Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 12, 1957 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, July 12, 1957
Page 6
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Amazing 'Come bock 1 By Porches > Porches are making an amazing comeback, after having once been assigned to the Umbo. ; For almost a decade, architects have been designing homes with only the barest of porches, oftentimes hardly more than a single step or stoop. But, porches had become too firmly entrenched in American tradition, and besides, they were mighty handy appurtenances in rainy or sunny weather. Whatever the reason, porches definitely are increasing in popu larity. More and more homes com ing off the drafting tables of the nation's top architects show porches in a-wide variety of styles. For the outdoor - minded family, a porch offers inexpensive living space for just a fraction of a square foot cost of enclosed space Popular today are the wide over- bang roof areas, where rafters have been allowed to project out from the home, forming porches, lanais and patio areas. The rafters of Douglas fir or west coast hem lock form the structural members of the overhang roof and become, as well, a wonderful, decorative feature of that area of the home. Of course, one of the reasons why these exposed wood members have become so attractive is the modern trend toward more exten cive use of the texture and grain of wood as a decorative medium. Rafters have certain definable characteristics upon which the architect capitalizes whether' they are smooth surfaces or • rough sawn. When using surfaced fir or hemlock dimension lumber for- the ex posed rafters, the designer de< pends upon the sharp lines of the wood for emphasis and the grain is sharply visible. This smooth sur Takes and Holds Ail Finishes Well- A SIESTA PORCH .... Porches are coming back in popularity as more Americans, move outdoors during their relaxing periods. This lanal porch is a lazy man's haven. Sheltered from winds by low wall, It is warm and com­ fortable with afternoon sun. Rough textured western red cedar siding contrasts with planed Douglas fir posts and ceiling. A soft gray stain was used which helps create a restful atmosphere. For Painty That Lasts and Lasts and Lasts Use Johnson's JTMehloned White House Point Yes, before "you buy paint anywhere, get the facts on Johnson's Genuine Old Fashioned White Lead and Pure Linseed Oil Paints. TITANIZED FOR EXTRA BRIGHTNESS Goes Farther Lasts Up to Twice as Long Yet Costs No Mor» Than Ordinary Paint Becouse. Now You Can Buy It Direct from the Factory NEVER BEFORE HAS THIS TOP QUALITY PAINT BEEN OFFERED AT SUCH A LOW PRICE! B*fore You Buy Paint . . • Drop a Postcard to Johnson Paint Co. P.O. Box 1644 Burlington Station Omaha, Nebraska GET THE FACTS FIRSTI face takes an extra fine finish, especially if clear varnish is used. The rough sawn lumber has a charm all its own. This lumber takes stains very readily, and interestingly enough, the wonderfully exciting texture of the wood is magnified. In some respects, porches a're designed which are much easier to keep. A good many architects have installed a simple decking of 2x4 fir or hemlock for the porch floor, making certain that a slight spacing is left between the edge- nailed 2x4s so that water can run off. Such a decking requires no painting and virtually no upkeep. To clean, a housewife merely turns on the garden hose. The decking may be varnished, but it is just as well to let it weather to a- natural gray color. Porches should be arranged to afford the most enjoyment by the family. If late afternoon lounging is desired, then a porch on the south or west side of the house is ideal, unless of course you live in an. extra hot climate, when the shadiest side of the house should be selected. Planners should be sure that there is ready access to the porch from the house. A porch used as an entrance will naturally open into the hall or living room. However, porches placed otherwise should have access to both the living room and the kitchen. No other outdoor living area offers such low cost living space as a well planned porch. Growing Family May Find Older House a Big Bargain House-hunters on the alert for a bargain should be aware of the value an older home offers, especially to the growing family planning to buy on a budget. Here are a few of the ad- Colorful Granules Give Roof Rock Coat Millions of rock granules are embedded into the surface, of asphalt Shingles. The granules are both-functional and decorative. The opaque granules give the surface of the roofing a tough coat of rock which seals in the heavy oils of the asphalt and reduces the wearing effect of rain, snow, and ice. For appearance, the granules are given color through a special ceramic process. The result is a wide range of colors available in asphalt shingles, from light pastels to deep tones and blends. You do It .... BETTER WITH NATURAL GAS CUT COAL CONSUMPTION The rate at which your coal furnace is consuming fuel sometimes can be retarded with very little effort. Dissolve a half pound of washing soda in a gallon of water and sprinkle the solution over the coal in the bin a few days before using it. You may find that the coal will last longer and also •give off more heat. CwSsmMf OA$ tJVItlON IOWA ELECTRIC <I9 ««S POWEB Provide an atmosphere of good taste and distinctive beauty on any inside surface. • • • • Rubberized DA-TEX in- lures b e 11 e r paint-results. For a semi-lustre effect try ALYKD DA-TEX SEMI-LUSTRE, in colors to match DA-TEX Rubberized Paint. only § Easy to ust ^ B" 39 • Quick drying |!# gai. DAVIS PAINT C. W. NICOLL, Owner Air Conditioners More Attractive Manufacturers are making room air conditioners smaller -and more attractive. Now models are thinner and don't project out into the room — or outside the house, either. And they come in a variety of decorator colors. But don't get carried away with the good looks of the new models —size is important, too. The size you get will depend on the size of the room or area you want to cool, of course. An experienced and reliable retailer can look at the room or an architectural plan of the room you want to cool, then tell you what size you need. Don't guess on room dimensions. If you do you're likely to be disappointed, warns John Sandfort, professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State College. > A room air conditioner will pay you big dividends. Dividends in the form of better sleeping and eating habits, less dust and dirt to clean up, lower redecorating costs and the big return — just plain comfort. All you need for a room air conditioner is 208- to 230-volt current in an electric power connection. However, some of the smaller units can operate on 110 volts. The heat and humidity removed from the air are rejected directly to the outside air. This is the reason room air conditioners are mounted and sealed in window or wall openings. Most room units range from $250 to $400 in price. Operating costs differ, but in Iowa they will probably run from 3 to 6 cents per operating hour. (On a typical summer day operating time may be only 6 to 8 hours.) BARBECUE GOES FAST An outdoor barbecue can be built in less than an hour with cinder blocks and fire bricks. The kcinder blocks are stacked without mortar leaving a U-shaped opening at the top which is lined with the fire-resistant bricks. Top ; the finished job with an iron gate. The average American consumes about 187 soft drinks a year. * • vantages of buying an older house: 1. Space. It's often not hard to find a structurally sound old home at a reasonable price that offers four or ftve bedrooms, a large dining room, a basement, and an unfinished attic. 2. Equipment. More often than not, an older house will have a turnished kitchen, window shades or blinds, curtain and drapery hardware, storm windows and screens, and such things as shelves and built-in storage, all paid for by previous owners. * 3. Advancements in home- improvement techniques. Even without extensive remodeling, most older , homes in good structural condition can be made comfortable and con-, venient. Good examples of materials and techniques are packaged bathrooms that can be installed in one day, mineral wool insulation which is blown into walls and ceilings of existing houses, and asphalt shingles which can be applied directly over old roofing material, adding new color to an old house and giving it durable protection frbm weather at the same time. Insulating through the blown-in process is popular with owners of older homes because it not only increases the value of the house, but slops chilling drafts and lowers fuel bills in winter. Summer comfort is increased because the mineral wool keeps heat out. 4. Established lawn and garden. Most of the work of getting grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees to grow has been done by previous owners of an older house. The new owners need only m a 1 n t a i n the grounds. 5. Do - It - yourself materials and techniques. The buyer of an old house can make many of his own improvements gradually with materials and ideas aimed at home • handymen and women. Examples are floor tiles, wood and plastic wall paneling designed for easy installation, kjtchen cabinets of ponderosa pine that can be used as furniture or built-ins throughout the house, roll-on paints, and batts and blankets of mineral wool for accessible areas such as unfinished attics and crawl spaces. ALUMINUM ROLL-UP AWNING Now! An aluminum awning that rolls up and down to |Wo you • Sun protection when you want It. • Smart uncluttered appearance. • Permanent Installation — no stor* age, no deterioration, • Famous Flexalum spring-tempered aluminum—with two coat bakoe) •name! finish. • Design your own striped effect from decorator color*. • Matching door canopies, porch end patio covert. Cell fere free iemenstratle* end •itlnite. George S. Miller Dial 9449 1 Redwood Weathers the Years Beautifully By MR. FIX Distributed by NBA Service ' Redwood Is a popular material for siding, fences and outdoor furniture because it holds tip under weathering with no special pro' tectioh. Yet if you want to finish it, redwood takes and holds all finishes very well. And finishes on redwood last longer than on many other siding materials. • ' There's little shrinkage in redwood and little of oils or resins to weaken finishes. Although this wood won't retain its natural, bright color for long if left unfinished, it will take on a handsome, weathered look. As sunlight and moisture affect it, redwood bleaches to a soft gray. If you wish to hasten the graying, hose down the sidewalls occasionally. If the wood has become too dark for your taste, brighten it with a solution of oxalic acid; use four ounces of acid to a gallon of water. One way to hasten even, allover weathering is to bleach the wood. Use one of the special bleach ing solutions made for redwood. They're available at most large paint dealers. Bleaching eliminate* trie darkening that usually precedes the gray color, which is the, ultimate result of weathering., No surface preparation is-ifiec- essary before applying redjrood bleaches. Again, spray t^e slqjhg with the garden hose occa'sibhally to hasten the bleaching even more. Weathered siding may be. finished any time with no special preparation. If you use a clear finish, it's a good idea to give the wood a light sanding to effect a uniformly bright look. No finish at all on your redwood siding requires the least maintenance, of course. Since all finishes will break down in time, you must plan on renewal every few years if you apply one. Here are some finishes from which you can choose: Paint. Use any good, exterior grade house paint. This is the time! Herald, Carroll, Iowa Friday, July 12, 1*57 most durable finish you can apply. But it hides the grain and natural color of redwood. If you are painting .outdoor redwood furniture, use enamel, instead of house paint. Pigmented stain. Inexpensive, easy'to' apply, but not very durable. It's easy to refinish because it weathers evenly. Refinish when you wish to restore the original color. Clear finish. Can be oil or varnish or a combination of both. Get those created especially for redwood. Gives a glossy effect that wears off in time. Slain-and-clear combination. A little more durable than clear finish alone. Glossy to begin with, but glossy effect is reduced with weathering. Combination finish generally consists of a stain prime coat followed by two coats of clear finish. Whatever finish you decide to Vacation Cottage Changed to Year Around Dwelling Finding a modest summer cottage that can be purchased for a song and remodeled is a sound and economical way for a family to obtain a year-round home in the country. A case in point is the home of the Charles Camp family near Morgantown, W. Va. The Camps modernized a tiny cottage built in 1937 for summer use, and today have a modern home that gives them comfortable living throughout the year. Mr. and Mrs. Camp began their project by consulting Arthur B. Campen, modernization editor of Practical Builder, light-construction industry magazine. Campen drew up plans for remodeling to change the cottage into an up-to- date home. The remodeling included the addition of a new wing and the extension of a section of the living room wall to form a bay, with a gable-end roof section over it. Almost exactly in the middle of the long, low house, the gable end imparts a more balanced appearance. Asphalt shingles in a green blend were specified for the entire roof, both the original and the added sections. A new, colorful roof goes a long way to unify the old and the new in a remodeled house, Campen believes, and asphalt shingles offer a wide range of color choices. Campen chose white for the clapboard siding, with the green of the roof repeated in the window shutters. The new wing contains the master bedroom, a wood-paneled den, a bathroom and stairs leading to the cellar. Double-hung windows of ponderosa pine, were installed in the new wing, the living room bay and the kitchen, to match the wood windows in the rest of the house. For year-round comfort, full- thick batts of mineral wool insulation were installed in the new sections. The insulation keeps much of Virginia's summer heat out of the house and enables a new forced-air furnace to do a more efficient and economical heating job in winter. In modernizing the kitchen, wood cabinets and a plastic laminate counter top were added, providing more storage and work space. A new vinyl floor, a dishwasher, and a garbage disposal unit were installed. Windstorms Don't Worry 'Tight 1 House You can run for shelter when, hurricane or other severe windstorm strikes, but your house can't. For this reason, it's a good idea to get your home ready now for late summer and early autunyi storms — possibly even a hurricane or two. What can you do? Begin by checking the roof, since it is a homes first line of defense against weather of all kinds. A carejul inspection is important, because an old, weathered roof is an open invitation to severe interior damage during and after a windstorm. High winds can weaken portions of the worn material so much that heavy rains following the winds can soak through into the house. To be certain your roof can "take" high winds and rain, call in a roofing contractor to give it a professional inspection. If he recommends a new roof, asphalt shingles can be applied in a weathertight covering which will last for years. This type of roofing can be applied to resist even hurricane winds and usually can be put on directly over the old roofing, eliminating the labor and mess of removing the weathered material. Otber windstorm preparations yc'.» '.-an make include checking the house for loose shutters, window boxes, siding. TV antenna— anything that might be ripped away—and making sure that doors and windows are weatherstripped to keep out driving rain. It's also a good idea to look for cracks around the foundation, windows, and doors, and to fill them with caulking compound. Young trees and shrubs should be staked, and older trees should be pruned of dead limbs. Best Cabinet Doors Are Factory-Mode One of the reasons why factory- made wood kitchens set the standard of excellence in the industry is the care and attention given to the construction of cabinet doors. The doors are considered by many, the most vital feature of kitchen cabinet construction. They trouble-iree^ and provide many years of service. This can only be ! accomplished, by reputable .wood 'kitchen manufacturers who have the'know-how and the facilities to produce high quality doors.' Leading ifianufacturers spend a' great deal of time and money in developing trouble-free cabinet doors. use, follow the manufacturer's 16* structions. Follow the same procedure as for any exterior painting; choose a cool, windless day and paint when siding is dry. BLEACHING with a recommended solution hasten* uniform weathering of redwood. THREE KINDS OF CABINETS Basically, there are three kinds of wood kitchen cabinets — base units which are set on the floor and against the wall, wall cabinets which are "hung" on the wall above the base units, and special purpose cabinets such as sink fronts, corner units,* s cabinets for built-in appliances, utility closets and others. Units in all three kinds are available in a wide choice of sizes and styles. CHAIR SEAT WOVEN Plastic clothesline in white or colors makes an ideal textured seat for a chair. The clothesline is laced irom front to back across the seat, then woven from side to side. Ends are tacked to underside of' rungs. BALL EASES PAINTING A sponge rubber ball fitted over the handle of a paytt brush, makes painting less tiring by providing a larger, pliable grip. Hole is'cut in the bail with a sharp, pointed knife. Remodeling changed 1 this • sim­ ple''summer eottage, left, into' (he handsome year-wound home above. New windows of ponderosa pine and reroofing In a green blend of asphalt shingles .helped give the house its modern exterior. All-season comfort is provided by thick mineral wool insulation. Give Your Home A Weil-Groomed Look! INSIDE or OUTSIDE PAINTS tor • Low Cost • Low Upkeep • Durability • Rettenmaier Drug 111 W. Sth — Di.l 2I0S REMODELING? BUILDING? NEED REPAIR ON FLOOR COVERING or COUNTER TOPS? • WE INSTALL • Inlaid Linoleum • Formica • Wall Covering • Floor Tile • Carpet WE REPAIR Wall and Floor Coverings FREE ESTIMATES Large or Small Samples shewn to you in your heme. Dial 4175, Alvin Heinriehs •9.23, Matt Furniture MATT Furniture A Good Thought tor Today: Even a small smile would make a big difference on some faces. A Good Thought For Moving Day: Call ut for reliable trucking service. We specialize in household goods* Crouse Cartage Co. Carroll Phone 3121 4A no. 1 specialist in . packing and moving Home Improvement Special! '(4 Remodel your hojnt'i wttrigr witk diluxi aluminum window awninoi ;tft.eiigr te Install venttlsted swnings of 100% ilumidum with interlocking paneli. 3 colon. Many aim, Six* 31>4'»

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