The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on January 13, 1972 · Page 9
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 9

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1972
Page 9
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, Goldilocks and the three tears Is an old story, but the kindergarteners at MOC „(, 4 new twist Into It. Paoa Bear (Kevin Aberson), Goldilocks (Kim Wlnburn), Mama lit (Angela Dirks) and Baby Bear (Jeff Bredenstelner) show how Its done lews of yesterday 10 YEARS AGO iver 100 years of service jioux County by three men i are stepping down from r respective offices. Karl Sellger who Is retiring as mty Engineer after 31 rs P. E. De Vrles, chair- i of the Sioux County board Supervisors, who is retir- after 30 years as county ervisor and Hubert Mull- urg who is retiring as ? County's first assessor • 14 years at that post a total of 40 years oi t house duty. arbara Jo Newendorp, hter of Mr. and Mrs. ion Newendorp of Alton Robert L. Boeyink, son Mr. and Mrs. Louis Boey- of Sioux Center were ried January 6 at the home he bride's parents. ave you ever wondered many sweaters the rage girl needs to make it ough the winter season? A taken among all the M-OC girls shows that they own average of 10 sweaters ece. 15 YEARS AGO riving to California for Hose .Bowl festivities were ence Dorhout,, Dr. D., Van t, Gerard Kalsbeek, Jon- Roos and Bob Boonstra. 1 stayed with the George lers and the Misses Emma Kathryn Roos. r, and Mrs. Jake Mars junce the engagement of r daughter, Gert-ude Joan, larton Vande Brake, son of Bert Vande Brake. A wedding has been ined, group of girls in a car speeding through Mau- one night when they lost Irol of the car near the ot and broke off a few Is along the highway east. y appeared before Mayor Free the next morning. atnes Robert, son of Mr. Mrs. Robert Bonnecroy the first baby of the 20 YEARS AGO flr. and Mrs. John Jeltema ounce the engagement of daughter, Gertrude, to jRens, son of the Mr. and , Tim Rens. lursday, Friday and y this week marks the ntng of Bob's Market, on pay 10, two blocks west Northwestern College. and operated by Bob >nstra the new grocery and counter is one of the modern in this section istate. and Mrs. A, Neumann honored at a "stork '«" last Friday evening. 1J were unable to be present 'ne stork was at that 'delivering to the ma baby i Linda June. YEARS AGO •mi t tlre "ifin using locals put out a fire in the jfitfa coach of the passen- which arrived here ,. - a t 5 p.m. The fire p was discovered by train ' a < ireton, was caused by Pipes. The firemen i a hole through five grs of everything from con«> chicken wire before '•* the blaze. The flre- ' were Donald Kraal, Roy ye « Stnon UA«._ . r* Do Jong and Stanley Duven. Passengers In the coach were transferred to the baggage car. Suzanne Moir of near Maurice won the collie dog given away by the Tulip Theater last week. Mrs. Henry Luchtenburg has issued Invitations for the marriage of her daughter, Ellen Esther to Robert James Bonnecroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bonnecroy. The chapel of the first Reformed Church will be the setting for the wedding which will take place at eight O'clock, the evening of Jan. 24. 30 YEARS AGO Floyd Independent school district report unwarranted breaking of all the glass In the front of their school building sometime Christmas night. School patrons, board members and pupils have worked hard to improve this school and were very proud of their results. An enclosed porch was added this fall and all the glass in a door and two windows was ruthlessly broken out. The O.C. Bakery has been transferred to the Corner Cafe with Victor Vogelaar in charge. ••'•Martin Raak, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arie Raak, is obliged to take a complete rest due to an accident in the Niess- ink garage near Sioux Center last Wednesday. Raak was repairing the lights of a car when a truck came in. The driver failed to see Raak and he was squeezed between a vise and the front end of the • truck. Martin's left leg was badly burned and blood vessels were broken which caused a blood clot. 35 YEARS AGO Christian school to close until Jan. 31, to help check spread of Scarlet Fever. Tuesday night say mysterious doings In the vacant plot back of Dingman Ver Steeg's garage and barn. Marshal Peter Wlelenga with Howard Jelgerhuis were struggling with stiff fire hose to flood a section of ground which was formerly pasture and which will make a swell skating rink once the water is frozen smooth. The use of the" lot was donated by Mr. Ver Steeg to the city for a skating rink with the only requirement that skaters go through the gate and not over the fence. local Newt Mrs. Fern Rowenhorst entertained the KK Klub at her home Wednesday for a lunch* eon, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Pas and Mrs. D,W. Goodrich from Sioux City were Sunday afternoon guests in the Edward Schreur home. The Ramblers Club met on Tuesday evening at the Fireside Room of the American Reformed Church. Mr. and Mrs.Robert Rieckhoff were guests on Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hamilton In Hartley. The Literature Department of the Women's Club met on Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Richard Riggan. BORN YESTERDAY? For information about a single life insurance policy that Insures the entire famllu-^even covers new babies automatically 15 days after they are born...... See Don Van Der Welde, C.L.U. Phone 7*7-4500 or 737-3909 Pr*nf»Clty Insurance company Sp. 5 Jerry Kreykes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geral Kreykes arrived home Tuesday evening from Viet Nam after serving for three years with the U.S. Army. Jerry has received his discharge and with his wife Beverly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Buren of Sanborn, will be making their home in Sheldon. Sp. 4 Steve Loehr has received his discharge from the U.S. Army after a tour of duty in Viet Nam. He flew in to Omaha, Neb. Sunday where his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Loehr of Alton met him at the airport. After arriving back In Alton his parents called his wife Ruth (Kreykes) to come to the house and to her surprise when she got there was Steve. He arrived home two months earlier than was expected. They have bought the Dennis Vander Berg trailer homo in Hospers and will move in soon. Ruth, who has been staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kreykes Is working at K- Products in Orange City. Mr, tod Mrs. Bernard W. Jttfigirfl, ttebble And Rick Harding attended the funeral last week Tuesday of MM. Adolph Oroepper at Remsen. Grandma Vander Lee went Monday last week to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Dykhul- zen at Sheldon for a months stay, Mrs. Marle Jongma arrived home last week Wednesday evening by plane from San Benlto, Texas after a few days visit with her son SFC Henry Jongma and family while he was home on leave from Viet Nam. Henry left again on Thursday for Viet Nam, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Van Zee and Mrs. Devertie Hoffs left by plane Thursday forScotts- dale, Arizona to spent the winter months at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Wolfs- wlnkle. Mr. and Mrs. TomDeGroot and Deanna and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mekevers all of Boyden attended the First Reformed Church Sunday even- Ing and were coffee guests afterwards at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Gerrlt Diekevers and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Herbert of Redwood Falls, Minn, and Mr, and Mrs. Johnny Peters of Paullina were callers Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oldenkamp. Regina Penning spent New Years Day at -the home of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Eich at Spirit Lake and this past Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Penning at Boyden. Leonard and Leslie Smit and Esther Hulst of Doon were Sunday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lamfers. Ben observed his birthday on Monday, Jan. 10th. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Den Hartog and Mr. and Mrs. George Kersten and Dicky called on Mrs. Clem Schmit this Monday evening in honor of her birthday that day. ' Mr. and Mrs. Arlin Vander Wilt drove to Rochester, Minn, Sunday afternoon where they visited with Mr. Irv Franken. at St. Mary's Hospital.. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Riemersma were supper guests Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hobbs at Onawa, Iowa. v Mrs, Henry Kamles visit' ed Thursday with her mother, Mrs. Tracy Van Gelderen at Slbley. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Dykstra and son of Sheldon attended the Sunday evening service at the Hospers First He- formed church and were guests afterwards at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Haack. Mr. and Mrs, Jake Hofmeyer of Orange City were Sunday night guests of Mrs. Gertie Vander Schaaf. Mr. and Mrs. Bernle Roetman of Sheldon drove Mr. and Mrs, Frank Roetman of Hospers to Bradenton, Florida this past week, where they will spend the winter months. Mr, and Mrs. Bernle Roetman flew back home again. Shower held for Jean Van Gelder A grocery shower was held in honor of Miss Jean Van Gelder on Monday evening at the Ben Schlebout home near Orange City, Hostesses included Mrs. Alvln Van Gelder, Mrs. John Te Brink, Mrs. Ben Schlebout and Mrs. Gordon Van Whye, Mrs. Jim Van Gelder and Mrs. Wilbur Van Gelder. Guests included relatives of the bride-to-be. Jean will become the bride of Wayne Tjsark on Friday evening, Jan. 14 at the First Reformed Church In Orange City, Mr. and Mrs. William Grotenhuis took their son ABHAN Billy Grotenhuis to the Sioux Falls airport Saturday night where he left 'or Long Beach, Calif, where he Is stationed aboard thelwoJlma, after spending a thirteen day leave at his parents home. Mr. Arlln Vander Wilt observed his birthday on Friday, Jan. 7th. Gathering at his home Sunday morning after church in honor of the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vander Wilt, Mr. and Mrs Arnold Vander Wilt, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Biemers and family, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Vander Wilt and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Vander Wilt and family and Fred Kramer. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Waan- ders and family visited Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Aanenson at Reading, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vande Kamp of Sioux Center were Tuesday night callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs; Chuck Vande Kamp and boys. Gary Vander Schaaf of Ohio is spending two weeks at the home of his mother, Mrs. Anna Vander Schaaf. Over the past weekend they visited with Donna Vander Schaaf at Minneapolis. They returned home again Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Neal Den Hartog and Mr. and Mrs. John Romberg went to Ft. Dodge Sunday where they visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Den Hartog and to help Robbie celebrate his 8th birthday which was Thursday, Jan. 6th. Mrs. Ivan Muilenberg spent Friday and Saturday in Sioux Falls with her daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Daryl Du Bois to help them get settled In a different home. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dykstra and Hendrina Dykstra of Orange City visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harm Frye at Rushmore, Minn. Sunday evening supper guests at the John Kreykes home were Mr. and Mrs. Searle Jacobsma and family of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Schwartz of Sheldon visited this past week with his mother, Mrs. Al Schwartz, Sr. at the Al Schwartz, Jr home. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Waan- ders and children were Friday night guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Scholten. Mr. and Mrs. John Sols- ma, Sr. called on Mrs. Mary den Hartog Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. GerrltDie- kevers and family we re guests Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Blankers in Sheldon in observance of both Mr. and Mrs. Blankers birthdays which were Jan. 5th and Mr. Diekevers birthday on Jan. 9th. Also gathering there for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit De Vries, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Prins and Mr. and Mrs, John Prins all of Sanborn and Mrs. Minnie Colsman of Sheldon. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gutcher of Newkirk were Sunday evening after church guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bras, Mrs. Erv Goslinga hosted a coffee party at her home last Thursday for Mrs, Marlene Woudstra on her birthday that day. Guests included Nancy Elgersma, Maxine Stiemsma, Mary Bosma and Janice Pop- pema. Cototnvnity FATHER MUGHTER BAHWET January 18, 1972 - 6;30 p.m. Town Hall Basement Tickets sola at Korver 5 & 10, Kraal Furniture or purchase them from any y-t members with "Something I would like to make this year," Demonstrations were, "Equlplng a sewing Box" by Krlsty Kunce and "Finding your pattern size" by Cindy Kunce. The new officers were Installed and their pictures taken. The new officers for 1972 are: President-Laura Renslnk, vice president-Cindy Kunce, secretary-Linda Roos, treasurer-Joan Struthers, hlstorlan-KATHY Reekers, re porter-VicM Solsma and Lori Bruyn is the camera girl. We have eleven menbers and the leaders are Mrs. Gerald Kunce and Mrs. Fred Reekers, To close the meeting Christy Kunce led the 4-H pledge. For activity we did excerclses. Christy and her mother served a delicious lunch. Our meetings from now on will be the 2nd Saturday of each month. The next meeting will be on Feb. 12 at the home of Laura Rensink and we are to bring materials for making hair bands. Reporter-Vlcki Solsma 4-H DUTCHETTES The Junior Dutchettes had their 1971 Christmas Party on Tuesday, Dec. 14. The party started at 4:00 when all the 4-H girls met at the Orange City Bowling Alley. At 5:15 they had a pizza supper and gift exchange at Mrs. Clifford Oolman's-home. The 4-H Christmas Party was ended at 7:30. Bonnie Hosklns, Reporter Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jager spent the New Year's weekend visiting in the home of Mrs. Hllbert Jager. Dan is now serving aboard the USS Ticonderoga and Mrs. Jager resides in Alameda, Cal. Upon their return home to Cal., they found their apartment had been broken into and a TV set, two radios, a jewelry box and a guitar had been stolen. The De Zeeuw family spent Christmas Day at the home . of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Zig-t tema. HEARING AID CENTER Donald E, Hoffman 821 Grand Ave, Spencer, Iowa Phone eaiu The pledge to the flag was led by Mark D. Van Roe- keU We discussed what we are going to do for this year. The 4-H pledge was led by Dale De Jong. Hosts were Mark D. Van Reokel and Paul Van Roekel. Reporter, Dale De Jong CLOVER TEENS 1 The monthly meeting of the Cloverteens was held on January 8. It was held at Louann Hawkins house. The roll was called to name a sewing notion. It was answered by 17 members and two leaders. Three visitors were present. The pledge to the U.S. flag was led by Ruth Plendl. The pledge to the 4-H flag was led by Louann Hawkins. An Illustrated talk on "Sewing Tools was given by Ann Buckley. "How to Measure" was the demonstration given by Ruth Plendl. "Parts of the Sewing Machine" was an Illustrated talk given by Loma Hulstein. Lunch was served by Barb Smlts and Lorna Hulstein. Reporter, Barb Van Peursem A youngster soon learns the opinion of the store's Santa Glaus do not necessarily agree with his parents. FLOYD FALCONS 4-H The first meeting of the Floyd Valcons 4-H Club was held at the Hospers Shelter House on Jan. 8 at 7:30. Sixteen members answered roll LOANS $50 to $5,000 Payments Can Be Arranged On Monthly Terms "Loans Payable On A Thirty-six Months Basis" Also larger loauns available for financirug- of trucks and autos at reasonable rates. Household goods, autos, livestock accepted as securities. A-C Loan & Finance Co., Inc. 27 Central Ave. S.W. Le Mars, Iowa Phone 546-4103 CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING TAILORED To Your Needs- CALL CULLIGAN 2923 Orange City KALSBEEK BROS. ACTIVITIES CLOVERTEENS The regular meeting of the Clqverteens 4-H Club was held •St'ttte 'Maurice School on Nov. 6, The hostesses were Ann Buckley and Shirley Feldhacker. Ninteen members and two leaders anwered the roll call which was, "What I am thankful for." One visitor was present. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Ruth Plendl. The 4-H Pledge was led by the new officers. The minutes and the treasurer's reports were given. We decided for our Christmas Party to go out for supper, exchange gifts, and go bowling. We also discussed about going to the Awards Banquet as a club. The new officers were installed. A demonstration on pizza was given byCarlaKoopmans. Ann Buckley gave a demonstration on decorated cookies. Gaylene Bos gave a demonstration on Frank and Bean casserole. A presentation on cooking was given by Barb Van Peursem. A delicious lunch was served by Ann Buckley and Shirley Feldhacker. Reporter-Ann Buckley .'••*• SILVER SLIPPER 4-H The Silver Slippers 4-H Club met at the home of Christy Kunce on Saturday, Jan, 8, 1972 at 2 p.m. Our meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Laura Renslnk. Roll call was answered by 10 HEARING AID WEARERS Better service for your hearing aid means better hearing for you Be sure to visit >ur next ieltont Service Jenter At the Village Hotel 10 a.m, until noon Wed., Jan 19 Intensive Care Lotion 15 oz. $127 i Reg. $1.69 Now Johnsons 9 oz. Reg. .99 NOW in! SAVE IN ALL My Powder-\ DEPARTMENTS Cepacol Mouth wash/Gargle 20 oz. $107 Reg. $1.49 NOW i BAYER ASPIRIN Bayer Aspirin 100's Reg. $1.17 Now Triaminicin Tablets 12's Reg, 98$ Now 2 Gallon Cool Steam Humidifier Reg, $17.99 Now 12 Vicks Formula 44 cough Mixture 3^ oz. Reg. $1.19 8ft Dristan reg. $2.59 St. Joseph Baby Aspirin Reg. 39? Now Arrid Extra Dry Scented & Unscented 9 oz. ff/9 Reg. $1,79 Now Vitamin C chewable, orange-flavored 2-100's 250 mg. $ 2* Robitussin m 4 oz. Reg. $1.79 Now Phos Cal 250's Reg. $2,98 Now $138 7 Worthmore Buffered Aspirin $J29 100's 2 for Vitamin C 2-100's 250 mg, Dutch Mill Pharmacy \ Phone 737-4844 Walgreen Agency Orange Cfty, Iowa THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL. Thursday, January 13, 1972--9 \ i.

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