Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 26, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1948
Page 4
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- - WSPATCtt DSMOCftAT, URIAH, CALlFORNtA' tot>Aif, MARCH 26, 1 WOMEN'S.. SCCIALrAND ' CLyB NEWS fUCHARD J^. VAMDER ^AS. Dip., yho willcloie gO yean «^ dU- licl0uUh'ed miniaiiiial seiTicethU spring when ha rbliret from th* p««torate of the Pmbytonan chuz^K in^ Dr. /Van der Las Will Retire After Sixty Years of Ministerial Service In his 60 years in the ministry, the pakt 11 in Ukiah have been the hajjpiest of his career, Richard A. Van der Las, D.D., minister of the Presbyterian church said this Weelc in announcing that he will retire this summer and make his home in Fresno with his' son 's family. ythe news is not new to his congregation and church officials who expect to relieve Dr. Van der Las iri'taiidsummer when a satisfactory sfelection has been made for a pastor to take his place. 'The closing period of his ministry here was marked last Sunday, by, the largest new member- sliip group in the history of the church when 20 new candidates fop membership stood at the altar, QJdest members of the church said tJjey had never seen a response ?p .i heartening as on this Palm Siirjday. Five young persons were bsiptised. They were the Misses ^djin Dolores Crawford, Margie IjeeVNeese and Maxine N. Gaul- flBld Mario T. Fi-accliia and i^lrnest Neese, Jr. To Be Married) Miss Caulfield andJWr. Fracchia ^^ill be married by Dr. Van der Eas; in the church irrimediately Allowing Easter services Sunday, •^he -congregation and the' public Ijpve'; been invited to attend the (fefennony. After t^ Dr. •^Sn {der'Las will go by plane to Vi'eSnp where he will attend a ^arty'for the seventh birthday of KJs "granddaughter, Nancy Lee, dstiighter of Mr. arid Mrs. HaroliS R^'ss 'Van der Las. March 31. He will return to Ukiah on April 1, Another son, Richard A,, Jr., iii/es in Fairfax and is an official of American Express Company in San Francisco. There is a year of anniveirsaries for Dr. Van der Las, Sixty years ago May 13, he preached his first sermon in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after eight years of theological studies in University of Dubuque and at McCormick Seminary in Chicago. And it was on June 9, 1915 — 33 years ago — that telegraphic summons came, while he was in the pulpit, bidding him to report to receive his honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity, Came From Oakland Dr. and Mrs. Van der Las came tp Ukiah in March, 1937. Her death followed December SI, 1941. they came here from Oakland \yl^ere he had served 10 years as iriihister of Brooklyn Presbyterian church. Prior to that, he spent 13 years with Bethany Presbyterian church in Seattle. ' Dr. Van der Las was boril in Plattville, Wisconsin, December 9, 1865 and celebrated his 83rd birthday last year. His wife was a college mate, the former Miss ^ulu A. Garber. Among the highlights of his career was the or- ganiatlon of Huron College in South Dakota in 1898. His 11 years in Ukiah have been marjced by harmoiiy and cooperation within the church, he said, and he closes his ministerial service here with a sense of happiness and Satisfaction in the fact that no dissention nor disharmony has marred them. The church had some 85 active members in 1937. Today the membership has more than doubled, with 167 members. Since the first of January they have accepted. into fellowship a total of 32. Others have indicated their intention of joining the church on Easter Sunday. Commends Elders Dr, Van der Las paid tribute this week to the congi-egation and the Session, Outstanding i n administrating the affairs of, the church he named Mr .and Mrs. George P. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. William Bromley, Mr. and Mrs. Ed James; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bittenbender, and many others, he said, -whose work has contributed to the present splendid status of the church organiaztion; " Organiied iii 1874 Another' anhiyiersary to be observed is April 4 when the Presbyterians commemorate their 74th year'as a church. On that date, in 1874, the' Ultiah church was organized in the Methodist Episcopal chui'ch wifiich was then located where the' MaSonic temple now stands. There were 11 charter members, none of whom arp now living. Norton Wagen^eller was the first cleric of the session. In, 1905 John L.' McNab.npw, an attorney of state-wide pyoiju^vencey yr^s appointed clerk, serving until 1912 when he went to San Francisco; He 'was stfcdeeded by Anderson, vftip has served continuously since, lahd wiio furnished the historical facts fpr this record. Eighteen niinisters have served the church 'since its beginning. Dr. 'Van der Las who ended his VI th year on March 14, has served longest.- Prior to him, two ministers with the longest service records were Dr. W. W. Breckenridge from 1916 to 1926 and the Rev. Lynn ,T. White, D.Q., from 19^0 to 193,6. Dr. White continues tp serve the pulpit frequently in the absence' of the minister. Jerry Hunt Celebrate?^ Sixth Birthday tyfonday Children's phonograph records, toys and books entertained the young friends of Jerry Hun^, when his sixth birthday was cele- lirated Monday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs Nolan Ifunt, 506 West Mill street. An Easter rabbit's nest was the centerpiece on the refreshment table decorated in birthday colors of pink, yellow and blue,-with a large white candle-lighted cake itl pink and green decor. ••' Favors were coloring books given the guests to take honle.' They included Jerry's brothers; Kenneth and John, Tommy McFarland, Jen and Pattie Humphrey, Ruth Carmichael, Barbara Towne, George Weger and Janice Tusara. Jerry has ?n older b,r'rther, Robert, who is 12. .-, ,; / Presbyterian Study Club Meets Thiiridqy Seven-Thirty club will meet' in the Presbyterian cliurth parlors at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March ?8, an hpur earlier than their usual meeting time, it was announced by Dudley George, president." This will be study group' night with George Fahrpeiy giyinj^ his review of Plotinus. It was also announced th^t the Presbyterian choir will meet Friday night at 7:30, Instead of Tfevjrs- day, for practice. It has been requested that choir members have their- robes cleaned for Easter morning service. SHHIK?: CLUB TO DINE OUT Members of the Ponvo Shrine Club of Ukiah will- hold their monthly dinner meeting Thursday evening at the Grapevine in Cloverdale. A large attendance is expected from Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma counties. While'(Candlasi wejftp',^ Parker 6pen^'^«f ^pw, ii tively deboralted tfinbr'cllla-at .e- stork shower *lri'her hoto, tU*if iiy night. IJIrd.'JxvJh BtteSel,' i*' Th (Hni )Son street was'hostess. Hte? decorations in pai^fel ^»r;^g -<'flM^ ers" were arranfeedl in "ianici^K iDlniatUTe baby' jcrfjriagesf, ^ WfiH chair;^ and b^by shoes. > IVIrs.' partner was' th'e. iotfH^. Miss Cota'Httft. Thfs is the stpr%V fir^'t visit tOf the Parker honie''0r, Thompsdn street. Games appropriate to the tody in-waitlng theme were plajrefl anc prize winners were Mrs.-'Martin Stlpp, Mrs, ftobert Scott, Uth. Arch Moyar and Mrs. Bljl Bain. • Other guests wei-e, MeSd&me^; Otis and poy Hurt, William Oris kiU, Roy CreefcmOj'erB.eH' Alfrfed and Robert I^arjker, Cly<le Graves Ven -iOtt Laii'd, Tony ^Burtplomei Robert Ibarton krid M:, E. JSoesel Invited tilt unable to''be present were Mesdames Anna ^augh, Her- berf Stnithia'ndjjphn Bmnj ^fi' Dessert '.reireshMents 'ieatyred cokes ^nd«jU:e^'in .pastel .xolorsr Sons llonor Dads In Potter Valley • POTTER VALLEY, March 24. —jTrlday niight, Mafch 19, the boys of Potter Valley High school en,- tertained .their fathers at |he second. aniiuaivFather and Son banquet, celebrating the most successful aifiletjc .season 'in recent years. Two of the mothers, Mrs. Cook and Mr?. Cahill,, prepared a sjimptuous ham dinner. After the ban<;iuef, Clyde Eddie, school trustee, complimented the boys, on their - efforts this year. George Dieitterle, of the county superintendent of • schools' office, outlined the values of the interf scholastic Sports" program.- -He ertl- phasjzed lesions in team Play, i ^i^ood sportsmanship, reapect for flthers an^' personal health ^abiis. Principal 'Syallace, coagh brie'fljr summarized the highlights of therecent football and toasket.- ball seasons and then - presented the- members of the- respective tea {ns their- awards. fThis was second year of 'football, .for Potter Yal)ey, aftprs,disastrous first year when .thfy were unable to Win a game; The loc^l boys won fotjr straight :g.a5nes an.d. were in a position, to at Ifast tie/iforthe championship when. they weife defeated by the Nprthwe?^ t<(eftgue Winners from ..Coyelb-. The follow^ ing boys, earned their lett^i'S for football: K. Burton,-.C; Cann;, Pi Cann, M.-Cain,.M. G00k ..'B. Eotf- ter, B. Jacobs, D. PontS, Rj Simpi- fion, R. > VanOsten,. B. Whittakei- and F. Reynolds. The, "B" baskethflJ?;.season was very sud &ssfu:^ 'the^^am ending m second fllacp.fljEtey losing t'ivo^ heart-breakers' by ohe and two points. The boys who were pre. sented their awards Wefe: K: Burton, P, Cann, M-.^ORJ^V;^ IpashielJ,- J. Dashle'Il,'' G .-Pe^ke, M.'.Mortoij, D. Poijtj, F. R^ynojjcjs and Q. Simpson, In early season games the .varv, sity!.basHet^3^11, t?,?^! .'tqpked good m ^defesiliiig. 9o6rivill^,. Hopland a>^d Upper J^ke. before.the leagu^ season Started. lAfte'r dropping two games on foreign floors, the boys fipished the season in a blaze of glory^ by edging Covelo to complete the "season undefeated on the home court and place second to Covelo in the league. C. Cann, M. Cam, R. Foster, R. Jacobs, R. McNlff, R. Simpson, R. VanOsten and B. Whittaker earn- Boxing, wrestling matches and movies provided the entertainment of the eve»ing*fpr ttte-^en". Celebrdtfjs BFrthdoy ' .?0TT3BR •V/yLLE'?, iyiarch!24— Sharon 6'Brjep'.' celebrated' her first, hli^ijday-^st' -Fria'a}^;:::jvfh^^ m^mM^^'Mr&pe-O'^r^ anql ir^hdmbtheirV ms. ic; 'T,'^'Smalley entfertaipgd lif * her': ^hoBw wisp, joiyis^d in .^e .fel6^a ^ty )li"werfe Wei'hf' ahd'Jopath^^'BBr'd^^^^^^ Vaiighii; vSf ary aiia-; -K^thy, '^^Whitr c6itlb, -•Colin-'and Coi)# MeyerBp Pme aiid CKrisiiiie\Hl3ppei'. arid Wiehael: ahtf BtepKeri'. F6st6i'J '' ' Ajf\'l;h^ ;'jijldrejii'^,')^^^ pa.nWd their mjb ^rs Eadh little ,g'uest ,;don4e ,d a fat^^^^ pap^r hat and received balloons'and an Eastef basekt in adaition to en- l.pying the beautiful tirUiday cake. Ganges and phiidr^n'g records provided' amusemei^t for the lively partj^: * ' UICIAH SAItOR GETS BREA^ Edmund Kenfy Frfenyeia. nav^ seaman second cl^?s,, apjD'KJf Mrs. Bertha R. Frenyea ot ORian, tub been selected to attend aviatiqn fundamentals School at the naval jiir technical trjjlpin,!?, penter, Msrti- phii, Tehii.;' "ipr ah'8-\<reek courie of iristriictiori. ' ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Bay Estes haye heei) spending ' a few days in Ukiah, here frpm San Pedro fo look for a biisiness inve^tpnent jn this arsa, "phey fire investigating raspi'l pyop,erties. , Will Be Married^ SJiiiiddy-/: L^e Lions Hosti^ ,: 1\) J[)ifS[t. Gover|io| .Ei^t Ukiah Lions and ladles were-guests of the Lakeport and Lake .Shore Lions Clubs at the hanquet given at the weekend in jhonor pt District • Governor Frank '^eclpnan at the Rendezvous. The - occasion was another of the famous catfish frys for. which Lake .county is famous anil members of'the Ukiah club attending declare that all past records were excec^' the excellence' of |he dlmjer^efout ahd the quality^ of the -^ish, served. • Attending- from- Tlkiah were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Daubeneck', Ifr.iand f?rs. Arthur Schilder, Mr. ajid Mrs.. W. H. prown, Mn and •Mrs.. Albert Bechtoli Mr. arid Mrs. JP#'te.F¥#!f, Jlr. and Uia /ra ^pi ;Hughes, -'Mr.' and Mrs. James Bi&ehi' Mr. and Mrs. Haroid'Ztm?- merman'a)jd Al Anton.- ', ' : -Etistiiigutshed among the guests wer^ Siate Senator Bulrt Busch ^oi takepoH, Jferry Seawel'l of,'the 'st^fe' board of equalization, State $enjilor George ftatfield, ant^ >JMr. ;afld ^Mrs. George Hobert of Ho- ;ljerg'S Rfsorf.' ' • I FcillcDon^ng Feqt«ir,e , Of Saturday Pra^ram j 'S^tjurday ^ttemoon oljji^ wjlibe •egg^rtalnsa^ with pwsic and folk $|aiicing -yyh^n they 2 'in ttie;RI>lr)lGipgl clubhouse on Sat- ,ujday.-.-J^r.Si E}mer Purdy, pro- -j^fljfn- chairman h^ arranged the .en|^tain^i}pnt witb'Miss Margifre't • l ^rnfs'as soipist. The Misses Lois ^nd.-iBuby "Salisbury will iiresept the.folk dances.' ' : '•• Mrs. Louise A. Bernhard Is hostels yljair;nap Jfpr the event. :. Dppul^ Sherlfl and Mrs., J^U- liam 'White returned TTuesday from .Idaho W'th Willie Benedidcjs and •^ifp, who are charg,ed with issuing.'a numl^er fictitious chei^ks here In January. 't^KOTbCRAPKEcVroR THEIR naUohalmagaiiaeTeM the Miihicrpai'clubhouib/'niam^rr''ate (lea to r}gltt---TOP^R Ciebrge Bayist Met. Jack MacNab.Mti. E. M. Coibeli/Mta. Vincent Gi6rn«, .M!n. Cecil McCoy/'Mrs, Walter Hlggins, Mrs, J. R. Holmes, *fari. Fi p; Sch«m MIDDLE ROW! Mm. M, D. York, Mi». J. a WWle, I<(r »nViUt Shttre. Mrsv Fratik Wegner, Mrs. Frank Wilson, Mn. A. P. Wegar, Mis. |l,5rold Holiday. Mrs. Werner Holxhauser. Mrs; Katheiine Mason., Mrs. W. C. Richardson, Mrs. A. J.Leno, Mrs. I>ella Hereford. Mrs. Joe EUedge; LOWER ROW: Mrs. John Finne, treakurer: MM. R. E. Dawson/•ecreiary; Mi*. Loren York, Mrs. J. N. Stipp, presidenl; Mil. Nellie Ruscell, Mrs. Mary York and Mrs. Marion Mai;vin. P.T.A. Members Attetid Informative District Meeting Held In Upper Lake 5 Initiates Inducted. Intp Job's Daughters with a pleasing demonstration of ceremonial worki five initiates were Inducted into the order of Job's Daughters on Monday night in rites attended by more- than^ 100 persons m Masonic Temple. Miss Patty Brown, Honored Queen, officiated. ' ' . • 4 'he gathering-was also the occasion for inspection by Mrs. Stella Jensen of "San Francisco, grand deputy inspector, who was accompanied by her husband, Nathrup li'Bsen, associate eupreme guardian of >'he United States. Rcileshments were served by ;a committee of which Miss Carol Cohn was chairman; The initiates who entered thp order -were the Misses Janice Busch, I Beverley 'Ward, Sherice Daugherty, Marilyn Hair and EVelyn Abel. • -. A dessert-card party for the benefit of the order will be held ^on Saturdayj~April 10, at 7:-30 in 'the dining room of Masonic temple. Adults and young friends are wvited to make reservations with Mrs.vPearl Barker and Mrs. Jac^ I'-Douglas. : Myron E. Phinney of 519 South State street, Ukia'.i; last week was issued a, notary ,.cpmmission by Frpnk M- Joh'nson, secretary o' state. ^ Anderson Valley News ppiLO, lyia^ch 20. Organizai- tion ',pf a Bay Scout troop will take place at a meeting in Apple hall next Wednesday night at 8 o 'clofk. All boys, ages 12 tp 16, and their parents are asked -to attend, as well as other interested citizens. Kenneth Hickenbottom of Ukiah, scout executive, wiU be present to explain the duties and qualifications of scouts. A color film-on scouting v«ll be shown. The Boy Scouts of America is an organization' developed to interMt boys in J^he practical side of living, as well as fpr the development of character,' right living and wortlj- V'hilei'citizenship; Mfny years ago 3oi^ Scouts were organized in t .His v alley. ' • • ' • '"rh^ "Mendocino County Fair committee met at the farm aji- yjspr' in Ukiah, March 15, for the;purROse of checking and revising tile premium books. Those on this qp}pmHt0e w .ere Cecil Gowan, Alice Gpwari.and Clarence Htilbort;'bf the-.Farm Center and RubySHuibeHr 'and' Mtirie - lhe;';;Gra;hB6;; ' Aii^ inciting rjgvra ^.'h^diC ^ndth^^ prtif^ium; ;T36p |K ^^:W 1 be ;sent 'to •Sacramerit() "£oj' '9^al' a£>p£oval. VisitthgHhe ^Hgle .Biii^^^^ last wSek were IVJr. and Mrs. gtanley B &ger arid son bav|d of San Luis Obispo. Stanley is doing pcist- graduate teaching at the San Luis Obispo agricultural school. Bob Burger ttlso visited his parents, the Hale purgers,. recently. Bob is employed with the Pacific Telephone dbmpahy in 'Richmond. He brpdght writh him Ws ?ister MUT dred 's son, who also visited his g ^rerijlpartints for the week. • lir, • airid ''Mi^s. 'Horiier' Charless had as th '^lr guest this vveek Margaret' 'Caiaries': sister, Mr$. E. Klfittenherger. Mrs. Mgry Rig^en of Philo spent the weekend iit Little River visitr ing her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jam ^s "SJppre of Moore's 'Camp Ground. While there she became a member of the ladies' a«Jtillfiry .of the American Legian, which met in Fopt Bragg Saturday plight- N Mrs. Jess Ridley, accompanied by her daughters Dorothy and Evelyn, motored to Ukiah Thursday. . Mr. J. S.'Ward, who has been visiting his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ward of Philo, left Wednesday for his home in Los Angeles. Mrs. Ward was unable to accompany him this trip, as she stayed to look after their real estate interests. Mr. and Mrs. Ward planto vacation in the east ill iWay.' Sorrow again desicended on the O'Bri&n family of Navarro this week, when Mrs. C'Brian received word of the death of her father. The p'Brians, who had their home burti last'fall and their spn Ronny . seriously burned, recently brought Bonny home from the Healdsburg hospital. Although out of danger it will-be a lorig process of healing before he is' completely well. ' Mrs. Arnold Broy/-n, who has beeii ,ir^ San Francisco 'some weeks, returned Aorriia last Saturday. ' • -'It has been reported that 'a lips- pitfil -piah'was^'iritrodiiced to valley people recently by. the' Glo- verdale'''enai^bei: ,pf 'Cfamnrierce. The hospital, -w^hicK would be built from'funds of the people in sur^ rounding area*; vvould be built at Gloverdale. A rail need for a hospital exists, as : the closest are Ukiah, Healdsburg and Fort Bragg, biit the question to be detentjined is whetjfier one at Cloverdale would benefit the people of this section, as CJoyerdale is nearly 30 miles from BponyUJe oyer a yrind- ing road. PflWibly at a lajjer date, the facts and jnlprmatlpn v/ill be placed before the entire commu- Jiity. A" meeting wat'held last T,ue5^ajp' night, but aptlficatioiis weiis^ sent to only a.tew, ap a tnie representation was not present. The WildTiVood CUoir held their weekly practice Thursday night at the Philo church. The Easter cantata wlP be given Baster Sunday night at the Philo chiirch; feaster services in the mprning will be held at the Both ^oonville and Philo Sunday schools Will have morning programs. By-Mrs. Mazy Frohn With a knowledge of P.T.A. policies and accomplishments, ways and means,,, and an enthusiasm that,can dimmed, Mrs. E*!-. ward T. Walker's audience wanted more when she appeared before the 27th District Parent-Teachers association at Upper Lake Thurs. day. Mrs. 'V/alker, third vice-presi- rieht of :Califorhia Congress of P.T.A., took 'education as her theme. Another speaker who held his listeiiers with information. vn the educa^ipnal field, yfofi Roland Hanson, Lake county supenntend- cnt of schools. J^is. Walker's three-day tour of ;this district, including a visit to Ukiah this week assured a good attendance at the session. Mtt. Smith Honoied During ,the morning session -a past president's pin Was presented tp. Mrs. Jay,Lee Smith Wlio served four, years as district president. Mrs. Smith was president of Redwood Valley, unit earlier and no-w serye§ as dfstrlct extension chalr,- nitn. , Mrs. Lilburn Rice,, district music chairman .presented Ml,ss -Joan" Fieebourne in two piano selections. Upper Lake Cub Scouts led the Flag' salute and: an inspirational reading was given by Rev. B. F. Ray, pastor of the Upper Lake Methodist church..Members of the W.S.C.S. served, a.delicious luncheon at. tables overflowing v;ith spring flowers. Teacher'Shortage At Upper Lake high school in the afternoon, Hanson stressed the serious shortage of teachers. In 1940' only; one in one'hunderd v/as an emergency teacher.- •-Now- one In nine has emergency^ credentials. • . ! The high school glee club under direction of Miss Johnson presented several numbers with outstanding solo work by Miss Jean Dagger. The North Bay conference will br held in Santa Rosa, April 1314. All units arc urged to send thpir presidents and at least one Delegate for one day if• not. for both. A dinner for unit presidents Will be held-at the Methodist church while the educators banquet will be held at the Occidental hotel on the evening of April 13,' Tickels Available Teach,ei's and prinbipais are urged to attend if possible. Tickets for both are available from Mrs. A. J. Koster, Wiilils. Hotel reservations are inade with Mrs. Flora Saxon, Willits, and must be in by AprU 5. Those planning to attend state convention in Sacrameiito on May 12, 13, 14 shoud make reservatiPns Wjth Mrs. Dorothy Sriialley by April 1, Caulfield-Pracchia Rites Will Follow Easter Service At Presbyterian Church •JJEHEARSE FOR EASTER - Senior -Vpuhg •People's society of the Baptist cHureK" rehearsing special Easter music for Sunday's church services, will attend union Good Friday services and remain for- a' potluck supper in the social hall. Richard Hall is president pf thfe,society arid Catherine. Lafsin is chairman of. the , supper cpmr mlttee; • . ' •• • i'-S -i QUICK RCLIEF FfiOIVf liymptbitis bf lilctrm AHsltigfi^n^ quETo EXCESS ACI n 'MBookTettsofHonieTreatmenttlm^ Must Help or It Will Coat y«M Ne^Pf. Over throe million boUIss of the WiuJiitb Mf for "wm»r(i'» M .W*»»" wMch fully explains this treatmont—In*—a^ MEDICO DRUG COMPANY MORRIS DRUG CO. Mrs. Walker Stimulates Dos Rios P.T,A. Group By Mis. Ji O. Geyer • Putting Dos Rios, P.T,A. again on the map,- Mrs. ; Edward L. Walker, 3rd vice president and director of. extension, state congress, addressed a gathering at-^Dos Rios union school on March: 17. , Mrs. J. L. Gipson, president of the-local unit, presided. Mrs. Walker pomted out. the in- dlspensahle .part the Ippal units play in the national organization. Here theme was citizenship. The; necessity for wholesome home, training and complete cooperation between parents and teachers was* emphasized. She'stressed the importance, of the school as a social and recreational: center as well as an educational institution, in a rural com-, munlty. Mrs. WalHer, whose home is In Los Angeles, IS an able speaker, a diligept worker,, of charming per- sonJiIity, forceful and energetic. We. had with >ws also on that day another- visitor, Mrs. J. L. Smith, of.Laytonville, P.T.A..ex. tension Ayorker, who organized this unit aohie; time ago. Most of -the charter members were present, also some new members. ' : A delicious luncheon was served, featuring the St. Patrick Day motif. Everyone came away with, a greater , determination to make our loca.l unit a success. . MRS; ^FRATI COMES HOivIE Mrs. Peter,;.A; .Frati, 802 West Mill streeti: retutned to her home Tuesday from San Mateo where she has been convalescing from major surgery performed m. St. Mary's hospital m San Franlclsco several weeks ago. Leaving the hospital early m March, she has been with friends untd able to make the tnp to Ukiah. She is well enough to be UP and to undertake limited activi-- ties around-her home. THREE TEMPLARS KNIGHTED The i Knights Templar of the Masonic order haye gained three new Sir .Knights m the Temple, .within the past week with Lloyd Hamlin: .receiving his office: on March 11. March 18.was tie date on which William L. Rieter and Stanley Lance had the degree of Order of the Temple conferred on tliemi Miss Maxine-. N,: Caulfleld, -and Mario T. P^'acchia, native daughter • and son of: Ukiahj-will take their marriage vows in' the Presbyten^n church-,foUowmg the Easter services Sunday. Dr. Richard A. Van der Las will,officiate. ,, : The rites, which will be informal',and for which the .Easter church congregatior^ has been: invited to stay, will'be followed by a dinner 'for members of 'their families in, the Canton room of the Palace Hotel. The young couple will leave immediately. after:,for„a week's honeymoon'in soutlieiti California.. :..,,: i.. When; they - return . they will occupy their new: home oh , Uje ranch of.Mr.,and Mrs. :L. Fracchia, parents ,of the gropmrtorbe, who have bpeii ranchers m this orpa for 25 years. Their two daughters, Eda and Janette fecchia also live on the ranch, which is three miles feouth of Ukiah. The-groom-elect, -who is also a ranpher, is a graduate of -Ukiah high school, a member of Veterans of: Foreign: Wars .and the ..UJciah Breakfast club.i . ,• - -, !' ,The. brldertorbe is the daughter of'Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gaumeld, now. Hying m; . the- North.- /Springs ar^a; Her ..sister, Mr^.-Donsild Akers,, lives .on -Redwood,^ avenue where Miss: Gaulfteld : has, been ,making her home. She has beert;' employed by John's Studio,. She" graduated from Ukiah high school. Mrs. Ully Mi. Thomas Passed Awqy Monda Funeral services,for Mrs. Wily M. Thomas of Potter .Valley, will ,be'ihejd irom^the-tEversole Mortuary nn Ukjah on W^^dnesday a:{ter- noon,: March -24, at: 2:30: o'qlpck, with Elbert,Holland -.officiating.. Mrs. Thomas passed away Monday morning at the age of 72 years. She. was the wife pf Bert F. Thomas, the, mother, of : 'Virgil Thomas and thp sister of Mrs.: A. R. Sides, all pf: potter. Valley. Sfie ,was thje daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Barnettof piover- dale apd ,was bor.n.;in ^l^at place. Hisr -life was ipenf m -^hi? community. ' ' ... IN HEW I«>ME ,„,. :,, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Dayi^, now in their new home on Jones street, where they moved .from 112 South Hortenso, street. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Caylpr have taken the home tlj^y vacated. ,. . , , Mighty low, indeed, and mighty- welcome to the budget. What's more, high eiandards of comfort, copviepipnce, eafety m^e Greyhpund today's biggest travel value. Try it.. .you'll agree 0re^Tibuud's ihfi way to go! : v There Are No L^.yyer Fares! 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