Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 9, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1948
Page 4
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Married Here* Sunday* FRIDAY, lAPRlL 9,- SPCIAt; AND CLUB NEWS MR. AND MRS. FRED I. TOLUNI ol CalpoIU, married'in Ukiali April 3, will make their home oni the JooToIUni ranch nparCalpellai Mirs. TolUni was Miss Charlotte M. Pope. Social Events And Business Program Featured In Federation Convention • 'Delightful event of the weekend '.' social program and 53rd semiannual convention of Tederation 6i Women's clubs convention m Covelo, was the lovely luncheon ""',£^yen by Mrs. G. T. Barcklow. at her attractive home In Willits on Friday before the convention open, ed in.. Covelo Saturday mommg, The hostess is president of the "'Mendocino County Federation, The lunceon: complimented.. Mrs. , . Earl B. Shoesmith of Son Leandro, recording secretary of the General Federation of Women's clubs and Mrs. Paul C.. Alexander, " of San Francisco,, presidfent'of the San Francisco district of, California ' " Federation of Women's clubs. Oth- .er guests werorMts; W;.T; Saxon, " corresponding secretary of Mendocino county federation and Mrs. L.B. Williams, president of the ^ Women's! improvement-• club of; ••WilUts. • The visitors, who arrived in Willtts on the noon bus- were met and escorted to the Barcklow Kome where luncheon was served "oh'.an elegant lace cloth Fragile "china and gleaming glass ware, ^y^th an exquisite floral centerpiece flanked by groups of tall lighted tapers m silver candelabra ,. combined to make a distinctive setting. After luncheon, the group' attended the regular meeting of the Willits Improvement Club where i .Mrs. Williams presented'the visiting club olticials. This is^ the first time Willits has enjpyed. the disi tinction of being.visited by a gen- "ei'il federation official. Mrs. Shoe-, smith, Mrs. Alexander and iVTrs. Barcklow addressed- the meeting. Meeting In Covelo Officials and delegates .gathered, that-night for a house piarty in the Covelo hotef where a rio-host turkey dinner was served to 26 mem bers and guests. Music and char adeSrwere enjoyed after dinner. convention will be released by Mrs. WllllamSi but- returning delegates reported ani excellent: raeetingf with' stimulating reports of club activities and future objectives. Among the delegates and members from Ukiah were Mrs. Kenneth': F.. Farnsworth, president of the Saturday Afternoon club; Mrs; Louise Bernhard, Mrs. Mark Kg., lin; Mrs. J; N. Stipp, president, of Kosmos Club, Mrs. Gladys Dawson, Mrs. Beulah McCoy, Mrs. Bertha York and Mrs. W. H. Hig ginS: Mrs. Alexandei'^s Tallc Main address of the session was Mrs. Aiexander's tblk on-laws affecting women and children. Mu- .sJoal ntimbers- added to the enters tainment and reports indicated constructive activities in the fields of juvenile problems, better citizenship, gardens, parks and educational programs. Convention meetings were also attended by the following men: W. H. Hlggins, G. T. Blggar, James Ii Hurt,, Dr.. G .iT. Barcklow and Rev. Ei-nest De Ford; Courtesy resolutions introduced by Mrs. Hi A.. Lawson- and Mrs. Charles LoVpU, ,wepe adopted.. Mrsi Eglin and. Airs. Rohrbough reported 48 club members had registered for the meetihgs. Garden Club Surveys Parks In Hope Of Creating More Permanent Reauty ; The Ukiah Garden club, through its committee on oommunity pro]- efcts, has made a- study of the •municipal pwks, and its report indicates the members are pleased ..with the municipal park at the Clubhouse, They arc desirous of working closely with tlie gnrden- ' ' er in makinfi. any additions to the. well-planned and executed project. One of the (list additions will ,be the planting of vines along the stone wall to soften, the outline of 'the park and add gorgeous color 'in the fali; • In regard to McGarvey park, the Garden club has- concluded the first thing: to. be determined. IS what type, of park the community vfishes. Two • typos are- possible: 1—A park using native trees and shrubs only. McGarvey park is this type. The club was mformsd than an earnest, effort was made- some 20 years ago to plaiit and care for a lawn in this park, but the effort was unsuccessful. Sitggeetions; Made. Madrona, trees, qrc sensitive to- summer watorinft and> lawns re- .OL ^ire water.. It. is conceded that -.MpGarvey park with its present 'S'etup'can beimproved by the practice of cutllngithewild grass which^ grows at random instead oil burning it; by remavJng dea(l limbs from the various, trees; by entirely removing -a few madrones which are already near death; by keeping the square raked' of loaveSi bark and branches and by using the park for no other than park pur- . poses. Additional planting of native shrubs could be made. 2—A second type of park would call for the removal of most of the madrona trees. With^ water' brought into the square, an authority on planting suggested that quick growing trees and shrubs, such as acacia, flowering fruit trees, dogwood, lilacs, Washington ''thorn, be planted. For Fall Beauty At the same time slowei' growing trees, such as liquidambar, liijlodendi^n, gingko r.nd maple could be planlcri. These arc cspo- fiiilly beautiiUl in the fall; OUks BIrthdoy Party Given Redwood Valley Boy > ' • * .-.'..( Donny Elmer celebrated- his fifth birthday March. 31 with a party at the home of his parents in Redwood Valley His guests enjoyed an afternoon- 06 games and-: Judy Lane won the prize .f or pinning the sail on the donkey. Presents were opened before they, gathered at; the. table, decorated in gay pastel colors, with, hats and candy baskets in matching shades. Colored balloons hung over the table m festive arrangement whilo 'a big birthday cake.was the cqnterpiecoi It'wasdocorat^dm the Efister theme- with, colored oandy eggs in.nests of. green cocoanut and in the. center, a. tiny banner acclaimed "Happy Birthday." Atr outdoor Easter egg hunt followed the repast with:Bobby: Lane carrying home the prize for finding the most eggs. Other guests were Shirley anjl Randy ^choolep ,.Renny gonish^ Larry Jennings, !Patsy Elmer, and Mesdames H. Benish, A. Marcheschi, O. M. Elmer, A Ulvlla and! T. J. Lanei - t»ip?^|pflt.pespeWedi to Fred E T6Hin| • .J^ -honeymoon trip. ;to the noxthf west and .Montana wllliollow fttter the grape season for Mr. and Mr?. Fred I. ToUlnl who. were married in. Ukiah Saturday morning b;y, Justice W; S. Van Dyke.. The cere4 mopy was followed by a dinner party at' the' home of the groom'^ jpar'enta, BJri' and'Mrs. Joie tolHni; ranchers near CalpeUfe'Where the, young people will malte> their home.- • ^ Mrs. Tollini is the former MiSS. Lorraine M; Pope- of Council Bluffs, Iowa: She came to Galpella last S^tember to make her home With Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Taylor of 'Cillpella. Mrs; Taylor is her sister. jAnother sister,' Miss Evelyn Taylor, lives^in Ukiah; • . The nuptials were attended by members of the family-Mrs, Tony IMilanij sister 6I' the - grocon; and her husband; were attendants. Tlje Ijride was honored at a shower 'by Mrs. Milan! .in' her home-near Cal pella, last ^edne^d&y. Bringing gifts and good wishes were: MfSr' dames Ben> McLintock^ Charles axid Victor Piflero; Charles: and Victor- Lesta; AJcott,- John' Orior Henry Tollini, Woody White,. Dave Hoflerbert; Harold Tiylbr, -Aldb Tollini, C..Salamans.-MaJg;. Griffanti, and the Misses.Irene'Deghi and Evelyn Taylor. Invited; guests unable to be present who sent gifts, were:- Mesdames Andre\v Ghiringhelllj Bruno- Ba 11 inl, Charles Barra and Miss Lena Balzarini. ' Gathered for the wedding dinner Saturday were the H. T. Tay- ;lors and their son,, the^ MUanis, Miss, Evelyn Taylor, and th^ Joe ToUmiSi who were hosts; The: groom- attended UkiaKhi^ school and is now ranching with his father. His bride is the daughter of Mrs. Pea,rl Androff ' of Council Bluffs whefe she attended high school.'. Eastern Star Honors Its Fornix Matrons, Patrons ' An ^evening,. whi6h. invoked' the memories'o£ bj^gpne years, honored the past matnaw and* patrons of' Klngsley Cihaptei^ Order of Blastem,Star, Monday night. The honoreoB iwene gnests at a 6:30'dinner whone'tables werefestive with printo^aes, grape hyaohith'^ and ma%oldSf riainbow-coleted ;n'!p^' cups and candles: ' ' ' '' • Officialf Auxiliary Vli^its Made By Mrs. Isnard In a candle.light ceremony, four candidates,;, were: installed^ i-n American Legion Auxiliary Wed. r>esday. night v/hen, Mrs. Jane Isnard] Distnct Orte' president made her official visit to Fort Bragg. She jwasr accompanied, by- Mrsj QpaV Wessel, district musician and they were the guests there of Mr. and Mrs.'Wharton Taylor. •• • There .was a: splen,did'attendance 'i for the initiation and "Mrs. Isnard was happy to greet Lilhan tturley and Cecil Silver, tormer Ukiah members who now live in Fort Braggi-Mrs. Neil Berkovitis'is unit! president'.in. Fort Bragg., . On .Friday; nighti..MVs;>:I6nard; andiMrs.-Wessel.attended.the Wil lits Unit No. 174 where Mrs. Barbara Steadman is president. Both Willits and Fort Bragg, units, have adopted ah orphan -of St-.. Diet France; tO! whom-boxes of food' six&' clothing wiU be sent each imonth'; On.Tuesday night; Apnl 8,.Mrs. Isnard will, make her. official; visit; to Hopland Unit No. 29 where Mrs. Helen Taylor is president. Several, local members will' iici^omtiany President Jane; A'nd' on' Wfedriesday night- slie will make-an offiolai; visit; totthe Ukiah Lewis^ WhltevUttitrNo. .16 where, a, large attendance, is, exr pected. S*6Uowlna;v thfr-" dinhWi IWtf- 'fleers tSok'their stalloMI'sriiKen!re llpquished them to^^thc past' offl- l:elf8- with Past Worthy Matron Mrs. Mlnn^e^ Jamison, matron of 'itlngSley "chapter hi 189^, ably "condtictinE 'her. officei-s iii their duticss-. tliese -Nvere, Past; 'Wprthy 'patron- William Bromleyi Assocl;. late Matron I&th' j^hkef,''AsSocfato • •Patron' Ray"' l!*bstiBri Ccinductressi •Jfewel^Sttpp;' Associate;' Cottducl res?.; jb Hansen; ,.• ''''^; - Others assisting.were: Secretary fZella Dennen of Menddcino: chap- iterj .rcr .e9surjpr> Jlhcy M^^ ganiSt Hiizel- Anderoon;.; Chaplain Bess 'JTamison; - Marshall' Velma' GJbsop:..Flaif fiearjCr LUbm-n' Gibf W; 'W'Ardei; Gladys. Cave, Wllli*s cliapfer;,:Spntinei; Eliner HoBPec >; : . . AttnctiV*- Dccorailohf . TAcxhapjerroom was'decorated '^?lth camellias; smilftx ;ana '!cttadles at: each station, flowering; shrubs and liljis. Corsages and ' boutton- leres -were presented to each past' official by the 1948'ylTicer whose station he or she fiUedi Favors of, miniature photogrbph alb;^ms oj!'' 194S officers were presented the honorees by 1948 Worthy Matron' 'Thelma Boulware; ' Worth^ matrons and- patrons who'did not fill offices were escorted «ind introduced. These included Mrs. lK)renaJB. Stout 01911); Mfs.. Anna Hi^^ns, Mrs; /Bessip McFarlbnd, (Kansas); Mrs. Lylk wyfliehBach,;toaland); Mrs.^Myrtie figlin (Ocean 'View); - Mrs. Ida Caylor,, (Fort Bragg); Mrs. Ethe)!' Smith (Elk Gi'&ve); Mrs. Oscar Thompson (Willits); Pierce Stipp, (Walter•H;ggjns (Ocean View); BUI Mellis.MiarlCj Eglin (Ocean View); Jaidk Caylor (Fort Bragg); E. p. MbParland .(Kansas); Walter Jamison, Henry Spurr, George Hovey and Linus Millej. ^ ' Past -.matrons included amfong ithe> 1948 officers were Mrs. Bess Eversole, Mrs. Myrtle Rawles, Mrs. Leona Mazzoni, Mrs. Irene Miller. Ambng the out of town members Shower &en&r i.Threei' young - matrons,- complit- merttcdvMrsi John; Kinsler of; 490 School street, at a combined ;bridge party and', stork' shower, at the home of Mrs: Sam. Ray, 410 Jottes street-: • Tuosd-ay. atXemoon;- . Mrs. Geonte: Parducoi and.'^rs.• Frances Sanchez: were; co-hastes.s£:s. Gifts h- were • arranged.; on the flower decked:table to be opened lA' the' hpnoree; Tvnilei the guestSi loolcedi: on:: and' admired layet;;^ and .nursery presents. for. the., sec^ jond':. child atMK and Mrs;; Kinsler.. They have ai; son, Bruce,, is 13^ months old; ; ' ! Bridge followed the gift- openi ing; and pfl»s were won, by; Mrs. ^ George Hengeveld, Mrs.-:Didfc:Jfa .t, pobson'and* Bfest •Horace IVey.-Ae'-; irestuneuts were.- jello ; cream- pie. and coffee. Gruests Incltfded Mesdames- John I>6rducoli> Rodney. Zimmerman,; G G. Cassell; WlUiam.MbNieil,- Cliff. Singeiv William Gleland;. Stanley, L'ahciBj Htir61d%HUir~todVCfa»p;Wil-. aiflmsi. Unable to> attend; the fol- 'Ibwmg seht gifts; Tilrs, James F6ifd, Mrs. DiofcSWanniv POGA«OMTA5< TO MBErT Kowanna. Council, 156,.deg?'ee of Pocahontas, will hold its regular meeting Thursday night April 8, in Elks hall with-.Giertrude Etter, P6cahontas presiding. There will be drill,practice.a social-hour and refreshments. and fir now in McGarvey. park could, remain in. such a plan. Such ,a' park; calls for expmise not only in planting, but much more for upkeep than type 1. It jvould be- comej however, a park such as Burbank' park in Santa Rosa which a few years ago was an unsightly spot and is now a matter of great pride to that city. The club makes no recommendation, but invites interested people to express themselves regarding, the development of- McGarvey park for the greater enjoyment of the community, by communicat- inj! with this newspaper or v/ith the Gtirden dUb directly. Fracchia Family A'Hend's Son' Frattckcia WaidsBriq! Miss Eda Fracchia was: bridesmaid at- a formal wedding ceremony in St. Peterand Paul's' cath- edtal in San Francisco' yesterday whereiheir cousm; MissLillian'Old- ano. was united'm matsrjage. to An tonu Gompagng. Also, attending, the wedding from- Ukiah were Eda's sister Jeanette, their parents, Mr. and Mts. Lorenzo Fracchia, and their brother and his wifb, Mr. and Mi-ss Maria'T. Fracchia. The:'ManiOf FraocHias,, vfitO' ,returned, from, their .southera Calif, ornia honeymoon Thursday are now settled in the new home on the Fracchia ranch near Robinson Creek bridge south on Redwood highway;,. Thaw WJU' setv an' early date for an open house (reception to; gj-eet their friendsi They^were married in Presbyterrian church By'Dl-: Richard'A. Viin der Eas on Easter Sunday. ' • ' Mtf. Marvm Recrds Fof Presbyterian Sociefy Mrs. Lloyd Bittenbender, Mrs. E W. Dutton and Mrs. Car9lin£ Thomas;, were.hostesses;,f OP Bresby^ terian Society whiclr mef last Thursday in the church social hall. ,Mrs, Louise Bernhard presided. Theprogram included^a reading by Mrs. Marian Marvin. Sweet peas decorated the refreshment table. Y^as Worthy Patron Robert Gamp of •Vl^illits. .' The Program >' A humorous skit which carica-, tured the comm.ittee meeting-which' :pfeparedi the.,program was/presented by Mrs. Louise Bernhard, •Mrs: Dorothea Fraga and 1 Mrs. Juanita-Bradshaw. .Lois and Rita;Salisbury dressed in peasant'"Costumes presented a ,group..of-threeif6lk dances. ,:. Committee in charge of the program and entertainment Included 'Mr; .and Mts. Al Fraga, Mr. and Mrs. Al GobBleti Mr. and Mrs,, Tom Franklin, Mr.,and Mrs. Hen-, -ry.; Sfeunr,, MBs; Fanny CrawfoisdJ ^aivjl ,.Willifm,£^ildi;eth. . : . .The next meeting*' wiir be a pot- luclt. dinner and"the' event will be. fomily-night; 3'62 Sign California Security Act PetiWoh. County Clerk.;W., J. Broaddusiop. :ErJday ,ot; last weeiki certified ta. the.'secretary-^ ol,: state the: petition if tied. with, himi for the California, Security Act, which'.borethe namqs, tot362 qualified-Electors;. The act would; provide- $'3!5 petj mpnth lor• allu«sidents <oli the state iover' 60: years: of. age;, and! for the. blindi and- disabled, subject-, to cost of IiVmg.increases, the actrWould also; -unpdser .a.grassp income, tax.p& 1%. to finance public: schools and ipensionB .:and abolish the'sales'tax: A«s«mbly- Candidate ' In UlcibH dt VVeefentf ;Aw ;'.;VKay'of Eureka, cflnd^date for. -assemljlyman from the First^ distl'ict; was in Ukiah iSalurday. on business in connection with, his ,cempaign.. , Mr. Way being a native; of Humboldt cDuaty and having made.Eu- .rekahis Home,.is widely known-ui this section of the state andgene?.- si\y knoiyn throughout .ijie. statfe; ami';i\as.;a,Bpst.:d£"^^^ •.,',Cul? ScdiitV' of;'Pack; -15.,. JKOI, Ijf the hosts _at a. potluok dinner to be; Held,^ij; the, Klethodist. church social, hall; Friday,. April 9,. i^it T p.m. GuestSi will: be; their, parents "and • family members. , . , Mrs. Eyersole Feted With Sferit Shower • Mr?.; Walter- R. Eversole was Jawiori^ds at,.a^ stork shower in the ,hpme of. heP; auflV .Mrs. W. ;L. ! Alarithorp'ei.l$2. Clara .a Venue, last, 'Friaay . hi'ghtr'.!wltli' another aiint, Mrs. Robert .Williams as: co-host- ,ess, ..t^he. event, i at,..which the. honorfie,«ceiy.(^d many- handisome 'g;itf8T"'br6ufihi' Kiemljers ' .of the' family iio|ietKer for aft evening .of .visiting, ganles' and. refreshments. : l^j^rlr}g4ffoYi;ers;.de.cprated :the. m- divi ^u .al tables, .where cake, ice. cream and. coffee were: served, and distinctive niil cups were used, the gift of Mts. Marvin. Laughlln of (S^nta Barbara, who is dlso an aunt of'the honoree. •'.Guests included' Mr. and' Mrs. E;,^,A.. Bversole, ..Mr. and Mrs. Clarence: Ballou, Mr: and Mrs.. CJarencie. Lynfh; Mr. and Mrs. liarrel liynclr, Mr. aind Mrs. D. E; li&ftltina, Mr; and Mrs. CarlDau- benecfc and little- daughter Carta, Mr. and Mrs. Caxl Alan thprpe and daughters Jbariene and Karen, Mrs. Alhnthorpe, mother of Wi L^ •Alfinthorpe, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. ^liohK • MJr. and • Mts. Walter R. Bversole; guests of honor, Mr. and MtSi Robert Williams and Mr. 'and'Mrs. W: L.; Alanthorpe, hosts. Celebrate Silver .Weddirj jMrs..WhrttaJcer FJfected Mrssion> Circle Hbad' ' liadlesol the; Af.ternoon:Missibni !Clrcle.'of the.'Baptist church, met: anr; lin: the; home.- of H&% Alien K> Thursday in Talmage. session cleared-the year's calendar ofcbusmess-and'at: election ot officers, 'B &Si Charles 'WhittakeP ;wasTiamed>p)eesident;;Mrs, George; iWal'di Vice ptsesident; MrSiFranK flPdsttSr will serve as'. tieSsurer atid tiMts. J; GiRumfir takes office isecrotaty.. The meeting ended a- successful tyear. m NJPhite Cross' wbrk; and --missions. Life amons- the Navajo Indians -was the topic of' an iiiterestng: talk'liy Mrs: Hicks, who re- Uated. the privations sufifA :ed- by 'the' northern A'rizona-New' Mexica Ivtrihes'l Siribe their* livestock herds dlavfe been depleted'and dfought Ijias curtailed their crops. Guests enjoyed- a' tour of the rtbw-^ homte mto - which- the Ryans moved; recently, and refreshments of .jellb, teacake and coffee ivere served by their hostess. MR. AND MRS. AUGUST E, GAHAVENTA of TalraaffB who cele-^ braled 25 years of^maniaga at' a dinner-patty, last;Satuiday night in their ranch home in Mendocino State Hospital groun4t. August E. Garaventas Celebrate ^ ; Silver Wedding At Home In Tahnage ^ Potter VaJfeyNews^ POTTBRf VALLEY, April 7.-^ Mr .iandjMhS! GUiart^ Coit of Med- 1 oTfi* were^calllng om Potter friendsri ••|Vni;^-'"„•• '^^'V-^'-i• • The- PfpttiBJf^Pnjgtps^^.cluB-,mpt; U»V Thursday on their way norih JSaturiJay'in' Ijbram .SUOTB: «icifin.» w«».^c i.. ItHe^ business' sessioit wsi MOydi Downs was yot'ed- Jifitcp^meii^heir- !shi^. Mrsr 0 .trvittfe' S'rost' ®V^:,a- dfcUghtfia telk:;6n! her tirip tO' San Diego, Bouiaer iDarn- and' Death 1 vaJtl^yi Hiwhethaafe? o6biaiB>- arid tea-" wetss: Sertreil -fey Mfesdalries. lab^ Hughes J •WfifefteWftoyer; BWai iihghan) Slid: ' lillS&ear: Aiine' and MaiSueWtfe Cbib;- '-' , • Mrk. ki ';R;, 'Ifagelfefaipco'mp^^ MrSr'Cliaries' Hasch' of trtfla^^^ _SaiitB^ Rosa: lihenk'they attmided a meeting'^of' P.BJJ?. IKi UKIAH HOSPITAL Mrs, John Wuorela, of Redwood Valley, who entered Ukiah. General hospital' Friday, is making ;v satisfactory recovery and hopes to return home by the middle oC tho •week-. after visiting friends m southern California'. "The Cioitb were former residents' of-Potter and were very. _active m church and civic affairs: I 'iSieir; son'Bobert?on now^ lives in SeatUe. . ••' Mr. apS' Mrs. ppbert Davis aifd' cl>ildren hay^ moved up from Los. Angeles and are. now living m; one- of the Dfell Ptager apartments.'Mr. Dbvis IS employed at the mjU- 'on; Eel; river; Mrs. Otto Irmer and children ;;spent', the: weekend^in St. Helena: Mrs. Wllburn. Brown and smdll sou have returned- to their home here after visiting with Mrs. Brown'4 mother in'Ukiah Mr. ani$ Mrs. Frank Peregrine i!of Menlo' Park are visiting tlfis 'week, with- Mr., and Mrs. Topy, Pere8nna> and. MP. and Mrs. Di^z: Charles Tomlln. returned Fridky ffpm' San Bi^anoiseo. ,. Mr., and 'Mrs. 'Harry Hopper I were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. "and Mrs; Edmund Sack. After dinneti: the.two- couples drove to tiie |!lGraff. resort on. Ealj river. Mcsi Oi Moore' left Monday, fiy wayoliLo^ Angeles, for her home ,m Missouri. Mrs. Moore is a sisi- ter of' MVs. Vir-gil Norman apd(| Miss Ruth Poland and has visited in the valley many times. Friday, .evening the Dessert llBtldke. dub met at the home of' Mr. an-i Mrs. R.'R. Ingels. Seqre, aw£(rds,went to^ Mrs. Earl Pickle,, Jack Newman and Mr. and Mi:s., Lawrence Clark. Mr. and Mtsi Charles Wallace and Mrs. Earl Pickle were guests of the club. , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fischer came up from their San Jose home to spend the weekend with Mrs. Fischer's brother-in-law and sister, •Mr. and Mrs, Malcolm McLeod. Mrs. McLeod drove home with- them Sunday to spend a fortnight-j with friends on the- peninsula. MP. and- Mr»; Bari- Piclde- have Sandelins Will Host Pre-Sailing Party Mr, and: Mrs. Walter Sandelin, who, sail. Friday, April- 9|': on the Matsonia; for a imbhth's v'isit'in :the5Hawailan islands, will be- hosts aboard ship; to'a' group of - friends :f6r cocktails' before the" sailing hour.. A. .tiumber- of friends-fropi jUHiah- will be there to -wish- them .avgopd: journey. In Honolulu;, they 'will' join Mr. and; Miisi. Chester Hi Warlow, for lai tour of; Masonic- lodges, which iwlll tSke then: tb- Maui; Lihue Hilo, Wailuki and Kona ^island loiagissi Mr; • Warlbw-"' is" senior grand; mastfer'of' the State'of Call (ibtnlai Mr; -S&ndelih--'is- senior .giand* deacon-9.f'the- grand lod^e^' istate'bf C'aiifoftriief; ah'd'-a^pa'st'HiaS'- m ot- AbeU Ibdge bP Uklahi |!(i<f ,asQni & Scene >< Gvifoydble' Dbhde^ Pdrty Masonlc'cJancing and. card party, held Saturday, night in M^sonic- ihaU. Was a much' enjoyed' occasion attended by 130 members - of the' Masonic order. Order of Eastern iSt^p' and 'v' their guests. James Lindsay was general man, assisted by- Judge Lilbu^n GlfaBon; V/.'Neimes Sinith, Ken- rotii KarnswortM'and-Hlarley- Bran- ;san;.-', M:. and; ^Mrs. Wflllam: Wqplley and" daughter..' of.Wplits wertljunr .day guests of - Mr.. WooUey's.- parents, Mr. and^ Mrs. Norman WooUey. ' , Mr... and,.'MES. Earl. Pickle a*' tended, a. dinner mealing., ofr-the Case, Mach^ery Company in-Santai Rosa Monday qight, . ' ^oy. BssmettT-oil Saw BSancisco .spentr a'; le^w. days-, laitt weeks; w^th his mother, Mcsi. Violas Bametti MR Barjaett'-isi recupetating; from' a seroius; iUnes3ran4 iSiEtUU und^r itha dootoi^ oca-* . Mi:, and Mrs. Ralph. Day.and .d9Mgl\tBr oft Petaluffla wete.-vl^t- iUt^Hr. Day/s.mother.Mra: Martha Day .j. last. Sucd .ny-. . Mr.. and.Mr&.Ii .i'^^ Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Bob. Hortoni ot. j^toriar. wera.receint guests of ati-,, and Mrs. .I^y. Nelson; L. W. .N^- ,spm and. Ray, JTeU^n? arsrbispthers. •Ja^einew house; bei9g;cont(truet- ed fpr Mr., anij, Mrs,, Boh WWt- comh, .will, soon: bieiready lor iij-' '.ferioi:-jii-ijshing. . , Mr§. Margaret '^yrnes,,rural' supervisor ,;]g3Vi? some tests' at the ^elenw^nt^y, school. Tuesday. . Ci^ro.l,irmer, ,who was flye;ye£irs bid Monday, entertained' a lew little friends at a- birthday party. .In the group were Kenny Clark, Sandy Brown and David and Cbnnie Irmer. Because of bad weather veryj , COMES TO SEE PLAY , Mrsi Jack Pibermg and her Ideughter Janice; came Irom San Erancisfco Praday- and were: guests atsthe home of: Mr..and Mrs. Jack litauglas;. 316> North. Main street, .'With.-whom they, attended' the high .school play Rriday night.. Mrs. •Biijemig, is Mi-si Douglas's sister: ;They returned', home Saturday. Visitors-at the'home of Mr. and ,Mrj5., Robert A. Wi'terhpusei on Cpohrane avenue,.last week w^re Mir. 9«d Mrs. Thomas C. Mark; parentSc-of MrSj .Waterhouse: .f^w people were out to hear the ;Splendi(l; performance', given. Monday night at the elementary sqhpol; by Miss .Katharine- Marshall,/ The, brilliant . Riapist wajs sgjpijsored, i>y .iile high schbol, slj'u- :,dent, body. , . ,, • " laie fourth quarter]jrcptiference of the church met Tuesday night following a pptluck supper, ^he pearly i-ppbrts were submitted and' •bfficerS for the-coming year wep- elected; Rev. William C^ens.'dist;: •trict superintendent, pfesidedrHa, was accompanied'to,the-valley by Mrs, Owens. Mrs. E. A. Spotswood; ^was chairman of the supper committee. Christofferson and, Janet Eddie, assisted with, the servng. Mrs. Howard. Brooks has returned from a week spent with her daughter in Vallejo. Oni April'2; 1923, in St. Paul's ehurchi m San Francisco; Mr., and Mrs.; August E. Garaventa were united.m marriage. He was born ,ia:'I^almage, a-member of the Anton- Garaventa family, She was •a-native San Franciscan. On Saturday ;jlght, April 2, 1948j ajCamily party, gathered'around a candlelit table - in; the Garaventa •home in Talmage, to toast their twenty-five.happy years together in.'a: silver weeding celebration. •After dinner a group - of friends joined 'them for an evening of reminiscing, cards and late refreshments... IWr; Garaventa IS ranch foreman for Mendocino State Hospital. B6thiare well:kn6wn in the commumty .rini club,.-cjvic and so cial' activities. . Seated, at the-dinner table, were Mr. and Mrs.; L.i;J,- ;Tackney,- Mr.' .Tackeny is Mrs:. Garaventa's bro-, ther; Mr, and .Mrs., Eugene Shel-i linger, Mi;s. Shellmi^er is her si-s;; ter; Miss Ruth Shellinger, her 'neice; Mr. and Mrs. William Mil-: chell; Mr. and Mrs. Jack McLaughlin, Mrs. Mitchell and; Mrs. McLaughlin are also neices; Mr. and Mrs. McNammes, the honorees and their son ahd,daught,er,'No'rma and James. .;. . Guests -who came later in, the evening'were: Mr. and'Mrs. .'W.'G. Collier, Willits; Mr. and .Mrs. Floyd Ross, Mr.and Mrs. Albert Ganter, Mr.' and Mrs< Wal.ter Caya and Miss J'oyce. Caya; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pi^oni, Mrs. Lorena Rains i 'md'her son, Arnold, all of Ukfah Annual Garden Club Convention To Be Memorable Program On Garden Lore . By Betha Neblelt 'Easter Parade" was the theme for tabio,decorations at the Easter luncheon party of the Long Valley Garden;club in White House lodge, Thursday, March-.25. The centerpiece represented garden wilh the church on one side and the home OIIJ the other. Miniature dolls adorned in Easter finery paraded the length of two long tables on their way to church; Place card favors were fashioned from egg shells serving as miniature flower pots containing spring flower seedUngs, the newly emerged yellow nhick sitting; at its side Ther centerpiece was made by Anita Jung, the dolls by Ellen Nehs and the place card favors by Retha Neblett. Co;ivention. Delegates President Anita Harton and-sec- retaiT Retha Neblett were delegated to attend the annual convention of California Garden Clubs, Inc., at Santa Cruz, April 29-Maj' 1: An excellent, program' of' special Interest to; all. flower- lovers has been arranged, with; lovely Hotel Casa'Del'Rey as headquarters; Tours; of Santa' Cruz';and: environs. Big Trees, Big. Biasin, Eg- gibstbn'SAizalea gardens, Capitola road with its; fields of yellow eallas, Johnsons gardens with tp b» therlakei'the- 17-MiIe,-drivg, C ^iji4 *By-Th^ Sea, then over to '•Watspnville fpy a flower arrange- t'^ ment display,and.-;tea through the courtesy'.of•..the. gardenisection of Watsonville Womanis club... have been ^arranged. ; Oakland'Show Many are;planmng to visit'We gorgeous;Oakland-llower show, be. fore or afterthe convention—April 2e -May 2. The crownig event; of a perfest convention will be the pilgri. tO'Humbpldt county to dedica redwood grave in-the name of California Garden-Clubs,. Inc.. . Long; Valley Garden club is proud of its share m-this project Members who are unable: to attend the conventibn at- Santa Cruz are planning to join the caravan enroute. for the dedication of, the 40-acre grove juStmorth' of Frairie creek on the Redwood, highway- 40 acres of' redwood trees .that no ax shall ever'touch. Wxtmeeting of-the club -will be at the home of Mrs. Margaret Rin- set; Layytonville, April 8. The pro. gram will inchide- a- 'talk by Mrs. Esther ' 'Adkms, Planning and Planting the Garden. There will be election of-officers. EDITOR OF COLLEGE PAPER Phil. W. Robertson of Calpelln has been, appointed editor of tlit' Spartan Daily, the San^-JoseiSfcite 99llefiewng\^paper,.;forythe'.,sprin{; quarter beglnpir^g Mci!^,^!. He 1 a senior journaliain. ma^oiw ; ^^^^^ '^^^ll^^ Gaa, dL.evBrything higher! Why diive when you caa-lfp.;hy Cb^eyhoundat J/3 of the c6s<? Frequent, dependable service eueo'u/.^ra. •' rfcera An jb iwm faresf SAN FRANCISCO $1.85 EUREKA 2.M SACRAMENTO 2.6S. PORTLA>;(,. RENO LOSANGEtES $8.85 4.90 6,70 ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ON ROUND TRIP FARES R™d '-Qreyhound Cm Taie You Anywhere" in the April Uiue of Coronet T. W. POULOS MAPIiB CAFE PHONBee C .if i ,t V t '•r 1 V ' .1 h 0 a e b ti g ti ii h V t( tl V, a g V. o a y ^ n it fi n d cl f(

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