Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 22, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1972
Page 3
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Mourns Men Left Behind MERRY CHRISTMAS . . . ! ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FRL, DEC. 22, 1972 Page 3 Christmas Ghost Hovers over Released POWs Tree By PETER ARNETT AP Special Correspondent The "ghost of Christmas past" hovers over Navy Lt. Mark Gartley's decorated tree, carrying a bowl of thin soup in a wooden barracks room as a carol scratches out of a loudspeaker. That is how Gartley remembers some of the last four Christmases he spent in a Hanoi prison camp. This year he is home in Florida with his family. As Air Force Maj. Edwar appointed relatives of Ameri- God be with these sorrowing fires tone TO ALL OUR FRIENDS & CUSTOMERS Jay the peace of Christmas be always yours. WcCL Elias sits down with his wife and child to a Christmas feast there will be a "ghost of Christmas present" at the table, wearing the faces of the dis- cans still in North Vietnamese prison camps, relatives he has met and written to since his own release in September. "We pray every meal that people," said Elias's wife, Georgia. The "ghost of Christmas yet- to-be" will be welcomed at the festive family home of Navy U.S. Accused North Viets Of Breaking Geneva Pact WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon has accused the North Vietnamese of violating the Geneva conventions by locating a bomb-damaged prisoner of war camp too close to likely targets of American air raids. Radio Hanoi reported Thursday a number of residents of the camp, nicknamed "Hanoi Hilton," were injured. It was not clear if any of those hurt were American prisoners. In the midst of some of the heaviest bombing of the Indochina War, Radio Hanoi said walls and ceilings of the camp •were cracked. The report, monitored in Washington, said the camp's courtyard was littered with bomb splinters and shrapnel. Pentagon spokesman Jerry W. Friedheim said the reports were evidence that Hanoi was violating portions of the Geneva Convention covering "proper treatment of prisoners of war." The White House had no comment on the Hanoi broadcast, referring questioners to the Pentagon statement. Friedheim said the prisoners were confined "in areas particularly exposed to the dangers of war." At the same time, he cautioned that Pentagon officials have no proof the report was true. "If the North Vietnamese allegations are correct— and we have no information that these allegations are in fact, correct,—then Hanoi is admitting that it is violating the Geneva Convention," he said. The POW camp is reportedly close to a power generating plant in downtown Hanoi. leary. 6 IN ESTHERVILLE MILLER'S ReSale Burt, iowe 50522 Miller's Wishes You and Yours a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. l A to V2 off on Christmas decorations and toys. We accept items to sell on Mon. and Wed. from 1 to 5 p.m. by appointment only. NO CARDS OR LETTERS please. Ph. 295-2967. STORE HOURS 10-5 Tues. thru Sat. 10-9 Mon. The Hanoi broadcast said the raids took place Wednesday and Thursday. Friedheim claimed the U.S. command has "not targeted any vicinity where we think prisoners of war might be held." The North Vietnamese said four visiting Americans and some prisoners were taken on a tour of the damaged bathrooms and library of the camp. The visiting Americans were folk singer Joan Baez, lawyer Telford Taylor, the Rev. Michael Allen and Barry Romo, all antiwar activists. There are 431 Americans known to be held prisoner by the North Vietnamese, not including 42 airmen reported missing during the first four days of the current bombing wave. In that period, Radio Hanoi has claimed shooting down 34 planes, while the U.S. Command acknowledged losing 12 aircraft including eight B-52 bombers. The Hanoi broadcast said some of the newly-downed crewmen were taken to "Hanoi Hilton." Seaports Answer to Previous Puizle ACROSS 1 Saint , French seaport 5 Haven, Connecticut 8 Meal 10 Nightshade 12 Ukrainian seaport 13 Poe's beloved 14 Mai de 15 Examine beforehand 17 Sigmoid curves 20 Periods o£ time 21 March, for example 23 Paddle 26 Make certain 29 Portuguese seaport 32 Polish capital 33 Took it easy 34 Former name of Tokyo 35 Throes 37 Roman god of love 39 Finnish steam bath 43 Sicilian seaport 46 Kitchen item 47 Feel remorse 48 Clergyman 51 Hold fast 52 Port city of Nova Scotia 53 To (Scot.) 54 American civil engineer (1820-1887) DOWN 1 Ancient Persians 2 Imitators 3 Vegas 4 World War II agency (ab.) 5 Canonical hour 6 Greek god of love 7 Old form of verb "to be" Slik-Tu-Ii Club Meets R Italian capital 9 Light blow 10 Allot 11 French article 13 Italian seaport 16 Rodent 18 Ratite birds 19 Short-billed rail 22 Rhode Island seaport 23 Food remnant 24 Consumed 25 Shoot, cane 26 Deep respect 27 Dejected 28 Theater sign 30 Projecting pins 31 Greek mountain 36 Branch 37 Coeur d' , Idaho 38 Blend (dial.) 40 Set on end 41 Smelling organ (pi.) 42 Attorney (ab.) 43 Hurl, dash 44 Samoan seaport 45 Roman goddess of harvest 47 Roman Catholic (ab.) 49 Cereal grass 50 Cretan mountain The Iowa Lake Stik-Tu-It girls 4H club met at the home of Patcy Champine Saturday afternoon. Ginger Finley, president, called called the meeting and secretary and treasuer's reports were read and approved. Old business was the return of the 4H membership books after being checked. A Christmas party was the afternoon's entertainment. Recreation was lead by the freshmen members. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Ciaus and their two elves visited the club and helped pass out gifts. Brenda Steinberger was Mrs. Claus, Renee Strong as Santa. The two elves were Kim Pape and Colleen Paulson. Patcy and her mother served lunch. New officers who will take over in January are: Shelly Solberg, president; Renee Strong, vice president; Connie Burgeson, secretary; Ginger Finley, treasurer; Kim Pape, reporter; Karen Rezac, historian; Brenda Steinberger, photographer. Pays Ransom DALLAS (AP) - The president of the Dallas Morning News, Joe M. Dealey, paid $250,000 ransom today for release of his kidnaped daughter- in-law, who was freed unharmed after being held captive two and one half days, an associate disclosed. The young woman, Amanda Mayhew Dealey, 22, was found heavily taped and with her jewelry missing, the associate said. Details had been kept secret until the young woman's safety was assured. Lt. Norris Charles in Tampa, Fla., and he hopes it will be carrying a "war finally over" sign. After his release from a Hanoi prison in September, Charles' wife Olga actively worked for Sen. George McGovern's presidential campaign. His mother Maria is still involved in the antiwar movement, and said in a telephone interview, "The renewed bombing is awful. The war must end. We must get the prisoners back by next Christmas at the latest." The men they left behind in Hanoi are uppermost in the minds of Gartley, Elias and Charles this Christmas season because they know they were the lucky ones. Their release was a positive signal from Hanoi that at last the ordeal of the prisoners might be ending, an ordeal for some that has lasted since 1965. The released pilots brought back home messages of hope to the families of many of the 400 Americans then known definitely held in North Vietnamese prisons. Gartley, captured after he bailed out of a crippled jet on Aug. 10, 1968, personally vi- Dear Santa, I'm 3 '/2 yrs. old. I want a record player and some records. My mom baked you some cookies. Robin Heidecker Dear Santa Claus, I am 5 years old and I would like a play rifle, rock'em sock-em and racing cars with a track. Thank-you Love, Pat Loftis Dear Santa Claus, I am 2 years old. For Christmas, I would like: a doll, a doll stroller, a chalk board, and a play farm house. Thank-you Love, Kim Loftis Dear Santa, I am 5 years old and I have been a good boy this year. Please bring me rock'em, sock'em robots, a punching bag, a red wagon, a tool box with wood and nails, silly string and a toy gun. We will have cookies and milk for you when you come. Greg Donovan Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have a painting easel, a Gabbigale doll, silly string, a stuffed animal, a pair of new pajamas and a puppet. Merry Christmas. Colleen Donovan Dear Santa, We have been pretty good. My name is Julie and I would like some moccassins, Brandi Doll, Easy Bake oven mixes and Barbie swimming pool. My brother's name is Scott and he would like a street rollor, scraper, big Jim setScittle Pool. My sister's name is Tammy and she would like pagamas Tearful Baby Tender Love, and Baby Bunk Bed. From Scott, Julie and Tammy Farmer At this beautiful and joyous time of the year, we would like to take the opportunity to say "Thank You" for your patronage. Have a Merry Christmas. THE VILLAGER sited the families of 25 of the men he had lived with. But Gartley and the others stopped contacting relatives late in October when the peace talks seemed certain to bring peace. None of the three pilots are currently permitted to speak to the press because of Department of Defense blackout on interviews, but their relatives spoke freely. Minnie Lee Gartley, Mark's mother, who flew to Hanoi in September to personally escort him home, said in a telephone interview at her home in Clearwater, Fla., "Mark was so sorry that the talks failed. "He had made plans to be with some of the men when they came home this Christmas. But now it has fallen through and he is so sad," Mrs. Gartley said. Mark intends to resume his travels to meet with relatives. Mrs. Gartley intends to resume her antiwar activities. "I am having a press conference at Tampa Thursday morning to help in bringing public opinion to bear on the President," she said. "The families of the captured men aren't speaking out. I will do it for them. I feel free to do so." With Mrs. Gartley at the press conference will be Maria Charles, who was advised last New Year's Day that her son had been shot down over North Vietnam. "I am so happy that Norris is home," Mrs. Charles said. "But what of the many other families without their loved ones?" Mrs. Edward Elias said that the men left behind in Hanoi were often on her husband's mind. He is now a test pilot at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Ga. He was imprisoned for four months. Mrs. Elias said, "When we put up the tree the other day he got so melancholy. I knew he was thinking about them. We have a special Christmas prayer to say for the men still over there." Asked if she would pose for a Christmas picture with her husband, Mrs. Elias said, "Ed doesn't want to be in the news again. He knows how hard it must be for those whose loved ones are still there, to see us happy." Mrs. Elias plans prime rib, a broccoli casserrole, and oysters for Christmas dinner. Maria Charles will have a turkey with all the trimmings for her son. Mrs. Gartley has scheduled a rack of lamb for her son. Gartley remembers a special prison Christmas in 1970 when the North Vietnamese served a slice of turkey, some soup, a salad and a half bottle of beer. Last year wasn't as good. "With all the bombing and everything, I wonder what men will be getting in Hanoi this Christmas?" asked Mrs. Gartley. aus o ie Dear Santa, I have really been good. I want a doll house. I am 5 yrs. old. John will take anything handy for you to bring. Your friend, Julie Pluth Dear Santa, I am 3 '/2 yrs. old. I have been pretty good. I would like a Hoppity Horse for Christmas. Paul wants a record player. I also hope my daddy doesn't have to work on Xmas. Thank you, Kathy Jo Slier ling Dear Santa, I've been a good boy. For Christmas I want a gun, hat, and a holster. Also I'd like a big tonka truck, and a farm set. I will leave milk and cookies for you. Kevin Fitzgibbons Dear Santa I am having Mom write this because Fm only 3 yrs. old. I want a gun that cocks and a guitar. My Brother Scott and I will leave you some cookies and milk. Thank You Eric Olesen !•• CLIP OUT AND USEBB1 It's a great day for Kentucky Fried Chicken Christmas Special OPEN 'TILL 6:00 P.M., DEC. 24 save $100 on a Sue/ret or a Barrel We have a present for you. It's a big savings on a Bucket or Barrel of finger lickin' good Kentucky Fried Chicken. This special price will be featured DEC. 19th Thru Dec. 24th. Bring this coupon with you when you visit the Colonel. No substitutions. COLONEL SANDERS' RECIPE Ktntudcij fried Aiifo* 1100 CENTRAL, ESTHERVILLE PHONE 362-5351 and Mt the eve of His Birth, * may the light of love and understanding shine upon you and kindle your heart with peace... and joy BRADSHAW & SHORT INC.

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