Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 16, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1948
Page 4
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;^,|e^*s.^|^ptla| Qafe , MSPATO .DEMOCRAT;,UKIAH,:CALIF6RNIA'" Maty low Maguiw Dorothy Billehus Is "Wmmx Qi Content t 4Vii:t •LLii: • *•' Fern Von SchtiUi * iDtiMtliy:; BiUehus and! Eloise WadSi Ukiah high school stufJent^, ''Wbre -flrat-.^nd. second winnprs in, Ibp. Ame'Ic^n esspy potitpstjsPfltt-; sored byt •Vetei'ans Sote\^ Wars.'Announcemeilt of the -wux- ners- :Vas made at a. meetnig • ' ^Thursday night in Veterans' Me-; ttiorial .J1|»11,- of, W.SjK. Auxiliary. • Judges were James Busch, di^- tfict attorney; Superior Judge "'";i :,11bufT> pibspn and John Taylor, Spu ^ty si)pqrir)tendent.of ^chqdls.; • Th^ir; English teachey - is Mi^s: Griicp ' Tojes. A. medal and $10, •'• iWill be Dorothy 's aWard; Elojse "• i'eceiv«d $g. •: plans were :tnade with V.F.W. 'iflri the jojnt. installation of ojft^- -ofHB. 'apd dini^ef scheduled for; Au^ilJ?'^ olTlcers wijl Installed prior to .the inc |uctic|i, .,,,ftr fGporge. E. - Harmon as ney'. prgsidpnt of V',F.W. Sister,- Mar^ ^qwtpsi of, , l-akoport, •.senior > vlcp, , -tfe3i^<^t:pf I 'eth' district,,: wiU^bp ' 7Httt?|Hing ofEtcer for-. auxihary; officials. - , . - • -.r • j ' President Prudence • Lavilettp ,, presented' her -annval report afj activities, and reports were heard frp^fi.j chairmen oi committees op home funds, rehabilitation an^ :9l\aplain services. . ! I :-.Dclegates to; the. <listricfc'meeti-' •ing end department. .-imcpitipmeHt iWlll bOfMrs. Ijily Ross, Mr% Fern Vdn (iSohrilt?; and; Mrs.; WiniJEredi iBuchanap.-.?AUernateg ,n^mod, are Mys.:MaT8arot;Tuck,ep, Mrs. Angip^ \Vrallach- and Mrs. .EUen .Leno. Thp '<iistfict; meeting will he Mpy; . US in Fprt .Bragg;.- the enonmp- m^t m Iios Angeles June 23 •toiJSi •. • 1 •. Refrashmonts of sandwiches Bhd coffee were served by a saOrtlnilttee- which included Mrs. ;liily li Jfoss;. ; Mrs. Tuclter, • i Mrs. ^allairi^iand Mi^s. Eaura. Shields. .D<ircds Socipty Meets far Socldl Welfare !i^l\(^mbors of Dorcas Society, of' gev9nth Day.^dyentist churcin. t^igt Tuesday afternopn at the hpraa of their leader, Mrs, Clyde gr4ves, The mecjting .was opened, iyijh {irsiyer t>y Jfixs, Ajlolph Jo}in- ; Mrs. Ross Brown read of Dorcas and jier ^oric • and Mrsr Graves conducted a business meeting. Do- -flatJon pf< $16,;yuas voted for local; r6l |ef ,work. Six members reported; callingion ,shut-ins. At each meet- 1 ij\g, rpember^ ar^ appointed to call 9fl, slqjf ^,ppf^ons and sond<.car^p' 'and ;',Xlowefs. • ••. :• Mrs. Marie Yorlt-wqs appointed itp-ujivestl^qtB.local cqsos of need., Readied for shipment for overseas, local; ansj , state ,needy,, ise garr mehts. wefe mended, tagged and .pap^ied. ... •i'K;-' ? ~ ? T"! '' '•.-, , Surprise Party Fetes • Mrs. Kate Nicholson Mrs-'Rattierine- (Katerrficholson thciu |(ht she ,was dropping in on Mr', 'aiid Mrs.' '6e'n iproA ^rti,' 1150 West' Standley ^street,- Saturday night, when Mrs. James McKehz'i^ pn^ Mrs. James ptertz pame by,an<^ ' invited her to go along. When .they arrived she discovered .slie \ya? the honoree at-'a party to hohot "h^rS ^rd, birthday; .'^Viryprie enifiygcl the gift apen- ing and qdmired .her .many pres- eats^'^nd .thet^ lp\n^o, v /asjilByed. Ladies winning prizcs.v were Mrg. Gt6brge'' >fagle7' MFs" 'fenk'''Har-' ader,- Mrs. M?Kinsey., Man .winners were; George Nagl'e aod jPra'tilc Tolman. , .. • The 1-iirtliday. :p ^l^e w ^s handr •somely decorated with calla lilies and buds and red candles. Tables wer6 laid with (ji'lghf birthdUy cloths, pud n ^nlt :in «.»nd ,Mlo ;apd \yliippe,d. pi »a (\i, cal^e; an^ ,cpffee wer^ served. '.The guest list iiiduded the Fr ^nis Tolmans, ,lV^rs. Lbrena Rains, Mrs.' Frahlc' Wegner, Mrs. Grace -Whittalter, the l>ragles and Hdr- ader?, and Mi:, and Mrs. Arthur Dempsey. • ; • • Gay tee^fell Party From 2:15 to'4:80 when the .till-' 'pshQ^'Uei^ mXi)^6B, Mr aijtfMr^. F. Walter Sandelin, Sr., greetted' the;r friends at 8' cocktail party In'tiieir gtatceponv on the Mat-' sonla on whicji tliey sailed fcjr Hawaii qt 5 p.m; Friday. U was a joyotia gathering' which kept; the r cabin dn B deck filled, to more than capacity, while friends .toasted, their health and comfort •6n the voyage which will t{ion) to qli the principal Masonic lodges in the islands. > They \viU join Senior Grand Master Chejster H. Warlow ahd , Mrs. y/'prlow fo'r the tour and I return with them by plane in pbo_ii( a month. Mr. Sandelin }s l^enlor Gran(l Deacon of'the grand lodge of California anpl a past master ct the Abell lodge of XXkiph..- . ,. i •TJklal^ friends who Wished them bon voyage v^ere!, Mr. anfl Mrs., Fred Clempns, Mr. pnji l^r?. Sam' Rpy, :^rs.. Esther Red\vipe, • Mr. and Mps. Johp .Hansen, I4r. and iAr^. F. Sandelm, Jr., Olive L. Higgms, Al Antoni, Mr^. Irene Clelpfidj Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Foster, Mr. apd Mrs. R; G. Sandelin, Mr. and Mrs. Alfi'ed Fragaj Mr. and Mrs. Edgar .Sutton, William R. Biitenbender, Mr. pnd ^Ts. Arthur Harris, Ben A. Cober, Mrs. Ruby. .Cunningham, Clyde Le Baron. • Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ho^yard Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff demons, Mrs. Marlon Lee Reed, Juanda Loysen,-Janice and Lempi Plhernlg, J. G- Jinn, Mr.s. Marianne Moelresk, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, all of San FrUncisco; A. V. r ;etersen, BoonviUe; Mr. and and Mrs. Clyde Gopd and C. R. Good,. San Rafael; Gertrude Bellport, Cloverdale; Henry G. Uttley, l,ake- View, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs..Grant Kellogg, Sant% Rosa; Louis B." Brown and Wm. H. Burgess, Berkeley. ; r For the guest log they pressed into service a sheet of wrappinfT paper which is to remain a valued souvenir of the occasion. ; Pete Three Birthdays '^ITH A BUFifET SUPPER, ai Souihwotrih'a, on Redwood'highway noirlh, diiaiXen Soulhworth, left:>.Mrs. Edna 'Sehmltt.reeiueir,'and William Rile^, right, celebtaied ItaeSx birihdBiys on April 6. ' ' Spring Events For Rebekah Members Include District Initiation April 30 . V TRIRAY CHOIR PRACTISE Choir practise by 7:30 club will , ^be held op Fridpy night, April 16, •at-V:30 instead of tlie regular meet- ii)S lime which is Thursday night. Party Celebrates ' Three Birthdays Three birthday celebrants werp' hosts at a,bufte(t supper in South-worth's April 6,"and three deca-^ ratedj'caudle-ilit.cakes;adamed the buffet table, (Which.,.Was ;gay,.witti dailadilB .and tall .tapeirs;. .> .v ,' • . (;Guestsi were invited to observe' the birthdays of; Charles .Soutl^-' worth;! William Riley, of Willits^ and -Mrs. Edna•• Schmitt- of. Redwood:, valley. . . - ? .; ,. : After isupper .Mr. RUey .displayed twa teclinicolor Alms :witii sound, ppstraying air views oyer Alaska anj^.; aa aiR travel- tour qf the United States. ' WdlitS-: auests v,!erft .;Mi;. •,'anjl Mrs. Douf Cglemap, Mr. pnd, Mrs.. Floyd. Lootp,, ,Mr. and Mrs. Ed. H(jrton, Mr. -and' 'Mrs./^Chprles' Coleman,; jWri ai^4 Mrs. I^jy- Jam»-.' sop, Mr. and Mrs. '^lUiam <Hiley,l Mr., pnd Mrs. Ted Collins;,! . Guests,, from, the SputJ^worth- distiSot were ? iVJr.; and Mrs.? • M. • Waters^ Mrs. Sputhworth, Mrs. i Mane Pearl. Dr.. ppd Mr;. Jplml ;^rltton .were tbtsre, .^tom.v Rld^e- wpy .Ranpl:^ pr.d> f,fnKpo )]er f ^om: Uldah. I(edwood .'VaUey.;.friends, wene Mr. and Mrs. Roy W'lUams, Mr, ,pn(^.,,Mrsi. Harold . Buckle:!^, Mr..and.Mrs.,.John:Mun', . Stork Sfjower Honprs Mrs. Francis Griffiths ' A • stork shower characterized by ui ^ique ^an^ artistic appointments \Vas given by Mrs. Henry Wehrmann, 307 Bush strept, to hoi^or Mrs. Francis Griffiths (Opal Outline), last Wednesday night. Ex- .ceptionally clevpr stork, motifs decprpte(i the,entire,hQU?e and at each place a tmy pinnejd. diaper dipped in blue wax made original mint cups. Napkins wire folded Into bow-tied sacques and an original stork drawing was'a'favor for pacl^ "guest, . .'. , ' .Beautiful gifts'from 35 friends were oppnpd and acknowledged by hohprep. ' Tiie guest - list inpluded: Mesr dames Effie Newell, Ruby Edgar, Riiby'Jess," Luiiy Smelfz, 'Mable Grimm, 'Vera Schcum, Betty Jpck- son.vMabolIe Lpwrence, J{ora Hall, ,gdith.-Quth.^if, iPatriqip Welch, P?.arl. Gae^Win,. Lela;.:K[iW;:etli, Ruth Closs, Ethd, Hplst^n, Joyce ;Seekinger, Anne, J?iattes, Doris Kej'es, Antonettp 01stad,'|W Phillips, Edith Goodwiip, Alice Goody/in, Anna Cppe, fAlt^. Taylor; Misses Jane Zimitiernian, Junp Zimmerman, Lois Carty, Geraldine Binneb,' Dolores ' Guthrie, ' Cleo ' Phillips, Brenda iHpll. Meijiber^ of , Cornelia Rebekalr lodge f.will > accept -an myitatiop- to" pttend a district initiation in Santa Rosa April 30, where Mi'o. Alice M. Scliultz of Santa Rosa,'vice president of the Rebekah a^sen^- bly, will be in charge'of the rite. The initiation will take place pt the same time as t^e Oooi Fellowship meeting of Sonoma district to which .invitations havp been issued by Mrs. Ellen Nehs, Gopd Fello-wship chairman of district No. 6P. Mr. and Mrs., Vern Bickfor^' pnd Mr. pnd Mrs. Orville Gole<man plan to attend and take a delegation from the Ukiah lodge. • Thepe plans w^re made at the iMondpy night.meeting.of the Cornelia Rebekahs in I.O.O.F. hpU, wheye Mrs. Vern,.Bi-ckford, noblp 'grand, prpsided. Mrs. Fred, Cirputt; substituted in the past- . noblp grand's oSioe; : M»..P.hillips Greeted.,. . .Special - greeting • was given .tp rMrs.Sa^se Phillips of Fort Brag^, for sevpfal yea^s a membpr of thp Hoplpnd Jtebekah lodge who is' •i]pw stp^yinp atthe Wpynp Burkp home, in (Jkiah. ; MeiTj ^ers ., vdted .to . refurbish ,tlje ladips;, lounge ,in .the- lodge iJjpll. and ,donations, of furnishings, ,y;ili be, accepted .by Mr^. .powpr^, Tuttle, appointed chairr man of the project. Delegate? from District 68, going to the assembly- m Lon^ Beach May 10, have been told to-prepare to be in • the chorus^ ;f6r a "^circus performance' -whicji Will- be part pf the entertainment. They are furnishpd a .list .from which to. choofie tneir roles anfl preiiRunary ; discussion indicated ^hey fppy ..form .a .kitchen band as;'part. of their contribution to .the entertainment. . F ^nd Raising Plan Anmnovation fox.fjmd raising' purpose? ; will be a donations table whefp contfibuted articles Will, be sold .to members. At thp' next meeting all are asl^pd, to bring plants to be sold- from the- tpl)le.,.Mt;s.. Erwin Kpch, Mrs. Or-' .cutt and M'^'s- l^an Cohen flonateil disl\tovv;els for lodge ,use. A box sop ^pl .l(as been po;stpoped. Hostesses for Iho evening, who achieved distinctive table decq- rations m the.lodge colors of pink and green, with streamers, sweet peas, flve -.flnger.ferns.and potted azaleas, were Mesdames Joe Brush, Frank- Sappingfield, Joe -Frassinello and Miss Rose Gibson. The lodge hall was effectively decorated ih royal purple ins anfl white blossoms m • baskets placed at each .station. , QRENNENS FIND HOME Mr. and Mrs. J. B. , Brennon, house huntmg since they came to Ukiph. March. 1, where he. is manager of the telephone .company, v/ill occupy the'home-va'cateS by Mri and Mrs. John Marshall, 741 Souih Oak street.- The- dwelling was purchased as an investment i;epently, through Fred Nassie; b; ivir. and Mrs. -TJ A: Read qf ;23i ^yest." Mill. street. The Marshalls fliid, their iwa -sDn ^iexpeof .to iu- L -ate in the Bay region .where'he is to be! employed. '. '.- • , - i Annual Convention Of B,P .W.a Here Mrs. George Butler will be'In­ stalled as district, president-of Redwood Empire district of -Business & ProfessionarWomen's clubs when the organization holcJs its annual convention' in Ukiph-next Saturday and Sunday. Mrs; Arthur Hams is general chairman^Regular meeting of the ;Ukiah unit- will not be held Thuesdayi night, Mrsi Mark Eglm, president, announced,this weeki •. A full social and business, program IS planned to- highlight the 2 -day session, which will begip with - a banquet ^in- ihe Canttrp room, : fialaoe ' Hotel,- -Saturday night. For this occasion, .^^Mrs. Esther Redwine is chairman an^ her-committee is -planning =effective decorations for the >^ banquet tabip >'Installation will take 'pla'ce at/ noon Sunday in House-of- Gtarner.- Miss Laura Lorraine of S^bastopol; state president oS B.P.W.C. of ;Gali-' fornia, will be installingi oflieer. '- FaHylnClubboiisfe Ftf|';GJ|^rleS Moyer I (Jb '^rles Moyer, who wps seven Toil, 'APi il' 8. * celebi-Pted * his birthday on Spturday afternoon ii> Mtmielpal'clubhouse-With; a party kivon by his mother, Mrs Arch •Mbiffer; A* varieCy of gpmes amuspd' the boys ah(3 girls who; were; his guests, pnd brought birthday gifts. Bill Beaufort, 7, lyho plays the ' piatlo remarkably - Well, added to the -' entertainment w«th several '•musical numbers." • - • •. 'A deeof.ated birthday cake cen-' tered .'the refreshment table; bright ^Yith birthday cloth and napkins. Ball an(lpp(ldle games were favors. Mrs. Adrian Etter and Mrs. Tony Bartoloiiiei assisted the hostes$, His gijests, photographed above,' were: (back, row, standing left to right) Leland Mitchell, Margaret Gwinn, Daphne. Rawles, ,; Garry Dean: Pe4(l, Qlen Etter; Ronald ; Ifessingpr, 'iWprrei^ Brojwn, Dou^-^ : las Uoylej iCar.olyp Harader,- Donald, Stewart, Dquglaa Norfolk, Bil-^ ly Parduccl • , Front row; Douglas Bergstrom^ •Tommy •McFarlend ;i Tufby de Tur-; blviUe, • Susan de Turbiville,' Charles - Mpypr.- .honoree;, Suspn' ;Moy»r, v 'Margie-' and rMargarpt Frohp, Bill Beaufort; Osoar ,Smith and T^sny Dever. ,-> . ^ Elks Go TQ Santa Rosa For Installation Rite For the installation; of Exalted -Ruler 5-' William f Johansen of B.P.O.E. lodge No. 646, Santa Rosa Wednesday night, Ukiah Ellcs of lodge No. 1748 sent a,! delegation of officials and''members: Those who attended the rite were Exalted Ruler Ed Jennings, -Past Exalted ruler Arthur Alger, Leading Knight; Bay Williams, Loyal Knight John 'Viarengoi Lec-I turing Knight Reno Bartolomie,' Esquire Walter Eversole,, and members ' Edward Eversole (ol Santa Rosa , lodge),, H. H. Tut^e; and Mark King. . ' • DINNER GUEST ' Miss Jeanette Fracchla, of south High-way, was a dinner guest on Monday night at the home of Mrs. K-.^Fi Rose, South Dora street. M: News From Covelo COVELO, April 13—IWr. and Mrs. Charles Lavpil arp combining pleasure and business in a trip to Sap, Francisco .this •week.. • i; .. Mr.. and Mrs. ^harles Rice of Freshwater, spent several, dpys la Cqvelq fhis weelf. , " - , Mrs. Syetta ColeiT \an. of, Spi^ita; Rpsp IS spending a. ,few dpys inj CovelQ. •... . . , , .' Mr. and Mrs. Boh Ejtzhu^ .|««,, happy parents, of a baby girJ -Gpil,; Claudme, who was born .at. the, Ukiah Generpl Hospital, la ^t Saturday. learning, .April. Ip. She weighed seven popnds . ar ^d. tVQ ounces, and her, granc ^pafents are; ME. and Mrs. Lester Fitzl ^u ^h of; Cavelo. . .' Mr. and Mis. Russell Sho^ pnd] children of WiUits ahfj-. Mrs.; Huglies of Calpella visited Sunday: altertioon with'lMrs. May" Perry;| and" Mrs. Maude Shortj granc(-i mother and mother of: Russell. , ' Mr. and. Mrs. Frank Spott, son Ralpl^ and p friend, Mr. An^erspn of Fort Bragg, were visitors in Co-' vplo last week. . • • :' Miss Dolo,res Stockton of Willits visited her pprpnts, Mr. an^' Mrs. Charles Stockton in Covelo^ last weekend. • ^r. and iWrs. Fred Alford and, son David, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence- Brown and' Rev. Hetiry, visiting- ministpr, a]! attended a . fellow-: Eihip meeting in V/illits lasf Monday. • ; • • . I Dr. E. J. Mpc'cy of Opkland was- a visitor in Covelo last Monday. . Charles Lovell has purchasefi the Dr. G. K.'Osborn house .apfl lot' in Covelo and-'will convert it 'into an apartment' hoiise- as rapidly as is possible'. ' ' ' ' • At the last meeting of the Masons' in fcovei 'o; Oscar Sitterly'was given the third degree. • Pat Miller, who is'employed; at. the Tuttle^n'civ near: Covelo, left last week for Los Angeles' where he will' visit a 'brother and Mother; relatives;.. ' ,V. •/ •• Last Sunday evening Mrs. Aui^- rgy Rohrbaugh wps honored with^ ;p -birthdpy-dinner at the home', of .,Mr,,.pnd ;Mrs. Harpld 'Tuttle: •in CovelOi Resides thehost >and 'hostess,-Mr. apd Mrs. Tvttle, and ithe' • honoree;Mrsi' Rohrbough,, •guestpi were her- husband, Johp .13.; Ift )Jiirbq \igh,-; and, son, Johnnie, Mr.' pnd Mrs. Jack, Allen and' £on Jjjhn; oppt -MiUer, • an*, the Tuttle qh}ldrpn.- After, dinner- the, tin^e; iras < sgent ,with inijslo, showing' colored picture slides pnd taking piemres qf- the cl ^jl ^t^n by Mrs.; Hohrboi^gh. .Mrs. Rohrbpugh. re- ;pe »ve4 i^ppy Pyetty an^ vMsefijl gifts. . The Mutupl Aid Sqcipty i mpkuig. plans for a Mothers Day sU*;er tea tq |jp giyen pt the churoji spoiai-^ial\ during •th.e sec -j .o^jd.^yveal? in. May. Thp exact ^pte has not beet set. ^. progratti, of readings and-;jmusic .is yapged.. Refreshments yfM- be serypd anji ,the ypmigg^t aq^ pld- est mqthers will be presented vnt]i. ^ifts. Nurse Eloisp presbach, who l^as been in the Lakeside, itospital With a severe case of flu, was brought home, to Covelo la ^t Sui^dpy. l/lvs. tora^hpch i^ recovr- eijqg pic ^y J \ri4 vvfUl .soon be aljle tp Resume her duties ps nqrsp. ,' , Mrs. Dresbach's little daughter .Mary Anne,- who was also at Lakeside Hospital, for a tonsil- ectomy, is; home and in fins, condition. Hpmar Calfe. wislnes to express his pppreciatipn pf thp f^ne spirit pf cppperpton shown him by the,' peppje. of, Cpvelp in keeping their 4pgs:qff theVtreptr .. : ; A group -of ladies gathered the.home pf,Mrs. C. H. Lpvell. •last Friday |pr the Federate^ I<a-, ^ips Aid-silver •tea; -A number of thp ipd^eg-brpjught fanpy -wpplc,. WhJfTh w£i^ ea^pmine^ and adiiiirea. ifixf.'' J^yrtJ^: ^phrfaough then read ,; ,*(IRS., MILLER - MlSlIJtHG. t,.,Mrs. Gpoi;gp M;.,Miller has been visiting here sincp April 7 and plans tp, returin tp her ^0 (pe in San Franpisco '^unday. (She ,has spent part of the time y/Jth hey son'.s family, Mr. and Mrs. Macli M. Miller, and the rest with' Mi;, and 'Mrs. Elmer' Sweet, - Bush street. Mrs. Swept is her daughter. -.: • • - •'. ;• - •,-}-'••'•' • The Sacrpin^nto i;lver is navi- gpblp tor a distance of lap miles. Camp Fire News •f ENHQUTE TO* JHAWAII Mr. and Mrs. F. Walter Sand«1in. .Si,, in ||>*,i<Jiegit«ujj<I. iperib*Ti of Ihe iamily and ift>*nilf "ho wwa pari of the^orw of guests vho foled the ^andelins on th« Hatso:^ on'which they sailM for the Hawaiian Islands ^Frl4ar> Bikek.r^^^ — left to right: Al Anton. Mrs. Irene Claland. Mrs. ]R«^rt;*ip*>l>». Robert Sandelin, Terry SandeUn and Mrs, T«»iy S«nd«iw. ; ; .. r,;;'tti;i.;i..^.,.tt-'WycaiiWyh,..^-'' ^ •, •; Wednesday we elected new. officers for our last time this year: President Mill.y Bro\(rn, 'Vice-president Christine Weeks; Secretary Roberta -Wallace; Treasurer Barbara Baldwin; Scribe Nan • Furman; -Assistant - Scribe' • Wilma Lang. •' ••.; ; ',••; We had a visitor, Mrs. Fred Schell. After our meeting we had lemonade and cup cakes. Then we planted some 'mangold seed for our project. We sang our closing ^ong which.ends our meejing. Our next meeting will be held at the clubhouse." -* • . Scribe Ndn Purman','' Assistant. Scribe Wllma Lang Point Arena iPQIl!4T,A?ENA,-Aj)r}l 14.--!The Hrobsky-Zettler mill has been olpped^owp because of the ram. Jpck, Rufner of Gualala and -Theliqp Miller, telpphone •operator in-point Arena''eir eqgagementithiswdpkv. - ' . • The high school; annual, The Fog Horn, hasbeen'completed-and.sent ;tp; 'the ^publishers*';y?e expect it bac^ May 10 - Saturday-night Charlotte'Hrob- sky 'Provided ;aepordiDn music in Itte 'sawdCist, room tit Dissotele's Coffee Shop The Point Arena high school teacheus went to-Fort Bragg to a teachers' meeting Tuesday afternoon.. .''Point Arena high school played baseball with.'Fort Bi'agg'Monday and-lost 12-5. - ' The 4.iH club will hold a meet- 'Ing-April 17.- • : -• '••'Mr.'and Mi -B. James Biaggi.went to Petaluma April 13. . • • 'Mrs. -Dorothy Sjolund returned from San Francisco last week, -where she had been under a doctor's care., . ' • • - There is a'dance to be held at the Farm Center, sponsored by the Garcia Grange, May 1; The Glee- sopie • Threesome will • provide music. •"Mrs. -T.'Pj Mills of Guplala is returning' home Wpdnesday. from ^anta Rosa, with her eight month- old baby, who hps hpd a ;ma]or operation Iq.Oaklan^. . • The Spnior Class is to present a^lay April 23 at p:?0. The title IS A*Poor Married Man., The 'X-rray society will take x-rays at Point Arena, high school, ifpr all the high school students and adults on April 2a. The CiVic Club ladies are to help register all individuals.- AH adults ,are urged to take.advantage:.of this .X ;^ray since it is; free. The sale of • Christmas Seals makes; it.-^possible. .. Masque Dancing Party By CSE A Gala Event; Another Is Planned For/May^ ^^MISS PVORA LORRAINE. Stat* president of BJ>.W.C.i who'Will be'installing officer for the an. nual 'convention here - Saturday. :i,«nd"Sund<r^' .: Repglslican .Women To Elect Officers Republican women sn<!! - all others interested in the' 1948 election are inyited by Mis. Lp'aise Bernhardi president of .ykiah unit of Republican Women's-Council to attend a meeting in the; Redwood Roopi of the- Palace Hotel Wednesday. April-21. pt 3 p.m. , Annual election of officers will be held at this time and plaqs made for aggressive participation in the Republican electipn ; campaign. - ' Black Fqce Revqe Set For April !7 Sounds of music and laughter coming from around the piano in the Saturday Afternoon clubrooms every Sunday presage lively entertainment whan the club puts on Its Black Face Rer vue April,.17 with an all-male cast. Henry Spurr Will be the interlocutor' and end 'men are to be Jack Gouge. James Lindsey. Ted Barker. Harley ^lonson, Stanley Lance and; Roliert, O'Day. Special acts and' chorus, parisare taken by Jeff Branson, Lou JOIT .dan, Robert -Jaidine, Judge LiU burn'Gibson;; Peter Frali, Ewert Qibson and :Alex J. Tregoning; Master 'Michael 0' is :ihe youngest member of the cast, . Geais Corbielt is directing the . music; Lester Miller "is 'pianist and Don Hoover is assisting'in ' production. vFbur members of p WilUls orchestra are bboktfd' for ' th^ show. v 'A}limited number of tickets can be obtained from dubj members. - an.'article ' she'liad prepared, lii which.she told of her trip through the south: where she - Visited ' the grahd , old mansions > that:* have •stood :so. many, -years. .Mrs.'May Perry conducted the meeting ahtl it Was'decidea thai the :Aid meet, twice 4 month, the iirst- and third' Fridays; that' the ."first i Friday .be, a' silveritea and^the-ithird Friday a; whin :eaih.'lady. ,will brln^ some articleshe is'making Ion;the- fall. bazaarC.The 'idea, lApt with the approval af^ all.'.'The nejit 'sil-var'" tea,-will: be' given Tjy. Mrs. Wilda Hurt ^at heii home.mhd she' van be- assisted) by Mi:s..-Winnie Hurt; ,;-: --. ?.'. v. • ,i Mrs. Geoigp- Short was in -:frbrp Bald mountain several dayS this •week.' " • ."•'.' •' ' • .' . .'Rev. and 'Mrs; Ernest Carey are; attending Presbytery, at Napa this week. supervisor. Guy Redwine pallet on- his.' arw'nt,'iMrs.. MPy:. Pei',ry, Monday afternoon.' CQV^O hopes to have, a hospital. G. -M: : Biggar. • has i . given a lot south of. his house fdr the building and the. Farm Bureau is tryipft to,get the help of the.state In financing it. It is hoped - that - work on the bUildihg' will - begin ir^ ; September. .It will be de- Signe4 by Robert Stanton, forCr ! Rninfall of one inch over one most hospital; designer west pr j acre of ground means a fall of 3,; the Mississippi. ' ; 630 cubic feet tor that acre. ^AREWtS ViSITING DOYLES' Visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs.; Sam: Doyle, 432 McPeak street,- Sunday to Wednesday, were Mrs. Doyle's parents,- M^. and Mrs. James Mc'Vlcar of Trinity Center and their son, Brian. Another son,- Robin, who has been living with the Doyles,- left- last week to enter San Francisco Junior, college. He will make his home with another sister, - Mrs. Robert Fry and her family. On Tuesday the Doyles took their visitors to BMiiville to- visit Mr. and Mrs. C. iMi Presley. Mr. Presley who Vfvs in Ukiah General Hospital recently where his le^ was unirjut.-itcd, i-eluined to Boon- ille about three weeks ago. ;. April Fools was the*" thenpe ; of the gala danpe and masque ./party held Saturday night, .April'JQ;, in the amusement hall at ,!^enapcmp Statp;hospital. The pprty.att|itdeiil by more than lOOj Was-spPnsq |6d hy California Stpte .Empipjr^j pa- sociatioh Chanter 22, and i ;i ^entd9 and families of members -;^p:re thpir gi^ests. ; . So-succei^sful and so thoroUghljy enjpye^ was the; eveht that tjie^.tls-^ sqciatipn; meeting: in <.retfulBT !&!9• aiop Tues(Jpy night, v^tM .- to give another early in Mfiy. '^ An orchestra' reofuited:;rft,<to state personnel: played'^ foi- \ the dancing and won a -hearty-vote'.of thanks from presideiit • Lautajce Samsoe< of; CSEAv Square dknoin^, With: the Paul Jtiiies',- IftdfeS' Ch ^Ade i and broom dancef!.'added'''io:%i{ie <• festivities' and' crePted [,ra- spint::iii 1 informal friendliness^' th4t*|'<W- acterised the 'entii-p' tTOniilii * iPrizes for the best',«iB* weht tP Mrs. Beulah3p^kmy ed as a Rag-Tag doll auA 'J Wold'as a Mexicanl ppon. amusement was ilflfpri^ed wf . awarda presented were Aprllfii prizes. ' , '•Another. vot'.» 'ot-thianlcS, ffefittllyk -seconded: 'by all - pre^h^KW^tjcc. . the . committee; respop^ibi^'v-loiii", j planning and;preparing; '|Gr '^fS,W^^ j party and to the Women who^' l,^ j nated the cakes -Which i ^ere l?art r of the .'refreshments.' Mrs.' N^na i Spencer and Deibert Munspn •welt n head of the committee Which''made s the party an outstanding sdcceiss., • Business Meeting • On ;Tuesday night' tW-psidehtl . Samsoe called the meeting, to ordet ? and reports were heard-frpm com-- mittee chainpen. •:\Vrtlia;n pra^nr wa? named chairmap'Pf' th.e ilisy v party committee w \\h • Helen Chaney, 'Veltha • Burke, Aeries?, Chapman and' Sylvia . Alexander i assisting. . •-'„,, 'r / Acknowledgement wis tpade o( / •the ,door pri?es' donated "by Tal-- magp and Ukiah merptiants f^r the a party Saturtlaypight,"Which werci won byHhe'fqIlo'wing": ' ' ^ JCathefiiie Biish,'&rae ^'s (illwrell, Elsie Fitzpatrlci!;, 'Veltha JJurke, Nina ?pencer, . Bessie Parker, Catherine 'Drydpn_, .Eda' i^ordp"; Kyfa Edwards, LenoPpjiio, E. R^i Stiilwell, Olive En'dSor, •WiUianJ;: Birown. Ernest Von Sphrilt? ando E. M..Winter. ' ','.,' ,' , ' . Refreshments servpd hy Mr. and Mrs; Harpid .Cii'app^ri. 'pn^' Mrsj* Chanpy ,incjuded cpke, icp pr ^nl and collfee. Cards. ,ai^^ Jjipgo, fpl lowed the. business meetjlng. California ranjisfirst in the-^o duction Qfs .borpn -minerpls. • 55 B «ai St. •: . . (Nea'r kiikei) ' Ssun Fi'^cispi), (Di^iir, , , -.•:^';:"Vl»; v,',-^ ' : , ABpQLyTELYt 3PIBERB00F, 3S0 ROOMS OF COMFOUT IN THE HEART OF B. F.- SHOPPING AND 'yjiEiVTEB , - j\ Modem Rates. SINGLE'. , . -. • ti'om $1.9£Pap f rojn $2 .30 •tl V •'G 1 i1 I ii h :.-;.-;;::•-,v-r .'ii .::^i.\'Xi.:t;^%i^.-tf_.;^-,'. t.\v', ,^.' H ^-ys^y-I

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