Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 9, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 5
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FIIIDAY; APRIL 9, 1D48 WiHife News Notes 1 ;t f f •«M,^.tWS, ApijU .a— Twd wen wKf »r« *fiWng they badnt been qulU so attlve,; or at least not so bpld ore h. D. Miner and Les Guble.'jThey are two of the per- Sons Involved,In the recent Shutdown of the black Jack table at A)acliis's> .by Deputy Sheriffs Bar•; toioml^ isnd Bansdell, Appearing b«tor^ Jviijge Fted iFodrd the men psi^'^SO.each. as fines and had -tjielJC" jail sentfences sus- u.pepdedv with the stipulation that > th^yS/fll^inot to run or take part i' ill. iatjyi-t>lack jack or game of 21 in Mendocino couny for the period ,;:-.i<i*iflhe:'ytiar;-,:,: • • • ' •- t^tVffS'havel all heard of the Fuller 'BMsji'^man.' Perhaps. some of us have'.-heard' of a. brush, woman. : bldi atiyone, previously, hear of ,a •'bVush? woman giving, her prospect- ,ilve.;olIentfi the brush-off? It happened In WiUlts last. Thursday, .The -Stan .dley wpresentative had . awftngefi an afternoon: gathering of S9ven young-matrons:an^.feeling ,.«nslQ|:! par, could, not attend! Undaunted, thet ladies forgot-brushes, atvdi other cleaning, aids- spent the 'afternoon playing'cards witii time'-called for gingerbrea<it. and coffee. , Jlostess for the occasion was- .Mrs., June Smfth and her brushless guests: were Mesdam^s Mary MoKinley, Jessie Long, Heir en Smith, Mildred Hill, Gertrude Zanella and Ruth Bean. Better lnqk next time. Predicted: Ked faces among the dads of Willits. Come Aprl, 8 and the kite - pop made for junior or sis, do6sn!t fly he will have to have a good: alibi. This will be the second annual kite-flying con^ te^t of tl?e WlUits elementary s^jhool and will be held on.the field on the Redwood Highway one-mile south,of the city limits. Prizes will he awarded to the yqungsters having the largest, the steadiest and the prettiest kites. In all fairness- to the children^ the contest will be divided, having the lower three grades competing and the upper three grades im a separate contest. Rule« for.contest (1) Kite must. b» homemade. (2> Must not be'flown before signal is.given. (3) Flyer must stay on designated.position. (4) String Una- its are 300 feet for upper and 100 for lower grades. (5) Elye:?; may have only one assistant. And dad» please-take, special note: (6).Kit« Must Fly! Special notice is made ^ and spe cial . invitation extended to all women in. Willits Who are interested in and can sew. The Red Cross sewing room will open April 6. at Farm Bureau hall. Even.,if yflur financial conttrilaution to the Bed Gross was limited you can still help out. Just, come to the hall any time after 10:30 a.m. Another dancfe is scheduled by the farm bureau ladies. It will be an; oldrtime affeir so. if yw are interested circle• April lOth .on'- your date calendar and com.e. The ladles plan to serve refreshments, too. ' Are- you one; of these people who cringe whe^ you see a police officer? It isn't as if. you were afraid that hei might recognise your face from a "wanted" notice. It is, just, that somehow or other you haven't gottJen around to getting your driveda' license or having the pld one! renewed. If you are guilty be Swe to around on April 15 td th^ city council room anjf time; between' dr30-ai>d 4 ;3I>; Then, andi there yqu can, if qualified, gqwaw your conscience an,d Rb longer ,tear the law. Cupid evidotatly truly pierced tl>e hearts of Gene .and Fatty I^u Garliepp with j-his trusty. arroWfV Tl>e:.young :«)\>pilQ:. an^'; j^ei? friends, celebratjed their, tHlrd •wedding .anniversaiy on.. Mar<!h 31\ .Good going, r , : ' ^atfdidatef i B^ak.-BSIenctK , They dood it! -T^wo,prospebtiver cltj^da.ds.hjive I spoken. Candidate f ,r^: for;- the. short tejrm, Roy M. Hamp- ^tfln,> appeared a'; trifle cautious and maintained that if. elected he would endeavor; tq support policies that will give Willits,the: Hind of ^ govermtient the people have a ?!; expect' from the council. ^I^a- :ref.rairied -from saying just, whatikind of i government., the. people had. a. r^ht to expect- His belief that the city should b.e.ruw • 0»-a business basis was impressiVe as was his statenient that he would endeavor to carry out plans where, by Willits woul^ be a more attrac-. live place tq ^ve. If the \yorthy gentleman meaiiit the word, attractive in a literal.: sense, we hope he is, if elected, liipre successful in his venture ^an the firemen were Jn theirs.? Another Qanjdidate who dared to break the'sil^nce and speed, up the tempo of tljie coming election was W. D. Fprdj He came out with a forcible Sr^pciint program. The gentleman contends that he would work at all tijflies with whatever organization necessary,. to set up a f^creational ! program for the yoijpgsters, alsp to .worlt with ^jrhqmever.he must, for the'betternuent: Of; ^¥^lllits; in. whatever- way iticaH;,ljest ,be pcopmplished. And finally,.,someone has dared to mention th« streets. His theory evidently .is r »pt jf or gravel in the ^ chuck hoiea eveiry time it rains and rain, but a longTrange ^street jiro- gram wherein- the outcsoma^ would somn, day mean all the streets> would be in good order, not just some tl»at corner tr.*; a dead end. That point, aloneshould go far toward making him a favorite with anyone .who has been losing their uppers every time they hit a'chuck hole, He also,mentioned pnannual clean up week, and judging from- the appearance of spme homes and business house.s, Willits- ghould- \velcome that. The other poii^t brought but was tJidt' -qf a- .City, manager form of govomrtient,: thit has been under dlscussioniiquit^ a; bit recently. He does nqjaif his v views on^the subject,. but.prudeht- ' ly suggests an investigation first, with decision.and action, to follow* Some may hack him wholel^eBrted- . ly, some may resent one or more of his points,, but all must ^admiti the. man showed;hoyv big he can; be by his statement that he pledg- • es hpnself to.copperate with.any.i other, members of-the-ftouncil!who have; similar or mox^< worthy a^ms for the- betterment of WiUits; Regardless, of who wins,, tjie,majorlty of peot^le. just, hope for the improvement of Willits through a united .council and .less, adverse publicity. . • The citizens of ,-WiJIits aren 't abject by naturef hut it was la. re* freshing breath we took on learning that the latest police scandal maldng the frontpage.djd not pertain to our city;police force, - . The majority of; activity has been, either; rained ixti or, . rained out of, schedule. Cdnseauently, Willits; has. been relatively/ quiet. Perhaps the quiet in Willits seem- edjtoo uncanny foar Paul Porterfield, associate of, the A. G. Xyori law office; for he spent the weekend In Oakland. Mr. and Mrs. ,M.: Ingram, of Cummings-; evidently found it too: peaceful last Friday so i they stayed only- 1 long enough to pick up, Mrs. Tessi Cress and continued on to Ukiah, Wonder U they found anything, doing there? • Roy L .IiBWson might a^ well quit worriring about missipg any excitement and make the most of his ooiJ:i.iement, too.. We do have a " public} Yes, someone - does read xjur trivia. However, it doesn't make us as happy as it should, for the dis-? covery came . from people who claim that our informer gave us the wrong-dope on March 24 in regards to the suit against a local beauty salon; Despite what we were told, and trustingly wrqte, the injury was not to.- tb^ :hair during a permanent, but the lady was burned; assertedly, under • a dryer. Willits high school students and members of the P.-T.A. are scheduled .to enjoy a; program to be presented by the' Santa Rosa Junior college; After which, the students will return to tiielr daily routine •vphiel- the parents will ad- j ourn to the gymnasium and ^v ^t •r- ness the efforts of-the home eco-* riohilcs classeis. Fruits of the efforts .and that of their director, Miss Norma Knock will be'in the form of a spring fashion show and tea. It promises to be interesting as it v/ill not only show thq skill the girls - have with the needle, but will' show upitheiif modeling talents.. You will be thfere; won't you?' Time, 2 p.)r<.; date, Apifil 7; place, the liigh' school audi* torium. — Second deiP^ work by officers of W;iilits Lodge 385 P.&A.M. brcfiight WliitS out 'cif ito lethargy last Friday night. They were rewarded for their efforts with cof- fee.ahd twister. * The ladies OttAd^ American Legion Auxiliary Werti-not to be out-. done*iSp they turned out to welcome; Mrs. Jane- Isnard; district president, and Mrs. Pearl Wes- distkct 'musicia'h. -A regular business ^meeting was held during WhicH;$5 Was againudonated to the laggingi Red' Gross- drive. More was said; on vth©- bazaiir and poppy day* It ;ia toaearlyi to Interest t^e general public-in either affiir,' biit please- note;'the ladiea were ac-: tive: during. tiilsvsleepy^Week. M ^ss Barbara. Gooey has .been named ,ias represeixt«tlve (-to i CHrla' Sta ^e. After- the regular'meetting; Mrs. Isnierd' spoke- on. many-phases |o£ tSe prgaiaatipn's.. ifwrk.. .^^^elitng ohlePy on phij(4 yy^elfar?* ;T<», ,?t>e: •made the Ipjj^riwi^ted; announce^ ment tlMit the; qaJifopiJa aujcilj^iy yrill. finally h^yp "a , cap • of'their oym.. The lady seemed; tiO haye: e^r Jqyed her visit atiii^ considered!' the trip in the .rain wortlv the welcome she received, to . say nothing of the corsage and gift. Do come again, Jarie. PAGE PIVB ADAIAN OIJENi£TTE|Eiiwl«br day at the Adrian Ettex b$>mei' table wars (Uft to ri^bt) SUsan Jarnr .: l^unt,; the.: honoce*. J< and KeniMtb' Hunt.;: young, man: has been removpd from competition. He is Raymond lieroy Shelton, son of Jerry Shelton' on East road. Although now with^ the construction crew in Oroville, Raymond is well remembered locally, as he graduated from WUlits high^in 1941. The bride is from Dobbins, in Round valley, Gloria Ayler by name. The exchange? of "I- do's" took place on March 27 in Carson City, Nevada, while personal congratulations were extended to: them last weekend while they were visiting in Willits. Additional congratulations! . The Willits Police Department had an do some of the behind.the scenes tasks as the public, stayed peaceful. Of. course there was the exception, one J: B; Jphnson, who' caused a little fluv- i-y by bcinig npticeably drunk; Tpp, the W.P.D. interrupted the tour of. Floyd Haxton, Jr., and made ar- WILLITS, AJiril . — Alth.qugh this is leap year, one gentleman, new to Willits, need liot worry about losing h(s bachelorship. That is until leap year, 1964. He is the infant son of I^lfe and Virginia Cloyed of Laytonville . \yho was born at the Howard Memorial HospitfU on April 4. The very young miss who share* the nursery with him is the daughter of Naomi and Buckley Hoaglin, also of Laytonville. Wonder what she thinks of leap year? . Perhaps the year, had. nothing to do with it, but another eligible San Francisco and his. parents. Although Mayor Guy Hall has as yet made no public statement as. to what Jie-wm endeavor;to do forthe city if .re-elected, he ap-J pointed a citizens power opnserva- tion committee, that., sRpuld ga \ri! him .the suppprt of those -who, will benefit by it; The members under; ChaUTnan Hatold ,5obJnson:, are Ward Young,, Ra>: Eyans,- HarrV Kister ..and, Al Stripgen' Their'du* ties are to., heas.l approve " ofc .rbi, jeot applications ,for,,neW and. in..' creased.,.power. allow.ances; ex^ feroise control on -existing power; to listen to and pass on complaints, and'to suspend action if necessary. They v/ill meet at P.G.&E. office every Tuesday and Friday at 4 p .m, Needle^ to, say; they .are receiving the wholehearted..cooperai- tion qf Lee: Wise, anii his PiG.aiE. staff., Inasmuch as president, Bill Riley was unable to he 'present, George Peterson took over the reins of the Lions Club at their last' meeting. Speakers of the eVte-' ning included Ken HickenbOttom, Seput field: executive, and- Dick GolsbUry, who sppke' ,pn scouting while Al Redd', gave the LioWs an inside.vlew'pi! theathletic club, its standards, and: its ajms; Under discussipn, - tpp.^. was. the postrJJaster: ;egg' himt' schediUeci; fer."April 11,, Jupiter;p.luvius perj, mittirig. Other.-business-conducted Was that of the- Eiidns-sponsoTed spe^ers. (?ontjst, 1^. l)e hejd rhep I'toWght, Zone,winners; a boy fropi Ukiah and -;a girL from Crescent City," will..compete 'for the ' riglitj to ;iBpeak at .Long Be^ch at the Lion*' district; convention,- viator thjs year. • May., the , best orator wipl; ,The .activity;, of. the members In th?; recently pfgani«ed iPiflemen's association promises, tp put ,it anjong the. most active .clubs here. .Their latest.venture is construe-. tipH: started pn their indppr rifle, r ^nge and clubhpHse, It is.iOn.Bqb HarraWs property and fr -om known planS) fee super, •' AiJfeen^ioB; th^. )teg«iiw* month meeting • of tiie .'RjJWPye.-.,. pffi <;er* Corps^in .XJljiali. r^scs Maj or Jam?s Dj»rpfprd,> Liput^ WllliaR* JurtiS?- ?qn and Charlef Zanella. In con- jiinctJpn with Army Day many ,weitit >ei's .app ^sr** i ^i-fultj uni- fdni),. a grim reminder tbi »t pi^r pefece ig .not thProuJBhly secured... ,, .The.,. jquestiqn.: ; ".<?ain -.' bnfiness women ooqlif was ably answejjeai I'astfflJRtuit^dfliy j>y :,the bu^ en;'tl^n ^i *ip8^,Thiev answer-w an emphatic ."Yes", and anyone fortunate enough to purchase a cake inftde ijy the ladies wJUeohp. their reply However, the B.P.W. cake sale posed another <iis4uisittph: If yoiir htisband buys ..your cflke, Is it because; he iike-s i,t tbit well, ,or is' he prqtecting the; unsuspecting public? , ' ':;,\,^,,. , .Last weekend found/^he home of Vale Specht deserted. - The ocou- -pants, • Mc and Mrs. Specht and son-pennis, >Saoia Cruz tiiey were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. Pomi and family. :. Members of the Women's Im- prov«nent Club turned out ^In number to, welcome their hbnoned. guests, Mesdames.FauLAlexandei °f ;v , ;;.V..''.J;: . .;:.;;,l';.;(i.,^«.y. :,'*".^.^J..'*3^V. EarlShoesmithand.GeorgevBBTC^ low. This was at a' regular ta«^ ing last Friday, with mtais^,ikifft>f lights. Besides . the guests, wtio were presented with lovely - jpai?» nation porsages, the clul; welcqn ^e^ three new members, J^pse, An'dgis- son, Lucy Tuttle, and Clara Hej^T ward. Dming the business; meetinit: the club voted to assist ih^ 20^Q. Club in the cancer fund drjSv6 this , month, after whidh Hel,en- Moore,.Marguer^e and Jqne/y^ijii liams served: refreshments, to ; aUv Louise Lawson will' give ,tb« bopk review .for tlii».Bqok.Section on April 19, at 7:30 p,m. It will be' held - at the home, of Flora Saxon with Grace Williams' assistiilg' as hostess. ^ Notice to all member^' of-WilV lits chapters. Order of E!9?tera. Star; Masons, and Job's Daughters: The girls of Job'a.DaughteTS are./sponsoring a card' ^arty on rangementa to return.the lad to April'TrBring VMr-'ftoTlly • On your; first birthday, Master Gary. JEngliah;; belateiJ; ,b Wfc Wirtitei, For^the <M9 !^sionThi4'4mo 'th^^^ Chet; English,; decorated: her home with yellow ^affodils^ and other colors and fliiw^rj.v necessiii;;^.; t.^ aii; Easterani':, birthday, .motif; iiiWphased.-ificBi, ,'<ii'ea'ft)'..;',.6jid.> o^Se ; and, then iftvited'.^^Hgli i<tii|iB*,tS. til ' n?^e ^'Aiit'li'^ att^dihg; ,?«J^i;6T .,Giaii°^<^^ thfer JMudse Jpqii* BJ'slg^ 'iRo- berta Jloiin and'Kathl'een Itrupl^kar, Lqren..-an5 Karen'^ayphr^.. and Deiini^ .fpecht -^ofv W ffbm Gualala were Gary 's, cpiisins, Rodney,. and'. -Benniti" . J^ei;guson, and t .b.i^ir'parents, .jlje mptliers of the flth^r s .ma'll, fry 'were-, also present to ."chaperon.".., '.: .; ., Unusuid floral arrangement was displayed last JPriaayi 'titght'iat.the high school ot the sophqmot-s,. junior ;^nd- senior classes p; .'ssent the judges had a wiide array of' corsagea' to choose from.. Vqted best wai that made by Wunda Barkei- and • worn, by .Cordon Lane^ ii Vfasn 't.^ri orchid, nor a.gardenia, hiit a lipuquet of lowly "daisies.,IJaisies,made, frorn eaulfopwer and' carrots* ^ Perhaps ' they .didii't .^meU iju,t tjjey certainly iwerp sdible. Another couple, who were,in the limelight'for ex- tradrdinary, talent' jv^s Vaughn Gr 'aKam an4 Jean McDonald, vjho danced off with the hohprs. in the jitter bug contests. As previously anriounbed'tHegymwas decorated vs'ithrbMls.^just qodjesqf ihulticqi- ored" 6elis, In keeping: with the theme, they had wide a.false.fropt cJiurch at one end of the floor be- hihd ^ybibh refreshments pi. fruit .jeUo,. qak& fi^^ punch,.-wer? served'. THe fihjd'strbke^qf,genius, in the decoratiing ;was ,thef bell depicted witb. frosting,on the ca^e.'AH in all the ,evening,was. a success not only as ; entertainment Ijut; as proof that the teenagers pan, govern themselves as ladies and gen- tlcsntijen, A speQlal-hand';to-the.-s'iU- dehts in tbe'sg'wlalty|acts, r V A. few figures; thet: migljt prove Qt interest to ;.the- residents: of W41- .Utsiwere obtained; frpm the city .fflfl^ioe. ;in Mas-cl^,. ie48r- revenue from the' pai «dntf,.n >iet «r8> toteled $689.50^ meter fines were $66.60. Geor «B '*'W. Hobei«, Lake' county •resort owner, former presidejit ol the Redwoocl" Empire Association and prominent civic leader, has been selected 'fig district chalrmah .of the' Scudders for. Congress' Committee. CHerles Reinkingj executive vice presidenfof the Exchange Bank of Santa Rosa, is district treasurer., r These announcements came last weekend; 'simultaneously. with; ^e formation Of a district-wide conj- imittee and-the launching by-!«. Scudder, of his intensive caim» paignin^; ,;throughout, the „ -noirth coast ,countie!f, .opening' at'"(A^lIJlts Monday: .feVehipg.^ with .a; mbettng isrrangpd by^Edri; H." Maii^, • Ji'. - v, Andemn Valley New^ entire [•otthe '^th ^*lKi. G«of89 John- 'sf%. who^ (»ws#d.?'pviay - Monday, • ifij.ffto Vr*§ ^phnBP}) had biien 111 n>r 'some time and. When she became worse Friday '.,8s takfi) Vl»iflhi funjsral* ser\|l<:^s were held In ,Ukiab Vfodne:;- d»y. ^'r^ ' " " Mts. J[ohnBqnsWM.^i jibennber ot a j>Ioneei' famil;; and well known .throughout the, valley, > tovingt 'lived here ^U,of her lUe. A complete ohituory will' te. printed in the^ue. The .entire community extends ita sincere syra -t paihy io her ^husband, George; Johnson of Boonvllle," and hei* many relatives i and friends. Traffic fines neitted the. pity $S9S7;70 ,mi orimiftaK-flnea: Sl^fc Sp-don't cry,,mister,.if you..violated apd were fined. Take comfort that ydu .werenH^ this ,only,dha who cpuldn't resist; trying -it just tb's .once. At least WiUits benefited financially. . .Si&aking of. Willits: A Ibpal 'publication recently published'. a boxed feature oii the spelling, 'of Willits. They claimed the cUncher oanttt with spelling the nanhe" as Willitz. We maintain that the clincher ot clinchers was contained in a letter received from W. Gordon Bendpre, a past resident of Willits) npW making his hpme in San Franciscn, Mr, Bendore has unearther a niec« ol evidence that makes the. speUJng of WUjjts trivial, How, the worthy genUeman asks, are people'in San Franclsoo to know or care aboiit the spelling of the name of a toVyn that ifnU on the largest nw0 of Califoiitia T- ... in th"? world?-He is referring to the •colored. reb^eX map, hundreds-jot feet ify length", in the Perry bulJd- San Francisco, On that -map, he claims, the -to-wns besdin'e dotoi the Redwood Highway are Cum- miAgs, Laytonville, Longvale, Cal- P?H.a. and. Ukiah. iWjth: blushing •faa*,. Mr. Bendore, >ye .thq^, ydii for;'your jn ^Eormation- and .silggeist that.the""hext time a"movement-'lis la;^ii ;<Shed tp "put Willits, on-the rfi'ap^'' they, mean it, iit'eraliy.' 'VVon-^ der If that might not be: another plank in tlie'platform of one "of the .prospective city dads, •Vywie blushing we might as .weU takel full advantage of itrahd admjit tnlfra^ of April 6, WiUitji; wasBtU} almost $50.short of its Red Cross quota, . BybW have been wondering why Breen's Cafe- has been'closed, the snd'fact is that Mrs; Breen's mother passed away, Mrs; Anna-MatU: da rBrandon was 1Z years old and had! made Willits her home for the past, four years. Services wore-hfeW Wednesday afternoon at-2 o'clock at ,th^ Anker Mortuary with Rev. Haggerty officiating, SeinrloasAvere followed by cremation at tjie Chapel of .the Chimes in'Santa Rosa, Wi 'iih, the -passing ^of Mrs. Bi-andpn, many people lost a friend and Willits lost a gpod citizen. 'Tuesday night wag abig night in tlid local Rebekah lodge. That was the Wight the lodge hod chosen for inltlBtlon of four candidates': H^l- en. i?-«>i Tess Cress, Edna Peterson and Elise C^ess. The ceremony wa^-aa flawless-as; It was imferessr ive. Tbe formal affair was the first initJBtion presided over by the n4w qfiScew .and. all present felt,-that' they; aboijjd be congratylated., ^ Cqngratulatlons arc also dti^the members of the drill team;' Special appreciation to, the ladies that made:;the' Half plrctafi of huclcie; berry greeneigif with pink flpwifw that tht^drill team used" Rew|tffl- ed'tor their efforts, all present enjoyed hofnemade pake, ice creajn; and coffee, served under the siiper- vlslbn <*; refi-e«hment comnjlttee chairmen, Mrs. Susanna FOCter. The Athletio Club dance slgst Saturday was a su<»ess, not oiily for the prize winners, but for those wh6-,came just to dance..! Raljpb RayMoivia orchestra evidently liad what it takes, ar perliaps it was the prises that did the trick. I^e- 'gavdlJBss. the outdoor lighting fund for the baseball park should have a considerable addition. We don't know what/the lucky numbers were, but evidently the lucky v/orU was "Siriwottl." .. ' . Golden Gate Park in San "Sx^ Cisco, coyeis acres. ' Fire brolte out Monday In tiio home of Mr. and U-t^i George Faith, burning their House to the ground, Mr. and Mrs. Faith and their two children have been occupying a cabin on the Hale ranclii which many residents .TVIII remember as the, Reis Clow place on the Greenwood rood. The explosion oti an oil stove started the fire, and Inadeeiyate water and a too-short hose prevented the Faiths frpm putting it put. The damage, wa? •preat, as npt pniy the cabin bum^ ed, but the belengings of the Faiths including their clothing and fu,r iliture. The whist party which was held Saturday night by the Rebekai} Lodge was pronounced a success^ Ovei-10 players gathered and hlgli score was won by Walter Richmond of Boonville; high score for women was claimed by Mrs. G!sn McAbee of iJpbnvllle and cbnSu'.a- ticn was won by ^Ellis Hess cf Boonville, Other prizes were givpn to the second, third and fourth high scores lor both men and wom- in. The dopr pVi^e, a handspme percolator set, was won by Mrs, tu- qllle 'Wright of Ybrkvflle. Following the prize announcernents, refreshments, potato salad, sai^d- wlches and coffee were served. The card party coirimittee was Kathryn Strickland; AWine McAbee and Channlan Ward; refreshments cqmmittee was, Elaine Baxter, Lillian McKinney^and Mrs; Ellis Hess, Mrs, Mary Ri^don and Mrs, Thelma Collins also assisted, J The Rebekah Lodge plans to hold a Whist party once a month, as thfeV seein to be popular and /^re enjoyed by everyohe, . ; . . , trhity Club delegates who returned from the convention at Cp- velP, Friday and Saturday, were Arline McAbee, Rose Sajatinp, iBli'dl^.Fields, Iva,'MacIntpsH and Haiel Nobles. They reported an »j- tercsting time.and will.give their formal report at meeting April .10. • Happy grandparents this wee)t were Mr, and Mrs. HalelBurger ot Boonville who have a new grand- spn,, Tlie, ,ne,wcomes was horn at the General hospital in Santa R'Psa' and .•weighed eigh^- pounds. His parent^,,Mr. ,and, Mrs. Bob BUr^w ^re going: to call h.itn, lloberf ward. Bob BnTget. Is.tfte aqn ^f Mr. and' Mrs.' Hale Bi^^er,. and Mrs; Bob, Burger is the former Gladyj5.Bur/ans. Mr,., and' Mrs. Avon Ray, motored :to Uklah Friday^ : ,Mr. Byron Qowan returned this •iveelc from 4'JPweek vflqation.'in" Woodland, visiting Mrs. Daniel's. Sae' ;rep0«ed: a pleesiant time, ,,' Visitors this we^ froin WaaK- Ingtpn. .we 're Mr," and Mra. William Gan»ber8;.'anQl clilldren, .^Oice fcou- ise, Kathryn' arid Billy,' Accompanying her was her niece, Lois B?ntqn. Vh'p Is staying wiiii the .Gapsherg? .end attending school in '\Vaphingtoj>; ,They ,are guests pf Mrs. Gansberg's parents, Mr. arid Mrs, CecU Gowaij o:^ Philp. While here they liave been visiting rela- ii\es> and friends and regret thbt they only haye a wfeeis here. Thursday Mr. arid Mrs. Gansbrg, plan tomqtprto Lafayptte to visit hpr sister ,, and family, the Elwin Maxej^s, : Don" Van 2andtt whe left last |,wpek fpr tl^e bay area, is still undergoing treptroont at the Mare Island hpspltal. It is hoped that Will seen be horifie and feeling fine. MP, Delap. of Alameda is « guest this. week of his daughter .and.;family,.,Mr, arid- Mrs, Don. Striclflarid of Bppnvjllev While hero, he. atteridpd the party .and won, a prize, Mr. and Mrs. Delap have made their home In Alar meda for some time, but due to Mrs. Delap's bealth she was unable to ^Jake the trip ioBoonville with ,ber husband. , , , , .James Farrei- returned Monday ,to Santo Rosa after a w«ek with bisPW^tsj th» Ernest Ferrers of Phllo. James it) attending. Junior CoUege in Santa Rosa. Mr, and Mrs. Beard of Lambert's mill had as their guests this week, Mr. and Mr?, ^py James of Pittsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Molvin Thrapp are visiting, in the bay region. Mr?. Thrapp's sister, Mrs. Cadle of Potter Valle, stayed and took care pf her mother while Thrapps were away. The Anderson Valley Riding Club Is holding a rodeo, horse show, barbecue, and sheep dog. trlsils an Sunday, May 9,. Saturday .night. May 8, they plan a big the music. The horse show events are as follows: Prizes each class $10, entry fee of $1 added, stock horse cla^s, workirig ojf live calves, trail horse class, hackamore class, stake> race plass, tq be; judged on speed and hendih^ss- The foUow- ijia qre ribbon classes, which r<^- flujrq no entry fee: Childrtn'p clossi 12 years arid urider, en's pleasure, class, walking class, westerni color clasS' and; possibly some oVberst A parade wUl b« held anndoy\{\t :1;30;, with; ribhqns ;ior ti(e liest orgimlzed gr^nft, bes^ §11- vsr,,„scoon (ll ;and third; best w ^fern worjuing'pfit'flt, first, second and third;' nipched i oovples, {IrBt: anil second,,Na' en^ry J[ee is Required for this, .ftodeo 'pvonts wUl carry prizes f6v Va<;h event o^'JlO Mh $5 entry'fee added, split 50-3,0^20, Saddle'^brpnc riding open tp, first 10 entiles, .Bare boolc hrqnc Jr\^in^ open to first 10 entries, i^he jack pot,rpping will be calf, roping ,^open), ppen-tp fli'^t 16 entries; calf roping, loc^l; fteer s<^pp|)ing^Pl}en .^lc first R entries. Sheep dPg ,trla'ljs wHl be run, at' 10 9',m, shpfp ,''pog' will be required to put sheep thrpugh two panel borriere and into corral; i^l entry fee, winner take all, three ribbons. Guests ayrlvlpg. Saturday night w^U have'staU room provided, •The. Anderson . Valley Riding Club; was,organized, last year, and has pkwvided, much entertainment fpr hprse lovers I^; the valley. The membership now numbers apprpximat^Jy ^0 and the following officers are elected for this year: Max Dlghlman, president; Linton Knight, vice president;.Porter Willis, chairman, and Russell Miller, secretary, , doming. Events for the next week are April IQ, afternoon, silver tea for the Unity Club members, at Boonville Hotel with Helen Neilson officiating, 8 p,m„ Grange meeting at Grange hall near Philo, : April n,.Sunday school at Boonville and Philo aV 10 a.m. 8 p,m., candle light service at the Philo church, presented by the Wild» V pod Choir, School Bus Privor Is \\\ The many friends and school kid ac<i\iaintances pf Roy SmootwiU be sorry to learn of his illness, Mr. Smoot has driven the school bus the past 19 years, losing only SIX days during • that time and without a traffic accident. He recently entered the Stanford Lane ilospital for a complete checkup, spending nine days there, and is to return in three weeks for further examination. As he must have complete rest for at least two months Me will take a leave of absence for the remainder of the school year. In his enforced Idleness he will be glad to see his friends. Arena POINT ARENA, April 7,—Mr, and Mrs, Tony Greco are the parents of a daugbter. Christine Louise, Xiprii Marcb ,-30. Mother and daughter returned home SiJin- day. Nicky Ciapusci whP lives in Fort Bragg, returned Satqrtlay night to visit freinds and relatives over tba weekend. Miss Mable Newcomb made a business trip Mpnday tp the bay area to buy riew stock fqr her dress shop. Mrs, Herman Deltbr- ehio will be employed to work in the shop when 'Mable does her shopping. Richard Quinn made a trip to the bay area Sunday and Monday to see about printing tliq Fog Hprn. Mr. and Mrs. Rpyal Dlsotelle and Mrs, Russell Biaggl spent Tuesday in Pe ta) um^; 'Mrs, George Myiand left Sunday to visit her relatives in Sebastopol. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. T^tus weht to Bodega t6 a trap shoot, Mr. Titus returned home and Mrs. TJtus went ort to the bgy area, i Spud Iversen is building a new home on Port street. Saturday riight Fred Christ held an opening at A'nphor Bay, Music was fumisbcd fPt° dancing, • Mr. and BiirBd \wnan h^ve ['moved- into the Caylor'house en Main street. ' , , Rex Hblljdaytopk delivery of a new .Stud^bqJ^en,, .Friday. ; April ?8, T.B. tests will be given at tbe/blgh schopl. ' Friday the high school's base- bai^ game at Bponyille was called off because of the rain. Next Friday tliey hope, to 'p\^y Covelp here. April 23- the senior class will sponsor the play, A Poor Married. N[an, That night the junior class will hold their drawing. ."The .high school invitational prorii will, be held May 7, jn honor ,Q( the senior ?lass. it is to ba I'sppnsored by the Juniors, whp have hired Ralph Rawson and hi^ 6- StCeee orchestra from Napa to play from 9:30 to 12.30. ~A1 Rufner of Gualala suffered a shoulder injury early Sunday morning wliile working at the mill, Tl^e extent of the injury is not ;laiown. yet. HiEANI^K nOPLAND. April 3.-rMrSs!B. E, SWmmin of;J36pJflnd ,andi**!Mrs, Wesphalen of,Willits are vacjltion- ihg.'tbl»,waa!kfln^San IjeandrjKwith MrSv Wesphalen's son and fqniily. While there the,v^ will be guests ut the first year birthdby vparty for the "grandson of Mrs, Wesphalen and nephew Of Mrs, ShWimin, who'jtv neither !had seenj-' \i% •'VMrS'''/Betty Y'OOMIIB has; btkucht the Harry Howard h^mo,;.Ji ly the.McGi-egor plnca x\s'' Silvei- Diner ori Hbplim: stxWet, "Mr*'Yoeuih hl»S b for some'Time and*h8rfrle be glad toleom of- her .rnts Theneils tjbWpflHy-thitf the Leon GastlnauX' hom*.- with the younger folks are nnd Jacqnline Shefler, ot Ifrancisco. J* Mrs. Johnson of; Mendoomo Is here this week- vJsltins Iw son Ellmer of tlie highway m .5j ) once crew. Friday night the .Hopland? freshmen gave their return pai 'Jy to the sophomore class in t^o*high school auditorium, Games^-;.jwere featured witlv dancing and 'j3ram <B designed to repay the sophomores for their earlier Initiation'tj) the freshmen. Refreshments' -were served and an enjoyable evbnmg spent, A, W. Hibbs and family.of the Hopland high school faculty were visitors in San'Rafael with Mrs. Hibb's mother and brother,' Mrs. George F: Roddesi and G^org^; Jr., for three days of the vacation week. The latter pai't-of the vacation week was spent m Walnut Creek with Mr. Hibb's mother and sister, Mrs. L. M. Hibbs and^ Gertrude Hibbs. Mr. and Mrs. John Minter of Bakersfield are here for a .4-week sojourn with their son Floyd and family. Floyd Minter is fqreman for C. W, Hartmari oriithe"'|'oun- tain ranch. Bill Metzler, In his newij^ acquired 1940 Chrysler spent' a day in Hopland and three m Boonville on business and pleasure Toppy Da we is on his way to Texas, He is a recruit in the air corps, ;. • •:; • Mr; and Mrs, E. V, Freid.iSr., Pf Los Angeles are visiting with; Mr. and Mrs. E, V. Preid; Jr... Tuesday of this week Mcsdames Dorothy Abert, Tony Lucchetti and Harold Buokman took theii;''qhild- ren to Santa Rosa to Pr. Spear for their eyes. Robert Parker, of Stocktp)^ and James l"IelBUin of WiUowS, Wi^re visitors over ' the weekend • v/Ith Dorothy Abert and family'. • The 4-H CP'uncil of Mehdocino county met at the offices- of the county farm advisorm; ;Uklah, They Will meet ot Boonvlllo. nrtxt month, and reverse the-procedure each month, meeting in-Ukiah one month and BoonvlUo the ncxK • , Mr. and Mrs. Pai-dini of Petaluma were weekend guesb; dif Tony and Ann Luccheiti of Old Town; Rene Abei't is home oVd? the weekend to see his family; He recently made the rating of fH^man 1/c, electrician's hiate. Rehe will have been in the nav.y orife iiear'In a few days, . Robert Shlnimin and bride went to San Franclsoo during the Easter week to visit the R; P, Gardens, Barents of the bride;, > . Miss Phyllis Crawford -spent Easter'vacation week in Mill Valley with her cousins,'MargaJ'|][ and Ronnie Dressier Mrs, R, te, Shimmih gave an Easter ' dinner honoring her son Charles and wife; Marie. Mrs, Dooley, Hopland ' pps'fmpstiJr; and mother of-Mts. Charie's'Shiiriniin, was also guest at dinner, Richard Metzler was in-J^.'r-.kspur Thursday spending the day"^ with his uncle who is reported; doing well in his examinations to become a lieutenant, stopping qn the way through Novate to visit, with his cousin. Mrs. Joan Conneii. VIVIAN BOWERS VfE'p Miss Vivian Bowers ol Oakland, dwgbter^ of Mr. and Mrs, A. R. Ganter of Ukiah, was married in Reno teastsr Sunday to Th'eodore jFay, of Oakland -whore thpy will 'make their home The bride.^s the sister of Albert' Ganter, Jr., and Lynn Ganter, bqth of Ukit^h, . Miss Betty Brooks-of Oakland; who has been a visitor at the dance at Apple hall with Pacini's I home of Mr, and Mrs, J, J, Outer, |icq «beitara XtciB Wak t* <uraislt]ntunud bome isis£ week. * (Near MarkeH ,"' San Fraiicl6c6> Calif. ABSOLUTELY FIHSPHOOF. 360 ROOMS OF COMFORT IN THE HEART OF S. F. CHOPPING AND THEATER DISTRICT. ' • • " .^H Modern Rates. SINGLE... froiti ?1.73 pp DOUBLE . ..

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