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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1948
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MARCH 19, 1948 DISPATCH DEMOCRAT, URIAH, CALIF'OR^n:^' PAGE THRE:B1' 10. 20. 30,; 40. 5W YEARS AGO TEN YEARS AGO Maich ZS, 1948 A crowd of over 7000 coast resi- -dents, most 6l them employes of the , Union Lumber Company, tracked the grammar school auditorium on March 22 at the all- day hearing held by the National Labor Relations board. The hearing was at the request of the Lumber and SaWmill Workers Uhionfora secret ballot, for the employees to determine the union's t&rgaining agencies. The, .Redwood highway was closed, Thursday morning when the /mountainside caved in near liiiley's Redwood Park. A second slide .seven miles north of that pbint is also blocking the highway. The; highway w°s closed Wednesday afternoon by slideis between Gummings and''Dyerville and was open for a few heurs Thursday mc»rniiig when it was again blocked by two slides of. greater pro. portions. . Gharles Kasch has purchasefl the Wattenburg interests at Cold .creek comprising 33 acres of val- Jey and mountain land, stretching, oh both sides of'the Ukiah'-Tahoe highway and on the Potter Valley ;;oa^, . ,;The.50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Dahl of Kianchas'ter Was celebrated in the Swedish hall on. March 19. 'The car owned and driven by Jimmy Grant was badly wrecked Eind a passenger injured at Point Arena last week when it struck ahd killed three cows belonging • itb Walter.Craig. :,i Jimmy Brower, grandson of Mrs.. Emma Miller of Potter Valley :idlled a'bobcat which the dogs jiad chased under her home last . week... •;;Ihe residents of the Mina neighborhood have re-established connections .with the outside world after being marooned for a week by. a .deep show and roadslide. : On; March 7 the first • mail since February 9 was delivered. . : Carl' Purdy, whose reputation as horticulturist has gone around the World, celebrated his 77th birthday with a family gathering at the Terraces. Oppenlandor of Comptche, suffer-: of 3000 acres, seven miles from ed a broken nose while at play in jUkiah on the Boonville road. Ke the school yard. Grover McGimsey has issued bought everythmg that went with a the ranch and paid in the neigh- poetic eulogy to the qualities of borhbod of $20,000 Jack London. . „. Mrs. J, B. Sanders of Peach- -Dr. Piersol: Mendocino and I- Dr. Gregory of Fort Bragg were land came to Ukiah Saturday and. called to Greenwood this week to will recuperate from a recent ill nessat the home o£ her daughter, Mrs. William Heryford. Archie Richie and Miss Gladys successful. l- assist' Dr. Huntley in an operation for appendicitis on the son oi i Peter Smith. The operation was' • TWENTY YEARS AGO Marth 24, 1928 '-.Fire-in the plant of the Fort Bragg:'Advocate on Wednesday 1/ C'tiused-damage amounting to sev- •W .>eral huridred dollars and for a • - time, threatened the plant and bvlildlng with destruction. The fire started from a gasoline tank Which fed the burner on the linotype machine. The keyboards of two linotypes were destroyetj. • ^Villd Cubbler, 5-year-old Co- yelo girl, waS' successfully operated on at the Ukiah General Hospital last Saturday for mastoids, which was the first operation of its'kind ever performed in Ukiah, A daughter, wclghin 11% pounds was born March 13 lo Mr. and Mrs.-D. Mackintosh of Boonville. ... Iver Iversen of Point Arena severed two tendons in his left wrist while, butchering 'a pig. jCarl Fred and another Redwood Valley Indian are training for the Indian marathon from San Francisco to Grants Pass, Oregon, in June. • Fire early Tuesday morning destroyed the private garage and two cars:belonging to Matt Goldsam of Mendocino. The remains of W. H. Van Wolf, who disappeared from his home in Ukiah on February 14, were found in the willows along the Russian river back of the Warren Brown ranch. He had evidently committed suicide. Rex Lieurance and Miss Eva Miller of San Francisco will be married Easier Sunday. Miss Miller has been a guest in Ukiah on many occasions at the home of Mr. Lieurance's parents. Dr. G. W. Stout who had been a resident of Ukiah for more than 40 years, died at his home last Monday. Dr. and Mrs. L. K, Van Allen have been confined to their home for the past week with a serious form of influenza, A daughter was born Mondaj' to Hr. and Mrs, Frank Gowan. ' Ukiah members of the Order of piks have arranged a big novelty dance Saturday at Dreamland pavilion. FORTY YEARS AGO March 13, 1808 ' • Three old buildings at the corner of State and Stephenson streets were completely destroyed by fire Tuesday evening. Mrs. L. W; Wilson now living in'Vallejo owned the corner building and a 2-story building next to it, which contained a largeramounj; of millinery merchandise; but ^vi^ere unoccupied. The other building was owned. by Mrs. Minnie .Salmon and was occupied by Mrs. 'Charles Howell, as a lodging house. The cause of the fire is uhknown. Wick Huston left his room about five minutes before the ftre was discovered, biJt is unable -to account for its origin. All the buildings burned like tinder boxes and were enveloped with flames before the arrival of the fire department. George Washington. Wenfce, one of the old-timers from the fog belt, was in the. countyseat last Week to attend some' important business. Mr, Wehke has: been a resident of the coast for 43 years and this is his second visit to the county;!eat. Ke is d good citizen and a Democrat, who reads the Dispatch and Bryan's Commoners, D. P, Cowse'rt, the second man to - plant hops in Ukiah. valley, died at Junction City, Texas. He left here in 1836 with his wife, THIRTY YEARS AGO March 22, 1918 District Attorney Hale McCowan, Jr., delivered the dedicatory address at the raising of the Hopland Service Flag on March 17. The flag contained 27 stars for men in the service from Holland. County Clerk Hale Prather is home from Eureka where he presided as one of the judges in the pet stock show. He says that Ukiah could hold as good a show, or better than was put on at Eureka. Oscar Hollingsworth of Red. wood Valley has been engaged as foreman of the Laughlin ranch. Eileen Oppenlander, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs, EiJer Mitchell were married Monday evening in the presence of members of both families at the Mitchell home north •' of Ukiah. Rev, Rodda of the Methodist church officiated, " ^ The government committee has granted the application of the Clearlake Railroad Company for authority to issue $500,00.0 in bonds for the construction of its road to Lakeport. Will Van Dyke has, consented to become a candidate for school trustee in Ukiah district. • John Cooney, wellkn'iwn young man of Greenwood, and Miss Claire Ansel of Alameda were married Sunday at Santa Clara.- Registration for the city election at Willits is said to' be not more than 600 and is several hundred short. Files For Congress John Brunges of Point Arena • celebrated his 80th birthday Sun- j day and was kept busy receiving! cong.ratulations. He is hale and hearty ""^and can outwalk many younger men. ' . FIFTY YEARS AGO March 25, 1898 Marshal E. E. Endicott and Constable E. L. Sav/yers of Willits were made happy last week by the receipt of two $150 checks,'a .aortion of the reward they earned f^by their assistance in the capture oi the Davis brothers who attempted to hold up the stage some months ago near Willits. " Dr. T, P. Hopkins of Potter Valley was in Ukiah Tiicsday p.nd reports that pneumonia and la grippe are quite, prevalent in -that neighboring valley. Wilbur Son, a fdrmer resident of Witlits, is in custody in Chico charged with the murder of William Ginnis, a sheep man of that section, who was shot. during a drunken brawl. W. J. Blevins, a former Mendocino county teacher who has been attending the Barhes Medical College at St. Louis, will graduate in May and return to California to establish a practice. J. -Z. Ray of Potter Valley, who took a number of mules and horses to Hawaii last ^January has returned and reports everything flourishing on the islands. Hejlis- •posed of his mules and horses at $90 per head. Joseph Whited of WUlits was in Ukiah this week to purchase the machinery for a shingle mill he will establish near Willits with a capacity of 30,000 shingles per day. John. Lynch of Gualala was. picked up by the high line at Kenoe's camp and carried, quite a distance before he could free him- .self. The cable stretched from one hillside to another, across a deep gulbh, but he succeeded in .freeing himself so that he fell 30 feet, breaking his left arm. Twin sons were born Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. David Frost ot-Willits, Mrs. E. W.Smith has leased the Donohoe Hotel and is having it "NiirCoS^'^Td" j '^^f Man- t7oroughly "renovated and will re- niS we ^r hefe from Lakeport furnish it with entirely new fur- this week. Mr. Cocking took^quite nishings and change the name to ; fa^cy to this cbmmunity and the Imperial. The openmg will be purchased the Clint EUedge ranch April 2. Instruments Recorded FEBRUARY 26, 1948 DEEDS H A Reynolds et ux to E W Markham et ux, laiid in Willits. M E Boesel et ux to Sisto Feliz et ux, land in Ukiah. M A Thomas, admin est of Hiram Hamilton, deed, to Ethel McLaughlin, land in T24isr Rl9W. O O. Barker et ux to Robert Pelts, land in T18N RllW. " Mario' Paladini et ux to Domenic Crinella et ux, land in Ukiah. Mamie Raudio et al to John Dalin et ux, land in T18N R17W. John Dalin et ux to M A Engel et ux, land in T18N RHW. Henry Nash et ux to John Cyphers et ux, land in Ukiah. H M Cochrane et ux to Harley Hayes et al, land in Cochrane subdn. CONFIRMING SALE ' Est of Hiram Hamilton, deed, land in T24N R19W to Ethel McLaughlin, POWERS OF ATTY Eloise Gannon to Alex Thomas, Jr. Catherine Thomas to, Alex Thomas, Jr. DEEDS OF TRUST Andrew Maki et ux to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in T18N R17W. Harold Hull et ux to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Svgs Bk Mendo Co, land in Ukiah. Harley Hayes et al to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee, and Charles Hixson, land in Cochrane subdn. RECONVEYANCE Corp Am to Henry Nash et ux, deed of trust. SALE & MTGE PERS PROP Emp Mill & Timber Co lO H C Crofoot et al, dba Crofoot Lmbr Co, all logs and timber, tools, machinery and equipment located at the sawmill north of Ukiah, also intend to mortgage said property. Sale to take place at office of Charles Kasch, Ukiah, LIEN ON REAL PROPERTY John Freitas .to Glenn Weger et ux, for the furnishing of '--aterials for the construction and erection of a building located in Ukiah. FEBRUARY i?. 1948 DEEDS S H Frank Sc Co to Paul Grothe et al, land in T23N R15W; T23N R16W; T24N R15W and T24N RICW, Arthur Rapp et ux to Volmer Petersen et ux, land in T17N Rl.lW. DEC OF HOMESTEAD Luella Buhlman, land in lot 22, Yokayo rancho. MORTGAGES Marie Valette et al to John Haas, Inc, 30,000 lbs of hops grown 1948 on ranch known as Valette hop farm, Yokayo rancho. L. C. McPherson et al to John Haas, Inc, 30,000 lbs of hops grown 1948, located on ^anch known as McPhersoru.& Damiano hop yard near Hopland. W. T. McGarvey to S S Steiner, Inc, 20,000 lbs of hops grown dur- mill. NOTARY'S BOND St Calif to Lepha Hamon, notary public for Mendo Co. FEBRUARY 28, 1948 DEEDS Edna Longshore et ux to George Schneider, land in T24N R17W. Mary Burbeck et al to George Schneider, land in T24N R17W. Mathew Piper et ux to J R Piper et ux, land in T13N R15W. Mabel Craig et vir to John Piper, land in T13N R15W. Maggie Harris to John Piper et ux, land in T13 NR15W. Milton Gross to Jean Piper, land in T13N R15W. "Thomas Johnson to Melville Jolinson, Jr, land in Fort Bragg. Herbert Casaday et ux to John Meyers, land in T18N R17-18W. Charles Guntly et al to Georgiana MacDonald et al, land in T15N R15W. George • Schneider to William Boyd et al, land in T24N RfSW. Denny McKinnon to Esther Thornburg, land in T18N R14W. Mabel iiirsch to Joseph Freeman et ux, land in Ukiah. DECREE QUIETING TITLE Robert Parker et al vs D C Smith as admin est of Mary McPeak, deed, land in Cochrane' subdu. * AT THE COURT HOUSE Hubert B. Scudder of Sobas- toppl officially launched his campaign for Congiesbman from the First dislrict when he .filed . his petition witfe t'hb county ulerk of Santa Rosa in Scuddor's home^'couiity. His Campaign For Congress to Be Modle District-wide Hubert B. Scudder, who resigned as state real estate commissioner to become a candidate for congress, officially launched his campaign when he filed the necessary papers with County Clerk Walter Nagle in his home county of' Sonoma. Petitions of »om.ination filed through his verification deputes, Elzo McCluskey, real estate broker of Santa Rosa, and C. W. Carpenter, Petaluma insurance broker, assure that Scuddor's nartie will appear on both Republican and Deinocratic ballots at the June 1 election. It was repoii.ed that more than an adequate number of sponsors signing the petitions . represent prominent members :.'f both political parties. Scudder, a veteran of World War I, represented' the Sonoma- Marin district in the state legislature for 16 years. He retired by choice to devote full time to his real estate and insurance btisiness, after serving his native city of Sebastopol in various offcial capacities, as superintendent of public utilities, fire chief, councilman and mayor. Five years ago he was appointed by Governor Warren commissioner in charge of the state division of real estate. After energetic service which brought about many reforms in the expanding division, he resigned as of March 1, to become a candidate to succeed Representative Clarence F. Lea, who is retiring after more than a quarter of a century in V/ashing- ton. Scudder announced plans for a , vigorous district-wide non-partisan campaign between now and election day. District headquarters were opened at 520 Fourth street, Santa Rosa, by the Scudder for Congress committee. Ukiah Music Shop Adds New Booths Scheduled to open'this week at Greeott's Music Store are two new soundproofed record listening booths for the use of music shop customers. inc, zu.uuu IDS OI naps giuwu uLLi- "The addition of these new ing 1948-49-50 crops, grown on booths is in line with our policy - ^ • • • of adding new services as they are warranted in order to provide MARCH 8, 1948 Hazel K. Dahl vs. Leonard A. Dahl. Referred to court commissioner, to take the 'testimbny and report to thecourt; G. B. Bradford et ux vs, Marie Tarwater. Testimony taken. To: be submitted on points and authori^ ties, 10, 10 and 5. MARCH 9, 1948 ' Estate Franklin Forrest Adams, deceased. Ekecutof discharged. EstabliEhmcnt of fact of death of Marie -Russis., W. S. Van Dyke appointed appraiser. Fred Houpperttians vs. "Royal Winston Kelsey. Plaintiff granted judgment as prayed,for. MARCH 11, 1948 Daward F. Casleel ef ux vs Claraice LiUie et al. Trial dafb of March 17 vacated. land SE of Ukiah. C R Fairbairn to S S Steiner, — Inc 8 acres of hops grown on tJldah with a modern jnusic cen- land SE of Hopland. ter," Wesley ^" '" J Malone to S S Steiner, Inc, ^j. ^aid today 22 acres of hops growo. on land A^^iHonoi south of Hopland. „ ter,'; Wesley Greebtt, store own- said today. Additional improvements at the jiith of Hopland. „ r•h=^^^^ business location include a new John Ramsey etal to Charles instruction in popular ducted by Les Miller. The piano studio will open March 22. Flans For Town Hall Are Shaping Up Plans are progressing for the previously announced Town Hall meeting which, will give the city government an opportunity to inform the 2000 registered voters of the details of the four propositions to be on the ballot on April 13, and also give city council candidates an opportunity to express themselves on vital issue| facing bur city. Council candidates will be given a list of seven to ten basic questions from which they may formulate their presentation. The entire progi-am will be kept on the highest plane through the work of an unbiased moderator. The location and date of the meeting will be released next week. MARCH 12, 1948 Estate A. O. Stornetta, deceased. Decree of due notice to creditors. Estate Egiato Lippi, deceased. Same order. ' Estate Ada M. Thompson, deceased. C. M, Mannon appointed sole appraiser. Estate May Irene Case, deceased. W. S. Van Dyke appointed sole appraiser. Estate Albert Reii'ei'man, incompetent. Twenty-third account approved. Estate John R. 'Walker, deceased. Accounting continued to April 2, Guardianship Albert Murray, incompetent. Twelfth annual account continued to March 26. Estate Lloyd W. Prather, deceased. Petition to set aside estate to widow continued to March, 19. Guardianship Herbert F. Philbert, incompetent. Third account approved. Guardianship Domenic Niderost, incompetent. Second account continued to March 26. Estate Can-ie C. Perry, deceased. Final account allowed; distribution ordered. Estate Christian Faught, deceased. Accounting continued to April 2, ' Estate Eleanor H, Baechtel, deceased. Firlal account approved; distribution ordered. • Estate Ellas K. Hong. Supplementary decree of .distribution. Estate George Thomas Riggs, deceased. Distribution ordered. Estate Hans G. C. Christiansen, deceased. Accounting continued to April 2. , ,. , , , Estate Helen Lang, deceased. Accounting continued to April 9. Estate Margaret M. Cockes, deceased. Distribution ordered; administrator discharged. Estate Lena F. Fritz, deceased. Testimony taken on objections to petition for special letters of administration. Matter submitted. Betition Hazel S. Smith to deter- 'niiiie taxability of transfer. Decree that Cliflord H. Smith died March 20, 1947. Estate John A. Gustafson, deceased. Lydia Gustafson appointed executor .without bond. C. M. Mannon appointed sole appraiser. Estate Melvin P. Main, deceased. Neil M. Dick appointed ad- niinistTEtrix; bond fl,xed at $1000. Estate Webster Simonds, deceased. D. C. Smith appointed administrator without additional bond. Petition to establish birth Armando Giovanni Lucchessi, Decree that petitioner was born February 7, 1901, Petition to terminate joint tenancy of Marguerite Larson, deceased. Continued to March 19, Estate Kalle August Koivisto, deceased. D. C. Smith appointed administrator without additional bond. C. M. Mannon appointed appraiser. Civil Hazel K. Dahl va. Leonard A, Dahl. Order of submission. Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of v/ilful neglect, wilful desertion and extreme cruelty. Harriet O. White et al vs. W. A. Ford et al, Tri4l date of March 31 vacated and matter came on at this, time for trial Plaintiff granted decree quieting title, subject to right-of-way in favor of Fords and Tadlocks. Ruth Mary McCoy vs, James Marion McCoy, ^Motion to modify interlocutory decree of divorce contmued to March 19, M, A. Sloper vs, Vannie D, Sloper et al. Request for jury withdrawn; dropped from calendar. People vs, F, C. Bull et al. Further proceedings on demurrers continued to March 19, Lillian J, Montgomery vs, William C. Montgomery. Hearing on motion for custody and order to show cause. Testimony taken and motion submitted.. Charlotte P. Lawton vs. Alvjn G. Lavvton. Plaintiff granted in\er- locutcry decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty; niinos children awarded to plaintiff and defendant ordered to pay $25 per month for each child. Walter O. Biichholz et al vs, George-L, Harman et ux. Demurrer continued to March 19, People .vs. Trinity Theatres, Inc. for prelipninary injunction continued to March 15, Lillian J. Montgomery vs, William C. Montgomery. Testimony taken and submitted on special issue. Merrill Williams vs. Alice Marie Williams. Plaintiff granted Inter- Iccutoi-y decree of divorce on ground of extreme ci-uelly, property settlement confirmed and minor child awarded to plaintiiL'. Velma M. Ruddick vs. Robert L. Ruddick. Motion continued to March 19. ' Edgar W. Dutton vs. County of Mendocino! Demurrers continued' to March 19, ,.Edgar D, Nash et al vs. Henry Nash et al. Cemurrer continued to April 2 by stipulation. liiaynard M. Bagley vs. D. C. Srihith as administrator. Plaintili granted decree quieting title. Cliflord A. Johnson et ux vs. D. C. Smith as administrator.- Demurrer continued to March 19.' Criminal People vs. John Glen Campbell, Further proceedings on violation of probation continued to July 9, People vs. Jim Adrian Halks, Continued to March 19, People vs, Ray Cloran, Defendant's application for piobation denied and sentenced to San Quentin for-time presCrifjed by law. People vs, Ambrogio Nini Bartalini and Millard Charles Law, Continued to March 19 for report of probation officer. People vs. Eugene Grant, Defendant's application for probation denied. Fined $250-or in default of payment to serve one day for each $2 of fine unpaid. People vs. George Q. Baker. Defendant's application for probation denied. Sentenced to six months in the county jail. People vs. Ira Gibson Wills. Arraigned on charge of felony. Defendant entered plea of guilty as charged in the information. Referred to probation officer for report March 26. People vs. James A. Pollard. Defendant sentenced to San Quentin prison for term prescribed by law. Willow Springs Court Sold to Nevada Man Mr. and Mrs. Oral Bussey of Yearington, Nevada, are now owners of the 'Willow Springs Auto Court, located on the Redwood highway, seven miles noi-th of •Willits, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Griffith, the former owners, are now living at Walnut Creek. The Willow Springs Court has seven units, cafe and gasoline station and includes 60 acres of wooded hill land. It is noted for the excellent accommodations afforded the traveling public. The sale was handled by Oliver and Carmi Conrey for the Strout Realty of Ukiah. VISITORS FROM COVELO Mr. and Mrs. Marvin ^Hurt of Covelo were here last week, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Holzhauser and Mr. and Mrs, James Kolzhauser, ANDERSON VALLEY PHILO. March 13— District Deputy Vada Collier made her official visit to the Redwood Rebekah Ledge Tuesday night, accompanied by her marshal, Mrs, McPeek cf Willits, All members •were attired in formals, and the hall was beautifully decorated with flowering quince and spring colors. Following the meeting refi-eshments of jcUo salad, ritz crackers, and cake and coffee were served. Eight members from the Mendocipo lodge motored over for the occasion, and said they hope to return again this year. Noble Grand Ann-Marie Gowan and the card committee are planning a card party for some Saturday night in April, The meeting of the Anderson Valley Riding Club was held last week at the home of Max Dightman in Boonville. Plans for the horsfl show an<J sheep dog contests which will be May 9, were discussed. The Recreation' Club has just added another amuseinent by purchasing two pool tables. Tljis club spoiisors the Teen-Age Group, which has been rrfeeting in Apple hall on Fr,iday nights. Dancing and a variety of other amusements suitable for teen-agers are offered. "Walter Gschwend of Navarro was operated on Wednesday afternoon at the Community hospital, Fort Bi-agg, and is still in a critical condition. This is startling news to his friends, who did not know that an operation was pending. It is hoped he .will improve.. rapidly, Walter Gschwend is the 'father of "Bub" Gschwend of Navarro, Another convalescent this week is Jim Dutro of Philo, who underwent an appendectomy Thursday, The operation Was performed by Dr. Havstaad of the Fort Bragg Community Hospital, and it is reported that the patient is dqing nicely. The Wlldwood Choir met Thursday night at the home of Mrs, Millie Brown for practice on their Easter cantata, Gardens of Easter, Following the meeting jello and cookies were served. The next meeting will be on March 18, at the Philo church. The Philo Ladies Aid rehearsed their play Friday afternoon. They are giving the play, entitled Needles, Thread''n' Jabber, Friday brought back with him from San night, March 19, at the Philo church, A fancy work and candy sale will also be held after the program, and refreshments will be sewed. Everyone is invited. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller were called to Berkeley this week to attend the funeral of Mr, Miller's uncle. They will return Sunday. Mrs. George Gowan left Thursday night for Santa Rosa to visit her sister, Margaret Albrecht, who recently underwent a plastic surgery operation. Mrs. Gowan left with the Champlains, who motored up from Vallejo to visit the George Gowans. The A.&M. restaurant was closed this week, and Mr. and Mis. Maurice Parrish moved Thursday, They have not decided what they will do or where they will go, but promised to keep in Ukiah Firm Adds Refrigerator Line Rotinding out a complete home furnishings service, Mr. and Mrs. A, L, Har/is have announced the appointment of their, .firm as the. official dealers in General Motors Frigidaire for Ukiah and vicinity. 1'heir business location at 185 Seminary avenue will be enlarged to accommodate display facilities and a complete service department for the n^w commercial and,<?Pr-, mestic refrigeration line as well as to provide extra facilities' fdi'' the firm's growing interior deco-,rating and upholstering services. Joining the firm to assist .with refrigeration sales and service is j L. P, Ames of C'alistoga, The business will be known hereafter-as Harris & Ames Appliance Com-' pany, "We are pleased to announce the association of Mr. Ames with us in business here," Harris said today. "With our new appliance lihe" and the expansion of our interior decorating and upholstering- departments, we will be better able, to serve the needs of our Ukiah-' customers and friends. We inVKe them to come in and renew their- acquaintance." _ , ', , CUTTING-CORNERS AT M.S.H. SACRAMENTO, March 13.'—1' CWNS)—Reduction of $12,99».in' the $2,420,674 .budget of the Mendocino State Hospital was recommended by the assembly Interim committee on ways and means.. The reduction would consist ot one assistant to business manager, $3900; one recreational therapist, $2772; one music therapist, $27'72r" one chiropodist from full to qiiar-' t«v time. $3384, and a desk and chair, $171. .V,;;,; Watson Buys Perkins, Main Street Corner The Hagans Realty reports the sale to Stanley Watson of the corner lot belonging to James Bradshaw, located opposite the Vonsen Feed Company. Watson says he is considering the erection of a building on the corner and has prospective occupants for either«a furniture display room or a wholesale and retail hardware. The Coachella and Imperial valleys were reclaimed from the Great American Desert and are called the American Egypt. Corns or Warts Removed from Feef or Hands No Relief — No Charge (NO DRUGS OR MEDICINE USED) B. ARTHUR GIBSON 120 South 2nd Street San Jose ' CsUfornia touch with valley friends.. The- Parrishes have operated the Ai&M; for over two years end* have made many friends. It is reported that- the restaurant will open undei^', new management, ." Mrs. Russell Tolmnn of Bopii- ville had as guests this weekend' her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald MaoCuUam and .'two children of Marysville. ..ii • March 17 is the date for' the'' next Parent-Teachers Association meeting. An interesting program is planned with Leonard Svensoh, a rnember of the county education- • al " audio-visual department. ; All ' members of the P,-T.A., as. well as interested citizens, are urged' to attend. Of interest to sheepmen in this district will be the five purebred Suffolk rams which Porter Wiifi&- Luis Obispo. It is reported that'^U high price was paid for them and that they are from some of the best stock in that area. • The Future Farmers of America " are planning to observe Conservation Week with talks and films pertaining to the conservation program, A fellowship meeting was held, at the Pentecostal church. •I'asCl week. Mrs, MacWhinney of Fort Bragg is holding services Sunday nights . at Apple hall for the Adventists. Bible meetings are also held there , on Thursday nights. HOTEL 55 Fifth St. (Near Market) San Francisco, Calif. • ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF, 350 ROOMS OF COMFORT IN THE HEART OF S. F. ' SHOPPING AND THEATER DISTRICT. • Modern Rates SINGLE ... from $1.75 up DOUBLE... from $2.20 up '•^j ACME B«£WCtltE$ • SanF.onc.KD UKIAH ;CF, & SODA WORKS 200 Clara Ave, —• Ukiah Distributors

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