Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 2, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1948
Page 5
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4^ m t ^fimTAAPKIL 2, 1946 t)ISPA'fCH DEMOeRAT, tjmit/CAIJ^Rl^'''''^'' is News Notes WHXiITS, March 27.^11 you ttibw-have fin custody^ three local yoiuigifetsl who seem lo have Joompriked: oar, rifling team '^<^eviit,i'iS you leaVe your car s'ibjjfth'rAwt valuables unlocked yoii itaSie 'MViisKin^ tor a loss. 'With some IJions still scrubbing 'b'tt/'''Wack;face,'' still' more are 'usiijgf'illl available means to ire 'imove/^aster egg dye.-After their •regulijr meeting last Thursday *the'group, -with even a larger at- •tendance-than usual, adjourned to •the high, school where they pitched Imand'colored 90 dozen eggs. These 'aPe' then-hidden Easter morning, and, the hunt begins. Now we ^fcnow where Easter bunnies come Irpm. Guests for the evening were •3ytr.'?.and Mrs; Lamer, who should have'aij insight on what the prize Winning eggs look lilte. But in whatJtlucket they aro hidden no ohekno^sl ''The! WiUits Horsemen's Asso-- cidtton held their potluclc dinner as '.scbeduled'lBst Friday night. The <QOd. was delicious and plentiful, •a siortunale' circumstance as ap proximately 45 members attendedi including guests from the Ukiah Pldlng-<31ub; After feasUng the; ^aup held -a short bu.?iness meet^; ing ^nd. spent the remainder «£: tlie evening dancing., , Now. that the rain has ceased, itHe chuck holes on Main street hbve - been, filled. 'Good! Only, comes the next rain and r-alL the dirt and, gravel will be washed out .again. O for something permanent •While on'the subject-of weath- ery'itise sun will have to do a heap 'of-'Shining to dry out the mud that •BP.akesup the back and front yards, doVimat the veterans' housing umt, A. house, isn't a home unless yoy can'enjoy, it, and enjoying it :ii5 hard to do .if there are lio driveways, and walking home means the ruination of a pair of shoes, to say nothing, of where the children larei to playtand the fuss tradesmen make about wading through the mire. It is a house, anyway. , ^'-The Bob Harrah family took -Payne's sister, Betty Ash, home to' •Bakersfield last week. .While there they, stayed a week with her ftlks, the F. O. Knoblocks; ..The. Wililts O.E.S; held their .regular--meeting last. 'Wednesday. ,It was highlighted by :an impres.! -sive 'Easter oeremony. During which each officer entered car.; rying a St. Joseph's Easter lily- and after placing it in the icross^ set'lip in the East said something idppropfiatf to the occasion. Even without the dim, eflEective lightmg' it would have been >/eautiful. Another 'bright spot of the evening v/as the presence of Ann Porteous, •,jdo\vnfor,the occasion from Areata. The refreshment commitiee, Charlotte Butcher, Grace WiUiams and -Roberta 'Vokum, served jeUo salad and nut bread on impressively decorated tables, five -of. them, for the five star points and each with an appropriate color. Com6 A^jrU 14 and the chapter Will hold a past matrons and past patrons night, starting with .a. (f:30 dinner, and including the. Initiation of a new member. •Visiting at the Hardisty hoipe for the Easter holidays are -the: •Ray Haskells and children from Westwood and the Verenth -Dry- ^iens and two offspring of 'Vallejo. A full house, no less. > ' Away for the holidays are-Mr. and* Mrs. Richard Marques, \co- ownsr of Willits Auto Parts. 1!hey; can he found at the home of Richard's mother in San Jose. •; Away, too, was Fred Sowash, Jr., who accompanied his parents to Nevada where the trio witnessed an exchange of marriage v6ws between Fred's brother and a Sparks,' Nevada, girl. t,eap year,' again. 'The stork lijas given the nurses at the Howard Memorial Hoispital a;' breather! almost. He brought, only one" arrival—a girl for lor the N. p. Simonsen's—last Wcd- nesday. ' Thfe -hospftal. staff have been kept busy,: though. A. R. Sawyer- waff doing time in that worthy in- .stitutioh after being hit in the ab- '^domen by a slab when it flew ott •the the sawmUl. Otto iteld was up for eye care frpm an injury sustained while also at work, m fa savwnill. Eleanore Pinches gave major surgery asMier I'e'asdn; 'while pneumonia was the purpose 'bf LaWrfence'Jobe. Busy place, ho ddiibt, hut all are repprted on the way to recovery. ,WilUts Ix>dge F.&A.M. were hosts last Friday night with i a third degree. Upon Completion of their scheduled work they had-a feed of iiot dogs and coffee, ohSy s0m<}bod.v iorgot the niustai-d! • Friday night also found the' memb#8< of the American Legion Auxilisiiy busy With the initiation Of six candidates. After formal CeWmdhies; which transformed the status of Anita Swope, Joan Bai -Mws, MarceUe Ciuek, Mary McDdhald, Glennie Watson and Katherine Grundstrbm from candidates to new members, the group adjourned in sea-tch of food. They fbund it in the form of aandwicrii iloavej, hot -chocolate. salads and the trimmings. The food was served on tables decorated in (he Easter motif. In fact even the sandwich loaves, being white, orchid and yellow, were in Iftlwre'oiMs'Jof'thb iiilfortUnates who (unwittedly; aeft.fthings in: an un-: Vjoikfed''caV and returned to find i'<lHifefnigotta,.3you will be /interested | ^t&VJkHbW'-Vtjfiat the Wililts police | keeping with the scheme. The salads, made into Easter bunnies, also were strong reminders of Easter.' Welcome io the new- members. •' Good Friday services were held at the 'Veterans' buildlijg'last Ffl. day lindet the •spbnSor^hit) :of the Womfen's Imprbyemeht 'Oliib. :For the afternoon, Mrs.' Geoi-ge Pet^Son, decollations chairman, 'had the , hail very, •.tasteftilly decked Out in daffodils and greenefy. Rev. E. E. Branm led the services^ Mv. Benning read appropriate Scrip-. ture and led in prajrei:; Rev. Hagr gerty Said the meditation; During the program Mrs. Helen Lara sang a solo. The Old Riigged Gross. The program;as a whole was a source of genuine inspiration for the 65 atteniiinjs. , >• The -verdict 4n the ouit a^airist a local beauty ehOp has befen rtor dt*fed in favOroi the lad^ buVnfed, assertediy finder a dryer.. Coiiser quentiy, the stablishttjetit is $75.06 pbbrei%.thieani6uiit necessary, rjto poy doctbV bills,-;hptfeL4rflis and .COlUrt ICO'sts. -r-- ",••.'•••';'-> ' Wililts IsTOlighly $600 short Of its" Red Cross -'.goal: v-How. oOme? Didn't you give? : •, - 5^;:,, Mrs.' Blanchb nes -of 'Willi'ts' has: beieh chosen as'.bne Of - -the' MeridiB- emo •'County 'TuT:ei;culbsiSAssoci-; ation's <lel6gatfes-to -iaie • Galil|o*iisia' :[?Uberciilosls and'-'H6alth; Assooia- ti'ort riieeling'"Stv; Long •. Bea<5h, Apk'U I,. 2, 8 ;'-AltlbUgh.' business,' ihavfe a - nice .'"tithe;;, and trip, Blanche. ',.••'••-. •• Despite' -all evil prophecies - for the lumber industry, a $10,000 building permit 'was issued last week ifbr; the doa^ LtiJnbet Cbhf- • pany for a resaw"mill. 'When cbm- pleted the sfeuiittife "fcah 1)6 Se&i just east'of 'riiU-Cagfeel's'planing mill'. Carl .TBi ^bmeih''-who;'work ih of- •fices, '-stoires, .etc.'• • cddfc?- "Wb' can' ahswei^ the.-qu^ 'noyv, but, come April. 3j and you-are still cu'.uOus, jiist tiiot down to Val's Meat Market and'buy one of the luscious pastries "that -will be on sale. Then, Shd Ohly'then, wljl ybii have proof positive,, fbr thoise sWeeits will have been' "baked by members of the "Willits Business Professional Women's ' Club, ftrofife dbrived from the venture, -WiU be used in their On "ttf-Fort Worth' fufed, -ibif defrayiii'g traVel expenses bf the ' delegsrt«S. to; the nptiohM. convention" to be "held 4n that eity.' ':Mtirtii.j''.''!j'w!'»»W'^ . : UB^ l;^-:' FOUR LITTIJE GIRLS were made hoppy on.EaRter when they lie- cajfie the owners, of Easter rabbife at the liions Club'segg hunt -on the .JWuniCipal golf course. The'Journal photographer failed to g?t the npmes of the two girls On the left,-but third (m the dark coat> •.iS'Carla,Doubeneck and it's Spndra de Turbeviile on,the extrenris right. the prize eggs will be ccdored dif- WILLITS, .March 31.—Election day idniws mear, but the only thing olfered by the prospective city fatiiers is sil^ce; Could be they are all waiting'foi"..the other; fellow to'Stick his'neck out so they can jlimp on it: Anyway the people of WiHits ihave heen occu-' pied.idlgesting,the news delivered by .Di'. Charles Bursch., chief of the •• ^division e of > 'schoolhouse -planning ?for the State :»f California, 'The' gentlentan, 'WhHc - speakingi herfe 'last -week -withi the stfliool' officials, trustees and board members, "gave' us some food for, thought. The overall picture im- grim. Oondensed^to the proverbial; nuJsbcSl, huBC it'^is: .'The-pitesent!;| ^Ttuhmar •'school 'site 'is too small, to c4re. vfor 'grades one to four,' let"alone one'to six. In fact,'he strongly suggests that the building: be examined for,structural>safety, soon,'that a junior high .be 4ntrD- d.uced instead of six years of high school and he maintains ? an eh- lai^ement of the shop and' home- m&king facilities is- necessary to care for the increased elementary enrollment. Too, that the elementary school shoUld.try-to.qualify for ^state building aid, as it needs nrore buildings than • the high school. H thB.'Bid is 'granted; Wil-. lits would not only ihave a Jnnder- garten; but. the present halt-day program Would ho longer be neceissary. '^ • This was .for Willits, • and enough to worry- ^bout •withput mentioning the trOUblei: of 'the| •Laytonvaie schools. The School au^ thorities hlave ^iswuiig into 'acli6h and -will-sooh have the, necessary figure r*ady for the' bond'.ejec- tipn. If your ,ohildi'en.: are- now -attending school - theire • will, be no .questioh.Jn vyour >mihd :at to how vote, but if your offspring: hasn't started yet, "don't .think! of this year when-; voting, but think of the yfears he. vrtli'he-'Of school age.* It Jia5'*been':annbunced' that the! •Willits Beaiity Salon-has changed Ownei's; Hereafter it will -be under the proprietorship -of lOlin Samples. Congratulations.Bam! "The best laid schemes o' mice ,TOd- jnen - gang -aft agley." So wrote Robert-Butns. Although not on speaking ieruK with mii:e, we can vouch. for the men. The. weather, gods, frowned on Easter Sunday «nd so the Llorts Easter -egg hunt -was rained out. Some' of the'city's small try did Show up, although *iot in Easter finery. Those who came vfece allowed to. hunt for eggs and keep any found, but no prizes were awardbd; Ail are invited to come and try their sleuthing on April 11; same time," same place. For the benefit of ferMitly,' come April- 11. -Some people are wondering -why the eggs were hidden when the.fadlo prpdicted rain. Perhaps the'-Lions are optimists. Why-theyididntsgo out' and. pick ,up the 90 dozen, eggs after.itf.started raining?- .Perhaps th'ey- couldn't remember .Where they hadhidden them Or perhaps their .Avalst lines -wouldn't allow it Other plans that the* weatiier gods fouled up were those of riolph CamUU- and Sam Petty. They and Bert Hainmond had planned to fly to Sacramento for ihe opening game of the Pacific Coast League baseball-series,. The overcast skies . grounded Dolpb, and Sam, while "I3oc" grounded MBI Hammond. :Too bad, gentlemen. .. •While,on the subject of planes, a new one -will soon be seen locally.^ When you think you are seeing flying steers don't vow to leave that bathtub gin alone; for it ^viU be just George Newhall's •new'Beeehcraft, flying Jo-w, 'sis the gentleman had it painted green' and .decorated with a longhorn and his "brand. Guess flying is the Safest way to travel from Covelo to Willits, and Ukiah, considering the present condition of the roads. Happy landings; George; •• With two lanes of highway to drive on Wayne C. LaCOmb and! John Cotton Marshall both bad to hog ithe white line. Consequently they received citations frorn the lifehway officer for violation of the basic speed laws and for driving over the center line. After -which, on March 26, they xeceiVed a sentence from Judge Fred Foprd of a $50 fine; $25 of which was siis-. pended, -That, however, was the lighter, side of the accident. Six persons were injured; luckily, none seriously and the LaComb vehicle was a total loss. , '• Another basic speed law violator was Mtlton H. Durham, who left Judge 'Foords office $25 poorer. Warning: Selling liquor to Indians is not only unla-wful, it is evidently unprofitable. It must be for when on March 26, Jack Hurd was charged with .selling liquor to Indians, found guilty and sentenced, by Judge Allan Sacry to either .2 days m the county jail or $50 fine, Hurd thought It over and now has his mail forwarded ;to the Mendocino county bastile. Back m WiUits are the John Kiralys, who combined business and pleasure last week and visited his folks in Richmond, while John went to San Francisco on a buying ti.'ip for Johnson's. Later they journeyed to Sacramento to spend Easter with-Mrs^: Kiralys parents, he H.-E. WIdners. Back bshind the counter, too in Miss Mary Geitner after her so- jo'tirn in Fresno; "Local good iiews includes- the sihiling faoe. of Margaret Gunder- soK'back .at her window in the pbs.t "Office.' How's -'it feel to be back-in the"old routine. Mug? News of adverse natiire Is that Mrs. Harvey Reynolds is in a critiral' condition in Mary's Help Hoipit^l, 'San Francisco. With her for the past -week has been her dalighter,-.Mrs. Sophia Keith." Graveside, services were held March-26 for David Lee, infant son of Mr. and Mrs.' Ben Birans- comlj of Willits. The babe, grandson of the George Harrahs, expired several hours after birth. Mrs. Fred Lindeman has not yet returned from Chico where she went to attend funeral services held recently for her sister; wb;? passed bway suddenly. Three new citiiens have ibeen added to the ever increasing population, two for Fort Bragg and one for WiUlts. The Port Bragg arrivals were Jeriy Wayne'Osborn for the Robert Osbom famUy, who appeared on the 27th, and Barbara Ann Ames, who arrived on the 26th. Hereafter the young miss can be found at the Harley Ames home. Representing Willits is Jennifer Ann Miller, who, thougli out- [tbwners when it"comes to age, for any scheming small fry who might have found a prize winning egg—jniimberisa, has "It over the out-of-j she Was born on the 26th. Her^ mama and papa - are Mr. and Mrs. Richard 'Miller of Willits. r I Pelase, note the shiny trucks.'crf the fiire department. No, they are not ,jiewT.; Thcboys- spent: Moriday nighjt-as a work night. Consequeilti lyi'.the -trucks -'were.. cleaned -and j;ickets • for -the Rodeo ready for- distrjbiition. : Oh, -. those • aching musclesl - Wlllit's literally seething with : mysteries.. On March 27- Francis" Cerratti reported to the police that a dead man Would be found ih- a cabin behind No. 90,-San Fi-ancisco avenue. Upon investiga-; tibn the officers found the body of i Charley Prihey, The body wasi found by Pascal Carrey, who rents; an adjoining cabin.; It was lying in^ the driveway. Pascal had been told by a man, as yet unidentified,: that a man was lying on the, ground. After ascertaining - that: the 'man •was Priney, Pascal and Gerratto carried him into the-cabin where the officers found him. Priney had made Willits his hpme for approximately four, years. OUier than that little is' knOwn of the man. He was born in 1878, but where, and if he has' living relatives is yet to be deter- rhined. - ' To be determined, too, is a local whodunit. Or, specifically, who took them; them being 44.4 gallons of gas out of the pump at Hampton's Pepperwood Auto Court. It all happened on March 24 and no one as yet can shed light •on the situation. You don't have to be a mathematician- to know that 44 gallons of gas for nothing is a bargain at the present fuel rate.'). Another mystery is, where were the civic minded and dancingly inclined people of Willits last .5»turday night? The music was good, the hall was warm and the Cause was good, but the financial results were embarrassing. Would someone who did not atten^ please inform ns or the Willits Fire Department, where they can^ purchase a sprinkler system for the city park for approximately $2. Not to mention the playground equipment they had hoped to install for the city youngsters. Those who were there thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had an extra hour of dancing—^from 2 to 3 a.m. The latter was through the courtesy of George Newhall, who braved the Covelo road to attend.. What are the people who didn't attend going to tell tourists when they criticize the burnt grass in our pari: this summer? The latest addition to the Willits Police Force is Willis R. Fenwick. He has replaced Virgil Horger and can be seen at any time during the day checking the parking meters. The man is^onna get you if yciu dont' feed that meter sufficiently. .Members of the W.I.C. are again reminded to attend the meeting on April 2 at the Veterans building and welcome, Mrs. Earl,B. Shpesmith and Mrs. Paul Alexander. Wonder if the 18 wonderful prizes offered-by the Willits Ath- lethic Club will be sufficient inducement ti lure some people down to the park pavilion Saturday night. Remember, win a prize or no, you still contrbute to the fund for lighting the ball park. Encouraged ' by a successful conquest, Dan Cupid has his eye on Miss Bernice Browh and her in. tended, EarlE. Drake, who took out their license on March 26. REDIOO VALLEY REDWOOD VALLEY, March 31 —More than 100 persons gathered Sunday morning at Denny's Autp, park on the Redwood highway neai' Laughlin for ' the sunrise Easter service.. Orval Coleman called the group to Worship With &! selection' on' the trumpet? an*| hymns were sung- by the. young"] people of- the Baptist choirfrbm; lUkiah. Rev; Srown's Easter mesr! sage was very aiipropnate and inspiring, especially in the natural: setting of the •woods. After the^ service Mr. and Mrs. Denny served' coffee and doughnuts, & pleasingi gesture, which was enjoyed and. appreciated m the coOl of the morning; The rain prevented hav-. ing -the egg hunt which had been arranged for-the children at 1:30. As a result of weather conditions, Mr.' Denny took the eggs which had been given'-for this egg Hunt, to the school Monday where they were equally shared among the! children. The prizes which "had been donated by a numbfer of 'the Ukiah merchants will be be held over for an Easter hunt next year. Miss Donna Brown; in her desire to obtain-prizes for-the occasion, deserves much credit for her faith, ful efforts. -Also a vote of thanks .10 each of the merchants who so jyiUmgly responded to her request; in the giving of prizes which were tp be given as rewards. C'OVBLO; ')Sit«K'ch-.27-itjnaiMore I3>eFok'a''«aS"'!PbturfaW'"tb-'t:b"telo 'f«yrii"J4lt(&A'^t6^'1oth his family who hav«:.h«iK!Jnaldi»gi^eIi'*«me -withi''fatei siai«ltai>-aM..'piBtriew; months iand .wai' tei';jk»ei3naitent .sbOiewWe' in this stai6tfi»om now onj 'having ^be^n (teahafeh'ed. -from *ii,«jpositli>6 intAift«)»i*i • • ( "i^iA'^inftteUaneoiSs'' hrtd'al- ^ffWer Va'S-giveh'iby "rtlativtis' olJ'fiarttara TfktW Plha 'Wst •FHaay'-eVefting fe"l th-B RfeserVaUbto'ayd;tortom:*Ah '•ttitbreS'tirilg i^rograih-'ha^ ^re- 'pored '*ind '"^'i refreshments'' Were 'SJ^lrvfej '•tb'"B> largli 'attendance''4nd Many lovely--and •uSefulglTts Were fefceivedhy the bride, -for which Shb" graciously thanked everyone. MtS: Pina is the oldest' daughter of Mr '.and Mrs.' Williani'Fraiier and'-is 'a native of Covelo, being a graduate of-the Ibcal'Schools! Best wiSHes'are eJitbnded to th'is J'bunB ' couple. ^ • • > ' , Mfff.'Bertha'-Hhydon-WbSiCallodt tb'-tJkl&h WtsdAfesdaj^^W tefe death «f."lier grandson, the child of John Haydon, wlio had been ill fer some time. Services are to be in Uldah with interment in Ukiah Cemetery. Deepest sympathy ia extended to the serrowing relatives. • Mrs. Hilda Hagne was called to Salinas Friday by the serious illness of her mother;.. • > • ... WiUiom Johnaon Fwnenl Services were, the Pentecostal church Tuesd^ for William Jc^nson, who passedTaway at MS hdme ihGe^seville'Sunday, M6>ch 21; after a lingering illhess. •R§v. 'J,' E. "Alford cphdudted the servioes.^Mi'. JdhnSOn was • bOrti' <itjj Salt Lake in '1869 and' came' to; California with hiS pafents when^ a small bOy;'He leaves .'ei^it-'chi) dren-'to mourn his passing— Jfourj sons and lour daughters,-'10 ^rand-| children and bhe-'great-gSfandchild,; and - his devoted wife. Also -ore 'sister; Mrs. Emrfia'Bifown, and onei bi'Other, Charles JbhA-sofa, both of. CoVelo. Mr. Johnson owned hhd bper-; ated a ranch at Poonkinny for a number of years until ill health;| lotced him 'to dispose 'of >his -prtp- erty and retire to'a quiet life.'- ; - •PanbeEfrdljSi:*ere' all- nephews, of the deefe&sfed; Interment waS" In the'MasOnit-Genlbtfeiy on the-hill.: the president tUi'ned the tneeting ever to the program chairman, Mrs. Audrey,Tuttle, who with,her committee had arranged a very Interesting; program in commem'- oration of St. Patrick. Mrs. Maxine Allan played « number of Irish piano selections. Mre. Louise Millet sang two Irish songs and Mrs. Mary. Jean Bird favored the group with, two baritone numbers. "Both ladies were accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Maxine Allan. A reading was given by Audrey Tuttle. i , : At the dose of the program the ladies were invited to the dining room where refreshments in keeping with the day were served. Those assisting Mrs. Tuttle were Mesdames Barbara Rpllcr, Frank Hammpnd, Amy Redwine, Daisy Gravier and Audrey Rohrbough. SLABYS VISIT HERE . Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Slaby—she was the former Betty Munspn— are visiting at the hpme of her parents, iJir. and Mrs. D. N. Munson and have plans to locate in UTdah. They formerly lived in Vancouver. The Munsons are building a new home which they plan to occupy soon at Lorraine and Thomas road. Carol Mattson returned to San Francisco Sunday after a week spent heerwith her grandparents,^ Mr. and Mrs.-E. Johanson. "While here she enjoyed a day with Emily Turula m Ulaah. Mrs. Johanson accompanied her to the city. Mr. and Mrs. Soinila have mov ed into their new home in the vdl ley. They bought the ranch from Ben "Wilson '-with the house un furnished, but about have it cora- pTeted. and it will be one of the most attractive and modern homes in the valley. Mrs. Soinila is with the employment agency in Uiciah KCr mother, Mrs. DeHart is mak- ing'hei' horrie with her daughter. •Mrs. H. Saimonson, mother ol Mrs. JohnCk, and a sister, Mrs, Elva Karkainen of Berkeley, were visitor^ in the Johnck home over the Weekend. -Visiting in the John Pringle home over Easter were Mr. Pringle's parents of Mill Brae. Mr. and-Mrs. T. D. Rawles made a trip to Dixon Sunday. Easter Sunday a party bf Redwood Valley friends' enjoyed specially delightful dinner at the liome of Miss Alma Kuusula on LaiJghlin Way. Places were set for Mr. bnd • Mrs. E. FLske, Mr. and Mrs; e. E, Lind, Mr. and Mrs. H. Deet, Mr. and Mrs. V. Valo and Mr. and Mrs. D. Helskey. The Farm Bureau will hold its regular me«/tliig on Friday evening at the school house. Norman Buhn will be there to speak on control of the morning glory, star thistle and other obnoxious weeds. The meeting is open to the public as well as the members. "The friends of C. Alava, who had a paraletic stroke sometime ago, will be glad to hear he is showing much Improvement. The Alavas are new comers to the vaP ley. They bought the Fred Crom-' well plac^ last year. Chester and Jimmie Tigard of Walnut Creek, who enjoyed the Easter vacation with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Ledford, returned home Sunday wltl^ their mother, Mrs. C. Tigard, who came for them Saturday. Another'1 daugliter of the Ledfords, Mrs! Sullivan of San Francisco; and her daughters Patti and Denise also motored up from the city Saturday. They were accompanied by Misit Gi-ace Galligen. Mrs. Sullivan and Miss Galligen returned Sunday: Patti and Denice will remain for the week. Mrs. L. Malcki is spending a few days in San Francisco this week. Rainfall to and including March 28, 23.76 inches. Last year at this date, 20.76 inches. "The storm of March 22, 24, brought 3.60 incheis. The storm o£March.28 brought .18 Frank-GH^t of HeaWsburg came to Covelo to attend the funerbl services of Williarti-'Johnson.' "Mrs;Frances Ogle, who has been vlsithig hef daughter 'at WenJ^d fbrthe last 10 d&ys, returned home; here Wednesday.' ] '• Mt*;- ah'd?'Mi's.''J(Je ''Williamson and daughter Sandra'kept appdint- ments at Ukiah Thursday, mafcing- ing the round trip. Mrs. Mildrdd Lee acriom-ffanleatSSm. < Mr. 4hd Mrs;'Henry Long are •wearing'bixjid smiles since' receiv-, ing'the =nbws of another grand-, daughter, bom to Mr. and, Mrs. Joseph Czarney bf' ''Cleveland, Ohio, onFe'bruary IB-.Mrs. Czat-; ney is the yoiingest daughter-Of the Longs and a native of Co-velp; Congratulations ' to" Oiir young friend.-' ' , , Celebrat«i Birthdar R. M. Anderson' passed another mile stone on March 23, and has the honor of being tlie oldest gentleman^ in the Valley^ at "this time. Congratulations, Mr. Anderson; and may yOu- celebratei many more natal'days and 'fenjoy good health." ' ' All business houses closed Friday from 12 till 3 p.m. in observance of Good Friday. Services were conducted at the CovelP Federated church at 1:30 by Rev. E. B.,,Cary. , Mrs. Alta Whipple was called to Santa Rosa Wednesday by the serious illness of herisister. 1 Friends of Dan English will be hear that he is much improved and Is now able to walk to-his meals, but is still in a very: weak condition. We hope it won't be long till he will be able to be about town again. •Schools have been closed this week for Easter vacation and the teachers all departed to their respective homes.. * ' Pat Rowan who was so seri. ously burned on July 4; has been taken to the Lakeside Hospital where skin grafting will be done and we 'are- hope in a few months •Pat Will be' able -to '-get around,] again.' ' • •••••• Jack Ooforth of Williams madei a couple of trips to Covelo last, week^to bring-tools and 'equipment for his brother Elmer who 'has the contract for erecting the new hop kilns to replace the ones that werer destroyed by fire last seapojB",- .1=5 ;•< !i .. '> OoevJ<? }SH fortunate to have the services of the Lakeside-.doctors at their call, also plane ambulance service, when needed. m VALLEY Mr. and Mrs. •Mclvin Mace have moved from Covelo.' : Mr. and'Mrs. 'James 1. Hurt went to:Areata last week to mdke the acquaintance bf the new granddaughter. Linda May, who came to make her home with-Mr", and Mrs. Paskvan, the mother being the formel'Clora Brown Yaets, daiigh. ter of Mrs.'Htirt. Shortly after their return to • Covelo they departed again to join Mrs. Heiiry Barnes, daughter of Mr. Hurt, and to take in the stock show at the Cow palace, also to visit other relatives in the bay area. •' Mrs. Joe Millet is sojourning in the bay rv'iglon this week and making the acqaalnfance of her new grandsbn. Omar BatfesTetumedhbme from Santa Rosa-Thursday where ,lie has been visiting 'at the holne bf his daughter, Mr£ Ruby Ridgley: Ariiet Brtish left Tiiesda'y for'a vacation. • Ahyohe Interfetedln iforchaslng tickets for nejft 'winter's; boHcert serifes at' Ukiah- should ' get.' in touchwith Mrs. Beatrice Lovell. The sale of these tickets" clones April 3. Improvvment Chib Meait The CovfelO Women's Improvement Club met at the clobrboftis on March 17' with Mrs. -^dha Langland presiding. Mrt. "Wlhrtid Hurt, secretary; Was in hfer chair alfeo. ."• " After the business session clos^ Of an inch. It rainbd'13'days of yie first 28 days in Marcli. Last year on July 1; we had 28.76 inches of rain, the same as 'we now haVe^ Other yisltolrs nt the "Ledford home'Sunday were Irving Xedford of Berkeley, youngest' brother of James Ledford; Don Ledford, a nephew, and his wife of Vallejo; also George Ledfprd of Vallejo and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bedford of Talmage, On March 18; ' Mrs. CUyton Byeris was honored at a pink and •blue' kbbWtr at the hoiAe of her mother, Mrs; Edgar Wattenburig. Refreshments were served to' the many friends who'attended arid the lovely gifts were displayed. 'Lee Christbffeteon submitted to k-' tohsilectoiby last Week".' He is' fully recovered and back at work.; Mi's; Jacbbson and Ronald from Eel'rivei' are visiting relatives in 'Oregon this week. •''Bill 'Lavrtbn has purchased'Stan" 'Norton's interest in ' the ' Piotieer Inn. ••^March 18 MW. MalcOlrn McLeod entertained-&t a diiiner party for Mr, and Mrs. L. B. Williams of Wtllitis; Mrs. E, A; Spotswbpd, Mrs. 'p. B; Westerinan and Mr. and iMrs. Ray Ingels. The Dessert Bridge club was entertained March 18' at the home of Mr.' and'Mrs:- Libya Hu'ghei. Prize SVinners for the evening W^re Mrs. Hughes ,Jadk Newman, Mrs. L'. B. Williams and Ray Ingels. ' Where VacaiibnerB Went Easter 'vacation'finds all, local teachers traveling. Mrs. Fern Hees, Karl and John are in Phoenix, Arizonk; Fred Mo'ortey is Visiting his parents'in Anaheim. Mrs. E. A. Spotswobd is' enjbylng'a visit with relatives ih San'Jose. Mrs. P. B. Westerman left last Saturday for Eureka. Accompanying iier are Coleman Banister, who is visiting his 'grandparents, and Jack Newman, 'who 'went tb Areata 'vVhere' he Is visiting his sister, Mrs. R. H. Jenkins. •' •Death- Valley was delected as a vacation spot' by Mr. and'Mrs.' C. T. Smalley and Mr. and Mri. Orville Frost. They''left last Saturday. Also traveling in that area are: Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Hugheif. 'dh'ail'ei Wallace'' spent three aays this week in. Skn Francisco where he attended the California State SeCOndairy Administrators* •convention.'' •-' • •>'' \ • -Evelyn Whitcorab spent last weekertd «t"tiie'h6me'0f Her parr ewtai, Mr. and Mrs; Percy 'Whitcomb. She drove "'up' ftom San Tranclsco with Dr; and Mrs. L. C. Mutphy, who came 'up to their ranch. ' ' I ' - ' Chiureh Pet Luck Supper quests at the' chutch iiotluck supper -last Friday Were Rev; and Mr*, liihdemann and MrsVMcCabe of Ukiah. RfeV. Lirld^ihann delivered •ttie evening message and Mrs. MdCat* delighted her' riU^ipnce with vocal selections, accompanied by Mrs. James Suftbrd. "The supper committee was headed by Mrs; Ott<) Hughes arid she was assiit'ed by Mrs. Harry Hoppetr, IWrs, Jt,. S. Clark and Mrs. Hp%Vara Brooks. The many friends of Mrs. Bert Thomas were saddened at the news of her death on Monday, March 22. The Eversole Mortuary had charge bf the funeral on Wed- PHILO;' l^areh 36.—Baster„j9y weather was variable this ,yean with intcrmltt^At sun and $npW^ crs. the rainfall waB heivy Eas^ ter week, s«(relUng ttle e«eKs,1ind stmnis in this tirea,'»nd adding considerable Inches to the gxsifl^. BoonviUe and Philo Sunday schools gave morning prol^^ftns, with the children partlciptitil^vin songs and: recitations. An Easter of candy, eggs" ipuid Jester inottoes wei"e added. ChUrch services were held at Boon^&in the morning, with the Odd F«Io'ws attending in regalia. Special'iiu'm. her was a duet; Carry Me 'flack to Calvary's Mountain, sung bvV'Mrs. Alberts and Mrs. CampbSll of Bobnville. Mrs. '^'wnon Presley led the' singing. The sermoit'.Was preached by Rev, Gibsoh; who has bCfch filling,the pulpit sineelpRev. Reid's retirement. Evening' services were held at the Phllo Cliurch, with a cantata, Garflens of Easter, by the Wlldwood Olibir, directed by Charrtlan Wa'rd,';^ith Gertrude Reilly as , accbmpalifet. The day before Easter an «jgg hunt was held at the Cort GrUek. school grounds for all thfe fcHfldren of the valley^ sAn egg,hunt. Which is always held the SatuifdaS>','be- fore Easter, is sponsored fey'the Women's Unity Club. This 'l .year the hunt Was under the diHe'^pn of "Velma Foner, high school .Instructor; The eggs were colored and donated by var.^ous Club .liiem- bters and the weattier_ was ,''fine enough for many of the diildxen to attend and join in the festivities. ..... Mr. and Mrs. Perry Austiii'«nd son Jimmy were valley visitors Easter Sunday. Visiting Mra.D. H. Van Zandt this week was her sisteri Mrs. Ruth Anderson of Sacramento, who left for her home Bionday, after'.a^de- Ughtful visit,Witli-her ^ster and old friends.- ' „-';],•Miss Mei%aret Albrecht «f <Fort Bragg is a gufest -of her sist^jund family, Mr. and Mrs. George Gow. an of Philo. . Mr. and Mrs. Jud Gowan^were vall^ty visitors Sunday, isn ^Ate to their home in Potter Vallfey. Mrs; Gowan-had spent'the week in Mendocino visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jean Hanf| who Is a high school Instructor there. Mrs., ilam is a former teacher of the Jndi;an Creek school. •",'";' Louis Fashauer suffered a heart attack this week, andis now home resthig quietly. Mr, Fashauer, wjio lives on the Greenwood road, works at tho Philo Lumber '^dim- pany mill. It is hoped that he'will soon improve. '• :r -• ' Scout Troop No. 51 was ofia- nized here last Wednesday :;nl^t for boys 18 years to 16 years. This trpop is sponsored by the AlidAr- son Valley Cidd t%Uows. At (Ihe meeting the following oflicei»tfknd officials oj: the troop were tOsbied: Scoutmaster, Harold "Hess;. asslfet- ,ant scoutmaster, Dr. Wayne Powell; district representative, Horace Matheson; committee ohaJBtnan, Veryl Baxter; committee members, Robert 'Batfersoti; Don Stricl^^d, C. M, 'Presley, Cecil Gewah,' ilar- wpbd Jiirle' and Homer Mannix. Meetings'wiirbe'hfeld every, MOT- day .night, . beginning Monday, April 5. '^ ^ y; Mr. and Mrs;'Geor^e Burns'and sOh Gregory' mbtbired to'Hcalds- bui'g sundry.' ' ,':'^''. y-'":-^ . ' Mr. and Mrs. 'ii*e'ln Ridley have been guests this, Week'of;iytr.""and Mrs. Jess Ridley' of 'Phild. ' ' Coming events: Saturday h'lfeht, April 3, 'Whist party at Odd Fellows hall In Bobnvillfe, •.giveif •by the Rebekah Lodge at 8, o'clbck. tickets niay be • purc/'ised' "tliis week or tliat night. P'rizeS Wijl be given for best scores, and refresh- merits will be served. "' " Sunday morning, chuj-cli "services at Bborivillie ,chu!rch .Mvll O'clock, Preaching by Rev."lfrib- sbn. Sen/ioe.s at Philb church. Monday, April 5, meeting" "of Scout troop at 8 pirn. Iii'^bble haU. , . , Tuesday 'at 8 p.m.,'unlOT'm"eet- ing at the BoonviUe Hotel;''9e- bekah meeting ,at: lodge hall'iin RoohviUe Thursday hi^t,'--ilifad Fellow meeting at Jodge'fisiU, ft*8. Mr,,'and Mrs.;RiiJi|>h"R'eyniMs, and -their children ,.Leann?!.','t^d Yalrae arrived "from '?S'a'h :>PE^. Cisco "Friday night' '.to' spenji, &e weelctind with vP&s.:Rifeyhb)dV 'iia^^ ents, Mr/'aijd Mrs. :Eidi|raM.iB;vi^^ sole. Oak and S^pfl; strj»('."'^ey will also visU with..Hr. .Rfei/hdids' mpthev, Mrs., Ari.nie;^cyn'Md8, -In Lakepprt. ' ' "" HERE FOR EASTEiA " Mrs. M. O. Perry" of Oakland spent Easter at the "homti bf.'lflr. and Mrs. H. M. Thfitcher;-'il3 South State street. Mrs. P^rr^'is Mrs; Thatcher's inothfir." <' - nesday and interment" was'"^h Ukiah. She Js survived by"^ Jibr husband, Bert Thphias, ^ son .Virgil, her sister, Mrs.'Albert Biieifts, •and her niece, jyirs. Hasellifew- man, all of Potter Valley'.-^ •'*'* Carol Coker-had her tonsils i*moved on Tuesday and is making a rapid recovery. Helen Eddie, Rese Knlgliten>aud Tilda Guntly spent Eaat^f Week at their respective homts. The girls all attend Santa Rosa JuukH' College.

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