The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 2
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Lowest cash buyers 1= CHICAGO, ILL. £ TO FIGHT MlttNLEY THE AMERICAN PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION NOT HIS FRIENDS. Lender* Declare That the OrgnnlXittlon Cannot Support II m—Slin'.l Oiv>oso Him in Convention and Afterwards If Nominated. CINCINNATI, April 13.—Judge J. H. Btevens of St. Louis, chairman of the national executive committee of the A. P. A., passed through Cincinnati on his way to Boston. Regarding the fight that the A. P. A. is making against McKinley, Judge Stevens said: "It is true that the A. P. A. will not give to Major McKinley its support, either for the nomination or for the election in November should he be nominated. His record is such that no A. P. A. member who is True to His Principles and who has not been weaned away from the association by promises of an office, can support him. Mr. McKiuley has never recognized this organization." Judge Stevens then enumerates vari- oiis grievances against McKiuley, among them the neglect of McKinley's managers to grant an A. P. A. committee an audience in Washington on the 2oth to the 30th of last March, and the fact that McKinley himself left \in- auswered telegrams sent by the committee to him. Judgo Stevens then says: "We shall fight him in convention and if he be nominated he cannot be elected." CULLOM TO WITHDRAW. Of *ft£ WHEg'S Tneiday, April t. Efforts a*e being made to establish mulct saloons ill Kossttth coiifity. The friendly Arabs have fouied the dervishes at Hoyet, killing 20 of them. The next annual convention of the National W. 0. T. XL will be held at St. Louis Nov. 12 to 20. J. B. Scanlou, Union Pacific policeman, was fatally stabbed by an unknown tramp at Pocatello, Ida. The Pittsburg strike of journeyman painters has ended. They secured an advance of 25 cents a day, or half what they asked. The Rev. Stephen Vincent Ryan, bishop of the Catholic diocese of Buffalo, is seriously ill. He is about 70 years of age. By an explosion in the eugineroom of the Murphy varnish works, Chicago, several men were seriously hurt. It is feared two of them will die. Another Favorite Son Will Ketlre From the Presidential Race. CHICAGO, April 11.—The Times- Herald's Washington special says: Senator Cullom has written a letter withdrawing from the presidential contest, but has not decided when to make it public. It was Mr. Cullom's intention to give the letter to the press at once, but he was urged by the friends of other candidates to defer its publication. As soon as the Seed and Allison managers heard that Senator Cullom had written a letter of withdrawal they drove in hot haste to the senator's house and implored him not to take the step. The letter is ready, however, and the senator may decide to give it to the press at an early date. OREGON CONVENTIONS. In- Repnbllcana Adopt a, Resolution dorsiug McKinley. PORTLAND, Or., April 11.—The Republican state convention has completed its labors. The platform adopted declares for the use of both gold and silver with such restrictions as will secure the maintenance of values of the two metals. The delegates to the national convention were instructed to vote for McKinley for president. The Democratic state convention chose delegates to the national convention, selected F. A. E. Starr of Mul- tonomah county as chairman of the state central committee, and made congressional nominations as follows: First district, J. Myers, Lynn county; Second district, A. S. Bennett, Wasco county. SOUND MONEY FIRST. £>is- Clovelaml Democrats in Oregon satisfied With the Ticket. PORTLAND, Or., April 13.—A number of Democrats who favor the financial policy of President Cleveland held a meeting in this city for the purpose of discussing the advisability of putting in the field an independent candidate for congress in the Second district against the regular nominee of the Democratic convention, which declared for free coinage. It was practically decided to name an independent candidate. Both the regular Democratic and Republican candidates in the Second district are in favor of free coinage, and the Cleveland Democrats expect to draw largely from the Republicans who favor the gold standard. RHODE ISLAND FOR REED. Republican State Convention Held at Providence. PROATDENCE, R. I., April 11.—The Republican state convention was held here during the day and selected delegates-at-large to the national convention at St. Louis. The delegates go uu- instructed but all are in favor of Reed. The platform adopted declared in favor of gold as a monetary standard, in favor of a national court of arbitration, and denounces free coinage of silver. GENERAL MACEO WAITING. Insurgent Leader Sends a Message to Weyler. NEW YORK, April 18.—A dispatch to The World from Tampa says: Among the passengers arriving from Cuba was one who left Havana Friday in a coach with others for a short drive in the country. At Managua, 12 miles out, the coach was stopped by insurgents and the spokesman asked the driver if he recognized him. Upon receiving an affirmative answer, the leader said: "Return to Havana with your passengers, so that they may be witness to having seen me here, and tell General Weyler that Antonio Maceo is here waiting for him." The party returned and the news was quickly spread in Havana, but Maceo is still at Managua. JOHN A. COCKRILL DEAD. Well Known Newspaper Man a Victim of Apoplexy at Cairo, Egypt. NEW YORK, April 11.—A. special cablegram from Cairo, Egypt, says: Colonel John A. Cockerill, the well known newspaper correspondent, died of apoplexy in Shepheard's hotel. At the time of his death Colonel Cockerill was correspondent of the New York Herald. . Heuriug in the Kent Case. BISMARCK, N. D., April 13.—The hearing of the appeal in the Kent murder case by the supreme court will be Jiad April 24. Wednesday, April, 8 The president's children have tho measles. Premier Greenway of Manitoba will enter Dominion politics. Five hundred coal miners at Marshall, Colo., are on a strike. The American Steel Barge company will build two more steel barges. The Democrats of the Twelfth Indiana district have nominated James M. Robinson for congress. The Great Northern agent at Langdon, N. D., is short $G,000. He attempted suicide by poison. The bank at Stillman Valley, Ills., was broken into. The attempt to blow open the safe was a failure but tho vault and a portion of the bniliMng \vay wrecked. James J. Corbett and his sparring partner, Mike Connelly, were arrested at Haveliu's theatre, St. Louis, charged with holding a boxing contest contrary to law. Thursday, April 0. The municipal council of Barcelona has decided to equip a battalion of volunteers. The governor of Canada has cabled to London, offering a Canadian militia regiment for services in the Soudan. Thomas H. Tongue of Hillsboro has been nominated by the Republicans to succeed Biuger Hermann in the First Oregon district. The senate in executive session confirmed the nomination of Benjamin J. Franklin of Phrenix, Ariz., to be governor of Arizona. The New York senate has passed the assembly bill, which forbids sparring exhibitions except under the auspices of legally organized athletic clubs. The act originating in the senate to authorize the lease of lands for educational purposes in Arizona, became a law without the^presidentfs approval. One span of the Wheeling and Lake Erie railroad bridge over the Maumee river near Toledo went down under a heavy freight train. One man is known to be drowned. Friday, April 1O. Missouri's taxable wealth is figured at §946,000,378. King Meuelik of Abyssinia seeks an alliance with the dervishes. The house of commons has reassembled after the Easter holidays. Tho North Dakota supreme court has dismissed the Traill county seat case. H. W. Schyke, supposed to be George Krasuow, the nihilist, says he is not Krasiiow. It is now stated that in the attack made by the Matabeles on Captain Gifford's laager, 250 of the hostile natives were killed. Henry Fitch, a brother of George K. Fitch, one of the proprietors of the San Francisco Bulletin and San Francisco Call, committed suicide at Washington by shooting himself through the head. Saturday, April 11. An air line railway from Cumber- laud, Wis., to Superior is proposed. The Turks have concluded not to expel the Christian missionaries from Asia Minor. Mrs. Gollnick, 70 years old, was cremated in a burning dwelling near Gary, S. D. Mantle of Montana explained the vote of the silver men on the tariff and free silver in the senate. A. M. Brown, an editor, Dayton, Tenn., was shot by unknown persons, supposed to be political enemies. Late returns from Missouri towns show large Democratic gains in Tuesday's municipal and township elections. Glanders are rife in the quarantine for imported horses at Liverpool, and it is reported that out of 100 Canadian horses in one depot, 40 are suffering from the disease. Monday, April 13. Prosperity is said to be increasing in Ireland. Henry Villard has filed his answer in the Northern Pacific and Manitoba Railway company's suit. Republican congressmen held a caucus on the immigration question, but did not take decisive action. An Irish laud bill of larger scope than that of the late Liberal administration has been introduced in parliament. The Democratic state committee of Illinois has been called to meet April 20 to fix the time and place for the state ceuveution. The postoffice at Miller, S. D., was entered by burglars, who pried open the safe and secured $400 in currency and stamps. Kansas City Republicans say they will support McKiuley, notwithstanding the fight being made on him by the A. P. A. Baron von Schrader, master of ceremonies of the Prussian court, died of the wound received in h'is duel with Count von Kotze. IN A Gf«ftt BMiAln ttltely t« ttftt* *lme la Africa. tidftboN, April i&—Great Britain la in an extremely delicate fcc-Sititfa, Well-ihforined pefsons think Africa, is going to blaze with war from Caift) to the Cape of Good Hope, and there is said to be a strong possibility of Qreai- Bfitaiii having to conquer the Trans* vaal, a task which alone would require at least 80,000 troops. , Consequently it is likely that the British army soon will be largely increased in strength as it is considered extremely doubtful H it is capable of grappling with the work seemingly put out for it, in Africa alone. Knropean l^nomles Are Alert. In the meanwhile, Great Britain's European enemies are on the qui vive. The attitude of Russia is especially disquieting. Even a newspaper like the St. James Gazette expresses disgust with the supineness of the government, which allows Russia to pursue her advances unchecked in the direction of Port Arthur, and says: "Today Russia has got all and more than she dreamed of in Crimean clays. France is her maid of all work, Germany is her friend, Turkey is her vassal, and half the powers of the world are dancing to Russia's time." I WfiAf OOtf&fiSBB IS D00f& WURSTER DISAPPROVES tho Brooklyn's Mayor Turns - Down Greater New York Bill. NEW YORK, April 11.—Mayor Wurster of Brooklyn has returned the Greater New York Mil to the governor with his disapproval. He says that he does not see anything in tha condition of Brooklyn to warrant the necessity for such a bill; that the bill is incomplete, inasmuch as it does not provide for a consolidated government of three cities (New York, Brooklyn and Long Island City), and because it does not provide for a referrendum. A majority of the legislature may pass the bill over the mayor's veto. MUST DEPOSIT A RESERVE. In- Another Decision By tli • TV neons In suranee Commissioner. MADISON, Wis., April 11.—The hearing of the case of the Covenant Mutual Benefit association of Galesburg, 111., waa held before Insurance Commissioner W. A. Fricke here, and it was decided that mutual companies who do a premium insurance business must deposit a reserve the same as old line companies. The Galesbnrg company, as soon as the decision was announced made the necessary deposit and was admitted to Wisconsin. The point de. c:ded in this case was very interesting, as it will compel all assessment insurance companies also doing a premium business to put up a reserve before they are admitted to the state NEWS FROM HONOLULU. 10. Minister Willis Was to Sail April A Portuguese Petition. HONOLULU, April 2.—(Per steamship Maricopa).— a-Willis and family leave for San i'rancisco on April 10, to be absent three months. Six hundred Portuguese marched to the executive building on March 25, and presented a petition to the legislature, asking that Japanese immigration be restricted. Cobb'rf Shortage Growing. LINCOLN, Neb., April 13.—Anoth mystery has developed in the accoun of Maxey Cobb, late treasurer of La caster county. At the time of. his dea the shortage was placed at $80,000. A additional $10,000 has been discovered the account of the treasurer at the American National bank being short that amount. • The G. A. R. Gets the Tents. WASHINGTON, April 10.—Representative Kiefer received a letter from Secretary Lamout stating that he would grant his request for a loan of 800 tents for use at the Grand Army encampment at St. Paul next September. Only ordinary tents are available, however, and council tents cannot be furnished as requested by the committee. City of Dallas Lost. NEW YORK, April 18.—A dispatch to The World from Colen says: Captain Raymond of the New Orleans steamship City of Dallas has arrived and reports that his ship went down in 20 fathoms of water about 40 miles west of this port. Passengers and crew saved. Yamagata in Buffalo. BUFFALO, N. Y., April 18.—Japan'R great statesman and general, Count Yamagata, has arrived here. He was met by Adjutant General McAlpin arid Governor Morton's staff. After greetings had been exchanged the party waa driven to the Iroquois hotel. Malier and Slavin matched. PITTSBURQ, April 18.—Maher and Slavin have been matched here to fight before the Eureka club on May 29 for a purse of $6,000, $1,000 to go to the loser. The match is to be for 20 rounds. North Dakota Arbor Day. BISMABCE, N. D., April 18.—Goyer, nor Allin has issued a proclamation naming Friday, May 1, as Arbor day, and requesting a due observance of the same by the people of the state. Alabama Negro Lynched. COLUMBUS, Ga., April 18.—At Seale, Ala., Reddy Adams (colored), who was in jail charged with the murder of R. F. Renfro, a prominent merchant of that place, was taken from jail by a mob and hanged. Won by a Hungarian. ATHENS, April 13.—In the swimming contests of the Olympian games, the 100 metres race, was easily won by Hajos of Buda Pest who defeated over 20 competitors. Lake Navigation Open. DULUTH, April 13.—Navigation is open at Buluth. Tho , Booth steamer Dixon left during the day for -Port Arthur. She is tfoe first boat to depart from this port. Monday, April 0, The conference report on the Cubfin t&$* olutiona w,as adopted by the house by a 344 to ,27, And the river and harbor bill Was passed und6r ausperiston ot rtileM after a lively debate o£ 40 minutes, by a vote of 216 to 46, #he seftate spent the entire clay oh the postofflce appropriation bill. Tuesday, April 7. The postofflce appropriation bill was passed by the senate. The house spent the day debating a bill to fix the standard of weights and measures by the adoption of the metric system on and after July 1, lb'08, and a proposition that the govern,ment share with the District of Columbia tho expense of creating and maintaining a public library in the city of Washington. ,. Wednesday, April 8. The bouse voted to adopt the metric ot weights and measures, but after a series of motions it was decided to send it back to the committee. The senate considered the Indian appropriation bill. Thursday, April 0. The house passed the District of Columbia appropriation bill, as amended by the committee, after having been recommitted for that purpose. A feature of the senate session was the speech of Senator Mantle, defending the silver senators on the tariff bill. The regular business was the Indian appropriation bill. Friday, April 1O. The house spent nearly the entire day debating the filled cheese bill. The senate took'up the section of tho Indian appropriation bill relating to sectarian Indian schools, but did nob complete it. A bill passed providing for an international exposition at Oniaba in 1898. Mothers 1 Friend 11 Cures Rising I have been a midwife for many years, and in each case where "MOTH* ERS' ffllENO" vrns used it accomplished wo riders and shortened labor and lessened pain. J fc is the best remedy for RISING OF THE. BREAST known, n.tit! worth the pride for that alone. Mrs. M. M. Brewster, Mouhgornery, Ala» Sent by Express or mallt on receipt of pride. $1.00 per bottle. Boole "To Mothers" mailed free. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., ATLAUfA, QA, SOLD B1? A±>Ij Saturday April tl. The filled cheese bill was passed by house after two days of discussion. The senate was nob in session. the NEW RECIPROCITY BILL. It Differs materially From tho Provisions of the McKinley Act. WASHINGTON, April 10.—The subcommittee on ways and means, which has been- conducting an investigation into the results of the reciprocity treaty of the government, has agreed to report to the full committee a new bill as a substitute for the large number of measures that have been proposed in congress during this session relating to reciprocity. The bill comprises five sections under the caption of ' 'A bill to increase and equalize the trade of the United States with foreign nations by negotiations of reciprocal commercial arrangements." It differs materially from the old reciprocity provision of the McKinley act in that it does not offer lower rates than those now established to nations entering upon the agreements, but simply relieves them from the imposition of additional duties. OPPOSITION TOO GREAT. STEAM and GASOLINE ENGINES Portable and Marine. If you think of buying an engine of any size or kind send for our CATAJ^OOVK No. no. containing Illustrations and pricesof every kind of small engines up to 20 liorse power, at bottom prices, or LIST NO. 29 for yacht engines,boilers and boat machinery. Either sent free. OHAS. P. ¥ILLARD & 00., 197 Canal Street - • • . - Chicago. Canadian Government Having a Hard Time With Its Remedial Bill. OTTAWA, Ont. f April 9.— The house has been in session without adjournment since 3 o'clock Monday and may remain sitting until Saturday. Clause six of the remedial bill was unjler consideration at a o'clock a. m. when Me- Neill moved that the committee rise and report progress. That motion has been debated ever since. Although clause six of the bill, which contains 112 clauses, is reached, yet clauses four and three have not bsen finally disposed of, so that if the house were to sit steadily on until the 24th, the bill could not be completed. Ex-Senator Ingalls 111. ATCHIS0N, Kan., April 18. — Ex- United States Senator John I. Ingalls is confined to his bed here suffering from, a severe cold contracted on a recent trip North. His friends appear worried over his condition but his family state that nothing alarming is anticipated. _ Six Miners Killed. BUTTE, Mont., April 1 . — A terrible explosion occurred at the St. Lawrence mine by which Con Lowuey, John Quinlau, Ed Shields, James Dyer, J. McVey and P. O'Rourke lost their lives. _ LATEST MARKET REPORT, Minneapolis Grain. MINNEAPOLIS, April 13, 1896. WHEAT— April closed at 61}^c; May, B0%c; July. 61%o. No. 1 hard, &2%c\ No. 1. Northern, QV/i; No. 2, Northern, WELL BORING AND DRILLING. We have machinery of all sizes for boring or drilling 1 wells. Water guaranteed or 1 no pay. Call on or address. GALLION BROS., Bancroft, la. F YOU WANT THE BEST i in your neighborhood this season PLANT O15K FAMOUS all of which are described and illustrated in our beautiful and entirely New Catalogue for 1896. A new feature this season is the Free delivery of Seeds at Catalogue prices to any Post Office. This " New Catalogue" we will mail on receipt of a 2-cent stamp, or to those who will state where they saw this advertisement, the Catalogue v/ill be mailed Free! PETER HENDERSON & GO, j 35 & 37 Cortlandt St., New Tori:. Duluth Grain. DULUTH, April 18, 1896. WHEAT-Cash, No. 1 hard, 63%c; No. 1 Northern, 63^c; No. 2 Northern, 6(J@ 59c; No. 3 spring, 59@53c; rejected, 65%@59^o; to arrive, No. 1 hard, B4%e; No. 1 Northern, 63>tfc; April No. 1 hard, 64%c; No. 1 Northern, 63c. St. Paul Union Stock Yards, SOUTH ST. PAUL, April' 13, 1896. HOGS— Market strong and active; quality good. Range of prices, $3.45@ CATTLE— Market firm and active. Good demand and yards well cleared. SHEEP— Market steady. Good demand for good sheep and lambs. Receipts: Hogs, 1,000; cattle, 50; calves, 10; sheep, £0. _ Chicago Uqion Stock Yards, CHICAGO, April 13, 1898. HOGS— Market firm, all selling. Sales ranged at $3.70@4.00 for light; $3.65@J.8> for mixed; *8.40@3.80 for heavy ;$3.40@3. 55 foi- rough. CATTLE — Market nominally unchanged. Beeves, $3.<10@4.40; cows and heifers, $1.50@3.83; Texas steers, §3.90@4.00; stockers and feeders, $2.90@3.85. SHEEP— Market steady. Receipts: Hogs, 10,000; cattle, 500; Eheep, a.OOO. _ Chicago Grain and Provisions. CHICAGO, April 13, CLOSING PRICES. WHEAT— April, 63>ic; May, June, 65c"; July, 6d)^c; September, CORN - April, 'W%V May, July, SO^cS September, 31%c OATS - Api-il, 18%c; May, July, 19%@19^ci September, PORK— April, 8«.55; May, July, $3,6% County Map Of The South, Tree. If you arc interested in the South and would like to have a county rnap showing tho principal counties In detail in the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and a, portion of Mississippi and Florida, send your address to P. Sid Jones,'Pass. Agent, Birmingham, Ala., or C. P. Atmore, Gen'l Pass. Agent, Louisville, Ky. This map is made to fold up in convenient form, and contain letters written by several northern people who have settled at different points on the Louisville & Nashville E. R. TELL THAT WRISLEY'S "OLD QOUNTRY" Is the BEST and LARGEST Bcr of aOOD SOAP ever sold toy Sold by all dealers. WE HAVE NQ AGENTS W W mm m 9 *** W *W biio 6e ll direct to tlie piices. Sbip anywhere for examination before Bale Everything warranted W. B

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