Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 16, 1960 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1960
Page 14
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ALTON EVENING TH.BORAPH ;>, Dems Push Benson (AP) - Michigan Dsnocrats boosting Adlai E. BtfVGMon for president said today ttSy tMKdd stage ft demonstration Wnn delegates to the National J|^^^^^^^^^*j^~ DBrMPBRnK! for a prtuuffvemmn COS. en tirtii towel from Detroit to fiat bansing, Midi, to greet fhe delegates, said Mary Jennings, manager of die Michigan Steven- flun-for-Prestdent hea«k|uarters« "We'll have posters, signs and petitions signed by at least 10,000 Stevenson supporters in the Detro area alone," she said. "We want to impress the delegates that they are free to vote for the candidate of their choice." Home Okays Pay Increases For Workers WASHINGTON (AP) - Ignoring the threat of a veto, the House has approved pay increases ing from a few hundred dollars up to $1,300 yearly for federal workers. Senate passage Is expected this week. The increases for 600,000 postal employes and one million other federal workers would cost an estimated ($0 million dollars a year. The 377-40 margin by which the House passed the measure and sent ft to the Senate was far above the two-thirds majority that would be needed to enact it over a presldenial veto. Voting in favor of the raises were 123 Republicans and 294 Democrats. Only 27 Republicans followed House GOP Leader Charles A. Halleck of Indiana in opposing the measure. Halleck said a veto was virtually certain. He added "I am very, very sure it is not going to become law." Other House Republicans expressed doubt the bill would be vetoed. Confident Democrats predicted any veto would be overridden in this election year. Sheik May Have BeenConstructed AroundSomeSuns WASHINGTON, (By Service)— Intelligent beings In another solar system could have hidden their aun by knocking their planets apart and using the pieces to build a hollow ball around their sun. Dr. Freeman J. Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N. .!., says that other civilizations may be millions of years ahead of the earth. They may have rearranged their solar system* to meet the needs of their exploding populations, A hollow ball Built around the sun would solve the space and energy problems. It would also cut off the sun's light. To detect such an advanced civil- Izatlon, earthllngs would have to detect the Invisible heat radiation from the hollow ball. A search for such Infrared radiation should be coordinated with Project Ozma, a program now underway for .detecting artificial radio waves from nearby stars, Dr. Dyson writes hi the journal Science. Sftuffi s Booster Passes Test Series TlttnSBAY, JUNE 16,1060 •MMMHHIW fefhettsw »WM •••.- -—m»p ™* ,!m^^ fta., ft Hft,«« 8"" 1 HUNTSVILLS, A1«. (AP*-*- twtfi wpwbwrter hat pused Hi first series of tests with flying colon, says Dr. , wwwwf volt Braun, Saturn project director. The lat in the seles of dine static, or tied-down, tests was held Wednesday at the Marshall space flight center. The next series is scheduled to begin in August and will be con- felefwon Want MB k ^ tag tested, wfll n* » flom honor win go to Srtam-1, BPW tug assembled at **J?**. ter. A third booster also it beiif assembled. The booster is the of toe planned multistage Sjrtuffl •pace vehicle — tM» natwirs brtghtset hope to pot l»avy pay- toads into space. ITS For FATHER'S DAY GIFTS a complete bra wardrobe-in-one LOVABLE's "Convertible^ Strapl< Bra stonn welt and removable spiVes. Rich brown in sizes to 12. WOMEN'S GOLF SHOES Tan with White Plug Shop Every Friday & Monday Till I P.M. SHOES for the entire fan** 323 IELLE ST. — ACROSS FROM TRI-CITY W#tr it 9 differ** way*/ Toa'U look yoar loveliest ne natter what your neckline may be... Lovable** versatile convertible bra to fit your every fashion... The ttrape are convertible or removable... the underwired cups are delicately embroidered and tently foam-contoured ... the elastic back hugs you and stays in place "all-ways". In warn COTTON. Ask for Lovable's "coNvnrnut" bra Style # 925. J it costs so little to look Lovable Deportment Stores Alton Plaze end Wilshire Village Shopping Centers BIEDERMANS EASY TERMS 7«OIAMOND INHMUJ 11 DIAMOND tfilOAL DUO wr JIWILIY OUT. Broadway aud Piasa, Alton THE FIRE'S ON THE BACK PORCH Smoke billowing through the house papers nearby. Three rooms were dam- at 116 Missouri Ave. belled the fact that aged before the fire was brought tinder the actual fire was on the rear porch, control.—Photo by Bob Bishop. A stove had been tipped over, igniting _ '_•_._ Using our own solar system as an example, Dr. Dyson calculates that it would take about 3,000 years for population and technology to expand one trillion times at the rate of one per cent a year. Pressures of population and energy needs could be met only by trapping all of the sun's radiated energy. To trap the energy, earthllngs could knock apart the planet Jupiter and rearrange it as a hollow ball about 10 feet thick with a diameter twice the ftitt of the earth's orbit. This would take all the energy given off by the sun In 800 years. Such a sphere would be "comfortably habitable." Dr. Dyson states he Is not suggesting that this is what will happen in the solar system, but only proposes what may have happened In other stellar systems. Make Dad Glad with FATHER'S DAY GIFTS You Con Please Dad from Head to Toe with gifts chosen from our wide, wonderful world of everything that particular men like to wear. Wash V Wear Short Sleeve WHITE DRESS SHIRTS '2.98 Sleeve Dress Shirts KNIT SHIRTS A wonderful selection by Van Heusen, Campus and Bud Bernm. 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These methods are based on comparing the apparent brightness of stars in the astronomically "close" galaxies with the brightness of the same kind of stars in the Milky Way. Distances in the universe are then determined from measurements of distances of these nearby galaxies. However, Dr. Hodge reported in the current Britist scientific journal, Nature, detailed examination of the light from certain objects in the Magellanic th|^ b|ightness com- 1J not be'used as an to galaxies beyond the Wayy^'iheasured in many thousands or millions of light years, which is the distance covered in one year by light traveling 186,000. miles a second. Accuracy of radar receivers in measuring time is said to be one thirty-millionth of a second. Traffic accidents claim the lives of 37,000 Americans every year, according to estimates. World's largest island is Greenland, with New Guinea ranking second largest. 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