The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 8
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Steel Rang^ A BANCROFT GIRL'S SUICIDE Mis§ Ruth Thbmpsoft, a 1 year old Bancroft Maiden, Drowns Herself, 0 e e e Is now acknowledged to be the leading Steel Range in the market. It takes less fuel, bakes quicker and more evenly than any other and to say that it is made by the Michigan Stove Co., is a guarantee that the material is of the very best. get prices before buying. FOR SALE BY — Please cajl and see it and ]. W. Robinson. fie* 'ALFRED PEATS $1,000 Prize PAPER These famous patterns are handsomer and better than those of any other manufacturer. The Chicago Tribune says; They will be in great demand by people of artistic taste. The New York World says: None so beautiful, so perfect, or offered so cheap. In addition to these superb patterns 1 have hundreds of other papers, representing a stock of 2,000,000 rolls of all grades. Don't buy old, shop worn goods when every sample 1 have is of the latest design and coloring fo>- this Spring. We Can Save You 50 per cent. ( Prize Designs IOC per roll up. | Other new Patterns 3c per roll up. 1 will sell paper for one room or a whole house—whether 1 hang it or not. 400 samples shown at your house if desired. Paper Hanging, Decorating and Painting done at lowest prices. All work guaranteed. F. C. lOODs, AI£ona, Drop a Postal Card and I will call, Iowa Tt-TitT HP BAMS, ABSTRACTS, LAUDS, LOANS AHD INSURANCE ADVERTISEMENTS. Ambrose A. Call, President. D. H. Hutch-ins, Vioe-Pres. Wm. K. Ferguson, Cashier. C. D. Smith, Ass't. C&sh, THE FIRST NATIONAL SANK, ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, $5O,OOO. Money on hand to loan at reasonable rate* to parties who furnish Hrst-class security Directors—D. H. Hutchlns. S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweller, F. H. A esper, Ambrose A. Call, B. H. Spencer, Win. K. Ferguson. CASH CAPITAL-$50,000.00. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, A. D.Clarke, Pres.. 0. C. Clml)b, Vice Pres., Thos. H. Lantry. Ouslner (}eo 1, Galhnilth, Fred M. Miller, Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING, Private Safety Deposit Vaults. Interest Paid for Time Deposits, The Act is Attributed to Despondertcy and Temporary Derangement— Other County News. W. H. lugham, President. Theu. Oliriscliilles, Lewis H. Smith, Vice President. Cashier Kossuth County State Bank. .,,«.«* TOW A J CAPITAL 0r,0,000, A.LGONA, IOWA. W. Wadsworth. Bani»t Deviue. Miss Ruth Thompson, a sixteen year old girl, who has been working as a domestic for D. McElwain, who lives about 8 miles southwest of Bancroft, committed suicide last Sunday morning by tying an eighty pound stone into her apron and fastening it around her neck when she throw herself into a watering tank containing-about two feet of water. She was dead when found. It seems that the girl had been having a fit of despondency and was somewhat deranged when she did the horrible deed. She left a note lying in her room tolling the people to look in the water tank for her and also telling the people to give her effects to her brothers. Her parents live in South Bancroft where they moved to from Linn county last' fall. Tho relatives have the sympathy of all in their trjublo. BANCROFT LOCALS. A telegram came from California last Saturday stating that little Albert Bruer had been accidentally shot and killed and that the funeral would take place the next day, last Sunday. Albertwas agrcatfav- orite with his many Bancroft friends and was particularly bright in his studies at school and this together with his being of such a kindly disposition cause a great many to mourn his loss in Bancroft. Ho was the only son of Win. Bruer who died of consumption in Germany. Further particulars as to the cause of the accident are expected to arrive at anytime now by letter. M. II. Haan will move his hardware building over onto the lot where Dr. Cutler's office stands this week. The office will of course be taken away and as yet we know not where. A. A. Call owns the lo't where Haan's store has stood. Manager James Sheridan informs us that he has cancelled the date of the Ole Oleson company that was to have played here tho last of the week because it was found out that they were not a reputable company. The Good Templars at their next Saturday's meeting will discuss the question: Resolved that the Iowa drug store is worse than the Iowa saloon. It will be a hot discussion of the question on its merits. W. S. Stahl expects to begin the erection of the amphitheater for tho North Kossuth Fair Association in the near future. The fair people are making plans for a very successful fair. Mrs. Deua Yager, of near Whittemore, visited the latter part of last week and the first part of this week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Paul. Mr. Connolly, a brother-in-law of F. W. Kinne, will start a laundry in theoldmeat market building owned by G. D. Fuller. Success to him. Dr. Paul reports a baby boy at Frank Tholas that arrived last week and also a baby girl at David Smith's yesterday noon. R. N. Bruer and family returned from their California trip last Friday. They say they enjoyed their trip very much. The Beaumont Laundry has always done good work and always will. See J. A. Freeh and leave your laundry. Mrs. Julia A. Neellngs went to Miner, S. D., with her family last Monday where they will spend the summer. Sarchettife Leonard start their grocery wagon this week. The wagon will be out five days in the week. Elwin and Elmer Davison were up from Hurt last Sunday visiting their cousin, Glen Davison. Miss Nettie Chronholm, of Fairvillo, la., has bp<Mi visiting at A. E. Bliss' during the past v* ''ek. Attorney Sullivan, of Algoua, transacted business in and near Bancroft last Monday. Glen Davison Is getting along fine with his broken foot under the treatment of Dr. Paul. Easter was observed with appropriate services at St. Johns church. Now is the time to get that lire insurance written. See J. A. Freeh. Lookout for a wedding in these columns in about two weeks. J. C. Stahl and family have moved into the former Wills residence. Sue J. A. Freeh for all kinds of good insurance. R. N. Bruer is in Paulina, la., on business. Mrs. Solomon Hastings Shipped a bat• fel of dressed poultry to'tli'e commission merchants of Chicago last week, receiving 14 cento pelf pound for her tufkeys and 9 ¥ cents pel* pound fdr chickens. That's whit counts. Mr. Douglas Is getting up a herd of cattle to take to the pastures at Spirit Lake as soon as grass comes. All of the ladies who contemplate papering this spring should write for prices and samples to Alfred Peats, 143 Wabash avenue, Chicago. They are selling away down prices that suit the times. GEiiMANtA, April 0.—J. S. Sankey, of Independence, is a.guest at tho homo of Weise Bros, this week. W. T. Hall & Co. sold seven setof double harness one day last week. Mr. Hall has a big hardware trade in connection. Chas. Smith and two otner gentlemen, of Algona, passed through this city last Thursday morning. Eev. Kruse is having a cistern dug at the parsonage this week. W. W. Clement and family returned from Michigan, where they have been spending a number of months with relatives. Two resident houses are going up in town this weed. Germania is growing. Dr. Fry has been visiting his parents at the Hub this week. The town schools opened Monday with a good attendance. Miss Cora Bixby of Whittemore and Miss Ida Fitz arc in charge of the work. The correspondent in the Ledyard Leader says that Germania is to have electric lights. We would like to know where he obtained the information. He had bettor clean his own lamp first. Editor Grow did business in Ledyard lastSaturday. Grow is doing nicely with his Standard. C. J. Reichort has receive'! a new invoice of clothing. Albert Frcmur did business at Buffalo Center Monday. E. O. Fitz and wife were Saturday last. at Algona on ..»«»«« wa» -.... .»^.».^.u«».J«- DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCES ON Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstracted, has eve* tten a word In them. Our work Is done by competent persons, and Is guaranteed. d work will cost you no more than poor. Bfftig your work to us and you aiay be sure you get what you. pay for and take no chances. TCSTATE FOAtiS, FARMS AND WILD LANDS. HAY Opera House Block, & RICE Algona, Iowa, PLUM GREEK. 1 PMJM CREEK, April 6.—Will Albright has a colt that will be two years old April 23. He weighs 1290 pounds and stands 5 feet 8% inches high and is still a growing. Mrs. Leeper was ill a couple of days last week. S. G. Maine was obliged to call in the doctor Monday- Geo. Holman's children have been afflicted with pneumonia and other ailments. Herman Bohn is moving his barn. Daniel Rico had his full force out seeding today. Mr. and Mrs. Pangburn and child were visiting in the neighborhood last week. Harrison Warner has a fine new well. It is G4 feet and gives a clear stream of water from the gravel. Donald Henley did the job. Henry Schick has a new wind mill. The McWhorter Sunday school is to be organized at 2 o'clock next Sunday afternoon, and Rev. Greenshield of Burt will preach at the close of the school. 'The German Lutherans had Easter services at their church today. There was a largo attendance. Rev. Faulstech of Whittemore conducted the service. This neighborhood ought to have somebody to haul its cream to the factory- Ed. Simpkins, Fred Miller, E. P. Keith, Fred Hugh and others are interested. A mistake was made in the dimensions of Fred Miller's new barn in these items last week. The correct dimensions are 50 xGO with 23 foot posts. It is to have a stone foundation. It will bo one of the substantial barns of the county. FENTON. FENTON, April 7.—Eike Hayenga has put up a new wind mill in place of the one blown down a week ago Friday. John Weisbrod hauled the last load of lumber for his house last Monday. He intends to have the building up as soon as possible. (II. J. Newell is.drilling a well. Miss Maggie Hayenga, who is staying in Burt, visited her parents here a few days last week. Quite a crowd of young people attended tho dance at the residence of J. Haase, and all report a good time. Tho farmers are all busy seeding. The hired men all have their places for the season in this neighborhood. Pays 6 Per On Money Left for Three Months or Over. Money always on hand to Loan on First Mortgages, good Collateral. Notes purchased. Secoud Mortgages and ALGONA, IOWA. Fencin This is the season when Farmers are thinking about Fixing Up their Fences, Before long the Politicians will be fixing UP, theirs, but we don't keep that kind of fencing. Our s is fain. 16 ft. pine fencing-good stuff too. Come and see it. AIQONA, IOWA. ^- F, 8. NORTON, HARBISON. HAKKISON, March 4.—Farming is somewhat delayed on account of the late frost, but we hope to be able to continue sowing in the early part of the week. Mr. F. Hartzell is the proud aud happy father of a little daughter since Wednesday last. The young people's Christian Union is progressing nicely. The meetings are held every Sabbath evening at 7:30 in the Slyter school house. All are cordially invited to attend. Mrs. Wunn is in poor health. We hope she may speedily recover. The Ledyard creamery will soon be completed and ready for business. Mr. A. Crissey's team becameunmanag- ableon Thursday and ran with full speed. The tongue of the carriage was broken, turning it over and dashing the driver to the ground. Fortunatly he was but little injured, but the carriage was considerably damaged. Mr. M. Garrison will occupy the Aron Bagley house in the near future, having rented land close by. Do you want a nice Eall and Whaf WE SEE fnr -Laidon & A genuine- Watch. 0 • With all the latest improvements, in a 20-year Boss case, only. ^•$6.00 Our line of Watches are all new stock, and of the latest patterns. It will pay you to look the line over before you buy. Dingley & Pugh, Op-to-Date Jewelers. COUNTY AND NEiaHBOKHOOD. Buffalo Center is now the third .largest town in Winnebago county, so the Tribune says. It has increased in sixe 249 inhabitants within the year and now has 725 population. A $12,000 school house is to be one of the improvements this season. Thos. Hanson, of Lincoln township, was found dead in the road near his farm on the 28th. It is supposed that apoplexy was the cause. He was 40 years old and left a wife and a largo family of children. Spencer won the first football game this spring in this region, beating Emmetsburg on a score of 14 to 6. Prof. F. E. Willard, who has been at the head of the Spencer public schools for some years, has been promoted to the siiperin- tendency of the Marshalltown public schools. He is a rising young man. Supt. Gilchrist of Pocahontas county makes the suggestion to the school boards of that county that they have cyjlone caves built adjacent to school houses, and one township down there has already let the contract for caves built owith brick and to be eight by twelve feet. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS For the Week, Compiled by Hay Rice, Abstracters, Algona, Iowa. & CBESCO. CBESCO, April 7.—Farmers are making spasmonic efforts to get their seeding done, but Jack Frost persistently objects. Geo. Stout, who went to Wisconsin last fall, Is again in our midst and will work for Mr. Covill. Mr. McCalley wants to sell his place, containing 5 acres, for $250. Cheap enough. Alex Gillingham will work land on shares for Chubb Bros, the coming season. The twin dressmakers are plying their trade in Hobart at present. The rock for Chubb Bros.' big town residence is moving still, but the end is not yet. That double acting ball bearing milk theif, detector, at the Irvington creamery doesn'tseem to give general satisfaction. Thousands of cases of consumption, asthma, coughs, colds and croup are cured every day by Shiloh's cure. 1 Sold by Frank Dingley. Buy your barrel salt of Grove & Son. Ask your physician, your druggist your friends about Shiloh's Cure for sumption. They will recommend it. Sold by Frank Dingley. $160,00 IN GOLD GIVEN AWAY For Selling ''Story of Spain and Oulja." The International News& Book Co,, Baltimore, Md., offer $150to anyone and Con- Farmers ! Why run the risk of Losing Crops by Hail? —When for— 2 Cents an Acre you can secure a policy in the A Greenfield and w to Wm Greenfield. nw qr nw qr 1-04-30, sw qr sw qr3C-U5-30.§2,150 M Fauer ana w to John H Faber. s qr se qr 4-95-27 3.000 J B Butler and w to Lizzie M Adams, se a r 33-95-28 4,400 A D Clarke and w to Oarobel L Ramsey pt 11-95-29 160 F W Curtis and w to M E Taylor, 2 of 2 14-95-29.. 100 F Shoonenbach and w to B F McMahon n qr no qr 9-98-27 5,000 John L Slado and w to W 0 Halsey, nw qr ancln hf sw qr7-9C-28 (3,200 Christopher Jorg-enson and w to F. O. Qulst, It 1 30-96-28 2,200 Geo Sohenok 'and w to Myron Schenck, se and no q rand se qr 23-28-29 and pt 24-98-29 300 E Stephonson and w to Sarah A Stacy, ehfseqi'27-OG-30 2,250 0 Wionenga and w to D 0 Chase, n hf s hf and s hf n hf 2-97-28 11,200 T F Oooke and w to Margaret B Ford, o hf no qr 23-97-28 .. 1,000 ? OOhrlstensen and w to J 0 Ohrlsten- sen s hf sw qr 11 and n hf nw qr 14-97-30 4.7BO M St P Ky to Chas A \Vlnter. o hf ne qr and se qr se qr 3-98-28 919 A J Clarke to Albortus Furst nw qr 799-27 3,692 N Drake and w to Harry Kline, sw qr 13-9U-27 3,200 Harry Oline and w to John E A Morgan, swqr 13-OU-2T 3,700 B 1 Cooke and w*o Margaret D Ford, sw qr nw qr 23-99-27 680 B Orlsmau and w to J T Stomelpher, w hf sw qr and ne qr sw qr 6-99-28 2,500 St Bank Ledyard to Fred Wleversick, s hf ne qr and e hf se qr 1-09-29 4,320 F O Quist and w to Emmett L Dykeman ehfnwqr 2-99-29 2,422 A D Clarke and T F Oooke to Margaret D Ford, s hf sw qr 15-99-29 1,245 J Callanan and w to Gustaf Stenstrom, 120 a 1 n 10 and 11-09-30 1400 Carl O Sabln to Henry O Heggestod, se qr 24-100-27 , 2,500 J D Newcomer and w to John K Gray sw qr 11-100-20 3,042 Lewis Carter and w to W F Carter, Its In 88-149-287 Oalls Algona 200 J A Cronholm et al to Wm 0 Wheeler, 7 and 8 in 41 Algona 225 Thos P Kelley to Lizzie Kelley, 4 in 1 Searles Bancroft 000 S D Campbell and w to Mary Woodwise, fling Germania..... M A F Steinberg and w to E O Pitz, 5 in 15 Germania *) I P Harrison and w to Robert W R anna undhf 13 and 14 In 5LuVerne 1,250 S X Way and w to T P Jtelbsamen, l and 2 In 4 College Wesley.... 225 F A Olrtrey to O u Anderson, 11 and 12 in 2 College Wesley 250 T A Way and w to A andG W Jaeobson whf6789andlOin!6Park Wesley... 400 F Wieverslck and w to St Bank Lea> yard, 3, in 10 Whitman ....... 1000 of sell- log in three months 175 copies of their new book, "Story of Spain and Cuba." Premiums and liberal commission given for any quantity sold. This is one of the greatest selling hooks out. Many agents make from $5 to $10 a day. A graphic account of the present war and the struggle for liberty is given, 100 beautiful Illustrations, 500 pages. Freight paid and credit given; 50c. outfit free iflOc. is sent for postr Write them Immediately. .28-31 The finest prunes for the money you ever saw are at M. Z, Grove $ Sp»'f, Of DBS MOINES, IOWA, guaranteeing you against loss for a term of five years. Apply to GEO, S, AMUS, County Agent, BURT, IOWA, 28-31 & ?ETTIBO»E, Marble and Granite Work OF ALL KINDS. Factory on gt»t.e St. Pf&oe. , eastof J.B.Winkel'9 HJW4 Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the blood and gives a clear and beautlfulcom- g lexion. I old by Frank Dingley. GOD'S WQBD, A Reply to Jnfidels. Abook by DB. j.Jj. PUCKSTT. , Just Published. There U nothing lik<? It tu the English language. It meets infidels ou the grouna or their own choosing, whether o» tbo »eW or history, philosophy, soleoee. pr reason ana simply anuiuUates tlielr u,rguments. * PRICK: 3,5 cts. per Copy, or $3,QO per Poz. Put the price of tlxe book Into a letter, and direct it to the Christian Indicator, Kokomo Indiana. be sent you by retura »»U

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