Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 19, 1948 · Page 4
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
Page 4
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nytSBFotnc' <ii. -Br Joan Cdto* AHniial' "SrtUthdhi Belli" Alanei 1 ^)1 be a big ii^i-ktidh at th« MelhoBist tthureii ohFridsyi April 30.;.55tose who have attended the last>itw6 yisars will remember it isoa^tt the mcist beautiful events tjf ll\e season. ThW year we'hope to dvtdrf btiriSfeWes In decoration and entertaJnthent. dinner was siTon'sOred two yfeWs ago as a belief It by the ydunfe people Vvho attend the (ihliroh's sbinmer camp. It was an outStafidlhg success and We put it dh again the next year When an eVeh", larger number attended, No'w we are making it an anr nuifSffalr and the profits will be used to help cover camp e:^- penses. ' Vi^p are sure many at our guests who enjoyed the benefit before will want to reserve April 30 for this pleasant occasion, As yet plane are still in the maicinB and will be 'jdnnounced in later - issues of the Journal. We will let you Icnow how and when to make reservations ' and other details in our next. announcement. YPW AUXILIARY TO SEt DOROTHY MANN The banquet and entertainment for"the national president of Vet- eraltls of Foreign Wars Auxiliary wafe-'dlscussed ut the meeting of the '"Weal auxiliary Thursday, MMoh 11. The banquet Will be at the-iWhitcomfc Hotel at Eighth and MaVKet stt-eets in San Francisco, April 10, and any mehiberd of the orgaliizaiion who would enjoy nieetinli the national president, MrS: 'Dorothy Mann, can attend. Prudence Laviletta prtSSidfed 8 *feV tlie! 'meeting and introduced Dorothy- Bledsoe, a ViSiitinS V.F.W. auxiliary member from Tacoma, Washington, •thje Momihation of oftlcers resulted as follows; Alice Tljomhill, president; Velma Ruddick, senior vice president jOeneva Gibson ahd liarjttrie Parker, junior vice ^jreSi- derit; MUude Clark, cliaplain; Violet Mioore, conductress; Ellen Leno, imfiVd; Marie Lulze, treasurer; HaselWhitmore, trustee. M6re news about the entertainments and buSiines^ session in San Frahcisco and Oakland states that Sunday, April il, Mrs. Mann will be at the Memorial building in CJdand, 4321 Salem street, one blbeie east of San Pablo. A donation to the Bed Cross iWBtf'rtiade and a donation to the Nt»tldhal Home in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, fot the California Cottage. ;Thfe hospital chairman, Loren BfoWtt, is sending 12 decks Npf cards, 12 cartons cigarettes, PO booksl and a lap robe donated by the; Western Group to the '^'ourtt- ville home. An order was sent for 1^0 membership tabs, IlSEreshme^ts of ice cream, cake AASI cbSfee were served on tables decoBrated with greten paper, sprigs of "acacia and large bouquets ot acacia, crystal candle holders and yellow candles. Alice Thornhill was" chairman t i.' the committee and Was asWsted by Helen Morri- sori'.'.Helen Stambaugh and Helen Reeves. • FRIDAY. MABCH ,m .1918...:^ WOMEN^S SOCIAL %k^D CLUB NEWS St Patrick's Day Progr'am Adds Spice to The Meeting of O.E.S. j^ionday Jewels For ;Offtcers Of Kfewdrtrto No. 156 It'was voted to order jewels for thfe. niain dffioers bf Kewanna Couiteil No, 156 of the Degree of P.o¥aHontd's at their meeting in Elks hall Thursday night, March The mystery package donated by Minnie Swe 'ehey Was won by Lena Cuiihihghara. The committee appointed for the'tneeVing on March 25 Included Eva Bi-bwn, Jane McKenzie and Edha Detnpsey. All committees for the'oMcial visit of the Great I*o- catictnt^s on May 22 Will be made at the next meeting. Every meeting-held between now and May 22 will have drill practice in order to''have a perfect exemplification of the work for the high official's vife'it. •The committee for Thursday ni^ht was made up of Fred FigoMi*, Fited, Bfeht, Gus Garaventa arid Ben-Brown. They had blossoms of quince anS daffodils for the table decoratlbn^ AM cards and bouquets VOf primroses ahd daphne boutonnieres for those Whose birtJidays were celebrated. The celebrants whose birth dates fell within the time named included Minnie Sweeney, Jahie Dohring, Vada Collier; Elinor Hall, Bertha Smith, Ben Brownj John Baccaglio -^nd Gus Garaventa. There wa8«<alS0 a heai^t pal box which contained cards ahd packages for the iil ^thdays. ^P-io CLU6 WtLL DANCE Ixr hte interest of funds for the • dharitable works arid civic belteiiinept endeavors of the 20-30 club',' the Wives of the Twenty- Thirliians are selling tickets to tiie danre at T.almage td be givdSn on March 27. That will be Ladies' Night, dihher at House of Garner and the hlght the new niodel car given away. The wives of the club members are telling all bC their friends to gO to the daVice and have fun, and maybe win a brand new cor. It Was SoujoUrner's hlght with a St. Patriek party at the meeting of Kingsley Chapter- 58 of the O.E.S. Monday ni^ht, Mtirch 15. A short busihe^s 'sessioh was held under the ditectlon of the Worthy matrbii, Mrs. Thelma Boulware, and Worthy patrbh, Kfenneth Boulware. ; • • Mrs. Louise Crawford was initiated Into the order, b,eing accompanied by Bonibel Williams. The decorations throughout were Irish, with Jonquils in profusion There were green strips down the center of the banquet table with shamrocks, green .hats and S);iakes necorating it with perfect pattern for St. Patl'ick's night. Mrs. Nelmes Smith told a story of the significance of St. Patrick's day, It was the one aoout the harp and how St. Patrick got out; Mrs. Louise Bemhard gave two Irish readings; She .is always popular with her audience and received her usual share of applause. There were shamrocks hidden around the room . . . disturbance . . . that was Maggie ahd Jlggs tearing through the place, Maggie with her rolling pin raised chasing Jiggs on his way to Dlnty Moore's for corned, beef and cabbage, ho doubt. The lowbrow, •' The shamrocks were numbered ,and when the 'guests were seated at the' table-^Dlnty Moore^ inorc or less disgusted-r-watcHies Maggie llurihg Jiggs away f*om the' corned ibeef dish with her lovemaklng . The shamrocks: with the num- ibers of the lodge ^SS and'the date of the month, March 17, wad the other > number that corresponded with two favors given, with Betty Farnsworth and Edythe Hoover holding the.lucky numbers. Refreshments were Irish and beautiful in color, as well as in flavor, including potato salad, deviled eggs, wafers and coffee, ' • And all the While the party went on "tlizzoner" Lllburn Gibson, disguised as'Jiggs, raced in and J out of the. place with Zella Dennen as Maggie, alternating between a riotous nagging or a completely lovely frlehdship restored, in the family,^ each of the moods being encoui^aged,; as it were, by Nelmes Smith as Dinty Moore. The cortmiittee responsible .,for the pleasure of the evening was headed by Mr. and Mrs, Mark Egljn assisted by Mfr. and Mrs. Walter Higgins, 'Mr.: and Mrs, Nelmes Smith', Mrs, Zella Deii- nen, Mr, ahd Mrs. Warlren Fowler and Mrs. Rena Marshall. Ukiah Grange Paid tribute To Si Patrick at Friday's Meeting It was St. Patrick night at the- meeting of the Uldah Grange Fri-, day night in Grange hall. Erwin Koch, master of the grange, con^ ducted the meeting and the group voted to have a spring clean-up day'on Sunday, April 4, a potluck luncheon to be served at noon by the Cfrange women. It was reported that the home economics committee met Friday night, March 5 and chose the, following to serve for the ensuing year: Florence Holmes, kitchen; Berpice Gilgen, menus and meal planning; Beulah Cyphers, dining room; Margaret Burgess, card parties; Lottie Ripley and Carrol Weeks, bazaar aftd Opal Tuttle, .aecfetary-treasurer, • This committee was chosen to meet regularly, the first FWday of every, month, their next meeting to be on April 2i Mr, and Mrs* Dwight Tracy of Clear Ldlce told of the old'fash- loned bArtt dance Clear Bake grange will have for the grand opehliig of their new Gr&nge hall on March 20. Tlie Ukiah iGrani^e IS invited to attend. 'Mr^. Maureeli Eddy, lecturer, annourtced that the prograni for the meeting of March 26 will be presented before the order of business instead of after the meeting. Mrs. M. peters, secretary of the Fair committee Will be a speaker. At the conclusion of busltiess aftairs the St. Patrick Day program Was presented in the dining room, which wis' decorated With shamnottks and green slreflmfers. Mrs. Eddy-was in charge and announced that the program was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Sn.yder, Mr. and Mrs, T. L. Hiatt, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Ford, who had or yirtli have golden wedding' anniversaries during March. Mr. and Mrs. Snyder Were celebrating their 47th wedding ahnl- versary and were preesnted with a beautiful cake. Stanley Lance Was the first one on the progtem and he proved worthy of Mrs. Eddy's opening coiftmeht on iiis talent as a singer. His song was "When You Were Sixteen." This was followed by a clever account of The Birth of St. Patrick by Mrs. George Butler. An Irish Jig and Song by Charles 'Watson, fiddler and Bob Haslam, ; harmonica' and guitar, pi-oved popular with their audience. MrS. F. Orcutt gave a humorous reading and Martha Sherman and Mary Luce were applauded for their skit as Irish jokesters. The ptpgrarti closed with group singiiig of 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling. After refreshments Were served •by the committee, dancing was enjoyed. The refreshments commit^ tee included Mr. and Mrs.. Carrol Weeks, Mr. and Mrs, Mervln Enzler ai>d Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tuttle. Lutheran Chu«-ch Has Outstandiing Picturef 'The Ukiah Lutheran church will show the' full length filmi Reaching From Heaven, at Grange hall Tuesday evening, beginning at 8 O'clock. This Is part of the visual education progranV of the church and is the secotld in the series, Mes-i sengers of Peace- Reaching from Heaven is called the film with a challenging mes! sage for all. It is Christian, roi jtiantic, dramatic, and exciting, and will provide a profitable 90 minutes of ehtertainmbht. Cheryl Walker, John Qualen, Hugh Beaumont, Regis Toomey, Addison Richards and Nana Bryant have the Icttdlng parts. KOSMOSCI.UB HAS GARDEN DAY A profusion of daffodils greeted members of the Kosmos Club when they entered the municipal clubhouse last Thursday fdr'their Garden Day prdgi-a'm, Mrs, John Finne aiid M»'s. E. M. Cbrbett hid arranged the flowers, most of which they 'had grown, but there were also some exttaordinary blossoms from Mrs. J. C. White's gBrdeh. Mrs. Lulu Bernard almost disrupted thp dignity of the .club when she read the humorous account of Mrs. Dumb's Gardening. This Was followed by a serious number by Mrs. 'Y^mond 'Y'ork, singing Danny Boy. She was accompanied by Mrs. John Penner. Mr?. Frank Branson and Mrs. Cla;r H611iday played tWo piano duets which were .well.,received. They. Were Tarantella, by Rafi and Lonisiy t>e^ert by Salph i'ederer. There Wps mubh business transacted under the :directlon oi the president, Mrs, J. N.. Stipp. Five dollars were dohSted to the Xled Cross to the hospital fUhd. Mrs. Jjoren "i^ork, chairman of the mo^ries committee, read an ar- Ucie on Why the public and cluBs should cooperate to bring motion pictures io a still higher standard and get hfetler pictur'es all of the time. One new member was received into the club. This concluded the business and refreshrhe/hts of ra^beiry. chiffon.pie,and.Jea ahd coffieewiere served. .' . Elempp+pry teachers The March in^dViJgbi the t'kiah elementary teadiers was held af the .Maple Cwfe thulfsdliy eve- hihg, March il, with Frank Zeek, Jack Siiinpsbh, William MahfOrd iahci Williani Martirtez as the committee in ehaVgfe. DScoratlohs In- .clUde'd flowering peach, ilUt cups arid iavOrs of Easter chicks aiid rabbits. Plahs for the 'faculty sponsored card party foi- the studfeht illd fund were discussed and because o£ the dl8iculty of obtaining a free date, the affair .Was indefinitely postponed. George Dietterle, ,61 the county superinlendent'.s office, was a guest of the evenIHg. He prfeSShtea Dr. Ruth Green of the Mendocino State HospjtM, Who Outlined the clinical help in' th'e psychiatric field being offered thie iSchools. A f^tui* of the IMBfetihg was the raadihi qil.'R ;':poein- jijy each tcachpr. '. .,,. " ' j',' Ninth Birthday Party Mrs. Peter .Gialdini was hostess at a party Saturday in honor ol her daughter Potty on her ninth birthday. An afternoon of indooi- games and listening to phonograph records delighted the children. Refreshments included a big white birthday cake decorated hi greeh, with ice cream and chocolate, served cih a table decorated with Easter baskets containing colored e ^s as souvenirs. Those invited to share Patty's birthday were Arlene Scudero, Janet Addor, Carol Ann Ball, Louise Guidi, Eddie Laviletta, Don Lucchesi, Dickie Johhstohe, Larry Hallman, Allan Ledfbrd, Florence Gialdini, Allan .Gialdlhl, and Mrs. E., Gioldini. Ut^s Cut The Cq|tf|| Birthday Party For Legionnaires The. American Legion originated in Parison March 15,1917, with a- big celebration and ever' since that' date ^ has: been a. day of, celebration for the legion every-, where. The only digression from the, custom is that the various chaptei's celebrate the day.oh the' meeting 'night that is- closest: to March 15. Ukiab American Legion will have its regular meeting March 17, at 7 p.m. in the Veterans Memori-- ai building. Therp ,Wlll be much „tfisttvi^ witiv^ a fine,' program which will end with the presentation of a! birthday cake to the commander of the American legion, M.L. DeKeno, by the leader of the American Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. liilllan DeKeno. The committees in charge of arrangement's are ai follows: Alvlon. Bailey, Edward Eversole, John Ashfiord and Wallace Morrison for the Legion and Alta Dillingham, Ann Goddard,.Aima Moore, Jane Isnard, Ruth Sails aYid Prudence Laviletta lor thfe Auxiliary. SUMn WUlUnu und'bBby bxoihar Jan. taoTSX wi«tf,uU7-ovax, the nk« made i,dK her cecond birthdarwhiehwucetsbirated: Sunday at the Cadric Thornton home in Pottai Valler ^hwe Steven Thornton. Snsan's Gousiib was eo-honoree on hU se <rentb hixthday. Stiiiifa and J^an^k chUdtmof Mr.and Mt*. C. A. WiUian» ol UMth. Mn. Olga Spottswood was also B guoit at the Thonitons, - ' i; Tom Franklin left Monday for Kansas City on a business trip tfiat may eventuate in the family returning there to make their home. Mrs. Franklin rather hoped they might remain in Ukiah. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dunmire of 'yountviUe were guests ojt Dr. and Mrs. David Williams of Men- docfno State Hospital. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FQR MISS MARY BREEN One of the week's happiest birthdays was that of Miss Mary Breen, who was honor guest at a patty given for her Friday, March 12,rby Mr. ahd MrS. ArthUr Scl»il- der on her 17th birthday. ,, The dining room was beautifully decorated with spring flt>wers and lighted candles. Supper was ferved from the buffet and everyone enjoyed the informality of serving their plates and carrying them to the card tables in the living room, each having a - small bouquet in the center. After dinner a scavenger-hunt, kept the group active tiyingv to find the location of articles hidden in the limericks, which werfe misleading in their simplicity. These were the contributions of the host, Arthur Schilder. The winners fof the hunt were Miss Nancy Richwine, Miss LouiseThompson,' Dennis Grant and Gene Coleman.><i> After the hunt dancing to recOSfd mUslc provided a delightful;'climax to the e'vening. Guests .'.-to wish Mary happy returns of the day were Misses Nancy Outer, Nancy Richwine, Gloria Butzbach, Louise Thompson,. Joyce Enzler, Pat Walsh, Carol Grant and Messrs. Gino Micheletti,. Gene Coleman, Eddy Enzler, Bob Moroni of Ukiah, Eddie Nicheletti, Eddie Grigg and Dennis Grai^. of Healdsburg and Paul Hill of Lakeport. MARGIE VINSON TO MARRY DAN HILL Anhouncement has been made of the engagement of Miss Margie Vinson of Uftiah and Caniel Sill of Lakeport, with no definite date for the wedding named. Miss Vinson is the daughter of Mr. and-Mrs. Thomas Vinson of Ukiah. She is originally jCroni Ar- Ikansas but has lived in Ukiah for the past nine years and is employed in the office of the Ukiah high school. . Hill is the son of Mr. and Mrs. JamesF. Hill oi; Lakeport and was born and reared in this section of the country. He is at ;present associated with a service station in Ukiah. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Toomey of .VIiHeJo wert the weekend guests oi' Mr, and Mrs. Ray Ciider. Mr. and Mrs. Crlder Enfertaln At Bridge Mr- and Mrs. Jlay CiriUeir Were hosts at a birthday dlhner and bridge March 17 ip honor of Mrs. Crider's mother,! Mrs. Arthur I^yohs. 'The decorations were typi- 6ai ,of 'Hhe wearing of the green." High score for the evening's play Was held by Mr- Allen and Ibw by Mh Lyons, with Mrs.- Sohler having the traveling slahi. Mr. and Mrs. Crider's guests Wb're Mr. arid Mts~ ArthUr Lyonsi Mr. and Mrs. S. E, Sohler, jr., and Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Allen of .dloyejcdale. . List of Officer)! For BPWC Now Complete Mrs. Louise Bemhard is chairman of the nominating committee ior district officers of the Business arid Professional Women's Club and has her list of officers almost completed- Ella Butler <lvlrs- George) will go in as president with ten-clubs endorsing hez-. Since she is sponsored/ by Ukiah, the spring district convention will be held here in April. MAHHIAGE LICENSE ISSUED At Ukinh, -March 17, Andy O. Anderson and Metha Nielsen of Eureka. Kenneth Farnsworth motored to Eureka on Wednesday for a couple of days' business transactions. Saturday Afternoon Glub Features Promenade of Spring Fashions NEW SOCIETY EDITOR. Mrs. Bemiece Batterton has accepted the position of society editor of the Dispatch Democrat vacated by Mrs. Frankie- Buck. Mrs. . Battertftn has a background of comprehensive experience with the San Francisco Call-Bulletin; the Sacramento Union, the -Sajinas Californian and •. most recently with, • the Prescott (Ai'izona) Courier. She recently completed creative writing studies at University of California and finds that Ukiah is .the ideal place in which ta Write a Jong-planned novel. • ' HOVEYS CELEBRATE , SILVER ANNIVERSARY Upon, the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. George Hovey were hosts to a number of their friends Saturday, March 6, at an evening -of cards. - ' Awards - were made to Mrs. James Bradshaw, Robert Harmoni E. H. Balyeat and Richard Mazzoni for the evening's best scores. Then Mr- and Mrs. Hovey were presented with a gift of silver;i a surprise that comes to who have friends of many years standing. Mr. and Mrs. Hovey's guests were Messrs. and Mesdames Si H. Balyeat, George Bartlett, J. .B. Bradshaw, Robert- Harmon, Vem Boulware, Gedfge Portlbokj Richard Mazzonii Nelmes Smithi and the Hoveys' son-in-laW anddaugh-- ter, Mr, and MrS, Richard Borecky frbrii Sbnoifla county. Hawaiian Journey Is . Told to Ciiltus plub A recent trip to the Hawaiian Islands was the theme of a de- iseriptlve talk heard by meshbers of the Cultus Club Which knet "at the' borne of Mrs. C. S. Myszka list week. The speakbr was Mrs. Louis Hildreth who described the ifeland visit she' triade with Mr. arid Mrs. E. Cl'Albertsort.' The travelers were weldomed in Honolulu; after a ship voyage frohi Sari- PedrOi by Mrs. HU- dreth's fioh Jtirties and hife family v/ho presented them With the tra- ditiohar Hawaiian lis. The exceptional courtesy of the HawaUan-people ,the vivid topical colorings of flowers arid io 'J.- age htid the haUnting music peculiar to the Polynesians Were out-; standing features of Mrs Hildreth's rii'embries of the visit. They visited neighboring islands arid saW the operatlohs of a coHee plantation. They saw Pearl Harbor rebuilt frohi the Shariibles of be- eeriiber 7, 1942. A itading of Don Blandlng's t>o4m. Vagabond House, cdhcluded her program. Refreshriients were served by the hostess in the ' chatriiirigly decorated dining room which was bright With cariielllas arid iris in unusual arrangement. Jonquils and fruit blossoms added to the festive appearance of the Myszka home. Redwbdd Valley P.-t.A. Good Proigrom Friday Mrs. Joe T.urula will explain life memberships and student loan and scholarship at the meeting of the Redwood Valley P,.T.A. at the Redwood Valley grammar school, Friday' night. R. .Foster will be there with a complete outline of a county health program and its. operation. • The promenade of spring fash^ ions across the stage Of the Saturday Afternoon Club on Saturday afternoon was comparable in quality with the assembled style Of a Carthay Circle first night- oiE Hollywood movie names, according to • reports of the event from many witnesses. > . Mrs. Herbert' Singley was the program chairman responsible for the affair hnd Miss Esther Red- wlne presented the '^show and offered many styles that 'were iri the Paris show sponsored by Sari' Francisco manufacturers and retailers. ^ The parade opened with the ap; pearance of Alice Thornhill in a black faille redingotie three-quarter length and wide French cuff, beneath which was worn a black- atid-white dress with cap sleeves. Anofher style to be recalled in this type of spring-and siimmer was a blue plaid gingham worii by Nancy Ford. It had' white eyelet trim wtih a white eyelet ruffle petticoat effect showing below the full skirt. She wore a perky red hat in manner quite fetching, 'twas said.. The parade continued with a showing of clothes that evoked continued exclamation^ of pleasure from the audience with the eoheluding stroll of evening gowns, one wais a formal accenting a shawl off the shoulder effect in a black, pirik and white striped cotton with accentuated hip line,; and a big bow of self Jinaterial forming the bustl^ back, yan Sutterley Was the sophisticate Wearing the inoael. Ahother of the Paris Styles was •the'ballerina'b}ack .taffeta formal; df feSotic ahgie length that,showed a red lining as Evelyn Brpaddus swished across ihe mge suggesting the lui -e ol -the Latin- countries. Hidden in each cap Isljeeve-of thi's model was a provoftative r6d rose that cOuld Be" gilnlpsed'6s the wearer turned ih her prom^hade. But the number that really stole the' show, they said. Was thie piilk chiffon and black lace strapless off the shoulder'riodel -worn rby the altogether -lovely tetUe the finale. The moa >?ls, ell'deserving Of in- dl'vldual prelse, werfe Alice Thoni- hiU, testher Maguire, Jane FOl-d, Lettie Perijand, Naricy Ford, 3 an S.utterley, Evelyn Broaddus. Music by Miss Agnes Su ;ridqui3t, pianist; MlBs Shirley Laurseri, soloist; accompanied by Mrs. John Hoefer, made- a pleasant baek- fei^ourid arid interlude for the style show. The ireceptlOn comiriitteis was made up of Miss Giovanna Brica- relll, Bejtty Farhswotth, Jeanrlette darzini arid Mrs. Mtiirthi Stipp. The hostess committee in'cluded Mesdames R.R. Walshi-E. E.-McNeil, A. J. McGill, Don Hoover, Leslie LarsOfij • Ghanning Cornell, M. Laiippe'and A; H. Towne. Mrs. Arthur Schilder Was Hosteiiss To g Members of Garden Club Wed^esday4^ The home > of Mrs. .Arthur Schilder on .West Perkins*- street was file setting for the. meeting •of the Ukidh Garden Club on Wed-^ nesday afternoon, "March 10, at 2 o'clock, with., Mrs. GeOrge. Dietterle. presiding. . . The Garden Club is planning a spring flower exhibit held in Connection with its afternoon meeting in April, which will be open to the public, Mrs.'Ruth Kington has been named chairman of ar- rangeihenis^ and it will be held in the Palace Hotel with the exact date depending upon weather conditions. The club discussed its participation in the April clean-up campaign, . , Mrs. George Dietterle. intror duced Mrs. Irene Schmidt a,? speaker for the afternoon, who talked , about primroses. She told the details of the care and cultivation of primroses and Included many facts regSirding their growth. She sa,id that it. has been a garden favorite for ' centuries, stating that this is proveri by the fact that.. it has never been discarded for new varieties of flowers; As early as 1769 primrose shows were being held and prizes given for -choice blooms, Mrs. Schmidt also explained that the primrose grows in all countries, some of the better varieties being found in Siberia, Alaska, the Aleu- ;tians and the Alps, showing it to be a hardy harbinger of spring. BkiAicd AtiM WlflLE PLAYING •John Viai-engo, g-yeariold son of Mr. ^nd Mirs.. John Viarengo, broke' h'S I'eft ami in two .places Wednesday rriorning when he fell while piaylrig ball at the gram•mar school. 'With.tbe arm in a cast,' he is back at sbhool." SAN FaANCISCO'S >6wei: Street Ellis In the Hub — But Out ot the Hub-bUb Choice of OutUde-Inside Rooriis —: WITH BATH :— Sitigle t2.S0 up; DoiilAe $3.50 Up i—I WITHOUT BATH ;— Single $2.00 Double $2.50 Lem Shibiey -Mrs. • Schmidt's program is described as being" a fine one, well presented and enthuaiastically received by. th6 dub.. _ A beautiful arrangemerit of winter iris and pale pink camellias centered the tea table, where tea Was served by the hostesses, Mrs. Arthur Schilder, Mrs. E. H. Barker and Mrs. James B. "Ma.ssen- gill. , , - There was much favoraUle comment about the display of choice daffodils from''the,gardens of Mrs. E. Mt Corbatt, Mrs. Charlfes Kasch and Mrs, George Dietterle, Mrs. Kasch had one particular specimen of hiagnolia .stellata Vo which she called particular attention. There were also many bouquets of primroses arranged by members. The door prize, a basket of choice blue primrose plants donated by Mrs. "Schmidt, was won by Mrs. J. R. Thpmas. During the week of March 15, members of the club plan to go to Santa Rosa to be..guests Of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Von Graf en to see hundreds Of camellias at the peak of their blooming seasons. The next, meetihit of th6 Ukiah Garden .Club wjU be held at the municipal clubhouse on Thursday- evening, Mai-ch 25, at 7t30 o'clock. Ira Sheppard of Sacramento, in charge of plantings at the state fair grounds, will talk on Floweri ing Shrubs and Flowering Trees, He is btingmg,specimen to be used as part of his program. it takes TEAMWORK to SAVE electvicity Water is the lifeblood of California, and the burden oi the critical water shortage must be shared b^ all. Not jufit the faimerl Industry, labor, business and the home must carry their share. . long, dry months are ahead. Likelihood of appreciable rain diminishes daily. 'WATER MUST BE SAVteD IN HESER'VOlRS to meet even rriiniinum requirements for domestic water supplies, hrrigation and power production the rest of the year. EVERY KILOWATTHOUR OF ELECTRICITY/ SAVED IS WATER CONSERVED! ALL POWER THAT CAN BE SAVED MUST ,HS SAVED! Teamwork today, through complete and consGien-. tious cooperation with the Public Utilities'Commis­ sion power curtailment program, will help forestall more severe restrictions later on. • ' Effective cutbacks by business, agriculture and industry today will minimize shutdowns and-unem-^ ployment necessary despite all human efforts to counteract the drastic effects of drought in Caliidnua. hwe'i how YOP ciiit hol»s FflRMSR You, oi course, are heurdest hit by clroughti. But eiferyone eliie li saciiiicin? to help you. rndustry la taidng druSc cutbacica ia produc- Hbd. 'I,abor la takin? culSacka in ahoWeoed VOtk waeka. Baaineas ia workiitg literally in th»> dark and aacriildn? rayeisuea. Hduaa-, wlvea, too, are on the team. Your abafe is a Snajot cbfatrlbuilink . ; . cloaihg <ioira one day •'i <Ar8ek your pumpa that put predoua -water ott your paicHed land. .Any othpr power aav- tag caii niake yriU atretch your water iwDirsTiiy Mahagemeht and labor alike are part ol the team. Indiiatrial economy and' payrolla are (nseparable {torn CaUiomla's iaim economy. And water la as vital to liiduairir as It ia to the iarm because the bulk of the power that turns industry's wheels depends upon water, induslria] curtailments today forestall nors draatic raa^rlctiens .and greater manpower lay- otfs later. Every saving you can make will Btraich your power supply. BVStltfESS Biitdiar, bahicer, merchant, , . . your business in this slate ia part afid parcel o< the Stale's economy. Your contrtbulibn In powet curtailment is vital 16 you as well as to the farmer, the Industrialist and the laborer. You o^e cbnscltiiitidus cooperation to yput neighbor as well OS to yoursoif. Police your own premises. See that the (Commission's curtailisent orders azi) carried out to the tetter. And take whatever further Stepa you-can find to savj power and .thus conserve precious water. ^ HdME •Ito po^t saving Is too Utile to save water. Switching off one little light bulb for one hour Seeihs a small v'ay to cooperate in this emergency. But Siultiply your one light by aaiisands ol homes In Northern and Central California and you will save enough water to operate a giant 100,000 horsepower electric plant for tliat one hour. Housewives c«n and must play i> helpful role during this emergency. Switch off atid turn out appliancea and lights when not in use. Every little bit of electricity you cave contributeii to the public good. SAVJB ELECTRICITY FOR THE GOOD OF ALL! ELECTRICITY SAVED IS WATER CONSERVED l\. PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY

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