Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 29, 1972 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1972
Page 2
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Personal Mention ESTCEPATLLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, DEC. 29, 1972 Page 2 A/r. and Mr*. Richard Christensen Jovce Aufderhaar \S eds Richard Christensen •came. erje ariir of r-irnard »ey- ift C-nris^erisee-, former 1* af Es- toervi_ie, on Dee. 11 is Trinity **is. The Bet l. ~r?- V s -' NaT-beer offi: late: at tne datiie-ring. ear- Parentis -J. tne tOOpie are Dr. and Mrs. He-riry '*. Aafberhsar, Ton AXJtms-tic, aad Mr. sad Mrs. Eiaer Csrissease'n, Er2 oueo zt si compos rn-r. ."ae -.eretrjory began with fie tribe's micoer singing "let Liebe Lien."' Ccaer S -O JOS »ere stag by Mrs. Dor. His:. scc-orrparJe: Dor. Hirir re-ad selections of file oribe's choice. Tbe brio* was given ir szr- riage cy ber father. She wore an ivory, princess-style wm of peac de sole tab re-embroidered A lent on lace witr cr^pei-ieeigtr. train. Her silk English iihisiac veil was held :y a cor or* 1 af •tile britterfiy roses, baay's breati, and green sac plurr. grapes and she carrier a coiordai K»> FB Committee New Officer* Are Installed R INCITED - Trie Emmet County Fares bureau Women's Committee met ir. December at the home of Mrs. Stanley Jensen. Sex officers for l?7i were a- 5ii .ii -.-2 oy Mis. Eatar}n"Aisersar of toe Farm Bureau office. Installed were Mrs. Stanley Jensen — Emmet Coamy chairman; Mrs. Che iter Anderson — county vice-c r =. 1 r rr a n; Mrs. Amos Egla.nd — publicity chairman; Mrs. Gilbert England — High Lake Township chairman; Mrs. J. P. Cfariste-r-sen — Estherville chairman; Mrs. Aadrri Ness — T>eive Mile Lake chairman; Mrs. Ear; Stick — beaiir. chairman; Mrs. E. B. Burg — environment chairman; Mrs. G. 0. Bonstead — safety chairiaarj.; Mrs. Don Howard — tour chairman; and Mrs. A. B. Rose-burger— music chairman. Members he id a gift exchange and had Christmas food for the potluck lunch. Chatter Club Christmas Meeting Held The Doliher Chaaer Ciuh held its Christmas meeting at the .home of Mrs. Joe Samps-or. with li rr>ejr.t>er» present. Mrs. Frarrcis Doxx-y, president, coriiicteo a short business roeetuig. Roij call »as answered by "Wnat 1 V.ouid Like for Christmas." Tbe Jamar> meeting wiii be at the hofne of Mrs. Garry Vig- oai. Those present were: Mrs. Der?i Berfacm, Mrs. Doocy, Mrs. Blanche Boiiaai, Mrs. B-jrt Johnson, Mrs. FredKsaack, Mrs. Virgil Moore, Mrs. Robert Rezac, Mrs. T. E. Richards, Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Margaret Sturm, Mrs. H 'itbarr; Swaason, Mrs. Aiben Swartz and Mrs. Vigciai. Mrs, £coert Scu^eiger. .1*^- eri-ar, ma2-tc •£ atoar. Brjcies-.ajd. 1 were ZHrDcae Ciapp arc Liaca Pais, -/ K 'jf Beitiii, i*is.. v_-s. SeE-rer* >liuk--.3r_ e_ter. V,hzi~--j^ Mary ELler Ss- Tiie t>riie£r»— was atieafc: aac .'ttar Aafier^, acccaerf •f wie bribe. F'Xi?nirjE' a receptee fi»e c <3iij -i= left ktr a wejcire rrij to ?-jert.o Rico. Tiey are rjc« at hcoe at 54'.- Tat tzrkiesrcorr. is aow wnr fije Dames arc Mtore Z-^y^-azz ^r- girteeriag Firr- Part Fkige. HL He re:ervei a master of scieDf* aezre-e arc i'-cu- a pr; ris -qpcy ir. eag±>e*rr¥ free -iicnigraz >tate Vriiversiry. He taazist fx Li years a: tae Vrrrersi:; of Madisoc in *«*i5 '.->nsir_ Tbe wfcie is a graduate af Ftiro ABiris^c higs schtoi ar»c oe Ua- iversiry of "A is:cr.sir_ »aere sse re-ce; - -'eb a tsacheiar ot scie.->:e ir. aobitivr. v. lae irib-egroom' = parerjos, se "eadiag guests irr- Br^iivoic of Spirit Lake arc Crescent Has Yule Lunch. Higgins Home rr.£f parr, a: tr«e riome of ilrs. Johr H^gns. Luric.-ietr. was ser>eb »:tr. a '^.e'.ibe oecor. Mrs. Higgins, presihert. opened the rr^eting »itr a Christmas prayer. Roll call »as ans«erec »iti £2«ie c-otas and Mrs. Free Bassa r = ab ar, essay, '-Let's ilee.t Cr.riststas," by Peter Marsra:.. A gift exchange «as heli ty i.-t~e present, inelasia? llrr»em- &ers ar;d five guests, Eve.yr. Tape, Liboy Hickroar^ Lo.s Ms!.--.- ar.d Mr! and Mrs. C.ybe Sa> Trje r>ext meeting WL . oe rje.c jar- 2i at trt DEK Bj^cing. Clarence Welps Return from Cedar Rapids Xr, aasi Mn t .*Erence »ejp. wbsn fiey rjsisec Jas ptsi wse»; •itt jaeir sac, L ETT ?. Larr? • eis, wot nas mcejeest 6 K posi- Xioc. it fnxer? Esra^er of a 3f» Sariow Faocs start wfcict will oper saartly. is at 12& S.»., Caaar Rapir?-. imti.. ffi*C*5. !je Carisssias £t* tttt *«ips wers rai'sss af covins, i£r. arc Mrs.. Jaar. »iwd».ard, Cfed ^r Rspads. MRS. HAZEL 1 .LLSS af Stab Sajiarxtar. Certs-.- aab Mrs, C^ara i^tg-eriar spss: rrr-isrtmas »"itr Mr. and Mrs. Taos Kaxeie;.. J 7K£ HOKE af Mr. jrarix MSS. SL"BV MCHOLS spwE tits hnliia?-? it Ssanr. Lai* wfifc Mr. and Mrs- Melt-it Jan&ssi MSS. FEED FT " E spean tie hci-iSsyi ii. 5s »irJt Laks wit ier stB-Jr-ia* and aaagater, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Parsons, and also Mr. and Mrs. Dssve £L-is. CcJer »'isi :.Dr? iner* were Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ellis of Er>- irietsijcrg, MRS. VT.'IAN ?"£TMAN and Ds-abiE are iaavinr far file ir ioros ir. For; Loage adser a week's -i-isi: wrr. Mrs, SstBsar's mtch- £-r. Mrs.. 1 :irr Rucstmar. and Mrs strtirig. a: early rrr _5tmas and t; r-elerrat* trie LB-.', cror- da.y ^ Latne„e Bt-m-it wersMr. arid Mrs. Larry Bom-it- lyr- ette, LacaeLe. Latrtia and Le Ar at" l>jnn£- and Mr. and Mrs, Ma.-vir. Ftsner. Jadti and Star^a of Ar-mstraag. MR. .03' MRS Sote-n 'Heir were m>st3 fee a post^Christirias dinrjer TuesidEy. Goesis were Mr. aad Mrs.. Lioy-d Sieffea aad farr- iiy, Lsjrsfjeic, Miar_: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frerirhs and larrlry, Graetxjn?e-r: Mr. and Mrs. BUI •luedner. TrtnnaL. Mtrr..: Mrs. ."•tec reeling. "XiraH-L: Baroid H-ocketx, BirjamingtXL Miar.; jady Bange. MinaeapDiis; Mr. and Hn. Merrj- Soc-tesaac Mr. and Mrs. H-enry Kiein, Estaer- rilie. THE RET»". JiL4S£ Eagehrss- SDC of MiTBwepoiis made a Qtrisi- mts visit aw atery^ »ins wee»;«ia; his parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Oscar E. Eageiireisvar. MR. i _M> MRS. G--JS.ZXJS Ma. and Mr. and Mrs, Marsir. Fisher. Jod: and Staria a* AnEStraqg spent tne Cnrisrcaf naidtey ir Masar. City- i-isiting Mr. Mix's m-rjcner and ataer relatives, MR, AND MS5.EAS.L305SET. and farrily of SSaJjOpee, Mias.. were nere tc vdsit her 2r*0Ener, Mrs. Gladys ErpeldciaE;. Tie?- all atssnaed a family gafiieringattnf Harold Cast hanie. Christinas He j. Lib rnrx orner Timelv Truman Books At Public Library • gaests of Mr. and Mrs. Severt Amdari were Mr. and Mrs. LaVeme Plans-ac aad family, Jacksoc; Mr. and Mrs.. Merrill Hansae and family, £sv rjerTille; Mr. and Mrs. Eicrard HartSJ3E arc faml.y. Snerttrn; Mr. and Mrs. Bemert Besaw and famliy, Graesringer: a-r! prt, -CneFter Hanstrt, Calif arria, sar. of tat LaVe-me Bans-ass. MB. USD MRS. LLC YD rt'neei- er of —jral Estnen ILe » e r e CsriEtras Day dinner rttests at tr .>e rtome af tneir s-or. and aa 'Jgr.- ter-n-lav,. Mr. and Mrs. Ert<es^ «"r»ee. er ~x Swsa Ctty. C t r. e r g-jests wer= ri'ussell arid Marire rt~r»eeJer of Minneapolis. Mr. arid Mrs. He mere Papertfahs af Spirn Late, IRoger Papenfuhs. .home or. leave from Okinawa. Mr. and Mrs, Eugeae Papescahs and c£ Spirit Lake and >lr. and Mrs. Bert Wheeler of Garrets or_ S.D. MR. A. V C MBS. E'ER:" Vi 'rjeeier •of Garreestc S.D.. R ES sell and Mar;:<r. wne^ler of Minneapolis were dinner guests Tuesday at trie Lloyd lAneeler home. Cther visitors were Mr. ar*d Mrs. David S» assoc. of "lalatrsta, Ca_. arid Mrs. I >jra _d C 1 . retersoc of V»'a,- MR. a:o jes , CARL Mathe- s-oo axenaed the ftnera: of Mrs. Mainesor's brotner, Albert Bakker, of S« oiler. Springs. «ils., ednesdaj, ree^rriiag to Esther- viLe OG Friday. THE RE".'. AND MRS. James DfeSmkdt of Ely, Minn., returned home Weanesday after a Christinas visit at toe James C. Eiierstor home ir Riagsted- The EteSmidts, the EUerstons and their son, Joan of Mankato State College, James B. Eilerstoc of Fort Dooge and ' iv-.^'- and Mildred Maaisor. of Rocfewell City •ere Curistmas Day guests of Annie Welsh, Mrs. IsanelieSkow aad Mrs. C.E. Ellerstor. Tbey aiso eatertainec the IteSniidts ai te:a or MR. AND MRS. lames C. El- terstoc of Ringste-d held a pre- fve» Year's diraer Thars-daj. Giiests were Mrs. Elierstoa's mother, Mrs. C. R. Elierstaa, and Annie w elsn of Estherrtlie, Miidred and Liliian MadosoE of Rockwell City, James R. Eliers- IOC of Fort E«oage and Joan £1- ierstoG of Manksto. BY MTXA CARLS>3v, OZCCiRES WVNN, AssiStarn Lisrariari H.AR1RY S. TRUMAN by Mar- gatret Truman is a timely book jctst received by ocr ps6^ic library. i. is me personal, I SIE B- itr side af her biaerapiry fiat makes it vaitaable; Harry Tr»- tnar as a harmorizer trying to keet one peace berwaer. two ar- gasmenEatrs-e women: Margaret as a aast, hairing her proadGy OaafedieratE grandmother with the threat -af having tr> sleep ir. Lincoln's beet Barry as a father, telling his daughter '• TOE WOE ;'; fair' ir her singing career because a failure would be ' TB>- bsarabie" for her Eivec the COB- ddtkms of her Darfs fame— every anecdoee adds hrnr.?^ ddmeo- sior t» the Traaaas as a family and to Harry as a mas. Tne respansBauiry he accepted nas broEsr marry men and dizzied others with a faith in their •ows geniia.. Presidents, as Franklin Roo&e-veit reminded as, are boand 20 err, and Harry Tra- Equal Rights DAR Topic >cnao,i C-" 3 IT aae eaaai rights ilgtsr- ussion at tbe meeting of Cfcsiaanpaao Chapter of D.A.R. Dec. 1* at fiK home af Mrs. BSlie RoseadahL Tofacs mciuae-d the financiag •af pct'li, schoais, ssate-wiae display of heirlooms, the Equal Rights far *"omern -Amendment and tae organdxaxian's yearly iraaget. Mrs. Florence Greig was in charge of the program, which centeretd on- trie history and singing of Christmas carols. Members had brongnt Christmas delicacies for refreshments and some «-ere taken afterward to the Emrriet Coumj Home. MUUR'S ReSale Burt, !awc 50522 t-nd of season - : price sale begins Vseaoesday, Jan. 5, ai 10 a.m. First day of sale hours are 10 a.m. to £ »Ve accept items to sell on Monday and Wednesday from 1 to I p.m. by appointmer.:_onl ; .. no CARDS OR LETTERS please, rr, -'-e-l-v-JT. STORr. HOURS 10-5 lues, thru Sat. 3G-& Mae. 10CIK0INS "l OOK'T LIKE THIS SCALE I n rtTiY' DON'T CHEAP SHOES FIT LIKE 'GOCCT SHOES? (Contd.'; 'Good* shoes are made to be fitted from the heei forward, through the arch, to tie bail of the foot. A properly fined 'good* shoe does not fit the toes; a mast be roomy ahead, os the sides and above the toes. Wire this desirable roominess up front, the arch and heei sections must fit well to keep tae foot from sliding forward and popping oat of the shoe. Such constractioD requires better, slower shoemaking and that costs money. The other concept of a shoe- fit regards only the toes. The one criterion is that the toes must be at or very near the front of the shoe. The heei won't slip because a short shoe exerts enough pressure to hold it on. After a brief time, the tae-faxed shoes give enough to allow the great toes to hit the ends of the shoes. Then every walking step is crowding those toes forward with a lever action which exerts pressure that is six to eight times the weight of the child's body. This is a high price to pay far cheap shoes, and the corns and bunions that can result. DALE & 1AV1NE SIGNS Pvt Yovredf ta Ovr Shoes man was nt> exespdae Bee Trx- T">T- knew bath his dairy and his isamar ' ;rnrBa -rkir*. and he csed his gdft for friendship and for htm re- to remind fcimsiLf af rds own sboretsKciags aad o:> rear them. There caoid hardly be a iettsr tert to eoTTP -Tnparary Amar- icans recognize Tr-umar's vtr- taes; it might also eorsoarajs as to seek aolirica': iaaidters whe- can free as frans the areadtrai sencantdoasiess of c -3E3teinportry politacal life. L.OY OF QUALrrv by Georgette Beyer is one of Miss Beyer's most light-hearted and spirited romances, fc this book rer ever - increasing Strong of readers will find ber at sap farm. The lady of qaaiity is Miss Armis •iychwood, rich, beaati- ftiL maepeadesat, and, at 2r con- siaered long past marriageable age. She lives in her own boose in Bath with an elderly and gar- —ioas cousin, foisted on her by ner very correct brother, Sir Cre'OrTrey Wychwood, to keep tongues from wagging. >*nen Miss Wychwood agrees it take Lucille Carieton, an engaging 17-year-oid heiress, under her wing, the arrangement is conaemned by almost everyone — her scandalized cbaperone, Sir Geoffrey, and Lord 3eckenham, aer persistent suitor. The only exception is Laciila's goardian, Mr. Oliver Carieton, known by all tn be tne radest man in London. MB. AN3 MRS. KETTfi Godfrey . Rodney, Debbie, Greg and Gen were in Spencer to has* Qmisearms wh± Mr. and Mrs. John Filbert. ME, .AND MRS. BARRY As- aers-ar. Mr. aad Mrs.. "• irgi' Fr ie.sner and family are renurs- inc txis w*e*snd from Dai Is. Calif-, wnere they v^ited Mr - , and Mrs, OR -ame Oai^hty. MRS. CL,AB£N'CE Egelandvis- J2ed her soB-i3 -iaw and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jar Fitzgerald, ir. Starm. Lai®, Other guests were Mr. and Mrs, Jeff Finzgerald and Jasnaa af Nemaha. MR. ANT MRS. JACK Nichols af <i arrensbstrg. M-a., were here it' v -Si; Mr. and Mrrs, Ban Ni- c.ha.s and aoner rs stives and friends.. and her rr-ands-an. Dennis Sabin. rssaiad Mr- and Mrs. Elaar.Sabm XL Ga-rasr. Grr*-e and Mr. and Mrs, Georxs Maecsly a; Mante- rfflTi. Mr. End Mrs, Steve Maeck- 1? Anteniy vsr* :cr*sr visitors. MR. AND MRS. EARL Farris and Frank Purceii nere in Graettinger to have Christinas at the Leo Stewan home. MR. AND MRS. ARYK Juhi had a potluck dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Juhi, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Juhi, Mr. and Mrs. David Olson and -Jennifer, Mr. and Mrs. Mokey Twito and fanv iiy tVaiiingford, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M2tiuas, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gastafsoa, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Juhi. 34ary, Phyllis and Steven.. MRS. T. E. ANDERSON had as guests Mrs. Cecil Eide and children, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Anderson and famliy, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brand: and children, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Anderson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brandt, all of Esiherville, Mr. and Mrs. David Nygaard of Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Griese and family of Skua- City and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Griese of Dolih-er. Mrs. T. £_ Anderson received telephoned greetings from her son, Lester, in Rochester, N.Y. POLLY'S POINTERS Don't Trust Memorj\ Predate Your Checks By POLLY CRAMER DEAR POLLY—During the first pan of any year most of as have trouble remembering to use tbe new calendar year date on our checks. Aiter'l write my last cbeck in Xtec-excber I go through the balance of the cbects iE my book and put the date of tbe new year on each blank cbeck. Continue on into another book of checks ii you fee"; it necessary and have no more errors. Anyone fortunate enough' to have a cake divider with about 12 tines should use it to prick the tops of those new gelatin cakes and find it is really 2 time saver.—C. C. W. ashion Polly's Problem DEAR POLLY—How does one tell, at a glance, tne difference between a plain sewing machine needle and a bail point machine needle lor knits ? 1 find a magnifying glass is necessary to distinguish between them. There must be some simple."less frustrating way. What am I doing wrong and what can be done to make it easv to fell them apart?— VIOLET DEAR POLLY—My Pet Peeve is with people who dial tbe wrong number and never respond when you answer. It would "be most acceptable to say "I have the wrong number'' or at least hang up at once.—MRS. J. E. C DEAR POLLY—We had the same problem as Mary L. with the aluminum ribbing around" our kitchen table rubbing off on arms and We applied a good coat 01 an acrviic Boor finish which worked fine.—L. M. L. Karhy Schealler I.L.C.C. Kaihy has on ber Christmas present, E is a three- piece outfit in light lavender with navy blue stiico- ing. A navy blue blouse is being worn to bring out the navy stitching in the vest. McCleary-'s have many FasMonahle separates. Come in and select yaurs. By Another L ma eary 5 IN ESTHERV1LLE 1973 I0WAN ENGAGEMENT CALENDAR FULL COLOR THROUGHOUT! YOU'LL BE PROUD TO HANG IT IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE! The lowan 1973 Calendar is a beautiful, colorful and practical memento of Iowa. Engagement style calendar pages with an appropriate FULL COLOR Iowa scene facing each month and on the cover. Printed on stiff, card stock paper, 8tt " x 9V* " in size. Ideal as a gift (envelope included) or for your own daily use—at your desk or on your wait.

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