warships made. ICach type of vessels constructed for the new navy is represented by a model, and the department nr.w has about 12 diil'erent type.s. Home of the earliest ships, like the Chicago tsr.d Dolphin, ha-vt- not yet- been produced by the model makers, but all the recent addition, with the c.\ception of the Columbia tyjjc, are on exhibition in the corridors of the department. HiLARITY IN SUPREME COURT. Poor .Joke Results l:i sin L'nscemiy Spasm of Merriment. The dignity of the supreme court was disturbed the other afternoon by a joke handed down from the bench by Judge. Shiros, who war. never known to smile before. H^njamin F. Fowler, of Wyoming, was arguing a case entitled John II. Ward, sheriff, against Ea.ce Horse. Race Horse, a Shoshone Indian, had been arrested by the sheriff for hunting, and -Mr. Fowler was defending him. He was describing sonic treaty regulations and mentioned the fact that they permitted hunting. In some way he mentioned the fact that smallpox had been introduced on the reservation by hunter*. Up to this time the court had been listening; attentively to Mr. Fowler's arguments. Justice Shiras interrupted Mr. Fowler to ask if the treaty regulations permitted the introduction of smallpox. Mr. Fowler thought the question had been asked seriously a-nd he answered it in that vein. Justice Shiras began to laugh, and Chief Justice Fuller joined, and when the other justices and the spectators saw the chief justice laugh they felt it their duty to do likewise, with the result that a poor joke caused general merriment in the supreme courtroom. TO STOP KILLING OF SEALS. United States Revenue Cutter Service Preparing for an Active Season. It has been learned that the treasury department has issued orders to fit out and prepare i'or immediate service all revenue cutters ROW on the Pacific coast. The captain of the Crown has received instructions to at once take aboard stores i'or a six months' cruise in r.ehring sea. The Bear is to arrive at Port Town send, Wash, on April 11, and all other cutters available for service are reported to have received orders to make that port before that date. Those who are familiar with the revenue cutter service express surprise at the receipt of such instructions at this early date. It is believed .to be the intention of the treasury department to exerojse more vigilance during the coming season than heretofore, and to prevent, if possible, the wholesale slaughter of seals within 'the protected zone. The last vessel of the patrol of 1895 left Port Townseud May 28, but according to pi-esent plans the entire ileetof 1S96 will sail for the north not later than April 15, A DRUNKARD'S HOSPITAL. Novel Provisions of a Hill Introduced In the New York Assembly. A peculiar bill proposing to eradicate drunkenness was introduced in the New York assembly the other night. "It is entitled "An act tp provide for the care of the disease of drunkenness by the community in which the drunkard resides, and where the license for the sale of intoxicating liquor is granted." The bill states that whenever a person is convicted the second time in police or other courts for being drunk, it shall he the duty of the magistrate to commit the person to a "hospital for the cure of drunkards, to remain there until cured of the disease of drunkenness." The bill further stipulates that any two reputable citizens and one physician caij make affidavit that a man is a drunkard and that thereupon a magistrate inust commit the alleged drunkard to tjae "asylum." The cost of such treatment is to fall upon the community |n which the drunkard resides and is not to exceed $125 for any one case. Piece pf Timber. A stic^ of timber 119 feet long and 23 , square, without a knot or blemish, was put in a mill at Hoquiam, Wash., recentjy. It is the longest piece of timber ever <Hit in that neighborEofid the moat nearly perfect any of lumberman there bag ever geen,, ,? i ,'.'<" i «j > . START When the girl comes to be a woman— look out. If slio starts out in vigorous, womanly heakh then it is pretty safe to say she -will be a healthy, attractive, beautiful woman. The beginning of womanhood is the real crisis in a \vonum':; life. Nearly always somotliin^ is wrong then in the distinctly feminine orijuns. Maybe it isn't very serious—no mutter—-the time to atop (.li;;ea.Be is when it starta. will bring jrirlssafely through tlift Crisis. Taken at the first indication of'weak- iicK:-., it never fails. It regulates the monthly periods with perfect precision. It;; action is direct upon the feminine organs that, above all others, ought to he strong ruid well. Start the girl ri«ht. Don't expose her 'to the dati;j:-:rs and tortures of dragging weakness;!, b,-.\ring down pains, nervous prostration a;ul the debilitating drains so common to women. .McElvw'rt VViijH of Ciirtliii, is a home treatment. It does away entirely with abhorrent "local examinations." Sold at 51.CO a Boltlo by Dealers in fflcdlclne. GREA_T,_SALE LANDS! —IX— Southern Minnesota, In the Fertilo iMimiwotu Valley. Tlicsn rich prairie land;! aro dark loam soil iincl arc very productive This partof Minnesota i< woll settled and has school houses ami churches. These lands are located nearTiiK IOWA COLONY, nearTuun- ton, Minn., a bright new town and h'rst- class locations for all kinds of business. Illne Joint liny grows in abundance on, the upland pr;iifie. making it a line stock country. \Ve arc selling these choice, prairie laniU on very easy innns at prices running from S7.f,o to §1:2.50 per aero. One- fiI'lh cash and (i per cunt interest; titles perfect and no payment tho second year. Two years 10 make second payment and •tho crops will pay for the land. We rebate round trip fare to purchasers of 1(50 acres over the Northwestern Line. 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ t O to $ 1 3 Per Acre. 100 CHOICE IMPROVED FARMS for sale on easy terms at, 814 to 817 per aero within y-A tp 5 milos of R. R. towns, also several section farms and 12 sections of wild land. We, also have some finely improved farms near II. R. stations at from §10 to §18 per aero on easy terms. G. F. HOLLOWAY, Agt. BANCROFT, IOWA. We Want A Men To represent us in cities and towns, soliciting 1 orders for our hiffh t'l'iide and complete line of Ornamental Shrubs, Trees, Hardy lloses, etc., men to work country trade on sale of-our I'liniOUS NOKTIIEHN OUOWN SKED •POTATOES, and l'iul line Nursery Stock. Apply tit once, stating iijre. 1.. 1.. MAY S'. CO., Nursoryinen. Florists and Seedsmen, 2i)-2!i ST, PAUL, MINN. ARRIVAL aitf DEPARTURE of TRAINS tJHICAGU. MILWAUKEE ANT) 8T. PAUL. LOUAI.. TllAIN EAST, No. 2 passenger 10:47 am No. 4 passenger ,0:04 pro No. 76 freight carries passengers . 8 :20 p m No. 04 freight carries passengers... 2 ;05 p m OOINO WEST. passenger o :08 am No. No. 3 pas^nger 4 :24 p m No, 71 frt» 0 lit carries passengers— (5:40 p m No. 03 freight carries prssengers 12 :05 a ro Chicago & Northwestern R'y. QOIKG NORTH AND WE8T. Passenger 8 :13 a m Passenger , 3:26pui Freig >t 0 :30 a in Freight 7:33 pm QOING SOUTH AND EAST. Passenger 3 :05 p m Passenger 5.-58pm Freight 9:3oam Freight 2:45 pin Passengers arrive in Chicago 7 a. m. and 6 a. in. Arrive in Das Moines 7 :50 and 11 -.30 p m. Scientific American for Information and free Handbook \vrita to JIUNN & CO., 861 BSOWWY, NBW YOIUC, Oldest bureau for securing patents in America. Every patent taken out by us is fcrougnt before tho public by a notice given free of cJiorge la t^o MjOMmift(Ma€fM<>ffflfg^^ Without Wcb- an acre c< er KSOWom- RAISE YE6ETOES

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