Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 21
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 21

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

Junior Editor* Quit on—— FAMOUS SAYINGS QUESTION: Why do we My tomton* It "fighting windmills?" ANSWER: Wh«n a ptrson flghti i illly biMIt againtt an Imag. iniry «nemy, w« lay.h* It "fighting Wlndmllli/' W« g*t th« «xprw- •ion from a famout Spanlih novtl about Don Oulxote. Don Qulxoto believed ha wai a great and valiant knight, He wa* • raally |u*t a poor old man, But ha set out ona day on Mi old broken- down horsa, drened In a suit of armor that had belonged to hit great- grandfather. He was looking for adventure, Towards evening, he saw more than thirty windmills In a diitant field. He wa* delighted. Here, he thought, are more than thirty huge giants to be conquered. So he aimed hit lance and spurred his horse and charged the first windmill. The lance caught the sail of the 'windmill and. was broken, Don Quixote was thrown from his horse, Thls^only made Don Quixote more sure that these were giants, sdisguised by a magician to look like windmills. So he picked himself up, got back on his horse and rode on to further adventure, sure .that someday he would conquer them. , FOR YOU TO DO: When you go for a ride In the country with .your parents, see if you can see any modern windmills. Do they look like Don Quixote's? To win $10, send a good question to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow; Do fish climb stairs? Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures. ••••••• CARNIVAL By Dick Turner "M6m cant' find her child psychology book and I don't rrust her when she's doing her own thinking!" SIDE GLANCES ByGolbraith "Bixby's tomatoes look blfitf th«« ours I Dtggone it next year I'mgolngteirajajpumpkins!" . Don't ask A perntin to hold the telephone "* second" while you answer the door or see what Johnny wants. It's much better to TifMt Mer.ii, tom\ )*M A Thuftdiy, July 11, til? V America jwi *M iij think j and If iftw** can't tHJnk (Aer iirU *nit "second" gomfctlmai tik«» .»five minutes. •And that'* a long tim« for any uviiiiiij wmii/at it a inu\*n U^/I/LVS. i.w , -.• - »ask if you may cai[ back. For the on» to hold the, phone. TIZZY ByKat«'Oiann "I've heard a lot of nice things about Charles, but mostly from hisparentsl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadina Seltztr "Maybe you'd better cover up his head, tool" Sao Yarn Anawor to Pravioua ACROSS 1 Man-eater of the sea 6 These sail the seven seas 11 Bed canopy 13 Englishman 14 Feminine appellation 15 Revolve 16 Feathered scarf 17 Sheep's bleat 19 New Guinea teapqrt 20 Coin in an Oriental seaport 21 Mariner's direction 22 Perches 23 Stiffen 26 Puerto— 27 Dry, ai wine 28 Wand ; v 20 Feminine name 30 Dutch uncle 31 Scatters, as 1 hay 33 Animal* 30 Sea eagle 37 Chum 38 Summer (Fr.) 40 Is let in a river 41 Blackbird of cuckoo family 42 Small horse 43 Steps over fences 46 Spotted 40 Bullfighter BO EmbelHiha* SI Flout M River in England DOWN 1 Pierces with a weapon f 3 Demigods 3 Athwart '4 Route (ab.) 5 Sight 6 Theatrical sign 7 the deck 8 Kind of type 9 Spud 10 Dirks 12 Girl's name 13 Scottish hjlside 18 Tree 32 Lateral parts 24 Stage whisper 15 Communists 1- IZ)1 JL-Jl^lf J UMUUJ fjr JUIUv LJtJU UUMl JL-)U% I IWUWI If J I itJI (,: k^l IKJL« Ifll IfJl 1 MCJI Jl IH LH IL-JI Ifj 26 Italian province, , 28 Staggering 31 Demigod of the at* 32 AU 33 Prohibit 34 Bridge holding 2$ — r- island 31 Near, Middle . and far 37 Bl .Texas 39 Excrete 44 Sheltered side 45 Make a mistake 47 Worthless table wrap 41 Sailor , BOOTS AND,HIR BUDDIES Let's Moval •Y EDGAR MARTIN ^«it^^'., mfe^i,- «Uf «UI WAV tV J. >. WILLIAM OUT AM' LAPT U* t*-> HB P CCW6 HOME ^^ ILVOUV* •"'""" Kn« WA»H1SP UP AW 1 tATtW- THE \MC3RleV WAR I * »n w MI ••»«•. i» t* «»S •«, •«, OUt IOAA6IN6 . , . «ff ft . . . MAJ0* SUGS BUNNY Cemi HCPfE VAAPE,"PO<; POUNTAIN PEN FILLED AKJ' WWTIN 1 ! ISN'T «MN« THESE PENS CXPEfJSIVE? • mi if WAV TM, te uk Hi. M i ,.1,11 -V PRISCILLA'S POP Piercing the Sound Barrier BY AL VBRMBRt on, WELL, I GUESS WE'S TIRED ILL, ,<3BT OTljNER ON?"" WAKE UF? DEAR/ YOU PROMISED TO MEND THE -SCREENS ALLEY OOP BY V. T. HAMLIM AS IP NOU AINT SOT ENOUGH \M3MEN RK3HT WERE AX HOME, BRIMS IN AN 1 A R3OR,SCRAVVNV U'L OL' THINS TO BOOT/ BELJEVE ME, I HOPE NOW THE ~^S. HE HAS, THE BIS QUESTION Id, HAS \ UUNIC: I JUST WE GOT ENOUGH STCAM LETT TO VOURLI'LOL' VVILDCAT'S SOT AWAY' WHJ>CWSNOU LIKE, IS IT? WELL, I'LL WILDCAT VOU, MDU TVMD-LEGGED WOPSTHEHAS/ COME AFTER ME? MORTY MEEKLE BY DICK CAVALLI DON'T ASK ME HOW I KNOW...I JUST STAND. BV WITH THE IOPINE/ BUTTHAT'5 RIDICULOUS/ HOW.CANM3U KNOW VOUTJE GOING TO... ® 1M7 k, NU Vryic.. liu. T.M. Ri(. U.*. f.l. M. BY MERRILL BLOSSBt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ON SFCOMO , LETS PRETTY DARK NOT LOSE ir AND SAVE THE LOOT FOfj. A MORf \A/OWMVCAUSt? DOWN THERE-Sloe-- YOUTAK6 UWDB*. BY WILSON SCRUGOI Taking the Blame THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE , CX3WI50UITP UPSET. HE'S <SOWO XXJMEAVJF ATOfilVEUj'WSART.ANPMT.Ie DOU6I5 W FAULT/ I'M SORKVI BROUGHT VOU AND DOUG TOGETHER A6MW. I ADMIT I MEDDLED, BUT I HAP NDIPBA THE RESULTS WOULD BE SO UNPOZTUWATS/ 8W.Y, VOU MUST U$TW TD ME' ifvE GOME ID MAKE ** MARTHA ANAPOL06V In the Samt §••) CAPTAIN EAIY BY LfSLII TURNII POIWT PUT (MKK.

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