Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 28, 1972 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1972
Page 4
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Majority Rights Second, Reapportionment Third ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, THURS., DEC. 28,1972 Page 4 Clark's Poll Victory Top Iowa News Story By CHARLES EOBEETS Associated Press Tricar DES MOINES. ,A? — 3ehisd >-:fte-sc *Bi8s Qea ^wmtic political straaqr-Js? Dies Clar* becatre re :,'-c aswssEaAar » Iowa r. -mfxs "» e'Ttsrsed front cis-certr..' mi wrasse i U.S. s-c:*a:jrs *x frar K #puci:- car. .."trurtc*:;'*: 7a.-^ Mi-ler Ci -ar* *'.x irtr =i:.^-..*c Ate ^5 100. X 1 ' v ^cii iga-cs: i pc* ^:iar w-c ^arrttK i-. iwa«*s s.\ ;^«ars ?e"jrs. Asscctaied Press retroer newspape • s::t- - r j ire r.r;«fci- tast - t*'f"~tr >i.c i~tr> :*f— pajgr — - re *ii L-«i :..--p"rs: s"—• a" tt-e 2«« K.fres MLit-.t _ps_ A^rpcr: .is: r*crja ."7 Clin $ix ~e r*t* hzzrsz M_l=-r ' * % a: • ZK. ZT.TA ;-tat ;ar ,;;•:«_- tcsrir-.r/ M_ ; - zsr a&tid. 3e_"jis<; 1 3e..e"- , e Secat^r M_ ~r s ..'ux nz-yri i= ras S«r^:i- ietrsn : _-ri~e;': :ns tesi.- tr-gs :J jewing,'" Clari ar- S'*'rr'rC- c*« tap s-oc^es ctcsec Sj edi- tas-s *3 *i PraaccasiErs.. Tbe swwstsseE ••ritcse spaces t£sat aSscssc ocj.j i ?*w persais* but •-viC"" tSe rtKrest cf niccsarjds a" jew-ars. Tse <HT.SJCS felt tfce second 3OK zzzzpcrzizt At«i story of 1 iTi wis passage the iegisLa­ tere of tr« raxr.ry rights fciii. TSirc *is rsapCiirtiorjs «sc of ieg^iatrs* iiitr'.'Cts— a ~«ve csa: tS-tzrz±.i tr* i-cc-stir-serc :«s a" svsr> sas ^••rtaker arsd c-ccjsrisSTatr.. 5 ":*crrt As;.. Ger.. Eich- T '^r-«r's ;rjdi*!t on £arr .tiEg-. »inter faei s 'rcrtUigs M&sizi-i r .cccy^ -jat affec:- *c parts zx ic*a after hea^>' S"iTir *r ini fall riir -i rinkec sacr~ Se^'rcct was Gov. Robert federal vciitl«s by fowa Na- ticci. Gjards—sr. -jr.til claims aj r»; tona fasiilies against tee sC 'ierni~>=r.t were settled. Philosophies Of Campaign \£ r» pJJ-ljsocc :B 'S -i 3e r*c -iT4tt .iii3es *o?e.-esc durtrnc rse Z3.ZTZZIL.JZZ. x i*casre ;lear ra: trej *«rs Sir Apt.—. -X rrarc- .-.IJJST*: r^s atcrs pan..*!*; iait a" ris p»tosr- aal -••crsr.caencj At tse jcils Vc.. Clari ps ;-=-r *rat x~ ;a^re i ;tirv-:us it .a— 4_Ttcs- i s*r ^-;_._T it •'is/'.r'jgt'-r. .•ar ~-z~&rzt \zzcr. it irccter tarrt is ?rds.jderc rtey -taoe t-'er ietaii ieligarxx rcc- tiis.; Zetttcc Tizz-z zzy i^ccsrg C'-irt ire SCL;; X ra ,f tie Swiss's rscr*s«icsit:>x x trs ?-ips. .":cr li.-iir. £j»ai~d Wij •i-s.ic ire Neal Srtt xr are S.-rer.£:. H.?_ Ik"^i ire *He% Top Stories Affect Most Removal of hand-made tombstones frcrni the graves of tk-tcMrS z~z&- iff*cted virtaaiij a Des Moines woman's two sve—; i:«ar. w*re srsciaded ic children rarJsed eighth and a Tombstone Territory Petersburg Tatmans Host Vinton Guests >ir. ire Mrs. ?-aar? Ctrt aai rr/ar- zf. *."a-scc »ere vseksnz) zrx its at :ae persssai iaci ~ai- ~&r zzsjzzztt ia: ase-tdec Scatej 5 «rri:sj at U=Jor. State Lase Chcrcc Ifr. asai Mrs. Jaci Tat- rr,ar. arjd fl» Ohrts were Sassr- daj itans-r g-jests Mariene itr. and Mrs. George '.asNor- jBar_ Mark and Carai, Hed Wing: Mr. ard Mrs. MartirSfeww. EUen, J -ataascioc, and rtii..p, M.axaain La*e; Mr. arnj Mrs. \j&r*t\& Car- sc -r. Lesa arc David, Jaiisoc; Mr. srd Mrs. Haroid Siow, Lacr'ii, -Ciris : tj, Scorer., Paalaad I'ZzszZ.i.zz. Kjyrsi. asad Mr. ard Mrs. ?je!mri Svzm and Vagba •er-r Ciriitrr^iii da;, rjejts ai parssEa^ ?a sgft SB>» bocas-. Har:^- S^-rarirx freer. 3roo*- isf i. 5. L., Mane Scas*-k <c, fr oc ites, a ,r>.. Martir. S >t2swx.<, frint Si. .Hi^. Mr. aarf Mrs. *i &i«ir arjri C'rrist?-; Mr. sac Mrs. I»esr. "*'i6sass, Stsar, £cd iara, Mr, ire Mrs. F.;»x<d Ssar --»jM: *%rs Ciristcsai VJZX&ZZ z&rizs a: J , XC * is-s- CiS ZAZJZZZH. Mr. arc Mr<. Jatic ire!' MiTj=rjt. arc .Mrs. ZXTK Ts.t.riir. arc Mr. ar£ Mrs. Saadj Out and Ryan; Mr. and Mrs. Rscfeard Ruth and Scsas; 3ofcoie Rath, Tampa, Fla.; Mari Oeearest of iowa Cfay; Mr. ard Mrs. DojgJas Schmidt and children of Warthingron, Mr. aad Mrs. Steve Schmidt from Virgirda; Mr. and Mrs. Eari Dcmnidt Boesak! and Diane; Mr. aad Mrs. Albert Brans void had a Christmas eve dinner at Oko- zn -X Mr and Mrs. Dick Jorgensoo; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nasby from MinceapoLis spent tbe Christmas wee -serd at the 3ob Nasby rjotne. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Fransdal, Mel, Mar< and Marcia from Ccartes Ciry; Mrs. Miidrede Ssaser. Mr. aad Mrs. Eiwood Staawici froniEstnerviUe, Haroid Seanwick; from 3roofcmgs, z\,L., Martin Saawick from St. Pasl; Mr. a .Td Mrs. Joe Wjeskas aai CarUty, Mr. ard Mrs. Dean *iesicis, Sisar. aad Sara, Marie WSfeisGis were Christmas day gaests at ae Jote Wiesicas heme. CaBers is toe afieraocn were Mr. ard Mrs. HocserRaskeD aad Mrs. Myrtle DiLtey. Mr. ard Mrs. JackTatmanand Marjeae Hew to Cooacil Bhrffs for Cfcristmas iisazr frith Jack's E»ta Semana en Eztherrille roc I'jrS-;- vxz. \ • • -j% ?ra.' tA -rr*rr<v/- «r. -»'.ta.-s- ^t .'r. •/•«<. ;• ."J^'.'lVS p*.s*j .%s 7v2sii* ^Hr rrs ,TW> S*'^ >r.'«oa wrt*. Vr>o s* pr »rg >Tfia fjaridk. :iftrr.p»o dura.'. .4-. ?jfe:r«.i 5%. nrxfirS: ":-z, '&/...&., Wt'SifA i&.n 46i- CJai«rrv> x;a vjrji^iraciyr; zz'xivi H\ 12 IsZZL fttb ffJH VttM iters a <nttyni*t \xot pvern civii '.aT.v *>'krt .'varr. WJ America ck: vjr' Diez y M :is iv/rnbres, feoiire vivientes. de c^xiae d« avion, y rniem^rc* dt UJI wjuipo d* fut- dt Uruguay, ten udo de&fj- biertoi er. iai mootanafc de Chile, efctos bonribres ITW;. valientes, patarffi Q>>6 mew-i ? si, oV/S me 6es.') perdidofc en ias montarcat Nevadas. Veinu- > nueve oer- sonas murieron eri ei ctoque. Dos atietas del grupo anduvier- wn a un pueblito por las r >t- vasoafc. A causa dt- eso »e <>al- -.o a .06 rtsTiOrts. NOHCLAS DE INTERES LOCAL Es.p %rajrx »s Qrje ustedes hayan •J ZZZJ&J trja EEjy feiiz Navidad. Vjila gat Sar. ^»"ico':as Jaya visi- titio a v >iK ios clnns y qiife e! 1rls» d* >«avjdavd ies <Je Jo ?>e r*-:*s;isR. •'>JET.-:< sai<&r-, vjer<e e! domirgo -x iis>''>, la a>;hft vieja o, i, prefjferest, la visp«ra dfe aao rj^r'- o.. Ea 'Xfj^iTitre aq-j-i gj* •A 'ttrTSzzi'A ssxf.ilisyj caardo %mra e; ?i 'Kr>'0 Arx.. El t&zgfe d* ft.iritar a sas axigosy a w iar.l.ja ; rbb'szzKXJC&i p ^ra a. aso g>e %trnra. £1 1-aasi tajr .oiKr. e-i ija fe -at .T'. *xr. par- tiaaa 5fe fxv>. i«etf.>> «r. -a t*.*v.;j-jr^ vaa pfe&ec. ei-,e aao rr;;;. J>..z.rri6rrte. BffiiWUHHnHHMHHnnH —SAIL Preparacion de impuesto sobre rentas Personal $5 Durante el dia o noche Dean Higgins o Alyssa Bargen, Telefono 362-2362 •AILY NEWS An kdepeadeot newspaper published "Monday toroogb Friday," except principal bolidayi, eat lading February 22 and Veterans Day. Sectwd cUu postage paid at Estbervtti*, fcwrs. Publisbod by tbe Estfaerrille Daily New«, DivUkn cX Mid- America PublUhing Corp., It) N. 7tb St., ERberrille, iowa 51254. Subscription rates: City of Ec- OJfcrviJle, Armttroce, Rinfc*t*d, Tferrii ar<3 GraeUincer, delivered by carrier, 60 cent* per week; 57.W) for 3 sxntfas, H5.60 for 6 months, $29.70 year. By mail to Emmet and borderiflg counties: $15.00 year, Zones Ms, S1&.50 year. Fred E. Williams, Publisher; Charles Ostheimer, Managhit Editor; Richard Myers, Advertising Director; Gladys Streiff, Business Manager; Dona id Stoffel, Production Manager. Member of Associated Press, Iowa Daily Press Association, Iowa Press Association. Photos submitted to this newspaper will not be returned by mail. However, they may be picked up at the Daily News Office. MHIHUIHiHWIIiiHtlttllHI sister, the George Leinigerfam­ ily. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tatman of Corpus Christ, Texas, and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Guritz of Estherrille were other guests. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Clymer, Paul and Randa from Viapaton, N.D., Mr. and Mrs. Ron Clymer and Johnny from New Richland; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Willink and Jamie King spent the Christmas holidays at the parental John Clymer home. Steve and Susan Petersen, students at Moorhead College, spent the Christmas vacation with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Petersen and Randy. Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Wetzler from Mankato; Mrs. Leola Jensen, Alan and Mary were Christmas dinner guests at the John Wetzler home. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Knutson, Troy and Tamie, and Cora Petersen were guests at the Ahrin Knutson home. Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Kuntson and Phil had Christmas eve supper with other relatives at the home of Mrs. Amanda Synset- elien. The enormous horns of the bignorn ram are among the most remarkable in the animal kingdom. They grow in a commons curve and in old males will come to a full circle, sometimes a circle and a half. S450 mill ion Lawsuit against Ainceoagu Industries, Inc., of Forest City was ninth. In 10th place was the disclosure by Air Force Sgt. Lonsie Frarits of Cedar Rapids that unauthorized bombing raids were trade against North Vietnam. Thousands of young Idwans were transformed into adults this spring when Ray signed into law a bill to lower the age of majority from 21 to 19. Now l&-year-oids can consume beer and alcohol, make contracts, marry without parental consent, sue and be sued and hofd most public offices. Congress had already moved to lower the voting age nationwide to IS. Both the Iowa Senate and House offered legislation to lower the age of majority. But the Senate version would have reserved to age 19 the right to drink. The House version would have extended all rights at IS. Protracted debate in a Senate— House conference committee produced a compromise bill to grant all rights of adulthood at 19. Legislative Redistrieting The Iowa Supreme Court issued its reapportionment plan Late in the spring after declaring that a redistrieting effort by the legislature didn't hew closely enough to the U.S. Supreme Court's one man, one vote concept. The Iowa high court agreed with three lawsuits that challenged the lawmakers' plan. The justices fashioned Senate districts that varied in population by about one-11th of 1 per cent. The House districts had a variation of one-10th of 1 per cent. The final reapportionment plan cut short the four-year terms of Senators elected in 1970 and ordered that all Senate seats be filled in the 1972 election, it was decided by drawing lots that senators in even-num-.. bered districts would stand for two-year terms in 1972, the odd- numbered districts for four- year terms. Gambling Crackdown Atty. Gen. Richard Turner said early in the year that games of skill or chance for which fees were charged and prizes awarded were prohibited by Iowa law. Fair and carnival interests predicted they would experience economic ruin if the courts upheld Turner's strict interpretation of the state's gambling laws. State agents—at Turner's di- Doggy Bit Aa»*r to Frma PnxxJ* ACROSS llrab spaniel 6 English dog 11 Harangued 13 Principal commodity M Deduction IS Hazards lSGoddeacf the dawn 37 Bury IS Feline animal 26 Loot differing SGirfs name 25 Sorrowful 24 Alleviate 30 Feminine aippeBatkio 22 Lowest deck of asfeip 23 Tardier •J A Clas* or sort 25 Solar disk X Ycmng canine 3* River in France 40Skye 43 Dance step 46 Annual income (Fr.) 47 Application 50 Poplars 521mplorer 54 Fondle 53 Those who engage for service 56 Hackneyed 57 Obliterate DOWN lHadon ZMartian (comb, form/ 3 Slight flaps < Creek letter 5 Anatomical networks S Unbending 7Harold («b> 8 Heroic * Feminine name ft 10 Nuisance 12 Small depressions 13 Rate of motion 18 Aunt (Sp.) 20 Open to public perusal 21 Violent dread 22 Spanish dining hall , 23 Anatomy '' (ab.j 24 Ceremony 27 Turkish regiment 28 Covers with turf 29 Fencing weapon 31 Adjectival suffix 32 Biblical name 36 Iron 37 Footed vase 38 Tar 41 Eaten away 42 Ghostly 43 Agreement 44 Winged 45 Hindu garment 47 Iris layer (anat) 48 Weights of India 48 Gaelic 51 Encountered 53 Arrival (ab.) rection— raided a Roman Catholic parish picnic in North Buena Vista and made other raids. Turner promised to have agents among the crowds at the Iowa State Fair to enforce the law. Appeals went from Polk County- District Court to the Iowa Supreme Court to a three- judge federal panel. But the federal judges said they wouldn't restrain Turner until the Iowa Supreme Court decided on the constitutionality of the state's gambling laws. The state high court isn't expected to rule on that matter until later this winter. Gas. Fuel Oil Shortages Record low winter temperatures generated a natural gas and fuel oil shortage that touched virtually every sector of Iowa life. Agriculture felt the pinch when supplies of natural gas to grain elevators with inter- ruptabie service arrangements were curtailed. Soggy grain harvested late because of heavy fall rains remained damp because there wasn't fuel to operate grain driers. Some independent fuel companies ran short of heating oil and said they would be unable to supply some customers. Although the weather eased shortly before Christmas, fuel experts said previous troubles would make heating problems more acute before they improved- Heavy rains that lashed the state in the fall caused widespread flooding in southwestern and northeastern counties. Families were forced from their homes in some riverside communities. Ray declared portions of the state disaster areas and federal funds were made available to help restore damaged facilities. Ray Grounds Guard Units m April, Ray ordered all federal vehicles assigned to the Iowa National Guard and Air National Guard grounded until the federal government settled long-standing claims filed by Mrs. Emma McCarville of rural Cresco and Mrs. Marie Tjernagel of Story City. The hemes of both families had been destroyed when guard planes crashed The ban was lifted April 25 after partial payment was made and the Air Force said it would recommend to Congress that additional payments be authorized. Workers at Des Moines Glendale Cemetary last fall removed tombstones made by Mrs. Cynthia Frederick of Des Moines for her two dead children's graves. Officials said the concrete markers didn't conform to regulations. Mrs. Fred- ' erick said she and her serviceman husband didn't have enough money to buy granite or bronze markers that would have been acceptable to city officials. The hand-made stones eventually were replaced after the City Council agreed to a special dispensation for the Fredericks. Winnebago Loses Suit A U.S. District Court jury in Fort Dodge this fall ordered Winnebago Industries of Forest City and some of its management to pay about S4.5 million in damages to a California motor home maker. Life—Time Industries of San Diego, Calif., had contended in a protracted court battle that the Iowa motor home manufacturer had stolen trade secrets. In a counter suit, Winnebago claimed that Life—Time took advantage of Winnebago's manufacturing know-how. Air Force Sgt. Lonnie Franks of Cedar Rapids told Sen. Harold Hughes, R-Iowa, by letter that he and collegues in Vietnam had been ordered to falsify reports to show American air strikes over North Vietnam were protective reaction raids. As a result of a subsequent Air Force investigation, Maj. Gen. John D. Lavelle was removed as commander of the 7th Air Force. SGT. STRIPES... FOREVER by Bill Howrillo THE BORN LOSER by Art Sonsom MM£AT5 WITH TUB 6W\UO! HDD PUT VDXSeUf- WINTHROP by Dick CovalH WHEN WE LEFT" " PASStCN FCP- LMNS/ f*MELA WA& BBNS COMMITTED TO AS ASVLLW. ... LEONARD \Nte> CM TRIAL. FOP MURDER^ BA£M3Vfe DELICATESSEN HAD BiJCNED TO Tf -e GROUND... AND l rCU THINK MDUVE OCT TROUBLES.' THE BADGE GUYS by Bowen & Schworz CARNIVAL by Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox "Hey, Mom! That pigeon you conned into babysitting with me tonight is here!" When you insist that man call you "Ms,** notice how some of them make it sound fajmy like 'mesa'?" - •••-Mr

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