The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on February 10, 1972 · Page 3
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 3

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1972
Page 3
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Retort DEEDS /FILED - Miller, sfel to M filler etal/i int in to Larry oWer w L 6 In Aud [A Rplt;of Blk 6, Van "s Adcin, Hwdn $12,500. LcaJten, ExtrtoH. B. I esow \ int in Pt L 10 fud Subd & Plat of pt -95-48, Hwdn lu'i Younle & wf to H, B, llesow \ Int In Pt L 10 d SUM & Plat of Pt A Ei NWl 35-95-48, 1 Zomer & wf to David eweg Pt NE^ NWl |6-44$1100. • ly Full, etal, Extrs to " J. Full & wf Pt W| 2 9 & Pt Ei SWi & E | •5-43 $37,000. rrit Lyzen & wf to Ward K Andrews & wf N$ W^ iNE-i 30-95-43 $1. ike Hulsman & wf to City loo Cen Pt Ei SV^ 4§5 $25, 000. farle J. Houtsma, Extx to lie- J. Houtsma L 5, Blk . Hamilton & wf redrick Blom, Jr. & wf 1 & 2, Blk 10, Alton hn Broek & wf to Nel- G. Miedema & wf Pt L 7, Blk 2, Sunset Acres Addn, Hospers $1. Arnold J. Vander Wilt & wf to J.ohn Broek L 7 & Pt L 8, Blk 2, Sunset Acres Addn, Hospers $3200. John Broek & wf to Roger W. Broek & wf L 3 & Pt L 4, Blk 4, Knowlton's Addn, Irtn $1. W. Robert Richmond & wf to J.ohn P. Schmltz & wf Ls 9 to 16, Blk 1, & Ls 1 to 16, Blk 2; Vac Plat, South Addn, Hwdn $1. David E. Mllllkan & wf to Hwdn Home Bldrs, Inc. Pt Ls 14 & 15, Blk 1, Heald's 2nd Addn, Hwdn $1. Floyd Davelaar &• wf, etal to Tom J. Van Holland & wf L 25, Davelaar Addn, RV $1. Harold C. Toenjes etal to Robert Dekker & wf Pt L 4, Blk 2, Berlin Addn, Irtn $1. Otto Mouw, sgl to Gene A. Huitlnk & wf Pt NWi NWi 15-95-44$!. Soo Cen Land Develop Inc to Wilbur Vos & wf L 2, Blk 1,Industrial Park A. Addn, Soo Cen $6937.50. NEW CASES FILED Probate 9972 Henry Max Funk, aka Henry M. Funk, deceased Probate 9973 Noma E. Bradford, deceased Probate 9974 Eldon F. Ericson, deceased Probate 9975 Sadie Vander Ploeg, deceased Probate 9976 Jerry Dykstra, deceased Probate 9977 John Van D*r Stelt, deceased Probate 9978 Avis & John Andringa, Guardianship DC 13960 Arnold J. Prank- en vs City of Soo Cen (Law) Jobless Checks Exceed Tax Paid By Employers NEW AUTOS • Charles M. Herrlg, Alton, Ford. Charles P. Kroese, Hull, Chevrolet. William Leuslnk, Hull, Plymouth. Roorda Machine Shop, Inc. Rock Valley, Chevrolet, Raymond Beyer, Boydeh, Mercury. John Wm. Koolker, Hull, Oldsmobile. Leon Te Grotenhuls, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Dillie Van Der Weide, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Sioux Empire College, Hawarden, Chevrolet. Michel Norbert Klein, Granvllle, Pontiac. NEW TRUCKS Fred De Jong, Hull, Ford. De Stigter Bros. Sioux Center, Ford. John J. Driesen, Rock Valley, Chevrolet. Berghorst & Son Inc., Hull, Ford. Warren Van Roekel, Jr., Sioux Center, Ford. No dinner is a complete failure If the coffee and cigars are good. in i»7l, regular payments received by Jobless workers exceeded taxes paid by employers Into the low* unemployment insurance trust fund by $13.3 million, it was announced today by James T. Klelri, chairman of the Iowa Employment Security commission. Unemployment Insurance payments were up 21.4 percent, Klein said, increasing from $29.5 million in 1970 to $35.7 million in 1971. The Increase primarily from a rise In the number of weeks from which unemployment Insurance was paid. The number of weeks for which payments were made climbed from 585,479 in 1970 to 684,450 in 1971. Average weekly payments increased from $50.31 in 1970 to $52.22 last year because of a $3 Increase In the maximum weekly payment amount in July, 1971. Klein explained that the $3 addition to the maximum weekly payment was brought about by Increased average weekly earnings by workers In jobs protected by unemployment insurance, which went up from $121.78 in 1969 to $128.69 in 1970. Maximum weekly unemployment insurance payments are based on 50 percent of average weekly earnings on jobs protected by unemployment Insurance, or $61 In fiscal year 1971and$64current- iy. The Iowa unemployment Insurance trust fund decreased from $122.7 million on December 31, 1970 to $109.4 million at the close of last year. The Iowa trust fund ranked sixth among the most stable in the nation at the beginning of 1971. Under Iowa law, the minimum tax rate paid by employers will undergo no change In 1972. Sixty-three percent of the state's employers eligible for a computed rate are assigned a zero rate for 1972. These employers paid 36.4 percent of the total taxable wages, based on four calendar quarterly beginning October 1, 1970 and ending September 30, 1971. Unemployment insurance taxes for 1972 will be paid by employers on the first $4,200 earned during the calendar year by each of their employees. Klein also pointed out that unemployment insurance payments were made to federal workers and ex-servicemen from monies provided at the federal level. Payments made under these programs rose from $2.5 million in 1970 to $5.0 million In 1971, with $4,848,620 going to ex- servicemen. These two programs alone added $5 million to the state's economy last year. Monster Polluter Vandalism has risen to such heights that the new John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., has asked Congress for an"emergency" $1.5 million appropriation to keep the Center open for tourists. Visitors to the Center—between 6,000 and 20,000 everyday--have removed or defaced everything within reach and more guards are needed to make people behave. Reportedly, crystal chandeliers have been stripped, pieces of rugs and curtains snipped away; faucets pried from bathroom basins. Not only do the tourists steal everything moveable, but they leave souvenirs of their visits In the form of cigarette burns and smears of candy and chewing gum. This kind of destruction of public propery makes something of a Joke out of public concern for the environment ' and public interest in natural beauty. Perhaps it is true that a very small persentageof the public is made up of vandals and litterers, but the fact remains that the public is environmentally destructive. Left to its own devices, it is a monster that makes the alleged Industrial exploiters of old look puny by comparison. In reality, much of today's disregard for environmental aesthetics is the result of a gene? • •'. lack of respect for the rlgb/ of other persons and the',, property. Life seems to consist mostly of interruptions. lout Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Van Berkum were Sunday evening guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Garold Van Berkum at Sioux Center to help celebrate Garold's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Vander Maten from Hospers and Mrs. Henry Van't Hof were Monday afternoon callers in the home of Mrs. Herman J. Vander Maten. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vander Wilt will be helping her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Oort of Doon celebrate their 40th anniversary on Friday evening. Sunday evening visitors in the Rod Vander Griend home were Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Kleinhesslink and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Vander Stoep and family and Mr. and Mrs. Cornle Eshuis and son. KWB RADIO f090 AM is NOW BROADCASTING DIRECT FROM THEIR NEW STUDIO IN ORANGE CITY EVERY MORNING FROM 9:15 to 10:00. . IF YOU HAVE NEWS OR ANNOUNCEMENTS YOU WOULD LIKE PLACED, ON OUR PROGRAM, GIVE US A CALL AT 737-4858 ,OY SCOUT vl^^BWx EEK FEBRUARY 6th - 12th FUTURE 80ySOWTS: IGE cm CLUB SCOUTS & Den 1 (left to right) front row: Jeff Kleinwolterink, Ricky Muilenburg and Mike Grossman. Middle row: Don Drake, Jeff Powell, and Delwyn Peuse. Back row: Mrs. Don Guthmiller and Mrs. Art Hielkema. This Community Takes Pride in Our Own Boy Scouts... ••^-•"--" - Our local Boy Scouts have amply proved the great worth of the principles of Scouting. These Scouts, and their leaders, deserve the highest praise. To our Scouts, congratulations, and best wishes for the future. Respect for others/ pride in country/ faith in God ... for a Boy Scout/ these beliefs grow and are strengthened, daily Den 2: (left to right): David Boote, : Steve Van't Hof, Doug Jiskoot and Chris Amumlson. ! Row 2; Craig Pennings, Scott Cragle, Paul Krommendyk and Randy Oolman. Back row; Mrs. A. Feenstra, Mrs. '• H. Klelnwolterink. FUTURE BOYS SCOUTS.- ORANGE CITY CUB SCOUTS Den 4 (left to right): front row: Mark Mueller, Brian Mulder and Kevin Allen. Row 2: Scott Jacobsen and Scott Guthmiller. Row 3: Mrs. L. Krommendyk, assistant Den Mother and Mrs. K. Allen, Den Mother. Den 5 (left to right): front row: Mike Van Peursem, Randy Colsrud, Kirk Allen and Steve Hielkema. Row 2: Dan Roghair, Brett Mulder, David Reinders, and Dan Van Oss. Row 3: Den Mother Kay Doornink and Ass't. Den Mother Kathy McKinstrey. their —~««n •w-kwv ^it.i* *wmi»tuH***i**^' °en 3 (left to right): Rusty Siders, Curtiss Blllmeier, Kevin Vande Kamp, John Jacobsen, Douglas Grabowski, and Greg Kleinhesselink. Back row; Mrs Scorza and Mrs. Grabowski. message brought to you by these supporters of Scouting Vogel Paint 6-Wax Otis Ratio & Bectric To/man WeMng 6 Mfg. K-Products Inc, Evangel Ainnft IT,! Den 6 (left to right): front row; Dan Mortenson, Kyle Keithley and Steve Shcul- ler, Row 2: Kurtis Koehn, Evan Haarsma, Jay McKinstrey and Corey Kleinhesselink, Row 3: Lynne Grossman and Jan Jacobsen, THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, February 10, W3«-3

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