Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 15, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Monday, July 15, 1957
Page 8
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'New Lead' Is Uncovered! InRightsTrial By RELMAN MORIN , KNOXVILLE, Tenn. ftt-Robert L. Dobbs, chief counsel for the "Clinton 15". in the hotly-fought civil rights trial here, said Monday he has uncovered new information that will have "a very sobering effect on this case." He ran down "a good lead" during the weekend recess in the trial, Dobbs said. "I've located a person with information that will have a very sobering effect on this case," he Cigarettes to Be Only One Phase of Inquiry WASHINGTON Iff! - Chairman Blatnik (D-Minn) said Monday his House Government Operations Subcommittee won't stop at cigarettes in its inquiry into what he termed misleading advertisements. clothing ads are likely to be targets of later investigation, Blatnik said, after the completion of hearings starting Thursday on filter cigarettes. Pill Claims Claims for pills that are sup Two More Days The defense will begin calling witnesses after the government's case finishes this week. U.S. Dist. Atty. John C. Crawford Jr. estimates that he will«take at least two more days. Dobbs declined - ,; uaims tor puis tnat are sup- Medical supplies, furniture and ^ to make re d uc ing easy by ——— > cu tting hunger, claims for tranquilizer or "happiness" pills, and markdowns on products from "list prices" that never existed were listed among items under scrutiny by the House investigators. No date for hearings on these Nebraskan to Be Elks Ruler SAN FRANCISCO UB-A Kearney, Neb. attorney was slated to! v\° , a .. . become the Elks' grand exalted subjects was fixed as the subcom ruler Monday as business sessions about the new witness except to say, "It's someone within the territory of this court." The case—growing out of riots that broke out when Negro students entered Clinton High School, last autumn—is being tried in the j U.S. District Court for Eastern Tennessee. The 15 Tennesseans and lanky John Kasper, New Jersey segregationist organizer, are charged with criminal contempt. The government accuses them of "acting in concert" to flout a federal court order against any interference with desegregating the high school. Clinton is a highland town of 4,500 near Knoxville. Kasper has told reporters he is prepared to sacrifice himself to help the 15 co-defendants go free. "I wouldn't mind going to jail for a year or two in order to get them off," he said. . To that, Dobbs retorted, "his very presence in court is prejudicial to us. That's why we wanted a separate trial for the 15." opened for the 93rd grand lodge convention. Robert L. Blackledge, 57, was the lone announced candidate for the job of leading 1,200,000 Elks, further details i He is to be nominated by Federal Judge John W Delehant of Lin coin, Neb. and the nomination will be seconded by Nebraska's Gov. Victor Anderson. Eight other granb lodge officers are to be elected. In a report to the convention, Lee A. Donaldson, the order's grand secretary, said the Elks currently had assets totaling $276,166,771. He said an estimated seven million dollars was spent last year on a variety of charitable, welfare and patriotic activities with nearly three million dollars going for youth projects. Davenport Boy, 5, Loses Life in Pool DAVENPORT m — Michael W. Hollmer, 5, Davenport, drowned Sunday afternoon at Hariah Lake and Drive-in pool about 2!* miles west of here on Highway 22. The youngster had been wading in shallow water at the pool when he apparently headed into deep water where he drowned. mittee concentrated its attention on the cigarette issue. In announcing Saturday plans for the cigarette hearing, Blatnik said the American public is spending an extra half million dollars a day for filter-tipped cigarettes, with cigarette advertisers having "emphasized the superiority and effectiveness of their particular filter." But some reports the subcommittee has shown many filters provide little or no protection by way of stopping nicotine or tar, he said. Stated Aim The stated aim of the House investigation is to see what federal agencies have done to prjotect the public by way. of enforcement against false and misleading advertising. A subcommittee investigator said the Federal Trade Commission, the Post Office and the Justice Department were all involved, but that coordination was lacking in enforcement on the advertising. IN COMBAT TRAINING .... Army Pvi. Ronald J. Mohr, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. Mohr of Lake City, Is receiving eight weeks of basic combat training with the 1st Armored Division at Fort Polk, La. He attended high school at Lake City. (U.S. Army Photo) GLEN BOWLES DIES INDIANOLA iff) - Funeral services for Glen Bowles, «9, of Indianola, founder of Farmers Casualty Co., Des Moines, were to be held here at 2 p.m. Monday. Join the Crowds, Get Your Share of Savings! 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The crime was discovered Saturday night when a clerk noticed an odor coming from a trunk on I a Railway Express Agency plat- i form on Manhattan's west side. A nationwide alarm was sent ' out for two unidentified men who delivered the trunk to the agency. Remarkably Cool Police said the murderer operated with remarkable coolness. While the victim lay dying, the killer sealed the three bullet holes, the nose and the mouth with adhesive tape and bandages to block bleeding. He lined the trunk. with newspapers and plastic sheeting befote cramming the body inside. Odor- erasing mothballs were also tossed in the trunk. The body was clad only in silk shorts. The trunk was about the size of a foot-locker—35 inches long, 20 inches wide and 15 inches deep, 30,000 Tour Jamboree Area By BILL ALEXANDER VALLEY FORGE un -Texas boys swapped horned toads for hard coal lumps from Pennsylvania. Scouts from the far northern reaches of the country piled into the camp site of the Panama Canal Zone to look with fascination upon an eight-foot snake. A boy from Denmark, with a touch of awe, wondered whether a Scout from Peru could produce a shrunken head. . 5 j Thus life in this Boy Scout Jamboree City covering 1,500 acres and lodging nearly 55,000 lads and leaders is getting back to normal today after a memorable weekend. Sunday, after religious services by various denominations, the Scouts entertained a multitude of relatives and friends. Thousands came from neighboring states. Scout officials and state police estimated that more than 30,000 toured the camp Sunday. Today it will be back to swap? ping, to the overtures that so often lead to fast friendships, to hikes and trips to historical'and other exhibits. One of the most elaborate and interesting of these is a conservation display set up by Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey with the assistance of three federal agencies. As the - Scouts approach the area, their curiosity is aroused by the beckoning wand of "Conservo," a giant wooden magician. In the tent, Conservo himself, in the person of one of the staff Scouts, explains the interdependence of soil and water conservation with that of plants and forestry, fish and wildlife. Then the Scouts are taken on a tour of realistic exhibits where ex- perls in various fields explain the need, for conservation and its effect on their daily lives no matter where they may live. Deer and other wild life are seen in their natural habitat. The forest rangers conduct one of the most popular exhibits. Forest fires are "set," sighted and reported by radio from three towers situated some distance apart, tracked and "extinguished." Record for Taxes to Be Paid in 1957 By DWIGHT, MCCORMACK DES/MOINES 1*1 — Taxes payable this year, to support Iowa's county and municipal governments and school districts rani to a record total of $275,502,072, the state comptroller's office said Monday. This was an increase of 5.46 per cent over the total of $261,227,162 payable in 1956. A record has been set each year for several years. The only classification of governmental subdivisions which showed a decrease in taxes payable this year was the rural schools. The total was down by 10.65 per cent. Meanwhile, taxes payable for municipalities went up 9.79 per cent, for consolidated, community and independent school districts up 9.74 per cent, and for counties up 2.82 per cent. Inflation Reason Rex M. Wilder, budget director in the comptroller's office, said: "The taxes payable are up because of the generally inflationary period. Salaries are higher, and so are the costs of supplies. "Generally, the counties have been levying the limit in road taxes. So that is not a faclpr. The reason the rural school taxes were lower is because of the elimination of many of them in school reorganizations." Require Most Money The consolidated, community and independent school districts required by far the most money. Taxes payable this year for those districts amounted to $121,316,589. The 1958 total was $110,543,099. Next largest total was for the counties. They needed $81,681,984 this year, compared with $79,435,271 last year. Municipalities came next, and the figures for them were $45,883,101 this year, and $41,791,652 last year. The rural schools required $26,621,288 this year, as against $29,457. 140 last year. The, figures were taken from | budget summaries submitted by county auditors. The summaries showed the amounts budgeted by the various governmental subdivisions, and the taxes levied to meet the budgets. Good Government In Iowa Set Back By Loveless Policies: Jurgemeyer By HARRISON WEBER (Iowa Daily Press Assn. Writer) DES MOINES - Republican State Chairman Louis L. Jurgemeyer believes that Governor Herschel Loveless, "has set back good government in Iowa." "His (Loveless) fiscal program is unsound. He has tried to convince the people that he has given them a tax cut but he has done so at the expense of the schools, colleges, state institutions and other agencies," Jurgemeyer said. "He has set back good government in Iowa. He has failed to meet the needs of'the people. Further, if his tax program were to be enacted it would actually result in increasing income and property taxes," he added. Jurgemeyer said he believes that the next political campaign will be the most significant in the' recent history of the state. The Clinton lawyer said the Republican party realizes that the Democrats established a substantial beachhead in 1956. However, the Republicans plan to meet the problem head-on, Jurgemeyer explained that the party's headquarters here will be strengthened consid e r a b 1 y. He j pointed out that the GOP was currently short of funds and the exact time and manner that the changes would take place has not I been determined. "But by the time the next campaign rolls around I anticipate we will have a full time executive director and full time assistant in public relations," Jurgemeyer stated. On the question of a special session Jurgemeyer said he thinks that, "if he (Loveless) fails to call a special session that he would have performed such a substantial disservice to the slate that there will be no question whatever that he will be even more soundly defeated." Earlier this year Loveless indicated he would call the legislators back into special session this September, However, now it appears that there will be no special session this year. Jurgemeyer said if Loveless does not call a special session this fall it will be, "purely for political purposes and without refer 8 Time* Herald, Carroll, Iowa Monday, July 15, 1957 ence to the best interest of the state." The State Tax Commission has rescinded a 23-year rule which recently caused Commissioners plenty of headaches. The rule was made in the depression days when milk was selling for less, than 15 cents a quart. At that time the Iowa citizenry got up in arms o"er billing procedure on dairy products., A retailer delivering milk on a daily basis would collect sales tax weekly, semi-monthly or monthly even though the sale of the individual items were below the starting sales tax figure of 15 cents. To standardize procedure the Board of Assessment and Review (which later became the Tax Commission) set up a special tax scale on milk, cream and other dairy products. On purchases up to 50 cents one cent tax- was charged and from 50 cents to one dollar two cents was the rule and so forth. ^ The sales tax reverted from 2% per cent to 2 per cent this month by virtue of Governor Loveless' veto of the omnibus bill, In making an announcement on Life change in sales tax the commission singled out part of this 19§4 rule. Some people received an erroneous conception on sales tax collections and the commission received reports of attempts being made to collect a penny tax on "a dime ice cream cone. t Of course, this is not the case since the tax scale does not start until 15 cents. At any rate, the commission rescinded the rule because it was antiquated. This past legislative session produced one budding romance. Ed Heins, who covered the Senate for the United Press, will be married Aug. 4 at Iowa City to Audry Noting of West Liberty and Iowa City. She was secretary to Sen. D. C. Nolan, Republican floor leader, Iowa City. FREE! FREE! 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