Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 26, 1948 · Page 5
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1948
Page 5
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lAY,-MARCH 26, 1948 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, UKIAH, CALIFORNIA PAGE! FIVB Could This Be Your Bock Yard? Stress Shoreline — Silttiisenlativte? of the of ScinoTlna, Marin. and Humbdldt I counties, appeared before thWstatu highway commission Thursdas;;^ of last weelf, asking i-.fthat th^ ^^te taKie,; immediate steps to iihpr^e tKe,,shor4t|t(e higiijiay in S<)nor»a, M^t|^,.iind;Menc[pplno counties; , PartlcjilatiStre^vY'as laid' onjxe- p^ix '^mq ^Of the highway between ifennet Am Gualal^;riyer with 'present hazards removed. The comnriission was told the ai;ea is,: ji..,greitt attraction to to'ujpipts \irj)pl are/{i|s«'"'^^^^^ because" of tjie condjitibii 'of the highwa.Yi-,; • :,f^0 c^JWmission was also! asked fo'inolu(J^ in,l^s next budget tut\As for imj)rovert'ent of the state highway south of ClSfiT Lake frpm the Napa county line to tlie junction With State highway 20. IS Tills" A BOMB-WRECKED %tre^t in London? Nol This is the Batlf^jr<li;d^«ifitliiee Ukiah busineus'esiablishmeats, .Axe thdr'profld of l^^tfaVed Sbatnbl^ busily at work putting it tliip- sBii^'^Cl(iin-U2>'Week begiils at homei they said, inviting the Jour>: nal photographer to leveal the worst in a 'before' picture and then cbn^e back and photograph the same scene when all is put in older. The^'hppe it will open the eyes of oihers to scrutinise their own premises'aiMd go to with rake and shovel for a Cleaii-Up VTeek that vl^iilihak* downtown Ukiah the brightest spot on the'RedWisod'higtli- ^ Willits News -Notes i&ClLIilTS,'- March 24;—Deptitji' Sheriffs Bfartoiomie and Ransdell stc^^ed the 'vblack ja6k"-game-i ^t Andy's test Sunday morning. A? souvenirs, they took with them the bl£tek:^achl table, the cnips, cards, mdiiey.andL.D. Miner, the dealer.'-At this-date they still have the table,: chips, cards and mon6^, but:Miner has been bailed diii Les Goble, who operates the baf- roomj paid the $250 necessary-to release Miner. Although the room was crowded, the whole affair was carried out with such tact that argood portion of the patrons did not know what happened until they read about it or, heard about It next day. ) .ti/:; - Sorpe people ieel liat; t^e, rfifd was incomplete. Before 'criticizing the officers, people should're- t. ijCall that peace officers must have ^ positive proof of infractions of'] '|he ' law before action can :;^'e taken. Rumors, regardless of how nUrneroos, or how coinciding, are not . proof. The oiifcpme pf this incident is being closely .Watched ,%by citizens of WiHitS '-'wHi5i -e,;,n6 gambling Is allowed in any size, shape, form or fashion. Gamblers: You can't gamble in tvillits, but try an establishment just outside the city limis. Why nbt keep the money in Willii- and let taj;payers,in Willits benefit? : 'Nominated as the herb of the ^eek: Merle "Smiley", : Lewis. Smiley had been keeping late hours (working, ' of course) and Was preparing to retire when he heard a crash ajid the sound of breaking glass. Without a second's deliberation he, unarined, investigated. Leaving the caliin he,rents at Eleven Oaks,'he-quietly w ^lke4 down to the service station whert ho found John C. Cole breaking in. Smiley then held Cole (physically when necessary) until' the police arrived. Cole was turned over to the sheriff in UKiah 'on March' 23, and Lewis is back . keeping late hours, (working, pf course). That deserves a week of free rent, even at prices charged these days. " " Although the final outt^in has ? been rung down on the Lions Club minstrel show. Bones, Sambo, Rastus, Honey Boy, Percy ' j^Lowshoes, Lusty Overfed and J. Dishwater Black are still spoken J of with mirth, and .admiratipii. ? These are bi )t a^ few ^ho took part in the Minstrel Clip arid the "Coontown Thirteen Club;''; If you are still not sure who was In it, just look ior the gentlemen in town who seem to hae diriy iieclts and ear." or Who seem to have unexplained circles and shadbvJs under their iBj ^es.; In trUth* they are the fellows,, for We' fire''told tliat blackface : is •'the' haraest thing to get off,; One person wji'ose identity cannot b,e Washed 'off is Harold Innbad ,(Louis Bertain), whose dome we cannot mistake whether he paints it blacfc or; leaves it at it? usual fluster.. Special thanks is due to H.'jpr'gensefl and BiU Fordwho'arranged the script, some pf which was original. That which they borrowed was edited to fit the characters and the townspeople.' All' in "all, it was well worth the. time^ pa- ience and effort the Lions and their helpers put into the' farCe. To say it was well received would be an understatement. In facf, several of the end men are con- tem .Dlating competition with Al Jolson on the audience's reaction alone^ The Lions Club wishes to express their, appreciation to the ladies and gentlemen who helped ,make.,their,^ljoW a $500 success. Sipribg '.has. airrtved, according . '^^flie calendar. Judging froni the \ Ryt^ther, winter has made a quick comeback; If you think it has been wet and iftls6rable 'the Idit few days, icheck the statistics. On^ Mareh 23 >&ti $.'aaft, the reading;' showed 2.20 inches^, 27;8tf .for the* s'eason or 6.28 •^'inches - les's tha.n last year St this tftiie. 'K ypu are: an old-timer you-Wiay-recall .that' 10 years ago, Maifch {23, 1938, 12.21, inches feli; bringing th ^t season'?: ralnfpU up to ''79 .44; Sure was wet.i wasn 't it? ' " : Despite the - rain,'^:: the' 1 ».G;&E.; crew are'working-on" the -ne-w- water m-ain,''a'-IO-i:n(^h' pipe being' laid on Mam street Irom Valley '1 State street. Being two incfies larger than the old line.,Thus far it.Jias not caused,much,inconveni- eifcetO; motorist Other ^han tfee ndise. However, "-Bthert' they start diffissiiig "'t 'hS''highway,' artd "1;bey will do so four times, we fear for the safety of/the, crew and, motpr- istsf wheh the big triicks cbnie speeding ' tHfpiighV ':1vlllitS :Ei 'nd cbrtie to brie:lane i ^affic, i\: Dpwn visiting • friends and rela­ Willits. a're Mrs., Clareriee Heney and daughter • fr <Dfti y6r- Has your wife been nagging you for a deep freeze, a new cook stove? Does she consider your tank type water heater outmoded and wants a table top model? Does Junior want a portable radio? Would you like an-outboard motor or a radio-phonograph combination? Could anyone use $50 in cash? Sound like a drearii? .These are but a, few of the 18. grand prizes offered by the Willits Athletic club. Investinent tickets may be seciared frojn any of i*s members and the lucky 18 will be picked' at their dance. The dance, will be at the •V^^iUits Park; Pavilion on April 3 with' Ralph Raw- son'and' pr'thestra doing .musical ft'dhors. If-you can 't cbrne to the dance, don't fret, for should your name, be among the winners, you need not be preSenf: And your investment- intp the .venture -will be put into the fund' for lights for th'e Williti baseball park. Actually, you'Can't; lo .se. . ; The - Lee , 'VViises, . Ken ^obys, Gordon HiJls, Ray; Evans .and the riarry Kisters all niibtored up to il'ancho Mbsori lasf'MiJhday' eve- .ning. The.purpose,»n dinner, was a meeting of the tVillits Riflemen's Association. Business conducted included the completion of charter memberships and a decision that next weeli, weather favorhig, - work would start on range construction. in Sari Francisco for the, weekend IS Al 'Wilburn.' Out Pf the rain intb the fogi Others'in the fpg of'the bfiycity this-weekend include IWrs. Birdie Anker and Mrs. Bessie Bitfenbend ^rr' ;' -ISvi'deritly' Uiere'' ,waS; 'np foul play - cbhcernied yfiih' the plunge G'fljS'iBaskiri'tdok.down ari' 80 -foot yiff • near Island . Mountain ^ re- eeritly,"It was a 'costly rriiscalcula- tidn'-'oi'distance' which first sent the man to the hospital in Willits arid" Saturday he was taken to the S.P. Hospital in San,Frai>cisco vi^ pullrriari. He is reported im- prbvirtg.' ' ' • ' ' " : Seen in Wijlits' this: week was Ralph. Hansen from Weptt, ^ onetime partner in the Krch & Hansen Cbns'trUc'tioh Cdmpkriy - arid' now in the contract logging business fpr nimseif. , ^rh 'e wet weather' must ' have started the rheumatism a'^ting up in the bones of our old feathered doc, consequently, the ole boy felt lip to only one trip—a daughter lor Critton and Eu!a Gardner of Willits. Mrs. Lucy Reynolds underwent major surgery in Mary's Help hospital, San Francisco, Saturday night. Though the worst is over the lady is to- be confined to her bed lor two more weeks and then must remain in the baiy city for. further tireatments. Hurry and get well, so that your friends in Wjllits can see you soon, Mrs. Reynolds. Prompted by brotherly love or some other motive, Edward, Tolleson apd brother Carl^ teamed! up on another lellow iri ^n ei£-' change of fisticuffs. Whatever the motive it came high-^$25 bail,' thus far. Should ihf sun choose to: shine Siin(3ay, the liremen art. to donj work clothe? and turn out at the; rodep grpunds f6r work detail. .Judge Fred.Foord's coiurt heard,; of Grace Williams and the Willits Beauty Salon. * Mrs Williams .iB >suing the shop, tor injuring-her hair during a pernia- nent. :• y- ^ Among- thpse. .whp ate otvithb; roast beef dinner at the Past Mas­ ters'Night of-Abell Lodge m.Ukiah, and watched the degree team of past masters confer the third .d,e- gree were six members of the Willits Lodge, F.&A.M. These included George Jamieson, worshipful master; Floyd Loots; Melviri Butcher, Charles Zajaell, , George Mafsliall and :Amri;;Koster.. CJn MB^oh22 a: b;ak#'« ,d^i!.eni<ifVpieja-, bers of the same lodge turned out fpr. a school of instruction. The iristructbr ' was JE. lit; Hoi^per;- of .tnciah;;-\yho did'a thproulh jots. ^For ^ aji; those viiht^; rhe^eybe^o lamenting" the ilritldy donditibri b,f pur streets, there, is hope. Hope in the.form of a.street sweeper .^ur- "clvased ^y the .California: Division of •:S;'igliWaysl 'fe-i^infe bbth rotairy and horizontal brushes, it is bound to do a super job wherever used. It is to be used in Fort Bragg, Willits, XJkiah and Lakepprt..How­ ever, the highway division will clepn^only the highway.— ,or, in Willits,!Main street — and if residents ori;side streets v^ant-cjeaii streets, they had bbst be getting after the present and future city dads. An adult educEijion class was held last Monday through joint sponsorship of the high school and the cooperative nursery school. All those attending listened and gaiiied knowledge from a: talk on ,alj phases ' of nutrition,": ifrom jjrp^er diet tp exercise! These classes ai'e held every second and fourth Monday night at f;he Methodist church social hall and the public is invited. .Additional information has been r^eased on the Mendocino :Coiin,ty Federation of Women's Clubs ito be held Saturday, 'April 3, in Covelo. The speakers -will be Mrs; E^rl Shoesmitu: of San Leandro,: who is the recording secretary of the General federation of Wonieri's Clubs, and Mrs. Paul Alexahder of San - Francisco, San Francisco District Federation of Women's Clubs .president. The-evtoirig before all ladies , attei^dirig, are inr vited to ,a no-^host dinner,, at the Coyelo! Hotel. Reservations piUst be inade with the Jocal club Secretary. at least a week iix advance, so hurry 6r ypu.nia'y ,m.iss the fun. The same two .speakers will be guests, at' the W.I.C. chit? of .'Wiilits on.:Apr,!} ,?•' ift.will,„otherwise-,.be a. regfUar meeting held, at the'Yet- eraps; ^Memorial, buijding 'at, .2':'l5 p.m. 'All members are urged,'to attenjd ^nd wel(;o?ne thie .gi(est3, Host-eSsbs for the Occasidri wil be Mesdames John Williafns, .Helen Mbbre.and Joseph Harrah. J/Set. Raymond, St. Louis is back, in Willits, and •Willits in any Weather woUld seeiri good to the young min after 13 months with the pccupation forces in Japan. Hpw's it feel to be ,a civilian of less than 30 days, sarge? Other, activity sporispred by a church was the Sunday schpol program last Sunday at the Methodist church. Rev. Haggarty gave The Message of. Easter, while the small fry provided a program of interesting events. The little ones were Georgia Krch, Edith Tattersfleld, Patty Harrah, Carolyn Bro-wn, JU- dith Stark, Diane Baechtel, Claudia Blair, Peggy Edv/ards, Sharop Stark, Charmel Butcher, Maijreen Black, Annie Rothsprack, Ellen Daskam, Nettie Blair, Joan Hanger, Mike Hall and Peter Ceruttl. Good- work, kidsJ •''Meinb&s M Ukiah Women's 'Golf blub plajred arm chair golf in Murilelpal cJuBhouse Tuesday^ afternoon while the rain camfe'pelt­ ing down. , V :j They completed plans foi: their benefit card party April - :fpf which reservations are being mride with s. & C. Albe'rtspn, i/lrs. Henry Spurr. or ^ny, club menjb^er. Mendocino's Taxable Soles $23,675,240.00 I SACRAMENTO, March 24. '(WNS)—Taxable sales in the state for the fiscal eyaf. 1946-47! totaled $0,378:558,840 and srfles taxes re- t{jrned,'$248 ,a63 ,071, ,tbe board of equ^ljinlipn < tepprted today... In addition'thd board assessed taxes of $2,661,849 'through its.audit firogram. , -7 - - .: '.. In Mendocino county taxable sftles for. the year amounted :,to $23,675,240. and sales tax ooHec- tlpns totaled $591,881. :"•.This formed .24 per cent of the Stete total arid represented :'&'^ gain ,of 57,00, per cent over the -previous fiscal year., . CARL KELSEN SAILS AGAIN , Carl Kelsen, of the Merchant Marine, who has been in Janan for the past.jfear, left on another voyage March 19 after.a visit at home, He was entertained al:din- i^er March 17 by Mr. and Mri" Dom Crinella, who with Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence . Carter and Mrs. $tella Kelsen, accompanied him to San Francisco where he boarded his ship., Instruments Recorded ; Visiting at the home of.Dr. aiid Mrs. L. K. Van Allen is their granddaughter. Miss Faith Wilson, who is spending her Easter vacation here irom San Jose State college, ; M^RCH 6, 1948 John Wallach et ux to Waller Tuttle et ux, land ill lot 17 of wallach subdn. Jofieph Scaramella et ux to Deryl HoUoway et ux, land in T13N R17W. Charlotte Johnston to 'Albert Tamborini et ux, land in T18N R17W." •••'•-- :.' , • John Ross ta Robert Ross, Ji', et al. land in TION R17W. , Minnlfe-Natwick to Minnie Nat- WiCk et al, land in NW Add to, Willits. Robert Eldredgeet ux to PG&E, right of way over land in T23N .R17W. ' . • • V • Leila, Kirk et ux to same, land in T5S R3E. Indian Creek Lmbr Co to same, land in T5S R3E. F W Gordon et ux to same, land in T23N Ri7W. Sarah Allen to same, land in T23N R17W, ; Benjamin Hansen et ux to same, land'in T23N R17W. • John Haslarii et ux to same, land in T23N R17W. • , Ernest Eichin et ux to same, land in T24N RHW, • John Mangan et ux to same, land in T24N R17W. •: Bertel Mork et ux to same, land in T24N R17W. DEEDOF TRUST : Deryl Holloway- et--ux to Bk Am' trustee-'for Jdseph "Scarmella et ux, land in T13N R17W. - RECONVEYANCES Mcndo Co Title Co to H M Coch. rane et ux, deed of trust. Mendo Co Title Co to Ernest Banker, deed of. trust. , AGREEMElSlT FOR SALE J A Mulcahy et al to Louis Giumelli, land in T21N R16W, all timber, redwood and fir, standing and down, located on said property, for the term of 2 years, MARCH 9. 1S48 DEEDS F B Bamum, Inc to Carl Hein- Tici, land in T5S R2E. Empire Mill & Timber Co to H C Crofoot et al, land in lot 140 of Yokayo rancho. Louise McDonald to George Schneider, land in T24N R17W. Union Lmbr Co to Faustino ilvo cl to Fort Bragg. Union Lmbr Co to Leander Siltanen et ux, land in lot 4, block 30 in Fort Brngg. - : FINAL DISTRIBUTION Est of Elma Elwell, deed, distributed to Robert Gardner personal property and real property, Vfe int in land in Willits, and any other property not noW known or discovered.' DEED OF TRUST Crpfopt Lmbr Co to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Empire Mill & Timber Co, lapd in lot 140 of Yokayo rancho. MORTGAGES Donald Dasher et ux tb Eva Smith, sawmill head block, dtb,. used in sawmill at Cleone, Crefoot Lmbr Co to Kmpirei.MUl & Timber Co, p<itaoaBl.T>xi>Bfiifa[ used in sawmill ftOfth of UklfiHi-' RELEASE PF MORTGAGE -I*?;' Bk Am to Angilo Damiano et, iX, AGREEMENt ' Dana Burns to Crellin -Fitteger- aUi, land in T13N. RllW. -i , CONTRIBUTIONS , '; ST Calif to Doyle Rowan, dba "Rowan's Mill & Supply Co." To* tal amourit: $829.68. i?:*;": TRANSFER ALCOHOL LICENCE Stanley Norton et al to Knowies Emerson et al, aba "Pioneferltfffj'' located . at Potter- V «neyj ;r8alfr,io take place at offices of SpupR »i& Brunner, UkaUi, MARCH 10. 1948 ^ DEEDS ^™5J .Randolph Stanley et ux tb .i &iOjt I Sjoland et ust, land in lot 2 *Wt ' Jonsen tract. •"'"**• Elsie Frost to Denftie WlllljsSSi ux. land in Long Valley, nnnnt James Bradshtlw.ct ux to 3*2J Watson et ux, land in Ukiah "S!K Clifford Johnson et ux to Joba Rounds et ux, land: in Fort B: Reno Cavallini et ux to Ed? Fuzak et ux, land in T18N R Max Berlin -et iix toiEktan Bi'ightenstine et ux, land in Mark Walker et Ux to' Busselmeier, land in T17N R__ Donald Martin fetal tb KiBftHft et ux, land ifi T18N R13W, 32 JUDGMENT ^ Ernest Elliptt et ux! vs D '*3J Smith, admin est of W B JoSjSS deed, land in Oak Park Add «t6 Willits. 'usa — —r—— — J2al Can rain solve Up-to-date answers to questions about tfie shortage 1 Are rains enpugnr No. Literally, too much water's gone 5 Wliere does the situation st^nd today? At best it is serious. We have been doing our best, and have been doing 80 right along, to get power from every source.,, and rush more steam-electric generators into service. But, as k stands today, no one can tell how long this critical situation will last..,or how much 'worse it will get. out of too many reservoirs. Rains now cannot be expected to replace it ;^.'.i 2 Just how bad is the drought? It's the worst water power year in our history. This season's rainfall is far below normal. The snowpack in the naountairis is scant. What snow and rain we have had has been poorly distributed—not enough of it in the area where it's needed most. And.,. to make things worse.. .this dry season follows a dry one last year-. 3 What's the drought got to do with electricity? Water is power. Water shiortage means power shortage. We iiave 14 steam-electric generiating plants, but most of California 's electricity is supplied by water. Today, our 55 hydro-electric plants need water. Our 121 reservoirs are thirsty. Some are almost empty. The drought, J too, creates unusual irrigation de- tnands in orchards and farnis. Pumping water takes still more (felectricity. That makes a tiiad problem worse. 4 bthe drought the oiy cause of the emergency? No. Actually there are many causes and the drought intensifies ' 3iem. The story, boiled dojiwQ, is this: Daring the waryeai-s we couldn't obtain priorities tia maintain our normal bluilding program. As soon as war conta:ol& were removed in 1945 we started all over again placing orders for generators, boilers, traiisform- ers and other equipment. I (k>mplex generators aren't sold like ' used cars. They mtist be built to order, piece-by-piece. The few plants in our country eqvopped to make them were crippled by strikes and other obstacles. Their production suffered. Delivery '•"'T ! i '•.-••-'• , • . " ' ' dates were missed. To niake a tough problem tougher, the de- ntand for electric power' has increased even faster than Cali- fomia's tremendous gro\ii^ in population. Just last January we oeceived the first steam-electric generator ordered before the vf Sr and re-ordered in li945. Place all these thingus together. Add the drought and the greatest migration in history. That's the emergency. 6 Will the new Shasta power help? Of course. Every bit helps. But new Shasta power alone is only a fractioii of the total needed. Our area demand is more than 2,000,000 kilowatts. Shasta is expected to supply, next month, about 75,000 additional kilowatts, and another 75,000 kilowatts later in the year. It will help but you can see it won't go far. 7 How about daylight saving time? That means more help... eiiual to about 140,000 kSowatts. But it's 801 tiiot a solution. The biggest saving, of course, is the 20% cut in use ordered by the CaUforhia Public UtiUtiM GoriiiilissiOn,' ' • " 8 What is our record of public service? Let's taice a quick look at the score; Exciept in vvartime wten w-e were refused priorities we have always built successfully ahead of demand. Our area enjbya tKe greatest fami electrificfttion ill the country. Our farms are 98% electrified.. ;far ahead of other sections. Our rates are low. During the war we supplied po#«ir to a staggering number of industries. Not one was ever shM down for lack of power. ThrbUghbut California's gi-eAteflt if^6ctii of'development electaic power in good supply^and atkmrates has played a major part. ' 9 What are we doing to solve present problems? Since the war we've been building just as fast as is huntanly spite of delayed delivery dates, material shortages 'asid the like, " •'• ' ''''''' . Right now, we're in the midst of a huge program of building hydro and steam electric plants. In the lastyearof thfe'war,'1045; we spent Over $22,500,000 on that program; in 1946, $45,000,000 and in 1947 oveV $100,000,000, Ovr 1948 construction expenditures are running at a rate exceriding $10,000,000 per montlu: We're going to provide just as much power, from as many sources, as we can... in spite of obstacles, . Here's lidw you can lend a helping hand This problem is'everybody's problem..,agriculture, industry, labor, business and holiseholders. You can add your heulp, byjrememberipg to tiurn off all lights you aren't actually u^ing.,,in the hall, on the porch, in the bathroom, in the; garage. You can keep down the use of electric heatei*s.' You can inake sure the refrigerator dboris tightly closed. 'VS'ith just a little care you can help a lot to stretch precious power. Won't you lend your helping hand ? PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY

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