The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio on June 10, 1967 · Page 9
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The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio · Page 9

New Philadelphia, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 10, 1967
Page 9
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CLARKE HINKLE + + 4* Famed Fullback Clarke Hinkle On Channel Nine Announcing Not Enough McMahon Likes To Keep Active Ed McMahon has a lot of trial promotion projects, diive. He now works 16 hours a day, “It’s not nervous energy,” six days a week and enjoys it. said McMahon. “I’m not compel-! McMahon credits the “Toled to be doing something. I night” show with his chance to am happy and relaxed with lei-| expand into other areas: “Peo- sure. But I believe in doing PIe come to you with ideas what can be done. I believe in and business opportunities in not limiting one’s horizon. I my position. It’s important to I have a lot of drive. Call it am-jmake the right decisions, of jbition. But I find I like that, course. But the ‘Tonight’ show It peases me. I like what itl°Pened a lot of doors to me. does to me.” I There’s hardly a place or per McMahon could have settled so'\ 1 * gct t0‘ back comfortably as announcer McMahon is a confirmed opt;of “The Tonight Show Starring about the lot of the indi Johnny Carson” colorcast on The rugged fame and crisp commentary of Clarke Hinkle, the greatest football player ev- vidual. “The rewards of effort are the NBC Television Network Mondays through Fridays and!greater than ever in this day as host on NBC Radio’s “Moni-'and age,” he said. The saying tor.” still holds that if you build a Instead he decided to take better mousetrap, the world wiH er to come out of the*Ohio Val-jon additional activities a year-jbeat a path,t0 your door-” ley, is seen and heard at the and-a-half ago, including his; McMahon s ambition and sports desk on the 6 p. m. edi- own daytime show, “Snap Judg-|dr!'[e towards S“C.C.0.SS 00n non Channel 9’s Total News on ment,” colorcast on NBC-TV.j evident since childhood At the a Monday through Friday Mondays through Fridays since ,d&c of 10 he shined shoes and basjs j April 3, 1967, and a starring sold magazines and newspap- In announcing the appoint-'ro!es in feature film, “Thej®fs- At. 16 he had work®d as a' in announcing me appoint „ ditch digger, peanut vendor and ment of Hinkle to the staff. Incident. raroenter’s helner Ted Eiland, vice president-gen-' “I wasn’t busy enough.” ex- eral manager of Channel 9 said’plained McMahon. ‘We are delighted to add to our Chances are he was mulling news team a man so highly re-1 the advice once given him by a garded on the national sportsimillionaire. “Go after success!” scene as Clarke Hinkle. He is| the millionaire told McMahon, undoubtedly one of the true and,“If you go after money, you’ll authentic sports greats of our lose it. Money follows success.” time.” McMahon became indentified The only man ever to knock with a number of projects under out Bronko Nagurski wa§ ac- the banner of Parthenon Proclaimed by the Green Bav ductions, his holding company. Packers in 1965 as the greatest^ became active in del Sol all-around fullback in the his- productions, dealing with graph- tory of pro-lootball. |jC arts> commercials and In September of 1964 he was novelties; Delphi Productions, selected for induction into the a ta]ent company; Corinthian National Pro Football leagues Productions, a TV and radio “Hall of Fame at Canton. branch; CREW, a creative ex- |perimental workshop and advis- Haiti was the world’s first ory firm; plus real estate, in- Negro republic. ventions, recordings, and indus- though you belong there!” TOE-SOME in Las Vegas — visiting Hank Stram of the Kansas City Chiefs, American Football League coach of the year, gets into the act backstage with actress-singer- danccr Mitzi Gaynor, tops in her own league. ^record shop Special Sunday Program Slated On "Black Power" “Unfortunately the slogan ‘black power’ has some negative connotations, and those I can’t go with,” Dr. Martin Luther King told NBC News correspondent Sander Vanocur in an interview filmed for “After Civil Rights . .. Black Power.” The program, an NBC News color special exploring the new trend in furtherance of Negro rights, will be presented on Channels 3, 4 and 7 tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. with Vanocur reporting. It will show that there are many definitions of black power which vary from moderate to militant. “Certainly I can’t believe in black separatism, and often this1 is one of the connotations," Dr. King said in his home church in Atlanta. “And I can’t go along with violence, and unfortunately some who have used violence and who engaged in riots have shouted ‘black power’ in the process. But I feel that non-violence is really the only way we can follow, because violence is just so self- defeating.” Dr. King said he believes in the concept of black power if it means “A psychological call from manhood where the Negro is not ashamed of his heritage, he’s proud of it, and where he is not ashamed of being black. He comes to see that there’s nothing wrong with being black, and black is as beautiful as The Doily Times, N. Philo, 0., tot., June 10,1967 ~P?ge 9 or The worked his way through Catholic University (Washington, D. C.), servicing candy machines; working as a carnival barker and operating a mobile dry cleaning business which he' and a fellow student started. : In these days of doves and may feel at the moment be But his goal was show busi- hawks, of flag burners and flag cause there is more than one ~ ~ other color,"and^Mtmeans ness. He became a TV person- wavers, it is not unusual to find definition of patriotism but an amassing of political and ality in Philadelphia. When he that one of the most fervent pur-most Americans seem to like ?con0mic power to achieve our decided to crack big-time net- veyors of American march mu- march music whether it is a rec- iegjtjmate goajSi i can go for work television he commuted sic is a band from a former en- ord of John Philip Sousa's band jt altogether daily to New York and set up emy nation. or a live performance by a lo- Charles Evers NAACP field shop in a phone booth to makej The Japan Defense Force cal band. director fo- Mississippi who contacts. Enterprise and re- Band deserves a heavy round The Japanese musicians have emphasizes voter registration sourcefulness paid off, leading 0f applause, if not a standing ov- a smoothness in a style and an in his work in five counties, eventually to the ‘Tonight ation, for its interpretation of uncanny rapport lor American also was asked by Vanocur show. “Anchors Aweigh” and “She march music. The “Anchors what he means when he uses In pursuit of success, McMa-jWore a Yellow Ribbon in a Aweigh” arrangement is an ex- the term “black power.” hon took the advice ot his father,1 moving album called “On Pa- perience in itself. “If black power means what who said, “Always act as rade! ’ (Capitol ST 10480). There are a coup!* of no> * have been told,” he answer- It doesn’t matter how >ou martial numbers Included in ed, “it means that we are going _____________________________ this selection. One of them, to take over and mistreat the “Do-Re-Mi”, from “The Sound whites and abuse the whites of Music,” is played with a de-:iust as *hey have done us, then (ached airiness and ti e Japan we are going t0 he just as Defense Force Band’s version of 8u'by as the white man . .. “Strike Up the Band’ sounds as So we are g°in8 t0 do umo though it may have been played others as we would have them in a town square at the turn of, do onto us.” 'he c°ntury Another view of black power This is an excellent r-cortf ?mes u,r?m«, SHCC!. St°ke,y •hat is a foreign nation's tribute Ca™lchael' "lmad at a Pea« to American composers. "»». » Wertmpm p C v His is the “shrillest voice” of Selected Singles — “You Can black power, in the words of Live in Our Jree” by The Blue, Stuart Sehulberg, the program’s filings (RCA Victor 47-9P03), producer-director. “The Ccney Island Parade” by —_ Lenny Gaines (Columbia 444120), “super soul- by ciar- Charlie ence Nelson (M-G-M K13/25), “Berkeley Campus Blue?” by /5 rtOtTipGrGcl DV Jimmy Rushing (Blues’ Way .. . 45 B1 61001), “The Sun Is SummCr VOCOf/OH Green by Chapter V (Verve Summer vacation is greeted Folkways KF 5046), ‘ l reeciue wjth joy by most of the Pea Alley by 1 he Mamas & The nutS( but jt means a setback for Papas (Dunhill D - 4083), Charlie Brown’s romantic plans “You ve Got the Makings of a on “You’re in Love, Charlie Lover by The Festivals Brown”, fourth in a series of (Smash S-2091). animated cartoon specials star- Tape Deck -"Bayanihan on rinS lhe c°mc-strip characters THIS IS A HALLUCINATION? lively Salli Sachse. left, who made a screen reputation for looking alluring in beach party pictures, takes on a more demanding dramatic role in “The Trip.” This is the story of LSD’s effects on a young man (Peter Fonda), and Salli wanders through his hallucinations, still in bikini, right, but now a blonde with painted face. + + + + + •*• 49 + 1967 will be a big year — and perhaps its biggest event will be EXPO ’67, ♦he famous and widely heraided Montreal Worlds Fair. It is claimed that visitors to EXPO *67 will see the world through the hundreds of displays from everywhere in the world. But to see and enjoy these marvels you’ll have to travel to Montreal and spend days tramping or riding through the grounds to see the many sights. You’ll undoubtedly gain a lot of knowledge at the expense of sore feet and a thinned bill fold. INFO '67 will bring you the world too — every day as you sit in your easy chair you can follow the events of the world at your leisure. You’ll get the news from »very important European, Near-East, African, Far-Eastern and even from centers behind the Iron Curtain. With this there will be up-to-the-minu»t» pictures from UPI International (The only such service in Tuscarawas County), in addition to local and state news and happenings. You won’t have tired feet and a flattened billfold, but you will have a lot of knowledge for the price of a subscription to THE DAILY TIMES, Tuscarawas County’s HOME-OWNED newspaper. Hugh O'Brian Takes Play To Vietnam Bikinied Blonde Is ‘Dream’ By DICK KLEINER Hollywood Correspondent group left at the studio. | I’ll need is a chair and a ta“I like working for AIP”, she ble” — and each of the com- Tearful tragic telephone says- “Its steady work “ and.pany will carry his own cos- calls The caller — Judy Gar- 1 have nobody Payin8 my rent, tume and props in his own land The called - anyone '"ho * 1 have » earn mone>r”' lus«a«e Hu*h '»» *» the might have any influence with c. , —~ . . ars warf, chosa" be“uf*k of David Weisbart, producer of I Smce this co umn ,s accord- the,r abildy ,o belt wdhout ben- “Valiev of the Dolls” Judv‘ns g O Brian, the most efit of microphone. And the mu- was dropped from the cast' andif“Pular ona w1"1' the ,r10oj>s SICians ~ four of them “ a? replaced by Susan Havward.!Vielnam Hu*>' has ‘L'ked me m*n wh° are s,r°"s ,'nouSh ,0 to give the boys a message — carry their owu instruments. would like another and she chance. 1 hear Judy was fantastically Hugh gets no salary and the Tour’ by the Philippine Dance created bv Charles M. Schulz Harrison Visits Smothers' Show Company (Monitor MRC 428), ‘n co*or Monday at 8.30 p. m. is an outstanding Ampex reel- on tbe Television Netto-reel tape of folk songs and work- dances by a big group. Fidelity during the last days of is superb but the subject mate- Charlie becomes deter- rial would he fascinating even mlnpd 10 exPr,ess his affection if the sound poor. “Trini for h*s secret 'ove> * httle red- Lopez at PJ s” (Reprise 8RM haired girl, before ihey are sep- 6093) is this week’s selection in arated by the annual hiatus, the auto tape category. The lhc rest of the Peanuts at* Ampex car-tape release, which tarn between sympathy for consists of four programs,! Charlie s attack of spring fan- sounds better in a car than the cy and hilarity at his bumbling original did on the phonograph. attemPts 10 w0° h's hght-o love. Charlie neglects his homework, develops a chronic stomach ache, misses the school bus and winds up in the principal’s KI , „ . i office as he struggles for cour- Nh*l Harrison Shirley Jones hj§ hear, l0 lhe and the Buckinghams, rock- o'- * Jiren roll group, are guest stars on, , “The Smothers Brothers Com-; Charlie calls the last a\ o edy Hour,” tomorrow at 9 p. m. school “the worst day of my, in color on channels 8 and 9. - whlch ™aka* ** * V*' , rv , c *u ty bad day, as Charlies go. He Tom and Dick Smothers open ^ (orw>r<j (# , tember tnd the show with their rendition^ re(un) of readmg> wrjtrag of the ballad Frankie and,and redhead, Johnny.' Shirley Jones singsj Ue Mendels0„ „ executive •Thoroughly Modern Millie iproducer ,nd Meiendez is and "On a Clear Day. 'direct0r of "You're in Love, Another “great moment in Charlie Brown,” which was history” is re-created when wntten by Charles M. Schultz. d’Artagnat* and the Three Mus- peter Robbins is heard a? keteers come to the aid of the voice of Charlie Brown. Sal- Queen Anne of Austria, who is jy Dryer plays Lucy, Chris being blackmailed by Richelieu <;hea plays Linus and Gai De- Noel Harrison appears as D'Ar- fana plays Peppermint Patty. tagnan, with Tom Smothers Cathy Steinberg and Ann Altien playing the musketeers -- all are the voices of Sally and Vio- three of them. M lss Jones por- |et> respectively. trays the Queen, and Pat Paul-1 Original music for the spec he’s coming back. He’ll play Sky Masterson in others are paid the union mini- a compact production of “Guys mum, $150 a week. Hugh is high good, prerecording the songs for an(j Dolls”, which the USO and in his praise of the patriotic the film. Everyone was enthus- ^ Hollywood Coordinating sacrifice they’re making. He iastic about her making it th:s committee is serving over' says for musical performers, the time. But later there were prob- sornetime in junp jean Dal- summer is their peak season, iems. Weisbart let her go. ryn0le is supervising the pro- when they can ordinarily rr.' And now, the phone calls. All ductj0n a good living in summer stock, to no avail, unfortunately. ^ (|rst (im# , 5how of -But they'd rather do thia,” , this size will make the trip says- * can’t say enough After just standing tneie in are ^ company about these people. The star her bikini through 12 of the an(j they-jj piay i« days in Viet-1 «ets the credlt. but these peo- American - International beach nam^ fjve jn Thaiiand and eight pie really should - they make the bigger sacrifice.” All party pictures, Salli Sachse n japan gets her first big part in the stu- There wj„ ^ ^ _ .. dio’s “The Trip . Of course,; _______________________ she does a little bikini-standing in this one, too but this time AlOn KinQ HCOGS her face is painted- c ||* I * “The Trip” is a story of the bUillVQn LltlCUp effects of L.SD on a young man Alan King, the Mamas and one scene, that wasn't enough. (Peter Fonda). Saili wonders ,he Papas, Richard Pryor and through his hallucinations in Topo Gigio are the headline her bikini and painted face, ' attractions on “The Ed Sulli- i “I’ve never really Ever hear of a star doubling for a double?. It happened on set of Mannix, Mike Connors* new series. He actually has two doubles on the payroll. But, for The scene had him driving across a golf course with a helicopter chasing him. The first- taken van Show tomorrow at 8 p.m.' strjng duoble was flying the hel- LSD , she says. But I have live and in color from New j jFonter The other double was tried marijuana a few t,mes. I York, on channels 8 and 9. ^ ■* ,he c,r dou can take it or leave it.” j Other performers are Rouv- bUng fQr him But thj5 one> it Salli Sachse — her name is an, popular singer, the Gospel deveiope(i couldn't drive, pronounced “Soxy”—was first Jazz Singers, comedy juggler Sq did tbe drivijig — signed by AIP for the beach par- Rob Murray and the Kane tloubling for his double. ty pictures because she looked Triplets, 18-year-old girl sing-j ________________ good on the beach She comes ers who appeared on the show from LaJolla, and standing on as children accompanying the ROBARDS TO GUEST the beach comes naturally. McGuire Sisters. HOLLYWOOD (UP!) — Bar- But then the acting bug bit. The large company of per- hra Streisand’s television spe- Where the other beachstand- formers known as the Polynesi- eial this fall won’t be another ers did nothing. Salli began tak- an Dancers will be seen in a one-woman shov.; she's adciei ing acting lessons. Now she’s segment taped earlier tins sea , Jason Robards as a guest star the only one of the original AIP son in California. for the CBS-TV spectacular. sen plays Richelisu. Dick Smothers narrates the sketch. ial is composed and performed by jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi; and arranged and conducted by John Scott Trotter. TOUGH TOURNEY ________________ AUGUSTA. Ga. (UPI) - Na ________ golfer has ever won the Mas- YOUTH WILL BE SERVED fers Golf Tournament three tim- NEW YORK (UPI) — Roger es in a row. Jack Nicklaus Peckmpaugh was the youngest came closest with wind in 1963 man ever to manage a team in and 1966 but failed in 1967. Arn- the major leagues. Peckinpaugh old Palmer won Masters honors 23, was the manager cf the in 1958, I960. 1962, and 1964. 1914 Yankees. PAR FOR OUR COURSE 7 SHtHS l <m INTEREST ON SAVINGS Compounded Semi-Annually How do you improve a savings score? By investing your money where dividends are High and where accounts are guaranteed ir» full. “GET ON THE BALI” Start Saving here today! 321 N. Wooster Dover, O. Phone 343-5591 Open Mon., Tues., Thurs., Frl. 9 A.M. to 5 P M. Wednesday and Saturday 9 A.M. to 12 Noon

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