Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 15, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1957
Page 6
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-Junior Editors Quix on— SCIENCE "I'd ask Linda to go but you never know when she is going to change her mind and back out at the last minute," one teenager said about another. And that is Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa M6r»day, July 15, 1957 L.ITTL.E L.IZ Maybe girls dose ; their eyes when kissing because they're try* Ing to remember the guy's name. what usually happens to such a person. If you say' you will go some place—then go. It isn't good manners to Inconvenience others' to suit your own whims. QUESTION: Why it the apple famous In science? ANSWER: It was an apple which fall on the head of Sir Isaac Newton, thus leading the great scientist to resume work which led to the discovery of the law of gravity. i Newton, who lived in England more than 200 years ago, expert mented with many things such as light, color and astronomy. But his deepest Interest was gravity. Although many great men like Galilee and Ptolemy had discovered some things about gravity long before Newton, not much was known in 17 Century about how it worked. In 1689, Newton worked out the "law" that explains why objects fati to earth. FOR YOU TO DO: Taks a big apple and a small apple to a second floor window and drop them at the same time. Which will hit the ground sooner? (You can win a $10 award with a question for this column. Send your Ideas to Violet Moore Higglns, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: Can a,porcupine shoot it* quills?) CARNIVAL By Dick Turntr "Henry and I plan to ham three chlldrenl That's about *N mother can handle with only one TV set!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith TX »*. >«. on. • C 1MT bj MCA StrviM. Int. 1-18 "Maybe I ought to start going with Hubert again—it hurts me to see him wasting his money on himself I" TIZZY By Kate Osann OUT OUR WAY BY J, R, WILLIAMS "I don't know whether to take typing in case I don't get married right away, or home-making in case I can't find a job I" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer take*, as. ft* a* ^^ft ^SV7 by NBA Stneloe)* ^iB» "What do you mean—'to be continued tomorrow night'?" Weil-Known Noises Answer to Previous Puzzle" ACROSS 1 Firecracker sound 4 Auto horn sound 8 Door closing sound 12 Poem 13 Cry of bacchanals Mice cream . receptacle < 15 Males 16 Da Vinci and others 18 First readers 20 Legal claims 21 —Pan Alley 22 Dutch cheese 24 Eat 26 Former Russian ruler 27 Cleaning tool 30 Native 32 Face 34 Fire alarm 35 Frozen water 36 Mariner's direction 37 Pilfers: 39 Chinese coin 40 Gambling game 41 Pronoun 42 Mountain nymph 45 Causes 49 Number 51 Kind of profit 52 French girl friend 53 Singer, —— Home 54 Anger 55 Soaks flax 56 Extinct birds 57 Appeasement DOWN 1 Ostentation 2 River in Germany 3 Remorse 4 of Troy & "Somewhere the Rainbow** 6 Slip-knots 7 Knowledge 8 Curtain material 9 Vein of ore , 10 Presently 11 Disorder 17 Vandal king 19 His touch made gold 23 Singer, Janette—— A t_ A K A J U E 5 u e» E A T k Ni A O R N 4 A & R B * A L. A X m 0 D i *» A 6 A 0 i 0 B K e, d T o N 1 A N m 'd « s A 9 *» e N T a 3 e) B B R Wf e T N A B a T .«?. i A R U T f N T R B i 9 1 B T A T 4 IB O A B N T i & B 1 a C A N O T R A C K 4 R E g u B D e O B et T B 6 T & m 24 Spasms 40 Destinies 25 Seth's son 41 Laughs (Bib.) 42 Glacial Wdges 26 Singing voice 43 Hoarfrost 27 Italian staples 44 Egress 28 Look 46 Volcano in * suggestively .Sicily .j,,. 29 Pare , 47 Fiddling ; 31 Harangue Roman 33 Locations emperor 38 East Indian 48 Pace island 50 Shade tree 1 i I r* b 7- V w H A w lb MM, w a w, a w W i p rr W » 1 « % P i » w w III H W W Si"" SJ w 5t irj Another World BY EDGAR MARTIN vessel I ^.WrtW Vit^CA>*£D OOPS *rC«. TVAi uiwect COCAJcR • WAT OUR B0ARDIN3 HOUSi . . . with . , . MAJOR HOOPLI TMlSCAPONiSSATS AMD uv g(JT I'M AS J CURIOUS ASA CAT SETTlMS WIS FIRST p£EP ATAFLyiM© IT COMB FROM? j HOPS vtou ,'cMlCKeM FARM — THB VllLASS COPS . ., AROUND MEfiS Llk!fc/Pf?06ABLV TOiSASEA • CD5T<?ME(? irt THECUMKT^ SHOVIELTHS FIRST SHOW' ' :B|,".\~.^. ^1 S )lir4D5 LIKE MAM WHO'S I SOT IT MADE*' BUGS BUNNY Undercover Get ^(SET OUT O 1 THERE, YA APDLEP ALLEY CAT! PRISCILLA'S POP Cause for Alarm BY AL VERMEER MORE WEEK.S l HAZEL, AND WE'LL-' "ON VACATiON.V AWM, I CAN SMELL THAT CAMP FIRE S -T &URNIN&,' ^S3T—y— ALLEY OOP Jack No Can Do BY V. T. HAMLIN BY DICK CAVALLI BY MERRILL BLOSSER BY WILSON SCRUGGS COP* WANTXI O**WM*.TION WHO MiaHT'Vf JUiftTION Pl< \^!!JUH> WJl WITH Mfi8TO3«i aUfftTION . MKRKHAM ABOUT KEVO^ 6TMa'5MURPfRiMAKk, BUT CWO WNP MO THfcCI ^0I» SIMCB W4SL1, SecVrt? KNP THB» «WRk> NO.MUA 5«0T *V' X; W*i5 QUffMiOSlP OPTWitUT NfViR SUSPICION I — 1 ^ " mkmimitiEmX BYJ LESLIE TURNER i ^S-A^^t X HM WH .BBTTBR keep OUTA, L THMst* A AWL TO \ tMflHTf JOCK? IT B& I'W you. AHf WONT SOMEONE WHO KNOW? IMPORTANT i i to

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