Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 26, 1972 · Page 8
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 8

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1972
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

UP TO PAID ON SAYINGS! WHY TAKE LESS? STOCKDALE, INC. Dear Abbx ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., DEC. 26, 1972 Page 8 QUEENING IT. E2nabeti Ta>la? reikis ever £bn royaJty at a gathering a Leeee. Italy, as sa* boids tit* RadaJpfe Vakadso statuette presented to ner tbere—an actm* award. •Watsons PEDAL POWER and one wheel are taking Takafumi Ogasawara, 2<», around the world and here he gives a wave in Dover, England. The Japanese student started his two-year, 20,000- mile Odyssey from Matsumoto, Japan. Time to Ring Out the Witching Hour By Abigail V#n Buren DEAR ABBY My husband and I are my happily named and the possible Unreal to car marriage is his mother She is a very intc faring divorcee with plenty of time on her hands, and 7 faw she bus never Hiked me. The probterr. she claims to be a witch who can put spells or people She meets «*J> other members of the aoeuk and they bold seances atad ei*ins to be able to com- mtnocate wjtfc sacrfe of ttie dead. She has all sorts of paraphernalia related to her vftebcraft. and I am scared to death of this »omar, when she goes into her chants and traarss. 7 air f«j<wUiig a AtkL Abby. and I don't want her in zny boas* unless she acts 3x a normal person and refrains tron. going inrs her wachsraft act. My husband seys £ is a2 a lot of garbage—be doesn't behest it air of it and I am s£By to worry about it. I say she could be a real vnA. I leave it to you. WORRIED IN MASSACHUSETTS DEAR WORRIED- I SNI kaow if she 's a real witch •r a pboay rae. hat y«ar fears are real, which is more iaaswrUDL. 9asaty tea her she to welcome to visit if she pass asiAe tfce w»<* kit—otherwise, yaa will see her ia the wax waria. DEAS ASSY: To the wife who resented her husband taking frying lessees: My M *&>*nA worked seven days a "week and was on call 24 boors a day. He arranged his schedule so be could take B*jag lesson* I knew mat flying would do for Imn what a bobby should do. My husband loved flying. It seemed to relieve all the pressures of ins routine, and he was completely sold on the comparative safety of flying. Altho he lost his life while at the controls of his own plane, I still have a warm feeling of fas nearness whenever I hear a plane go overhead. Knowing how much he loved to fly, I would not have denied him the thrill and relaxation of flying for anything, and I still travel by air. Everyone needs a bobby, and it must be bis own. Sign me, UNDERSTANDING WIFE DEAR UNDERSTANDING: I doubt that many other wives who shared yoar sad experience woald be so under- stonrfiag. DEAR ABBY: Altho I think I know the answer to my question, I need you to confirm it. A friend's son was married several months ago, and my husband and I sent a telegram offering our congratulations and best 'wishes. [We know they received it.] This couple never bothered to send us a "thank you!" According to my bringing up, an acknowledgement was is order. Or doesn't the younger generation follow the old rules? WONDERING OUT EAST DEAR WONDERING: Please don't use the same brash to tar the entire younger generation. All well-mannered people still acknowledge telegrams. DEAR ABBY: Re the husband who never called his wife by her real name: My fine and devoted husband of SO years was the funniest [not corniest] man I ever knew. My name is Eleanor, but shortly after we were married, he started calling me any name he could think of. When I asked him why, be said with a twinkle in his eye, "In case I talk in my steep." So all my married life he called me Hazel, Gretchen, or "Pansy." The result is that everyone in the family called me "Pansy," which was a wonderful out for inlaws and grandchildren. In good-natured retaliation, I never called my husband by his real name, either. I called him Joe—a far cry from Lionel. It's not what you call a person, but the tone of voice that makes the difference. ELEANOR DEAR ABBY: I am a 14-year-old boy who is really mad about something that happened and I don't know who else to write to so I am writing to you. We live in the country, and Dad and I sometimes drive to town for the football games. Last Saturday we two drove to the game. Dad had taken some pills for his hay fever and then he drank a can of beer. At halftime he went to the men's room and said he'd be right back. I waited and waited and the game was over and Dad wasn't back yet so I got worried and went where our car was parked. I waited some more and Dad never showed up. I stayed until the stadium lights were turned off an all the other cars were gone, and by this time I really was worried and scared so I called home and asked my sister to come and get me. She finally came and the two of us drove to the city police station to report that Dad was missing. We found out that Dad had been picked up at the game by the police and was arrested for being DRUNK! Abby, they locked Dad up and wouldn't even let him YEAR END CLEARANCE ON ALL MERCHANDISE IN THE STORE THRU DECEMBER 31st. DISCOUNT ON ALL TIRES IN STOCK 15% \GFimBLESl ESTHERVILLE use the telephone to call home and let them know what had happened, and here I was, a 14-year-old boy stranded alone in a strange city. I don't think this is fair. My father was fined 125 for being "drunk," and the matter was dropped. Can anything be done about this now? WORRIED ABOUT JUSTICE DEAR WORRIED: Perhaps your dad had all the symptoms of being drunk and the arresting officer was only doing his duty by locking him up to prevent him from driving. But refusing to allow your father to use the telephone is another matter. He should definitely talk to a lawyer about it. DEAR ABBY: I despise my sister who I caught in a motel room with my husband 27 years ago. My husband and I had been happily married for nine years at the time. My sister was also married when this took place. I never suspected a thing until I caught them, but my husband later confessed to me that it had been going on for several years. My sister became a widow last year and I want nothing to do with her. The affair was terminated when my husband became a Christian, but I know my sister and I'm taking no chances. I even despise her letters, and never answer diem. We have one brother who is probably wondering why I don't invite this hussy to come and be my house guest. Should I tell him so he will know I have a very good reason? I don't want to appear the selfish, unfeeling sister. BITTER MEMORIES DEAR BITTER: I can understand why you don't want your sister as a house guest, but I see no reason why you have to explain it to your brother. DEAR ABBY: I have been married four years and have two children. I recently came across some papers my husband had hidden away. There was his birth certificate, social security card, and some identification papers and some letters. All belonging to him, but they were under a different name than the one he married me by. When I asked him to explain this to me he refused to give me a straight answer. I went to the city hall in the town in which he said he was born and asked for a birth certificate for the name he used when he married me, and I was told there was no record of anyone by that name. Is our marriage legal? Are our children legitimate? I live in Connecticut. ALL MESSED UP DEAR MESSED: If you can't afford to hire a lawyer, go to the Legal Aid Society and ask for their help. You need a lawyer to tell you where you stand legally. "Since 1856" ESTHERVILLE IOWA FURNITURE & CARPET FLOOR COVERINGS STARTS * TUESDAY DECEMBER 26th NEVER + BEFORE * PRICES! 4 OPEN EVENINGS 'TILL 9:00 P.M. *• FIRST FOUR DAYS OF ^ * * . TNIS SALE! ^ • • SORRY. . . * * NO DELIVERY AT * THESE LOW PRICES * ... Bring Your Trucks and * Trailers! In Case of Need * Delivery Can Be Arranged * * For At a Nominal YEAR ONLY! SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT PRICES REGISTER FOR THE 3-BIG PRIZES 1st PRIZE 2nd PRIZE Round Trip Air Fare Round Trip Air Fare For 2 People to . .. For 2 People to . . . HAWAII OR ACAPULCO, MEXICO or Winner Can Choose Cash. EUROPE or Winner Can Choose Cash. 3rd PRIZE Round Trip Air Fare For 2 People to . . . WALT DISNEY WORLD 1SJK' or Winner Can Choose Cash. No Purchase Necessary Travel Arrangements Through WORLD WIDE TRAVEL SERVICE,'ESTHERVILLE, IA |V ,, ^ FURNITURE-CARPET ' 1331 East Central, Estherville, Iowa Phone 362-2697

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