Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 26, 1972 · Page 9
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 9

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1972
Page 9
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WATCH FOR 'Best of Abby" APPEARING SOON! Dear Abb ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., DEC. 26, 1972 Page 9 This Practical Joker Dies Laughing By Abigail Van Buren it 1*73 by Ctiiciio Trlbuni-N. Y. Ntwi tyni.. Inc.) DEAR ABBY: My husband is a practical joker. Before I realized what a nut he was, I nearly had a couple of heart attacks. When we were married a short time, we had our first argument and I stormed out of the house to go to the grocery store. When I came home I found him all sprawled out on the kitchen floor with the dog's leash around his neck. His eyes were rolled back and his tongue was hanging out as tho he had hanged himself. When I screamed and fell on him, he got up—laughing! [I didn't speak to him for two days.] Again [after another disagreement], be put a lot of pillows in our bed and covered them in the shape of a man. Then he poured some catsup on top of it to look like blood, and in the middle of the man he stuck a butcher knife. When I walked in and saw it I nearly fainted, then my husband came out of the closet laughing! Tell me, do I have a poor sense of humor, or should this man be locked up? LENNY'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: I see nothing wrong with your sense of humor, but your husband is obviously using these little jokes to punish you. DEAR ABBY: A doctor's home is about to be broken up by a little homewrecker who is on her third try for a doctor. I know, because my husband was one of the doctors she tried to get. She is a nurse and my husband confessed to me that he had succumbed to her charms a few times last summer while I was out of town. This woman nearly broke up a 30-year marriage a few years ago when she and her boss [a doctor old enough to be her father] got into an automobile accident. He claimed he was taking her home, but the accident occurred miles out in the country. Now this woman has been slipping around with a young doctor whose wife isn't aware of what's going on, and nobody wants to tell her. There are small children involved. I told my husband I think I should tip off his wife. He says I should mind my own business. What should I do? KENTUCKY CHICKEN DEAR CHICKEN: I'd buy my husband's prescription. DEAR ABBY: We have a son who will foe 8 years old soon. Almost all his friends have bicycles, and Jeff wants one very much. Jeff is a nail biter, and we have told him he could not have a bike until he quits biting his nails—and the day I had to cut his nails for him I would let him pick out any bike he wanted. Today I got a letter from my parents saying they PARTIAL LISTING PARTIAL LISTING ALL CLOSEOUT ITEMS SOLD STRICTLY AS IS. NO REFUNDS — NO EXCHANGES! -PARTIAL LISTING REG. PRICE T - " FURNITURE-CARPETS ]l331 CENTRAL-ESTHERVIUE] PAIR MEDITERRANEAN OCCASIONAL CHAIRS— CHAMPAGNE Co""" II III ••••I Nil" tukHl 86-IN. TRADITIONAL T-CUSHION SOFA GOLD FLORAL— BELGIUM VELVET 6-ONLY DISCONTINUED MEDITERRANEAN 2-ONLY MEDITERRANEAN COCKTAIL TABLES DISTRESSED FRUITWOOD- PUMICE BROWN 76-IN. WOOD ARM MEDITERRANEAN SOFA RUBY RED VELVETEEN SAVE-SAVE MEDITERRANEAN STRATALOUNGER RECLINER RUBY RED VELVETEEN 32-IN. W. x 72" H. MEDITERRANEAN WINE CABINET- DARK FRUITWOOD $ 92-IN. TRADITIONAL FLEXSTEEL SOFA BRONZE FLORAL VELVET QUILT f 84-IN. TRADITIONAL FLEXSTEEL SOFA IN AVOCADO NYLON QUILT 84-IN. TRADITIONAL FLEXSTEEL SOFA BRONZE & GOLD—FLORAL VELVET QUILT PAIR ITALIAN CANE SIDE OCCASIONAL CHAIRS. GOLD BROCADE. SEAIY MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS [SAVE UP TO $30 PER SETl] Mattresses and Box Springs Starting at '49.95 St SAVE UP T° 50°/< AND MORE. FINANCE PLAN LOW t$ MONTHLY TERMS OVER 100 ROLLS OF CARPET AT FANTASTIC SAVINGS! Many, Many Rolls and Roll Ends on Sale Too Numerous to Mention! 109.95 429.95 54.95 74.95 319.95 259.95 299.95 589.95 569.95 509.95 179.95 82-IN. TRADITIONAL SOFA. 100 PER CENT NYLON « OQ QJ . 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DINETTE, DROP LEAF TABLE, 2-CHAIRS 24"x20"x42". 5-PC. OCTAGON PEDESTAL STYLE PARTY SET. FORMICA TOP. PECAN FINISH. 319.95 9-PC. WHITE FRENCH PROVINCIAL BEDROOM GROUP. DOUBLE DRESSER, CHEST, BACHELOR CHEST AND DECK, POWDER TABLE, CHAIR, LINGERIE CHEST, NITE STAND, BED, SOLD INDIVIDUALLY OR Q94 ,-c 9-PIECES AT LESS THAN '/ 2 . ^Sale Starts Tuesday^ * DECEMBER 26th " SAVE SAVE MM MM 89.95 50% 461 88 ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE WAREHOUSE BARGAIN TABLE SAVE TCO/ UP TO IM /O Don't miss our warehouse spe- J cials, where you will find bargains at umbel ievable prices, such as—lamps - wall accessories - table accessories - occa- j sional pieces - rug remnants bedding - beds - damaged - used | - discontinued - soiled - one of a kind. — Bargain hunters come early. bought a bike for Jeff's birthday! I am not positive, but I feel certain they knew of our deal with Jeff. If we do let my parents give Jeff the bike, what about our deal with him? Our pediatrician says not to make too much of Jeff's nail biting—it's just a nervous habit, and we should be glad it's not something worse. What is your opinion? TEXAS PROBLEM DEAR PROBLEM: If your parents knew of your deal with Jeff, shame on them. In any case, tell them about the deal and insist on their cooperation. And, in the future, take your pediatrician's advice. In addition to Jeff's "nervous habit" of nail biting, he could develop a feeling of unworthiness, guilt, and shame, which would compound his problem. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have known a couple for a long time. They have teen-aged children and we have always thought they were happily married. Last week when my husband and I were dining out, we saw the wife dining with a very attractive gentleman. We assumed he was a friend and thought nothing more of it. The next morning this woman came to my home in tears and practically got down on her knees and begged me not to say anything to her husband about being with this man. She said she would break off the affair immediately- I was stunned. When my husband came home I told him what had happened and said I had no intention of telling her husband anything. My husband said he was of the opinion that the husband should be told. Abby, we respect your opinion, and want to know what we should do. MR. & MRS. X. DEAR MR. AND MRS. X.: Say nothing. Either the lady is not playing with a full deck, or she is testing your friendship. Why would a married woman dine with her lover where she's apt to be seen by friends? DEAR ABBY: I am writing to you because I am too embarrassed to ask anyone else and I need advice. A year ago I married a blue-eyed blond girl. She has a very fair complexion and her ancestors are German and Dutch. I also have blond hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes. My people are Danish and Swedish. Three days ago we had our first baby, and it doesn't look anything like either one of us. It has dark eyes, dark skin and dark hair. My wife says it must have inherited her father's dark skin which he acquired from working in the Pennsylvania coal mines most of his life. [Is this possible?] My parents live far away and are begging for a snapshot of our baby, but I am too embarrassed to send one. 1 have no reason to mistrust my wife, but I am sick just worrying about what this could add up to. Can you explain it? WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: After consulting some experts in genetics I am advised that the'-color of a baby's eyes and skin frequently are darker when the baby is newborn, so don't jump to any conclusions prematurely. Also, if TWO grandparents have dark coloring, it is possible to produce dark skinned, dark eyes, dark haired children, even tho both parents are fair. However, her father's years in the coal mines cannot possibly affect the color, of her child's skin. DEAR ABBY: I am a very worried girl and can't do much about my problem because I am underage, but please tell me where I can get a free VD test and necessary treatment without my parents knowing it. I am sure I need it, and am ashamed to tell you that I am just 14. Thank you. NEEDS HELP DEAR NEEDS: Telephone your COUNTY health department. Explain your problem, and you will receive a free examination and necessary treatment. Please do this today! SURE FOOTED now with the aid of partial leg braces, Paula Pfeifer, 5, reminds Americans of the continuing battle against birth defects. Paula, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pfeifer of Tulsa, Okla., is the National Poster Child for the 1973 March of Dimes. NEW HUD HEAD is James T. Lynn of Cleveland. The Housing and Urban Development secretary moves to the top Cabinet post from undersecretary of Commerce. Ruth's 80UTWUB ALL SALES FINAL! 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