Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 15, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1960
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Hospital Notes ALTON MIMORIAL _ MEDICAL Duane Ansell, Brighton. iMrs. Betty ElHs. Wood River. J-Wrg. Luta Miller. East Alton. ; Elton Mall, East Alton. »Brent Eden, Dorsey. ; Jennifer Jouett. 1716 Clawson. •Tara Qwilllm. 710 Pranklfn. :t>av«fltu8, 241 Alben. • Mary To^vnsend. 335 Bluff. J,Mrs. Nola Sevier, Hamburg. • Mrs. Wanda Wannacott, Moro. jZestmos Pars. 321 E. 5th. • Mrs. Elizabeth Riley, BOS Porter J Mrs. Pauline Koehm, Godfrey. Homer Centre!!. Wood Rtv«f. William Johnson. Bunker Hill. Mrs. Norma Rea, East Alton. Albert Unterbrlnk. East Alton. Mrs. Norma torch. Godfrey. Mrs. Gertrude Behrhorst, Ed wardsvllle. DISMISSALS Edward Gotway, Hardin. Donna Dalton, Wood River. Walter Pyle, Wood River. Mrs. Hazel Lawson, Edwards- vllle. Mrs. Elolse Watson. 3313 Leo. Mrs. Emma Swann, Carrollton. Mrs. Lula Elam, East Alton. Donald Elberg, Brighton. Carol Byland. Carrollton. ST. JOSIFH'S MEDICAL Lee Berthlett, 315 Parker. ! Mrs. Pauline Terrell, 310 E. 14th StmoiCAL i Mrs. Catherine Bell. 237 W. 19th. ; Homer DeSherlia, Grafton. Richard Dwigeins, West Alton. Mrs. Verna Edwards. 455 Bender. East Alton. Mrs. Jeanetfe Herring, 718 Langdon. Mrs. Esther McOhee, 1905 Main. Dr. Henry Poplelewski, Hardin. Roy Sanders, Edwardsvllle. Mrs. Maxlne Tlfe, 191 Goulding, East Alton. Mrs. Betty Walter, 900 E. 4th. Mrs. Amanda Voylea, Edwards- vllle. DISMISSALS Miss Carol Harvey, Wood River. Mrs. Ann Gasparovic, Granite City. Clarence Bei-Rhoff. 3804 College. Charles Davidson, 3430 Badley. jMIss Julianne Hicks. Godfrey. I,a\vrence Hoffman, Roxana. Mrs. Eormst Collins, 1629 Greenwood. Leo Schmidt, 803 Highland. Mrs. Nellie Schlobohm. 412 Brent wood. Allen Deloney, 3201 Alby. Mrs. Rose Cutts, 1814 Sycamore. Edward Wright, 1724 Belle. Marvin Johnson, 217 W. 16th. Mrs. Annabelle Bagley. Edwardsville. Mrs. Lillie Pace. Granite City Miss Diane Bramley. Brighton. Mrs. Helen Draper. Cottage Hills Mrs. Gamette Stlmaman, Wood River. Caroline Bramley, Brighton. Mrs. Vina Wright, Edwardsville Mrs. Carol Mwsalone. 220 Me- Clure. Clyde Watson. McPherson Ave Mrs. Daisy Logan, 1037 Union. Eugene .Smith. Cottage Hills. Leonard Crane, Rt. 1, Alton. JIRSIY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. Jerry Meeks, Jerseyville. SURGICAL Clarence Murphy, Jerseyville. Thomas Atkins, Florissant, Mo. Peggy Oant, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Mrs. David Butler, Jerseyville. Mrs. Carl Gross, Jerseyville. Betty Williams, Jerseyvllle. Marshall Ruyle. Hamburg. w. FROM IHE I ALBtRTO CIJLVt* i COMPANY Now we've got ' the famous : CUSTOM BLENDED IFORMULA HAIR COLOR that Takes Th» Guess Away GUARANTEES \ • Mtef aetiin tt»pt at [ • Ml«r yin w>nt | • M fidini, nt strMklm, n* c»l»r rings No prt-bleachln« or pre-tMmpM Mcded. Evtrylhlnt you ne«d in ou Mat pickai*: Instruction! M< mil uteded. Evtrylhlnt you ne«d in ont Mat pickaitt Instri M( element: IS natural lively iha MSO gl • plu> tan Calling All Children TO COME S E E H E A R REV. FRANK WELLINGTON "Musical Storyman" and his famous TALKING DUMMIES THIS WEEK BROWN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Monday Thru Friday 9:30 A.M. 3125 Brown St. 'Alton FREE FOR EVERYONE For Transportation Call HO 5-8588 East Alton WSG Seats New Officers EAST ALTON - Mrs. Guy Helm was Installed president of the Wesleynn Service Guild of the First Methodist Church at the annual spring banquel Monday evening at the Wood River Masonic Temple. Using candles of a different (color to depict each phase ofj •the Guild work. Miss Adele Mc-i r ; Donald conducted the ceremon-| H TOWNSHIP ips >0 insla " officers. \tirnirAi Those Installed were: Mrs. Leslie Pope Godfrey. WnUam Buckler Sr.. vice presi- Mrs. Ethel Howard. 622 Brook- dent: Mrs. Robert Greene, sec- side, Alton. rotary; Mrs. Oscar Welgand. Darrell Weir. Lincoln Add. treasurer; and department sec- Mrs. Hulda Little. 214 McCas- rPtaries: M rs. Harold Hires. Mra" d 'Myrtle A1 Sdendorff 220 P'"™°' ion: Mrs - Florence Dav, Lakeside, East Alton. ' spiritual life: Mrs. Doris Brooks. Cottage Hills Miss Jessie McDonald. mis- Mrs. Sandra Smith. 133 Linton. siotmry education; Mrs. Joe Nc- Kast Alton. j] an Christian social relations ol' W\\ F II. /\lv _ , J .. lt , t« • "Vf i*c Wi few f ill JJ npf* " Harold Hammock. R. 2, Godfrey * ld m " si 'V J. 1 '*' " 10 . sr ""JJJ!.! Mrs. Kssie Dale. Bethalto. : Mrs. Fred Maneki .1. Mrs. Clara Werls. Bethalto. 'activities: Mrs. Klmer Tomek, Terry Guebert. 7 N. Circle, East 1 status of women; Alton. \i,. s . Mark West, ways and Victor Unterbrink. Moro. 'moans- Mrs Ctreene. publicity; Homer cSl™ W^Ladd. *»«. John Ler. literature; Mrs. George Yates, Edwards vllle. Arthur Park, library; Mrs. Lou- Douglas Coryell. 509 Main. East! is Roller, membership: Mrs. Alton. Clifford Cooper, coordinator Mrs. Josephine Kortkamp, 1520! xv | tn H IP \VSCS- Mrs. T. B. Worden. Alton. . ! Richardson, coordinator with Mrs. Irene Sackett, 54 Carstens i, . ,' ' ' ,, ., „„„ ,,„„ Mrs. Vinis Vacny, 825 Madison. I ««iW N" s - - Mrs - Kverett HBI- Mrs. Giristeen Yarbrough, 217|rincton. sunshine: Mrs. BucK- Madison. lei', pros ram: and Mrs. F. M. Robert Arnold. 718 Cardot, East : Sanders calling VictorVber Jr., - - — '' Mrs.' Paul Wiison. retiring Pirnir t East Alton School EAST ALTON - Bible school at Friendship Genera! Baptist Church will close Friday \vith a picnic at East Alton Playground, and the children will be escorted by the East Alton Police. Commencement will be Friday at 7:30 p.m Each class will have a 10-minute program. The nursery will have a rhythm band, and art work will be displayed. The school Is directed by Mrs. Ralph Roblnette. The school's enrollment is 146 pupils, and the average attendance is 113. The school has 30 teadwrs and helpers. The Rev. John Yuhas is pastor of the church. WSCS To Meet EAST ALTON - The Woman's Soelet of Christian Serv St.Bernar<P8 Bus Assn. Elects Board WOOD RtVER — Members of the Board of Directors of St. nard's School Bus Association were iiinu n »j\n,n i \j* v^i* I»TVI«»II uv.» - ; — . lee will meet at 7:30 p.m. TTiurs-!in charge of the program. Set day at the First Methodist,apart for me." Mrs. Martha Church, with Mrs. Walter Moore'Roberts will lead devotions. re-elected tt iht MMfHf iWlfini ttffi(te'irtiuifcrt>'"'***' Officer* win fcft attend ffflW IVJU'll Robert'oifflwd; Fred itftert. Cte* tun Btrthte, Cart Ew«, !««• let and Revisions to tfte 'by approved and plain tor ^^ year dJflcawed. Rontw ana ?cipo« ules will toe aet op dtnlfll "^ met months. Telegraph Want Adi 239 S. 13th. Mrs. Shirley Halcom. Brighton. I president, was piesented a paM Robert DeWitt. R. 1, East Alton.!officers pin. Mrs. Marie Brannam, Hartford.: A floral motif was used for Mrs. Dollie Dietzel. 211 S. Ninth. | decorations and table favors East Alton. Linda Hubbert, 5205 Wick-Way, Alton. Mrs. Mary Hicks. Cottage Hills. Telegraph Want Ads "Click." were miniature vases. Bauxite deposits in British! Guiana are larger than first thought. Georgetown learns. DO YOU KNOW! PIASA FIRST FEDERAL HAS ADVANCED FOR QUALIFIED HOME OWNERS IN THIS AREA MORE THAN $1,000,000.00 DURING THE PAST FIVE MONTHS. Piasa First Federal STATE * WALL STS. PHONE HO 5-26155 Downtown, Alton . . . Wilshire Village, East Alton III Quality Stores :** •v -^ / ( / i ABE i't if. gifts that make Dad feel 'extra speciaT cool, summer-right ARROW LIGHTWEIGHTS ARROW $1.50 Vi^9 DOCI ft)£ I"I^W QppfOOCW lO 0 COOl SWWWHN' WWB AMOW tightweigMs ond he*p him b«ot »he haot • st<y4«. For $h««r comfort, fochion and top taHlormg, ehoose from owr wide and handsome selection of •Ming gifts. We've drmi sntrts w flattering eoflar tlyie«, in fine fabrics Chat weigh next to nothing . . . sport shirts in open weaves, breezy textures, toohV ing colors. All, in ween ond weor or regular fabric* . * . "Sanforized" I* atsure lasting At. V ft FalUr't M Skim "KwA- b i • 1 1 j •> o r t Qpp«ol W(ttl COO- pl*t* common IM clipi on, «4ti>>i M*«< bulk around »»ck, k*«pt Dad •xtra cooL V V~ . I v: f) styles, colors, prices to please you All Wool Carpet Sale In nil AXinliister. as In all woven carpets, the pile «nd backing arc wovnn at the same time Only In an Ax minster I* ench vurd Inserted separately and rut. This result.* in unlimited colors and put- icrns . . . maximum homily at an economic-ill price. AXMINSTER IN GRACEFUL DESIGNS Reg. 7.95 Sq. Yd. 9 and 12 Ft. Widths ^H ^H Sq. Vd. gray nvvlrl swirl nutria swirl hrlge leaf You'll get many years of wonderful wear from this luxurious wool pile. Patterns hide footprints, soil. Mothproofed. A Willon (pile & bftrk woven together) can he woven Inlo many desinns but only 1 to ,1 colors are used. As each yarn or color Is not npcdrd lo com pletc the design It is burled away In the carpel This adds lUX' urlous thickness. WILTON IN TEXTURE TWEED DESIGNS Reg. 10.95 Sq. Yd. 99 9 and 12 Ft. Widths Sq. Yd. PHOME HO 5-5511 . For Free Estimate Our Carpet Consultant will show samples and measure your room. textures in brown, heige, itray and brown leaf designs In brown, green, sandalwood Classic beauty sculptured in high-low loops. Random texture hides footprints, soil. All wool pile is mothproofed. Summer Furniture Sale! weatherproof outdoor furniture SAVE $2! our best 3-position folding aluminum chaise wide armrests with colorful plastic Inicrt* regular 16.98 14 You'll relax completely in this king-sized 72-in. chaise. Ever bright tubular aluminum frame ... cool Saran webbing in green or yellow with white. So low priced you'll want a yard full! jii'fy-folding rhairs Reg. 4.98 - So sturdy, so comfortable! Bronze enameled Mt«'< j l mime resists OB8 bad weather. Plastic sent, hark W Reg. 8.98 — Out with Saran web. Matchi's chaise above. Same smart colors. Keg. ^4.»5 --All aluminum umbrella table, -U-in. in diameter. selling aluminum chair O89 O rliai-e> and "lider in miracle aluminum alwav>! ruld Chai»e and white vM oxni plastic green l-|iosition back. lacbt Chair --Striped coitun drill on weathei resistant fiame Reg. 3.49 lime r»priiiti Chuibf ad.iu&ts lo 4 positions. rolls about on 7-in uln-fls. Floiul plastic cover Keg 29 .Ho. •j-fusk. lilider Hu-i nsistunt aluniinum 43 in. wide Reg ^-1 :i.i 21 jSatisfactioo fiiaranteed or your money back ALTON

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