Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 12, 1957 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 7
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Dull Eye of TV Is Hidden by Nook Door Turned on, a television set'is an animated center of Interest In any home, performing for the enter tainment and education of the en tire family. But Jurn it off and it becomes an ugly monster, sleeping with one dull eye open. This is the reason more and more home - owners are hiding their TV sets in places where they'll be readily accessible when there's viewing to be done, but out of sight and out of mind when not in use. One of the most practical ideas yet to come along is to build a TV "nook" across a corner of the room, using two louver doors of ponderosa pine as shown in the photograph. The doors pictured are 1 foot 6 inches wide by 6 feet 8 inches high, large enough when closed, to hide a table mo,del or a small console. These doors were hinged to two triangular strips of wood fastened to each wall. The open space between the tops of the doors and the ceiling was blocked off with a piece of wallboard, and shelves were built to hold a record player, records, books, and knickknacks. For a deeper nook t conceal a larger set, wider louver doors can be used. Louver doors ranging in widths Up to 3 feet are available as stock doors at build-material dealers. In addition to providing a practical "entertainment corner," the louver doors add drama and interest to any home decor, modern or traditional by creating a textured background. The open louvers'also permit air to circulate inside .the nook, and music from the record player can be heard with the doors closed. Fitting the doors into a decorating scheme is easy enough, since the clear ponderosa pine can be waxed or stained to retain the natural grain of the wood, or painted in a variety of ways. f - . * % ^ « Eifler and Mulert Form New Heating^ Air Conditioning Business MAKE YOUR OWN CEMENT Litharge and glycerin mixed together into a smooth thick paste will make an excellent waterproof cement for any number of home repair jobs. Allow the cement to harden overnight. This is a good way to replace plastic or bone handles on knives ir forks. HOME OWNERS Ok QUESTION BOX Q — Concrete spilled and hard ened on slate flagstones while we were building a patio. How can the concrete be removed? A — Mix a ten per cent solu- 1 tion of muriatic, or hydrochloric acid with water. Wear rubber gloves and apply with a cloth. Rinse well with a garden hose. The acid is obtainable from most drug stores. Q — We're tiling a basement floor and find there are some shallow areas here and there which must be filled to give an even surface. What can we use for this? A — Professional tile installers often mix linoleum paste with plaster of Paris. Mix v a small amount at a time into a puttylike | substance and apply with a wide-j bladed putty knife. Let the mixture dry thoroughly before putting the tiles down. It will provide • a firm base for the tiles which will not crack or crumble under ordinary usage. Q — When our home was built, a two-inch layer of insulation was installed in the attic floor. Is this enough to give us the maximum benefits of insulation? If not, can we install more insulation ourselves? A — Authorities on home comfort agree that at least four inches of mineral wool insulation should be installed in ceilings for winter comfort and heating economy, and six inches if the house is air conditioned in summer. You can obtain pouring wool — mineral wool in bags — from building material dealers. This is simply poured between joists of the attic floor, as shown in the sketch, spread out to the depth of the joists with a garden rake, and smoothed with a piece of board. All the Hot Water You Need With a HOFFMAN Water Heater • Triple Tested Tanks • Snap Action Controls • Fiberglas Insulation • Efficient Heat Storage MODEL PICTURED Plus Installation $85 SCHECK'S Plmbg. &, Hearing Phone, 3169 PROTECT SCREEN DOOR The screen in a screen door won't be bulged out by young children pushing against it if a piece of fencing with half-inch-square holes is tacked over the lower inside area of the screen. The E & M Heating and Air Conditioning .Company is one of Carroll's newest businesses; yet,'j the personnel of the new company are no strangers to Carroll, nor are they inexperienced in their line of work. The company was finally organized just last week with ,lhe partners, Larry Mulert and Gene Eifler, completing papers separating their part of the business from the John F. Frank Co. Formerly, Mr. Mulert and Mr. Eifler had been associated with the John F. Frank Co. and the new business will continue to Operate in the 5th Street building where they now are. Mr. Frank has moved the .location of his business to 438 Lincoln Street, here in Carroll. E k M Heating and Air Conditioning will handle the York line of heating and air conditioners and also the American Standard line. The new organization is now the principal ornamental railing works company in Carroll. They also operate a complete sheet metal shop, making ducts and gutter work of all types. Mr. Mulert has been in the gas heating business for 17 years and is fully qualified to handle any heating job, residential or commercial. One of the largest stocks of oil burner and gas burner parts in this part of Iowa is maintained by E & M. Complete service facilities for all types of heating units and air conditioning units is offered by j the firm. George Conley is the! company's service man. j Ray Middendorf is the firm's \ sheet metal specialist. At E & M j you may buy guttering to install; yourself or they will install it for j you. Free estimates are offered on. all jobs. j In the air conditioning business, [ Mr. Mulert says the firm can i handle the smallest or the largest job. They have window type air conditioners and also commercial units. Most popular window conditioner is the new York Snorkel that takes up a minimum of space and does not block the view from your window. Other York units are designed for cooling the whole house from one central point such as attic, basement, garage, etc. They also have combination units that pro- j vide heat in the winter and air i conditioning in the summer. At E & M Heating and Air Conditioning you will find the answer to all of your heating and air conditioning needs and the new company looks forward to a long period of service to the community. Timet Herald, Carroll, Iowa •*/ Prlday, July 12, 1M7 / State Fair Offices Opened for Business • DES MOINES UB-Preparations for the Iowa State Fair Aug. 23- Sept. l' began moving into full i swing Friday and thousands of en- { tries in this year's exposition will j be processed within • the next few i weeks. j Offices which opened for busi- j ness at the fairgrounds Friday in-! eluded the secretary's office, the entry department, industrial exhibits division, advertising and | publicity department, accounting division and concessions department. Officials announced that deadline for entries in many departments, including the national livestock show, is Aug. 1. Insures 15-in. Long Mustache for $ 15,000 SAN DIEGO HP) - Rtttatarattt''* owner George • Pernicano said, Thursday he was insuring his; mustache, measuring is inches from tip to Up, with Lloyds of London for $50,000. He said he was prompted by the furore over orders by the city's, ! police and fire chiefs that mus-. taches must go from their depart*' ments. He professed, with tongue: in cheek, that ne feared the controversy might somehow bring damage to his upper-lip adorn* ment. NEW BUSINESS FIRM . . . From left to right above are Larry Mulert and Gene Eifler, partners of the new E & M Heating and Air Conditioning Co., olr Carroll. At right are George Conley, service man for the new concern, and Ray Middendorf, the firm's sheet metal specialist. HEALTH DIRECTOR ILL DES MOINES MV-Paul J. Heuser, 52, director of the engineering division of the Iowa Health Department, was reported in satisfactory condition Friday at Iowa Methodist Hospital where he was taken after suffering a heart attack at his home earlier this week. Insulation Cuts Cost of Installing Air Conditioning Simple Entrance Lacks Austerity PLEASE!!! Don't Throw That Rug Away f KENNY'S RUO CLEANING SERVICE will make it look Ilk* now. Wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned in tho homo. > Mothproofing S-Year Guarantee • Rug Sizing * Furniturt Cleaning DIAL 9786 FREE ESTIMATES Kenny Schwarianbach. Owner 1131 North Clark St. Panel Door Styles Ideal in New Homes Panel doors can fit into a modern decorating scheme as well as they do in a traditional decor. In fact, many styles of panel doors made of ponderosa pine are designed primarily for modern interiors. Three of the most popular styles of modern panel doors are the "'rancho," consisting of three equal-sized panels; the eight- equal-panel door, which has four rows of two panels each, and the 15-panel, five rows of three equal panels each. The' commercial standards of the U. S. Department of Commerce lists pfenel doors of ponderosa pine by numbers which are helpful in ordering the doors from building materials dealers. The "rancho" is N.D. 103, the eight- panel is N.D. 109, and the 15-panel is N.D. 113. decorative properties. The combination of lines with texture in these exposed overhang sections creates a simple and friendly en- American home architecture ts -i SSSSiu'* - "" **** ^ ^ moving toward simplicity, with' _ '. An air-conditioned home needs! effect depending on the studied! converging lines of overhead thick insulation in its ceiling, 1 use of line and form. rafters and vertically installed walls, and floor to make air con-! For instance, have you noticed, support poata serve to call atten- dition practical, economical, and the contemporary, homes being; tlon 10 the entry way itself, which completely comfortable, according; built today, how lovely they look, j SeneralJy is the center of this to one of the nation's leading re- yet how simple they are in design « re£ "ly simplified spider web of searchers in'the field of home! and style? j exposed wood posts and rafters, comfort. I Probably no place or no feature j As a general rule, the most sim- Prof, John R. Watt, of the Uni-! of tne modern home more typifies • pie entrances are the most friend- versity of Texas, told' an audience j this simplicity than do the en- ly- of air conditioning engineers and trance areas, once notably decora-; • members of. the National Associative and overdone with ginger- j SLIDING DOORS tion of Home Builders that: i bread. j Not so j ong ag0 the nouS ewj fe "Every dollar's worth of insula- 1 Today, the architect depends \ had to be an Amazon or call in tion you install will cut an equiva-1 u P° n line and form, upon the sim- j the old man for help every time lent amount off the cost of air-con-! P le strength of an exposed tim- 1 she wanted to open or close a ditioning equipment. A well-insu- \ ber - rafter or P°st and the subtle i sliding glass door. Today, with ad- lated house will save about $80 on \ texture of wood siding and fram-, vances in design, tracks, balanc- equipment costs." 1 in 8 lumber for his effect and his, ing and materials, sliding glass Studies have shown that thick i beauty. i doors and windows can be mani- mineral wool also reduces the j The suggestion of h i d d e n j P"lated by a child The president costs of air conditioning by lower- j strength in an exposed series of | °f tne Sliding Glass Door and Wining operating expenses. I rafters or posts of Douglas fir im-1 dow Institute. Frank B. Miller, ' The effectiveness of mineral parts an implied power to the | Sives these reasons for the easier wool in making homes easier and home which in tun. promises shel- 1 operation: "The wheels generally more economical tc air condition j ter and protection. For dedorative are located right under the cen- spaces are trapped in the wool. | values, the designer uses the tex -l ter ' oa d nne instead of off to one This "dead" air blocks the pas-jture of lumber, and there is a dif- j side.* _Aluminum allows greater j sage of heat keeping summer j ferent texture apparent in rough i precision engineering than wood j warmth out of the house. ' sawn siding as compared to sur- i or stee '- tnus giving freer move- As an aid to winter comfort and '< faced siding. He uses, as well, i ment • Hardware is better engi- i economy, mineral wool works the! the subtlety of line by arranging i "^^d'. And weatherstripping other way around, keeping heat' inside. ' Roosters Listed as A Postman's Menace DALLAS (A—Dogs, long a post* man's menace, must share tho spotlight with roosters. A note from the Beaumont postmaster to regional Postal Safety Director Harold Packard read: "Mossis A. Johnson, 25, a carrier noticed the rooster when he went to deliver the mail, but ho was unaware that the rooster was ot a fighting nature." Fuses Blowing? Heed the warning, your appliances are overloading your wiring system. • * Could Be Serious! Better let us check into it. ! his siding in vertical or horizontal I made of wt>o1 wov " n Pile contrib! position to contrast with exposed i utes to finger-tip control." Modern Living Needs Modern Wiring Owners of existing houses who | structural members of the frame plan to install air-conditioning sys terns, or who want to gain more economy in winter heating, can install batts or blankets of mineral of the home. Do you remember how austere and forbidding some of those old- time entrances were with their wool themselves in accessible ceil- j elaborate, costly scrolls, trim and ing and wall areas Walls, ceilings: decoration? How much more and floors that cannot be reached | friendly a warm entrance is in the by the home-owner can be filled i modern home, where the designer with mineral wool by professional I depends for effect on the beauty installers who blow the insulation i and charm of natural substances. Human body's largest joint is the knee joint, which also has to sustain the greatest stresses, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Coast-to-Coast 512 North Adams Dial 9343 NO. Mil* IOM MSNtt OlAtN UN Its Easy to build this Groin BIB with BuMtfatPfot* •••It's easy for farmers tie build this big, 1,000-bushel groin bin—or any of scores of other farm equipment items and buildings. The secret is Build-Fast plans. These new plans tell you everything you need to know before you start to build. There are material lists, assembly drawings, and even handy cutting diagrams which show how to cut each piece of framing for perfect fit and without waste. Build-Past plans are part of the 4 -Square Farm Building Service available for your use at our office. Stop in soon and let m show you the many chore-saving plans. * GREEN BAY LUMBER CO. CARROLL, IOWA in by air pressure • could bt your M Wiring Is Overloaded Air Conditioning Needed, Wives Agree The Federal Housing and Home Financing Agency's detailed publication on the Women's Housing Congress shows that seven out of every ten housewives who attended believe that central air conditioning is a necessity rather than a luxury and want provisions made for it in their future homes. Six out of ten agreed that these provisions should include insulation in walls and ceilings. Research has shown that a »thick heat barrier of mineral wool—six inches in ceilings, four inches in walls, and two inches in an unheated floor — makes smaller, less expensive air - Conditioning systems possible and greatly reduces operating costs. The house will be more comfortable in winter, too. PAINT-SAVING TIP Paint will not form a surface crust while stored if a small amount of mineral spirits or turpentine is poured on top of the paint before the can is re-sealed. Care should be taken not to shake the can when it is put away. Professional installer blows mineral wool insulation Into a wall of an old house. Air pressure forces insulation through the flexible hose and packs It firmly in the wall, assuring a tight Insulation seal. Bricks or pieces of siding that are removed are neatly replaced when the job is finished. ' HANCHER'S CONDITION GOOD IOWA CITY (jfK-Virgil M. Handier, president of the State University of Iowa, was reported in good condition Friday at University Hospitals where he underwent surgery. The attending physician said he will remain in the hospital from seven to 10 days. The operation was not related to the mild ! heart attack Hancher suffered last fall. like wood, to tell his story and leave their impression. Designers and architects are finding that they have other medium with which to try for impact and attention besides line, form and texture and this is color. Wood can be finished so many different ways. It can be stained, varnished, painted. Combinations of color can be used to emphasize vertical and horizontal sections of walls. Stains offer an ideal way to finish such Woods as Douglas fir, west coast hemlock and western red cedar. Today's stains are soft in tone, with many new and pleasant color combinations available. Stains range from deep browns to light sand colors, from dark reds to the palest yellows. Getting back to the use of line and form, some architects extend the rafters of the home to form an overhang roof over the entrance. A facia board along the end of the rafters makes a neat and attractive overhead area which combines structural and . Frt-Seoion SPECIAL! 1957 MODEL 1-Ton Thinline Air-Conditioner Expecting an outdated wiring system to carry the load of today's many new electrical appliances is like sending a boy to Service Dont miss tht bit***/ Carload StU ot Admiral fre«:ar» and relrlg • r »t o r * tt Spoiror's TV and Appliance Store at 9th and Salinger. They are open un­ til'B p. m. every night except Sunday, — i Tiimiffln milium jMODERN i!¥I^G NEEDS MODERN WIRING $229 95 Model MO t AutemsMc Tema Ctntrel • Only HVM*. Tel* • Order New. Supply limited H«ires Electric For Greatest Comfort ... YORK AIR CONDITIONING and HEATING UNITS w time. YORKAIRE PATHFINDER There's a place in your home for a Yorkaire Pathfinder —easily installed in attic, basement, crawl space, garage . . . almost anywhere. Nevir takes valuable floor space. No costly plumbing either, the Pathfinder uses no water, it's completely air cooled. Come see this marvelous new air conditioner today. Patrician Series Whether you are building a new home or planning to mod* ernize your present heating system, York Patrician Series models are the perfect answer to your need. These models give you a complete heating and cooling system in one compact package ... a common duct' work system distributes BOTH warm and cool air throughout your home for uniform,'draft- tree comfort. Because fully air conditioned homes are worth more, you're certain to receive a full return on your investment in comfort should you ever sell your home. A touch of the simple York Patrician controls automatically gives you the ultimate in living comfort . . . warm air in autumn and winter . . . cool, dehumidified air in spring and summer ' * Tit fresh, pure, filtered air all the YOU ARE INVITED • • • Come in and inspect the complete line of York heaters and air conditioners. A model for every use, a price for every budget. Free estimates cheerfully furnished. No obligation. Complete service for all heating and air conditioning. Stop in and get acquainted soon. * York Snorkel Answers air conditioning restric- Uons on apartment houtei, office buildingt. For home • owners there's no ugly outside "over* hang" to spoil appearance of house! 5 yr. psatectfon plan. Decorator designea, choice of color*. •NORKII. See York . • • Compare York, and You'll Buy YORK E & M Heating and Air Conditio! West 5th It. Mrrotxly Part of the John F. Prank Ctv ,

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