Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 30, 1948 · Page 7
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1948
Page 7
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HI Waiite News Notes ;oHsew«irinM«| of likidh RiflJl Assdepafl^ ' WILLITS, , April .24.—The Wil- ii#LioH& Cllib had one of itfe .'^^M •busittesg AegliHgs iitVi amdrig^other things;' deciaed that (Bill naej-, Val Petersen, Lee Wise, EdHarten, Vale Specht, Harold JarifcH ^n; JuliUs Soedlget, Ward YoilHfe,' Ed Daskam and Allan ^&crjr ^ete, it at idl possible, tb V •atteta;. the meeting at Hoher&'s. Five of the above-mentioned will Jje_.privileged to cast a vote fdr their cho^bte for district governol-. Ilc>n&ll6nii were $S5 toward the PronU^r i;Ja3rS pardde; $25 for the / bl -e <JUpty ihusical festival and a -tJdlt.M.bBXihg'gloves tb iieip the extferisivefeapie matches scheduled it the hl^h school under the super- vjsibn of Coach Prilsmach. Lillian Kroh is sUppdsedljr re-endoirded dt^d registered as the Lions choice as queen of the July 4 celebra- tiaii. f'uii Is foreseen in a couple of wfeeks under the able eomrnit- tee bf Val Petferseh; W. D. Ford, rtki-dia ; Jorgenson and Ward Yiiuiig-.^Another laugh program is fedheduiea for JUne 29, 4b. li is to aihateur night, free, for the tieneflt of the firemen's advertising- dahipalgn. Visitors for the evening' were Ed Eversole, Lee White' arid Al Anton; : / FlHdihg the dub. Fatsos Anony- ^*^Sllons," highly Undesirable, the 12 Charter merfibei:S have bfficially • chrlstehfed the organization, The ; Itbperuis; After all, individual' hierhbers • dd have names, while Webster deflries anonymous as "beannfe no name." Tdd„ as thfey fefe-dU ladies, they flinch at the m'ere thought of beinfe called fatsos.. A lady may be too pleasingly plump, slightly stout, portly, hi fcorpUlbrit, but never, just plam fai. Wdndfer if the frUits bf their efforts will be in evidence at kll by their next meeting, April 30?. : ^April 20,'the Willits, Rebekah . tadfee honored their bast noble \ fefands. The 80 people present started the evening off V/ilh a dUiner.of meat loaf as the maih .cbut^sb and lemon cream pie.^or dessert. .Spiring flowers were, used artistlcallj- to decorate the. tables; :, white eaimations made up the c6r- , sage presented to Mrs. Mecca JIc- . Peak, The flowers wfere pinned bh , that lady, as her tenuire of office dated; fUi:lhcf back than any other t>tfeSeht. It was In the y^ar of 1907 that Mrs.^McPeak held the 6fflcb of noble grand..A past nolsel grand pin wds presented to Lorena Pullen, recently retires, and a tie- la ted jjast.noble grand pin to MrS. Thelma IRun. Utbh conclusion of 'the business meeting, the group wfls entfertalned by varidus mem- befs bf tlje lodge. Amsng the fun­ sters was a quartfet — Collieen' Sriiith; Pauline saffor,;HeleH Larfe I .. and' Dorothy Hoppen atJprdpri- Lifitely singing FouriLeaf Clovfer. f^'^mrsi Edna Edwards did a reading, solos, accompanying herself on the gUit&r. A Bob Hope and Bang Grosbyish routine, wafe -very ably^ iarrifed oUt by GoUeen Smith and Earlene Whittakel-. The; evening was -a puct'ess; thanks to all attending, and the enthusiasm that all Committees worked with. Two. young ladies were left at the Howard Memorial Hospital as momehtos of the stork's Wednesday visit. One wee lass is for James and. Olive .Morgan of Wil- litp.^phewlU be known as Cather- irtfe Lfebna. The daughter of Mr. at^d,Mrs. £)a\rid Wilson of Iiaytbh- vilie has been named Sharon Darlene. • Wdrd-was received in Willits on April 20 that Denton Reed, father of Edwina Smith of Willits, had passed laway in Eureka. . • George Peterson was chairman at the south district m'eetinB held last Tuesday at the A short meeting, it had as its topic the coming Scout -o-Rama.- i J If aU went well, Mrs. i Elwih Stanfleld and daughter Jean: arfe k now. in.Knoxvijle, Tennessee, vis- ^ iting iyirs. i Staiifleld 's mother, W brothers .and sisters. The. ladles f left San Francisco for the Bouth- f \ern city last Sunday morning by ^plane.. ; .. .Have you been wondering what -• to. give,your mother for Mother's - X>ayZ' Does ^she have e'verything :, she. needs? Make it some little i -personai item, You will find .a wide : fjiibiceof selections in Val's Mfir- ket'^.turday,, May 1, the sale lis : sponsored by the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Meth- J o'disl chiirch ,ahd lit has been said * that tlie,ladies ai-e truly handyy I with .a, needle- • >. ; Evei: wbndei- why they have a •. pojiceman on duty all night? They = ribtioiil^ afe dh the lookout for L,. .Fites, traffic director of the' Truck Owners Associatibn 6f Cali^ | fornia: These sdme trtlckers arid all others interested are again to meet on April 28 at Andy's, to elect officers,, establish by-laws, j select a suitable unit name, appoint committees and activate the unit. A staff member Of the parent organization will also be.present. Four names appear on the Willits police registe /i Tliree are new,. 6h^ IS faiiiiiiar, Walter A. Thayer, a Santa Rosa miUman, was booked on ApHl Si by.theipdlice for in-: decent exposure. The man is «o <v • out on $100 ball. Two of the foiir! are hereafter just out.of Willits,-! Eaward Sullivan . of Yountsville and Charles Meltrous of. tJkiah were politely, but firmly, requested to leave.. town after facing rnhn^was^a ^recurSntv^lnf ^i^^ flHING AT INDOOR RANGE Ate Bdli flin. Leatto Fo «i4r, EXAMmhl6 ^ftBjp'oqdRES on, the indoor range ore Roy Hichey, Currier of Willits was brought iii JftiiJSrijnettJbera ofitho tJkiah unit 6t the WaHoitM Rllle Xssc (citition. Harry Swintdto/lR»y.MitljilS^'HALlvin Rupe, GS«orge Austin, as a gentle reminder that he had i ' ' •*• cElift iiilbS." sUk Bride wote iim- tional white satin with oi'ange blbssortjs and b fingfelritlp veil. Her bridtil bbuquet was .of white tuliijfe with a center,, of pink orchids. After the beautiful cerertiohy all the superbly attired welSding party and their fi-icnds attended'the re- cfel3tidn ;.at Cedar Gables. After which the bride and groom van- shed for six wbeks honeymooh- ng in; Mexico Upon ithelr return, local, friends may -find them , at their -home in Santa Rosa ;where Bill plans to go. into . business. Charlotte and Melvin Butcher yjf&fc dowh for the big event on April 11 and claim words can't do justice to the beauty and solemnity Of the affair. IX you read the paper in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Shelton, here are the best wishes of all your Willits friends. not paid a fine previously levied ^ Do you prefer the chocolate jelly or plain donuts? Regardless of your individual taste, buy several tickets from, the, local. Gamp Fire girls. You'll enjoy the donuts and will help the girls to go'to summer camp. Don't buy just enough for today,,, lay. In a supply OJ! tickets . and' then any time, during the. remaining seven months,, cash them in, at Breen's for the sinkers. Dunk them or eat them dry. We don't care ^—just buy! I . > i Friday, April 23, found the Pages, Freemans and"the Secrlsts at the John Secrist home honoring the first leave of Lynn Freeman,- U.SN. ,^ One last word on the recent city. election. A nosegay to the conductor of the straw poll in a local publication whose .forecast proved a robust. 99% correct. To another sheet goes a hothouse of orchids and <dUe them are the apOlogieSiOf those who called them on their supposed error. The issue involved Judge .Allan Sacty. The paper -supposedly inadvertantly called him Mayor Sacry. It may have been an .error, or it might have been ia: forecast, .as Judge Sacry ^yas the mayor of the city of,Willits during the three minutes after, the. new.- council members last.Tuesday. were sworn, in, and Russell Ells ,was.,chos^ to. suc-- ceedGuy Hall With all the controversies,, school, bonds; streets, police chiefs and what have yoU, the citizens, of .Willits, would appreciate a few more such accurate predictions. , v j. The waterless cookery representatives staged another ham dinner i.Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Roby and I ground of rliododendrons and just isn't a party, birthday greeti- ings, ildBert. card , playing, bnthusiasts had im otiportunity to try theit- ' lUfck and skill in Willits thi's tast week. A regular itieetlng m one .oi; the local bridge cltlbs wds Held lAsi. week at the home of Mrs. -Vale Speci^t. Those ehjoying a .Jjleasnnt dfterrioon with cards ahd generr ous servings of.lemon chiffon.pie, (S6ff6e and homemSde cahdy were asprddf bifthe efficiency of ,their|Medd'ames Ethel Rue!le,B6rtha product. Feasting .on baked ham - ' _ , „ , and trimmings,, .including . cake baked in hali an hour, were guf sts Mr. .and Mrs..Robert Whittaker, Joftes,. Leona Brown,, Nari Ford, Eiorothy Whittaker, Bes.?ie Bitfen:- bender and Gerry Wise. The gathering was. held against a back- Violktbrs .'of ;1iie:iaw,| but for open : flbijifsf^ "(^ and ' fires.; J,ast,'Saturday morning — ; -Wiee Spurs to most of us — bfficei: ; Lyke -Ydies pfeveiited what might ' bkve: -ij^eix '.ohe 'of Willits' worst if ^taitr 'dphfesi As was, the police Officer 's alertness kept the damage c and the fire. down to a scorched ; - Cff^^.- • The stbre -was Knight's , .J'uMiitiUrei whilfe cause 15 believed ; to'-tbe'siiarks'frbm a sftoirtdd spot- lifeht. GbtJd going, Yates!. • XJndet'the guidance of their tem! p6fat <J ?-.TchWrmafi,-V. E.-Specht, \ MeiijBfetS of the truckers' associ- ; atibn Met last Wednesday night. I Guest'fspeakers inclUdeii Art W. i j.' Way, Of 'Way Tnlcking Sei-vice, who is running fdr Assemblyman • tff ihiS dlstKct, ahd Spoke of thb k I ti^bkers' need df oi-ganizatlon and ViiProper representatidrt at Sacra- "Tmentd. Other speakers tvere W. S. > Johnson; managing directdr, and Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Parker, Cq- hosts .with the- representatives were Mr. and Mrs.. Bud Hopper, who shared their kitchen for the Levelling^ . •&n6 .inbtfe .litiestibn' in; Willitfe Civic •atttiil's MS been settled, at least until 1950 as to who is to have the honor of mayor of Wilr lits. The man chosen on April 20 was Russell Ells, whose term expires that,year. He is-a^ociated with the Willits Redwood' Prod-' ucts Company and has been on the council for the,past two years. The- ap|)pintment of a pplice chief still: hEings, in midair. After discussion the council mernbers. appointed a committee of two of the 3pew city dads, L. L. Bertain, Sr;, and Edgar Heckendorf, to e:.iamine all available personnel and report. Inasmuch as the couiicil. will pot convene again until after Chief Larry; Moore's, resignation - goes iptd effect, they may call a special meeting-. . .„ Elusive as the poetic mists have been the, Mwly, wedded James Spences. Consequently all that is known is that Fay Arleen Martendale and James Sperice had the. marriage knot.-securely tied by Justice of - the .Peace Fred Foord on'the morning' of April ,20. Although they are in. town, their whereaijouts are unknown. Congratulations . anyway, Fay and Jimmy. , there is no longer a. baby Bob- iaie Whittaker. • Hereafter the young gehtlernih will be known as Master Robert Whittaker. The transforination \yas gradiial but quite ,in ieyideijqe April 12 when he celebrated his third birthday at the home of his grandparents,, the E.. B. JohiisonS.. 1 'ha Quests were Mrs. .Fred Foord.. and her- granddaughter tJelberta, j.Mrs. Dorothy Hopper and son David, Mi's. June lloby ahd baby Bruce, ahd Mr. and Mrs. Mac Giles. Nat- uai-ally. Bobbie's parents, EaHene and Bob, were present as it was pop who took movies of Robert and guests at tlje, tab.le unwrapping gifts. Althoiigh refreshments were the traditional cake, punch or coffee ahd ice creaiii (the hostess added a touch of the original with a uniJjue cake, the pastry was a perfect checkerboard of green, v/hite aild .pink while the frosting was white decorated with green and pink.. Green, tOo, were the candy bunnies that doubled as candieholders. the table was set with appropriate, cloth and nap- klhs, presided over by the centerpiece, figurines, that in Bobbie's parties are a "must" or it pussy Willows; Most enjoyable. Enjoyable too was Saturday ni^ht at the Masonic Temple. That w «s the night of the card party sponsored by Job 's .Daughters. Approximately .60 persons attended and all were glad they did. With special reason to be glad was Mr.-McPeak who won the door prize cake,, homemade,, too. Others in the prize-winning gi-bup included Mi 's. Rbediger, ch^ir prize; high bridge score to Mrs. Compton while Mr. McPeak and William Couey drew for high in whist. Among the low scorers for bridge were Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Black while P ?itsy PAge and Bob Secrist were awarded low in whist, Other prizes ioo numerous to describe-were alsb awarded sttld all felt they ,h'ad a good tjrhe. " Ai)til 38 the Catholic.Ladies art sponsoring a card, party in the Od'd' Felld -ws hall. If ca'rdy ' are your strong' point, or If you care to strengthen your, weaker. points, come. It's at 8 p.m. Are 'you interested in seeing The Prince and the Pauper? This •picture is to be presented at 4 local theatre April 28-29, being sponsored bV the FTA as their moneymaking project for the school children 's \yelfare. . ' ; Pue for speedy recovery is Car.- oiyh Merchant of the Betty Beauty Shop, who underwent surgery in Howard Memorial Hospital last week. . ; the stbirk is back on his routine. Co'nseqiieritly theire have been three, new additions to,the nursery at/the local hospital. April lb .he delivered .a boy to, .Mrs. Zola Baiier of 'C'ovelb. 'The parents iave not.'been able tb'decide ort a liaine. ApfU 17 fouhd the- old boy .back with'.,a. girl. Sandra, for'..Ronald and "Betty, liiitchell, His secbiid trip oij that date was anothet son, the, •second, for ,B1U ahd Milene Eaechtel. Steven Liilher is the name he will dhe day sign when caghiiig checks at his . dad 's .win- ddw in. the Banki of Willits. Guests of the A. S-Swojaes'just south of the city limits are his parents, Mr. and Mrs, -N. M. Swope. They lare. do\^n on .on extended visit: from Shenvood, Ore. Mr. Waysdn of the Western Builders, Santa Rosa, was guest speaker at the fii-emen's. meeting last •. Monday . night. .His topic, Flaine Retardance. Business discussed included the celebration of the Fourth while entertainment consisted o 'f some highly interesting and unique film. Food fdr that ievening was lidt-dogs,, while food | ;aH,OUp^,>t?F,jUKIJ^^^ taken; oi> the h|ght of the ti^iniA^}of }hek >nd<»dr(targ^t>k |e>^^|^^ a T^itt-oi thei iiiemher^lp. Front row, left to right—Glehitlfwii^s. W^s King; Kin 'tiummltigs, 6fe &tSb; AflSliH.N(i»liirriBiihh:f Center row—RalfiH HSriiinmgeir, Larry Von Schriltz. Harry Swini^rii'Bay Rifihey.Alyin Hiipe. Back row—Bbb Halli Ldaion iPostM, At §0alei, AiM kotr; Ray Millard, iax Sunday will be basket lunches fixed by the fireinen's wives. IJf the sun Shihes Sunday, the firemen and wives are .td turp,_..o.ut; tp the rpded grounds; for necessary repEiirs and eye*ash jobs. '* Willits streets, in part, received an iota of face, lifting Tuesday when fUen Lowery gf Shake City was ^working off his $15 fine,by painting the red zones. Another person fined the . saiiie sum was Alexander Gardner, however, he is to pay. his., , . ,-•...•„,, Although the exact hiomber is unloiown, it is a fact that .Robert Robertson of, the Willits bus depot had a birthday pri April 19. Bob-even shared the calce with custodiers fortunate enough to be there at the time,of its cutting. Good cake, too, but no.candles. , Another birthday ; pelebrated this T week was that of,-Michael Morris, on April : 12,, at Grand- indther, Marie Hall'si his age,' two. tables for the occasion were decorated in; blue and white, as befitting a young gentlema.h.; Among the;srnall fry atteqding'were Janie and .Tudy Swope, Judy, and Mer- ougWy Steadman, Gary Zanella and Douglas Case, Jr. Coming to lielp them celebrate in a. manner becoming. to young ladies and gentlemep were tbe following grown foUts:, Mesdames Barbara Steadman, Anita Swope, Lorrainb Collins, Fratjces Pullen.Sicip Casd, Gertrude Zanella, Marie Hall, hostess, - Bette Morris; .and Miss Barbara Pullen. Invitted :but unable to attend were.Leartna Jodoiri, ICenrieth.-and Kardl. Garliepp, and Tina and Tim Zanone. .Good wishes for your sefcond milepost in life, Miltle. •. ..Down .In Lbs. Angeles for the California Hay, Qrain and Feed Daalers convention is. W- !>• Ford of the Golden Eagle ililUng Cohi- p,-,ny. During the 4-day session he will meet other Golden,Eagle representatives and dealers from aU parts of the state. HbWever,, local stock and poultry must still be fed so Mrs. Nan Ford lis'Staying home to keep a watchful eye oh the • business, ' -' , • taking ' advantage' of 'Maspnjc flight, at -the- in'vitatiori'' of the Shriners of Oakland, Mr. and Ittrs. Melvin .Butcher, Mr;*'and Mrs. Robert Harrah, Mr. alid Mrs. Floyd. rioots.'Mr. and.Mi's; Gordon Hill and George ;Jamieson - journeyed, tp the bay' city last Saturday. In Oakland they met Jayne Ha'rrah's, parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. O.. Knoblock, and . another couple known locally, the Carl Andersons, aU of Bakersfield* Besides the business domgs of the ^hriners, and the entertainment offered by such as Armarid Girard, thfe party from Willits and friends enjoyed, visiting and sightseeing. Breaking the routine of degree work almost every week the Willits Lodge F.&A.M. Friday, .pight put oa two -degrees. Broken, too. <S'as the hot dogs ior refreshment •«»itine; With cold'meats and coffee behig ori the menu P^iW 16. ' •%Femfbfei:s; 'of ;'the eoibpferbtiVfe nittTCe 'ry'School ha've really rolled up their sleeves and wbfked. Last Monday' night; they enrolled all the: mothers arid children on the waiting list, Mrs. Bfuce Steadman enlighteised.them on what was expected of them, arid then they paliitbd qupboards, chdirs and toy shelves, the round•• table of the saAfe •; Jr^aiiization - mtrf at the Methodist church and heard the Better HpineS> aijd Gardens, jtaby Boofc reviewed; tiiesday members turned put to tnow'the lawn'and generally-clean up the playground. Judging iroin 'the pleased crowd at the parK .paviiii,.! Saturday there is hb doubt that tlie music of Lee Ab'ramspn's-' orchestra was but, dahceable.' Although ' definite figurfes ai-e still unfenPwn, the 2030 Club'g. cancer drive fund has officially'.been Opened. Let Us all do as *ell in it as we did in the Red^Girpss arid polio di -iyes. W^itli all, the coming discussions and - finally • the election on the school -bonds this summer you might!find it ;Worth while to.stop in at a ,;Schi )oi trustees meeting, the-^ecorid "Tuesday of the month. Anpther date tp reinember is April 30, at which time, the school bond committee will .meet at the high school at 8 p.m. If you are interested, in tiie welfare and education of your children or the betterment of Willits; dp attend. The Wjllits Firemen 's Auxiliary lighted the sole candle on their birthday: cake and proceeded., to celebrate, It was the organization's first .birthday and honored guests were Evelyn \ Collier and Frances Pullen who had ,been faithful in their attendance - throughout the fiscal year. The .blo \v -oiit, in a ladylike fashion, was staged, at the home of Mrs. Emma Lou Al- cpttr. with Peggy Crocker as co- hostess. For the evening they had the table artistically, arrqnged with tapers, at dramayc ppints. For refreshments, cake, nut roll and, coffee wet-e served,;while entertain,-' rrient;: consisted .of , bingo and heckling;,Gerald Collier when he took' pictures of the group.,It was the first meeting at which president Gert Zanella andjofficers presided.' turnout .Was typical of these enthusiagticiladies. With all but,t\Vb member* taking, in the jolnt,,'shih^lg and business meeting. May.their next year be as active and ehloyable as, the one li'ast., ',,,-'.*,'. ; Jimelia Heckendorf Alrha Albee. Rene Redd, .Cynthia Prey, Jxme Roby, Bfelty Morris Hulda Klster, Helen-'Baldwin, Edna' SimOnSen, Pat Brewer, ><ti)liy Dailey, Birdie JarniSoh, Bobbie Sanders and Eleanor T'j-eeman attended the recent B.P .TtV. .'district convention in IJkiah. Specf^L thanks to EUeanor Freeriixan and, her: committee who Marksmen Initiate Clubhouse, Range L&st Fridajr ^ight wAs the in-, forrfiarhou^ewarihlng of the National Rifle Association, Uklah unit, when members who have worked long hours constructing their 1-room clubhouse and rifle range at the Fairgrounds held their first hamburger supper. Ray Millard is president of the club : which begins its summer team shoot competition with tiring practice weekly, probably on Friday nights. Monthly business meetings are held, and cPmijetitive shoots will be arranged with Other clUbs, Millard said. The cluhhouSe is a long-planned project coine to reality thrOugh the efforts arid hard work of members who contributed mortey", riiaterials 'and labor. Mpst active in. its coniitrijctibn have beeri its four top marksiTien, Alvin Rupe; George Austiri, Harry ^winton and Wes king, with plenty of assistance' from Millard, At;hbl Horr, Leatbn Foster, Roy Richey ahd others. , Th'e rifle range, includes orie sot ot.statibnery targets ahd one set made p'Oirtable ib allow ibr riiOvin'g when, other ev ^ehts ate in progress. The, Natidnal Rifle Assbci- atiOh, is^llard pointed but, is orie of the oldfet, a hot the. old'est; in the riatioh and in .all. its ,history no aopiderit has. evei-' occurred oh afay.oi its shbbtlhg rariges. Safety: in the, use of flreai'm's is One " bf .'its , major. ibbjectiyeS which includes.: teVeKiug good marksmanship and , responsibility' to boys Who are potential members. ^ • I ' WILLITS, April 27.—The Willits City Council met Tuesday night in a special session and after hearing the'- report of the committee, L. L. Bertain, Sr., and Edgar Heckendbrf, announced the appointment of Officer John Griffin as chief of police, who virill take on-his duties as chief oh May 1, the date that Chief Larry Moore's resignation takes effect. Unlike in the past, the new. chief will not: answer - to the police commissioner, bUt to a special committee or to the council as a j body. Under the new mayor there •will be nO 1-man committees. Routine business roundfed out the meeting,, : A social meeting of the Willits B*,W; Club -was heldAjril 27 in Leak hall. Flnancfe comrnittee, Bea Heckendorf and Helen Bentley, i)rovided desSert of cake and coffee Oil festive tables. Ih keeping with the finance theine the ladies provided the 34 present with interesting facts on the history of cUrreney. Outstanding business discussed included the $100 tuition scholarship to be awarded to a deserving and qualified Student. Convention reports were given. Standing cdtrthiittee reports were given as Were special committee reports. President Pat Brewer announced the receipt of: an Invitation to a presidents' tea to be given ih Sebakopol On MSy which she Will attehd. She and Skip Case have also rilade plans to attend the coinihg convention in Santa.Gruz. Nine guests Were present; Mesdarhes Vada CoUlbr, Helen Lara, Mary Laynfe, Iris KelSey; Anhetta kehnedy, Evelyn Minshall, Verna Corbett, Inez Griffith fend Gertrude Parker. bianib the dog catcher? he do^t make the laws, just helps exSSfife , .Abljficak Legidh, PbifflTas been the "whitiping boy" in-ibe case ef-Art Johnsori. Mr. Johnr sbri"*SB Injured iibout a yeai^,ago while working. Thtoigh financial need, misunderstanding or mft(t^- terprotatiori, he returned tb his job Wiihbiit .the necbssdry.^O.k., consetluehtly disqualUying .JjTm- Self tor coinpensatlon. The injuty became worse and soon Art "Md to quit work ednipletely. JRrlde kept the man from applyihg ^r unemployment compensation and \Vith his meager, savings sjli^ftt, and Intectlbh spreading hfej^jfcjns financially unable to gain entrance into a private hospital The ;"|&]:- tor did all possible fdt: him 'wuh- out operation, but to no dvall. Finally, the Amel-ican Legibh wis criticized for not sending, him-'to, a vetei'ah's hospital. Althoiigh J"61iih- son claims to be a vetei:anvnp service record has been Ipc 'dlfed. Although, 10 days of contlniiojis effort on the part of the v,et6i»Sn service officer has, to date, proved futile, with-the hblp of theVKfed Cross he hfelped provide for rjijlin- sori bnd after inuch persuasion succeeded in getting the hia^ito agree to go to the county hOspital in Ukiah. Johnson was tlilceJT':to the hospital Monday afternobn/hy ambulance, Where his condition'is critical. Haying ,no fartiily,. hfij is truly a forgotten man, , . ,,.,('.1 painstakingly blew out over 12 dozen eggs, leaving the shells intact so they could, use them as heads for tlielr. table decpi-a-fipns. These decorations Were lised Sfor the Sunday luncheon held at the House " of Garner'-. 9k wTiifh Pat Brewer' \yas chairman. The theme was spririg 'head fashions ; and flowers. The shells figured promr ineptly in the scheme as they were decorated in spring hats or hair-dos. The work was as ex>- quisite as it was diminutive. Also during the, luncheon, June Roby, Willits; entertainment chairman, arranged for -,Evelyn Heckendbrf to sing and Irma Davenport, to play several-piapo numbers. Other Willits. ladles, wlio took an active part were Pat Brewer,: whp' was elected treasurer for the district, and Cynthia, Frey who was appointed public affairs, chaii-man. Away fbt the weekend -vVere the WllbUr Pullens and the Louis Zanellas. - They wertt to S'ortuna Salui'day afternoon to a dinnerdance: The. wee hours-of Sunday morning found the party headed for the Red Bluff roundUp where they were'just barely able to get into the grounds. It was fortunate they did! as LouiS Zanella Is in charge of oUr local July 4 roded and Bill PuUen is also active in the coming event. While there they spdke to a number of the cowboys slated tcj compete here as well. Ss to Max Barbour vvho will fui-nish the stock. Agreement ;Was also reached with ShOrty Wrightsman and his carnival tb be here for the'Frontier Days do- Itigs. Directions were also rer layed through the Visiting party to Stfeua James, that as she is to be qUeen bf the Fortuna Rodeo, she should be attired as befitting her position, so she Is to purchase a bbmplete western outfit, courtesy Fbrluha Rodeo Directors. Another ciipid conquest was that of a former Willits boy! the groom was William Shelton, brother at Mrs. Charlotte Bu.tcher; the bridft was pprothy 'Tirodden, daughter of the Johii ,E. troddens of Napa. Dan Cupid alrnost outdid himself, as after ohly B Inonth of beinfe engaged the couple were married at St. John the Baptist Catiiolic I* church in Napa in one of the riipst lavish weddings in that town this season. Up froiri San Francisco tb bestew the marital blessings was Fr. Vincent I. Carroll while dt the altar were Fr. Philip J. Ryan of St. Johns, Fr. Peter Doherty of St. Joan of Arc, YOuhtville, and Fr. Francis Quinn from San Mateo. The altar itself was decc\rated with j justed caadXeSr whU« stocks and t : Although nbt newly-borhs, two little ones irom Willits were cdh- firied iii the Howard Memorial Hospital Monday evehlhg Lucille Cameron was listed among thb pa- tibnts. rtdspltal life-at any age -doesn't have the Comforts of honie, but- at the tehder age of two it must seem even riiore' bewildering. From ali reports Lucille is being the bestest little patient evbr, so hferB's wishihg a Speedy recovery. A couple years older if David SehloegPl,-who registered at the institution on Tuesdriy and 'like all othei- hospitalized peirsdrts, 'bbgetly aWaits the day of his release. . : ., At the last mefeting of the Little Lake Grange HarVey Sawyei's v^fas elected overseei', rbpldcing Clellc Rouse v/hese resignatipn was accepted inasmuch aS Mr. RbuSe fpuhd it impossible tb' be in attendance at mbetings. Movies of fariil welding, •ehowh by Geoi'ge Harms and Mr.-Fincher, concluded the evening. We have all hfeard of people going to great lengths to avoid their inrlaws, but Mrs. Betty Morris has given a new version. The lady and her. son leave Saturday for an indefinite visit With her in­ laws in Paradise valley, soutll of San Francisco. What's your.fori .mula-Belty. The Donald Camerons and their off.spring motored to Saji Fi^anciscp over the weekend to attend the elabortite wedding of a family friend from .Napa. Numerous tempers wgxfed hot when citizens of Willits discovered their dogs missing or .leoeived citations because of dog licenses long overdue, .or dogs running loose. It all tied in with pbund- master and dog- catcher, Cake's, unheralded visit to our city. Why One fire truck, witli riiore -4han a flill crew of fli -e eaters tuiaied out to,a rip-damage fire last tues- dby. the timb, 2:30 p,m,;- the place, Brass Rail; cause, defbcUve flue. ,. , . , "M. Last Sunday tPund all i^iein- bers bf the fire dieparttnent;iahd the auxiliary but for work.: The men did the actual hammer:arid saw work while the ladieis cairie only to bring and serve a piojiic lUnch. • After broiling hot -dogs over the open fire ahd cleaning,up after eats, the ladies left before ariy Of their husbands remerribered how handy they were around the house with,, hamnier ^nd ^sgw'. Thy tellbwfe are rbaUy fixing! .up the' i'oddb grounds, and , special thanks go tb tiie sidewalk .Spectators Who quit spectating, r^ied Ufi their sleeves and helped. 'IJfir- ticulaily one, Johri ,Banks, ot '(io- velo, who rather tlian Wallc the flodr while waiting the arrlVa'],' of his son, kebt busy at the grburids. The boy, Robert William, Weighed in fit 8 poUridB, 15. Ounces, the Whole latnlly is ooirig Well,. . _ • Four other arrivals ttiis Week were girls, On April il the stprk brought a 6-pound, 3-aurice bundle tb the David Wilsons of -liay- toriville. Hereafter . she .willfjbe .known as Sharon Darlene. Kathlen t (OU, 8 pounds, 1 ounce, was introducd to her parents, Mr,,.and Mrs. Frank, Forsyth on April,v:22, while Christina. Elaine Holmes arrived April 23. Her parents ar^.J^r. and Mrs. Can itplmes of Laytonville; her weight * poimds,, 12 ounces. Also oil tlie 23rd Mr.j.and Mrs. Albert McLane of Cpveio becairie pai-entsof Alberta-Jiefln, 7 pbunds, 8Vi punces, Corigratiila- tipns to .all, but, Mr.. Stork.: J-jve newcoirieirsrana not one for ..Willits? " • . Ih Sari Francisco too, was-iamd is .Lewis. Wolff. The trip wos .rie- n'eceSsitatfed by a knee injury.,.; pn the sick- list this week, is Glen H; Jamison. He like Margaret Gundersdn, is-a postal employee, and .like ,her, has not had tirtftjoff in many, many moons.: bed is ,a.;Ppor way to spend .accumulated leave,- Glen.. ,:i'i , '. Visiting his family in Willtts is AristI Paraviclna. He • is ,tHS^'"ibn of Mrs. Lena Nella and is mdking .his home temporarily in"-^San Frartbisco. : •• - ' Set May 3, 6 p.m. aside and come to the corner Of Comrnfetcial arid Humboldt streets to witness ^ den[ionstratipn..The.demoristra- tipn will be given ,by . the iFord Machinery Corp. of Sari Jose.'Who will show the, operation ,of fog ,lii-e-fighting equipnient. On the police ropter appearl the name of George Carter of 'Willits for drunk .driving, wlip was'sen- te/iced by Judge Allan Sacry to pay the sum of $200 and a fltf-day jail sentence, Buspended, For being drunk in and about the:same'i(ilto- —(Coiitihued on ta'gfe 8)-!—, ; MmrtUimlinl Frdiii where I sit... Joe M^rsli; Sarti's Herts Wear Spectacles! 'Ves, it's a fact) Sam's brood of two dozen htiife are wearing spectacles—which he bou);lit from a mail-order house in Capitol City. Sam says it -worlis <and big poultry raisers say so, too). The hens see each other through sof r colored glasses> and instead of fighting and picking at each other, they go 'arbiind tilacidly, gain weight, and lay more eggs. lil^kis tne alinost wish we could hftVe i-oSe -bblbi -ed glaSsei for hu- liiali bcingS, too. SO that Ihsteiid of quarreling ^nd criticizinj;, like ve do so much of tlie time, we 'd ilVi ini let live in cdnttnthicnt. From where I sit, the hunidil race wastes a powerful lot of titna f in wrangling over minor issuea. whether a nlah should drink beer or cider... whether a woman should wear slacks or skirts... instead of seeing eubh other through "spectacles" of tolerance that enable' US to live-and-let-liVa like Sim'a' brood of chickens. - doainihtil^, Vpitii States BttUierf feimiation •I

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