Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 18
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 18

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 18
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Governor's Cor Given o Ticket M6INES (IMS**. 6 thuMday, July It, »Kw¥«fw 4 ,u^s Won't Cut Gross illegal parking in downtown \A/ifhhl it MoinftS late Tuesday but the! v v Hl luul National Guard Warrant Officer Jack Crippen, military aide to the; governor, said he parked as a pri | vlte citizen and that he would set-1 tie for the ticket. | Patrolman torn Spencer, who is- j sued the ticket, said he did not; know it was the governor's car i when he tagged it on Sixth Avenue j tthefe parking is prohibited from I 4 to 6 p.m. I Crippftn, who Is the governor's j driver, said he had not noticed; the sign when he pulled into the parking spot shortly before 4 p.m. He said he had parked there while taking Gov. Loveless' daughter, Sandra, on an errand. Uruguay derives its name from two Indian words: "uru" and "ay," meaning River of Colorful Birds. BALTIMORE l#-Irving A. Kolker, a man who wouldn't cut the grass without a notice from the police, has received his notice — and a $25 fine. Kolker was given a suspended fine of $15 last year for the same offense—falling to cut and clean the empty lot he owns in north Baltimore. A neighbor woman said Kolker had promised to cut the lot after last year's trial but said last month he had to have an official notice. He told the same thing to Patrolman . Stephen J. Culatta of the sanitation squad, who was glad to oblige. Utah Woman Killed In Highway Mishap East of Jefferson JEFFERSON W — A collision of a car and a truck Wednesday 4ook the life of Mrs. Jeffie Dalton, 64, of Rains, Utah. The accident occurred on Highway 30 five miles east of here. In the car were Mrs. Dalton, her son, Ernest Dalton, 40, of Chicago, the driver, Dalton's wife and their five children. Dalton and one son, James. 5, were reported in good condition at a hospital. Jhe others suffered only minor injuries and- the truck driver, Paul Booth, 32, Jefferson, was not hurt. Once Lauded Molotov Now Just 1 Trogi-Comic Figure fiy WILLIAM t. fctAN AP Foreign N««« Analyst Who was the most "tireless fighter for the peace and security of Soviet peoples and workers of all countries?" He is the same man who tried to "block measures to relax international tension and consolidate world peace." Who was a "true student and disciple of the great Lenin. ... a great theoretician of the party. . . merciless enemy in his struggle with antiparty elements?" He is the same man who led an "antiparty group" in "direct opposition to the wise Leninist policy." Praised in 1954 The praise of Vyacheslav Mik- hailovich Molotov was printed in the 1954 edition of the Soviet Encyclopedia. The denunciation was in the slalemenl last week purging him from Communism's top ranks. Molotov at 67 emerges as a grotesquely tragi-comic figure. Lenjn once described him as the "best filing clerk in Russia." He wound up with a super-bookkkeeper's job, and has lost even that. For the most of three violent decades, Molotov was Stalin's voice. He symbolized Russian distrust and suspicion of the outside. For 10 years he waddled through the patlerns of the cold war. Last Real Bolshevik The last of the real "old Bolsheviks" now finds himself destroyed. He was the one man remaining In the Soviet hierarchy who could say he worked closely with Lenin—but never befo sherbet like re a this! he has become officially "Anti- Leninist." the upstarts he watched unconcernedly through years of purge and plotting at last have overwhelmed him. Old "Kamenny Zad (Stone Bottom)" they called Molotov for his reputation as a tough negotiator in world politics. Winston Churchill once de scribed him as a man of outstand ing ability, cold and ruthless, whose "cannonball head, slab face, verbal adroitness and imperturbable demeanor" cast a pall over postwar efforts to achieve a real peace. Was Antt-Everything To Leon Trotsky, chief target Of Stalin's first purge, Molotov was "mediocrity incarnate." To the British, he was "Aunty Molly," thfc Russian who was anti-wery- thing. To former U.S. Ambassador George Kennan, he was "a smart old fox" with "extraordinary qual ities of survival." To himself, Molotov was the faithful servant of Stalin, standing by the dictator through peril and triumph in a succession of frightfully bloody years. "1 have no desire other than to be a real disciple of Lenin," Molotov once said. "I received my schooling under the direct guidance of the best disciple of Lenin, Comrade Stalin. I am proud of this." Like the protagonist of a gargantuan comedy, Molotov was almost prim in the way he adjusted his pince-nez while preparing to read such'diplomatic bombshells as the announcement of the Nazi-Soviet pact in 1939. Veteran of Prisons He was born the son of a middle class clerk named Scriabin in a Vyatka province village' in 1890. At 16 he was a member of the Bolsheviks, by 19 he was a veteran of Czarist imprisonments and escapes. A coeditor with Stalin of Pravda before the revolution of 1917, he was to become one of Stalin's "'young men." At 34 Molotov was in the rarefied atmosphere of the Politburo, helping r his boss in the Trostky purge. By 1930. he was Stalin's choice for premier, in 1939 'he t6ok on the added* job of foreign commissar. . Though Stalin evidently turned on 'him later, Molotov remained faithful to-Stalinism. But in the unending struggle for power, this stony man turned weak. He could PARTY LINE ... The man in the moon be a member of a 500,000-mll* "party line" pretty soon. The "line" take* In Ft. Monmouth, N.J., Urhana-Champalgn, 111. — and the moon. Scientists at the University of Illinois and the Army Signal Corps will transmit signals from the Evans Signal Laboratory near Ft. Monmouth and bounce them off the moon for reception at the university. The 2H-second journey will end at the dish-shaped aluminum mesh reflector (insert), which is 28 feet In diameter. The expert* ments will be conducted In the daytime, as the moon Is In th« sky for many day hours. The e*> perim^ntg may pave the way for sending radio and television signals to half the earth at one time by bouncing them off the moon «« the return impulses can be received In the Eastern Hemisphere. ' Rev. Stanley and Family Back from Quaker Heights Camp Herald N*w» Service) RALSTON - The Rev. and Mrs. 7 W. Stanley and Paul R. returned home Sunday afternoon from the Quaker Heights Intermediate Cfemp at Eldora, where they had been since Tuesday. Rev. Stanley had a class on 'The Church and the World" and vespers at 7:25 p.m. He was also a cabin father at night. Paul and Mrs. Stanley helped in the kitchen and Mrs. Stanley was a cabin mother. This the second camp of Iowa Roy Hartwtgsen, Roger, Ronald, RoberJ and Linda, and Mr. and Mrs. Daryle Belts, Susan and Ricky. Speeds to Court to Pay a Speeding Fine ,. ... T-V t o u e MIAMI, Fla. I*)—Charles Sash, Mr. and Mrs. Daryle Belts, Su- 32< was charged with ^ san and Ricky were Sunday dinner' guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillen water and Debbie at Council Bluffs. The men were in military service together. Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Reever, Harry and Richard, entertained at a, family dinner Sunday: Mrs. Louella Schulze, Miss Dorothy and Mr. Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Delton Schulze, Randy and Larry, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hartwigsen. Roger, Robert, Ronald and Linda, John not keep pace with the plotting. The last remaining Lenin coworker in the hierarchy, he was humiliated by being forced to confess errors in interpreting Leninism. To assuage Tito of Yugoslavia, he was fired as foreign minister. They gave him ,a job as minister, of state control —, A super- bookkeeper presiding, over the ac- coUhts of government ''operation, Today he is in Nikita Khrushchev's debit column,; and a poor insurance risk. LOCATES AT WESTSIDE (Tlm«« Herald New* Service) WESTSIDE - John" Klutts of Cedar Rapids is the new barber in .Westside. He will be located in the Barber Shop at Sid's Place. The name of Argentina is derived from the Latin, "argentum," meaning silver. and eighth graders were enrolled. The Junior Camp is now in atlend' ance..Earl Loudenback of Scran- ion took Rev. Stanley's place in the pulpit on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sammy McDonald and Linda of Spirit Lake, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sdward Bundt and Marilyn. Mr. McDonald is Mrs. Bundt's brother. Mr. and Mrs! Robert Faris of New Providencp, and Mrs. Carl Meyer of Iowa Falls, were guests •of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hagan. Sunday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bundt and Marilyh wer'e Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bundt, Melody Ann and Sammy of Coon Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. Sammy McDonald and Linda of Spirit Lake, and Mrs. Elizabeth Beebee of Coon Rapids. t Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Fairchildi Debra and Kathy, entertained at a birthday {party Monday evening for their daughter Jennifer, who was five years old. Present Iwere Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Fairchild of Kimballton, Mr. and Mrs. 'Clarence Heiken, Loretta, Beverly and Dennis of Gray. Jennifer received gifts. Ice cream and Jjirthday cake were served! Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bonney and family entertained at a, family and Mrs. Don Schulze attended a wedding in Sac City Sunday after- Wednesday. He was hurrying to Municipal Court for a hearjng on a speeding charge. He was fined $25 for the first violation and will be tried later on Wednesday's charge. Paktitaff Leader Meets President and (I) * Prime Minlst«f an Suhfawardy of Pakistaft hold i second round of talks todiy keyed to stabiliting the Middle Bast in the face if any new Communist peace offensive. ¥he 84-year-old Asian leader (A the largest Moslem republic in the world sees Pakistan as a leading force in promoting Moslem unity against Communiit "peace" blandishments. In an exchange of toast* with Secretary of State Dulles at,, a slate dinner Wednesday night, he denounced communism as bring* ing "utter poverty, chaos, and loss of soul" to any country which embraced it. „ Dulles said that although Pakistan and'the United States were half a world apart, the two were united by a common danger and a common purpose. Baby Drowns in Tub With 21/2 In, Water SOQUEL. Calif, -dl - An 18 months old baby drowned in Wt inches of water Wednesday, Mrs. Virginia Brown told firemen she left her daughter Janice, in a high chair while she checked washing machine. When she re- ;urned the baby was face down in the bathtub. Firemen were unable to revive the child. The first textile mill in America was built in 1790 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It is now restored. (Advertisement) DESENSITIZE THAT fTCHI IN JUST 15 MINUTES. If net pltntd, your 40c back' •» any drug ceunt«r. Instant-drying "ITCH- Mt-NOT dtadans itch in MINUTBS; Kill* germt en CONTACT. Uae day or night fer ccttma, Inieet bltta, feet Itch, othtr surface ruhti. NOW at H. C. R«wheut«r Drug. Business & Professional Directory noon. supper Thursday, Mr. Ben HflPtwigsen. ' Mr. and and Mrs. Mrs. Oswald Kisgens On WeekV Trip to Points in Colorado (Time* Herald News Service) TEMPLETON*- Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Kisgen, Sharon and Jimmy, left Monday on a week's vacation to Colorado/Mrs. Kisgen, a bookkeeper at the Templeton Savings Bank, is on a week's vacation. Mr. and Mrs. James Fox, Susan, GJark and Diann of Falls Church, Va., are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. Tuss.Fox; uncle, Bill Bastendorf; and father, Frank J. Kathman. Wayne Kathman arrived from Lancaster, Calif., to visit his father and his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. v and Mrs. Jjames Fox, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kisgen and family left for California on a two- week vacation. They will- visit j their son and_Jamily i _and theirj son-in-law and daughter and fam- j ily, also stopping to see his brother and sister in California. They will drive to Portland, Ore., to visit relatives. W. L WARD D.S.C. CHIROPODIST FOOT SPECIALIST 215 N. Carroll Street Office 9782 Horn* 9517 DR. M. J. HALL DENTIST 207 fast 5th St. Dial 9774 Dr. Rex W. Hinson Optometrist Complete Visual Care .-•—±— 102 West 5th St.— Dial 9687 Cloud Saturday Afternoon During School Vacation Here's a treat that's really NEW! V Cool lemon sherbet accented with tasty drops of lemon candy to double your eating pleasure! *Only SEALTEST makes sherbet so luscious. You'll love it GO 6ET SOME! Dr. John E. Martin . OPTOMETRIST Vision Special!* Office Ovor Woojworth Storo Hours 9 a. m. 'to S p. m. Dial 9709 Complete Visual Sorvleo Dr. 0. M. O'Connor OpromotrUt—Visual Spatial lit Offle* Ov«r Matt Hardware Houra • to $, Evcnlnf s by Appointment. Dial Mil Carroll Ralph M. Crane • ATTORNEY-AT-LAW ilo 1 /, N. Adaim St. Dial 31*1 Al Boss Spacializlnf In Livestock Farm Auctions Dial 23*3 -,£«rroll Dr. J. G. Donovan CHIROPRACTOR 410 Wott 3rd St. Office - Dial 3714 Wtmtn and Children Obstetrics SQUIRT WmiN<3 ROCKWIH, CITY, IOWA CARROLL CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC , DR. R. A. HEESE Complete Chiropractic Health Service Dial 3402 — Koapko luildlng Meytrs & Tan Creti ATTORNIYS-AT-LAW ' * * Practice in all courts. Abstractn examined. Estates settled. > Urban J. Janning Now York Ufo Iniuranco Co. Lifo, Annuitios, Accident, Slcknois, Hospital * Group CARROLL, IOWA Iowa Land Service Company , F.arm Management Pann, Records V, Stuart f>orry - Dial 9813 Dr. Roland B. Morrison, M.D. 117 East Sixth Strtot - Carroll, Iowa Gontral Practito — Moo!ic«| Diagrftsls , Fractures — X-Rays PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Dial 3543 Carroll Medical Center «.V f.» V f J4M> U' 'AfCOl, «M>., WALTIR A. ANNEBERG, M Woman «nd Chiljrsn Obitctrici Infant - Plt5 t Jt!&»*&»* ""*> * ANNMyo, W ^ Surfsry and OiMtia* of Kidnsy, lladdsr, •nd Kwtvm . R. MARTIN. M.D. anj D(M«I«» Itnss anil Jsints Ifittrttal DIAL 3557

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