Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 15, 1960 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1960
Page 22
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Leagui ,', I^UWTT xiW»fm nr*** • •»»• w--"-.- *!WBft fi»" wan between the •jlftftnCfwd NfttiOtlfll FOOftMn L«t«tre and the neophyte American Itoftill Uagi* wen raging today-ftm! the AF1. appeared to be ahead In both. Between Chiefs Win Doubleheader From J'ville Is different MURRAYVILLE —The Alton Wo™v P ™ . C rZc«l «V boy tV^luon Chief; a double. supposed » sign a boy until Ms Cl8! * t 'Rut Bite case induced thr- boy to JacKior ,.-.„... leave school. We are trying to i >"*<»«' *rom Jacksonville Sta e h£lp htm " (Hospital here Tuesday night In Wlsmer blasted Halas, who|Central Illinois Softball League th* Rams of 1 had warned that the signing of Inlay. The Chiefs won the first IIK FHinjB UI _. , , .._„_ o1 • «>! AKWIB hank ti.fth tails of a $100,000 • plus contract !«nder.graduat M by AFL e1ub«i*ame. 8-1. and cam, back lcad to Wholes8le rald " of " 2 -' <1ec "" on colleges. "I know Halas ls 'lest. Archie Crotchett hurled the Ayala Defeated In Wimbledon LONDON f - It's going toi from the torn of world amateur the two wtnmntMt pitch ere In the majon, Larry Cleveland x.Baltlmore New York Detroit CTileaio Washington Kansas City Boston U. S. District Judge William J. Llndberg ruled that such evidence If permissable at all, should be introduced later In the Rama' Injunction suit to keep Cannon from performing with any other team. The Rams contend Cannon breached a contract he signed with them for a $10,000 bonus, plus 150.000 for 196041-62. Cannon's attorneys claim the docu- are merely "pieces of boy himself." Ortiz Fights Loi Tonight SAN FRANCISCO If - New I Yorker Carlos Ortiz fights to de-, Ifend his jur tonight c™ There was a long court ment over the Rams signing Cannon a Loulsaiv State University star, before the Sugar Bowl game last Jan. 1. There was some question over whether the Rams were guilty of profession- alizing him. In New York and Chicago, a against Italian | Loi. | champion also n shot at Joe, lucrative light-; weight title. Ortiz currently reigns over the reactivated junior welterweight division and ranks as the No. I challenger for Brown's 135- tltle. It's the latter he'd like most the established lightweight mg out eight and walking none.j Vlnyard was the loser, whiff-i Ing five and walking one. Croi !?hett gave up three hits. i Dean Calvin had a perfect 'game for thc Chiefs with 3-for* 3 including a double and triple. iPaul Palermo had a 2-for-l in- eluding a double. Roger Smith hit a homer for the Chiefs. In the second game Cliff WIs- gave Jacksonville two hits •Iking out five and three. His opponent, and loser, was McNeely, who struck out three and walked none. The Chiefs scored twice in he first Inning when Palermo singled and Don Plarskl homer, ed. Jacksonville scored In the fifth on a triple by Furlong and a squeeze bunt. I/BIUII • ' **" X-Games behind figured timort won-lost record. Tuesday Result i 7. Cleveland 4 .,.„ e. Kansas City 2 Detroit 2, Boston I . Washington at Chicago postponed wet grounds Wednesday Games Washington a; Chicago N New York at Kansas City N Baltimore at Cleveland 2 twl-nisht Boston at Detroit Thursday Games Washington at Chicago N New York at Kansas City N Boston at Dttrolt Baltimore at Cleveland NATIONAL Pittsburgh San Francisco Milwaukee St, Louis Cincinnati Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia LEAGUE W L Pet. OB 33 20 .«U 32 23 .582 2 25 21 .543 4", 26 27 491 7 26 28 .481 7V, 24 29 .453 9 21 26 447 9 20 33 .377 13 Two Idahoans Have More t , Wins Than Any Pitchers be a crazy Wimbledon this y«ir CINCINNATI If — Only two two-run single. But after that he with any of 10 players likely to residents play major'tightened up. take the men's singles crown | eague baseball and they've b«- SPORTS/Wtf Jslssp lawn tennis. Even the bookies are getting'son of St. Loute and Vern Law wary about offering odds on the I of Pittsburgh, top 10. Jackson, who WOK hit ftintH And when British bookies do Tuesday night agahwt Cfncfmw>j that you can reckon things areitl. has five losses While Law! pretty open. (has only two defeats with nine The defeat of Luis Ayala. Chll-ivictories. ean star and South America's' But veteran Jackson pitched leading amateur, In Tuesday's i his eighth triumph In a row In London championship play com- the game, the longest winning pleted the shock results in pre-;streak so far this year In the,! Wimbledon tournaments. 'majors. All were starting assign* Sergio Tecchini, an Italian Da- ments and he finished all but two vis Cup reserve, defeated Ayala of them, on wood after thc London tour-; Jackson, an Off-season »pwt* nament was moved indoors Joe- writer, wrote the Redbirds Into cause of rain. the first division with his five- In earlier British tournaments ! n it performance against the —all of them warm ups for the | Reds. The Cardinals won the big Wimbledon test-Nealc Fras-jgame e-3 as Ken Boyer hit a er, the Australian top seed for Wimbledon, went out to Earl Buchol/ of St. Louis, and Barry MacKay, of Dayton. Ohio, seeded No. 2. lost to Edison Man- idarino of Braxll. INN TveedayMM WEDNESDAY. JUNtt 15, 1960 Len f ilkens Impresses Club MONTICELLO, N.Y. C«p8d. al) — Len Wtlkent, the All- America from PnnrMeiKe College and Holland T«dd, who played with ^ f ^ Rtt \ e AAU Bikers last ear ' Iooked Impressive in the of the 8t. touis here Won- Tuesday Games fl Beaof Of the Chicago Bears of the w v«,i, T!» on . «f (he AFI , for tne champion. two hits with Palermo hitting New York Titans, of the AFL, .. Hc ' S been ducking me for two| a double. years." says Ortiz of Brown.! The Chiefs are now 4-0 In "Loi was the No. 1 challengerj| eftgue p ] ay> Tonight they are for my title so I'm giving him aj to host G ranlte City at Jaycess should do| F | eld ln Wood R j ver beginning ; at 8 Sfl from Mi- i u , e- .out school." said Wismer. "He can get into any other college. He; wants to play football. All I know: about the rule is that we aren't i starting at T P-, er Jn the Cow Palace ' Telegraph Want Ads "Click." j £5!*™?, ^^ River Ripples and Outdoors with Harold Rrand o o o o' FIRST GAME Chiefs <8> Jacksonville (I) Player AB R H Player AB R H 422 Abell 3 1 1 Hovey 3 1 1 Gross 0 0 Furlong 2 3 Oldenetlle 0 0 Dolene 0 I Vlnyard 0 0 St. touu S. Cincinnati :t Philadelphia 6. Los Angeles 5, 10 Innings Wednesday flames St 1-ouls at Cincinnati N Philadelphia at Los Ang«le» N Pittsburgh at San Francisco Chicago at Milwaukee 2, twi-nlght Thursday Games St. Louis at Cincinnati N Chicago at Milwaukee Philadelphia at Los Angelas N Pittsburgh at San Francisco Cardinals Sign Two Players | 3 „ 0 Si Woods, halfback and end at 3 o olMarquette University, one of the 3 J, }|St. Louis Football Cardinals topi choices, recently conclud- two-run homer In the first inning and Curt Flood added three more with a wallop over the| center field fence. Jackson yielded only three walks and struck out four. _.-_; j| p had ft s haky third inning longest nine-inning National after Daryl Spencer muffed Bll- 1 League gam<" thr first month of'iy Martin's roller. Whitey Lock- the new season took three hours man walked and Larry's wild 1 ;and 35 minutes. In it the Giants pitch advanced each runner on Ibeat the Dodgers, 7-5. base, setting up Eddie Kasko's TO MHU» n Of* MUIT AMF CCt- KOtlON. 0* atANtt IN k on OAAMN t«* MOMt WRTi "TMBN OH. UOINTV AND INSlDtt WITH UAHT MA- OHIMt .OH.. tKnft <TP> ttt»M WITH A 0UMMM, LMVIN* THIN •urn 10 Merier nnwt BOWL Tuesday Men High games-C. Ve D. Thurm 200, B. Kallal 205, B. Boyd 222-207 (607). Tuesday Ladles High games-E. Recher 177170-200 (547), O. Chlsm 1W, V. Hosey 168, Wreath 170, Rhoads 1«6, G. Mills 163, Lyons 167, 1 Nuzum 182, Chappell 1«0, Harris 16M62. coach Paul Seymwr also said that Fred LeCour, the 04 for- was a pleasant surprise, showing an exceptional ahoottng eye fpom 8ut8ide Wllkens and Todd ar for a berth at guard. Alonzo {Lewis, rookie of the year in the : Eastern League last season, also stood out. They did well against the veteran combination of SI Green and John McCarthy, Seymour reported. ON WrTH P(N«6*S, OH TMUMi, TO HOtft IT ITS TO 8HARPBN. Oar Piymntt TM Wfh? REFINANCE Reduce Tour Payment* *»d Get Additional Cat! I See or Call KENNY KLO08 Mid-StatesFinanciCo, 811 KIDttE NEAR BROADWAY Phone HO 2-9314 i -:^'- - -" ^P**- ^^^ GOODYEAR Schililhger I Crotchett 3 Totals 29 , INNING: i Chiefs 1.Jacksonville 3 o o,draft 2 o o ed his track eligiblity and has| 200 signed his contract for the com-i _ ing season, Manager Director! 9 totals 24 i 3 Walter Wolfner announced to- 1234567 RHE' fV'fS i 021120 2—8 000100 0—1 fl o day. Illinois Deer Season ed their time all day during the The Illinois Conservation De-, ra ces. We were unable to get a the • complete listing of all of them. partment I960 deer has announced hunting season SECOND GAME f o r shotgun and rifled slug to be Comm Charles Black of the St. j Louis Assn., announced the Abel) Hovey Gross Wttltrlp Furlong Oidenettie Coonrod 300 Palermo 3 0 Burmester 3 3 2 3 3 1 2 0 2 0 2 0 SrtUlfiUIi a*i'«i * IHV.V. «.—o -- i-4wuia nas>ti> , CLIIIIISUII\,CII me ' Oct. 28, 29, and 30, inclusive, j events and his son, Cecil, operat-j Shooting hours are from 7 a.m. < e d the clock. Score keepers for •--— to 4 p.m. The bow and arrow!^ Assn included i^ves of hunting season is split again this: members, Mrs. Ken Nichols, year and is from Oct. 1. to Oct. Mrs< Joe Benolsl. Mrs Norman 2 22 0 0 Plarskl 0 0 R.Smith 1 Carey t Harvey 0 Stewart 0 Chappell 3 2 1 2 0 1 1 2 00 Willie West, halfback from t h e University of Oregon who was some time ano. was the 300 00 Wisdom 1 o o o o o o o 23 2 5 2 Totals 1234567 000010 0—1 2 200000 X— 2 4 RHE 15, and From Dec. 1 to Dec. 15, both dates inclusive. The maximum permits to be allotted to hunters for hearby counties are Calhoun 300. Greene 200, Jersey 200, Pike 300 and Roberta, Mrs. Jim Warren and others who helped. If it can be at all arranged, prize money will attract the^ semi pro and professional driv-j AUTO STORES CASH or Quick CREDIT 1 •illlUlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllili , an effort will be made to have races again next year and 200, Pike aw ana , hereaftep on an annua , basig A Clinton 300. A complete list of | drlve wlll be made later for funds the number of permits to be ai-| to create substamla , prl ,, e mon . lotted in all counties in the s t« e j ey . Drivers came from Iou , a , will be published in the lele- M , ggourij , ndlana I1Hnojs and graph by the Conservation De- Ohlo R . (( ? offldata wou)d nke partment in a legal notice in^ makp thjs regatta Qnp of the the next few days. biggest in the midwest. Substan- In addition, complete rules and regulations will be included. Be sure to watch for the deer fnjm { dls , ances . hunting notice and clip it out for future reference. | Olamorout Sport I The race drivers in the St. Louis Outboard Drivers Assn. evenu at Clifton Terrace Sunday are involved in a glamorous sport but due to necessity do not dress up to the occasion. Most of them wear their oldest clothing and shoes because tlnk-; ering with temperamental mot-: ors is an oily and smeary hob-; by. And drivers often have to; wade out to their small boats; instead ol stepping into them from a dock. Then there is always the possibility of being tossed overboard or capsizing. The drivers also have an expensive hobby. Racing motors, burn out bearings,' stick pistons, break rings, and have many other things go wrong because t h e .» operate at much higher rpm's than stock engines. The motors average 1^« miles to the gallon on special luel that averages $1.75 to $2 a gallon. The fuel is a mixture ol pure menthunol. pure castor oil. nitro menthanol and benzol. But Boy; do those motors get up and go screaming every inch of the way. The drivers, many ol whom reside in Illinois and Missouri, sav the stale's requirements that all moiorboats musi have mull!«•• is a handicap. Both states permit testing bona tide racing motor* a short time before and after a race. But drivers say they should have other time* to test thsir motors to work out "bugs" and problems. It isn't always possible to run a better r»e« unless some periods of time are itgaUy permitted to test mot- on- Regatta Worker* great many parsons helped Uw Alton All-America City Regatta a success and we will try to Bam* some of them- U(Bud) ttuaunn of WOKZ, regatta chairman, with HaroM Harvey. Banking 4 Tru»t Co., as helped in preliminary planning and promoting. I'miim 4«ha OlBi«ttail of the Alton Motorboat Club, host to the •vent, and many m*mb«.-» work •d iopji ifid hurt &) various dut IM in tJM iwsftft- A^^MMA A^^a^sfc* H^M IMSrap t*«WM «^ Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Pacific Coast League Spokane 5. Tacoma 4 Sacramento 1, Seattle 0 Portland 3, Salt Lake 1 San Diego 4, Vancouver 3 American Assn. Indianapolis 5-5, St. Paul 2-6 Charleston 9, Houston 2 Minneapolis 3, Louisville 0 Dallas-Fort Worth 2, Denver 1 International League Toronto 1-2, Havana 0-7 Montreal 7-6, Miami 1-3 Other games postponed Cards' fourth pick in the drawj and Woods, was drafted by thej Los Angeles Rams at the Cards'j suggestion. The Rams owed thej Cards a No. 4 choice to wind up the Ollie Matson deal. Mike Morin, 6 foot 4, 210 pound halfback from Knox College. ati| outstanding player who captained the football, basketball andj track teams at Paxton, 111. High before enrolling at Knox and was born in Paxton, April 1, 1938, also has signed his contract. Season tickets for the Grid Cards' six-game championship schedule at Bush Stadium may be ordered by writing or telephoning the St. Louis Football Cardinals, 5100 Oakland Ave.,; St. Louis 10, JEfferson 1-6400. i Safer Holiday Driving Begins With The World's First Turnpike-Proved Tlresl Famous 3-T Nylon Ail-Weather Goodyttr Tins ari proved on "Tht Turnpike that never ends", Goodytar's five mile test trick it Sin Angelo, Ttxn, where speeds over 100 m.p.h. cm be ittiined. Trade today for Good- yair tires and save with safety! OUTSTANDING TUBELESS BUY !* *I4 95 7.50x14 BlicKwill ALL SIZCS— SPECIALLY PRICE9 SIZE 6.70x15 7.10x15 7.60x15 6.00x16 Tube-Type* BLACKWALL $12.95 14.95 16.95 12.95 fulw-Type* WHITEHALL $16.50 18,95 20.95 , 6.70x1! Blackwil Tybe-Typ •prke plut t« and rwappable tin 3-T Ail-Weather Whitewalls Harry Craft, who replaced I Lou Boudreau as Kansas City | manager In 1957, now is a coach under Boudreau who isi managing the Chicago Cubs. are you TRAVELING? . . . by CAR?. . . Then Do ^^ /f conveniently and ^ safely! Save! 7.10x15 Tubt-Type 6.70 x IS Tuba-Typ* 7.60 x 15 Tube-Type $1795* $1095* If I%J Pay Only J J .25 wok/y $*»<>?* 3-T All-Weather 95* CANVAS COVERS Water-proofed! flffcf) Hat hemmed edges n*jy ' with plated gram- "^ 1 meti for rope laih- | Ing.Greyl 5 * 7 "• Lash Down STRAP mk r*. HOOK 30" webbed itrap with gutter hook.. 5e»oM J&R TOP CARRIERS ... ore low priced ... built to rigid tpseiflcarleni of quality and lofety—a top carrier for every i^pedl Tho Economy Buy of tho yoor S»IHSHt, • 'as** OM/PI 6.70 x IS Blickwatl Tube-Type 7.10x15 Blackwall Tube-Type 6.00x16 Blackwall Tuba-Type 7.60 x IS Blackwall Tube-Type WEI STRAPS . __.t 4fc I'xoFt T9< r * 10 ft »•« 3 '4* Sgctlon Cup and Screw Sut of 5 55t if ( IT%I ft Sturdy^ *•' all, i*" 1 ( wide. ^ »»rap»- mode tuctlon , gutttr *S* IOAT ft TRAILER LIGHTS STATION WAGONS Approved ligh for trailers end beat carriers) With *r without license bracket. 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A heavy dury, safer hitehl fMt* CHAII Required by law in most states. Each IAU ft IOIT l'/t' Oian. lutl-proofedl .s<; ** ALTON STOII *>.. Hi Ib QI Nw fetf . JO AUTO STORES »piea«i isl- ,~_ Or4er Detfe 5 ff, I AND UiVICI DIPT. OPf N HI. Til t P.M. Star* WELLS TIRE COMPANY WELLS-SCHMIDT TIRE CO. WELLS -MORRIS CO. , IriiiViy AMin HO 1011, PiriHiii f* W*M Mlvir ^ CL 4.IIII ic &. • •if ';* -*»-1ai i^,»xj,*fe.*^ii!i, : :i

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