Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 16, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1948
Page 5
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16, 1048 rNfews" Notes 'The 'ci6sittjfj -61 •;thfe fl>*'liMojic elecfipn in s'.'jfsj,- If.Will', be' spbkep of „._-, k 'tjie'otle 'having the kimesi Mfiheii of 'CElndiaates; the ^icampSlgriyas'''«}pafhetic. Qf the 11 ivttanifllJia ^B 'Yojrily.' thi ^ee have made fcuWWr'sta^Jjfientp. A fourth, in- cimbeatii^or Guy Hall, can let fil^"j>asf,re<iord, speak for itself, wHati^iire other s4ven? True, ' ftrf'iti<pi?rtf1rf»pw'Who they are, {ind t&8oU||)teclIy they iiaVe told their friends'what,.they sfand for if Wete9 ;''6ut ';vhpt' of the xompara- tlvejy'npwr' tes^dents of Willlts? • ftow^'are':they: to now" the ca'ftdi- dates" are qualified? Of course they can judge, from hearsay, butrisn't ^th9t ,Ml ;h0^'^ risky at times' Ee- •gsrdless;;it'ls'stili to be the hottest an'd^'^lbs^st ^race' JS^et—^particularly fdff] .Uiei'shbii .term where three meh'vle for'/orie Opening. Of the -tJlwfe; TBim. laUey, Roy Hampton ind -Var ^Fetersen.'ithe latter has previously served on the council «ndt?;atipeats . to be the favorite Vntib|,vBUl Raey. It would take rehrils 'of paper to ^ ascertain the ulerits, and shortcomings of all the c&]^di^ates;and:if they aren't suffi- cientlyi interested to do their own campaigning, why. should 17 See you at .the polls. 'The winner! Mr. Richard Harmer of Crescent City. The young gentleman was awarded'first pl^ce in the Uons speaking contest. When you are senior in ^igh school and wmner of tile regional speakers, :Dick, you are entitled to the salutation of mister. The contest was held Thursday night greater portion .or his remaining neth Eord. .The visit, a reprieve from studies at Santa Hose Junior Cpll^^e, itr^s #pent \yit)i .) UB parents, the W. D .Fords, and visitiiig ,:rteids. , . . - , . Stili re?j4P9rating, puU WJtb def4 ijsi«^fs3« Acfton training and passace to the Orient where prevailing condltioi^' are snafu. • ' • • -' When investigating a suspiciously, parked car, the police department IS prepared for anything, a; breather.Jrp>h;the I heay^y maU^apk.^an^ jour|iflyed to j, §acrainentp, • to7. yisli i,lEriBn|^/^ lo'Sf' ij weekend. . ' • 'An inducement,, unknp.S'n,,tci: biiprk. ttu}Vt?|lff,' vf98 tegpflnsible f6r'; except a sfranded honeymooning ^nVhl '^^^nnl^^Mr^S f/n couple. This IS what the suspicion, ^' i""'*l\l ^^^iturUe° ?n ' car parked out on Sherwopd hjU JV! u^f^'^T^!^„^}l^Jm^^: produced last Thursday. Theyoung Hil,''^^,^?,^^ r^^in ^ln,^"' couple were from a middle-west- ."T™"t>,°i ^'l^"^ f." , ern state ip dad's car, waiting fork. n ^rA ,7rJ ^Jf %l dad to send money so they could'^'"^ r T v ^finw ^Tj.I^n ' contmue on their way. The groom , "J ^- ' " f°}''i^ stretch in found that more than money was ^°^"<l Memorial hospital be- necessary to continue when the ^ °* P"^""*"?'?,-^'^^'t^,''; officers discovered he had no y""'^f^i^"" t° SO driver's license. That is one way - , " t% I! 1^1'°"* to make your honeymoon a mem;- orable one. With the .final curtain call of Murder Mansion, the public. wa^ convinced that the junior . class play had plenty .oi: talent Fi-oiij the usher^s to th^ stars.the pro^ duction was,e?i;cellent. The scenery was detailed and showecl ti}e;eflqrt and interest of the. stage crew; the makeup department left noth- brella: and rubbers? • Another - hospital' inmate is George Cleveland, a railroad em- ; ployee.'" He 'has r been transferred i to; the'^Southerh Pacific hospital j in: San Francisco' because of - a stroke; his conditioni unknown. , Missing from the city office is the blonde'hair and- shining per' sonality'of Smma Atcott. The lady has been dalled to POmtfna by the death of her father, B. t). White. -^'L it ^Uf, T^f I so sorry. •at • Andy's. The judges were litre, Cynthia Frey, active in the Willits Business and F'rofessional'Women's Club ahd noted for her accomplishments in the field of elocution; Fred Leonard, Willlts high school principal, and Rev. E. E. Brandt of the Baptist church. Their decision^not made only jtlichard Harmer happy, it cheered his loyal supporters, his father, and the delegates who journeyed • dpwn with him. He' will next compete virith regional speakers for the crown of District 4-B at Hoberg's on'May S. Representing his region, Lina, Nivplo, a junior at Ukiah high; was ruled oiit. JWith iMCh 'J fin^i'speakers it's a pity that onl^ oiiie cart win, Up to rpot for I4np: were Miss Grace Toles, Adolph Parducci, .Peter Frey, Dom Crirt' ilella and Percy Ornbaim. So 'soirryi:;. .Other business transacted by the liions'Club was that of the scheduled Easter egg hunt Perhaps • t^^ise -and his P ;G .&E.! employees 'aria >'ttie populace of Willits has lieeii jpraying too hard, for the ralni.god has figuratively and'iiter- aily; laeeln pouring it on. Cpilse- quently,. no hunt on AprU 11 eith4r. In lieu of the promised hunt the Lions hope to obtain movies suitable for the children by,April 23. On. that date the small' fry are invited to the high school auditorium to see the mpVi^s and hope for the prize- wihjiing eggs. The eggs, will be secreted in the bags of candy to be 'distributed to the young hopefuls. Those fortunate enough' to rieceive the winning eggs will receive corresponding prizes. Easter sure has lasted a long time this year..' , . 'Back with her family in WiUits ls_ Mrs. Blandhe lies. Blencbe vfOB chosen as 'one of the Mendocino coiinty representatives to the California Tuberculosis and Health As- sbciation meeting at Long Beach the early part, of this monti,'She attehded the meetings and learned of 'the association's apcpmplish- ments and plans and returned fairly oozing enthusiasm and ideas. Combining pleasure with business, she stopped oil in San Jose to yisU the Hii&.. Westons'and. her in-laws, Mr. aiid Mrs. W. E. lies. Then she stopped off in^S^in Francisco where she was the guest pf the A. W. -Starks. Now she is back and Mr. lies has left for Palo Alto. Kfis trip was necessitated by the illness Of his'sister, Mrs. Eva Larsen. . ( •That brings to mind a question. #ith Verh gone and Manager LpjilS' Zahella coni^npd indoors, wlio isxiipning the Willits Lumber Cpmpahy? .I' v ^Gaie ;eolebank wUl find that paycheck f|w't. 8ll;.it used ta bi. SoiiS^pw, it .wbp't go/as far and it won't be-inflation that does it. It will be the payments he has to mal^,.tO-the City of Willits until he "pays the $200 Judg:e Allan Sacry.. fined him for driink drlyilig. Three other gentlemen also *rarl afoul the law this week, floyd Edwards is to pay $500 for having deer meat in his possession wMle Raymond Carter and Lyman Huggins were finpd $250. People have repeatedly complained of the price 'of beef, but from all appearances the costlipst meat is out~of-season . yenlsoh., , Ed Markham has decided to invest his money mor^ spundlyi Hp was granted a,building permit in the amount of $4650 this week. Sounds. like a much better way to spend your money, i' Frank Greene, a young Marine, is staying at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dart. The tall leath- erneck'lias spent two of "his three L.<%.. years'in the corps in' Cuba and •r the third year aboard ship. The [ ^1 city-wide. As in all theaters the spotlight ' was on the stars.' Although all in the cast: are to be coWjnendfed^ special note 'to Dorothy Mattlson, Evelyn ^(eckendorf and Jeaiiinette \niite,'' who had long-supportihg:,roles. Male lead went to Frank Crowjey who was all tlte audience- could hope for, while Jeanne Donaldson -walked away with star honors- and: the audience's h ^art. Nptl ^oniy jlid slje give a good performance, the yourg }ady is oh, so easy on the eyes. Take another bow, juniors. WILLITS, AprU 14.—May we be the welcoming committee of one to mtroduce the new councilmen to Willits. Long-termers are L. Ei Bertain, . laundry proprietor, in ^r8t:w»th4i2 votes; second highest is Edgar Heckendorff, .N.W.P. employee, with.: 371; .and W, D. ford, feed store operator, i« third with 359. These are no more than were predicted, but the short term w^er; proved :,a surprise to: most,, •HjB ii. th^; dari? hdi^Se candidate,' Roy Hampt6n ^.;Whp le,d with 23 yptes' over.Y ^n" Peterson ahd 3? more than W^llliani Riley. Remaining oflticial score' reads: barrpld, F. Page, i205; George S. Harrah, 199; Guy Hall, 141; Chadfes foord;: 85, and William J. Malsbury, 34. figures '^ihaveirtlt icpn'fi^sed ypii, or if iyou have a matheiaaaflc' al mtad, you may have already, figured out the number :who went tp the .ppll^.,7f npt^ it"wajr}lB^S,;pr approximately: one-third of the- number predicted arid •eJlgible.''Jh the; long term it was the three electees by quite a margin, but if ypu aren 't Satisfied with any nf them reniember that in the oh'brt tertn 2'3 "vnte8 couia have made a differeijce. thjs time no one can assuredly state that we have or Have not,'a cooperating' council- elect, but if not, only those that vpted have a right to criticize. Con. gratulations t6 the hew 'councilmen; may your terms in office be peaceful and advantageous'to the 665 people who had the interest arid took the time to. cast their ballots. Shall be on hand in he council rooms on April 20'to see you offidiaily installed and extend whatever moral support you m'ay need, ' Here comes the Nnvy. Due hpine on.April 17 are two new;.Ba11ors; well known in Willits. Swabbi^ Lynn Freeman and'Charles Swift have surmounted all the trials of boot training, at the ; .piego Naval Training' Base and aire allowed an 8-day leave in which to recuperate;! before , returning, for additional (i'aining and schpoiirig. We can't furnish the ocean but the weatherman .predicts rain, so perhaps! ;tfee lellows' won't get too homeSitk for the life of'a gob. When you get drunk you have a headaphe. When you are ; drunk ahd disorderly you have two head-, aches and it isn't because you are seeing double.: One ji physical pain and .the other a financial one. Confirming wr s:^tement is the recent, arrest: of Charles P. Card of Calpella and Edward F. Cox of!^Willits,v :'whD wer^ 'fined $15. each by Judge Allan Sacry. 'A Cub Scout den meeting was held April 13 at the home of Den Mother Mrs. Mary Page. Ordinarily! the cubs, .Sp^nd; '^heir' time learning arid' practicipg us^ul proji^ts bijjt. with, th,^' present weather, conditions most of their activities were liiriited- to consuming cookies. Activity, though, is scheduled at their pack meet on April 27 in the W.I.C. building 'at 7:30 p.m. During this meeting each den will act out a legend and leave the identification up to the other dens. Sounds good, but is any cub tall enough to be Paul Bunyan? In the strictly personal department we find that the Jack Cress family has been having house guests. Over the weekend Mrs. Cress' mother, Mrs. Frances Ross of Olympia, Washington, was visiting them and now Jack's uncle, John Cress, is up from Roscoe, Texas. Home for the weekend was Ken- A joint birthday celebration was! held at the home of 'Mr.:and Sllrs, |. Franklin Tracy with;, .Patricia Tracy and James Robertson: sharing honors, 'fpi" Patricia on hei: seventh birthday there; were gifts, good wishes and a birthday cake trimmedin yellow and pink, while James pn the occasion of his ninth birthd^ay .cut a cake of blue and yellow. -The date was .April 10 the guests Carl, and George: Fowl id-, Mr. and Mrs. Jean Fowler, Janjce, Janic and, Jerry Robertson, Wayne Manning, .Mr. and Mrs.,Wayne Maynard with Loren and Karen, Mrs. Leta Bartolomei with Betty, Gary and Glenda, Tom Ted and Mrs, Bill Mack, D^rlene Elliott and Mr. and Mrs, Dennis Robertson. Besides the cakes, all the guests were treiated. to ice cream, hot chocolate or coffee and candy. All. decorations were m pasted pinks and blues, touched off with multicolored birthday napkins. The small: fry tried to pin ;toe; donkey's, iag with the i hbnoree doing the best replace- njegtv. elides,:playing, drop,, the hanky, the youngsters took part in a. game qf.gossip, proving how things get turned' around arid ex- I 'aggerated With • repetition. However,* we are not exaggerating Whei;i we irepeat what all present • sal^hat' Is; they, h*d: a; fui afterhppn. , • !.V.-:'>-^ ' • • i:Edna Simbrison,^;hairmaft-of the capteen: cDUnoii,^ liaS,p^Jl^i a:special, ip'eetmg fdr'Tuesday, April 2i)/.at;> p^n?; ih the 'WJ.C.. hall .^1 representatives of. all member organizations are iirged to attend as prepresentation of all groups is-necessary .befor^,.actipn may,be taken,; Election of officers is amo,ng the business scheduled for the evening, business is the matter: of the., stepng , feeling of some individuals that the canteen has served its purpose of providing , an, iota of recreatipn and: a place 'for: the teen-agers' to meet for the past, tiiree years and that it is time for the council to consider chpnging into a cpminuhity- wide, coordinating council, including city,, school and chyrch groups as: well ad civic orgariiz^- tions. Too, the prestot Friday night" canteen meetings conflict with Friday night school activities so the continuance or changing of meeting ,^ill al?P rie decided by vote. - ' ^ A report of the survey conduct ed by the public schools as to what the ^tud^nts and parents want in he recreational field will be presented. Should the.vpte be fpr ft comnjunity poordthating , council, all effort ve-ould"be .directed toward a broader city recreational program with the first objective; a trained Bvpervisbr : to direct ' th^ program for the suinmer months. Later in the fall and thereafter the program' coul4 be extended, to reach all persons, from babyhood to aduithopd and going beyond the scppe pf recreatipn, foster community in all activities. It is definitely an Imipprtant nieetlng so if' you are. a. city,:.county,, school or church official, parent, or anyone 'interested in the youth of •Willits, cbhsidier this yourpersoh- al irivitatlori. ' :, ' The home of the Wayne Turners en Locust street was the scene of. gay festivity Thursday afternoon,,. 4prU, ,9,.J»n0Tirig ..Pouglas Turner on his sixth birthday. Thpse helping the youn^ man celebrate his birthday/were Barbara, Margaret, Lillian, iVedrick, Rodger and their mother, Mrs. Ben fiijlott, Mrs. Albert Bartolomei, with Betty, Gary apd Glenda; Mrs, jack' Williams, Ellen, and John; Mrs, ,I*crter McCray, David and Susan; Mrs. Alfred Zook, Laura and Linda; Mrs. Harry Roediger, Margaret and Bobby; Mrs. Richard MmiJhy, Mrs. John Brooks, $r,, Mrs. Stanley Turner and Dean, and Douglas' family, Mr. and Mrs.,Wayne Turner, Stanley, Jr,, and Barnpy. Mrs. John Brooks, Jr,, and Mrs. James Smith were unable to attend but sent best wishes. The party was climaxed with the opening of many lovely gifts - and refreshmenta-of «ak^ ^J)J ^AmM ^P(mOCiRAT, PKIAH, CALIFORNIA: ) •TPHILO.'-^jA.pril ,i:|p., — Another dpaiti' saddened '.-'tliB commuriily this'wpik, ^Yhen, news was re- •<;^yed' [ tl« ; paislng .pf: ,WaUer SCJ^chVerid; memtfer^iOf a:plorieer family 'of' this' community. IMr. id^Vi)'erid.;'h.M,,'l^"w. Ill, tor some iljkp m&eiwjint an operation fifeyora} '^eeks 'ago, but his ,cnhdl- tip4;:>^':tpo^ Hes «ris'>r,puiiht-fe^ fppm th^' Community hosplt^ and jd^y; filnelpiil iervicefj wejreiiheld at'-ti^e Phl|o #Urch-^jiturday at . vuuv, «vcv, uTAUai/tl ..Will of the-vaUey is extended tO the merning j^ervices in Boonville at r^tivjis and friends of one of the n o'clock and evening services at best-Ilk^ members :^ of the -cem- Phiio at 8 o'clock every Sunday, muiiity. • • ' ••'•: | A surprise birthday narty was Bjlartha Rawles, Lenore Ray, Alyce Perkins, Genie Zanc, Iluss RuWles, Etta Hess,; Marge Rickard Iva Mackintosh.Margaret Char-les and the hostessj-Marie Wiose. Word hafi been received from District Superintendent Ow^n that a minister will be sent here at .the end o^ the church year, which is in June. The pastor whp will be appointed ha^ served in his present church for seven years, with a- very good record. In the meantime the pulpit is being'filled by Rev. Gibson, who will be here until June. Rpv. Gibson will hold .TO BAPTIST;yE )Btiijro. . , Mrs. Welter Higgins, -,306 Jones street, state chairm^m of Christian Citiensbtp-of the Baptist Missionary society, went t6 Oakland Wed* nesday„ Apnl 7, to attend the state 'executive, board/ session .which meets today. On Apnl 15, Mrs. Higglns MU be speaker in .Suisun w.hon Hie Solano county chyptcfiv^I (tjie fad- eration h^Jds Jls meetmg.: .• .' i Popular Couple Married Sunday,: April 4, Miss Betty LEGAL NOTtCg CEHTIFiqATE OF HljimOVKL TRAHSACTIM9 BpSUim UNDER FICTITI008 HAME W«. W-48 K::NOW ALL MEN ay THESE PRESENTS: That 1 the undersUfned PETER CrOLD do hereby cerium thet my nqme in full is PETER GOluD, FLOYD BOSS ,(Uft) ct.^ 'KEWfJBTH BAtLS pfiie^i:* up'lor -ill* . ^"Butvrvi Golf'/louiiiamint <hQ (^ilioeli, ^hai U) due to get unciei! way 'iftMTiwMtttllhvhigh schodl when weather permits.' Thirty, eonr' teeiant* have signed up;-Bofh tingles and double* will be.^featvr«<l- at the ^eW eoitrts .at the school: Tiopbier will be awarded, t ^rna^. n'.enl winners. ', . J ' , jello, and fcahdy spread on a biatir- tlfuUy . arranged , table decorated with pansies and birthday cloth and napkins. If you are a gad-about get out; your glad rags. If you fall in the quiescent category take a couple of vitamin pills, evict the mothj from your best bib and tucker and come to the park pavilion Saturday night. The occasion, thp Cancer Benefit dance; music, L6e Abramspn and his famous 8-piepe band; sponsors,' the Willits 20-30 Club; cause, one of the best ever; predicted,, five enjoyable dance- hours. , Willits police and other peace officers are on the lookout fbr two young,boys/who have left the Bergsori ranch in Sherwood valley. Descriptions available is, as follows: Glair Arrowood, 14, wear-^ ing blue :jeans; .bareheaded and sadly in need of a hair cut, The other lad is Tom^Courtray, .li,J also wearing blue jeans, bareheaded and needing a hair cut. He dil- fer's in dress from his Companion ais he is fortunate enough to have a ragged jacket If you have seen the boys please notify the local officers, as the boys are wards of the Bei'gbons, who are responsible for their safety and wellbeing, "Fhe Willits Citizens Power Conservation committee did not hold the scheduled meeting last Friday due to the change in regulations. The change, as you no doubt were glad to hear, is that there is no longer a ban on current users of power, but new business is rigidly controlled by the committee. W. K. Hicks of Cutten, California, names the loose surface of the road .a few^ miles above Piercy as the cause of his accident. He lost control of the car and the machine ended up on its side. A friendly trucker helped right toe auto but as the radiator, and front wheel were' damaged, Mr. Hicks had to resort to another mode of transportation to San Francisco where his daughter is in the hospital. We have heard of people carelessly leaving their umbrellas, or ?pecs in,odd, places^ but someone set sbriie itihd of record when on April 10, they left a 2-wheel trailer loaded and covered with canvas parked on the "white line 11 miles souto of Willits. Being in such a spot it was the cause of many near accidents and actually caused one car, Ralph Smith's, to leave the road and "tun into the bank. Have you seen your trailer lately? Dare you claim it? If you have ever driven more than 12 miles north of Willits you have made the sharp turn just uiider. the 'iinderpiiss and across the bridge. Then, too, you mUst have wondered.hovlr it was that mpreacbidents didn't occur there and how it wouid feel not to make the turn. Ask William Skeen of aoyis, N. M.,, or Mrs, Birchfield of 'Areata, They arp qualified to tell yoiJ, as Mr, Skeen didn't quite inake it 'op April 11 and luckily ended up against the right side of the bridge. They both received minor facial cuts while Mr. Birchfield, asleep in the back seat of the vehicle was unhurt. Perhaps your trailer is safely in the garage, but approximately $300 worth of equipment and foodstuffs i(sn't Where Glen Jamison left it. His cabin 10 miles east of Dos Rips road near Tatu has been burglarized. Among the loot the hooligans made off -A ^ith two I rifles, a .22 and a .32-20, and ap-' proximately $100 worth of groceries. Other unfortunate to be the prey of purloining individuals lost ':a-ftasbUght-and a greea fur-lined :-navy jacket taken Out of-.a- cjir while the owners • were in the toeatre. That was on the 12to, while on the 13th another car was ransacked. A pair of driving gloves, a flashlight, 150 rounds of .22 ammunition and SO rounds of Western ammunition being the booty, Last Sunday night a good percentage , of the populace turned put to watch the home of Floyd Wiley burn. Fortunately Mr. and Mrs. Wiley and their three very young children escaped, although they were in bed at the time pf the fire. They lost all their clothes and personal belongings in the flames. On numerous occasions we have asked the people of Willits to turn out en masse but not to a fire! Had that truck been needed in town for another fire it bould not possibly have gotten out Jpf that traffic. Some blamed, the •pqlice for not clearing the. way. It •air took 'place outside the, city liriifts: and outside their jurisdip- tipn. Too, some voiced the opinion that the fire department took too long getting to hescerie. If it took them longer than usual before criticizing bear in mind that behig out of the city limits it does not gb through the regular automatic alarm system. Rather, the operator calls, the chief and leaves the decision" as to how many trucks, etc., to send, up to him. Whpeyer gave the alarm in the first place did not give a definite location and toe fire chief had to locate toe fire before sending his men' on a wild goose chase. The house belonged to L. A. Way and cpm- plete estimated loss is at approximately $2000. And it is definitely a loss as nothing was covered by insurance. The flimsy structure was but one of many in a cluster that bears the misnomer of Happy Camp and although sonie of toe residents of neighboring cabins and shanties were loud in their criticism of the fire department not one was seen dampening his own roof or making any attempt whatsoever to curb the fire of the Wiley home. April -7 found the WiUits Lodge 365 F.&A.M. again busy with, degree work and again refreshed themselves afterward with hot dog&and coffee.' In a recent letf er we lauded the dramatic'talent of Our high school .students. This issue a bouquet goes to the Homemaklng Girls undp the able supervision pf Miss Knoch, who participated in the last P.-T.A. meeting. Prior to their business meeting the members were entertained by the Santa Rosa Junior college program of acting and singing. After the meetirig the ladles seated toem- selves at quartet tables with gay coverings and while sipping their tea* or cpffee and nibbling the copkles they were privileged to see what toese girls had accomi>- lished In toe way of dressmaking. First came the girls wearing schopl dresses, then aprons, followed by skirts, play clothes, afternoon dresses, coats, formals and finally the finale, night tales. The girls in forinals entered carrying French bouqiiets from which ' they gave each, ^est a flower as a favor. During the program Elsie Lawson arid Martha Rothsprack sang solos, acdOiripanied at the piano by Mai-ge Sirizzotti. To Maria Goiiber and,Patricia Grey go the honors as pianists. With up and coming citizens as these, Willits need, nut worry about its future. A liand to all and to Miss Knoch. present to wish Mrs. Rigden "happy birthday" were Louise Peterson, Annie Reilly,. Olive Dutro, Smith became the bride of Guide ] ter, Mrs, Floyd McKinney. Mrs. Pronsolino at 12 o'clock In the|RiWen had been visiting in Lattle pa^oUo cbu^ lilt Cioverdale, The pride, lovely in white wito lace trim, was given away by her fath^. Coy Smlto, The bridesmaid was Lucille Sklllman and the matron of hoijbr was the bride's sister; Margaret Stern. Best man was Angelo Pronsolino, brother of toe groom, and John Plnoli and liairy Prather wer^ to? ushers. Nearly 70 guests'from toe' valley attended toe weddingand tiie reception following, wbidi took place at Druid hall in: Cloverdale. The bride is the daughlei^ of ifr. and Mrs. Coy Smith, and has been^m-r ployed at Rtchmbnd^s.^tore since completing her sohoollngt The groom la toe son of Mr: and Mrs. Pronsolino of toe Signal distriet. Guide 'and Betty attended the local'^high school- and Guido also attended the agricultural college at San' Luis* Obispo-; They plan to make toeir home at toe Crawford ranch in Ombaun valley, where Guido is employed. The best -wishes of everyone are extended to the happy couple. Ray Smoot, popular bus driver on the Yorkville run, is home again from toe Stanford Lane hospital where he has been under observation for a heart ailment. Complete rest is advised and Ray will not be able to , drive. bus for toe rest of th^ term. It is hoped that he will improve rapidly. Harry Nlesori of BoohvlUe is now at the Stanford Lane hospital for treatment. He was taken to the city by Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bivans. . -., . , . Mrs. Marie Tarwaler was XJkiah visitor last Thursday. BiU Witherell, who has been driving school bus from Navarro for the;past nine years, resigned this, week^ and is. npw employed at the Burns niill near Philo. His place has been- filled by Warren Ingram of Navarro. Mrs. Henry Crispin left for WatsonviUe last weelc to visit her daughter and family, Mrs. Bessie Hanson. She plans to also visit her other daughter, Barbara Vkn Tassels of Fresno, Mrs. Fred Rawles -vvon high score at toe Bridge Club. party Wednesday which was held at the honie of Mrs. Ernest Wiese. Lp'w prize was claimed by Martha Rawles and second by, Etta Hess. Those jpresent to enjoy the afternoon of cards and refreshments were Winnie Reilly, Hazel Eyles, held Wednesday night for Mary ; a„d that my place of r^ldence is Rigden at toe home of her daugh- r. 1200 25tfa Avenue, sab Francifco, C?llfomla. i , That I am transacting business River aU day and sp the surprise m me State o^ Cali^mia, under was well kept. Games were pltyed the flcUtlpus name and -style of and toe lovely birthday gifts open- wn :.i:^PBT-LUMB:^R "^PP. Arid ed. Refreshhiehts of pineapple toet'l am tHesoJe owiier^AjrO.; salad, crackers and a banana cake prietor 'of said business;' tHnt". the with candles were served. Those , pi-Jflclpal place of biiglnes^iaiWil-: lets, Mendocino County, Stale of California; , ' .,iV:;;'• . : Grace Blattner, Mrs. Sams and jjjnth day of April, 1648, Mirs. Rlgden's sister, Mrs. Jarnes Moore of Little River, her two daughters, Thelma Collins and UUian. McKlnhey, anfl her small jcrahddaughter, Patricia Collins. . Mrs, Jess Ridley arid daughter Evelyn were Fort Bragg visitors Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gansberg, their three daughters and son and niece, Lois Benton, left Thursday morning for Lafayette to visit Mr$. Gansberg's sister and family, the Elwln Maxey's. They will return to their home In Camas, Washington, from there. Eliiebeth C. Johnson Elizabeto C. Johnson was born at Christine, one of nine children. Her father arid mother, Mr, and Mrs. Andrew Guntley, moved to Christine in October, 1855, being among the early settlers who moved to the vas ey, crossing the plains from Illinois. Elizabeto Guntley was married to George W. Johnson April 27, 1892. She resided most of her life in -Anderson valley. In 1898 Mr. and Mrs. Johnson built and operated a store al Philo, which they managed imtU 1945 when they sold out to Floyd and Lillian McKinney. Since then they had resided in Boonville. .Mrs. Johnson is survived by her husbandj George W,. Johnson; t-Wo brothers, Ed Guntley and-Frank Guntley, .both' of Pliilo, and nu- iperous nieces and nephews. Mrs. Johnson will be missed by all who,knew her. She stands for the early! industry and- life in ,the valley, and it, was pioneers like her. who helped build the valley, and to promote the abiding spirit of kindliness and cooperation. The sincere syrnpathy of ail who knew her is extended to her family. MRSr EMERSON HEtgE: Mrs, Eva Emerson, who , spent several days this v/e .i3k with her Sister, Mrs, T, ,L. Hiatt, wturned to her home in Healdsburg Thursday. STATE or CALIPORNIA, > City and County of ' ) :ss. San Tranutsco ) On tols 9th day of April, In.the year One Thousand Nine Huiidt'^d ai^d forty-eight, befoW !me,.MAkY A. LAPACHET, a Notary Public, in and for: toe titty ahd CpUrity Of San Francisco, personally f ^p* peared Peter Gold, known to me to be the person v/hose name is subscribed' to the wltoln instrument, and acknowledged tQ me that he executed toe same.. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my. hand and affixed., my Official Seal, at my, office In toe City and County of San Francisco, the day and year in this certificate .first: .above written. MARY A. LAPACHET.: Notary Public In and'for -the City and County of San Franciscp, State of Callfprnla. 110 Suttor St; My Commission Expires October 30, 1949. :; Filed AprU 12, 1948. W. J. BROADDUii, County clerk. NATHAN MEHENBACH. Attorney at Law, ' ' ' . 110 Sutter Stre;eti : • ' •' : San FranciScO '4,"'C;alifbrtflei' ;}/16,23v30i.5/7,Htf;.. -p.: Golden State Mot«l SAN FBANqiB.CO?8> Powell Slieei air: enU In toe Hub — But Out ol'' the Hub-bub. Choice of Ou^lde-Inside ^poma j^WITH?BATH:»—'.' - •-': Single t2»0 iip: Double |}>90>«p —t mfHovrf: BA-TK L©m Shibjey • 1 BUY - SELL - TRADE THHOOGH THE CtASSiriED COLUMNS NOW IN iFFECT... 0^ our overnight trm^^ between Eureka & San Rafael • li^htJireaMiiSt aiid''a!if«ifk'' $ervic« • Improved coach occommodationf 'V^ pre happy to aiinounce some important imi»^ Qur oyernighttirain service. A lounge section is availajjlejor .FutUnaia passengers, wii^^ an attendant to serve snails, doughnuts, coffee, juices, saiuiwicbes, soft drinks, cigarettes and other items. llie.jPullmat) cor? have been repainted and redecorated. Improved coach accommodations are available, too, with the cars decorated in light colors with attractive upholstery. Sections for smokers aqd iion-smokers. Bus connection between San Francisco end San Rafael. Our overnight service is tinie-saving and a pleasant, comfortable way to go. The friendly Northwestern Pacific C. A.'V EALE, Vice President and General Manager F. E..W ATSON, General Passenger Agent NVPt^ci

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