The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 5
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[•V J |^l»(5 1 "5»M^SirWJ,>;WJ l B'»Jr'/"V -Ij'n, ' ' '' I THIS HfiPtJBLIOAN, AL'JONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, 1896 Spring Announcement o In going to market this Spring later than usual we struck it just right. We found the wholesale dealers short on cash and long on goods. We found them willing to unload at a great loss. On this strength we bought twice as many goods as we intended to. Loaded to the ceiling with goods that we can sell to you at regular wholesale prices and still make a little profit. ine ut> to date: no old fogy methods or styles at our store. Onward Onward '. Kword witk us. Progression is the rale. Our success and popularity has been o the soUd foundation of HONEST GOODS AT HONEST PRICES. Our stock is abso- uelv r^Uabll? youTe not trusting to luck when you buy of us. When we buy clothmg we look sharp for quality and workmanship; if they are right, we see about price; if not, 50 cents on the "nothing" could not tempt us to buy, for we have a reputation at stake. If you buy clotting here they are right, no matter how little you pay for them. Customers buying goods of our firm should NFVEK HAVE BETTEE GOODS BEEN SHOWN. NEVER HAVE GREATER VARIETIES BEEN OWTOED NEVER HAVE PRICES BEEN SO LOW. Your eyes will tell you the moment you look at our ™ods and hear the prices that no one can undersell us. Dp not let anyone per- InWdeloutobuy before you know what we can do for you. It won't do you any harm and we willSealed to show you if you buy or not. You will be agreeably surprised. YOURS TRULY, LOCAL MENTION. THE DOUSE OF THE WOLF. & @ o & BY STANLEY J. WEYMAN. This story begins in this paper. Do not begin it and depend on borrowing tbe paper or any other uncertainty, as you will have to read it all. Lessons in oil painting and pastel. —MRS. GOODNER, North Dodge St. WATER MILL FLOUR. "Snow Queen" (Fancy Patent), 90c ^ Family Favorite " (Straight), 85c TiftT* Qnf*lr "RockBottom" (Baker's Patent) 65c •v\nrt QQp\C Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks BuckwheatFlour, 55 cents Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent on any foreign country for bread. JONES & STACY. Everybody smokes Sportman's Game cigars because it is the best 5-cent^ cigar in town. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J- J. RYAN, Office over the postofflee, Algona, la. ( First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON \ 2nd mortgages, ( Collateral. _ GEO. 0. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT, And the expenses of making 'the loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred, This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BBUNSON, MONEY TO IA> AN? On improved farms, Farm £»uds and Town. Property bought and sold on commission, B . E. o,- MQTJNT & SON. Opera BjQcfc, AJgona, Jowg. •'•' Sajt by : the bart-els 'at Son's. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Hutchison Friday morning. The Wigwam has just received a full carload of the celebrated Monitor YV md Mills. There was a considerable snow storm last night which lays soft and wet on the ground this morning. It will do good. . , There is a new member of the real estate firm of E. C. Mount & Son. Ihe new man arrived Sunday and weighs ten pounds. II. P. Hanson, of Fenton, has bought him an eighty in Garfielil township and has taken possession of the land, which cost him $2600. Now just look at Mr. Durdall's fine big ad. It is so interesting that wo give it the top of the local page. Clothes are very important. Farmers will notice the ad of Geo. S. Angus, who represents the Mutual Hail Insurance Association in this county. It is a good company. Taylor's cloak man will be here Friday of this week with fine capes, skirts suits and will also show the new blazer. This will be an interesting occasion. Miss C. T. Dodd was sick several days last week, and her place at the postofiice was filled by Mr. Ford. She was attending to business again Monday morning. ThOB. Keene, the Shakespearean actor who it was hoped could be secured for a night in Algona, is announced for Webster City Saturday night. He will appear in Richard III. Landlord Tennant was out Friday morning before breakfast and bagged a nice lot of ducks. Mr. Tennant is one of the most enthusiastic and successful sportsmen in the state. A pleasant dancing party was given by the Algona Dancing Club at the court house last evening, notwithstanding the snow storm. The bterzbach- Cady orchestra made the music. Druggist W. J. Studley has been sick since last Thursday. He recovered sufficiently to get up town Monday only to be taken with a relapse. He has bad a high fever and been delenous but it is thought he is better this morning. Letters are advertised for Josephine Ashford, Flora Brandt, Harry Bennett, Wm, Brown Jr., Andrew H°smer, °- j , Lenander, Mrs, Mayre, Cbas. Raney J, L, Reed, F. E. Smith, Mrs. Mike Slattery, David Schleich, Mr, S. Welfare, The Algona Courier says it would cost $200 orSSOO to find out whether 65 per cent, of the people in the county are in favor of saloons. Webeueve the fellow who spends the money will not have the privilege of making it out of the business— Swea <?jty • • Dr. Kay's Lung Balm cures every kind of cough- Pleasant and safe for all ages. See ad, Algona Residence £pts foy Sale? I have some nicely located, most any size except the "too small,'' unsatisfactory 4x8 rods size. My lots are 5 rods wide by 10, 11, 12, 13 to 14 rods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to shade and fruit trees. Parties intending to bund soon can get low prices and easy terms on these lots. J. jp. ft'lAcy. WAOTJP>— To buy a good house and lot in Algona on monthly payments. Address lock box Igp, Algona. Lessons in oU -MRS. ~ ... Mr. McFarland against Wm- Ducket waij'a suit before Justice Hager atSex- tonlast Friday. It was an ^action to collect an account and was hotly contested all day. Attorney McMahon was for the defendant and S- S. Sessions for plaintiff and a judgment for ten cunts and costs against the defendant was the result. There wa,s » meeting 'of the Gammer? cial Exchange Friday afternoon, whereat a committee was appointed to make » thorough test of &&»*$& with reference to its adaptability to tile manufacture, and the business will be at onee attended to. Tbe committee consists of Mr. Huey, W. K. Ferguson, Geo. Hamilton, Thos. F- Cook and L. J. Rice. An Algon^ man recently .played , a fiendish foke on his wife- She bud lari her falss teeth on the dresser on wg> ing and be surreptitiously removed fhlm, piling a horae. shos m th,eb; place. She complained all day that her teeth didn't seem to fit, but never discovered the fraud until she bit a biscuit. The wide "swath" of the toe calk then attracted her attention, hue swears revenge.—Britt Tribune. Dr. Quinn, the optician, was in Algona last week, at Dingley & Pugh's, and had a splendid trade in spectacles and eye glasses. This gentleman is an expert, and deals in only the best goods, and naturally, there in never any dissatisfaction. He will visit Algona every six weeks, and any who wish to have their eyes fitted will do well to watch for his announcement and give him a call. The contest begun in Judge Quarton's court in the division of the David Dutton estate was brought to an end yesterday by an agreement which gives Mrs. Laura Gilbert, of Rocktord, Illinois, $1,000 in full satisfaction ot her claims, including her share in the estate. Mrs. Gilbert claimed some personal property as her father's gift to her which the other heirs included in their inventory of the estate. Mayor Haggard wishes a gentle but effective hint given to all whom it may concern that this is the right time to attend to the cleaning up of the alleys and putting of the town in a sanitary condition. Things to be promptly attended to are the piles of straw and rubbish that in a dry time especially will help to spread any fire that may break out. The suggestions are timely and ifc ought not to be necessory to repeat them. The rapid increase in the school attendance must suggest to the school board the necessity of more school room, that more teachers may be employed. The situation under present accommodations was summed up by somebody who said we must either kill off some of the children or kill off some of the teachers. One hundred little ones under one teacher ought to effect the latter result. The time has come to move for a new school house. p. s.—The board will move in the matter. The Western Economist, of Des Moines, gives in its April number six portraits of leading members of the senate and house building and loan committees. Mr. Mayne and Mr, 1 unk are two of the six. The Economist says of Mr. Mayne that *'No membei of either house was more active and efficient in securing the passage of the building and loan bill. Mr. Mayne worked early and late to perfect a measure that would be satisfactory to l parties concerned," r So we have placed Mr. Mayne's portrait in our gallery of statesmen- The sale of school lands took place as advertised last Wednesday but only a quarter of the lands offeree was sold. The lands advertised; an offered were section 19 in Grant -town ship and section 16 in Eagle. Thi trustees appraised both sections at 82< an acre, which it is understood spoile thesi»5e. Archie Hutchison, of Algo na, and Henry KUndt, of LuVern between them took tbe south half o tbe Eagle township section offered a $20, and there the sale stopped. An adjourned sale will, it is understood be held- The local Woman's Christian Tern perance Union was organized as announced last Wednesday afternoon, with Mrs. O.F. Calkins as president, Miss Nellie Hamilton secretary and Mrs. G. C. Hudson treasurer. There will be a meeting at the Congregational church next Wednesday afternoon, April 15, at 3 o'clock, when the program will include devotional exercises, I statement of the objects of thei organization, by the president, a history oltjjs national society by ^Mrs. Air. of business. The presence of those who contemplate joining is desired. The regular meetings will be held once in two weeks until further notice is given. The best April fool joke we have heard of this year was worked on the Courier by the Emmetsburg Tribune, which manufactured for the local market A sensational half column yarn headed "The Work of Fiends." The story was about a murderous assault upon the family of "Adam Good-, •sell." The wholfe thing went in in full, and Ike failed to detect tbe significance of the name of the head of the family until the paper was a day or two old. He has a list of other wide- awake newspaper men who were caught.with the same bait. The Washington Post of the 26th ult. as this item which will interest»11 the riends of Col. Spencer, whose brother t refers to: It will be thirty years tomorrow since VIr. William E. Spencer, the journal lerk of the United States senate, was frst appointed to position in the senate secretary's office. He was appoint- d March 27, 1866, upon the recommendation of the late Senator Timothy O. Howe of Wisconsin, Mr. Spencer s now recognized as the most reliable minority on senate rules and on gen- iral parliamentary law and usage. A letter from Willis M. Halluck, of Riverside, California, formerly one ot he publishers of the REPUBLICAN, says le is doing fairly well, has a good lome and a happy family, and lives in ho best climate this side of paradise. !rlr. Hallock is working on a Riverside paper, and a clipping he encloses tells of a fire which broke out in his residence, which happily was got under control before it did much damage. He writes that nothing reminds him so forcibly of the flight of time as to read now and then an item of marriage or entertainment in which the participants were little girls when he left Aliona. The REPUBLICAN does not usually, feel called upon for advice to its esteemed contemporaries, but it wishes X> suggest to tbe Courier to follow its publication ofcwar reminiscences from the pens of Col. Spepcer and Gen. Kellogg by placing them in permanent book form, These contributions to the literature of the war period are very interesting and deserving of permanent record, They are worthy of wider reading than even a padded list can give them. It is the REPUBLICAN'S opinion that advance subscriptions to the proposed volume would go far towards meeting the necessary expense of its publication. There was an adjourned meeting of the AJgona Cemetery Association bat' urday, when a resolution was adopted requiring, that aji resident owners of 'cemetery lots keep them in proper-condition by at least mowing the grass and cutting the weeds, In case of their failure to meet this requirement the asspciation will do the work, and charge the expense to lot owners. 4 his regulation will apply to all owners of lots in this county- An amendment to the constitution was introduced, to, come up for disposal at a meeting to be held on the first Saturday in June, providing a sinking fund, from the sale of lots, only the interest of which can be used for keeping the grounds. A fijnd of $700 to $800 is now in the treasury, out of which it is expected the expense of constructing a receiving •vault this season will he met. The managers desire eventually to erect a chapel on the grounds for funeral services. NEW SCHOOL BUILDING. Proposition to Build a Six Thousand Dollar School House in the Third Ward. It is understood that the school board will this week vote on submitting to the taxpayers the proposition to bond the independent district for a new $6,000 school house, .the crowded condition of the main building compelling such action. . The school board selected Mass Jennie Pettibone of the Wesley school to tjike the place made vacant by marriage last week. Miss Pettibone is a teacher of much experience and one who has made a record of splendid success wherever she has taught. She adds to her other qualifications a never failing tact which makes her equal to all emergencies. Miss Pettibone takes the third room and Miss Stephens the second. CITY SCHOOL NOTES. School opened Monday morning with fifty new pupils. The per cent, of attendance in the high school last month was 98. This is a very unusual attendance. Miss Cramer had 93 pupils present on Monday. The number will perhaps reach 100 this week. Misses Libbie Hofins and Laura Ricker entered school from the country on Monday. The high school male quartette rendered an excellent selection at the last rhetorical exercises. Miss Nellie Sessions returned to school on Monday, after an absence of several months in Florida. The Physics class are now enjoying a series of experiments in electricity. A beautiful and Euccessful experiment with phosphuretted hydrogen was recently performed in the Chemistry class. Several pupils received special promotions on Monday in order to make a suitable distribution in the rooms. Misses Stevens and Pettibone t09k up their new work this week with skill and alacrity which indicated success. The exchange of text books was com? pleted this week by relieving the dealers of their stock of McGuffey's readers and replacing them with Harper's. The number of pupils enrolled in the different rooms on Monday was as follows: Room 1—93, Room 2—40, Room 3—54, Room 4—58,! Room 5—52, Room 6—53, Room 7—54, Room 8—42, Room 9—44, Room 10—67, Depot school —30. Total, 587. An average of over 53 to each room. ,J 'a Clover Root Tea is a sure cure and txervous diseases. Hot|i- Ho^ley. PERSONAL, MENTION, ; Opl, J, M,: Comtek made AJgoaa a visit over Sunday while on his return trip from New York city, where he went as the representative ot the city of Spokane to negotiate the sale of several hundred thousand dollars worth of city bonds. His bonds were 5 per cent and he could not dispose of them, though there was plenty of money- He went home firm in tbe belief that the people of his state bad to pay one per cent- premium on their free silver politics. Personally Col- Comstock is radically opposed to tbe free silver notions which have prevailed in his section, and he believes that they will be repudiated by the republican par" of Washington. The people of SPO,, uue have been utilizing Col- pom- stock's splendid business ability jn their city administration. He has been a member of tbe city. cpiineil for and is now ch%«;ipan oj me He vraM te» parently they are always going to keep- a stiff upper lip and insist that they are not homesick to get back to Iowa. Col. Comstock met many old friends while here. He left for home Monday afternoon. Capt. and Mrs. W. H. Ingham left on Monday afternoon for Olympia, • Washington, tovisittheir son, Dr. Geo. Ingham. They will be absent for some time. Miss Myrtle Call visited her sister, Mrs. Shore, at Des Moines, during her vacation. She missed the train Saturday and so came home Monday. D. R. Crowell and wife, of Burt,-drove down to Algona Friday and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. J. A. Kellar, of the Armstrong neigh* borhood, was a caller at the REPUBLICAN office Saturday morning. Dr. McCoy leaves for Madison this • evening to look after the interests of the Patterson heirs. Charley Cohenour went to Pana, Illinois, last week, for a visit at the old .• home. E. "W. Goodner left for southeastern < Kansas yesterdag to visit his father. Miss Cora Hibbard spent her vacation at her home in Emmetsburg. Col. Spencer's mother left for Madison Monday to visit relatives. Charley Doxsee and family visited relatives at Rolfe last week. Andy Robison, of Britt, was in Algona visiting last week. Mrs. W. M. Colby, of Wesley, visited Algona last Friday. Miss Hattie Stephens visited in Des Moines last week. Geo. W. Hanna of LuVerne was in; town Friday. WHEN BAILEY WAS A BOY, Britt Tribune: In Berlin, says the Philadelphia Bulletin, is a patient whose hair changes color with her temperature. When she is cool and quiet her hair is a light yellow, but when she is restless and excited it becomes- auburn. We used to go with a, girl back in Wisconsin when we were a boy, wbose- mother had that same peculiarity, Every time she saw us coming she would begin to get auburn and her hair would- stand straight up, Her little black, eyes would turn green and she would* turn around just like lightning. She was a great turner, The old man always turned black and we turned bluet the girl would turn pink and W§ turned the corner just as quick as we could., One night we sat on the lounge, the girl's eyes were turned on our patrieiaft face in admiration, while we about the prayer meeting; on its nipges, the lounge side down. we.turned a, 4 B sawt; the old man. turn? 4 taF"<m then the other, and we turned girl over to a fellow that had been j the cavalry service. We never 1 these changeable people since! Special meeting of Prudence Jp o. 205, A- F- & A. M-.Thursday ning, April 9th, 1896. Work op t degree. Visiting members are, eoi ly inyited. By order of TS the tratbfuL sarB 6 ut No*To-B*e, the tobacco hatijt cum F, tle

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