Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 23, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE POUR DISPATCH- DEMQCaRAT, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA. BV^ck Face Revue Fast And Funny The Saturday Afternoon club deserves a grand piano, and if it would promise more entertainment like tlie Blackface Revue Saturday night it's likely the public would underwrite one without delay. Our uhofticial academy award goes" to Judge Lilbum Gibson, a flnislied comedian who had to slow down his patter to let the laughs go by. But then there was Jack Goudge singing "Nobody" in an inimitable fashion that kept the applause ringing through three curtain calls. And the father-son combination of Bob O'Day and son Michael would take top billing on any circuit. In the never-to-be forgotten class is the deadpan ex>- pression on young Mike's face while he shuiTles, and well.— you can't watch his feet for looking at his eyes. Henry Spurr was a distinguisi^- gdj tuxedo-clad interlocutor in the midst of black faces, black mop heads and shufflin' feet. There was a zany, cowboyish trio of blackfaces from Willits billed as Allee-Gregory-Reitzel. The harmonica player with them was Mr. Weber. And there was Stanley Lance, singing Chloe and leaping off the stage to surprise and confound Mrs. Nelmes Smith in the audience, who took it in stride and went gracefully into the clinch. The show opened with a triumphal march down the aisle led by three Boy Scouts carrying the colors. The audience rose for Star Spangled Banner and the st^ar- spangled show followed with J. D. Branson, a grizzled Uncle Tom, placing the card announcements f6r each act, which were artistically lettered by Mrs. Alex Tregoning. Les Miller was able accompanist^to the singing and played a solo arrangement of Lydia that was, excellent. Gene Corbett and Ewert Mitchell, in a group of duets were good, and so was the sweeping bow with which they ended each number. A good word goes to each of the end men, James Lindsey, Ted Barker, Harley' Bronson, Stanley Lance, Jack Goudge and Bob O'Day and to Jeff Branson, Lou Jordan, Robert Jardine (who should'na rolled his trousers up and revealed those white, white shins) to Peter Frati, Ewert Mitchell and Alex Tregoning. ^ Don Hoover assisted in production and Mrs. Smith set the lively pace for the show with an opening announcement. We hope they made a pot of money. WOMEN'S SOCIAL iWOMGEUB NEWS Celebrate Golden Wedding MH. AND MHS. ROBERT HUTCHISON (s^a^lding back of the wedding cake) who celebrated their Golden Wedding in Si. Helena April 11, are shown with Iheir three daughterB, alt of whom Went lo Ukiah schools while the Hutchisons resided htnre. Rev. Lindemann Is Bid Another Year The Rev. Charles A. Lindemann was requested to remain pastor of the Methodist church for another year when Dr. W. J. Owen, district superintendent of Redwood Empire, Methodist Conference was here on Sunday for the fourth quarterly conference meeting which precedes the annual conference in June. Dr. Owen and his wife and daughter, Carol, and William Wolf, all of "Santa Rosa, spent Sunday in the Lindemann home and with church officials enjoyed a covered dish dinner there. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Jameson of Ukiah will represent the church at the conference in June- as lay delegates, substituting ..for Dr. L. Van Allen, elected delegate who is unal;ile to attend. Reports for the year were summarized as excellent by Dr. Owen who commended the local church on its progress. All church organizations making annual reports showed gains in membership and finances. Improvements on the church building for the year totalled more than $500, with $300 spent by the WSCS (women's organization) for insulation and linoleum in the Icitchen. A beautiful new range and water healer have been installed and a contract has been let for painting the exterior woodwork of the church. Ukiah Women's Golf Club Wins First Of Three Part Inter-City Series Ukiah Women's Golf club won by one point, in a 20 to 19 score in match play with Healdsburg's women golfers in the first of a three-part tournament on the Ukiah municipal course Tuesday. The second contest in the intercity tournament will be played in Healdsburg, probably in May. Winners of the plaque sponsored by Empire Robfing Company of IJkiah and Tomasco Drug Store of Healdsburg will be decided on the best two out of three in the series. Tuesday's 18-hole competition was played for points in twosomes with 10 of the Healdsburg visitors unable to match, playing outside the tournament. Coffee and.snails were served to the^players before they teed off shortly after 9 a.m. When the contest was over a buffet luncheon was enjoyed in the clubhouse with Mrs. Audry Newell, Ukiah club captain, and memljers as hosts. The matched twosomes' in which Ukiah took first place for the first competition were: Jewel Weber, U vs. Alyce Bidwell, H; Polly Branson, U vs. Vera Meeson, H; Gladys Stickney, U vs. GertrUde Cuneo, H; Mabel Albertson, U vs. Geoijgia Stine, H; Barbara Cox, U vs. Babe Mead, H; BiUie Whitton, U vs. Chris Williams, H; Ellowese Beamer, U vs. Marge Reynolds, H; Velma Gibson, U vs. Verna Bidv/ell, H; Geneva Cox, U vs. Kissi Belli, H; Gay Sande\in, U vs. Ida Mazzetti, H; Mona Farney, U vs. Fritz Kennedy, H; Bess Gibson, U vs. Helen Wheeler, H; Audrey Newell, U vs. Lucille Clark, H. Mrs. Jessie Hildreth of Ukiah played around with the unmatched players from Healdsburg. Lions Club Spring Frolic Involves Members In. Unexpected Skit Roles Music And A Movie Celebrate Birthday A musical evening was entertainment when Betty Arlene Greeott observed her 16th birthday Friday night at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Grceott, 544 North Spring street. With five friends, whose interests, like hers are musical, Betty attended The Hagan Girl show at th^ high sclwol and afterwards thex «imade records of piano, vocal and birthday greeting selections. A surprise occurred when Robert Vergunhill, here on furlough from the Marines, dropped in to join in the music making. He is a graduate of the Albertinum where he is spending his leave. Donna Brown, Ix)is Barker Betty Jean Pacini and Patty Vaughn were guests. All enjoyed refreshments late in the evening which included a birthday cake. TO MENLO PARK Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oi'r, of Eastiick street, motored to Menlo Park for the weekend with Mrs. John lUiss, Some prominent people stepped out of character into character roles for which they were peculiarly unfitted when Lions club members and their ladies observed their annual - spring frolic in Southworth's restaurant at a dinner meeting last Saturday night, April 17. Edward Eversola was the instigator of the skit in ^hich Mrs. Adolph Parducci, Sr., was cast as the erring daughter of Mrs. Harold Ashton and Ferd Vallette. The skit involved a trial for a mythical manslaughter which occurred when the juvenile delinquent played by Mrs. Parducci went riding with a, imbibed demon rum, drove his car, and struclc a non-existent victim. James Busch portrayed the role of judge; Chaplin Williams "was the district attorney. Beverly Broaddus was surprised to find himself cast as sheriff. Forrest Hughes was a witness and Frenchy Sanchez was another, a vacillilat- ing fellow who could be bought off. Mrs. Tom Poulos whose kindliness is well established was also surprised to find herse\f playing the role of the village gossipmonger. None of the players had been warned in advance of tlie impromptu parts they were to portray and it was obviously some relief when the whole thing turned out to be the brain .child of a mental incompetent. Harold Zimmerman was chairman for the party, assisted by W. H. Brown. Carl Doubeneck, president, called for members to introduce tlieir wives and guests. Dancing followed the dinner for which the restaurant was closed to the public. Valerie Crawford Has 8th Birthday Party Valerie Crawford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crawford, celebrated her eighth birthday with a party on Saturday, April 17, at the Crawford home on Mill street. Decorations were in pastel shades, with favors of balloons, doll crickets and candy baskets on jthe table where a birthday cake was centered. Ice cream was served with the cake. Prizes were won at games by Diana Oden and Donald Shortridge. I Guests were (jlenda Grant, Dorothy Witter, Judy Davis, Marjorie and Margaret Frohn, Sheryl Hansen, Diana Oden; Phyllis Rawles, Linda Hayes, Elizabeth Poulos, Barbara Welch, Tommy McFar- 1 a n d, Terry Bucholz, Donald Shortridge, Dickie Hoenig and John Hunt. Martha Ann McKin- uey was invited but unable to attend. . New Fort Bragg Radio Station Is Previewed A preview of the new radio Mendocino station KDAC in Fort Bragg was enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. William Frassinello and their daughter Linda Jean of 133 Gibson street, when they spent the day Tuesday in a loop trip to the coast via BoonviUe and back by way of Willits and Redwood Valley where they had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rovera and family. In Fort Bragg and enroute there they visited relatives, Mr. and Mrs. James Masolini, Mr. and Mrs. John Dei Grasso, Joe Pasero and Mrs. Don Alexander. The new radio station is modern and attractive and afcording to Manager T. R. Amorente, will be found at 120 on the radio dial, broadcasting on 1230 kilocycles, Ihe.v reported, Velva Brov^n Circle Elects Mrs. Bickford Mrs. Vernon Bickford was elected president of the Velva Brown Circle of the FU'st Baptist church which met»Tuesday night in the home of M-s. Dick Mazzoni, 1009 West Perkins street. She will succeed Miss Rose Gibson following the installation meeting in the church next month. Other officers to be installed are Mrs. E. L. Wright, vice-president; Mrs. Pqter Richardson, secretary. Mrs. Mazzoni will continue as treasurer for another year. The circle sent another package of clothing to their adopted Greek family. They, have had no acknowledgement of the first package and do not know if it has been received. Mrs. B. F. Stump was a guest. Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Miss Gibson. P.T.A. Will Install New Roster of Officers Parent-Teacher association of Ukiah Elementai-y school wUl install officers for the next year at the regular meeting on Tuesday, April 20, in the school auditorium. A musical program will be given by Mrs. Ada Romer, and tea will be served by.mothers of the second grade at 2:30. The business meeting will be promptly at 3. Camp Fire girls will care for .small children in the kindergarten rooml PokomysSurprised At House Warming ' Mr. and Mfs. George, Pokomy, who moved into their nev/ home on Jones street rcently, expected to be hosts to members of tfie Episcopal Guild last Friday night. They didn't expect the surprise, housewarmihg party it turned, out to be. Nor the handsome gift — a card table which.was presented to them. The Pokornys and their son Jerry formerly lived at 501 South. Spring street. The evening was spent at cards. Mrs. Henry .Mercer was high score winner at bridge; Mrs. Newell Re'a was second. Mrs. feter Frey and Mrs. Pokomy won high scpre at other games played,­ cluded whist and pedrb. Refreshments, brought on a ho- hbst plan, were served by Mrs. Harold Paiill and Mrs. Mercer who arranged the party. Those present in addition to the' guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mercer, Mr. arid Mrs. Herbert Mercer, Dr. and ' Mrs. Real IVIf. and Mrs. N. G. Buhn, Mr. and Mrs. Hpnry Mercer, Mr. and"Mrs. George Hovey, Mr. and JVIi-fe, Henry Spurr, Rev. and Mrs, R. Q. Witt, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. PauTi and Mesdames H. Holder, G. TaK, Peter Frey.'W. F. DaVis, D. LippW Charles ;Luce, A. N., HengevWd' and Clara Williams. ' Party Is Surprise To V.F.W. Officers When Mrs. Prudence IjavJletta, outgoing president of Veterans of Foreign 'Wars Auxiliary, ' Invicfed the officers who had served with hetflast year toher home in Tal- Mrs.Barrinqer Honored , FRroAY, APRIL 23,194,5, GOP Wortien To Invite New Members To Join Early organization for the C9m,- ing election campaign is: the obr jective of a meeting of Mendocinb County Council of Republican Women, called for Wednesdij'; April 21, at 3 p.m. in the Redwood room of- the Palace Hot^l by Mrs. Louise Bemhard, president. Since new officers will be elected at this meeting, she urges all G.6.P. women and any others interested in the campaign to be present. A membership drive will follow the election of officers, to recruit active members for yeoman service in putting over the party's election objectives, she said. with 'i^''d&&gh^uiiy'appdi|ited table in white,' stt 'vitK (crystal, tapers, place cards'} atid'^^^Hsy nosegay cdrsages.,' iiV ' - • Th'e^evehingWas apeht at bingo where winners , wrere' 'unable to keeEttfaoirtedphle's U a hew.lucky player coveted them, and the, result was a favorite I .cat figurine changed .'hands a good many times- 1 during the evening> It" was not revealed who took it home. A pair of figurines, flowers and cards were given the outgoing president. Gitests were the .outgoirig officers, committeemen and chairmeti, and included Mesdames. Marguer- Ita Aggi, Amelia Mowsi, Elise Bail, Ethel Ruddick, Hazel ^yhitmo^e, Pearl Emery, Alma Guidi, Anila Cox, Margaret Trucker, Fern von SchrlltZj Angle Wallach, Ellen Leno, Lilly Ross, Geneva Gibson, Melba Harding and Winifred BU- cnarian., -i Mrs. Elise Thornhill who is elected to take office "as president for the coming year at- the installation dinner to be' held jointly wHtth.VFW next Thursday night, is now in Mississippi with her hus­ band'and child and 'Win not be installed until her return early in May. Whist, Evening Enjoyed At Home Of A. L. Fords Friends were invited for whist at the A ; L . Ford home at 118 Norton street last Saturday night. For E. M. Eord'it was the first jDar 'ty he. had attended since, the apcident in which he "fractured his hip on December 17, J946. ... High scores, were -won by Mis. E. M. Ford arid Adrian Etter; low points were, made by Mr. arid Mrs. Albert Ganter., Refreshments werC;- served, on the card 'tables which were dec- drated with pansy centerpieces. Guests were Mr, and Mrs. August E ; Garaverita, the E.' M. Fords, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Etter, • Mrs. Lorena Rains, Mrs. Lily Ross and her E3n John, and the Ganters. Albertinum Music Students Present Enjoyable Recital In El Rosario Birthday Guests Go To Party Fourth grade schoolmates of Karen Sehilder were celebrate her tenth birthday on Saturday at a luncheon matinee party'at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schilder, 1020 West Perkins street. • After the honoree opened and admired her gifts, the boys and girls played games before lunch. Winners in the spelling gam^ were Ann McFarling and Lonnie Weger. At bingo,'.Jane Beaufort and Wanda Myszka were winners. .The luncheon table was gay with a bi^:thday cake, flowers and nut cups. After liinch the group went to the high school auditori- utii for the matinee.. . . , In. addition to the prize winners, guests were .Jennie Linn Stipp, Merlene Butler, SheUa McGill, Marilyn Vi.des, Linda' Weimeyer, Sandra'Behrieke, Allen Richardson, .Dick Keritera, John Taylor, and'.Bobby Eddy. Mrs. Maurine Eddy, ipurth'grade teacher, was guest of, honor. VISIT IN SANTA CRUZ Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wright spent the April 10-11 weekend in Santa Cruz visiting Mrs. Wright's patents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Rice, wl).b have both been quite ill. Mr. Wright recently returned from a week' in Los Angeles where he attended the 20th anniversary convention of the-Farmers Insurance group. Engagement Announced Hutchinsons Observe Golden Wedding At.Tea Reception In St. Helena There was a happy reunion of relatives and friends of long standing when Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hutchinsbn celebrated their golden wedding at an informal tea and reception in Bourn hall in St. Helena on Sunday, April 11. The hall' was lavishly decorated with flowers and a tiered decorated cake recalled their wedding day in iKJS Gatos, April 11, 1898. The Hutchinsons are' former Ukiah residents. They lived at 410 Walnut street and Mr. Hutchinson was in the furniture and mortuary business in:the firm of Hutchinson and Roeder. The tea was given by their three dauhgters who went to Ukiah grammar and high schools: Mrs. C. A. Cogswell, Stockton; Mrs. Allen T. Fessler, Santa Maria, and Mrs. John Frohliger, Alameda. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson were married at a quiet afternoon ceremony attended by relatives and friends. The bride wore • white brocaded satin, trimmed with lace and . satin ribbon. Rev. A. H. Bamheisel of the Presbyterian church officiated. ^ The Hutchinsons moved to Berkeley in 1918 where their daughters attended University of California. For the past 10 years they have been living in St. Helena in the home place of Mrs. Hutchinson's family, the Henry L. Whites, one of the first pioneer families in Napa county. Mr. Hutchinson was born in Yolo county where his family, too, is on the honor roll of early pioneers. Mr. and Mrs. William Bromley of Ukiah were among those who attended the reception and their party included Mrs. Lucy Cleland, Mrs. Minnie Jamison, Mrs. Susan Cleland and Mrs. Sadie Roeder. Former Ukiahans there were Mrs. J. H. Barker, now living in Alameda; the Misses Carrie Ganter of San Francisco and Birdie Ganter of Stockton. Laytonville Installs Its New Legion Auxiliary Leggett Valley American Legion Auxiliary was installed at an impressive cereniony on April, 16, with the ritual team of past presidents of Lewis White Post 76 (Ukiah) and Mrs. Janelsnard, district auxiliary president, in attendance. Allen Ryan, district vice commander, M. L. iDeKeno, com- niander of Lewis Wnite post, Mrs. Opal Wessels, official musician, Mrs. Myrtle Eglin, Mrs. Ethel Gorman, Mrs. Anna Moore, Mrs. Minnie Sweeney, Mrs. Lillian DeKeno and Mrs. Elise Flgone were'also there from Ukiah; A buffet supper was served after the meeting which was also attended by a large group from Laytonville',s newly organized auxiliary, Liegion members and officials. HUTCHINS DAUGHTER Mr. and Mrs. William M. Hutchins, Jri. are receiving congratulations o'n the birth of a daughter, Kathleen Joy, born Sunday, April 18, who is their first child. Mrs. Hutchifis is the" former Jean Thomas. MISS ADHIENNE NORTH and Mr. Leonard E. Svenson announced Iheir betrothal this week. Miss North is a member of the high school faculty. Mr. Svenson is director of audio-visual education for Lake and Mendocino counjjw, —Journal photo TO HEAR MUSICIAN Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schilder and their daughter Karen, of 1020 West Perkins street, will go to the Mills College Music Festival in the city Friday to hear the world-famous Dutch pianist, Egon Petri, who is nov/ teaching piano at Mills college. BOV OAK STREET HOME Hagans Real Estate reports the sale of the residence at 523 South Oak street to Alice Ward, Jeanne Ward and Brigid Reid. The new owners are sisters, and have been living in tne Cyrson apartments. Mrs. Reid 'is planning a trip to Ireland by plane in the near future, By Eleanor Bruckner A-recital of the music pupils of the Albertinum School of Music was held at the El Rosario on Sunday afternoon, April 18 at 3 p.m. • A large gathering of parents and friends of the students were present'to hear the concert. .Jeanne Marie Phslan, a student of the school, gave a short "address of welcome at the opening of the recital. Chi behalf of the students she thanked Sister Amada for her efforts in their training. Gifted Student Main feature of the concert was the rendition of the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by ,Theresa iSan- iels; The work of this 14-year-oid child is to be compliniented, as the iO-page selection -was given without reference to a musical score.' The honored guests for the occasion were Rev. Adrian Sharkey, pastor of St. Mary's church; Rev., D, Keane and a large group of Dominican Sisters from the Alber­ tinum. The Program May, Day Waltz . ^....^Duet Mnrlene Butler,Karen Schilder Unfinished Symphony ! Franz Schubert Carol Mae MitcheU The Watetfall .............Duet Dorothy Gtinlly, Joan McLintbck Don Juan;LMinuet....A. W. Mozart Karen Schilder IVIintite Waltz.._ ... F^ Chopin Dianne M. Hayter • Malaguena .—. Lecuona Betty. Greeott Hungarian Dance No. 5.- Brahms Pauline Frati, Betty Greeott Hungarian Rhapsody .No. 2 Frariz Lizt Theresa Daniels Dance of the Little Wooden Shoes _,Duet Christine Weeks, Judy Damiano Afternoon in Vienna..Lewis Brown Sandra Lee Cox The Flatter Cecile Chaminade Charles Mannon Peasant Dance Duet Josephine Garcia, Shirley J. Braae Mazurka Frederic Chopin Christine Weeks • Down the Shady Path... Duet Susan Crawford, Sherice Dougherty Crimson Leaves..Robert A Hellard Patricia O'Day Marche Militaire, Duet Schubert Jean Marie Phelan, Shirley Braae Moonlight Sonata _Beethoven Marianne Prader Invitation to the Dance.. Wfeber Dianne M. Hayter Prelude, Op. 3, No. 2 . J. Rachmaninoff Jean Marie Phelan Claire de Liine Claude Debussy Betty Greeott Liebestraum -..-—.Franz Lizt Pauline Frati A party for the piano students was held after the recital and Sister Amada presented her students t HONORED AT A stork shower, last week, Mrs. J. E. Barringer of Talmage is seen on the extreme left. Hostess, Mrs. Edwaird. Mauier is seated on the extreme light. Baptist Church Circle Holds No-Host Meeting Afternoon Circle of the First Baptist church closed its records on a year's business and made plans for next year's White Cross work when members met in the home of Mrs. J. B. Cook for a no-host gathering Thursday A package is to be sent to their adopted Grecian family, and a box of clothing will go to aid needy Navajo Indians in New Mexico through Mrs. Russell Bow- rens, resident missionary. Old Christmas cards and quilt blocks are to be sent for shut-in entertainment in Stewart, Nevada. Mrs. Leonard Brown's mother, Mrs. Stump of Los Gatos, was a guest. Eastern Star Holds Family Nite Dinner Family night was the theme of the Monday night meeting of the Order of Eastern Star, Kingsley chapter No. 58, end at the .dinner in the Masonic temple, both the dining room and recreation room 'were used for the extended tables at whiph members and tlieir guests enjoyed a variety of hot dishes, vegetables, salads and dessert^. Mts. Donald H. Hoover, chair- mart of the committee for the enjoyable event, was complimented ^n the arrangements and the beau- tifui^ decorations of white, narcissi and.ipurple. iris. Members of .her committee, introduced by Mrs. Hooyer, . received their share ' of praise. These were Donald H. Hoover, Thyra McGuire, Vernon Davis, -Adlento McCorrison, Mildred, Davis, Pearl, Barker, E. H. Barker, Adda Lindsey and James L. Lindsey. Also assisting with the management and service, were Jeannette Hovey and Stanley Lance. Participants in the . humorous prograra-preseotqd by, JMrs^ Hpover. arid.''her aides were drawn by lot. A nien's quartet including Donald H. Hoover,, James L. Lindsey, E. H. Barker and Stanley Lance entertained .intermittently throughout , the program. Those whose names were drawn were required- to give Impromptu numbers^. TJie audience appreciated the children's part in the program, many of whom appeared before the|t)ublic for the first time. Mrs. Barker, in costume, acted'as escort. Fmes.ior various transgressions v/ere levied and $29 was taised for the Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children. . ' At the conclusion of the program a business meeting was held vv ^ith Worthy Matron Thelma Boulware and Worthy Patiron K. F. Farns worth presiding. Routine business was transacted and an- nouhcements were made. TEACHEllS ASS'N MEETING The Mendo-Seta; California Teachers Association, will- hold thei^ regu'.ar meeting on Wednesday ;evenin.g at 6 o'clock in the cafeteria of the Ukiah high school. The program planned for the eve­ ning'includes music and a short movie. All members urged to attend. The death rate in California dropped from 11.5 per 1000 in 1940 • to 10.5 in 1945. CHAS. KASCH Aitoiney and Counselor at Law Odd Fellows Building North State St. Ukiah, Calif. LANKERSHIM HOTEL 55 Fifth St. (Near Market) San Francisco, Calif. • ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. 350 ROOMS OF COMFORT IN TIfE HEART OF S. F. SHOPPING AND THEATER DISTRICT. • Modern Rates SINGLE ... from $1.75 up from ,$2.20 up DOUBLE

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