Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 30, 1948 · Page 2
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. DISPATCH UKIAH, CALIFORNIA NEW CLASSIFIED TODAY MERK. RADIO SHOP Northern Calif. Movers &' Builders BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Moving, Raising Foundations Telephone 484, Ultiah, Calif. 70tfc-fp AUTO PAINTING Any Color AUTO BODV Fender arid Radiator Work NEW MOTORS Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge aiid De Soto Ukiah Motor Sales FRED ORR flitfc* ROY HUftt : . GENERAL CbntRACfCiR . rdh SALENS' nfeSrlyilew KbffseS ' Venetian blinds, hardwood firs., patldk Also will hmUd accordinjg Atjpay.oui" rpiinS. 154 Luce .Ave, PHbne 4e8 ^j. > 4-l«nc# BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Paihtinjii Dec6^atihs, Paperhahgih ,., • Spray Paintiiigi.-ii We Specialise in Sheet Rock -• ,. , ,. WorJc. c Le Ffeve/A. Son 206 Mason. Pti. 1166-M> 12tfc-ft) OLD t>APEHS ^- 10c, per bUhdle, : at Redwood. Journal. -SStfx Ukiah VdH * Stdra^fe Go Local and ^tat^wldis . MOTirfa > Ehoiie 44b-J, UKiari 4/i4irn!fp LP.- ^ Gas & Appliance Co. Mason & Standley Phone 1000 O'Keefe & Merritt Ranges Own Your Own Tank Gias Is Cheaper HAt Water Heaters R^aurailt driddles iiiid Ranges Rop&r Kitchen Ranges Heaters and Floor Furnaces SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO ^ lA^ Try Usl 15tfc-fp the old reliable Sales — Service T- Satisfaction Opposite Theater, Ukiah 49tfc-flp WANTED^ Plowing and discing, vineyard, field or sinall lots. GaU 1521-J or 243 E. Gohbl St. Wttc* OUtl SPECIALTY Frild Chicken iHh. Basket or Fried Pravyns Either with French Fries' $1.00 Open 24 Hours Daily Fihbsl of mixed drinks in dining room or at bar AL REDD'S CAFE ' WILLITS 103t8|j Bdchtol'sPtjlht Store Buy Your Paint Frbm a Painter •yt^ALLPAl^ER ^ PATOTS ' 109 So. S^te. Phone 293. B4tfc -T H; Runkeli Roofing is YEARg serving Mehdddirio, Htuhbbldt; Lkkb and Sonoma covmties. All kinds' of roofing -expertly applied. Asbestos shingles; < Asbestos. siding. Asbestos bull^-up roofs and comp. roofing. lil-W-PEPlCiNiS S*r., UKIAH Phones: Office 102, or;531 8etfc-fp LIVESTOCK AUCTION — Every Tuesday at Ukian Auction Yard,' Pfabrie e ^O -W for irifotftiation fagd .ttUcR s'eryiee. 89Th-ttc lioiiERN 2-bfedrborti home on coiTier lot; rife&t and clean. lin- riiediate potegeSsibh. ^ El^hick Real Estate 715 So. state St. •'• Btlfc itOOMS FOR RENT ^He&ted &rtd •*ltH prlviate bath. Also 1-rbom • ajjartment. Cyrson Apartments, , 104.Sb. Oak St. • 6t3c FOR SALE — Washing machine", in gbod condition. Also 75-lb. ice box. Residence, east of Red;. wppd Vailey Garage. D.. A. . Mucklow- . . 6t3p Berlin's Pharniacy ANNNOUGES the EX-CEL-SIS ' cbsmetic gift this week gbes to E. Ponsonby. We givfe S&H : .green .stamps.. . 6tlc WANTED —1 Practical nurse,.live in roomi board and salary. Gall 20-M, Upper Lake after 5 p.m. .:A- 4. Sgott. . : . . 6t3p FOR. SALE —, New 2-bedrooni ibome^ $'7500., 815 .So. Dora. 6t3p MAN OR ^WOMAN to service io ACiRE^ bh Ilussiah; river only is miles from Ukiah. Vfeir jnod- 6rn 6-rbom hoine. .li/atge barn, hen house, abundance of shade. Just the^ place for people thai w£liit ,a.. siiburtjan lionie. Clover pasture for cow and horpe. ThliS ^lace i^ outstanding. Imnifediat^ possession. . " Elphick Real Estate 715 So. State St. ' , 6tle Painting - Decorating Sheet Rock taped^ textured, finished. Paper-hanging. Ph. 397. H. S. GJiAY , P.O. Box 608. Ukiah Stic mm Automotive Work BODY and fender, painting, glass, overhaul, expert repairs of evei? kind. Prompt service. Tow car on call: Vevbda.Motor Sdleii School & Smith Phone 3'?0r^ • - >65tfcfp Empire Roofing Cot Prompt Service ' Free EatUnatM All types roofing expertly applied. Repdil? Work our Specialtjr. i ' Ail work guaranteed.J Gen. Del., Talpiage, phon&:327-M , . , ; . _ .,4Uc -fp Ukiah Vietvs Mercufy Models FOR RENT —New Eureka vacuum cleafaei- with all attachments, and Johiisoh electric floor pui- < isher. Home Mkrket, 118 South State, phone 25. ' 70eoT FOR SALE —^Plymouth pickup. Inquire at Sports Center, 225 No. State St. , 6t3c At O'Ddy's Cledhers HELP WANTED Silk finishfeir in cohgehiaJ, modern plant. Requisite: must beexiien- enced with quality workmanship. Apply at;,oijce in person, or phone.or letter. Phone 38i5-W O'Day Cleaners Main & Smith Sts.. ' - 6tfc LOTS FOJB SALE— Reglria rjdge, near T^lnriage, Ph: 15-J-3. 6t3c ROOM rok RiNT — Gentleman Only; private bath. Phone 83-W or 668-W. 6t3c HOME FOR BALE— New 4-room house, garage, gas rdnRBj gas circulating .heater, e:ttra large Ibt, centrally located in desirable neighborhood. $6000 cash. Phone-382-J, , 6tlC HELP WANTED— Man for auto accessory dept. Experience preferred. Apply MONTGiDMERY WARD. 6tfc FOR SALE-^TWO homes bh large lot: 1 brand new, 5 rooms; 1 4-room, furnished. ;.$13,15Q. StRdUT REALTY Ukiah 6Uc .e'airii up tb $S00 per ttlohth. C&n start with $500 investment; For 'liitervlew, give phone and ad- flreSS, Write Box 1029, Redwood jJournal..::. .... v 6t2c FOR SALE — 9 acres level and .pleared, good , 4-rbom home, barn;.garage and other imprbve- . mehts...^S0(i0. • - ., , mOUt REALTY . • ^ : . . Ukaih etic v.,: 'KODAK WORK 24iH^i' Service, Work Guaranteed .«*BeHin's Pharmacy Wb give S&fi green, stamps, et^c QVlT LbOK;iNG FOR WORK — . EglUblisli ybUrSeif ih a ptbfit- abie RdWleigli BUsinfess, Be ybUr own boss. No experience or., , = • . capita, necessary. Write imme- FOR SALEr -Used "Telex" hear- dlately. Rawlelgh's, Dept. GAD- | ing aid, in good.condition, rea- , ,l ()&r836, .Oakland. Calif.. 6tlp ' ^ohable..Phbfa'e .755-^. . ^tgp FOR SALE— Thor Washing ma- FOR SALE. — Electric Hawaiian woman, to S. I*oMage dispehsfel's. (Spai:e bt fUU tiifie..> 5b machines. >iy6 .iip to $300 jier mptith and .mote. $606' (Sdsh reijUlred. Fully secured. Give phone and home address. Write Box 1028, Redwbbd JoUrhal. 6l2c WANTED —Man tb operate route Of cbih operated individual booth radios for restaurants and bars. Also motels and hoteW. This., is HOT ,and.a mbiiiey maker.;, Fo? intbtvieW, give phone , and address. Write Box iM9j ^l.dwoba. Joiirhal,, 6t2c J- One ,qlt;tHe fits^ 1949,,mba^s; to be uriveiledj the new Mercury car bn display at Mendocino Motor Sales today in Ukiah rbpreSents-i distinct departure'from ptievibus Mercury designiArthui?' Sehilder, Ibcal dealer, said.' Impbirtatit features. ih i the hew Mercury ihcltide th 'eiU-rieW SpHttg suspenilbn; wKlch birmgS a new degree of smoothness tb the ridfe. Individbfll front Tarheel suspertslbh of the SWinlihg -£rni; dbil Spring type, is combined with- airplane style, direct adtlonshbck-absorb.: ers. This is-balanced *lth long, tapennfe side siirings tindv Hoteh- kiss drive at th^ rear.< ' The new frbrit fend sustJensitiJ^ is supplemfeiited by 'a' new type steering gear mechanism that reduces side-sway br "wander," evbh under eSftreme J wind conditions.' "We believe the Smart styling motif of the new Aiereiiry v^iU establish a ;new trehd irt­ sign, providing the^last word-in tailbrmg and design, plus > maxi- DIS P AT C H DEMOCRAT B. A. COtffeR . . Publiilhtr P^ubUthad wch Friday ok 120 E. Slandlcy St„ Ukiah. Mehdocino CouiilTi CaUlohila. SUBSCRIPTION RATESi [Per Year $2,50 ISix Months. Three Months- One Monthi 1.60 -.80 .30 Single Copies to Non-Sub- scWbers, 10 cents Cbminarciat. AdvarlUing Raiait: tleadei-s, 20c per line Insertion 15c ' per:'liAe eachi: su|)sequent insertion. Readers set in -'^ point typfij ^hich is., the body of this newspaper. > ikflb. Ribk RETU»tlEl FROM SACRAMENTO chine. Good condition. 3-F-2, after 5 p.m. Phone MP mpH TOR .RENT. — Non-aico- holic. 523 So. State. 6tlc Septic Tanjcs and .Cesspool Cleaning Tanks inspected' free, no mileage charge. Phone 29-Y-21. 6tlp STOLEN PERSONAL PROPERTY -^iSix pillow slips, Six sheets, six .!lbgth towels. Laijndry marked :;38 .14,bi .3aTi4U H. R. Groves, • P.O. Box 411. Stolen by Claude <|,ardner .about March 1. 6t3p FOR SALE—5-room home of re- dent construction, excellent.dis- ..'liclclt almost completely furriish- .:ed.r$9300. STROUT REALtY Ukiah . etie FOB BALE — Lovely Singer and cage. 504 Walnut St; 6t3p FOR SALE — Durham milk coW^ Emil J. Vidas, Rte. 2, Box 762 -A. .. , ; . . '. 8t3ii FOR SALE— .75-pound cooleratot-) very good condition. See at 439 Park Blvd. . 8tlp FOR SALE— Madewell "49" gas engine, without coil and con- ()enser; ivith wheels hubs, battery box, $11.50. Phone U-R-5. • .. . , . . atip FOR SALE— By owner, 2-bedroom homfe, leSs tfiah i, yeair old. Reply tb B6:t i031, R^d\^/bod Joiimal, :. 3t6c Fbk'SALE —Brand new 2-bed- rbbiii Hoitte. $7250. . STROUT REALTY Ukiah,. . . 6tle WOMAN COOK WANTED — To take.charge of cafe, a fine lo-r catipii, business jUist started, well e<Juipped. Khoivh a? Six Sisters Bestaursiit, Calpeua, talif. 6Uc steel guitai- ahd ampllfler, lilte he-w, $50. Job s &skb, mi oaks Ti-ailer Camp. . , 6t2p WANTED tb BUY .,— Yearijhg wethers .or ewe^ by thfe pbUnd. In br but of the yf/ool. dall Don Weger, Uldah 1106 ahd leaH •mbb-sage. . 4-29mlc F6fEk |3el-tPiclH6 Tuning and Repair ' tAteSt Eleetrprtic Mpthbcl , , R. 6. RYDEIt & CO. Gall fibb Rj^aer Care of Gloria Pacini, 131-Wi br Greeott!s Music Store. .54a'htfc -fp mum comfort," Schll'der said. . "Only five feet and two inches high, the ne'w Mercury presents a long, low silhouette. The car is ^bwfetted Bj^ ^.ai8 hoiPse^bWer, V8 engine idesign'e'd' exbluslVel^ foi: Merfcury. Although bukidfe diiheh- sions are only slightly greater than i>l-evtousli'i -stylinfe -hnd .enSihe'er- infe : provide vastly mor§ Usable space fol- passehgets' and lug^dfee. The front seat, for example, is nearly eight inches wider ahd the rear seat haS .been 'widened nearly thrte iHchfes." • Groves Return; Hear Their Home t^olabed Mr. arid Mrs. H. H. drovfes have returh'ed tb'thfelt hSrii'e dii the fish hatchery road after;an extended absence and it was after their return that they learneld the first of the escapade of one ClaUde Gardner, tiie erratic barber Who Went to their home and drrayfed- himself With his pick of the clothing, a considerable amount of hardware frbm the kitchen and appeared m Ultiah where he was taken Into custody dnd ..finally committed to the .state hospital. Mr. and. Mrs. Groves have re- bbvered'dll their belongings that 'wer'eiri the .hands of,county and city officers, biit thej' still are short a lot of sheets, plUbvv cases and bath tbweis. A classified ad in this^the laundry niark and th'e.v tvould be glad to have them back. WANTEbl HAVE cash bUyer for flrst-class stQcic ranqh thit will Carry. 1000 he^d. c^tti'e year: around. Also .buyers for smaller stock ranches. Cj'et ih, touch ...with . - , R. SkAfeGS 344 No. State St., Ph. 83 -W, Ukaih 6t3c PLEASE sie the Radld-Bted Latap fbr mothei' at SARTLETT OIL & BURNER CO. 6t3c FOR RENT—Partly, furnished, 2- bedtbom hoUse. Inquire Six Sip- ters Restaurarit, "caipelia. etfc I Ha^6 iSold My RdncH ALL ,,equipment, must, go, Farmall and Poi-dson tractors, like .new; cHisai-lboth siib-soiler, .Hydrb scoop; {jlade. terfaper for, Ford: son; 800 fSet irl-t.featibn ;pip'!f, 8 ahd..B-lnch;.i5-.inbh puhip; seeder; iiio'wer; harrows; disc; rub- ber-^til'ed hay Wagbn; hay chbp- per; many more imblbihents too numerous to mention. Also fur- piture, incltidinB painb; Tom Ehman^ Hopland, phone 2581. 6t3p BUY - "SELL . tRADiS tHROOoS TSE CLAsS'iFikb tdLuJjiks NOTICE TO.CREDITORS : In' the. Superior Court Of the State of California, ih and-fbr the County of MshdocinOi ! . In the Matter of the 'Estate 'of JAMES B. WILSON; also Hno*n as.,and someUmes .balled JAMES BENJAMIN WILSON, Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the Undersigned administratrix of the estate: of James B. Wilsort, ^ also knbWn as ahd sometimes Called James Benjamin Wilson, deceased, to the creditors of and all.'persons having claims against said decedent' to file them *ith the necessary ydiibh^rS,,, withiii six «idhth§ after the first'publicktioh of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the kli^pveiKbmfed cburt, br to thein with, the hfeee's- sary vouchers within iii mlinths after.the datfe of the "first piibii- catiprt iif thiii hbtice, to said ad- ministrattix at thfe bffic'e of Jamfes' E. Busch, ih the Court kbiis'e at Ukiah, California,, which said last, named pWce the unde'rsigtied adr ministratrix selects as the place of- business in all matters appertain-, ing to or cbnhected with the said; estate of blames B. Wilsbri', also kno'wn as and sbmetim'es called James Benjamin Wilson, deceased. First publication In Thfe Dis- patcM-fiembct-at April 16, 1948. PEARL fi. CLINB. Administratrix of the Estate W James 3. Wil• son, also ktibjArh as and .sbmetiraes balled James flenjamih Wilson. JAMES E . BtJSCH, . Attorney for Admihisbcatrix. Mrs ,'M:. L. riiCh tetOriiya home ^n • fAihdh ^ hiiitn Sacramento ^het 'e she hisr • been caring fbt IMrSi R. E. HugheSi who is recov- .ering fi -om an bperation. While thi ^r^ Mrs. Rich took in the band concert - at .^hfe*Wo61fll &nd 'high sehM wHieh 'isi i^bmiafettftii with othei: schbbls lot i prize. Shb also; attended the tollock firos. Shrirte circus at the auditoritim, which S *as'-4i:i;'^hjbyaWe .b 'CCasibn ''W-i- '""' u;'„ ^'^c^'?";•• MOTHERS CLUB WILL MSET Mrs. Frank Crane will be hoh- ess to.MojJiers Club meetln'g ,tQ :l ?B hdia Tuesday ev ^hiil^ St her Htteie at 610 North 'Plijfe stl -eet. MI'S. Paulihe Swigert \(riU preside at the study meeting which will be folibWed bSfVa'Boolahhoiiirj-: VISIT AUNt tlEBfe Mr. and Mrs. Dan .Fosgett and their son Larry were her^ frbm. Oakland f6 visit Hfelt nfiJther, Mrs. Mirthre Fosgett, St'.lh^ hbnie of their aunt, RbSb Clymft .l4o Clara avehue.': > Tilej^iehjaiyfed tha qiiiet of tjkifih.' ' ^i,/''^' LEGAL .NdtiCB for Sale PIANO TO BE BOLD "in; Ukiah vicinity. Excellent /ione, fine quality, very famous make spinet type. Also good medium' bunga low type, of excellent tone. Reasonable, ierms to rellahlb party, For ihfonnatlon write Cline Piano Cb./2097 Mission St., San Francisco. ItBc FOR BALE — 200 'em))ty 5-gal. _ paint, buckets. PHohe 192. 4t3p FOR SALE — Baled alfalfa hay; Suffollf: rams; a]so large type Merinos. Phone 13-H-4, Rte 1, Box 132, 4t3p FOR SALE— New e -room. stucco house on cgmer lot. lAU elec^ trie. Venetian blinds,.partly furnished, steel fenced, near town. $14,000. Ph. 468 -W. 4t3c HOLZ CO. anribjiiice's A complete Stbck of MULTISGROOVE V-BELT SHEAVES ii BELTS Something new fbr this area. . ' Itfc FOR SALE ^OhCrete building Ijloclcs; well and sfeptic t^nk blocks ^ and flagstones.; Any .amount.,'145 Pearl St., WlUits. Phone 158-R. , 4-19tnlp TIMBER FOR SALE—3 millioH feet oak, fir, V6 to 3 miles frorfi highway, hear Lojlgvale. Bbx I t26„-WlUltS. .4t6p FOB SALE— Beautifully furnished dwelling, 3 bedrooms. Com^ bmatloh livmgr dining robm, ige, basement, bath kitchfeh . and breakfast roem; Hardwood floots tliroughoUt. Doublevgarage. Newly landscaped. Close in. $17,800, terms 'to suit. - 'f^, , - . LARKIN J. YOUNCE Preitbn Bldg., i09 School St. LABEEB — For winebbttles',or other purposes; plain or fahbyi The Redwood Journdl. tfr FOR SALE— dentie Jersey eow, Just' fresh. Phone 35-Y-3. 6t3c FOR SALE — Drdg Saw, good Shape;? aso 22 Caterpillar ttac- tor pulley. BednariBfo's., Red- V ypod Valley. Phone li:R-3^i$p Fon 3ALfe — Chesterfield and diair. 511 W. Church. 5t2c JNtOTICfc or ufeFAOLT ' TO WHOM, IT MAY CONtERN: ' WHEREABi Lester • P. CahiU and Mary P. Cahill, his wife,.and Arislide J', tappas, also known as Arisiiid^ J: Paplias, a single mati, trUstbrS, on the 18th day bf;Oet<^. ber,.1945, made, executed and delivered to Mendocmo County Titlfe Company; a coi-poration,: as trus^ tei, tlieir deed of trust covbririg certain real property therein described as. security for the payment of their promissory • notfe made, executed and delivered qh the same day to Savings feank of Mendocino County, a corporation, which said deed of trust w^ thereafter, duly: recorded ih the office of the- County Recorder of the Cbunty of Mendocino, State J of ^ California,. on the 3rd day of January, 1946, in Book' 183 of Official Records, at page 405, et seq., Mendocino County Records, Land in the office of the County Recorder of the County of Lake, State of Caliiorma, on the 14th day of January,' 1946, in Book 168 of Official Record^ at page 248, et seq., Lalte County-Records; and WHEREAS, said Savings Bank of Mendocino County, a corporation, on the 17th day of December, 1946, made, executed and de- Iwered to Joseph W. Criglar an assignment of that certain promissory note. for $6000.00 dated October 15, 1945; given by Lester P. Cahill and Mary P. Cahill, his Wife, aiid Arlstide J. Pappas, aSd of said deed of trust which said assignrnent was recorded : oh the 3rd day of Janiiary, 1947, in Book' 209 of dfficial Records at page 53, Records of Mendocino County, anji bri January 13, 1947, in.Book 179 of "Official Records at page 384, Records of Lake County; and : WHEREAS, a breach Sf this bbligations for which SUch transfer in trust has occurred in that defaults Have been made ih the payment bf instaliiients bn account of principal and in thfe paymfait' of- interest on said pfomlssorif note: i Notice is hereby given that the undersigned beneficiary has sleeted tb consider all of the prinCipsil and interest due in consequence ctf &aid default, ip accoirdante vifith the terms bf said jiromissory note, and deed of trust and has elected to sell.or cause to be sold.said real, property de's'cribed in said debd of tl-USf t(?, satisfy s-aid bbligattbii. bATEb: this 12tli dSy of April, FOR SALE -^Wedgewbod gas Stove aKd Duo Therm bil'heatej!. Ph. 899-J. . - . 5tae IMMBblATE DELIVERY -^Wtlteb heaters, floor furnaces artl ranges for propane-butane. Ecb- ; nomicai home and farm tank gak units. L; P; Gas & Appliances. Phone 17-J. Mason and Standlejr Streets. 71tfc FOR SALE— 22 SmaU vertdiiig machines, ^hbne 385 or 1159-W. • 99tfc WOOL -BAGS,, FLEECE .TWINE, • AND {'BLXJE STONE" Now in, Stock at ' HOLZ CO. PPeparb for ybur heeds now. life For^Sole Business Opporturiitiei? and Real Estate MEN'S FURNISHIKGS -r Good lease. $8000, plus stock. > APT. HOUSES—Well locatetl,'Let ' us show you .these. , COTTAGE CAFE & HbMfc^ Clear-Lake. $8250. CAPE, HOME: & 1/4 ACRE—101 Hiway. $8000. CAFE—Percentage lease, 101 Hi* way. $3250. BAB & CAFE—•$17,000. COURT—Under constrUcUon, 101 . Hiway. $J^,e50. HOMES—$3500 Ufi. POUI^ offices to serve ybUrjSahta Rosa, Eureka, Fort Bragg, and . O. R; SKAGGS 344 No. State St., Ukiah. Ph. 63-TV Bl3c FOR SALE -^Engllsh btilldbfe pup. pies. Show and brfeedlng ^rbs- pects from best blood lirifes. *A,K ,C. registered. Jbhh Hayi 370 W. Gobbi. Ukiah. r fif For Sale FOR SALE—-24-in. . Sumner upright shingle machine and packing frame. Burner and conveyor equipment. Will sell all or separate. -Don't call Sat. or Sun. Phone 6-6207. Jas.L. Robinsoi?, 320 So. Wall St., Stockton, Calif. 5t3c W«ifitfl!d tof Buy tOH SALfi—Mccormick Deering wheel tractor with saw thrft attachfes on front, drive to woodpile" anywHei?e; Use for- cultiyat- liig bl'lhai 'd M& VirieJ^ird, CS6bd condition. ;SubBoiler. and ,,01iv/E!r Vllieyar'd ploy/. Rny Gi :hhi, f feliz Creek) ttoplaxid,. • - Stfc FOR SALE—T.D.^18 Ihterriatibndil cat wbh. Isaacson dozen, Garpo N^inch; Used less than 60b houi^s . sijice new. Can be seen 3rad- dell's Lodge; near Dbs Rios. 5t4p WAKTfebii^-t 'i'bm 5 tb 20 hcrfes between. Boonydle,; and :3N8varro. Level and d'edt^d; DdStfibe and give pries. R. E. Neilon, 1919 Rer^llb Court, Richmond, fcalif. 4t4p WANT££>— small Wood Stove in good-donditibn. SmsUl irbn bed and mattress, TelephonS'443 be- tjve^,7 a ,m. and,3iP-m,r 5tlp tiller. qalMOl-j^^^^^^j^^ Etnpldym^nt A Niagara,Duster. BeJan Mi^tSprdirAr ,:and Coihblhatlbrt OtiSter MAY: be the .ans'ftrer tb A. W&i spring's problems of - S )H-aylng. . See Holt ddf Nov in stbck. ,104«c BOOK MATCHES — PersSridT^r for business. drder ifom the BpdWood Journal iJh ^rr {•OR 8ALE-!-15bbW 110 *bn fedrt- able , br stationary'llghV'^lant, tised'^'lfefe^' itiiatt "li)0 houi-a. hiave P,t}.&E. 'pb'wei--'Ke<»-iSricte $425, sellirtB;:price ,i $250'.'See. At scbtts ,Ford;.,-Triaotbr :;,,A6Wy. _ Uiah. :;^/^:,.:.'}i:.^vv.....' :>:.:v^M'3tfc FOR .SALE -^-prahtK-Phdhfe 44D-J. Ukiah vaa:^&. Jgtoriige.: .alfltoc LIGHTING FlXTUBBBTTrWe-Wve In stbokahd hiiinUih.the Wttest aiii Jnost. .doniblfete litlis, of ft|ht• iK 'g 'ftSftAee^wiiaiabciab-'and Lake cbiintieii. ; ' '< ; ' ROBERT LV'iSECiCER' li.V , 731 So. State St. Ukiah, Calif. \04tfC FOR SALE—2 registered female dachshund pups. Reasonable. Write Mrs. Ji.R.Da-utiUkiah St3t> FOR SALE i— Large -Size creath separatori' St'aiiiless Btcbl, Splendid condition. Can be taken oh trial,vPrlce $75. Call at R^nchp Mariposa or write H. H. Mitten, ; Redwood Valley 5t8c FOR iSALE -^G^affers & Sattlcr gas range; console type ..222 Norton, Jt3p FOR SALE—One Sumner. Upright shirtgle niachinfe. Joe Simbh, _j:osniopoiis;_w;ash. $12001 st3p, FOIt SALt; ^ saddle hdtSeS at Fairgrounds. C. W. Jdmisbn. 5t3p and ModeO'pay Frock SHop I'eatiires .. .rs:n. Dresses,.,piouses,: Lingerie, Hosiery»ahd ITnifbwhs. , 328 No. State St., Phone 11D2-J 1 > 64tfb NEW 5 -ROOM HOME-^EhqUite 215 .,W. Gobbi.. • -2tfc TRAFFIC DEATHS DECLINE :SAaRAMENTO,: -Apr. 27.-4- (WNS)—Despite a reported 7.3 per cent increase in highway traffic last month, faial accidents, deaths and injuries on California highways took a considerable drop below February totals, according to latest reports - of th'e California Highway patrol. Total accidents this year to date are 4,854. LABELS — For wine botUes or other purposes, plain or fancy; wide s^ectibh to cHbbse from. The Itedwbgd 'Jolirnfal: ^ tfji LEGAL NOWOte CERTIFICATE OF MtDIVlDtJAL TRANSACTING BUSINESS UNbER FICTlTtbUS NAME Nb. W-W KNOW. ALL MEN-BY THESE PRESENTS: • That I the_undei:signed PETER .GOLID do hei-ciby certify, tHat.,in|? name, in full is PE'fER .GOLD, ahd that m> pl6be bf i*Siderice is 1200 25tla Avenue, San Franciscb, CaUfdmla. , That-1 airt transacting bUSineSs In the-State of California^ under the. fictitious name_ and' style of iWILL'.PET'-LUMBER GG. And ith'at lam. the Sole owner ahd proprietor of said business; thdt thb principal place.of business is,Willets). Mendocino-Cou-nty, State Of California; IN WITNESS have hereunto set my hand this ninth day of April, 1948. PETER GOLD. josEra ^. fcfiifciiAR. 4 -16, 23,30; 5-7 28, 194S. STATE OF GAliiFORNlA XTohntybf Alattieda " Oft this-i2tK day of April, 1948, before hie, L. W. HuihSs, a Notary iPhblic iii iHdfbi- said bollrtty ahd state, residing therein,' dUly commissioned add qualified, personally appeared JOSEPH W. CRIGLAR, knbwn to me to be the person -^hoSe name -is- subscribed tb the Within,instrument, and aek-' nnwledged to me that he executed the'same.- , . - > , m .,w 'iTNE§§. wia^raii ^p, -i nave hfereiintb set my hand and- •j affixed my Official Seal, ih said ' boimly, the/day and year in this cfertliicale 'fli'sl above 'written. L,W. ttUGHES, Notary Public iij a'hd: iSEALJ fbi: the Cbiinty bf Ala. meda, fe^ate of Califor- Aly cbnimissibh expires AUgust 4-16, i23,30; S-7 STATE OF CALIFORNIA, ) City ahd:. CoUnty of - ) ss. . San Francisco, . ) on this 9th day of April, in the year One" Thousand Nine Hundred and fbrfy^elght, bef6re irife; i\tARY A. tiAPACHfcT) k Notary Public,, 'in and ^br the City a^id Cbiihty bf Sah FrShei ^eb; person&Uy Appeared iE»et^i-:Gbid, kniiwh to me tb ,b§ the iietsbh Whose name Is isllbsci-ibeii fiS''the within instrument; and abfcho^iedged to me that he,: fe^ecyted thtf same. . ,1*? WITNESS . WttEtlEOF, I ha<i'e' hereunto set my hand and 'affixed miy-Oiticial Seal; at my office in the City and Courtty of Saii Frahci^cb, the dhy and year in thiii certificate first abbvB written. . , ! MARY A. LApAciiETi Notary IHibllb in ahd for. , the City, and County of Sah Francisco, State of Galifbriiia, 410 Sutter St. . My CbmmiSsioh Expires October 30, 1^49. - - Eded April 12, 1948. w. J. BJaoApbtirs. County clerk. NATHAN MEkENBACH. Atlbi^ey at LW, lid gutter Str^t, , . Sah -Francisco 4, California. 4>liS,23 .S0 -5/7,14 Trespa^^ Notic^i . PROTECT , .your property with dMj -ablo signs, printed on -sigh clotji. •ft'icea: 6, $2.S0; 12,i$3;00; , 25, $4:00; 50. $5.50; .IdO, $8.50. On mail orders,, include state sales tax and postage. Redwnod Journal 32ttx FOR SALE— Four view lot^. 2/3 acre each, near Ukiah; utilities available. $1260 each. Gall 1126-M, 4t3k f UMP3 ,. ,WE c^ sujiply pumps ti-om latgfest deep-V^ell turbine to smaueit pressure system; .. hSvfe bompetehl ettjjinfefers tb flg- ilte ybur jpb: WE represem twb of the most t-e- spected names iri the pumpinfe business: . ,. , ., .BYRON JACKSON • . . irrigatjon,Pumps and ) JACUZZI , ..Pressure ..Systems ,. Bring ybiir pUmpihg problehis , tb us. UKIAH FARMERS CLUB Call 730 41tfc FOR, SALE—Baled oat. hay,, not rainod on. Ernest J. Abertj'Hop- , land. 4t3p FOR SALE— 6 -tons, first cutting 19.47 alfalfa. Never rained on. $25 ton. CaU 14-R -l. 4l3b Used ddiri FOR SALE -^1946 Diamond T CUmmlns Diesel ^'engine loggink truck: Excellent, condition, low mileage. 5-speed transmission, 703 Brownie,dual drive, double reduction rear end, „ildO ?2 • tires. ]Phone collect, S. F., JUm- p'er 7-lteO.' .: ..: 31 PP FOR SALE — 1947 Sludebaker Ch.ampion: iCOUpe.,, , iike, new, |169i. A. F. Gritotts, Rte. 1, Box 65A.. Phbne 488-J. _ 4t3p FOR SALE— Baled oats arid vetch hay thsji has not beeri.ra 'med oh. L. M. Munsoh; cbmer East Valley ahd Hearst road, WlUits. Phone 17 -F -4. 83tFc FOR SALE — Two gbod Jersey cows. H-R Ranch; Hopland. 4t3c FOR SALE — P-38 pistol, brand . new. 308 No. Main St. . 4t8p . OiE.S^ WILL HAVE SPECIAL PROGRAM Members of ' Order of Eastern Star wer^^notified tms Week by Mrs. • Theliria Bbulw&i-e, worthy matrph, that a s^ebial and uhiqufe program will be held ipt l<Ibth'ei''s Day when they ihe^t next.Monday night. May^3, at 7:45. Jilrs..Mil­ dred Bi. iJavis is chairman of ih'e program cbmmittee. LEGAL NOTICE SUMMONS , ,^ , No., ,15557 Actibh brought in the Superior Court of the State, of California, ih and for the County of Mendo- pino, and the complaint hied ih th'e office of the. Cleirk of Said County of Aiendbcinb. BUiiKE it HAWLES, Ukiah, fcalifoi-nia, Attorneys for PJaintifl, In thfe SIIPERIOR .COURT ot the STATE vOF CALIFORNIA, in aha ibt Ihe COUNTY iOJP iWEN- DOCINO.. .• . . • y-MSy HAII ^ES, Plalhllff vs. MAft Y ,'E: HAiNfeS, Defehdanl., the Pebplfe Hi thfe State* of. California §ehd Greetings to: MARY a. ftAiflEs, defendant. YoU ARE HEREBY CIRECTEU TO APPEAR and ansWer th^ Cbtiiplbint ih the Action entitled as above, brought against 'ybii ih the Sttp'erioi- Gburt of the-state of California in arid for the Couhty of Mehdocino; within ten days after the Service - on you bf this Summons—if served within this County; or withih thirty days if served elsewhere. . ,. And you are notified that un- ess you appear and answer as abqve, rtsquiredj the said plaintiff will take judgment for any money ipr damages demanded- in the Com-, plaint, as arismg upon .contract,, or. will apply to the Court for any p.ther: Relief , deihahded in -said Cbmp),aiht. , , .-. . , t. 'Given under my hand. and the Seal of the Superior Court, bif tiie State of California, in ahd for the County of Mendocino, this 17th day of March, 1948. ISfeALl ,. W. J. BROabDtaS. 3-26-2m County CTerk. FORTSALE —1937 Plymouth 4- dobr sedih, $500. Inquire Rte. 1, Box 46B Sb. Dora St., after 6 p.m. , 4t3p FOR SALE—'29 Model A sedan, $100. Farm Labor Camp, Low Gap Rd., H. Goodenough. 4t3fe Re6l Depgnddbiiity IN USED GARS Is Vrhat jrbti're offered when you buy at C6H & Fcrd USED CAR LOT 301 So. Slate St. Phone 977-W. 9Ctfc FOR SALE— '35 Pontiac. 4-dbor sedan, $250. Phone 735-W or 23-J. . . 4t3c USED CARS '47 Studebdk^r 3 -paBS. cbupfe; ; Regal Champion, over, drive,.,R.eal value..._.„.,_$1695 '47 Studeb&ker l-ton .pickup, 8-ft, bed,, like, new.—>— 1595 "'41 • studebak&i; Chumibion 2- dbbi-, bveirahve 900 h'36 Studebaker 4-door sedan 375 '35 Plyttiulh coupe —300. Forr§st Hiighes StudebaicbrJissbCiated Service: 585 S-o'^taterPh. 2ia -W. 4t3c WANTED -:-Single man for work - on ranch,-Year-round-job; pay monthly. f>ratt ranch, Hopland, phone 2104. . ... 4t4p PART-TIME .GIRL WANTED ^ .Inquire Medico Fountain.;, .St3p WANTE^— Woman for'full time housework. Permdnent.Mrs. Ed- wiru H. Sibbett, Redwood Val. 4t4p BOOKKEEPER WANTED^ Experienced in sawmill- account-- ing, $250 per month. Write P.O. Box 515, Bbbnvllle. It6p Lost ond Pound '1, FOUND=— Small purse coritaining, the Savings - Bank of. Mendo. County. - Inquire, at bank. ... . .: 5tfc Mistelldnebus Distqn Chain Sows SALES' •'5^' SERVlCfi Parts available dt all times. GHAS. J. SWIFT 233 Main St., phone 69, WiUlts 104tfc SEPTIC TANKS & CESSPOOLS pumped., Modem equipment No niileaie^charged Phone Uppe,r Lake S2 b,etween 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., or write P.O. Box 220, Upper L'ake. A. E. SILVA BOtfc LEAVING. TOWNf-xmve to sell? List with Strout. -..;i,44tfc ^ ''Let Mitch Do It" YGUR tree trimming, toppirig, cabling, cavity filling, tree removing arid grafting. MITCH'S TI^EE SERVICE, Rte. 1; Box 42G.. or Phone 929-J. 4-22mlp MACHINE-MADE button: holes, alterations... Broolcs . Alteration Shop, .a02. W. Henry. • 4-12m.lp NOTICB-^I woUld like tb 0dntfact> tb balfe for part of crop. C use 100 tons of alfalfa or .g)r<— hay, <vbuld buy Sbhife .standing ' as is, now. Anyone interested plione 14-F-12. •: .. . ..2t6p ib'ABD a BOOM-^Fbr.lihUaren. License No. .12. Have, spdfce- 24 V, houi; and- daytime .care, .-.Tel.' ) j_508--W, 148 Clara Ave. 4r22mlc MATTRlESSisS Renovated and recovered. Allen^s Mattres? and Upholstery works. State Lie. ,317 Nb.-Mdih. t>hbh^ 1044 -W ._^4to WILL CARE FCS ?Chirdi:eh.,in thfeii-, b \i^n homes, daytithe; Ph. 1507 -W. ' 4t3c Mick,'^ GrbteKV artd Delicatessen OPEN daily , - except'. Thursdays 7:30-to 6. Homemade yaviolis and cooked foods daily. Raviolis for special, occasions by. order. "Knotti'.Pihe" building on Talmage Rd. Temporary jphone, 97i::J. _ _ t-ilSnilc UStD CARS 1935 Chevrolet .Cpach 1936 Pontiac sedan 1939 Olds business coupe 1932 GMC truck, , \m Plyftjbutb, Siedari 193-4 Chevrolet coupe i!j85 Stiide sedan 1941 4-abbr dellike Ford sedbn Vfevbdo Motor Soles School & Smith Ph. 370-W 86tfc FOB SALE— .1937 cab-over-enfeme, lO-iyheel job, ,$795; See Dan ,.^,CphejnL, phflriq 67^.br.d83-W, &7tfc The Sport Center 255 North State -,„. YiP^ everything, for, thg .athlete, letic supplies, fiuntlrig clothes, shotguns;: .22 rifles, ^ riflJes, ..ammiinitlnn.. - . 46tfg WANf ED— Saw filing. Bring your savif^ tb 232 Thomas St., phpne 929-J. • . . 4-22mlp HOOFING AND INSULATION our specialty. JoHnS-Manville iihid- ucts; nb job too big,, ribiie too srii'all. Herman fliinftbl. Ph. 102. CARS WASHED, — Cleaned,, polished* Reasonable rates. Phone 126-J Qi: 380 So. State, ,4/1-mlp 'AHCHITECtUttAL DRAFT: ,. Jbhri Wilson., 610 McPeak SOtfo T. FEIBU3CH CbNSTHUCtlON cb. Commercial, Industrial, Residential and CbnCrete Construction M For free, estimates -caU, 1126-M or'*' write P.O. Bpx 3^. Ukiah., 98tfc k. Gi Kesslnger ; WELL DRfLL ^G 581 No. Dora. Bh. fl27,R. . 20tfo toilet. and enthmce.; 204 No. Barnes.St.'T . , 4t3p RCpjM SiFDR. RENT -r Gentleman only. Phone 83-W or 668-W. 5t3c ROOM FOR RENT—Reasonable. 1019 W. Perkins St.- Ph. 912.^R. , • • ' • ' 3t4p. FdR BBIJT ,—iHfavfsckeeping and sleeping rooms. 406 Henry, ph. 004rJ. -:kEli|—3-room: house and. hatll,.,E.,Babq6,cfc, Hedwobd Val. • 2g -Y -12. 4t3b FOR REHT-^Thi-'ee room mb'derh ment,-2 .beds, nic'e .kitqhen. ^ijith $tate St. ^ .,i3 /29mi:c Wdrtteld t(» R6nt SONOMA MATTRESS WORKS . ..of Cqtati,.,Calif. T .,.Let us, convert. that.'old- matiress into.modern inrifej-^piWn^. £px sphngs rebuilt .Ne^^r iriher- ' 'slirihgs :ahd toit springs made to order. For - informatioh call Ukiah Rug Gleaners, phone - 7.27-W. - 83tfc "Rtadlic^ Rfefeorrittg Oira^DAY ^fefvlee Qi all thies of ' home br aUtoTBdlbs; " PAUL O. NITSCH State U Clay. PH .'47 -.T. 75tfc •TROlffiLED WITH WANTS TO. RENT- -Garage.,Address ^vrepUes to BOX ;l627,, Red- wopd Journal. ' . 4t3p WA«T T,Q Ri;|fT -7 -Twp-bedroom house, permanently. Fariuly of 3. .Write P.O. Box 495 or phbhe 911-M. - g^j, e Back; Stiff Necjc or Muscles, • Ari-hritic • Nervous Dtsoi-der? TRY Scientific Massage T. CASSELLA - Masseur Calpella. Calif. tffitfc^ SUY - SfeLL . ttlADE THHOUOH THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN^ f .i. 41^

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