Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 22, 1972 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1972
Page 6
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Garden Talk MERRY CHRISTMAS .... ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, DEC. 22, 1972 Page 6 A Hectic Fall Harvest BY JOSEPH GABRIELSEN GRAETTINGER, IOWA For farmers, this harvestime was hectic one. A wet spell early in the season kept farmers eyeing the weather and calender, hoping a break would come. Finally, the unsettled weather did subside and they rushed to do their harvesting. The corn was picked, the stalks were cut and much of the land plowed. Further south, they were caught by a heavy fall of snow. Land that had been in soybeans, was worked over in a new ino- ovation. Instead of just disking, chisel plows were used. Field after field could be seen with the soil loosened with so many small ridges with the trash on or near the surface. At long last, the correct method of working the field has come into its own. GraeUinger Christmas Activities For Senior Citizens The Birth of Christ A "Living Nativity" was presented by the Couples Club of the United Methodist Church Dec. 16 and 17 at the corner of First Ave. S. and Ninth St. The Nativitv featured live animals and a recording by the Fred Waring Chorus telling the story of the birth of Christ. Joseph was played by Keith Godfrey and Mary was portrayed by Mrs. Garry Culbertson. Armstrong Speaks on 'The Sheperd's Candle' Mrs. Herman Askeland spoke Sunday over Spencer radio station, KICD, and her topic was "The Shepherd's Candle." Albert Danielson is a patient at the hospital in Iowa City. Mail may reach him c-o University Hospital, C-42, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Madden and daughters were hosts to the Methodist Youth Fellowship meeting at their home Sunday with 14 members present. Otto Kelly of Swea City was honored on his birthday Saturday evening at the John Kelly home. Mrs. Louise Olson is a resident of the Rosewood Manor at Estherville. Terril Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Nelson visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Culyer Peterson and Larry Lillards at Spirit Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Balmer visited several days with their son, Dr. and Mrs. Larry Balmer, and their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hammer in Minneapolis, Minn. The Doug Pfeils entertained guests for a Christmas dinner party Saturday evening at their home. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Christensen and Heidi Pfeil of Sioux City, Mae Ton- derum, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schafer and Mr. and Mrs. James Pfeil. Mrs. William Ashmore entertained the T.H.O. Bridge Club at her home recently for a potluck dinner and pre-Christmas party. Prizes were won by Mrs. Virgil Preston, Mrs. Robert Monson and Mrs. Robert Peterson. They enjoyed a gift exchange. The Frank Pspes entertained 30 couples at their home Sunday evening at an open house pre- Christmas party. Mrs. Julius Irmiter and infant daughter, Mary Ann, returned home Friday from the Fairmont Community Hospital. Mrs. L. E. Mclntire entertained the G.G.F. Bridge Club at her home recently. Mrs. Arthur Cassem was a guest of the club. The Sylvan Lemkes held a Methodist Church Program Scheduled Saturday Night TERRIL - The United Methodist Sunday School Program will be at the church on Dec. 23, at 7 p.m. The primary grades 3 years to second grade will sing several songs and give Christmas verses. Grades 3, 4 and 5 will have verses to recite followed by the singing of "They Will Know We are Chris- tions " and " The Friendly Beasts" with a narration by Joey Mortenson. A Christmas pageant "The Christmas Altar" will be presented by the 6th grade class with a Junior High Choir taking part in the program. Chuck Lewis will provide the narration for the pageant. Piano accompaniment for the entire program will be by Linda McBain. Roger Luehring, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Luehring, is a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital in Sioux City, where he had knee surgery on Friday. He is expected to be home before Christmas. Sunday dinner guests in the David King home honored the first birthday of Paul King. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles King and family of Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Thornburg and daughters of Estherville and Mr. and Mrs. Donald King. Mrs. Clayton Wilcox and Mrs. Cordell Nance and PeriSue were Sunday evening coffee guests in the Skip Wilcox home at Everly following a program at Hope Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Schmeling and family were also guests. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Smith and family in their home following the Elementary Christmas Program were Curtis Rustad, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cranston and Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Donald McCulloch, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Zehnder, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald She 1 ton and children and the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Williams. Community Boosters Club met with Mrs. Joe Feldman on Tuesday afternoon for a gift exchange and election of officers. The 1973 officers are: president, Mrs. Mabelle Griffen; vice-president, Mrs. Kathy Wempe;- secretary- treasurer, Mrs. Norma Brant. Mrs. Kenneth Dingel entertained at a recent dessert luncheon and cookie exchange in her home. Among guests were Mrs. Roger Smith, Mrs. Dick Herman- son, Mrs. Bill Mehan, Mrs. Ed Wollner, Mrs. Stanley Nelson, Mrs. Russet Clark, Mrs. Don VonEhwegen, Mrs. Bob Blum, Mrs. Wayne Krieger, Mrs. Guy Eick and Mrs. Wallace Smith. Suspend War BELFAST (AP) - The guerrillas of the Irish Republican Army were reported ready to suspend offensive operations from midnight tonight until midnight Christmas despite a wave of violence that has taken nine lives in the past 48 hours. IRA sources said the organization would not declare a formal cease-fire. Christmas party for Lemke Electric Bowling team members and their 'wives Saturday evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Thackery, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Grabianowski, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wegner, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Nutt and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dailey. Mrs^Vernon Thackery and Robert Wegner won high prizes, Mrs. Doug Nutt and Marvin Dailey won the low prizes. Mr. and Mrs. James Godfredsen of Rings ted entertained the 500 club at their home Sunday evening. Mrs. Dick Edwards and Eugene Van Nest won the high prizes, Mrs. Van Nest and Vernon Fries the low prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Nutt have received word that their grandson, Ryan Riefer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Riefer of Rockford, El., is a patient in the hospital in Rockford with surgery for removal of a growth from his ear. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cummins were hosts to a Christmas dinner held for the Past Noble Grands at their home recently. Those present were Mrs. Harriet Edwards of Ceylon, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jensen of Ringsted, Mrs. Ernie Smith and Kenneth Smith of Estherville, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Huntley, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Boyken, Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson, Mr. Mrs. Elmer Schaefer, Mr. and Mrs. Keith McKean, Mrs. Eunice Huff, Mrs. Nettie Felkey and Mrs. Lorine Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Porter joined the group later in the evening. By MRS. LOREN NELSON GRAETTINGER- The Senior Citizens had a busy week last week. On Wednesday evening the group were shown pictures of the Holy Land while on his trip around the Holy Land while on his trip around the world by Joe Hauge. On Saturday afternoon 85 people attended the Christmas party held in the Senior Citizen's rooms at 3:15. A short program was presented including songs by a trio consisting of Haakon Thoreson, Marie Elliott and Alice Carter. A reading by Hannah Burg. The program closed with a Christmas Prayer and exchange of gifts-. The serving table was covered with a Christinas tablecloth centered with the Christ Child and Nativity scene. Coffee and dessert were served. Victoria Kay Weber, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmar Weber, was baptized Sunday, Dec. 3, at Immaculate Conception Church with Father Vincent Beacom officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber were sponsors. Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Weber entertained at a dinner in their home for the sponsors. Also attending were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Barkve and Jeanine of Emmets burg and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weber of Ayrshire. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weber, Ayrshire, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seid, Ruttiven, helped celebrate Bob Weber's birthday at a supper Dec. 8. 500 was played after supper with guests including Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Weber, Mr. and Ringsted •.. for a year of tender consideration for others. DECORATING CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McMillin returned home from a tour of Mexico City. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Madsen left Tuesday from Des Moines to spend the holidays in Germany with their daughter and family, S.F.C. and Mrs. Clifford Thompson, Deanna and Terry. Mrs. Arnold Jensen took her parents to Des Moines and spent the day with her daughters, Mrs. Allen Green and Donna Jensen. Mrs. Anna Kimmet will be spending the Christmas holidays at the home of her daughter and family, the Floyd Yackles of Dol liver. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Petersen, Robert and Esther and Ricky Adams will host a Christmas supper and gift exchange on Saturday evening with guests Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petersen, Bryan and Brenda of Sioux Falls, S.D., Mrs. Jerald Petersen, Theresa and John of Armstrong, and Mrs. Herman Madsen. HOLIDAY BOWLING SPECIALS NOW THRU JANUARY 3 Open Bowling Every Night 7 p.m.-Closing Saturday 3-5p.m. Sunday 1-5 p.m. 2. Win a Free Quart of Coke or Pepsi with a Colored Head Pin Strike. (Limit 1 per person per day)j 3. Hi land Free Game Coupons Accepted with 2_ Paid Games. (Per Person). 4. Open Sunday Afternoon, Dec. 24; Christmas Day Both Afternoon & Evening; New Year's Eve & New Year's Day, Both Afternoon & Evening. 5. Plan Your Church, Club, or Family Group Party Now! Phone 362-2873 to Reserve Adjacent Lanes. LEAGUES ARE NOW ON VACATION SO BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND BOWL FOR THE FUN OF IT! 1 Vd*U***** 104 South 17th Street impGRI ^L Estherville, Iowa 51334 Lanes Mrs. Paul Seid and Mrs. A. J. Long and Kathy Seid of Ruthven. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Weber, Graet- ttnger; Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson of Estherville. Christmas was the theme for the lunch which ended a pleasant evening. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter Jr. will leave Tuesday evening by plane for California. They will spend Christmas with Jackee Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter Sr. Mrs. Eleanor Jacobs on left Sunday for California where she will spend Christmas with her son Danny who is attending U.C.L.A. in California. No Money, No Jailing DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)The Iowa Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a convicted criminal cannot be sent to jail only because he cannot pay a fine. The unanimous decision said jailing poor people for their failure to pay fines creates in effect two classes of convicted defendants, with the only difference between them being that one type can" pay a fine and thus avoid imprisonment. The court said this violates the U.S. Constitution by disc riminating against poor people. The ruling came in a case in- voling a rural Castalia man, Dale Le Roy Snyder. He was arrested by Decorah police in November of 1970 and was later convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol. With such a method, the wind and rain has little chance to erode the soil. More, the organic matter is mixed into the soil where bacteria can properly dispose of it and furnish nutrients to the soil. This will furnish valuable nitrogen for the following corn. Previously, no one would ever consider just disking the soybean ground either. If the trash was too yields of crops much, some even burned it. It worked. The latest change was to the chisel plow. This was made possible because the new combines shredded the straw and scattered it on the field. Higher yields in beans will be the result — and they are showing up. Trying to maintain or even increase the organic matter in our soil is a difficult and tricky matter. It is quite a shock to read in the Yearbook of the Dept. of Agriculture that no very large addition to the soil of organic matter can be expected from turning under a single green manure(cover) crop. The addition of large residues of cornstalks surprisingly adds little or nothing to the soil. This is quite a blow to our conventional practices. The reason is that a large part disappears as carbon dioxide. Yet study and experiments convince me that success or failure is adding organic matter to the soil depends on the way of incorporation. Amazing results can be obtained by the right method. We are accustomed to the use of the moldboard plow which completely turns the furrow upside down and buries the trash at the bottom of the furrow. This organic matter compressed into a narrow slice actually stops or isolates capillary action from the subsoil. It is an alien way to enrich the soil — nature never does such a thing. So the bacteria rush to attack the grat amount of carbon and most of the good of it is lost through the escape of carbon dioxide. At this time, the roots of the planted crop are too small to reach these valuable and needed nutrients. The advent and growing acceptance of the chisel plows and big disks, which cut and pulverizes the trash, is the natural way for proper tillage. It is a brake to human destruction, carbon di- building is by means of grass. Grass sod, down for two years, increases the humus content by 1340 pounds an acre according to the Yearbook of the Dept. of Agriculture. Certainly humus, which is the life of the soil, and the main- tainane e and improvement thereof, is a tricky business. But chisel plowing and disking is the right way for soybean yields are going up while corn yields are going down. The right method of proper incorporation of organic matter can be rewarding in greater oxide escape and leads to in Sacrifice Dinner crease crop yields. Ths SnnnH roacr WALPOLE, Mass. (AP) More than 400 prisoners at Walpole State Prison have pledged to go without Christmas dinner so that the food may be distributed to the "needy, elderly and the sick," according to Ann Brandon of the Massachusetts Lawyers Guild. Mrs. Brandon said the 431 prisoners offered to make the sacrifice because they want people to realize that they are not "unfeeling animals in a cage." Ths sound reason for this is that the organic matter is mixed into the soil instead of being buried. Then teaming bacteria can convert and release the valuable nutrients in an- orderly manner available ot the plants. No longer will great amounts of chemical nitrogen have to be added to speed the decay. The disk plow is another valuable implement which is good for proper incorporation of organic matter. It mixes the trash properly in the soil. Research has shown greatest improvement How's the time to count all your blessings. Wannest appreciation for your loyal kindness! Estherville Scrap Iron & Metal Company Dale & Lawrence Wycoff that the in soil GRAND THEATBH • £STH£RVIL L £ Phone 362-9020 NOW THRU SAT. NEW TALES OF HORORi You have nolhmg to lose but your inn TO ."Asylum" SUNDAY MATINEE ONLY! DECEMBER 24th • 2:00 P.M. • ALL SEATS: 75c BACK! MONDAY THRU WEDNESDAY DEC. 25-26-27 DON'T LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU THIS IS A VERY ENTERTAINING COMEDY THRILLER! JAMES GARNER KATHERINE ROSS ... and a bag full of good cheer to all our friends. Hy-Vee . _ Pharmacy in Jim Ricke

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