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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, June 16, 1960
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farcing the Alton Community far More Than 124 Years :fr <<iWS *• "*T-JI Established January 15, 1838 Vol. CXXV, No. J3T , THURSDAY, JUNK 16,1960. 40 PAGES ScPferCopy JAPANESE CALL OFF IKE'S VISI U.S. Will Defend Philippines: Ike U. S. act Filipinos Get Flat Promise By JOHN SCALI MANILA (AP)—President Eisenhower wound up his visit here tonight by pledging the United States to defend the Philippines instantly against any armed attack. The promise scored a diplomatic success to match hi? persona! triumph. Along with gratitude for Eisen-; most successful trip of any during hower's affectionate welcome'hi* presidential travels, here, his aides displayed relief Tens of thousands of happy Filat cancellation of his trip to ipinos massed in the park at the Japan. very moment the Japanese gov- In a final communique with ernment was deciding to call off President Carlos P. Garda. Ei-^e trip. The President warned setihower pledged that any attack'"*" audience against. "Communist on this former American colony provocations, subversion and ter"would be instantly repelled." rorism." This was what Philippine lead- Kisi'iihovvor. his face ruddy aft- ers have been wanting as a major cr two days of exposure ot the gain from Eisenhower's- 2'i-day 'bla/ing Manila sun. appeared revisit. These islands lie only an iaxed. He wore a dark blue suit hour's jet flight from Communist complete with vest and a white China and are firmly allied witln Panama hat. He was protected the West. Filipino officials want-!from the hot sun, which raised ed U. S. defense pledges outlined the temperature to 91 degrees at in black and white to put Peiping on notice. "This makes our cups brim over," said one Filipino official. Popular Acclaim 4 p. m., by an oval roof. He stood on July 4, 1946, when the United States granted independence to this republic. Eisenhower chuckled as a pla- The President continued to be toon ° f motorcycles rode by, with the object of popular acclaim and affection in the Philippines. He appeared unconcerned about cancellation of his Japanese visit. The trip had been planned to start Sunday. White House press secretary James C. Hagerty said cards spelling out his nickname -I-k-e. * > W to ^BB0*"^^t — in Fifitnypf* Road Work 111 ^»nger River In City Under Way Major repairs on the McAdams Highway within the city limits were undertaken this week because that's the only way •to get it into travelable condition, City Manager Graham W. IWatt told the Telegraph today. i The pact becomes law automatically Sunday unless Prime Min.„, i ,n u f j | istnr Nobusuke Kishi can be forced the work will be focused on. Parliament before getting the highway into good Communist-led mobs By OEiVfi KRAMER TOKYO (AP) — President Eisenhower's goodwill visit to Japan was canceled today under the threat Of Communist violence. The U.S.-Japanese defense treaty still was in danger. U.S. Suffers Costly Setbacks By JOHN M. H1GHTOWER i'""•"' «°»^. ""= "" "«•» =aua- VVASHINGTON (AP) - The faclol V in its longrange results, Country Club next week. The tournament, attracting visitors from all over the state, .will begin Monday. Patching, undertaken to ready the road for ^ast weekend's boat regatta on Alton Lake, was fur from satis- United Slates suffered a humiliat- Isald Watt. ing and costly defeat today In thej So orders have been issued to do NEW JAYCEE PRESIDENT, AWARD WINNERS The crowd was responsive to Robert Mjl | er and Harold Miller re- T. Buiiyan, Walter Judy, and Maurice Eisenhowre s every move and ges , ceived key awards and John Merry (top Estes received Appreciation awards for tare. They cheered and applauded rmv) rcceived the Spoke award Wediies- outstanding non-member service to the wllon lit* /^rantsrl nic nett'lr tr\ rf\t~ * . . _ . . ——- *• _^. ___ _ . _ • *3 . when he craned his neck to follow jet. Eisenhower's schedule will be revised aboard the cruiser St. Paul! ever - v Ume he ^™a to smile or as the presidential party heads! 53 *' a few words to G > r<?ia for Formosa. He is due in the i Control Arms Nationalist Chinese island strong- j In his speech, the President de- hold Saturday. ' ! clared that the nuclear arms race ' Hagerty said U. S. officials are must be brought under control toj day. (Insert) Charles B. Walters was installed as president. (Lower) Herman Jaycees.—Staff Photos. asking the South Korean government whether the trip to Seoul can be moved ahead. A one-day stopover there had been planned "eliminate the nuclear menace that is poised in delicate suspension over the hoads of all mankind." Two Get Jaycee Powder Mill Key Man Awards Bridge Is Opened Harold Miller and Robert Miller <no relation) were pre-: sented with the Junior Chamber of Commerce Key Man awards j after the Japanese visit. j Clearly referring to the col-! at the annual installation banquet at Hotel Stratford Wednes- Hagerty read off a prepared j lapse of the Paris summit con-1 day evening. The Key man awards are presented to Jaycees statement announcing cancellation I te^ncc and Premier Nikita Khru- 1 who have clone outstanding work in their chapter. of the trip In it Eisenhower joined Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi of Japan in blaming a small organized minority "led by professional Communist agitators" for the long series of riots that shchev's role in wrecking (he par- John Merry was presented the,.year, although they are not proportions. Jt was the second time in ex- national event has gone against the wishes of Eisenhower and along lines charted by the international Communist leadership. At Paris May 16, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev killed the Big Four summit conference in its first meeting, leaving Eisenhower and his British and French allies to survey the wreckage of their hopes for some improvement hi East-West relations. Today's debacle in Tokyo is potentially more damaging to the United States and its allies, and in the long run poses a greater : threat to the balance of U. S.- Spvifet relations and therefore to (world peace, than did the break|down in Paris. : Immediate Problem ; The immediate problem 'before ; Eisenhower and Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, in facti is how to handle the situation to KAST ALTON — A 10 a.m. rib-j minimize the injury to U. S.-Jap- bon cutting ceremony today op-i r£mese relations and to the free collapse of' President Eisen- 1 u niore basic - iob of '^condition- hower's scheduled visit to Tokyo.!" 1 ? 4 The Soviet-Chinese Communist; ^ bloc won a victory of menacing 1 slarted ^slci-day. and Watt said a surfacing material containing . the road was :the treaty. In announcing the Eisenhower trip is off. Kishi told reporters: "Even if there Is the slightest bit of doubt about the President's safely in Japan, it makes it inappropriate for him to visit at this time." Eisenhower, in Manila, regretfully agreed. Like Kishi he blamed Tokyo's left-wing turmoil on a small group of Communist agitators. of acting like Japan's old mlDtary masters. Red Opportunity But the opportunity now before the Communist world—a Japan pushed perilously close to revolution by a violent minority—may never come again. It is exactly the type of chaotic situation Communists deliberately foster as the proper setting for a bid for power. The question remaind as to whether the Communists would let this opportunity pass. Blames Communist * Kishi was grim-faced as he made the announcement to waiting newsmen after presiding over two emergency Cabinet sessions since midnight. _ fight Communist mob violence, calcium chloride would be used | thousands of left-wing demonstra- Even as Kishi urged Japan to I Kishi, whose government was as a base Uors marched outside his official Commonly this type of base is i residence, screaming for the U.S.. called waterbound macadam. One reason for its use,'said Watt, is calcium chloride's water retaining characteristic — a factor which should reduce dust. Currently the "Great River Road" signs placed in the area have routed traffic away from the McAdams Highway, which eventually will become a part of the Mississippi River Scenic Highway. The Telegraph was unable to reach District Highway Engineer aligned cabinet to resign. Claims Credit Zengakuren, Uie fanatical Marxist student organization which staged the most violent of Tokyo's five weeks of demonstrations, issued a statement claiming credit for cancellation of Eisenhower's visit. Zengakuren leaders threatened "unlimited strikes and daily demonstrations until Kishi and U. S.- Japan security are thrown out." But Kishi said he vytJt',i»t- bow E. W. Rlefler for a statement I to worldwide Communist demands this morning. for a breakup of Japan's military But Alban Griese, llasou engineer between the division of highways and the state's Mississippi River Scenic Highway Commission, located a Springfield, gave two reasons: 1. The current route of the McAdams Highway is not yet in condition to be used by state traffic. 2. Two sections of the present made it impossible for the Japa- ley, Eisenhower said: "Communist Intransigency Spoke award for outstanding! members. at;workiis a new Jaycee. To re-' Alvin 'Wiseman was presented ened the new Powder Mill bride? i world political position and de-| M , cAdam " Highway are designat- tnea me m.u powder Mill budge | fense structurp throughol|l the ,ed on the division of highways near hast Alton to public traf-| Ffir v ns1 construction schedule for bid the conference table, whenever jcejve the Spoke award a Jay- an Outstanding Service plaque;'''' "»<' hundreds of Olin Mathie-; Tne great diff erence between i Ca " S they do agree to sit at one, makes I cee must have been in the Jay-for his work as president. son employes. ; me May iy breakdown at Paris ! b ' li the attainment of an equitable|cees less than one year, he must; When an active Jaycee be- The Olin employes have beeni sfalt ' atrrppinpnt tlitfiflilt M/MWII»>P hn i-hairmun nf 3 mninr nr-nior-t I fnmov IK vaiifu nf aot* ha ic nn ' I (CoDtiUlied OH PuifO 2. Col. 1.) to hf agreement difficult. Moreover, be chairman of The Olin employes have been major project, i comes 36 years of age he is no |( d = , <X) -„,_ , nese government to guarantee the!tl"> record of Communist viola- and he must brine in a new mem-longer eligible for active mem-j ' '. ' President's safety. ^tions is long. The continuation of! her in addition to other re-lbership, but is put on the asso-, e an n imle vomd tri P de " Ike Confident j Communist provocations, subver- Iguiranents. Eisenhower vowed anese rioters who schedule for bid ; calls this year and there would little reason to start routing traffic over the roud, only to have to interrupt it later. alliance with the United States and resignation of his cabinet. He said he will not even discuss dissolving Parliament or quitting until the final- exchange of ratifications of the new pact providing for American bases here for at least another decade. The Japanese government could easily drive the mobs from, the streets if it could get some back ing from press and public to restore order. But police have been reluctant to use their full powers because they fear the stigma of Japan's brutal prewar police. And the government is even more reluctant to call out troops for fear shaken by prolonged rioting against renewal of the U.S.-Japanese security treaty and-Eisenhower's visit, said the demonstrations were "obvious, premeditated violence planned by the Communists." "To protect peace and freedom and the future prosperity of Japan, we must fight this violence head on," he added. But Kishi gave no ground on the leftists' chief demands — tor dissolution of Parliament to nullify ratification of the defense pact 50 the voters could accept or reject it in a general election, and for liis own resignation. The prime minister served no Lee he would continue to p'res; for quick ratification of the trea ty. his trip "v rupt the abiding friendship and understanding" uniting Japan . date roster and is trailed an "Ex- j tour from their originally hali'j L^ •"iTiivMl !• | sion an d terrorism while negotia-1 Marty Ksles, Alton Eveningjhausted Rooster." Francis Foleyi imlt ' '' ouni1 trip to Olin Mathie-i tea uiu uie JaP-jt| ons are under way serves only'Telegraph; Herman T. Bunyan,.was presented with the Exhaust-1 son Plants on both sides of the i torcea aeiay oi| lo eonfound Ule difficulty of ar-'radio station VVOKZ, and Walt-jed Rooster award at thp )>an- u ' ood Rivei ' Creek. Tile cost of A It/I" O f^ A 1 A 1 Areas May Soon Be Annexed to Alton not( " s - riving at peaceful settlements." In an address prepared for ,er Judy, Reilley Bros. Ghewo-lquet. 'U-l, were presented appreciation Charles B. Walters, 'the bridge was $128,500. The new bridge is 203 feet long Asked whether Kisonliower be. j i n their boast that eventually they something and another (o lieves Moscow or Peiping direct- will bury all the systems of free-' scratoh for "• ed the riots against Kishi, Hagerty replied: "Probably both." The Japanese government's de- 1 cision cast a pall of regret andj uncertainty over the President's entourage. But the regret was. Sent ed wouid personal safety in a mission that dom." 1060, General J ; eatures Corp.) County Health Is Revived with a 1H foot wide single tn Fcbrumy of 19 JO. Assistant County Superintondc-nt E. J. Wade it will vice president; John Meny, treasurer; Pete Fuchs, secre- roadway, tary; and Alvin Wiseman, state director. New mem burs of the board installed wer Eugene Cru'm, Richard 0 |(j |, rjtl , David Arst, K. 2 Bow- thcii was decided new bridge was result of suggestions at a Wednesday afternoon conference to outline voting precinct changes in Alton township to be made by (he County Board July 13. districts could be held to six and still meet statuatory requirements, KuarrangemeutM Making the 39 precinct total possible will be some rearrangements in lines of a number of existing Alton precincts so they will take in some of the recently, annexed '»».v »»- The meeting in City Hall was!'™' hr ™P>> li "«l- on Hit| at , enc i ecl by representatives of!. Thosf; attending the conference or tmild a temporary I both Ajton and Wood River den. Joseph Rain, and 1*™^!-!!^!.^ Koppenhavf'i 1 Wiseman, immediate included Supervisor Frud Grenze eration. 11 a special meeting is called and the annexation made, then the island areas can be in- j eluded in Alton Township precincts. The two other "island" areas that might be annexed at the same special meeting are those comprising the Alton High School athletic field and a small area junt north of the recently annexed "pot handle" extending was soldier." Refuted Advice for Madison Coun- sty was revived Wednesday after the proposal lay dormant for 15 years. The meeting, held in Able Hall, 2821 E. Broadway, was attended in Eisenhower is known to .have turned down the advice of some aides who suggested he cancel the Japanese visit after the collapse of plans tor a goodwill visit toj organizations throughout the Al the last 10 years, there should bei w a county health department. He mng . named groups such as the Farmi gtate Rep. Paul Simon wiseman, immediate past jjres- — -..-».. .....? v. u ,.o,tui.i-;JIUIA. ; - -„.-• idenl. was the installing officer : ed ">' N ' s Corman Sons of East, As a result ot the meeting,! me interests ol i Monte Jacoby, a past president ;St ' Loui!i Construction cost vvaslAlton Supervisor Stephen B. vido them coin iwas the toasiniaster for Hi*-- eve-i 8 ' 1111 '" 1 by ""' Wood ltivt ' r I Kennedy said that he will rec- ll would be we was •Township and Madison County. Olin Mathiesun maintained bach of Wood River Township and .the county clerk, Miss Kulaliai Russe11 s P ani) - Wo °d River asses.. jfot/. i Kor - They agreed that to best serve •> of the voters and pro i convenient voting places well for Alton to annex ommend to the county board that six additional precincts be _. „, — of University Women, and others by about 40 persons representing I in the county that are interested Bureau, PTA, Dental Society,! the featured speaker for the ban-i n " *-' lvws and fiir Hshting equip-i set up in Alton to include the - t ,, R ? 1 S( ? oie !-y.' Ampric ' an Assn-jquet. Simon stressed an inte-! mt ' ul (<n D0 'h sides of the Wood j areas annexed to the city In the rest be taken in our governmentiflivcr Creek during the bridge!last year. by all citizens. He said wr ; are!t' oliN triJctioii because of the II This will increase the number! the Soviet Union. jton area. '"i 1 " foi ' min8 . a health department.}only interested in ourselves and' nile ''ound trip detour imposed ol Alton precincts _ ' roller said the aims of a coun-,don't care what HIP rest of the by (lie Powder Mill Road's close.'ent 33 to 39. four small "islands" of unincorporated Wood River areas now surrounded by the city. Two of these areas, one north of | Claire avenue, along Humbert and another south of Agnes from the pres- a "d Bloomer drive and east of Seminary road, have become sur: •• , .,, , , . ,. i ~ ' *4W.I \ VUIK. WUtll Illf^ ICTJl Ul Hit: <? >«»•- * "...jv,. ...,,, ivvrlit* o LIISDU. (Till U*J IVJ Uil. .........». j .U...V4, . .u» ». IfwtjV/llll. OI4I Advice irom *jntassate Don,. R"""; «•"">*. !?""'"* dl ' 1J '™! lh •tw"»« «n- u, pi* mM , hM<s 0| „„ llr , )imrf A „„. , d 0|i A1 . conl «,. ence a ,,, nged by: ,™,,*d by UK- remu umAalM " r^h, LS?£TLf, ::S,'"r f • a ZS H L?Z?l" *' <*""'. -»» »""*«. 11 -'"-» »'"-> * «* ^i" 1 " A "«" """•""» "•' «* -"'»""' <""" — - "*- las MacArmur II in Tokyo had been that the Japanese left wingers would not dare demonstrate against Eisenhower, particularly when he was accompanied by Emperor Hirohito on his drive from the airport to downtown Tokyo. Seoirity authorities became less, and less convinced of this as fa-!, ^b utroduced hve l 1 • e it • t ,---., w^«<. »M*-41 l» tl«_lf IH *^ n 11 i3 and chairman of the group in-reduce the death rate, and to two vea™ •»»„ H,P h,a k ,,. i__ nn i«j :_<_„«,>««,» ..„...,.,, i,,,. m, i ,, , ... .. inu ^cdis dgo [lie r>lg issue in uii in me i IIJIMJII ruiuii" eereinoiueso' «ar> uiuijuscu iu aun BKNCII •»••«•" S rt1,n ?Jf^SiS^lS i SPa " « aW , ; P«l^ ^d on all radios was, hew,,,, Hu.sell H Cast-el, Olu,! new pm-inets. Uut Kennedy said C,,y c'oun,elu, J W Hoefert aeDaitnit'nt. said' Madison' tnenp aiv pitnti KCIVK-WK n^ft,,,-,-n _•»««,_ r».., .. . ^im * ....... in all in the nbt>on rutiiuy ceremonies!it was pvo|X)sed to add seven Alton departmi-nt, said County, as far as I know, ithe largest populated area ,n the Md-ma. Madison 'there are eight so vices perform- uttle Rock segre«ation by a county healUi dopan- deni ' He said th. " a,,: materna, |>Uprl> lilei- Alathii MID MI i and a, , • • west that doesn't have puM.c .-hild health care, santtalion. ! incidents and didn't mention any - health semces lammunu-able due««- .control,; good points He ,.| Used b> labo.atorv service, providing, ing: "We don t have - O i " :l of wadt : s »>UI«- a.SMS pri'sidi/ni: Harry j today that by adjustments pointed out that the surrounding agreed on yesterday it \\as annexation cannot Ix' finally elfec- the number ol new voting live until July S. and that if the ihluiicl areas north of Upper Alton tile coUIlK coimmUetj. counli hi ad "I will not resign or dissolve Parliament until the security pact is ratified—I have said it before and I will say U now," Kishi said. Postpones Date The pact originally would have taken effect automatically on Sunday, a month after Kishi's majority in the lower house approved it. The prime minister had planned to postpone this by recessing Parliament during Eisenhower's visit to ease the tension, but it appeared likely he now would keep Parliament in session «o the treaty would take effect as originally planned. Moscow already was crowing over the government's action. A Tass agency dispatch said: "By cancelling the invitation to President Eisenhower, the Kishi government actually admitted its bankruptcy." The decision came as Tokyo was threatened with another day of left-wing violence. Approximately 15,000 students and labor union members renewed their • demonstrations this morning near the Parliament building where one girl student was killed and more than 1,000 police and demonstrators were injured Wednesday. north from the school tract. "Down with Kislii!" they chant- I'reclnct Lines ed in a driving rainstorm. Engineer C. H. Sheppard was Crowd Jubllant at the conterence yesterday toj When ^ ot ^ e ^ ^ advise the group of officials on (cabinet had vvithdraml the Svita- precinct lines. Through Kennedy he was commissioned to prepare descriptions and maps oi the planned new Alton precincts and precinct changes. The surveyor's descriptions will be incorporated in the re port and recommendation on the Alton precinct re-arrange ment to be made to ihe County Board by Kennedy. The Wood River Township of. ;it:ial>> attended the conterenct to assist the Alton group and to consider some precinct alterations that Wood Riv^r fnust have since the ami''Nation ol Milton und other areas to „ Mas natical Japanese student groups *«««* J" P" bUc «J c ^'^ ****>?• ^"j education; dedication and «ie"toms,, "^te toXii'oT'hSUv,,- and V H W, ir *^ health who told of then-individ-dental health and h*ip to the,do. We should use our freedom or i• i I ,, nw< * > *'. ana ;• H : MiiV OU r ormo»a ,ual jobs in toe health program. ( cnt*nicaUy «! and the aged 'we willZe it The answt, k 2 Lt ^ rttnilkt ^ lu) ^ tlui ' wn " u "" s i The five were D§. W. M. Tal-l Talbert «aid that W per cent.ow - • • • e " a " lwr at fcaM Alto " | bert. regional beattb officer,' of Illinois residents live in areas i mm stepped up the tempo of their demonstrations against Kishi. The Secret Service men, who wt-iv to be: taken inlu the i-ily in i Alton. Supervisor tjren/ebarh time for iiii-luMon under the new said Uie Wood River readjust- AHoi* precinct progi'am Uieir an-i | i ien t s u i" be relatively simple would have had prime responsibility tor Eisenhower's safety in Tokyo, heard the news ol the cancellation with undisguised pleasure. Ultra* «( Dr. Geoe J. Franchi, dental con-, served by public health. and Richard L. Rosenberger. sanitary engineer, all fuller said: "U will cost When asked about the cott, ing er'8 ! dramatic blowup of the vWt overshadowed a rous- tereweU in th* of cents per Public Health: Mrs. Evelyn Cun- ation or about $1.30 per year on' ningham, public health nurse i a per capita basis." Inside Must* HMTOBIAL , . , from Madison and Harold ffyjl- Grubb the members to er, executive secretary of the i consult their organization* to g«ti statewide public health com-jao opinion of a oouaty health- mittee. 'department and report back at Fuller said wun the increased la future i OMTIJARY . fUQ!0 § TV COMIC* . . . U Huh Chuag Interim Premier oi HOK SKOUL i AP'-Acting TAIPEI (AP)-Cancellation of i President Eisenhower's invitation; < to visit in Japan prompted specu-! nexation must wait until alter July Special Meeting This evoked a suggestion thai ilation today that he might be .Alton City Council hold a spe- t LUW* ItO PAUfc 31 Hull Chung today became interim <y : premier under South Korea's new gl s>stem of government { Huh will serve as interim gov- j eminent head until elections for , >a aew assembly before July 36. t I asked to extend his two-day stay on the Nationalist stronghold ol Formosa. He plans to be on this day Saturday. There was no immediate consultation on extending the visit, which Chinese Nationalists were determined to make as memorable as possible tor Eisenhower. cial meeting, possibly July 11, so that the annexations may b.? perfected prior to the County Board meeting of July 13 at which last changes of precincts within the county for another year can be made. The matter is to be put belore the Council member* at their meeting next week tor consid- I to make and will require no new precincts. Alton Town Clerk Paul and Assessor James P. Gorman and two deputy registrars from the office of the county clerk were present tor the discussion on precinct changes. DAT \ATTHE DAM 8a.m. temperature Yesterday's today 71 J . High S3', low ft}' River below at 8 a.m. Pool III IB?*- tion to Eisenhower, they chanted in jubilation: "Eisenhower's not coming! Eisenhower's not coming!" As Kishi talked to the several hundred newsmen, the marchers snake-danced through the rain outside, chanting "down with the treaty! Down with Kishi!" Loudspeaker announcements of the Cabinet decision brought cheers of "banzai! (hurrah)." Three hundred helmeted police guarded the gates of Kifihi's official residence. The prime minister and officials used rear entrances. There were indications anti- Kishi demonstrations would bit a new fever pitch between now and Sunday. Kishi made the before the request to was officially received In (Hveu To An AP report ot the KJBhi ernment's decision was C. Hagerty, the White louse press secretary, u Ktw»- io\\er started to speajc tl § bjg public rally in ^tftiil he President ted of the revolt, Hagerty told him It %» sion ot tbft «* w snowed m sig«.

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