Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 12, 1957 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, July 12, 1957
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State Executive Council Tries to Cut Phone Bill DES MOINES' ii« — The state's telephone bill' has been going up and up, and now is running at the rate of more than .$100,000 a year despite the efforts of the Iowa Executive Council to hold it down, the council said Friday. "We now are concentrating our efforts on getting departments to make their long distance calls on a station to station instead of a person to person basis," said Council Secretary Grant Cunningham. He added: "We believe that in most cases of long distance calls, the same person answers at the other end. If the calls were placed on the basis of station to station, the saving would be considerable." Cunningham related that he had asked the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. to make a survey of the state's long distance calls and report on how much could 'be ] saved by station to station instead of person to person calls. But he said "We know that would bring a substantial saving." The council secretary said also that the council is "exploring every request" of a state agency for additional service. Unless there is a real need, such requests are being turned down. Telephone service for departments and agencies which occupy offices in the Statehouse and surrounding state office buildings cost $101,662 in the year endea last June 30. The total included (84,957 for regular service and $16,665 for long distance calls. In the preceding year the total. PRESIDENT PLANS SUMMER VACATION . . . President and Mrs. Elsenhower plan to spend a summer vacation at the Newport, R. I., Naval Base, according to a White House report. Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said the plan was contingent on "If and when the President can get away." The Presidential couple plan to occupy the home of the Base's Commandant, Rear Admiral Henry Cromelin. (NEA Telephoto) $15,895 for long distance service. Cunningham commented that the costs have been "going up pretty steadily" since 1952. He did not have available the amounts spent for long distance calls in the years ended June 30 in 1952 through 1955. But the regular service costs for those years were: For the 1952 year, $60,815: for 1953 it was $68,was $94,063. This division then was"; 384; for 1954 the total was $71,225; $78,168 for regular service and i and for 1955 the total was $75,390. WSCS MEETS (Timet Herald N«w» Servlec) STAR — Mrs. Agnes Grim and Mrs. George Grim were hostesses to the Star Woman's Society of Christian Service at the Fellowship hall Friday afternoon. The president, Mrs. Willard Smith, conducted the business meeting. Plans were completed for serving a luncheon for the Rural Industrial Club July 11. Mrs. Clyde Lo Once Powerful Malenkov Now Most Likely Candidate for Liquidation ice and Mrs. Delbert Ford gave the lesson on the theme, "Strangers within the Gates." Taking part in the program panel were Mrs. Laura Anderson, Mrs. Delos Annear, Mrs. Hazel Bolger and Mrs. Eli Rees. Lunch was served to 14 members. By WILLIAM L. RYAN ' AP Foreign Newt Analyst * For more than 20 years Georgl Maxmilianovich Malenkov was an expert at liquidation. Now In the rapid swirl of Kremlin events, he apparently. has escaped with his life after becoming the most likely candidate to be liquidated of the deposed "antiparty" group. But Malenkov is being hustled out of Moscow to run a hydroelectric plant in. East' Kazakhstan—1,800 miles away. In the crazy quilt of Soviet poll- tics, Malenkov has been both pro­ tege and enemy of, his partner in disgrace, Lazar Kaganovich. He has been both enemy and ally of V. M. Molotov. He has been allied with Nikita Khrushchev, and saw Khrushchev deliberately pull the rug out from under him, Molotov and Kagnovich, now in the same leaky boat with Malen­ kov, have reason to hate him. Years ago Malenkov was responsible for bouncing Molotov's wife and Kaganovich's brother out of big and comfortable jobs. ' But Khrushchev says all three men are allies in intrigue, and the man who holds the power in the Soviet Union is always right. Soviet Prototype Malenkov was Stalin's "appar­ atchik"—a man who lived and Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday, July 12, 1957 but could move with the catlike grace of a ballet dancer. He grew several chins in Stalin's service, but mentally he was far from flabby. An inscrutable Slav, Malenkov could be soft-spoken in a cultured Russian way or voluble with flaming Russian profanity. He could be courtly in presenting bouquets to a lady, or ruthless enough to purge his own grandmother if it happened to be necessary. Stalin's Man Friday As Stalin's Man Friday he kept a steel grip on the party organization, populating it with "Malenkov- tsy" — Malenkov men. He laced Lavrenty Beria's secret police with his party spies. In the army, many a political commissar, loftily countermanding a superior, owned his authority to Malenkov. man with the reputation of No. 1 Soviet sourpuss. .•"•\*. Accustomed to being a hero, Malenkov holds three Orders of Lenin," the highest Soviet decoration, But such medals - haven't saved others, Georgl Malenkov may yet learn the last lesson in liquidation. Joyce Rushenberg Flies to Manning From Fort Worth (Times Herald News Service) MANNING — Joyce Rushenberg of Fort Worth. Tex., flew here Wednesday and visited friends until Sunday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roberts, Mrs. Leonard Rupiper of Templeton and Mrs. Leo Barett of Dedham were De.s Moines visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. John Frahm and Mary spent Thursday in the Wil Nashville Pair Gets Honeymoon NASHVILLE, Tenn. «l - Tom Henderson, 21, and his 63-year-old bride said Thursday they'll be Miami-bound as soon as plane tickets arrive from a former Nashvillian who offered them, a wedding; trip to the Florida city, Granville Dozier, who operalea a nightclub in Miami, telephoned to the Nashville Banner his offer of a free one-week Florida honey* moon and round trip airliner tickets. The Hendersons were married four days ago, saying then they would delay their honeymoon for lack of finances. Mrs. Henderson said at first she wouldn't go. Tom pondered for about an hour and decided he would go. "Then I guess I'll go, too,'' Mrs. Henderson said. "A man rules and a woman is supposed, to do what he says." . . . , . , Ham Enenbach home in Omaha, Malenkov made a career of be-, returning to Manning Friday, ing a mystery 1 gan presented the worship serv- ! tannica. Twenty miles was considered a day.'s travel in the Middle Ages, according to the Encyclopedia Bri- a mystery man. Little is known of'his private life. He married a Central Committee typist who bore him a son, and later a party worker. The story that his wife is Khrushchev's sister Elena is probably untrue. Malenkov's frequent sneers at .. . .... ... , , those who boasted proletarian ori- breathed the politics of the party, gins inc |icatecl he came from mid- apparatus. A prime, example of; dle class background. Likely his Stalin's captive generation, he grew up under Stalinism and became a prototype of "the new Soviet man." ^ This 5 foot 7 mass of Russian paradox weighed about 250 pounds Official Proceedings of County Government Board of Supervisors Office, Carroll, Iowa June 24, 1957 The Board of Supervisors of Carroll County, Iowa met In adjourned session at the Board Office tn Carroll, the county seat of said county, on Monday June 24, 1957 at 9:00 A. M. pursuant to law, the rules of said board and to adjournment with all members present. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the Semi-annual Report of Celeste Sullivan, County Treasurer, as follows: Ray's Place, Carl Vonnahme, Mt. Camel, Knlest Township. Joseph B. Taphorn, Hillsdale Village, Roselle Township. Starllne Ballroom, Wm. M. and OltUMHC ami i intuit »» m. Chris P. Otto, Grant Township. Club "30", Effle Hedges, Gr Township. iTd< Riverside Tavern, Leonard Beyer- Ink, Maple River Village, Maple River Twp. Fleskes Brlardale Store, Leo F. Fleskes, Mt. Carmel, Knlest Township. Midway Cafe, Ann Hicks, Eden Township. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the Retail Cigarette Bonds of the following, and authorized the County Auditor to Midway Cafe, Ann Hicks. Eden Township. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the Class "B" Beer Bonds of the following and authorized the County Auditor to Issue licenses for the same. Leonard Beyerlnk, Leo F. Fleskes, Ann Hicks. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the appointment of Marilyn Masehlng as Clerk In the office of the Clerk of the District Court and set her salary at 3150.00 per month effective June 1, 1957. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the appointment of Merlin D, Lehrkamp, of Carroll, Iowa as a temporary bailiff of the District Court of Carroll County, Semi-Annual Report of Celeste Sullivan, Treasurer of Carroll County, Iowa For the Period from January 1, 1957, to May 81, 1B57, Inclusive (TATEMINT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS FUNDS Balance Jan. 1, 1957 Receipts Total to be Accounted for Disbursements Balance May 31. 1957 Auditor's Outstand'g Warrants Soldiers' Bonus County Assessor Road Clearing -—Old Age Pension Automobile License . • .. , Primary Road Bond Redemption — Use Tax General County Court Expense . Poor State Institution . Soldiers Relief Emergency — Korean Bonus —~.~ r ~ -••— Secondary Road Construction Secondary Road Maintenance County School Soldiers* Relief _— Domestic Animal Bovine Tuberculosis Bangs Disease Improvement of Instruction Emergency Drainage Assessments Clty Special Assessments Corporation Funds School District Funds — Township Funds Library Board of Education, County Old Age and Surv. Ins. Homestead Credit Funds — Military Service Tax Exempt Fund County Fair _ Bounty , , — — Refunds Rd. Constr. or Maintenance — State Retirement Special Assessment Dr. 109 — County Agricultural Ext. Agricultural Land Tax Cr. — County Insane Total 7,418.37!$ •l,714.26i 5,443.06' 4.46 78,467.80 16.50; 5,306.56' 31,201.59' 15,532.67! 7,797.601 30,128.90= 1,600.00! 00. 48.892.47j 12.780.19j 5.968.56! 7,734.45 10.436.90i 6,838.10 1,399.08! 559.92! . 21,908.81! 16,047.23' 6,908.13i 1,865.66! •5,168.41 82.72 ! 736.241 8,995.75! 10,132.11! 16.58! .00 233.23! 1,031.221 •150.0Q 2,362.04 3,838.31 349.62t 488.29) 8.11 12,49994! 368.286.32 13,423.47 S 17.711.45i 4.43; 205.63! 248,515.86| 20,917.63; 75.433.12i 14,042.85! 57,741.82 52,583.08; 9,441.38i 138,478.77! 186,454.14! 11,570.83! 9,768.421 1,927.95! 2,131.801 150.001 11,899,78! 617.551 15,488.45' 221,949.09! 535,108.82! 5,916.09' 1.U9..04J 17,689.23i 5,463.771 105,296.89: 7,313.13 3,355.23 1,219.21 10385.11 12,218.43 140.60 ! 9,764.30; 64.646.54 „3,225.3ll 20,841 .841$ 15,997.19 5.447.49. 210.09 326,983.66! 16.50 26.224.19i 106,624.71! 29,575.52 65,539.42i 82,711.98! 1,600.00! 9,441.38! 187,371.24 199,234.33! 17,539.39! 17,502.871 12,364.85 6.838.10 3,530.88 709.92 33,808.59 16,664.78! 22,396.58 223,814.75 540,277.23! 5.998.81! 1,855.28 26.684.98 15,595.88; 105,313.47: 7,313.13 3,588.46! 2,250.43! I 13,347.151 16,056.74! 490.22! 10,252.59; 64,655.65! 15,675.251 l,727.06i$ 17,341.63 1,953.14! 173.49' 207,391.361 21,559.27: 60,544.82 10,479.67 45.232.05i 33,417.53] 54,853.81 120,177.411 259.611 5.828.67; 1,748.25! i 694.20! 229.87J 6,012.20'i 4,322.28 209,567.78 508,537.78! 5,864.99! 321.44! 14,390.32' 5,808.30i 105,263.58; 7.313.13) 999.90] 8,783.67 484.26 5,666.88! 64,655.65! 7,166.28 19,114 .781$ •1,344.44, - 3,949.35t 36.60! 119,592.30! 16.50' 4,664.92. 46,079.89! 19,095.85! 20,307.371 49,294.45! 1,600.00! 9,441.38 132,517.43! 79.056.92l 17,279.78! 11,674.20 10,616.601 6,838.10! 2 ,836.681 480.05! 33.808.59! 10,562.58! 18.074.30! 14,246.97: 31.739.451 133 .821 1,533.84' 12,294.66! 9,787.581 49.89! .001 3,588.46! 1.250.53J 13,347.15! 7,273.071 5.961 4,585.711 .00! 8,508.97 I 679.79 .00 3,182.15 549.84 4,414.38 .00 5,468.26 6,142.99 151.41 15.00 12.50 .00 .00 92.50 1,487.58 .00 3,500.00 .00 191.06 .00 porter services, mileage ; and expense _ 81.58 Ralph hi. Crane, attorney fees: Court appointed attorney to defend Alren O'Tool in State of Iowa vs. Alren O'Tool 35.00 Ralph M. Crane, attorney fees: Court appointed attorney representing Larry and Louts Knueven in State of Iowa vs. Larry and Louis Knueven ,. .... 100.00 Charles O. Golay, witness fees, State of Iowa vs. Buddy Mllo Henry 6.50 W. J. Schmlch, j u s 11 c e of i peace fees: State of Iowa vs. PhUlp Owen Bush 5.00 Coon Rapids Police Department, serving subpoenas, State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsln- ger and Larry Knueven 2.28 Al Thorup, Sheriff, serving subpoenas, State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randv Cretsinger and Larry Knueven _ 20.44 Joe Hart, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven _ 6.50 William Miller, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven 6.50 Rav Robinson, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven 6.50 Irene Meyers, witness fee: State or Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry- Knueven 6.50 Carl Meyers, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven . 6,50 Margaret Hickock. wit n e s s fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca. Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven _ 6.50 Charles O. Golay, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecra, Allen and Randy Cretsinger 1 T • ' Brenny's Market, storage for surplus commodity food Ind. School Dls- 7.50 15.20 68.40 Net balance on hand li$ 368,286.32181.893,909.201 S2,262,345.52i81,538.770,28|S 723,575.241$ 25,887.46 •—Overdrafts. RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS RECEIPTS On Hand January 1, 1957 — . Military Tax Apport. -~—„ From Current Taxes. 1956^ From Dellnouent Taxes, 1955 and prior years Penalty, Interest and Costs ,— atys 'peciaf AVsSsmelStrTPa Delinquent Dog Tax 39.00; from Auditor 1888.95 From Cigarette License , From Beer License S oad Use Tax to Construction ic. Road Poll Del. Road Malnt. Road Poll Iowa Old Age & Survivors Insurance-. Agricultural Land Tax Credit Old Age Pension Tax County Poll Examiner"* Items .„,....— ..._„...„_-. Sales of Automobile Numbers and License Mobile Tax Fines and Forfeitures fromTlerk Fines and Forfeitures from Other Officers Care of Patients In State Institutions Care of Patients in County Institutions Sale of Produce at County Home, Livestock . . _ .. — _ . ^ a( ,. Sale of Bridge and Rd Rental on Equip. —Fees from County Auditor .— Fees from County Recorder Fees from Clerk of District Court Fees from Sheriff "Use" Tax (Motor Vehicle) Homestead Credits Military Service Tax Exemption ........... Miscellaneous Receipts, Secondary Road Malnt. Miscellaneous Receipts, County Home .- ........ Miscellaneous Receipts, County Home (Outside) Miscellaneous Receipts, Construction - Miscellaneous Receipts, County General _ Miscellaneous Receipts, County Assessor Miscellaneous Receipts, Soldiers' Relief Miscellaneous Receipts, Library Miscellaneous Receipts, County Insane Miscellaneous Receipts, State Retirement _.. Spec. Assessment Drain 109 , Transfers from Funds _ « Total Receipts . r — DISBURSEMENTS County Auditor's Warrants _ — City Specials (Paving, Sewer, etc., Certlf. or Bonds) ..... Orders on Co. Treas. by Mayors of Cities and Towns Orders on Co. Treas. by Presidents of School Dlst Township Clerks Receipts .... _.„.....,..-. Sight Drafts for Automobile Licenses ~ Stats Treas. Receipts—A. Lie. 1% 3130.55, 3% 9391.63 Old Age Peneion Payments to Stat* Treasurer Receipts for "Use Tax" Remitted Homestead Credits Apportioned .„ .... Military Service Tax Exempt. Cr. Fund Apportioned ..... Sight Draft World War No. n : Agricultural Land Tax Credit . .... Spec. Assessment Drain No, 109 _ County Agricultural Extension Orders Examiners Items ——, _ „ , 'Transfer to Funds „„.. ,. Balance on hand May 31, 1957 . , Amount S 368,286.32 7,313.13 . 1.243,953.721 2,554.28 738.11 617,55 15,345.49 1,927.95 87.50 250.00 . 119,703.16 6.00 4.00 2,718.70 64,646.54 205.63 1.00 77.41 . 248,515.86 297.00 2,550.00 1,394.25 7,458.28 1,050.00 2,454,75 2,284.44 216.00 254.30 1,559.70 1,571.04 246.75 20,917.63 _ 105,296.89 7,313.13 1.839.99 554.80 756.30 6,489.54 1,507.39 13.27 5.18 1,119.04 799.99 i 3,983.70 140.60 13,189.21 ..$2,262,195.52 Amount $ 388,865.93 4,179.32 .... 209,567.78 .„ 508,509.65 5,864.99 ... 189,101.93 12,522.18 173.49 21.559.27 ™ 105,263.58 7,313.13 1,727.06 64,655 65 484.26 5,666.88 126.17 13,189.21 „„ 723,575.24 Iowa, this appointment - • of J effective the 15th day of June, 1957. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the resignation of Janice Schmltz, as Secretary In the office of the County Attorney effective June 15, 1957. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the appointment of Darlene Herber, as Secretary In the office of the County Attorney effective June 15, 1957 at a salary of $100.00 per month. On motion the Board of Supervisors appointed Robert Neumayer as Bituminous Inspector effective June 15, 1957 at a salary of $285.00 per month. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the advancement of Verla Steinkarnp from the position of Second Deputy' to First Deputy In the office of the County Recorder, affective July 1, 1957 and set her salary at $253.12 per month. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the first and second quarterly reports of the Soldiers Relief Commission and ordered the 3.14 5.10 4.96 6.50 1.10 Total Disbursements On mctton the Board of Super- „5 ele,te Sumva'ii. County Treasurer, vUors .approved the Retail Cigar-' »«tte Permit Applications for the following: ™kSP Mrd Tracy, Tracy Service, Glldden, Tow*. „ . ItWt&Botart^ Ruth's Place. HlUs , . aselle Township., _ arvln Weber, Weber 1 * Truck cadla Township. . ' Country £3ub. Grant - — .c«L Co., J**"2? n J Wen *g4 Donald Piers, Arcadia Town- issue licenses for the same! Leonard Tracy*Ruth Rotert, Mar- vln Weber, Carroll Country Club, Arcadia Oil Co., Alfred Tlefenthaler, Carl Vonnahme, Joseph B. Taphorn, Wm. M. and Chris P. Otto, Effle Hedges, Leonard Beyerlnk, Leo F. Fleskes, and Ann Hicks, County Auditor to place same on file. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the Budget Estimate presented by the Soldier's Relief Commission tn the amount of $16,200 for the year 1958. On motion the Board of Supervisors approved the continuance of the .025 mill levy for the County School Fund. The Board of Supervisors on motion approved the purchase of a new radio for the Deputy Sheriff's car and authorized Leonard Hlnze, Deputy Sheriff, to place an order for the same. On motion the Board of Super visors proceeded to audit and allow the following claims and authorized the County Auditor to Issue war- 1 rants for same: County General Fund Richard Schleffer. remove broken tree limbs from courthouse square ; $ 15.00 Richard Schleffer. remove dirt from sidewalks around courthouse square 14.00 B. G. Tranter, Postmaster, postal box rent: Recorder 4.40; Treasurer 6.00; Clerk 8.00 16.40 Henry A. Stork, comm. work, sessions and mileage 150.49 A. J. Daeges, comm. work, sesslons^and mileage 161.78 John Tlgges, comm. work, sessions and mileage 171.91 Art Hlnners, comm. work, sessions and mileage -. 161.63 Chas. A. Neuiiiayer, comm work, sessions and mileage 126.38 Coon Rapids Enterprise, publish notice , 16,95 The Missouri-Kansas Chemical Co., courthouse malnt., Janitor supplies Standard Blue Print Co.. office supplies, Auditor ........ Keenan Paint & Wallpaper Store, office supplies, Recorder _ Commercial Savings Bank, " ~qur _t,-dei Riverside Tavern, Leonard Beyei ink. Maple River Village. Fleskes Briardale Store, Uo P, Fleskes, Mt. cSrmel, Knlest Twp. and Larry Knueven 6.50 Caroline Pflester, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven . Harold Rice, witness fee: State *f Iowa vs. Rebecca. Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven . Mary Axman, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven Mrs. Don Bauer, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven 6.50 Al Morman, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven Mrs. Jean Hart, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven 6.50 Dr. Charles A. Fangman, witness'fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Lar. ry Knueven 10,50 L. A. Frohllch, witness fee: State of Iowa vs. Rebecca, Allen and Randy Cretsinger and Larry Knueven ... 6.50 , Poor Fund Charles Golay, serving notice of warning on Anna Sumner Hlnky-Dlnky Store, provia- ions. Raymond Stanek 60.00 Jans Market, provisions, Richard Barten SQ.OO Farevvay Store, provisions, Rollen Gray 25,00 Ivan Kracht Mkt., provisions. Dora Herrmann 25.00 Safeway Store, provisions, _ M ,« ry KnKenge - — 30.00 Prill's Store, provisions, Edward Keeler .— _ >. 18.00 Dr. C. E. Llerman, medical aid, John G. Mau ;,. ° r -.Cochran, medical aid, Edna Davidson 58.00 Dr. A, w, Carlisle, medical aid, RUta, May berry 10.25 Dr. R, B. Morrison, medical aid: Frank Kurth 47.45; Virgil Schachtner 79.80; Mrs. Mary Welti 14,70;-Mrs. Dora Herrmann 5.00; Delia Campbell 11.25; Joseph George 20.70; Henry Belsch 29.00 „„ „,. .. 207.90 McCrary Rost Hospital, medical aid: Mrs. C. J. Helm 8;30: Raymond Stouten 10.98 „ ..: 19.28 Dr. c, A. Johnson, medical aid: Henry Steffensen 35.00; Donald Smith 21.50 Dr. G. E, Blgsby, medica l aid, Ben Chase 9.00 Dr. R. J. Ferlic, medical aid, Richard Schteffer 108.00 Dr -,y- JJ Ltndsyay,, medical aid: Edward Keeler 8.00: Reka Keeler 7.00; Raymond Stanek 17.00 ..... 30.00 Dr. Paul T. Cawley, medical aid,' Mary S. Meyer 17.00 Dr. Leo Kuker, medical aid: Ben Schulte 4.00; Ira Toms 2.00 Lanesboro trlct. tuition for Alspach children 1956-57 1226.69 Larry Cover, extra help, surplus commodity mom 6.00 W. J. Jackley, extra help, surplus commodity room 6.50 Farm & Home Store, County Home, repairs — _ 14.88 HAH Co., County Home, provisions _ 3.50 HAH Co., County Home, provisions ,. 7.75 Leo G. BrlnUman Grain A Coal. County Home,-, grain purchased, feed Wllke Drug Co., County Home, drugs 5967; household supplies 8.73 Edward Don A Company. County Home, household supplies - 7.71 Swift A Company, County Home, household supplies 52.65 Keck Motor Co., County Home, freight on surplus commodity 2.08 HUbert Steffes, County Home, extra help 10.00 Secondary Road Maintenance Fund Kenneth Goecke, misc. labor 95.16 Harry Frantz, misc. labor .... 6.14 Paul Vincent, mlsr. labor ..... 3.91 Joe F. Heuton. misc. labor 16.97 Kenneth Goecke, truck operator .'. 92.12 County Treasurer, Calhoun Co., Drain No. 144, drainage assessment Dolezal Insurance Agency, insurance premium, county equipment 623.90 Dolezal Insurance Agency, insurance premium, county fleet „ 923.50 Standard Blue Print Co., Engineer supplies 10,84 Standard Oil Co., dlesel fuel 113.82 Houlihan Oil ,Co., dlesel fuel 123.64 Fleskes BrlarHale Store, dle­ sel fuel .._ 5.66 Cities Service Oil Co., dlesel fuel 126.25 Breda Oil Co., dlesel fuel 131.26 Tracy's Service, dlesel fuel 39.61 Glldden Oil Co.. dlesel fuel 3.96 Continental Oil Co., motor oil 105.25 A. Moorhouse Co., cement and tile 13.40 Charles Heuton, corr. culvert _ .: * 33.75 General Equipment A Supply, ihalnt. supplies 104.52 Helder Mfg. Co., malnt. supplies 1.47 Sleg Fort Dodge Co., garage supplies 5.99; malnt. supplies 2.64 8.63 Replogle Company, Inc., malnt. supplies ._ .- 131.72 Carroll Sand A Gravel Co., gravel 15.68 father was a railway official deported by the Czar to Orenburg (now Chkalov) in the Urals. There Georgi was born Jan. 8, 1902. Joined Red Army At 17, two years after the Bolshevik revolution, Malenkov joined the Red army. In 1920 he went to Moscow to study and joined the Communist Party. A prodigious organizer, he whipped up student demonstrations for Stalin and against Trotsky in the first power struggle after Lenin died. With his card-index brain, Mal­ enkov was a master of intrigue. He worked his way into the inner councils. He was Stalin's catalogue for the purges of the 1930s. As Communists died before firing squads or moved into exile, Mal­ enkov peopled key positions with those who could do him the most good. In 1939 Beria liquidated the purgers and Malenko*- joined him in an alliance. Malenkov, then only 37, was a member of the Orgburo, which controlled key party network appointments. By 1941 he was an alternate in the ruling Politburo and obviously a Stalin favorite. He was one of five 'with Stalin, Mot Mrs. Amanda Lage returned home to Redlands, Calif., after spending some time here. She attended funeral services for her mother, Mrs. Helena Moller. Mr. and Mrs. Neill D. Mullen of Portland, Oregon, are attending summer sessions at Stanford University. Mrs. Mullen Is the former Ardella Frahm of Manning. Mrs. Elmer Peters has gone to Texas to attend funeral rites for her mother, Mrs. Nica Benton, former Manning resident. Mrs; Alma Grau and her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard jFreese, of Moline, 111., came Saturday to visit relatives here and with a brother and uncle, Conrad Wiese, who is hospitalized in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hargens spent Thursday in Omaha with Mr. Wiese. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pfoltner were Sunday dinner guests in the Amos Jahn home at Adair. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Roberts and Lynne of Mason City visited from rraeitEhyn St du nliyal suTau Tuesday until Sunday in the Earl Roberts home. Rotary Club at Manning Entertains Guests; Gives Awards (TlmM Herald yews Service) MANNING — Manning Rotary Club held its regular weekly dinner meeting at the Legion Hall Tuesday evening. Lyle 0. Arp, new president, conducted the meeting. Dr. J. L. Loucks, Manning's mayor, was a guest, and talked on progress of the new municipal swimming pool. Following the meeting, the group toured the site of the pool Several Manning rural and city mail carriers wer° guests at the meeting and received national safety awards. Dr. Loucks presented a 27-year award to J. L. Bingham, rural carrier. Paul Vollmer, local postmaster, presented a 12-year award to Gus Jensen, rural carrier, and a three-year award to William Petersen, city carrier. Two other men, John Mohr, who merits a 27-year award as rural carrier, and Dolton McNutt, 12 years for city delivery, were unable to be present. An additional gue*st at the meet" ing was James Hayes. Restoring Antique Autos Hobby of Many 150 J otov, Beria and Marshal Klementi I the days when motoring was By HAL BOYLE they bought because President Ei» MARYVILLE, Tenn. WV-Hunt- senhower rode in it during his ing out and restoring antique first campaign, autos" has become the hobby of Their goal is to obtain an open thousands of Americans who seek I air version of each T-model fliv- to revive the windblown joys of! ver turned out by Henry Ford 60.01 6.69 3.25 Clerk Of Cqv Jeposjt box remal,_photoeopy records .. DeLoss Garrett, attending Storm Lake meeting . Ed Griffin, hauling paper, etc, ™,™ _,—,— Ann Court Kxpens* Fund She&man, eourt rt> 8.25 9.12 3.00 Peoples Natural Gas, Division of Northern Natural Gas Co.. gas for fuel, Glldden malnt. garage - 1.00 Nelson wood Work, repairs to and for equipment 7.00 Bliss Tire Service, repairs to and for equipment 12.84 Alfred Dlllfvan, mileage 14.28 Clarence Goecke, mileage 13.79 F, C. Henrlch, mileage and expense — J. F. Maher, mileage Voroshilov) on the top directorate for World War II. Did Impossible In charge of reconstruction after the war, Malenkov did the impossible. As a reward he climbed to full Politburo membership along with Beria, in 1946. But ambitious Andrei Zhdanov, long considered Stalin's heir apparent, was gunning for him. At Stalin's orders, Zhdanov was preparing an extensive party purge. Zhdanov, conveniently for Malenkov, died in September 1948. Malenko\ moved in and purged Zhdanov men. Prominent Communists went to oblivion and death. By October, 1952, # and the 19th party congress, it was clear Mal­ enkov would succeed Stalin as young. Charles and Kenneth Coulter, brothers who operate a florist business here, have traveled more than 10,000 miles in the last few years to build up one of the largest collections of old model Fords in the South. Each old car has some tale to tell.. .sometimes funny ... sometimes one of heartbreak ... sometimes just downright eerie. For example, there was one car the,brothers didn't get- to buy — for an unusual reason. Wouldn't Sell 1922 Ford Learning that* a lady in a small town had a 1922 Ford,, Charles went to see her about it She willingly led him out to her barn and showed him the cobweb-cov- . Mmi „ nm ^c u„i„ju.i ered vehicle, but balked at sell- premier, others, including! j n g 17.45 42.91 16.45 57.61 . V 29.21 .... _ 6,00 Carroll Medical Center, medlcarald: M. L. Van Buren 44.00; James yrnbaugh MiOOj jtfaryvReitt il.3gi Mrs.—Hay Murray .90.00: . gnzabeWBrlncjts rr .Mj Hazel Dlttman 12.50; Ma- llnda Wilson 34.00: Anna Wurzer 16.70i Mrs. Willis Duckett 38.00: Clayton Woerdehoff 30.00; Ida Ritter-3.10; William Schultz 24.20; Donald Smith 3.00 .... Dr. C, A. Fangman, medical aid: Pearl Enfield 68.50; Vlr Bishop 15.50 _ g4.00 Dr. John Morrison, medical aid:, Maude Leonard 32.00; Anna Seeden 109.00 ...i...... 141.00 L 0 r l n g Hospital, hospital 289.10 Walter Schafer, mileage Martin L. Schmelser, mileage Joseph Bernholtz, assistant surveyor : Secondsnry Road Construction Fund Reo Miles, clearing and grubbing, Newton Twp. i.. — 373,70 g avid Schmelser. inspector100,00 . G. Sherer, checking gravel 49.28 Jo*J?. Heuton, misc. labor" 44,54 George Vanderhelden, mileage 41,37 Midwest Metal Culvert Inc., 'culverts :. • - 1177.18 Peterson-Blddlck Co,, material and supplies, 194.80 Barto Construction Co., stripping gravel — 460.00 Carroll Ready Mix, concrete and tile ...... 97.35 Clearing Fund Quick Supply Co., clearing supplies — 108.00 Institution Fund Charles O. Golay, witness fees: Insanity case of Delbert Pfleffer _ 6.50 Harold Hart, witness fees: Insanity case of Delbert Pfleffer 6.50 Gurney Parker, witness fees; Insanity case of Delbert Pfleffer 6,50 Leo Spoo, witness fees: Insanity case of Delbert Pfleffer _ • 6.50 Roland Morrison, examining phy. and physician fees: ' Insanity hearing of Eugene O'Brien *.. :1 15,00 G, A. Minnich Jr., attorney fees: Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brien ~ 7.60 Lelghton A. Wederath, court appointed attorney fees: Insanity case of Eugene J. O'Brien " 15.00 Al Thorup, Sheriff, conveyance fees; Insanity case of Eugene J. O'Brien 31.44 Joleen Tlgges, witness fees: « Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brien Mary Patterson, witness.fees: Insanity hearing of Eugene • J. O'Brien ....... Jean Long, witness tees; Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brian „ .... Mary Kay Bromert, witness fees: Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brien Romain Boes, witness fees: / Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brien Arnold Plahn, witness fees: • Insanity hearing of Eugene J. O'Brien Jl."^..,. " 3.14 3.14 3.14 3.14 3,14 jouls Kokenge 41.93 St. ,*Anthony Hospital,. hos care. pita], care; Raymond Stank 97.30: Dora Herrmann 314.50 : — 411,80 Elsie Meier, cash allowance 14.00 Charles Irlbeok, rent, Mary Kokenge —, ..—27.00 Eleanor Dinsmore, mileage _ 17,23 3.14 23.35 25.34 Banas Disease Fund Clayton Roller, indemnity .. .Assessor Fund Harold H. Grundmeler, mileage -,- Iowa State Association of Assessors, F. Ross Henry Sec, County Assessor's Association dues 10.00 The Board of Supervisors on mo- tlqn adjourned until Monday July 8, 1957 at 9:00 A. M. » Chas. A, Nsumayer, Chairman Sward J. Murphy roll County Auditor Khrushchev, hitched their wagons to his star. When Stalin died in 1953 Beria and Khrushchev joined Malenkov in power. But Beria apparently wanted it all. Unluckily for him, his MVD ranks were full of "Mal- enkovtsky." Boxed in by a combination of party leaders and army generals, Beria was shot as an "imperialist spy." Job Meant Power Khrushchev already was mov 'But rats are already nesting in the upholstery," pointed out Coulter. "Soon they'll destroy it completely." "Oh. that's all right," replied the aging lady, confidently. "Daddy will fix it when he comes back, He'd never forgive me if I sold his car while he was away." Charley silently closed the barn door and left the car and faithful daughter, I happened to know," he re ing against Malenkov. First he | called, "that her father had been had forced him to give up one of his jobs—head of the party secretariat. That "job meant power. Eventually Khrushchev dbliged Malenkov to step down as premier with a confession of failure.. Malenkov became minister of electric power stations and visited England. As one British paper put it, "he astonished everybody by being" human." He kissed babies, posed with pretty girls, poured on charm—a good performance for a dead 15 years." Charlie, whose 1 arm was shattered by a'Japanese dum-dum but- let after 119 days of combat in the Pacific, became interested in vintage vehicles after his return from World War II. He and Kenneth, his younger brother, now have more than 20. They include seven T-model Fords and three A- models, a 104-year-old horse- drawn, glass-paneled funeral coach,< and a 1948 Lincoln which between 1908 and 1927. Only 6,000 Left "During that period he built 15,007,033 cars," said Charlie. "A survey a few years ago showed only about 6,000 were left. Now there are even fewer." The brothers at first were abl« to buy the old cars as junk. Now they pay from $100 to $500 up, depending on its condition, and may spend $2,000 more restoring it. One of their best bargains was a fully restored 1909 Model T which the Ford factory sold when new for $850. They paid $950 for it. Behind the rusting hulk of a car in the Coulter yard waiting to be restored lies a pathetic story. A farmer who never learned to drive himself bought the car in 1927 to surprise his young daughter. A few months later she fell ill and died. The father refused to sell the car, saying, "I couldn't stand to see a stranger drive that car past this road." Asked Only $20 He put the car in a shed. Snow collapsed its roof, and over the years the rain did its work. When Charlie learned about the car and told the farmer he wanted to restore it, the old man Would take only $20 for it. "When I started to haul it away, he broke into tears," said Charlie. "I offered to let him have it back, but he shook his head and said, 'no, take it. But when you get it fixed, won't you drive it back here and take me for just one ride in it—like my daughter did?" Charlie usually likes to take his time restoring his old cars. This is one he wants to get back on the road as soon as possible — to make an old man happy. POTENT WEAPON ,. . TWi ii • •kgc^ef # t , Mf ^if ^^t^ Fort Waffli. W(WBA new B-58 Hustler, releasing it* )m».m ^ vftlf pfoijft 1'^ \\' K \ -J - '

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