Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on April 2, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1948
Page 4
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^ mPktm DEMOCRAT, W«AIt. CALIFORNIA PRIDAY, APRIL 2, lfi4S ^ew Concert Season Heralded With ^^^l ^'s .j(Jriit.<;ominjwfly-' concert »Was:Jnqit''clMly, on artistic sGottess, biit a/lnancial one, It was lianjey l«nge for the coming year, I KJ^^Il-jpright Troth Plight^ In Willits WILUTS, March 31.—Ma'trUge VOWS' were exchanged Ictst Sunday t^i^fltuiated the cpmmunUy between TlUle Irene Krchand Ver•I "^S ^u'* f'^'u*,!. "o« Brlght..The wedding took »>''"'s]ilteh revealed a holdover sur- i,9M?65,7I ij;bm their'^4i4,4.;bO et'tof last season's thre^ fioh- ..w •» P«rMnl of «uo«^f «», m«mb^rf had almdr ijtf ^*4iStM» art* 4Ubifr^pti<»q« fpr jj^vSjniiiv bMt fro^ Chicago to Community G«iu^ft ,. 1 ^^HMljiy m»mi>Mriilp by lh» Hin% Ihe cami^aiQn closes Sa^ur/- <iKbMtiM.'M«it)sa'Ma;^on stated v,o^K'«}flht Workers are yet to be ••••• «AThe-dlnner..was.the staj'ting sig- ' ,pj},-fot>.the .whirlwind memljershlp ,A6atifi;>ilfin which. ,wlU. end. at noon $6twt^(«» with-an pbjectlv* ot ;a7,0, ,>r>iqeRibier !^i a. capacity, audience • -tor r.the high .school auditoriuih. JSIi^hty-one officers, directors and •^-Wbrkers tilled the; dining room, ,.,,V(here.tables were beautituUy dec- .-.rorated) with massed flowers.' Mrs., . i/JcX). Branson was dinnei? chair-' p .iinani Robert. Jardlne was general cHalrman. '" "Others who took office were • vkie-{>residents, Mrs. Charles.Kaa.. _,.r.,.,„, the,;Mrs.,Jay tee. Smith and,!iSr.ewsrt a»d Mr. and. Mrs. Dale place.i at.,-Sti Anthony's Catholic church'Of 2 p.m.,' with Father Is(}- I'dore Kenned oftlciating. The re- j ceptlon vfa? held at-the home of the bride's parents, the Joseph Krch's on Main street. I^sta foi; the bridal dinner wer^ Mr. and Mrs. George Krch. At ,bp,tti. i;athqi;ings. pastel decorations iWace efiecttviely used while, at,the church ISaster flo.ufers : ot white dominated. ' Attending the bride. In the. informal rites was. her sister, Miss Marjone Krch. James Bright, brother of the groom, was his attendant. The bride chose a grey tailoifed suit and her sister wore a sjmilai^ suit of, grey. .With the :gruom/and' his attendant also at^ .tired in grtiy, the wedding party made a striking foresome at the altar. The newly w^ds hav^ the bless- !lng of m^any friends in WJllitrf' and .M^,4ociiJo cpunty as tney qmbark :9a, their' n^w. life tQgetiver. Tl)ose \i?ho." presented' then: congratula- itlons and best wishes at the dinner, were: Mr. and. Mrs. Joseph -Krch, Robert- Krch, Mrs. .Dorothy. Stpcker, Ja^n^s Bright, Mrs, Pat Arthur Schilder; Miss Martha '•i -.>(ll^iiniioh continues in her office as •"•<l*eretary; Mrs. • Smith is corres-. l^bndent and Mannen remains as I >f"^t«nS'u]fer. Concert arrangements *1U be directed by Morton MUrov S^'Miss Joan. Eraser continues as " ftUbllcity chairman. ^» Official Here : ''^iS(j,ufi8ipn ot artjsts, fpr.. next , • ^seqip |i 's, serii?s rev(?sled the lo<;al' ij^dn intends, t.q have fee best me jVal^blft. fpr its budi??t> lyrics Hes- .tfeiiiirlmm. froni.the" Chicagp. ot- i;l;ecf ^£ ihei: (yoihmunjlty. Concert Ser^l'ice, which, books tlje artipts,. djiiloskd Ukiah can afford ^pme. '4 _5ll{}jfctiVe talent. Such attractions -fi'Tli^ Reverters with Glenn Biir- •(''i^ljib'^Vfenturtt, Rand Snjith, llfSfd Gl^nn and Piful Yelijicfci ••"1 ^'V.ailaWe. "j^id' Cojilfnblii-gej W-^Idj- SiavenSka and H^' Ijfi)- .D|! j^aUt'i.Iiifantry chorus '.aiid feft^slriglhg artists .'•as "Dprpljjy 'Htrj SopraAo; Jane, Hobeitfiii ._S!4>'Sbprano; Katherjrn MeUie, liii-lllbj 'i ^harlcs kuljmaniieiibr; .Gbtin, btlritone. These' sfi'e .af <e^.m «^ti6nj6dainPnB sfco'res A^,e iri idallterniq. .vV;' /A 'ij .pdini; stresseji by 'jAips > is: .that :i)(j6mbei;shlp^ qafdp TOr ^concerts ; /ri/ btWr^ : ?}ther statesj whlch.'lJdglf: liuriitjj' contert, artistsV One .....i^bet, she,.related, attended 20 conims pn "his $6 membership j^^t^eMon. •jjptely aft^rthe clo^^'of ma .qserowrsbip • drive Saturday a 'Ad TVIvile' Miss Grimm is still here, selection of artists for next season tif aijnojinced. Ev.^ry citizen t ..'oiLit$^-'8pm'm{inity 1^ IpVited to Join •tliViissoojIi^tibn. • WET Management •.:-ThA splendjd entertairtment prp- ,. flfifl the healtiiy state pf the a^ociflitlbn's finances is due tcf gppd inaha^ement on the part of the ' .[.i^l^qess. directors,; Harris, said: in commending them. Another im, portqn|t ',fa"ctor. wq^ th? 'fi;ee time - ftyw, usa of cars and, sometimes casli donations of those wHo help-.. ed keep down expenses, he'said. . •,''.f0oad music is. a necessary, fac- in thp actestic growUx and development, of the community. Cpn- .. .. cert^ by famous artists a^d prestige and dignity to our city,'' Lance , stated when he took the dhair. MISS Grimm and Miss Martha Mannon will be at Greeott's Musife I , store which is campaign head quarters, this week. Any person not contacted by the workers may call i there and. secure, a-ticket. The as. .appia-tipn is organized on a. mem- bershyi. ;basis. Each member pays annual dues of $5 arid $1 tax, , which entitles hlin or her to at- tena • ai>. copq?rts piie^ented eacj^ i„season. Three or possibly four are • iri^fepspect'for the: cottilhg' seasph! At the end of thel^ampaign the list is.closed an^ no, siftglp^ admission , ,,,^iqketS'arQ sold fprlndjyl.dual con-J • ...certs. .• • "'. .Special mcinslpp iya^"giyen to the Misies')I^artha ;_4rid>-^ leu ii'iinnpn as raovM^ iij •.-•the • ai4g0ciat/6iii's , t>r^^ The .;,;bpard of'(£ii;^tPfikt.fp)i^ 1-. ye^r,, iij(;lud?s; Mesdames (iJharles MyisJ^,.' Nahp .etjte ' Hoifman^' Amy Roberts, H-Hi' Mitten, Alvin, Kosj- ter, Jam^ Massengill, Ailing Davis, Alex Thomas, Lawrenq| ii >-Clark,' Hugh Preston; Messers. ' Frank Brenpan,.Alling.Davis, Wesj- . lej" Greeottt, Williafti Chessall, Arthur itarris,'t)r. t'.'G. McKeej- ver and Mips M.ary ElJep. M|anno|J. <• General chairnjjn of membership •is.iyi ,?^,.J [3y, Lge Sfln,il|i; Ijeadquar- , t^S, sgQ^qtary for meinbershib, • Mlgs ivibrtha ManVibn,-Assisted by ..) iiet sister?J(fiss 'Mary Ellen TWah'-, FROM PQiJINT ARENA Mr. and Mrs. Japk C^lor, 6f . Point Araia', visited Mrs. Zella Dlnnen, 616 Church street, la^t ;. week, fiUiott and: family all of Willits. , Those, coming, from put of town ;for the occasion, included:, Mr. Charles R. LaPierre, of Sart Franr CISCO, Ms. and Mrs. James Bina of Kansas, Miss Ruby Armstrong, Spn'Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. IJCS- •ter Krch, Napa and Mr and Mrs, Fr^npis; Krch. of Tonasket, WasTi- mgton. "^h'e newly weds are hoi^eymoonliipg: at Yoseraite Park and other points. On their. return they will •makei their, home in WUIits o'n the •fabulous Fort Bragg road ab()Ut ^a mile out pf tpwn: Goo'd Iwpk— MTi and M^, Bright! Easter Is Theme For Ptic^ontas Wt^otiV ^i Easter decorations and, tilac^.cards.set the^theme for Kewanis Council No. 156/Degree of. )ppca,ho9ta^ m Elks iiall last Tl>;irsda/ evening a,t a, busyiess' and social'featjiei'ii? Mts. Ger- trudp Efter,^ Pocahontas, presided^ in preparation for the'^comipg i|yisiti^;.oi- tjie Gi;and Pocahontas complete?, drill' 0Factipe *by.' the: degree team in.runifolm was^pufc'ori and cpmniendadi- A large class of candidates-is-: in prospect; v After a donation tp' the Red Cross, wap vot^d and business eomplpted mpmbers enjoyed a. so- qial hour. Thp, refrtehipent tables Were charmfngly : decorated', .in Easter rabbjjs, ^^nj api white sti^amers,'Cb|clc;s and. buonies,;by 'B, opnjjnitlsi :h^adeti by/Mrs; Eva Brown. Serving ...with, her were Mrs: Jane McKenaie;. and< Mrs. Edna Demaspy. Secret pal gifts and Easter-cards^ -vyere'^iven a^d received ^^ifh pleasure, frpm the pal 'bo3f. ^ 4PBt>>n^^d to.'difeot if}eir ne^t social event were Mrs/' Jaapje Dohring, Mrs. Lena Cunningham ^udJ Miss BpspiPoEijio. P^,^^ei;i Bqi,4ge Ehloy«d In Arth,ur ifr^di^y Hpnije Mrs. Arthur Bradley,- assisted by Mr^. V. A. •Bouiv*^re,' wap hpstess last TJhurs^ay- at her ho^e ift Yo- kSyp Heights, to 16 memb^B;pJ5 a Masonic wives' group wh>ch,.meets 'mpnthlyi <0E,bnidge* • Depsert was served' at bridge ;tables- decorated m the Easier thehie.' Prize winners were: high scorej Mrs. Bradley; • second, Mrs. Dipl* ^t^^zon^ and third,. Mrs. Yerne Davis, Special prize won op a trick wiijnlng card was awarded tp.Mrs. Gporge Hovey. lijrs. Hovey w^Jl entertain the grpup nejft month assisted" by Mrs. Kpiineth.'FBrns\vortii. ' ' , Birthdar ••::.C !!lJ»lrt«iil!l ;,'\-.'W';'; JACK NARDINI'S grahdmolber, LMri/ A; Bi Sieiavti > lyas hostasi for this marxy AcbaMon wiita Jack celebrated hit eighth Mrihday March 24. Th«>:« waa a^biithday cake : and candUs. Guaita . who plarad indoor games and enjoyed iff ^esjimanfs w«r«. (la ^ifd, left to right) Jack Nardini, tha honoraai Judy Cati |ent |r,.. John Hunt, Charles Mitchall, Joan Carpentat. Deny Hildebrand. XaHijMtth Brun- Tiw; WUliam jBaaufozt^ .Maigattft Etihn, Tommy CarxoU. «nd Maz- jorie Frohn. Jaclc 's . mothar,. Mn> Gkf Na^4ini. p}a:|(a4. tba pMute, for mMical' 9hain L ^nd, song*' ,an^ his aytit,; l^aiga; W. .Pa^a was here fM^. Sanj Fzancifco 4o Join the celebration. Good Sportsman^iiip Aim OfJuriiorRfcaubi when' Myrh rodJB her? T Fourth Graders Give Charming Play On Easter Theme For Ukiah Grange Mr.,an^ llfrs. ,Joh,n; Ar^Pndbfef'^ w.iU-'lpai?e,Uki9h a.t the end, pf next jWp^ fpr, a\s;X'.w^elcs vac^tipn trip that wil|-: tejc^.ther?. bs .Oiptor - to Floridar Witb*Various stops, enroute isad,' rptuijn, 'visiting- friehde and relatives and sight seeing. In. - Wichita,-. Kansas' they; yiiU .Vjisjt Mrs. S^ndbei',^'s rijpthei^, ^rs; •'A:R,'iE?hip^v' • They recently. 5qld the^f bpmp ijt.- 4^ Clar<a avenije and wheri tljey return, tjhey. expect to locate in or near Ukiah. They, haye a daughter-aiid'sori in law hei-e, lylr. and'lWrs.G-. Carpenter. ' v '-)SA .?ieA ?.QBT9'''^EBJE;: ' 'Dr. 'arid Mi's. Walter Rappapprt of Agneyi', visited, iij Ultiah last we^sk.. They were guests at' the i ^aiace Hotel, Dr. Rappaport is fcnner. superintendent of Mendocino State hospital. They visited friends'herd arid Dr, Rappaport attended the Ponio' Shifine club dinner in Cloyerdalp ThUj:sday #hi; • '] "' By Mu. M. DaKano; Meeting of the Ukiah Grange No. 419 was held Friday night with Master Eiwin Koch: in thp chair. . t Before the, business session- a, very interesting Easter plfly en- titl|ed "The. Marshmaliow Bunny^ and 'The Sweetmeat Chicle'' wa|' presented by Mrs. Maureen Edd;^ and her fourtn graders. The cast inclyded tl^e following: , Mother : — -Ann McFarling . ; Hans..... :.. Allen Richardson : Greta Jenny Lynn Stipp , Fairy Karen Schildjsr ! Mafshmallow Bunny Vicki. • Parians : ; Sweetmeat Chick i. Sandra Seward Eastpr Eggs — Joe Center, Clifton Call, Ronald Hunter, Patty (Pickle, 'Margy Hair; Donald Col- umbmn Jean Faucalt, Ins Built^, 'Haijvey Mitchell and Donna Ifaple. Announcer-^lionnie Weger. Fair Platts Med* After, the play .Mrs.- BJ. Peters Ijsppke brl,eily on the IZth- District {'Fair, which will bC' held.on, August 20, qi, 22, 1948. At 'this time Mrs. Eddy was jhighly, pi:^ised^ for: her-^ litfe''work ||as, \ecturer'6nd pro^ramv^diFpctoi;, ,Op^Apfil'2 at 8 pm, there will be « n?eeting of tlje Gj?ang^: Ifrnae Ecohomics 'committee- with';Mt^s :Iiattie Ripley in. chargei Aiiril: 4 ^yill be spring'clean-up day at Grange hall, with apotluck dinner at noon. Members- are askeJ to. bring their garden tools, plaint brushes and carpenter tools. •Vifofk will start at 9 a,m BponyiJle Meeting . . Fofi those' m,eiijber^ who belong t(j the ?pmonq Grange there will be.(l.mpetingm Boonvillp, April 4. On .^pnl. lO. at.i? p.m; a public c;ird party will be held undpr the direction, of^ A|rs. ^argqret Byr- gess. Games ot pmbpnlp, km^ ppdrp, auption .bridge ?nd whis^ wil}„ be' played w.ith prizes tor high, spore, ' , : Iffl^pS' Jpyoe Endei; and, Betty Harper weye appointed to in >yesti-- §ate'thp possibilities "of forming a Juvenilp Grangp_ in Uklgh. ~ ; "After the,meeting, ^eliplous re- freShnrfents v^ere' served m the djning room. The committee cpta- prised'Mr. and Mrs; Ch'^rles Lyca Mr. and Mrs, OrVilleColeman, ana Norman Buhn. " Aliens Choose UkiqH. As Per'feet Location When his doctor told. Oscar Air leij he Jpyst movp away from.Oak. land for his health, Mrs. Allen, v/ho had driven two years ago along- the Redwood high'way, tol<^ him Ukiah IS 'the-"nearest place to Paradise I' have ever seen." That explains Why- the,Aliens'- are liv.i 'dng iiere .today.;'They will open- a new mattress and' upholstery sliop at Noj^tiy Main - street -about l^-AWil^i-.- :. i ,/'/Chia. t>usl;>ess, tiie3{-explain,.AyiJl also ;^xg§nd liftp a gusioni, furnii t'ure' ^hpp 'i The .A ^i ^ns, yih'p oper-; ated'sfor.e's in Nebraska and. fciwa; ma^e qusiom fuinitiareJ^pr govern norsahd other'jliscriminatirig:per-i sons 'before- Allen served k 4-year, tei-m-With the army. Mrs, Allen i4,-q. liqr^pr-njjrse.T^pj^'afp de^ lighted with XTKiah' .and' .Ijlaq pjh^ :hjysstoipnts. ifv:'add}tk)i^ to their business. .! PATRONS ELECT EI.MER PURDY , Afte^tw^o-ye^rs of guidinS'Pat;-: rons-Danqe club—^Ukiah Grange's .group, of expert folk and square^ .dancers, Ch?s. .T^atsoi^ handed the gavel tp, Elmpr Purdy Saturday nightwhert: he. Was elected president. Don Eddy was named vice- president; Mrs. Floyd- Shehnan, secretary; Mrs. Bernard Burgess, itreasuier. John. Cyperus and Er•win Koch •vj.ill be in., charge of music and Mrs. Norman Buhn .\y^s. qbosen, historiap. The, meeting followed Ei 'Spwiited, iprogra^ pi;, folk and square dancing in which thegrouj^ hps become almost professionally proficient. 'With records produced by their federation, they . have faithfully 'learned traditional dances. oS Su^ rope and regional America andi in colpr^ul.costumes they are p group jan) whiqh Ukiai> is entitled, to take PKide. r •• ~- • • : Guie.?ts were Mr. and Mrs, Edgar Djitton, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Gibson, •Mesdames Henry Frohn^ • May 'Beckley> Alberta Williams, Bernice Batterton, Mr. and Mrs.- Robert iHubbard'' of, Sonoma;: • Mrs. Ayei's, mother' op Mrs. Don Eddy who. is vjsiting berp from Sijcramento; 'Mr. and Mrs. JaPk Beck^rt. V.F.W. A.uxlliqry Elects Qfficeirs For Ne\y Year Mrs. Aype "Thornhill was> elected president of 'V.F.W. Auxiliary at Its meeting .Thursday night and an installation' date is pending word .ijrpm istb. District President Charlotte Buis. Otb.ers.r named to oft'ici&l poc'.s wpre . 'VelmSj Rud-, did;, senior vice,pFesident; Gen-, eva Gibson, junior vice, president; Mary Luis, treasuj;ei;; Helen Stam-, baugh, secretary; Maude. Clark, phaptain; Fern Von SchfUtz, con-: ductrpss; Margaret Tuclter, patri-. otic •instructor; Eilpn Lehp arid, Hazel Whitmore, three-year t^us-. tees. Four cplpr" bearers will be appointed. The. auxiliary, \j;ill p^rticipa.te. in, ArrpJ^ Day, paradev . , ; ^ Extensive, hospital work ac-; wmplisli,ed Ayas reported and ,re-, ceiyed by members with, pride.. Xiarge cash donations have been .made to. 'STpuntville and to. the, .Brace. Sho^,^ la a^di^tion to many gifts contributed. A iaige attendance enjoyed th^i supper which,, followed the election. ^ . . .., tRreajsfoit Club Ladies To^ Ert+ertain Monday Kvety member ol V the Ukiah Breakf^ist! Cltib Auxiliary will be expected tO' bring a guest when [ithe ^elub entertains tor prPstiective neW'vmembers at; a soccial meeting April 5, at 8 pin.', Mrs. Charles iliewisl' president announced this, week. ' She asked that reservations- bp,- made npt^latpr tJian Monday morning with'Mrs. John'Vlarengo'whp Will-be hostess in her Luce avenue home assisted by Mrs. Raymond., Williams. Mrs. Viarengo's telephone IS 1113. : Membership Ip. the; club is not limited to wives of Breakfast club, memlsers, she said. The club meets monthly on the first Monday even-, l''irig of each month irs-the'homes of- members, and,the hostess plans the program of social entertainment. Transportation is available, anid. may be arranged by calling. Mrs. V4arengo or Mrs. Lewis (after siX: p,m.) at n66 -W; : v . VISITORS EHOk -PIEDMOfW Mi: .and'.Mrs. Ed' Sibley,- and theic four children, -cajne, from Piednwnt to spend: Easter, with iljale McCowen, 610: West Clay street, who. is Mrs Sibley's father. Halp.. IJcGoweni-Jr., his wife and daughter, were also'lhere last week and returned Sunday whei;e he a, student m Stanford law college ..They: visit^di Mrs. McGowen's 'Sm.Jith, 6.?9 Sputh Oak street. Ija^ppts.j; Msv ,?nd, ftj^s. Austin Double Celebration Observed At Party ' A double anniversary- was celebrated at the home of Mr and fJlrs, Leverett Howie* Low Gap Road, when Mr. Howie's birthday and the qouple's sapd. . wedding,; anniversary were observed Sunday. M'r. and Mrs. A. F, Martens, 1075 North Oak street, were: hosts for the dinner, aerved in the HOWIQ home. Birthday and anniversary gifts were received, and the largq cake which: decorated the dinner table at-' dessert time was lettered for both events. .Card games wer^ entertainment during the even-. ing. - . ' Guests included the Howie's daughter, Mrs. Lee Patrick, her husband and their children, Ray-- mond, Barbara Lee andMartha- linda; Mr". Floyd Buell and Mrs. ,Bei;tha Smith. • • ^ .Stcfni^lqu; Qottle to. Pasture Gn Our Coast The. Todd property, at Hare creek will: soon-, receive 200 .head of purebred . Hereford cattle topas- turet.due-to the-'drought m Stanislaus county. ..- i ... •, The cattle will-be shipped in b3^ faniclj; agd -wiU: arijiv.e '.-sPDn, ~'and jyill. be .ipa^ijr^d pn. thPv, "Todd piibpprty;' 'qn^qr 'pie, '^npw'. Ila^^ .creek bridge, ''-.,' ' * '"Theife^'d^'pn the Meriilocino, coast is'eicc'elleht'aj the. pi;esent 'tim?, according, to ISaljih Todd, .and, hp predict^ tliat;''more 'sfock'will b^ brought in- from the drought aireas; * Todd'also has spVe'rai 'tons ' pt coast-grown hay in storage that hp will use toauxiliary-feed the stock! Folk Dancing And Original Readings Entertainment At Kosmos Cliib Meet IiPLRRIAGE UCEK^1p;S ISSUED •At "Ukiah, .March 24,- Lawrence Eilpse. wd .Bette Rose Deems of Fort Bragg. "March 26, Eai;! D; I)i\ke. and Bprnice Brpwn of-Wil- l/ts," ,At Santa, Rosa, M.atch, Zi', iVubort Ivlitchell and, Dorothy Rose Aljeij of IJkijh.' , ' Mrs., Elva Day apd son Bob of Sail Francisco -were hpre to' spPnc^ a ' •vy^eel^ with her parents, Fn an'd^MrS. Chatjes. Wilgus of 615 Walnut aveniie.They were accompanied' by Mrs. DeMerritt, • a for. mer Ukiah resident, whp came to visit relatives. .: _»^^..AftJ>M!r,Harris rpppctingbjr tslephpne. ^rpiji Ij-flnp, Pine. Friday', Informed he.r .husfe.aijd thatiGretT Chen, the ,n§^y. gra,ndch,il,d at: .thp ;homg pf; their daughter, iWfrs,.B. V. • Voorhies, , Jr,; ^is.fine and -thp mpther expeqts- to go hpinp .frpn) th,e hospital in,Bishop at thp, end o.rt|>is Wpqk .VMi-^, ,H,arviS wip- rp- tuin-tp'Ukiah abpijt April lij. Mr.s, .'V;Bii Vppi'.hles was. tlje. ^ormpr Mprr jof-ie Harris of Uk^i^h. BEL^J^OHT VISITORS • Visiting at the. home of Mr: and Mi-s. Rupl R-. Stickney, foi; Easter were Mr. and Mrs. Paul H: Gardner, from Belmbnt. JWrsJ' Gardner is a sister of Mr. Stickney and Mrs. Herb Cochrane willi whom they also spent some time. Irish and' Mexican folk dances pet-formed-in picturesque costume and two humorously effective readings were entertainment at thp Kosmos dub meetung Thursday afternoon. Mrs. J. N. Stipp-presided Spring flowers decorated the Municipal clubhouse for thp event. . Much, enjoyed, were two readings by. Mrs. Joe EUedgc; chairman of pntertamment, . who assigned to members silent motloii parts to dramatize "An Action Story."' A. composition; of her own, "A Stroll In the Woods,'? was localized and mentionea the name of each member^ Authentic folk dances of, Irp^ alnd and Mexico, were given by Mesdames J. R; Holmes, LilUan ];>pKpnpi) Floyd Sherman, R* E, Dawspn, Maurme Eddy and Elmpr Purdy. Music was furijished rbjf records, , , ' , The organization, which- dp-^ votes Its funds and efforts tp. phil-l anthj-opip. prpjpcts,^ voted to suppljr clothing and other necessities to. a destiJ(Utp, family, in. the,: southern part- ot Mendopinp county. w^^ vo,ted for, the. capcer fund drivp. Mrs. J'ohn Dipttqrle^' was w^el- comed into' thp. club as a/ne,w member.. Guests wpve Miss Ruby SaVsJ?ury, M /ss Jpnny-Lipn Stipp and J/Irs, --Brugman. . Refrpshmpnts of coffee., arid sandwiches were served by Mrs', Elledjge, assistpd . by , Mrs. Frank Zpek and 'Mrs. Barrass.. State. fempJoyea Plan Costurne Dgnce^Pdrty .Guests in cpstume \y,ill, bp masjj- pd for the party planned bx 'Cayj- prnig. State Employes, a^opiatipji pij;^. -Ap?;! ibj tip l;.e' hpld in 'Mpndbcino. St^te hospital audi- ttrfiu*:''••':•"•'' •' MIS . -Mina, pppijcer apd. H, Murispn^arp qhainjnen fpr thp^oq- cais'jon w,heij^dapqiri'g and c\r^'Will Ifc ,tiip,'.ehtertainn\pM^^ . : .;' ''.', .LaW^rpric^' SamsPp, of tj>^ hpsjii- tal, maiiit^psncp depar' o^ th^. I.oc'^l pha'ptpr' of ,CSEA ' •iwbich Ipcally,^ has.'abp^ I;315^ membigrs frPip' va;ri.pus .s^tp (Jppartments, reprqsented 'in this area.'' ^ • • • " • - VISITS IN POHTERyiLtjE; JWrs., Jplin Hayes and^ her children, Roger and Patrfcja,, went tp P6f:feiryiUp March'22i to sjforid trie week with,,her rnbther, 'Tlipy re- ttirried Easter Sunday. MRS.. HOFNiAN HAS, GUESTS Mr. apd Mrs. Jiilian Reinhprtz, their daughter Kathy and sop, Paul were here from Sdrt Francisco to spend the Easter week vacation with Mrs. Nanette Hofman ' on School street. Mrs, RelnhCTtz is Mrs. Hofman's niece. ' JLIfeiah Gar^n Club fiears Plant Expert Members and guests of - Ukiah 'Garden club heard-a fine program on flowering shrubs and tteeSi-by Ira Gaylord Shepard, of Sacra- itriientp, -; on - Thursday- evening, March: 28, m Municipal clubhouse, Shepardt brouf:ht blossoms, of shruljs ana' trees. which, are now bloom, and used: them to illustratp his program. Habits of growth, proper, location, in the garden, methods of pruning and fertiUmg shrubs and trees were outlmed in his instructive talk. As sliperin tendent of the grounds at the Cal^ ifomia State Fair- at'Saoramento, ithe speaker was throughly familiar with his subject. • Each year the Hi\ll pf f Ip^ers, the floricuyural exljibit at- ,,-the State 'Fair, is. ppijsoiiijlly, supervised by Shepard, who'urged" that all counties participate as much as p^ssijjlp, ag t^iS. m^kes the exhibit a statewidp affair with rpsultmg Statejvjidp iptqrest. .'Thp^-stimulus which eomes. from seeing, a good plant'or flower well grov^n pends popple, home with the desirq. tp grow finer things and is tlip primary. Purppse of the fair.itself, he said., , .. 1 Plpns are being completed at this time for the Garden, Club'i5 pro gram in the April Cleanrup Oamr paign Npxt meeting of the Garden tlub will be on Thursday everiing, April 22nd, at 8 p,ni„ p.t MiiniqTpal clu"bhouse. Albert .'Wilsoiij noted NBC garden co-nsultant, will be tije guest speaker. His subject""yield- ers Pf Beauty Iri; the 6arden,"- This will be an pperi iriefeting." ' VISITS NAtJCY GtlTER, Lorraine .Brook, Whose "father was. fortifier Jffet^odist-fninigte'r ip Ukiah,. was here fronj Oakiancj last week,' a 'house susst at the J. J. Outer home, 425 West Church Strpet. Hpr. hostp^,; :^anpX', Guter jnyited a group of ypHng- ,fi;iend? Thursday, to celpbr^te Lorraipp's bjrthday wijh a cakp and, refresh- riipnts before, slip, left Igtein.the afteimpop for , her. h.pine. T-ife guests, yyere, Glpria, Butzbpch, i'^ariqy Rlchwinp anid Mary-Brpen. Mrs. 'Thomps, GuJli .qkspnj whp has jjppn. \'isiting he;: ne%Y. granddaughter, Marilyn,, at tjie E, S. Grcss home in Qalclpnd, returned t.p. Ukiajx Iqst week, lyirs. Gross is her daughter. 7:30 Club Discusses Plotinus Teachings What:with laying a sidewsrlk beside tlie -church on pora street, studying ancient rpligibus phdoso- phies, putting on a dinner for the Redwood Empire < Funeral Directors, association April 8, getting iff a waripobe for a destitute French child and mow.lng the church lawn, the 7:30 club of the Presby- teripn, chu ;cch is a busy group these days. ' All these matters wei-e discussed at a meeting Thursday night, committees appointed stnd individuals apportioned their share pf the work Before this was disposed of, members gave their attention to the, study of Plotmps, born 204 A.D., and his .influence on the development, of . Ghristi-, anity. -Plotinus, disciiJle of Plato, disseminated his "Views throughout the Roman empire and in an acad- ,emy of philosophy in Alexandria, EgyptV that man's soul came from God; his responsibility on earth is, through . purity - and, action, to. achieve oneness with God to whom his soul returns at death. ': The discussion' was led by Horace Fahrney • who noted an • absence >. of any- reference to the teachings of Christ iii Plotinus • worksj- although he was greatly- m -fluenced by^ Plato; Philo, Sacchus, and- other- schools, of religious thought. . . ^ St. Bernard's teaching will be nextm their-study series and will be led by-Frank Hay. Dr. and Mrs. James Massengill were hosts for. refreshments, Mrs RobeBt Jardine was named chairman o£ the.R.E.EiD. dinner on April fi.which is-to be held, in Municipal' clubhouse, President Dudley. George named Mrs. Oliver Gprmi, • Mrs, Ralph., Wright and William Bittenbender as xelresh- ment committee, for the next meeting. . black pow, Woody, oyer his depUi into adeepiriver pool last month and he,took to-the bank Ip an equine vferson ol the Australian crawl, all that worried ;Myrna was that hpt;: saddle had been damaged by the soaking. When her father, D, L. (Bing) Bingham was ill for three months recently, the, U year old Myrna,,-and hpr y.punger sister Judy, chepi;fully cleansed the stalls, fed and cared foi; trie family's five saj^dle horses. . This is the spirit of independence and self-Mlianpp the; Ukiah Riding KAigbts Templar Hold Setvi^es b, Lakeport ; Annuai'Easter service anddinner of'Knights Templar, m Lakepoi^t Sunday hailed as the best and most attended of any;in the history of the oonimandery,' according to. Commander Dick Mazzoni. More' than sixty,Sir Knights and their wives motored to the Easter,services in JLiakepoEt Methodist church Wherp.the ,Re-y. David Miller, offir ciatecji :.; - Dinppil was a notable repast-attended by. more than, 100 from lodges, in this area. ?ir Knight Howard Crawford' was Lakepprt chairman; Sir Knight . William Bromley was. in charge of arrangements in, Ukiah. Plans to alternate the services i.n tj^e futpre betwppn Lake county, .Ukiah and coast Ipdgps were approved. Visiting sir kr^ightS;.; Irpm other cpmm,andc,rys apd. eastern states were welcomed. Members and their wives attending fr,om Ukiah, commandery No. 33 npm^ered about 60, Mifs* Edwa rds Hostess To @ro^p tn Tqlmage Mrs. Kyra Edwards was hostess to-the. past president's parley of American Legion Auxiliary at her hotpg.un Talmage last Tl^urs- day;pight. - Hep -Jivingiroom was chaririirigfly decorated with spring blosson;iSt Hpr guests, brought their sewing and enj'pyed a, social hpur followed by refreshrnents of sandwiches, jello, qookies and coffee. , Those attending wei;e Mesdames Bessey Scott, Bess Evprsole, Ethel German, Anna Moore, Charlotte King, Lillian DeKeno and Elise Figone; Curtis Parkers Have Daughter, Born Here Mr. and Mrs.. Curtis Parker, vifho live in Napa, are the parents of a daughter^ Linda Farrell, born March'21 in Ul^iah Geaieral H0S7 pital. Linda has a brother, Ronald who is five. - ' ' ' • Mrs. Parker is the former Almji Ripley of Ukiah, sister' of Mrs. CB. Humphrey:and Lewis Ripley and;daughter of Clyde Ripley, all ot whom live in Ukiah. club: seeks to fostei; in promoting, within its -ranks, the Junior Riding olub whiqh was organized in mid- Marqh. The youngsters are making extensive plans for soheduled junior events in the Spring Roundup, June 6. Before that date a number Will have entries in the Santa Rosa all-junior show next Sunday—a show, to be staged, managed and judged by the boys and girls without ;adult assistante. , They'll be in the'ring at. the Calistoga show April 11. ;Climaxing :the summer show season will be the County Fair Horse Show August 20-21-?2. An all-j,'inior show, m Uki^h: IS npt sehcduled but isf|y| one of their objectives. ' ' ' Myrna Is President For theu: presidpnt the,y elected -Myrna Bipgham. Mndeline Humphrey was named vice-president; Merdis Freemah is secretary and Virginia James, treasurer. Good horsemanship and good spor,tsmanship are the aims of the young people. Speaking for the club, Virginia James said they will go western in their garb rather than adopt .formal riding habits. Cowboy hats* and boots will be worn With levis and their club in- signa Will be a tie of black or'gold. •In- good weather they will saddle up for group riding in the hills. They, plaa to. -visit neighboring stopk xanohesrand on over-night visUs, learn how- working cowboys, ride, and work the; range. H«(ve, Wop Hil>bom •TheHioys and girls are far. from 'being- amateurs! iR yie ring. Tommy Walsh, son pf Mr. and Mrs. Ray iWalsh. who. are, ^enthMSiastiq. horse lovers^and among -the :. leading spirits m the.local dub, was a blue ribbon winner at the fair: last year. Judy,: Bingham, riding her Palomino pony. Shenanigan, won cup and blue ribbon; at the Napa show. In 1946, Myrna. came home, with five blue ribbons; m a - row, theiy teampd • With her sisjteT' and father and won -inthe, farnijy class. Merdis Freeman .ts anothpr who. has ribbops to show for hpr ^kill. The awards have been., won in child- I ren 's trail classes, English pleasuiS^l^'' classes, western, stock and family grpups. Active Members prominent m the adult riding club, whicb is bpsy preparing the Spring Roundpp, are. the Bing- hqms, W- A. DpSppin, Richey Morgan, Henry Keller, the Walshes, Ralph' Richardson, Jaqk Spmelli, Norman, Bhn,| Bert Richey, Ladd Tbomas, Vernij Davis, president of the adult ridmg elub. The elub is affiliated With California Hoarse- men's association and judging is pnder its rules and regulation?. Charter members of the jupiofs other than those mentioned above are Janet ly^cDongld who rides -Rusty; Donald ' Wildes, Skipper; 0;:ville. and Donal^ Evans, Vicki; Jac_k and Monte Southwick; Ronald Hob ^s; Jame^ Tocapti; Judy James;- Jack Phillips, Carolyn Handley riding- Tor; and Tom Walsh, Chico. Madeline Humphrey's horse 15 Jiggs and Merdis Freeipan rides Tony. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth, ^ai-ns- Viorth, tljeir dpughter Betty and son Miciiael, visited Mrp. Parps- „„ worth's nnother, Mrs.;Apnie Meyers brought bpck their"daugh'ter jipn VISITS P,E,3, CPAPTER. Mrs, Ray Fostpr, deppty grppd niatrpn of "thP Ordpr pt Eastern Stai:,. |j.aid hpr o^iqial: visit, tp Oqefinvipw chapter in. Mendocino Saturday night, March 20. Accompanying hpri tp: the qoast town were bet' husijandi Mr. apd Mrs, Frank Wilspp, Mr .and Mrs. Geprje W.. -Hovey pnd Mr. and IVjlrs. James Bratjshaw. VI^IT IN LAKEPOBT Among Masons ot the IJkiah qommandery who attended special Kpigbt 'Templar services in Lakeport night was Jaines Bradshaw, With Mrs. Bradshaw he sjpsat the weekend, in Lakeport with Mrs. Bradshaw's parents, Mr', iirid Mrs. C. W^ Sagehorn, They on the Easter Sacramento river over who soont the Easter vacation week with her grandparents. Mrs. Qoilii;is Is Hos^tess At Family Dinner Party At an Easter, decorated table, bright, .With daflodils, cPlorliJl . baskets and place cards, mpmlMj* of Mrs. Charlotte Collins'- family Were by,- h ,pi ;,;in-. House of Garner . last • Sunday.- The oc- caBi .oo;.celebrat ,pd thp, birthday of -hgr.iSigtei;, jyjrs. Grace .Adams p4 Potter Valley., • , , '^^y «nJx •;pne guests, w.hp had earlier, .attended church, services tpg.ether, -vyere- spatpdi Two, .large ?Segl; .'JEopjiv caKp,s, 'w^: Pjpced, at eaph epd of; the long; table and the,-nien,u; fgatured b^Hed ham. "Gu^ests -werp l^ir. .ppd -.Mre., M7il- burn Brovyp, Ppnpa, I^^en and S,apdr,arBrp ?»fn,, their da ^uglitprs- also of Potter, yalle;K; Mrs. Brown is iMrS;.; Adarn's i daughter,- An ,othqr da ^ght.ef,;]y {rs., R^ppe'Siarty o^ San ^rahXispp, was there. , Also, ikirs, $erie Vayssie, ^r,. and Mrs,' Robert Vayssie, of ?an,' Francisco; MI ;, pndi Mrs, ^Jlljpry SJeeper (Mrs. Sleeppr'is. a. sister of Mrs. Gollihs). of Upper- take;, their sop, Dr. Keith Sleeper %n(3 his wife and their, oljild^i^ep, Jpniee an^ Billy; Mrs! Lenpre.Stopp apd her daughters Robin pnd Marilyn and son Louis. " ' "The. San, F^ancispp ippmbprs of Dheippiily'w .er ;p Mrs, Collins' house guests for the iyeekendt • Mr .and IWrs. AJap Augpr, of San Francisco, spent the Easter w,eek- end with l\ A^gpr's parents, ^r. and Mrs. George D.Mprk. Walnut ,v and Madropu streets .. Y 'A

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