The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on January 6, 1972 · Page 6
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 6

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1972
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Scalding Spotlight Debate Holding their first-place trophy from the SuMierland meet are left to right, Bill Schumacher, Joyce Ney, Sharon Youngers, and Tim Shea. Their coach Is Sister Merlcl. Spaldlng High School January 6, 1972 Alton-Granvllle-Hoiperi NOtMLF- MKED BREAD Spalding's Sparky Beauregard gets the final touches before making his appearence at the home game with Remsen St. Mary's by one of his makers Julie List. Helping her is Marlene Klein. Along with Julie, Cindy List, Dabble and Blanche Penning put together the Spartan mascot. Spartans Outshoot Comets Topping their opponent in rebounds, field goals, and fren throws, the Spartans defeated Moriden-Cleghorn, 7758, Wednesday night. Getting G4 rebounds over the 44 of ..M.C., shooting 37% field goals •Over M.C.'s 30%, and making 61% of their free throws, Spalding's record was upped to 5 wins. m.High point man for Spald- iihg was Wayne Korkey with 30 points. Jim Schuver had 12, Jerry Langel and Steve Junior Varsity The Spalding JV's controlled every aspect of the game with'Meriden-Cleghorn. Holding the upper hand with 55 rebounds compared to their 26, 14 turnovers to their 41, 35% successful gield goals to Plathe each took 11 points. Glenn List made 6 followed by Dave Klein with 5 and Duane Hansen with 2. --Linda Dykstra their 12%, and 71% successful free throws to their 18%, resulted in the final score, 76-11. Leading off the scorers was Dean List having 13 points, with help from Pat Beck and Rod Pottebaum with 10, Mark Even with 8, Bob Hansen with 6, Gregg Degen with 5, Randy Hansen and Ron Ludwig with 4, and Mark Meis and Bill Even with 2. --Joe Schuver "You better not compromise yourself, because that's all you've got." This Is a very popular saying that really says a lot when you sit down and think about It for awhile. If we are mature, we will not compromise our lives, but instead give ourselves a purpose In life which will aid us in the development as a person. "The purpose of life Is not to live, but to die." This saying also is quite popular. Of course there can be many different interpretations, but my idea of this saying is that we should not keep living our life as we are, but we must die to ourself. We have to do away with our bad habits and give our lives more meaning. According to the Webster's New World Dictionary, maturity means full-grown, ripe, fully developed, perfected, to make or become mature. So, maturity involves a change, or transformation, from what, it was before. Of course maturity doesn't just pertain to the soul. Maturity is really the union of the body and the soul for the development of the person. Some think all adults are mature, but If you really know what maturity is, you will not agree with that. Just because you're old doesn't mean you are mature. When you are mature you have convictions and you live and act accord- Ing to them. Your convictions and beliefs are an Important part of your life. Life's Goals A mature person realizes that he must have a goal In life, and in order to develop himself as a person, he must be open and honest with others. He must be aware of his own needs as well as the needs of others. He can't be wrapped up in his own little world and forget about the people around him. A mature person has gut- level communication with himself and others. He doesn't put on a mask and try to fool himself and others. If he is in a crowd and he feels the crowd's purpose is wrong, he speaks and says what he feels is right. He isn't afraid to do what he believes In. ROLLS A mature person Is aware of his abilities. He knows his strong qualities as well as his weaker ones. He also realizes that he cannot be totally independent, but that he must depend upon others and especially on God. He can look at himself, his life, his relationship with other people, as well as his relationship with God. You can always spot a mature, person because he stands out even If he doesn't say anything, because "his actions will speak louder than words." Not perfection as a final goal, but the ever-enduring process of perfecting, maturing, refining, Is the aim of living. --A Spaldlng Senior Terry Stref! endec bring 6! j>'63,« thelrh« ", and led ou b Hub tied out The JV ThlSfP Ll«) Wng tl mparea As ROI [ty wa Dan equal!: WINS, Pictured here below are the smiling frosh. The future varsity are front row, left to right, Rickl Even, Steve Full, Dick Klnney, Matthew Even, Tom Roder, Junior rtraff Tnnv Schuver. Back row. left to right, are Ron Owens, Dan Schaal, Gary Jansen, Paul Homan, Russ 'Herrig, Mike Shea, and Stan Portz. Their coach Is Mr. Orval Blever. OVER "Wayne Horkey isn't happy unless he fouls out," says Dave Kinney. Despite Wayne's exit in the last two seconds of the game, the Spartans came out the winner by the score of 56-47 over Gehlen here, Wednesday, the 21st. However, Wayne came on strong with field goals and free throws, making the top score of 15 points. Following him were Jerry Langel and Jim Schuver with 10 points, Dave Klein and Steve Plathe with 9, and Glen List with 3. Spaldinp; dominated the game for its entirety with Gehlen having a run of points in the lust few minutes after the sub.', were in. --Joe Schuver J. Varsity The Le Mars Gehlen Jays swooped down on the Spalding Junior Varsity and carried off a score of 64-52 Friday night at Spalding. Spalding's high bucket-man was Mark Even with 26 points, Steve Kellen with 7 points, Rod Pottebaum with 6, Ron Ludwig with 5, Dean List and Pat Beck with 3 and Randy Hansen with 2. For the first three quarters it was Spalding's game, but in the last quarter the advantage of height came in handy for Gehlen. --Jan Klein Marlene Klein Ever on guard and ready are Dave List and Jim Schuver. Dave and Jim, left, are both Juniors and will be returning to the floor next year. Terry Streff, A Junior promise. News of yesterday 15 YEARS AGO Jean and Jerry, twin daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bloemendaal of Newkirk, are the winners of the First Baby of 1956 contest sponsored by Orange City merchants. About a month ago Marvin Vander Wei bought 175 sheep, because, as he said, "Nowadays we farmers need a little of everything instead of putting all of our eggs in one basket. This will be Vander Wei's first try at sheep. Likewise this is the first year in his farming career that he hasn't bought cattle. The first grant of loan funds to a college student, from the Dr. Wm.Doornink Educational Foundation, was announced last week. Recipient was Jack Ver Steeg, son of Mr, andMrs. Wilbur Ver Steeg, a student at Northwestern Junior college. 20 YEARS AGO "De Vofksvriend" has ceased to exist. This week the last issue came off the press. Outside the field of church papers it was the last paper published in the Holland language in the United States. The first baby born in Orange City in 1952 arrived at the Grossman hospital this morning. The parents are Mr. and Mrs.Arnold De Jong. The new baby girl has been named Jean Ellen. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brink of Orange City announce the engagement of their daughter, Audrey, to Pvt. Cornelius Sie- bersma of Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky, son of Mr, and Mrs. Henry Kramer. 25 YEARS AGO Merlyn Kraal, lately discharged fronr the Navy, will take over the management of Kraal Furniture Store January 1. During his absence, A. D. Van Etten has been running the business. County and state snowplows started Christmas Day to open roads blocked by a heavy snow which started Monday and continued Tuesday to cover the county with 12 to 16 inches of snow on the level. Drifts were plentiful as a northwest wind piled up the flakes at corners. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rieckhoff have moved into the house they purchased from Mrs. Nina De Bey. Yeoman Gerrit L. Renswill join the VanOosterhoutandTe Paske law firm after his discharge from the Navy. Yeoman Rens is now serving his 20th month in the Navy, and has seen service over most of the Pacific atGuam,IwoJima, the Marshall Islands, etc. He practiced law in Orange City for seven years prior to his entry in the Navy. Invitations are out for the wedding of Eleanor Jean Rensink, daughter of Mr. andMrs. Gerrit Rensink of Newklrk, to Reynold Van Gelder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Van Gelder of Orange City. The marriage will take place in the Newkirk Reformed Church on January 11. Last Monday Mr. Holllnga moved his barber business to the old hotel building owned by Wm. Van Benthem. Mr. Hollinga rented the room just next door south of Heinle's Cafe, and expects to make It into a regular barber shop. 30 YEARS AGO In the interest of peace and harmony of the people of Orange City and vicinity and In the spirit of cooperation to this end, I agree to close the Nlra Theatre on Sunday evenings. H. Van Boxtel Telegrams received In Orange City Saturday night from Washington, D, C, froze all new car stocks in the county and made purchases of a new car Impossible until a ration- Ing system could be worked out. All 1942 model cars including dealers demonstrators, and also 1941 model pas senger cars with 'less than 1,000 miles on the speedometer were ordered off the market. Sheriff Dykstra wishes to bring to the attention of the public the obvious trouble ahead with tire thefts. Be sure your spare tire is locked on. Better yet, lock your garage. Also take the serial numbers of your tires, so if necessary, they may be traced. 35 YEARS AGO Tuesday evening about six o'clock Dr. M. O. Larson of Alton made the final arrangements to purchase a new Ford V8 touring sedan from the Sioux Motor company. The car was placed in Case De Munck's garage at Alton the same evening but did not remain there through the night. The thieves who broke in Case's garage and looked over the prospects for quick transportation. The dealers license was still on the car and the boys picked out the doctor's car for their trip. They cut the air hose to syphon the gas out of a state Highway car and Dr. Vander Maaten's car stored in the place. Dr. Vander Maaten claims the tleves liked his gas best for his gas tank was drained dry.A flashlight was taken from A.M. Schmidt's Hupmobile and the criminals were ready to depart. They apparently looked through Chas, B, Hoeven's car also but did not take his new license plates which were lying on the front seat awaiting Case's efforts in the morning, At present the county is well prepared for whatever old man winter has in store. There are fifteen plows available. The purchase of the five new trucks with plows and the five new tractors with plows this year gives each of the supervisors road maintenance and snow removal equipment that should be efficient for whatever comes. In 1930 the county took over the construction and maintenance of all township • roads which increased the mileage serviced by the county from around 150 miles to 1350. Markets at the Orange City Livestock were, butcher hogs top, $9.50; butcher hogs, light, $8.70; feeding pigs $7.00 to .$8.40; feeding steers, $6.30- feeding heifers, $5.00; thin cattle, $3.75. Maytag Sales and Service advertised Zenith radios for Christmas. Farm sets in two and six volt circuits. Also regular city sets. 6—THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, January 6, 1972 The Dick Van Gelder family of Orange City were Christmas Day dinner guests in the Henry Hubers home. The Hubers and Peter Bos family sat out the Old Year at the Hubers home. The Brouwer family were in Orange City New Year's Day to help Neal Brouwer celebrate his birthday. Rev. Van Koeverlng and Rev. Lenters of Ireton exchanged pulpits Sunday even- Ing, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Holtdorf observed their 25th wedding anniversary Monday evening, Dec, 27 by entertaining 22 relatives for dinner at the American Legion Building in Ireton, Their two daughters were home for the holU days, ' Jr. Siebersma's at Orange City entertained for Mrs, John Brinks 80th birthday at their home Wednesday evening, Those going from here were the Pierce Jansma's, the Bill Smlts and Rodney Kluls family. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Brink of Paullina and Andrew Vander Maaten of Orange City were guests Sunday evening In the Bill Bleeker home! Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mullenburg entertained relatives during the holidays. On the evening of the 23rd of December they had Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Muilenburg and the brothers and sisters with their families. Special guests were the Dick Gabel family of Detroit. Then on Christmas evening they entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gelder of Orange City and Mrs. Mullen- burgs brothers and sisters and families. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Me Gilvra entertained supper guests Dec. 27. Mr. and Mrs. Ring De Jager, Miss Helen De Jager, Harold De Jager and Miss Ellen Rae De Jager all of Orange City. Mrs. Dora Haarsma of Orange City spent the New Years weekend with Mrs. Anna De Jager. Mr. and Mrs, Richard Jahde left by plane Christmas Day to visit relatives In Calif. i Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Van Roekel of Manson spent Sunday in the Alfred Janssen home. Mr, and Mrs, John Melles observed their 40th anniversary on New Years Day, Their children surprised them by coming home for the occasion. Attending were the Harold Melles family of Downer's Grove, the Gary Roghair family of Redlands, Calif,, and the John Jr. family of Holla, Missouri, On Friday evening they entertalmed at their home besides the family, Mrs, Stella Houtsma, Mrs. Nellie Men- nlng and Mrs, Gert De Jong of Orange City; Mr. and Mrs. Arle Van Kley of Sheldon, Mr, and Mrs. Peter Van Kley, of Newklrk, On Saturday, the family were dinner guests of Mrs. Nellie Mennlng In Orange City. New Years supper guests In the Howard Ruisch home were the Eugene Ruisch family, John Vander Stelt, Sr. entered the Orange City hospital Sunday. Linda Hulstein came home from Lexington, Kentucky and spent a few days here with her parents. Mrs. Jennie De Jong and Miss Arloa Muilenburg were guests of Mrs. Anna Muilenburg Thursday afternoon. District court Editor's Note: The following items Were scheduled for last week's Capital but regretably had to be omitted because of lack of space. The Last Will and Testament of Douwe D. De Boer, late of Alton, has been filed for probate. Anna De Boer was appointed Executrix. Bond was waived by the Will. The Estate of Bert Kelzer paid the sum of $811,79 State Inheritance Tax. Petition for Administration has been filed In the Estate of John B, Loewen, John Te Paske has been appointed Administrator. Final Reports have been filed In the following estates; Estate of Kate Douma, Estate of Felix streff, Estate of Amalla Trieber, Estate of Ethel F, Lyle, Estate of James T, Grotenhouse, and the Estate of Peter Cuperus, Petition has been filed for the Administration of the Estate of Cynthia Ann Rowenhorst, H f V, Rowenhorst has been appointed Administrator without bond, Heln Roster has received against Evert J, ! n the 8mowt of .94 plus interest at 7% and costs. The Lasjt Will and Testa, m f 0nt ? /'I 6 '* A ' RoWwco, late of Ireton, was filed for Probate, Mary L. Robinson was appointed Executrix without bond. Harry Dale Probert pleaded guilty to the charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle While under the influence of Intoxicants. He was sentenced by Judge Kennedy to pay a fine of $300.00 and coste and a driver's license is not to be issued for 120 days. Alfred Fred Buchmann pleaded guilty to the charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle While under the Influence of Intoxicants. He was sentenced by Judge Kennedy to pay a fine of $300.00 and costs and a driver's license is not to be issued for 120 days. Local News Enjoying New Year's Dayin the Andrew Vogel home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vogel and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Vogel and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Vogel and family and Mr. and Mrs, Roger Roghair and family and Mr. and Mrs, Alan Vogel and family, Mr. and Mrs, Gary Dyke and two sons from Ames spent some tfcme in the Henry Haarsma home' over the holidays. Miss Glenda Haarsma flew to Michigan during the past holidays to visit with relatives and friends, Mr, and Mrs, Willis Rouwenhorst from Waterloo, Mr, and Mrs, Everett Rou- wenhorst and family from Virginia and Mr, and Mrs, Elroy Rouwenhorst from Waterloo spent some time during the holiday season visiting In the Dorothy Rouwenhorst, Otto A, Rouwenhorst and Chris Rou- wenhorst homes, Fourteen area couples held their annual get-together pot luck dinner at the Maurice Gym for New Years Day, Mr, and Mrs, Ron Noteboom and Mrs, Cornte Eshuts were this years hosts 'and hostesses, A group of people were tertained last Thursday in home of Mr. and Mrs. Vries In Sheldon, honoi Joyce Heemstra from querque, New Mexico, was visiting here during holidays. Sjhe was a forn secretary for Mr. De Vr while at Northwestern. Rev. and Mrs. C. Keui and family from Bloomingt Minnesota were recent gue in the homes of Mrs. Alb Sprik and Mr. and Mrs. Mar Jasper. They also visited v other relatives and friends a few days. Visitors in the home of and Mrs. H. T. Hoogei New Years Day were Mr. Mrs. Herman Buren, Mic and Robert. Michael wil reporting for-the service Month. Mrs. Buren is daughter of the Hoogete Mr. and Mrs, Don H,ane visited at the home of and Mrs. Dale Hubers week for the New Years H day. Rev, and Mrs, Cornie nen and three children Bloomington, Minn., vis Monday, Tuesday and Wed day at the home of Mrs, Keunen, The children sta at the home of Wlllard K nen at Alton, Mrs, Gertrude De Jong! turned last Tuesday from! ver where she stayed at home of her son Douglas | Jong while recuperating a broken arm, Mrs, Peter Vis, from . spent the weekend at the he of Mr, andMrs. John Pen m tog, Mr, and Mrs, Gib De Rul of Rock Valley were lunch guests Monday evening at home of Mr, and Mrs, J< Den Hartog. Mr, and Mrs. RlngDeJaf and Helen visited Mrs. Bur at Le Mars Sunday afterno* Helen used to.board th? n* 5 " M a K

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