Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 15, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1960
Page 10
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Blearing Set Thursday on Suit to Oose Speedway KWARDSVTLLE - Trw> tnjunr- tton wit of four couples residing &i vldWty of Meadowbpook, who leek a temporary restraining order <o close the motorcycle race track Jn that area, is scheduled for hearing at 9:30 a.m. Thursday before Circuit Judge James 0. Mon- W Jr. Hearing on the request for a temporary closing order, on grounds that the track constitutes a nuisance to residents of the area and is a traffic hazard, originally W6s set for June 1, but a continuance was granted on motion of Attorney Virgil M. Jacoby of Alton, counsel for defendants In the suit. The injunction complaint was fltaj -Ma»!j6 by Attorney Da%-c Swan 61 Alfein on behalf of the four Meadowbrook area couples, who contended that roaring noises of track Inrornorators for location of a tavern on the track premises. Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Bartylak has told the Telegraph he Is urging Commission Haller to set a hearing on revocation of the liquor license for review of "additional evidence" presented by Meadowbrook area oftjectors as to the character and reputation of the licensees, which svas not brought out at the original hearing on issuance of the track's liquor permit. Bartylak could not be reached this morning for query if a hearing date has definitely been set on possible revocation of the track's liquor license. When the British naval vessel Lochfyne recently loft Mahe.i Seychelles, she had as deck pas-i senders three giant tortoises for. i;uinciiuini UKII H.FHI "'£ nwto\ f v*i • the motorcycles at the track. asj{f ndo _ n * well as dust and exhaust fumes! Newspaper editor Herbert caused an "unhealthful" condition i Bayard Swope said that a sure in the neighborhood way to failure was to "try toj Meanwhile, residents of the area please everybody." — represented by Attorney Swan! — are continuing their efforts to obtain a hearing before County Li- cruor Commissioner Gus Haller for revocation of the county liquor permit issued May 17 to the three Some deep-sea fish have or-: gans which produce light to enable them to see in total darkness. Telegraph Want Ads "Click." GRAND OPENING! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, June 16,17,18 MONTICELLO BARBER SHOP MONTICELLO PLAZA, GODFREY ALFRED L. HANSEN, BARBER OPEN DAILY (EXCEPT WED,) 8:30 TO 5:30 AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LIONS OFFICERS Dr. C. B. Ragland, second left, out- the Installation banquet Tuesday E atne president of the Wood River Looking on are O. Jay Stiehl, left, Lions ions Club, presented Jim Baker, In- district governor and Dr. F. M. Leever, coming president, with a gavel during master of ceremonies—Staff Photo. Wood River Lions Club Installs New Officers WOOD RIVKR ••-(*,. Jay Stienlldrich. assistant Lion tamer, of Atwood. III., governor of Directors installed were: Lions District IE. was guest speaker at installation cererrton- ies of the Wood River Lions Club Tuesday evening. Stiehl save a brief resume of f . his duties as governor. He join- i\<?flf*iy III ed the Atwood Club in 1949 and) has had a perfect attendance j tfm.11 fffpff • record since joining. He has] * »»«•«• I-'' • Ktv . served his club as director, sec-; retary and president «nd has « ffcct , served the d>s net as /onebefore the end of the month! chairman and deputy d, t ct, announced tod b citv . governor. C arence Decker Intro-: * • j !i '. . , ; Manager Graham W. Watt. ' duced Stiehl. A welcome address was given j The Civil Service Commission News of GraiM Commercial Trade Meager CHfCAGO (AP) - Commercial trade in grain futures was meager today and prices hardly budged from previous closes. tn the early afternoon nearly all contracts were within minimum fractions of Tuesday's finishes with trade volume again at its low levels of the year. Dealers said there was a light amount of hedge selling In wheat and scattered profit taking in corn and oats. Trade stalled for [long periods as offerings dried up j and with no one shopping the pits for them. i Carlot receipts were estimated j8t wheat none, corn 117, oats 4, rye none, barley 12 and soybeans 3. CHFCAGO fAP) — No wheat or 12 Selected Stocks Jiy Following are today's 1 ;30 Sep Stork Exchange issues research Dec has indicated are widely held Mar in the Alton area, as supplier! to May the Alton Kvening Telegraph by Corn Newhard. Cook & Co., from its j| v Alton branch office. (The New Sep Hamlin, Edgar Kelly and Sid York Exchange closes daily at Dec 2:30 p.m. (Alton timei. so these M,- ( r arc not the closing quotations): Qats AT&T 89'V Gen. Motors 44 7 /i, ,j| v Granite City Steel 35'», Olin Sep Math. Chem. 46T». Owens-Ill. —— IKi'a, Shell 35, Sinclair 37 7 ,, f, — Soeony 36'-i, Standard find.) 3S-V Standard fNJi 41'.A, U.S. Steel 82%, Sears 58'.*. soybean sales. Corn no. 1 yellow i 1.22'*; no. 2 yellow 1.22«/j. Oats sample grade white 75. Soybean oil 8'ib- e *a. Barley: malting choice 1.15-1.25 n; feed 92-1.02 n. High Low Close Close Wheat Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, tit.. (AP)-(U8DA)-HogB 11.000; bulk U.S. No. 1-2 185-230 lb barrows and gilts 17.00-25; few 230 lb later 16.75; No. 1 200-220 lb 17.30; bulk mixed grade No. 1 - 3 1» • 240 lb 16.00-75; some No. 1-3 early to) 17.00; No. 2-3 i40 • 270 lb 15.75 16,25; No. 1-3 240 lb 16.50; few No. 3 and 2-3 270-325 lb 15.10-75; No. 1-3 sows 400 lb down 14.0015.00; over 400 lb 12.50-13.75; boars over 250 lb 11.00-25; lighter 12.0025. Cattle 3,000, calves 400; choice steers and heifers 25.50-26.00: good 23.00-25.00; utility and commercial cows 16.50-17.50; few outstanding commercials 18.00; canners and cutters 13.50-16.50; utility and commercial bulls 18.50-20.00; few good 700 lb stock steers 23.0024.00; good and choice vealers 23.00-27.00; few high choice and prime 28.00; standard and low good 18.00-22.00. Sheep 800: market not established; good and choice spring lambs weak to 50 or more lower at 20.50-22.50. News of Stocks Market Busy But Irregular By RtP WATSON AP limbiem News Writer NEW WEDNESDAY. JU^E 15, ll'-oO g^gjgj^g^^gggglg^l^lllBlBBBMBMHBBBBlBBeBBBBBBBHB* nent among me spedtHy Rims moving higher. These Included Standard Coil, up nearly t; Beckman. up better than 4; Litton. nearly 4 and Zenith and TTWttl- tron, about a point apiece. Baltimore ft Ohio managed to | stay ahead among rails, ft* fears 'of a scramble for its stock be- Irween New York Central and — An'active! Cnesa P rakp * Onio a PP Melrtl y busv butl&>rned out to be groundless. The Volume for the day was esti-i mated at 3,600.000 shares compared with 3,430,000 Tuesday. A few specialties in widely as sorted fields of endeavor showed j good gains, but in the main pric-! es were within fractions to a P°intj of Tuesday's close. Steels were | weak. Both Bethlehem and Re- . public were down around a point i and U.S. Steel nearly as much. Rubbers, aircraft, chemical and ' . , . , , . tobacco shares also lost ground. Other major groups were a jumble of small gainers and losers. Some electronics were promi- iwas steady Government bonds and rateimproved In quiet trading Census Bureau reports j tha , many mn j or u.S. cities are ]osing population to nearby «• burbs " com Enjoy quJck relief *fldl itpeeHUy remove 10111001 rorna with thin, cushion-1 inn Dr. Schf pads. Cent but a trifle. D-'Scholk Lnop,ir/<, Dec .74 7 /» .76% .75 7 ' 8 .76Vi .74^4 .76k Dog Ordinance 1.84'<i 1.83% 1.84% 1.84^1 Mar 1.87 1.86% 1.87 1.86% Rye 1.92-% 1.92V4 1.92% 1.92" a! Jly 1.96% 1.96'*- 1.96 %1.9694J Sep 1.96 1.95'% 1.96 1.95%! Dec 'Mar 1.18 S 4 1.18-% 1.18' 2 1.18%: May 1.17% 1.17'i 1.17% 1.18 Soybeans : 1.12'i 1.12% 1.12% 1.12%iJly 2.10 a i 2.09»' 2 2.104 2.10 116'i 1.15*4 l.lfi'4 1.mi Sep 2.10 2.08% 2.09»i 2.09 iNov 2.08'2 2.07% 2.0814 2.07% .71'i .70% .70% .71> /4 iJan 2.12% 2.1l»i 2.12 2.11% .71% .71% .71% .71% I Mar 2.15% 2.14% 2.14% 2.14% 1.22% 1.21 1.22% 1.21V* 1.23V4 1.21% 1.23% 1-22% 1.25% 1.24% 1.25% 1.24% 1.26% 1.25% 1.26% 1.26 — - 1.27 1.27 by Dr. C. B. Ragland, outgoing president, and Dr. F. M. Leever. one of the charter members ol the local club, served as master n[ ceremonies. A comedy skit depicting singers of the roaring 20's was presented by Mrs Leland Laux Jr. of Alton, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. William Wisnas- ky. Alton. New officers installed by recently conducted an examination for the position of dog warden and an applicant rated eligible for the position was Interviewed yesterday by Police Chief John M. Heafner and Sanitation Division Superintendent Leo Fitzgerald, who is also cityj license inspector. j The dog warden, who will' T . , handle all matters relating toij 1 "" J ° hn J erma "' ™ e P res1 ' 1 'dent; Mrs. Kenneth Draper, recording secretary; Mrs. Randall Caldwell, treasurer; Mrs. Guy Palmer, promotion secretary: Mrs. Joe Sanner. secretary of Hartford WSCS i I Officers Seated ! HARTFORD — Mrs. Harry i Smith has been installed as the new president of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church. She succeeds Mrs. Wendell Killam. who has served as president for two years. Other officers installed are: control, will administer the Stiehl were: James G. Baker, j ordinance under supervision of piesident; Richard Scheffel.ifhe police chief and sanitation Verdell Manner and Kerrigan j superintendent, Watt said. A Logsdon, vice presidents; G. O. icity budget provision sets his, . . ... _, De Atley. secretary; Finis Ray-(salary at $350 a month. jmiss.onary educat.on and serv- burn, treasurer; Pat Kane, tail We are pleased to announce the opening of an office to better serve the Alton area. EDWARD D. JONES & CO. Members, New York Stock Exchange Metropolitan Building 307 Henry St. Alton, 111. Telephone HOward 54015 JOHN J. MALONEY Registered Representative Best Wishes On Your Opening . • MONTICELLO BARBER SHOP • MONTICELLO COLOR CENTER • TOP VALUE REDEMPTION STORE Come in and Save During Our RED TAG SALE! June 16-25 WESTERN AUTO MONTICKKKO PLAZA, GODFREY L. W. Gerdeman. as- of training period for the twister; sistant ail twister; Richard Jur Hwardeti son, Lion tamer and Steve Skun-j ous features of the dog ,. orm -oJ : program will be brought into It is the plan to have a sor- j othew are . M( , s ployd An _ which the van derso "' f^ 1 ' 0181 ^ ° f P 1 **"™ social relations; Mrs. Paul Draper, secretary of youth work: effect step by step, ;sakl. The garden is ft, be t 'pod with a small truck. ' . . |Mrs. R. E. George, secretary of! 01 "'Spiritual Life; Miss Helen Pel-! children's work: Mrs. '.nd' Watt said today that the truck , has already been secured and is i "ready to roll." Also concluded' are contract arrangements with; ersen, James A. publication Wright, literature.! and supply work;: Appeal Ruling From Inspection Division Alton Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing in City Hall at 7:30 p.m. Thursday to consider an appeal by Edmund|Alton Area Animal Aid Assn.; West Germany has approved M. Morrissey and Morrissey 1 under which it will provide- in Bonn, payments of $1fl mi', Construction Co. from the build-: shelter and care for Impounded i lion in restitution to victims of and Mrs. Wendell Killam, secretary of student work. ing inspection division ruling;flogs and small stray animals, with regard to a building designed as a self-service laundry, which is under construction tit" 2514 State St. By the ap- ! peal the contractor seeks right to provide a single rest room i instead of dual rest room fa- U'ilities. ! STONE BROS. CREDIT JEWELERS 118 W. 3rd., Alton Ferguson and Wood River Ave., Wood River Another Shipment Received in Time for FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY, JUNE 19 \ WE DARE ANYONE |to beat this greatest 4 of all values! V MARVEL Shirt-Pocket Radio WITH BUILT-IN DYNAMIC SPEAKER $1495 STONE BROS. CREDIT JEWELERS Rockefeller Asks Unity OfDelegates NKW YORK (AP) - Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, still available for a draft himself, urges New York Republicans to back whoever gets the presidential nomination. At a $100-a-plate state committee dinner Tuesday night, the governor said: "I want us to do everything possible to see to it that when they add up the score to determine who shall succeed our great president. Dwight Ei- : senhower, New York's crucial 45 j electoral votes will be in the Republican column." He made no mention of his party's front runner, Vice President Richard M. Nixon, whom he has called on to speak more fully on major issues to improve Republican prospects in the election. Rockefeller will lead his state's uncommitted delegation to the national convention in Chicago next month. A party meeting Tuesday chose Rockefeller as one of 10 delegates- at-large to fill out the state's 96- vole blue, tht' most any state will have in thf 1.H31 total His election as chairman of the delegation followed | t'onM|iiciinusl> .iliM'iit Irnm thi' delegation will be Thomas E ' Dowey. twice his party's unsuccessful candidate for president Dewey sent word he would be in fXirope. But his decision not to attend the convention raised talk that he opposed Rockefeller's | recent criticisms of Nixon : The Dominican Republic is getting bids in Trujillo on a project to dam the Yakue del Sui and San Juan Rivers loi irrigation. During the Civil War gunpowder was- manufactured at Meiwmec Caverns in Stanlon. Mo. Lithium, lightest of all metals, will float like cork on water ni od It lb used in the H- bonib ' i Nezi persecution in Norway and Denmark. Telegraph Want Ads "Click." Complete Selection of For All Occasions! Father's Day. . . Sunday, June 19 Open Man., Thur., Fri. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. TIIO., Wed., Sat., 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Breitweiser's GIFT SHOP Monricello Plaia, Godfrey UNION Get FREE STEREO RECORDS DURING OUR EXCITING I960 IX/lcicm Before you buy, come in and let us demonstrate these outstanding Magnavox home entertainment values. Complete with STBMBO ALBUMS VALUE ALMOST mO ••LBCTIONS THI SARATOGA WELCOME!! Monticello Color Center Monticello Barber Shop Top Value Stamp Redemption Center GRAND OPENING SPECIALS (Monticello Store Only) Gold Stripe Nylon Hose Box of 3 Prs. Reg. Price $4.05 — SPECIAL Blouses (Special Group) Reduced to fti 1 !? <ThU Week Only) (Quantity Limited) Millinery — Straws, Flowers in all the lovely Summer Colors SI'KCIAl— 72 PRICE Swimsuits — Name Brands (Quantity Limited) Group 3 OFF Regular Price VALUABLE COUPON FREE FREE WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS AT BOTH STORES TOP EXTRA TOP VALl E STAMPS On Any Purt-hui* of $5.00 or Over PouJene's Limit One Coupon per Family. Mumieello or Alton Pl<ua Store ivy ""»fff yrm- OPEN A CHARGE ACCOUNT NOW! MONTICELLO PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Take your listening pleasure wherever you go...with this Complete Magnavox Stereo Hi-Fi Portable! Two Magnavox speakers with c> axial tweeters for fine tone quality. Easily removed lid contains second stereo channel. Exclusive Magnavox precision automatic changer plays all records. Smart, easy-to-carry case in beautiful two* tone colors... Complete with 2 Stereo Albums. 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