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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
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Friday, April 23, 1948
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HatoAy, APRIL 23,-1948 , iiiVfMr .TEH''YEABS •AGO-/ ^ " April 29, 1938 I More Ulan 100 businessmen and ialmefs :of the Ukiah district: met ApHl-25 In the Saturday After- i^Qon'.Club building: to discuss the proljlems •'Of labor raclceteerihg >^h'ieh are'plaguing them, and to ifetf^'dj':,; th^ ' organization : of the lJklattVaU6y' Citizens GouncU,' to Ipresent a .imlted front to "tlie rtienace.'^ Fifteen directors were dected to whom all labor disputes o'f ihember businesses will be re- lfelTed;;Johrt Miller, a San Fran<M ;b'; attjbrhej', was the spealter, Mi^hO.^toId of labor conditions in thatj city' and advised levelheaded approach to all such - problejms a ¥islng:in:this section. ?-i5iahuaVwatdi who bro^^ from the^coiinty jail, on September 7, WS^j'-is' in • custody at Breclcen-; litigCi' Texas.' Durmg his eight' nionths'of freedom several burglaries: have been laid at his door. John iUchardson, Ihe man who jt acconipanied , Ward in his brealc for' .Ubeity, v/as recaptured and was'^ sentenced to San Quentin m October from San Francisco. Ward was arrested here for forgery and Riehard [Bbn for' tiieft. To escape they' brolte the rusty bars from their cell' and- climbed' tiie ventii- iktor pole to the roof. • Ciiarlos Mannon yviU speak be- f(¥reii tiie Redwpod Valley P.T.A. aC -fiieir meeting^ in connection witfePublic School Week. His subject iwUl-be The Little Red School Bouse. .•Phyllis Pacini of Ukjah was ad- inltted to: the Pagasus Literary" Honor Society of the San Jose State College as one of- the win-, ners of the Pheland literary con-^ t «st winning with her short story.. Uklah' and- Fort Bragg will be dh: the"air -mail- map on May 9' when a', special plane will cirry' MensdocinO 'county niail diredt ti)' Sail) Francisco' as a- part, of the' cHebratiOn- of National Air Week which-mariss the 20th anniversary df the tf. S. air service; !"HiigH-ivay Patrolman Charles Gi ; phio was recovering at Sutter hospital; San' Francisco,, from ah appendectomy. XJltikh's municipal pool'is scheduled' to open On -May 1 for the season. Charles Biggs of Willits sold his ranch -to Pat McPhillips. Attorney B(enry Spurr of Ukiah had taken deli-very of a new Buick;- for! the honor flag which has been • won. Hopland will have a Liberty Bond rally tomorrow night. 'George Howard; one of the oldest residents Of Westportj'died sud- deiiJy on April 22. _ . Notes from Social and Club Activities: "Alluring panoramas;fragrant with the blossoms of springtime are always a joy, and :particularly at this- time of the year, Mendocino's varied and unending landscape beauty appears '.at its very best. Nowhere else in this country are the wild flowers so vivid, nor do the streams ofifef more promise of a day's- splendid spprt. And so, the fragrance and the beauty lured many v people from- their homes this weekend, and thp great outdoors was the siren that-emptied.the town." Edward Eversole ' is well and happy somewhere on the other side, according to Word received by relatives this week. J. A. Waldteufel of Uklah received, a letter of thanks this week, from tiie navy, for binoculars donated by him when a call was sent out for these and telescopes and spyglasses. Monday, May 6, -the people of Ukiah will vote on sewer bonds. Ukiah does not possess a proper- sewage disposal plant and the state board of health lias endured the •contamination of the Russian river ias long as-it Will. V i Mr. and, Mrs, Michael Donohue of Greenwood celebrated their! 60th wedding anniversary on^ April 14th. . . " : Miss Edna Ha.isey, a member of ;the\#mits bigli school faculty, and' Charles 'ttrillis of Richmond were injarried at Sahta Rosa last Sat- 'to do the same thlng^ this .suhi- met, as the suiiply is becoming exhausted - and. the > rotten mains break every few days. Last Wednesday night the Willits iLodge;. F.ScA.M., - ga'v^e = a - f are- well-recijption- to tWo lot its most ihonored' charter "'members, ''Ijete Auten,'andL.,'j, Roach, TH? former •will ? leave' Sunday for San Fran :cisco,'-then to his old home in Jllinoisj Mr. Roach'and family'left Sunday for thfeir • new home- in Woodland, The sale of another tract'Of the Le Brltop land near Calpella to Gay Hueser of San Jose Was-'Ve- ported this week. This land was subdivided, by L. B. Frasier and placed on the market'and^a rtady sale was found for all but a-few tracts. Doc Standleyvwho'hsfs been . police officer at'Nome for a num ber -of years was quite seriously injured' in February by falling down a-flight of stairs. .urday! 'Willis is a former resident 'of Willits. ' ' W- -A. Mansfield has leased- the Requa ranch in Redwood valley ^f rpra L. C. Jones who has returned to Los Gaitos. [ Grbyer McQimsey pf Ukiah has opened a •yarieiy store in the Bophvilie, drug store. 4 VTWENT'y YEARS AGO AprU 28, 1928 (JUS Gerson, Ukiah high school .athligtlc instructor, accidentally .shot 7 himself in the, hand 'with a blank cartridge while loading a revolver.! I tJkiah' was in tlie midst of a qaippaign to pledge sufficient money 'to construct a inuni'cipal plunge arid the campaigners were meeting with encouraging results; $'3'00d'was the aimount sought. The rerriaihs of an unknown man were found on the WOodland r^bh near" 'Willits on April -27, tfifi: discovery being made by Deed 'Wirrimer while loOkirig for' stray catfle. Tlie fc'adly decomposed body • -v^as' lying' between tvifo rows Of stones about lO' inches hiigh and evidently set up', by the man as a •vvilidbreak. He had been dead;between- six and eight weeks. 'Maurice McNab, son of Attorney John McNab, was- killed in an'automobile accident near May- .field on ; April 27 when his car crashed^ -a telephone pole at 2 o'clock- in the mornings , The , Ukiah Masonic Temple ground floor had just been leased to M:ontgomery Ward & Company. Fire which started in the basement of-the main bdllding at the Mendocino State Hospital burned oUt 100 feet of telephone cable and paralyzed the system and threatened other seHoUs damage. A short circuit is' t)elieyed to have been the cSuse; Concrete pOUirihghaS progressed to about the Half -way 'mWk pn the co:drt house a'nhek^ ' GamiB "Wanien 'HolWiei of'Fort Bragg' was arrested arid fined at Mendocino' city for recltless' driv- ' ing. ;Holmes was answering a hur- ryup\call.and is said to have gone through- that town "like a hurricane," takhigth^ corners on two wheels. Constable'tatton saw his duty and done it. Sheriff R. R.- Byrnes and Margaret 'Van Dyke Ford were married at the Methodist parsonage on April 24 by Rev. L. C. Beasley. E. W. Stephens, for the past four years^ the -Mendocino Farm Bureau Marketing executive, has accepted the job of general manager of the' stock show in connection- with the San Francisco Union Stock Yards. FORTY YEARS AGO May 1. 1S08 Boonville "has been very'rtiich excited this week over the disappearance of Carson Hutsel; son of •ThdiTiton Hutsel', a prominent ranched of Anderson vaUeyl Young Hutsel left Boonville --Friday arid came over'to Ukiah on horseback. He started back riei^f morning afoot and was met a few miles out of town by Mrs. 'Vestal, *who was on'her way from Boonville. He came back to Uklah and got his horse and .started hoiiie again. "The last seen of him was at the I Robinson-Creek bridge. The young ' man is thought* to be demented and a searching party has given up finding; him in this vicinity. The McCowan planing mill went up in smoke early "Thursday morning. The mill has certainly offended someone for many efforts have been made .to destroy it. It was burned down several years ago and was rebuilt by Gordon Mc- COwan. The fire was discovered at 3 o'clock in the morning and •w;as all over the; structure, show-^ ing lit had been set in several places. Ukiah i.s certainly in need of a better water system. All last summer the people had to put up with a wretched service and from the.-looks of things theyi will have FIFTY YEARS AGO AprU 20,18*8 Jingle McGimsey; £>ol Davis and Wash Lambert of Boonville have gone back to their California Klon,dike, Trinity county, ^ where Lam bert o -WTis a rich claim; to dig outi the root^^of all evil, Saturday, April 24, Jofiri Simons of Westport kUled: John Johnson at the tie camp near Needle Rock The two nien had had. no quarrel •but both had been-drinking heav- iiy and Joiinson had come; to the, icabin of Simons in the aftemdpri and had engaged in a-scuffle with a rrian inamed Hellman. Simonds; was asleep and when"some6ne told hirri that Johnson and Helliman were 'flghting,' Simorias''. got up frpni' his bunk, 'went td; the doOr arid picked up a" ciro'Urllar. He struct orte' fatal' blow, kiilirife Johnson instantly, eyidenay still iri -a drunken stupor. Hellman' alsjo was so- dinink that 'he •had; rip mernpry Of thekUiirig althoiigh he ^ciod within Va few feet.of Jbhri- sori•''^y ^len ' it 'tooJi:- plti'ce. Judge 'Dunn' ,arid';Constabre:-Hart' held'-'ah iriqiiest at Needle Rock and Simonds was charged with, murder and turned over tO the' county sheriff. feranscomb vrfU h^vie telephone connections with Cahtd iri a'fe'w weeks. . •.•.••••.,*:-..;•'.••.,•• The suit of Mrs. A.' M. Reed has occupied the Superior court all •iveek. The action is to repleyin 2000 shefejp which'Mrs. Read-claims as her individual •property,, a'lid which the bank had sold to Satisfy a judgment: agaitfstrj. S.'Reed.-:' From Santa Barbara a trairiload of 50O cattle arrived' eriroute 'tb Eden -vaUey where pasture "has been' secured for them. Vehtura cOUrity' sheepmen have sent 4300 animals here to be pastured on the Biglow ranch' north of -Xaytori^ ville. '• - • : '- • ' . • : Mayor Blodes, Charley' SbutH- ard; Fred Schbll arid Fred'DOrioi hoe weht to Navarro Monday oh a fishing trip. They''refiirried •Thursday with IpOO ppuhds'bf fitih arid' reported that tli'e earth' is still shakihg 'iri that' Section arid told of ari unconfirmed' rumor that Boreka had fallen into a hole. The WiUits-to-LaytbnviUe stage •^&s ups^i three mile.s riorth ' of Sherwood Friday night- and the stage' and mail burned. - James Ebrtrt,*' tiife';*'^?. ^Wassinlfired. iittVME! PHIEO,. April 17.'— AiiOthfflP death shocked and saddened thb valley Tuesday wheji news was received of the passing Of Ray Smoot of YorkviUe. He had been ill of heart disease'in a'San Francisco' hospital, but' had exp'ectecl to return home soon, wheer rest and, quiet were advised. He passed a,way,in San Frandisco, April IJ. , Ray'Smdot has. bepn,the school bus .driver'. frpriiybrk'yM for over 18 years and was a popiij lar, and beloved citizen by: ..the schopl children and grown-ups/ The passing of such an honorable and weimked person leaves' a gap which ca'nhot be filled. The sympathy of everyone who knew and loved him is extended to-Mrs.. Smoot and to their son. . es In Deadlock THIRTY YEARS AGO AprU 26, 1918 Ukiah is over the top with the Liberty. Bond quota and is no\y considering doubling the amount. With several thousand dollars oversubscribed,, this can be done by raising an additional $85,000. This would give the city a star Ruohavaar'Assault Matter Ends in Hung Jury; Reset Indians to Ee^ The jury in the trial last week of Fay Haynes failed to agree and were discharged by Superior Judge Gibson and retrial of the matter set Saturday morning for Thut-sday, May 27. Hayhes was charged with a deadly weapon assault on Buddy Ruonavaar of Anderson valley on the night of March 13, after the t\yo'meh had had some words during a crap game. 'The report of the incident arid the knifing of Ruona­ vaar, which follo%ved some time after, indicates it was without further provocation: Ruonavaar was engaged in filling the radiator of his car when stabbed from behind by Haynes, who is said to have waited in the shadow of the garage for thp appearance of Ruonavaar. Dave SnpW, who was with Ruonavaar, failed to see the knife In the hands of ilaynes and was cut three times when he attempted to interfere. Haynes is said to be from Leslie, Arkansas. NON-SUPPORT OF CHILDREIf Deputy Sheriff Reno Bartolomie went to Eui-eka Wednesday and brought back Clyde Wright to face charges of failing to provide tor minor children. Frank Miller, Jr., Henry Campbell and' Andrew Jackson, trustees of the Pinoleville Rancheria, have petitioned the Superior gourt to set a time for a liearing for an order authorizing them as, trustees to execute a lease in behalf of the rancheria to the Masonite Corporation for. a strip "of land approximately i 00 feet ^yide for the construction by the corporation of a heavy duty road south of Ackerman-creek- and south and west of the present county road. By the terms agreed''upon the lease Would be for 2S yefifs With the right reSer-ved by the company of an extension of 26 years at a rental of $125 per year. The company. reserves the right to terminate the leaSe by wi-itteri notice and' the payment of two years rent at the agreed price. The petitidri says that the land is unimproved and at this time produces no income or revenue for the rancheria. Attorneys Charles,. Ijapqh and Leo Cook are representing the petitioners. PERMANENTLY DISABLED Fred Sinclair' of Lodgvale' has been awarded permanent disabil« ity indemriity totallirig' $3390 ijy the state industrial accident corii- missiOn. Sinclair wis irijured while employed as a rfight watchman by Libby, McNeil & Libby of San Francisco, An unexpected wedding .waS announced last week when Archie Schoenahl of Boonville returned from a 2-week vacation with his bride. The new Mrs. Schoenahl comes from San Francisco, where she was employed by an appW packlrig plant. Archie Schoenahl is the son of Mr^ and Mrs. George Schoenahl of Boonville. and, a graduate of the lo'calhigh schobli After graduation he became interr est'ed in''apple growing'arid fait present is one of . the leading ranchers of the valley^ The newlyweds are living on" what was known as the Fenton Place, which was purchased by Archie several years ago.. Mr. and Mrs. Schoenahl attended-the Young Adult Clj^h riieeting Wednesday night'where Mrs. Schoenahl: was introduced arid''','w'as Uk'ed innriediately; for herchariri arid friendliness". Corif gratulations are extended to" the young coMple; , ' ' • •The regular meeting of .the "Sfoiirig Adult Club Vas held', at the Indian Creelc clubhouse .'Wednesday night -with BoV Gilliland prtsidirig in the:absehtebf ROb]Srt RawleSi Ann' Marie Gowan sutJ- stitute'd' as secretary' in the .ah- serice of Elalrie Baxtei-. The :hyi' laws of theclub were reread arid the meeting was fpilo'wed " hy coinmunity sih^irig.' 'Daihtisr cupcakes and ice cream wefe served as refreshment. Cdrnmittee 'miStti- bers for the eveping S^ere Mi*, arid Mrs. DawSon Graham; T!he "5?;oiing Adult Cirib' -was 'againj asked to•spqrisor the tuliereulos'ls'';x-| ray .project 'arid Elaine Baxterj KatlTiryn';Strickland, Penny Lindsay, Barliara Roll.*! and Anh' MaHe Gowatt' volunteered tO help with the project. Guests of the George Gow^ns this wbe'k'were Mr. and Mrs. W. •\|y. Ciiamplain of VallejoJ -OviiO rfiotored '.up;. ThiirSday. Sujiday, Mrs. G'owari's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Al'breoht of. - Fort Bragg, irtbtored dowrt fo-visit-them and their other daughter; Mar­ garet'Albrecht,w^ho is'visiting'the' George Gowans; Mr.' arid- Mrs. Rankin Rickard •were Clbverdale'visltors Tiaesday. ' 'Another -bard' party" scflieduled for May 22 is'beirig'ijlahried by the ' Rebekah' lodge;' which met Tuesday'night;'"through the efforts ' their traveling basket, the Re- bek'ahs are' also raising a surii 'bf riibhey tO donate to th'e health fund, which provides glasses and medical aid'for underprivileged school children. After the meeting cream pulTs and' coffee 'were served by' Etta HOss' and Sophia McPhec; Bill Dightman Of Philo who had the chickenpox recently is fully recovered and back to 'work again. Bill was confined to bed for over a week and! everyone is. glad to see' him up and- around again. The Odd Fellow lodge members motoredjo' Santa'.ROsa Thursday night •when the first degree was put or for their t'wo .ne'« members, Simon Blattner and'Wayne Gutlirie. Over. 15 Odd Fellows made the trip. Sincere sympathy is eiitended to Mrs. T. D. Ruddock and mem- Survey Made Increased Acreage Wheat, Barley, OaH Produce Less . SACRAMENTO, Apr; 17. <WNS) -^ome Indications of the dnmage done to California agriculture by the drought is eontained'lin'a;;sur­ vey by the,'California ^ Crop and Livestock ReportingService showing that the-yidd of wheat;-barley and oats will be :14 to 25 pc* cent -below that of . last ^ year, despite heavy acreage planted/: ^ No iridicatlbn'was-giveh as tb' the prospective yield in Mendo-i Cino county'Which last year had 1500 acres planted to wheat, 750 acres to-oats; arid 2000' acres to barley. Estimated acreage planted to wheat in the state is.866,000 as' compared, to; ^25,000 last' year. Barley acreage this' year totals 1,905;000. against •1,«64,000 last' year. Oats are'being ;grown on an estimated', 858,000 acres this' year. However, the- sbi'Vice points out the wheat yield- will jbe- 2-1 :per cent under 1947; barley -25 per cent and oats: 14" per ;cent. : Brightest spot in the agricultural picture'^is the flaxseed crop which is doing well on a record acreage; Gro\^prs have planted 190,000 acres and the yield is expected to total 3,230,000 bus.iels m comparison tb 2,623,000 bushels from 125,000'acres In 1947. March and April raids have saved mucli of the wheat crop, but in sonie districts the entire, drop was lost due to the continued drought, the-service said. . Thfe wheat yield this year is expected to total 9,526,000 bushels, a decline fromlast year's 12,028,000 bushels. Barley will approximate 32,000^000 bushels. against 43,000,000 in 1947. Action Filed Here Is For All Community Property eoveloAHacIc Victim Leaves Willits Hospital , Maintaining complete silence as to the identity of the person guilty pf the murderous,knife attaclc on him on the Round 'Valley Reserva- 1jion two' weeks ago, Harry, Hen- 1;hprne of Cbyelo,, the victini of the attack, left the Hovrard Me- ihorial. Hospital last weelcend; Federal investigators, delving into the attack, at which st-dozeri other Indians were present, have kept their firidings to themselves and' no arrest; has been mad. DRIVER- SLEPT!: CRASHESl nPatrolman- Fred Hamilton reports that Shirley Atkinson of Big "Trail Camp suffered; minor injuries of head ajid face when he drbve his-" car' iritd- the bank just nbrtii of the Willits city limits Tuesday morning of last week •wrhile- ehrdut^ hbnifefrom "Healds- bur^i'" ; "•' • libS'ANGEiiES' dONFERENCE 'Arthiii- Schilder, presiderit of the Redwood Empire Aviation unit, attiftnded a state air policy confer- eii'ce-in-Los-Angfeles last' weeli'. b'ets'of'her! family because of the dfeath Of.herbi'other, Fred Elder of' Santa' Ro'saV Funeral service's were" feoin the Welti Funeral Home in' Santa Rosa and ihem- bei'S of tiie family from' the vul- and IJkiah were present. Mr. Mdb 'r passed away'last'week. ' Mr; arid Mrs. George Gbwan went to San Francisco Monday, returriing fo tlieir" home Tuesday. Mrs. Don' "Van' Zandt attended her; Eastern Star chapter meeting in, GlO'Verdale Tuesday night. ,: Jiecent visitors to' the Pardini home -in Navarro were Mr. and Mrs.- JohnsCii and son of Caspar, who spent Easter with Mr. and Mrs.-Dan Pardini. They were accompanied by a' friend, 'Victor Ward. m a'complaint for divorce filed this-week: Mrs. -Dorothy Newhall of GpVelo asks for a decree deter-' mining ; her, interest in the com munity. property of her husband, Geotge Newhall, andean- award of 'the'wrhoiii-of the' cbriimiitfit,y prbpi' ertytoher." . .' Without naming a spedlflc in stance the complaint Claims that "continuously since . their m'ar- riage" Newhall has treated her ifa a cruel and inhuman 'manner 'i without cause or excuse. They were married at Carson City, Nevada; November - 21; 1942; Thfey separated April 14. There are t'wb children. The Newhalls are one of the best known' families in MendocinO county, besides being • one of the :v(realthiest, and their Round val ley ranch and home is one of the show places of northern California Both have been active m the social life of the county where Mrs. Newhall's striking beauty and grace has made her a supreme favorite. In her action for divorce, Mrs. Newhall estimates her husband's wealth at approximately $2,000,000. She lists the ranch at Covelo at $500,000, two bank accounts total­ ling $20,000, a Beechcraft plane worth .$10i000 and interests of a value unknown to her in the Hi M..- Newhall Company of San Francisco and Freeman & Newhall Feed Yards at .Ukiah. She claims his monthly income is $2500. Request is made for a restraining order to prevent Newhall from sequestering, encumbering or disposing of his property, of- any part of it. SpuiT,& Brunner of Ukiah are attorneys for Mrs. .Newhall. Potter Valley Driver In Lake County Crash The automObiel of R. L; Gibson of Potter Valley' was damaged in a collision at the iritersectiOn -of the Bachelor 'Valley road and High -wayao' with the car of W. D; Armstrong of Upper Lake last w*'eek; The report says that'AmAstrong had cometo a stop at the intersection and' that' Qlibsbri's car skidded ori' the slick concrete. Neither of the occupants were injured and no citation was issued. FORTUNA- WbMAW DIEfe HERE Mrs.' Nellie Johnson, wife of Harry Johnson of Forttma, passed away in Ukiah April 16, of brbn^ chial pneUriionia and with meiil- bers of her fariiily at her bedside. The body was prepared for burial by the Eversole Mortuary and shipiied to her horiie where services were held on Monday from the HTinter: & Wise Funeral Parlors. News From Hoptand . HOPLAND, April 17.—The lo cal Boy Scout troop is to partici pate In liteiidoclno; Sonoiiitf arid iSllverado Council area' Scout-O ;Rama: on April i4; in Santa Rosa ;f air grounds. This is anbther, hig- time affair in; which Hopland is |ito be represented: It is expected iffhat about Steven hdndi^d- boys |;wlll' takfe part It is-ihe'first Of its kind-in this area foe sortte time. : Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ehrman of Hopland' have just plirchased the Gai-1 Haehl property a't ClbVblrdElle consisting of' 522 acres, sfx' acres of which are in the city limits of Cloverdfale. TheHaehl^ were old-time vintners in that locality; hkv- Ingkept'thb property in the family for many yeSrs. There are two wineries: on the' place. The' late Carl Haehl was a brother of Ed Haehl, Mendocino- county supervisor, 'and. his wif6 is a sister df (iharlea Sedgley,' prominent citizens of Cloverdale; Tlie property turnover was made through P. H. Hopper,: ibcaV realtor-. The Ehr- maris ;^lan extensive "Ihipi'OVe- menta on-the place. • Mr. and Mrs., Al Hubonschmidt of Hopland left this weeK for St Louis, Missouri, to reside; Mr. Hu­ bonschmidt, who was connected until leeently with the Art-Craft Neon Sign bqslness here, sold his interest to Gale Young. E. L. LaMastus of Boonville was over the first of the week and spent a few days with his son, Ernest Mrs. Ruby IjalVTastus and Marguerite Hetzel took a small party of participants in the picked band from Ho,pland, including Ronnie and" Richard LaMastus, Patty and Marline Hetzel and Ladonna Schieber, to Willits Saturday for rehearsal in preparation for the coming music festival which is to take place at Willits on'April 24. The' regular Hopland school band will also take part. County Poundmaster J. H. Cake received his new Chevi-olet pickup Friday for pound work. He says he will now be able to give prompt and: proper attention to all calls, which; the conditiomof the old car ahd' the Shortage Of new dnes haa preverited him from aolttg'.-"te: Cike states th ''at all Btiiep, stock andpoultry killing'calls VlU'hoia priority' ovei;. othei^ calls,- a^ has always been his practice." ,' Mrs. Stella Perkins of -iJorth Dakota, sister; of Mrs. Frank Schieber, is -Visiting,the ScWeber family. She has -her ba'by. daughter-with har. AprU 24 - is miisid f estival^dsy, in Willits. Hopland 'school band- Will participate. . > •< Hopland SphdoWwill jSr^seHf-'tl Public Schools'^ Day program' oil April 29, to consist'-of musical numbers and selections played by the school band. - - • , Frank Schieber, principal of Hopland elementary school and president of the West Coast Prinr cipals' Association, spent the weelcend in ^Garberville on matters relating 'to that'office. :'• A large party of Hoplan'de'rs ih*- cludmg Mrs; Cecil Meyers, and Mvsi Leland Meyers and Mrs. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs,'Cinhamon 'd, Mrs. Ij'rnnk Williams, Mrs. CoSter, Mrs. Zanoline and Mrs.- Randall, Mr. and- Mrs. Frank Schieber- and daughter Ladonna and.MriS; Pcrr kins, sister of Mrs,':Schieber, and others were visitors at­ ing of the Tom- Goodman & Sons store at the north end of Cloverdale Friday. The parity attended in the evening to wish the Goodnlans success. Mr. and Mrs. George Dawe of Hopland have received word from their son Tpppy who recently joined the air corps that hei$ tafcr ing' preliminary training^ at- Sail Antbne, Texas; says it's^ teiribly hot, but the chow is fine. He likes the air corps, and is able to take the i.vndesirobles in liis: stride.- : On April' 23- the Ca.thollc Guild is having a card parfti'.^There' .wifl be a door prize,; bridge, V ^^drp; whist;. king pedro and pinochle. This will:take the. high school: gym, uince Guild Hall. Is undergoingrenovation. Don- Pardee has secured- eni- ployment 'With the, ArtfCraft Neon Sigh Coiripany. } • y •! - - Piiblic Heqirii Meeting' At their April IS meeting: the board of supeirvUots ordered ei siieelal meet^g called for Thursday.' May 6, at 10 a.m., and directed the clerk to notify the orgariiiatibns interested in the' health program ior this coUnty io have' their reprttsentatives present; and requested that all i ^emlwTs of city boaids of 'trustees in the county be in attendance. Di. SQX -of thf slate der partment of health wiU bepiet- •nt. • • -' - • •-^•'- - ' f MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED At Ukiah, April 12, Hallis D. Sherrill of Hamilton Field and Francps Mae Higgins of Los Angeles. April 13, William J. Pratt and Dorothy Pence of San Francisco. April 14, Riley J. Holiman ^nd Catherine Tyra of Fort Bragg. April 16, Richard J^ Jeffers and Irene Edna Bobb of Lakeport. IN MARE ISLAND HpSPltAL Harold IvOy was taken to Mare Island 'Veterans' Hospital Wednesday by the Ukiah a'ihbiilance to receive treatment for recurring stomach trouble; LESLIE SHEARER FUNERAL Funeral services for Leslib Brooks Shearer, w^o was killed last week in- a fall- from a bluff while on % fishing trip near Fort Brag,?, were held April 17 from the Jones Mortuarj' at Lakeport •with interment in Hartley Cemetery. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shearer of Lakeport. SACRAMENTO, Apr. 17. (WNS) -^Low bidder on a contract for construction of a reinforced concrete bridge across Chamberlain creek, 17.5 miles west of Willits on-federal aid secondary highway 982, was the Evans Construction Company, Berkeley. Estimated cost of the project is $21,993.50. Orr Is AppointM^ Fred Orr's Ukiah Motor Sales has been made, th?' Mcndocihi) county agency f or Reo' trticls^ aiid motor transport schobl' busses arid has now on display a' bhe arid a half ton Reo Speed wagon with 165-inch wheeabase and 8xr4-fbpt flatbed and is prepared tp^ take orders for delivery of arty of the Reo products. The Reo agency rounds out the Ukiah Motor Sales lines,- being irt addition'to the Chrysler-attdiPlJ^ ihouth dealership -and" 'setVld* Which' Mr; Orr 'hatf' had'for the past year and his auto body works and general gatage ib'uslhess Which he has operated for many years. ROY INGER30LL GRIGGS Graveside services' for Roy J. Griggs will be held Wednesday alC- tcrnoon at- 2 o'clpck in- Uklah Cemetery with the- Ukiah Funeral Chapel in charge, Mr. Griggs passed away at the home of- his mother, Mrs. Martha Bieckwfth. 119 North Main stireet, where he had made his home. He is survived also by his brother EarJ Griggs of Salt Lake City and several half brothers in this vicinity. .California now ri]ake fourth in national wool production. ocfl Opinillfi^R#¥€al ^X^r Fear .Lew fare clMirctn<>; seats available NOW oh the Streamlin&r , 'With, the election Jn;Italy.bringr ing "new, hope : that Russian , ad­ vances.into Western- Europe can' lie^ halted, and-with :the .huge rearmament p'ro ^arii uridbrfeiyri by the llnited States, we fell; it'wbuld be interesting this week to Iriqiiirb ihl'o local'bplnfori ort 'whether or nbt ^'w ^.will-go to waff-with Russia; y'Otity' two' arts wefs •''received Bir"pur ihtiuirJng' reporter wa 'S a st 'ra 'ighl'yesv 6t 'hers'.d\i \iri 'fled their bfiiiiibny,- with the' gfenerai'idea tfia't''evehts iri rbcent da-^s' have pdkfpbrie'a 'rather' than ended the possibility Of. "riillifary conflict, SpiAi ''^e war|'B,s'inevitable; Tlie fbiibwirig are ^iibted:'^ •'' ' lAfayrie P. ' Biurke, attorney: ''I dbri'f think Sb'aud'I Jiope-riotj My idea'is'>we, have'rib rfeal r^Wbn to' flglit; lifith; -Miissia' arid 'probably tiicwe'ui -'chiB 'rge of the state de- paritiii'eHf' arfe- smart' fehough 'tO avoid-it. Therfe is nothing; toUe •jained'.by:-war;" -'-'t.:' '•:; 'J 's 'ttiBWy Lisic«;"''mbrtibi^•h:'•''')^^o^^ For'the reason"'that''w6'''i'e' gone into a big rearmainerit' program and there isn't likely to be war— at least not for the next five years." 'arid^:e^ui'priient 'tb' 'fight'now'. We shdtfl&'-';<;all?t.tHeit' WiMM «8«.-we isMbiild - have- called Gftelinany's' in tithe'Hd^aVdia World War III" . ^ ' "iterm 'aii Runkeli'riJoflng^ busi- nMj 'refir 'est 'afe;''."NoF for 'five years, if Russia isn*t ckVeful they'tl have itltei 'nSl 'Rebellion. Russian pebiile riWed hbm ^s aiid' clothing arid" a decent standard of living. Th «5?- don't want war." •!- '^ 'The Reyi B, F. Shi 'mp. guest pastor of • Fii'st' Baptist church, hb ^e -from Gatbs: "1 spOfce oh that subject Sunday night. Nti Jjart of the ol 'd Roman Empire will ever gb '-'CpmriiuriiSt'. TherS will' be war, biit^rtSt'the kind.'We have knpwn iri;!-'th6''past.' 'The'diesi 're for iran and':Iraq oil ;Will start the con- filfd't'arid It'ean cbriie at'any tiriie. 'Thg -'boofc o{ jSaniel tells of Rosh (RUssia) coihrilrig: as a cloud to ooVet-the ikrid. T ?"he battle of Af- ma^eddon will "be fo'ught in the valley" "of M^gl 'ddo, near ancient Naiiarfeth,' and''the atomic boYnb will not be used, according to Biblical prophecy. "Greece, as part of the old Ro­ man Empire will not go Communist, but a part of Turkey will." Mrs; Lloyd Bittenbender,' homemaker: "Sometimes I do. I hope it can be avoided but it seems almost inevitable. If European countries can- be encouraged to believe what we promised our boys who went to war—that we will make the world safe for democracy, they will resist the Russian influence and that will help to avoid war." R. L. Sallerwhile, hotel operator: "Yes, I believe we will. Russia is a dictatorship trying to expand and control the world. The United States cannot permit Russia to encroaclv on the rights of free people. The Russians have never lived up to a single treaty nor promise yet. They are going to have to be stopped arid we are the only nation powerful enough to stop them. -1 am in favor of universal military training arid anything we can do to strengthen our military po^Ver." Mrs. J*. D. Branson, homemaker: "I hatetb think of it. f hope we can settle it without bloodshed rind it seems more encouraging since the Italian election than at any time since the actual fighting ended." tITYOF SAN IRANCISCO' 39V4 hours to CHICAGO Bidethe finest, fastest train to Chicago^ths daily 39H hour streamliner City of San Frowtsco. Luxurious chaii? car seats are usually available now—cost only $53.79 one" way, $91125 ronndtrip including ejctra fai^. (16% Federal tax extra.) SAN fRANCISCO OVERLAND also camea streatnlined reclining chair cars to Chicago. 48 hours flat. No.extra fare. $48.79 one way, $81.25 roundtr;p plus •Federal tax. Seats on the City and Oberland should bp reaorved in advance. Both trains provide cofF9e-«hop' inears.' The Gold Coast, a comfortabj^^.lyain vritii a convenient schedule also carries ct)jpir|Qargtpr coaches to Chicago. S*P The friendly Southern Pacific H. P. Dohring • Phone 38 W7

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