Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 12, 1948 · Page 6
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
Page 6
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PAGE SIX •A >ATCH DEMfOCRAT, TjfevH. CALIFORNIA ^ MARCH 1, 1948 Criminal Matter of A. R. Triplett. Subject sent to Mendocino State Hospital for examination and'matter continued to April 2. , People vs. Herbert L. Prinxley, Defendant arraigned on chargo of misdemeanor. Entered plea of guilty. Probation granted on terms, MARCH 2, 1948 Probate Estate Fred Frazler Stevens, deceased. Objections to petitions ai'- gued. • Estate Vinton C. Melchoir, de- ,c<jased. W. S. Van Dyke Qppointtd 'solfe appraiser. ' Termination Joint Tenancy Marguerite Larson, deceased. C. M. Mannori anpointed appraiser. Civil "Lorraine Pope, etc., vs. Jacit Pope. Plaintiff granted decree ot annulment. MARCH 4, 1948 Criminal People v«. George Severn. Terms of probation modified to extent that defendant serve 26 days in qpunty jail. All other terms to remain in full force and eetect. MARCH 5, 1948, Probate , Estate Henry W. Longstaff, deceased. Administrator discharged. Estate Albert Noller, deceased. Decree of due notice to creditors. Estate Arthur Harlow Thompson, deceased. Decree of no Inheri- tiince tax due. • Estate Mike Adrianoff, deceased. Some order. Petition Hazel Smith to termin- jite taxability of transfer. Same order. Guardianship Laura Usitalo, an insane person. Petition for order directing payhient by guardian for care, etc., continued to March 19 by stipulation. _ Estate John W. Randolph, deceased. Final account approved, distribution ordered. ,,Estate Inez L, Phelps, deceased. Proceedings dismissed and administrator discharged. Estate Emmanuel Abert, deceased. Settlement of transcript continued to March 19. Estate Ernest Koivisto, deceased. Continued to March 19. Estate J. A. Redemeyer, deceased. Accounting continued to April 9. Estate Florence May Hunter, deceased. Continued to March 19 for • final account, report and petition for distribution. Estate Tillie Daum, deceased. Petition authorizing sale of stock granted. Estate Jesse L. Fairbanks, deceased. Same order. Estate Georee Thomas Riggs, deceased. Final account approved, petition for distribution continued 'tro March 12. Estate Jennie K. Long, deceased. Final account approved,'distribution ordered. Estate Wylio English, deceased. Proceedings terminated, administrator discharged. Petition to Establish Fact Of Death of Lucy A. Carlson. Decreed that Lucy A. Carlson died December 16, 1947. • . Estate John A^ Gustafson, deceased. Petition for probate of will continued to March 12. Estate Herbert B, Larson, de-^ ceased. Decreed that Herbert v.i. Larson died October 11, 1947. Entire estate set aside to widow. Estate J. O. Stornetta, deceased. Lcuise B. Stornetta, deceased. Louise B1 Stornetta appointed ad­ ministratrix and bond fixed pt $3150. C. M. Mannon appointed sole appraiser. Estate Lena Fritz, deceased. Further proceedings on petition for special letters of admihistration continued to March 12. Luella Mae Wright vs. Joseph Wright. Plaintiff granted decree quieting title. People vs. F. C. Bull, et al. Demurrers argued and submitted; continued to March 12. Lillian J. Montgomery vs. William C. Montgomery. Motion continued to March 12. Barbara Sanders vs. William A. Sanders. Plaintiff granted interlocutory decree of divorce on ground of extreme cruelty. Custody ot three minor children granted plaintiff, and defendant ordered to pay $25 per month for support of each child, commencing forthwith. R. B. Guerin vs; Harry E. Phoenix, et al. Demurrer submitted on pleading. Motion for change of place of trial argued by plaintiff; continued to March 26. People vs. Trinity Theatres, Inc. et al. Motion for preliminary injunction continued to March 12. Hattie Fait vs. George A. Fait. Motion to transfer place of trial submitted • and denied. Demurrer submitted and overruled; 10 day.s tc answer; notice waived. Dorothy Chase, etc., vs. Floyd Wright et al. Demurrers dropped. E. G. Lynch et ux vs. Charles Rovera. Order that a preliminary injunction issue in each case following the temporary restraining orders, respectively. Zrina M. Burgin vs. J. B. Keaster et al. Demurrer withdrawn, 15 days to answer, notice waived. Merrill Williams vj. Alice Marie Williams. Default of cross-defend- and entered and set for trial March I 12. • Instruments Recorded FEBRUARY 24, X948 . DEEDS „ W R Higginson et ux to Donald Fee et ux, land in Ukiah. Floyd McKinney et ux to Walter CoUins, land in TUN R14W. O' O Barker et ux to James I^ngford, land in T24N R19W. Angle Hamilton to Don Emerson, land in Yokayo rancho. Mrs. Viola Loretta Watson et vir to Edgar Fairchild, land in Willits. O O Barker et ux to Helen Egan, land in T24N R18W. Bertha Petersen to LiUie Ruffner, land in Round Valley. Sapie to same, same. John Donald to Lone Goodwin et al, land in Ukiah. Robert McCrea et al to Lone Goodwin et al, land in Ukiah. Lone Goodwin et vx to Mendo ' Co Title Co, land in Ukiah. Same to Anna Bradford, land in' Ukiah. Same to Mintie Harris, land in Ukiah. H F McMurphy et ux to A L Huff et ux, land in Ukiah. Edward Erickson et ux to C L Hensley et ux, land in Hardell subdn. A L Huff et ux to Henry Wrocklage, land in Ukiah. Caroline Sheldon to Donald Wilson, land in T22N R15W. E H Maize et ux to John Earnest et ux, land in lot 13 of Maize subdn. Ike Murray et al to P J Cria- petto et ux, land in T18N R13W. •Cornelius Murray et al to Geo DiUey et ux, land in T18N R14W. Cornelius Murray etal to Herman Ford et al,'' land in T18N R14W.' D C Smith, admin est of Luis Evkovich, deed, to Althea West, land in T16N RllW. DEEDS OF TRUST f Donald Pee et ux to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in Yo­ kayo Heights subdn. ' Donald ' Wilson to Mendo Co Title Co,, trustee and Bk Willits, land in T22N R15W. . John Earnest et ux to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in lot 13 of Maize subdn. ' Althea West to Mendo Co Title Co, trustee and Svgs Bk Mendo Co, land in T16N RUW. POWER OF ATTY Cameron Milliron to Viola Milliron, as attorneyrin-fact. NOTICE OF ACTION • Maynard Begley vs D C Smith, admin est of Ida Redwine, deed, J^nd in T22N R13W. MORTGAGES '•Leland • Knight et ux to' Doris Abbott, land iu Point Arena. James Barnns to Bk Am, chain saw, bar and chisel chain SATISFACTION OF MTGE BattaniGets 3() D^ys, Fine TworYear-Old Case ' Gf Goast Burglary is Wrapped Up Bruno Battani of Fort Bragg has begun serving a 30-day term in the. county jail as the first condition of his probation gt'anted by S4perlor vTudge Lilburn Gibson,,( after.BattahiljS conviction of burglary. During^'liis residence at the county jail, Battani must contrive the accumulation of $500, the amount of his fine, to be paid within 30 days. ' - ( According to the charges, for whicli he was tried by jury and found guilty, Battani,, on March 20, 19413, entered the vacant home of the estate of the late Seth Sim-; mbns of Fort Bragg and took- ai Icitchen range, which he later soldj to a family at Noyo. Battoni's arrest is another ex- amplp of how the law and order boys under Sheriff Broaddus getj their man. Deputy Sheriff Bartolo-1 mie was assigned the case, and as' the discovery of the theft was some time'-nfter its occurrence, the trail was awfully cold. Almost two years later, while actually investigating another matter, Bartolomie picked up the trail of the stolen: range, with the result that Battcini was soon charged with, the crinie. The house f^om which the range was taken was near the Battani. home in Fort Bragg. At about the time Battani was charged with the burglary he had come into notice by, reason of an Announcing himself ^ a-candidate for supervisor from thdiFirst district of Mendocino tcountyf,'Ed Haehl of Boonville filed with the county clerk last week. Haehl's supporters point out'that EkA Cross Fund Campaign Gets Under Way Throughout Chapter; Willits Leads he is known persbrially to'nearly every voter in his district and to most of the.yoters of the county- He is now in hls•'eighteenth•yea^ on the county board having, been appointed by Governor You'ng;and elected' four times,' For the < past- nine years he has served as chairman. '.'*;'.. ' Friends and aissociates of Supervisor Haehl ernphasize that duHhg his terms in office he has glveii his district splendid service in the matter of roads and bridges, and- the . As^ihe first wfeelrOOl the 1948 Fund,'Gampaign.of'.the Mendocino County. <thapter r'bf -the American Red Cross oame to a close Saturday, the county's quota of $5500 v/afe far from being-"in. tile' bag." .: D<ispite tli6 stacks of letters and' contributions that .flowed last week into the chapter headquar- I'ters in the Hotel Cecille building, the iot^l received-, approximated $161 Friday evening and $307. Saturday lor Ukiah, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley ^andHopland. ..This sum included e donation of $25 by.the Lions Club and two .personal donations of $20 as well I afi .riumerous $5 and other contributions. Check of the total was mads Saturday noon and Orville .Coleman, fund camiiaign chairman,; said' there' were numerous letters ih the unopened 'ihail that \youId bring the total ;higher. In irtti^h area only the letter appeal ils being made. < f In, Wlliits, where the drive ,is beiiigmade from house to house and in the business .places, they raised double the arnqunl that came in^to Red Cross headquarters in. Ukiah. Mrs. William Talley, alleged assaUlt Of his estranged county as a whole; has-been well wife at a dance in Caspar, and in served in its business and fiscal this connection there is specjal significance in that part of Judge Gibson's provisions bf probation, which runs for two years, Battani is charged to keep put of fights and not to beat ui3 aniy women. Charges of wife beating v/ere never filed against the man. affairs. "It is our confirmed ppiripn that Ed Haehl has made a good super- Visor and has justly earned the confidence and esteem of the people," a committee of Haehrs;coun- ty supporters reported this -week. USA to Lui Evkovich. RECONVEYANCES Corp Am to W H Casteel et ux, deed of trust. Mendc Co Title Co to Mrs Frank Sheldon, deed of trust. PARTIAL RECONVEYANCE Mendo Co Title Co to Floyd McKinney, et ux, deed of trust, portion of land in TUN R19W. NON-RESPONSIBILITY E A Cox et al, land In T13N R15W. TIMBER CUTTING CONTRACT E A Cox et ux to Diamantine Bros, Inc, land in T13N R15W, right to cut and remove redwood, fir and pine timber from said land. SUBSTITUTION Clara Feliz to Svgs Bk Mendo. AGREEMENTS Don Mulligan to Robert Hoffman Associates, exclusive and prior call on all lumber, etc, produced by Mulligan of Sherwood Val Lmbr Co. Don. Mulligan to Robert Hoffman Associates, all rights to log on the Bridges & Wall tracts, Sherwood Val. Bring Action For Trespass A complaint for damages, was filed last week by Louis Ko\racks and Eschen Eriksen against Jessie N^wcomb for the purpose of - removing a fence which, it is claimed, was set up by Mrs. NeWcomb on the lands of Kovacks and Eriksen, and to enjoin her froin using water diverted from their'lands for other than domestic uses. It is charged that Mrs. Newcomb set up a sprinkling system which diverts so much water from the lands of Kovacks and Eriksen, for irrigation and non-domestic uses, as to drain the supply from their lands. A second caisue for complaint is that in 1945 Mrs. Newcomb built a fence on the comp^inants' land which is encloses a'row of trees which serve as a windbreak, and they ask that she'be restrained from . continuous trespassing and that she be required to set up the nature of her claims to the property, which has been in the possession of the plaintiff, their grantors and predecessors in ownership for 50 years. The land is in the Gualala section. Pi-eston & Falk are attorneys fof Kovacks and Eriksen. IN JUDGE RACE In the race for Superior judge in Lake county. Judge B. C. Jones •s seeking re-election and Attorney Ralph V. Devoto is also a candidate. James L. Lindsey For Councilman drive' chairwian for Willits, reported the total for that city approximated $600, : That would' leave'Willits $100Q to "go to make her, quota of $1600. • On the couhty chapter's fund campaign committee besides Mr. Coleman are LoUise Bernbard, GepFge P. Anderson, Mrs. Arthur Sch'ilder, Forrest,Hughes and Burnam . Herylord. Mrs; Bernhard told, Ukiah Business and p»ofes- sional Women's piub at last Thursday evening's meeting that volunteers are needed to keep the headquarteifs open afjternoons. Regular office hours are 10 a.mj to 12 noon, when the executive sec- rej^ify, Mrs. Cesirn'Delany, ts on In letters that were .recei-wed last week ifa the Ukiah area, W. K. Davis, head of the Mendocino County .Chapter of the Red Cross, vsed; the slogan' given' 'by; President Harry S, Truman jn his, March 1, address, .which, opeaed the' na­ tion--v^ide drive cif the Red Cross: •'Many tinfies a'year the people (;pme. to the Bed, Gross. Once a year, the Redj Cross goes to the people. That'time Is now." Goiinty Crop Vdlue: Set at $9«310 SACRAMENTO,' March! 6. (WNS) California is expected tg shoW a huge gain in the ^number of farms* -acreage .under cultivation,- and revenue from its diversified crops when the next! federal farm census, now in course of preparation, is completed/ The 1945 ;farm census showed 134,145 farms in the sti te with 35,<,34,379 acres unde'r cu tivatlon, returning $1,426,278,830 ^0 growers who in turn spent $218,384,418 for necessities in .'form hjomes. The census on file with ithe California Crop and LivestoeS Reporting , Services sl^ows Mendocino county has 1810 farms; ] 1,177,831 acres under cultivation;,(crop returns for tlie year totalink $9,852,SIO; and value of prodticts purchased by farmers $'r50 ,!l89. .The census will be cor^pleted in 1950, the centennial of Cnlifbrnia's admission to the Union,! and will tdtiin an, interesting cbraparjson -^dth estimates Of 1860 ^hen agriculture was in Its- in&ncy, the service states. I ' Jarnes L. Lini^sey, candidate for city councilnian, is a native df El Paso, TexasT a California for the past'25 years.and a citizen of Ukiah since 1943. The family home is at 51, Highland court and his family consists of his wife and threie childfen-^a son in high school and al^^oA and daughter in grammar schi In speaking of his,,''des: a member of the city couifci Lindsey said, "I have no pSticu^ la-v platform to offer Ukiah vptSrs .i I have always .followed the dictates of my conscience, arid| shall continue doing just that. ' f "My personal;,-Interest in pUr cornmunlty is keen and" is. base5l not only on m'y desire foj S; pJqP; gressive and' good civic g yein-'. ment, but also upon-the',, iiriple fact that I have much to; iWork for in my business and hoi le. "I realize that I am not pjown to a great many voters in ajlciah and therefore wish to mal* this brief statement." I shall cAside? my election as a trust, ana shall so treat it." %. Prior to 1945 Mr. Lindsw "was with the Tidewater Associated Oil Company as salesman ana area supervisor between Ukiah ahd the territory north to Grescenf City: FEBRUARY 25, 1848 PATENT USA to Frederick Perkins, land in T21N R15W. DEEDS Manuel Silvia et ux to Geraldine Costa et vir, land in Mendocino. J W Cantrell et ux to J W Cantrell et ux, land in T21N R14W. O O Barker et ux to Maurice Borden, land in T5S R2E. Frank Martella to Jerry Harvey, Jr, et ux, land in Fort Bragg. O O Barker et ux to Anthony Juliana, land in T24N R19W. Jean Kinney et al to PG&E, right of way over land in T19N R17W. C O Hartman et ux to same, same, land in T21N R15W. George Hiatt et al to same, same, land in T21N H!1W. Angela Ratto et al to same, same, land in T12N RUW. Ben Abel et al to Finis Vann et ux, land in T16N RllW. Charles Salvador et ux to Manuel Mello et ux, land in Fort Bragg. • John Woodworth et ux to Joseph Foutz et ux, land in Yokayo Heights. K A Butler et ux to John McGuffin et ux, land in Yokayo rancho. Frederick Perkins to Chas Alexander, land in T21N R15W. Reginald Grant et ux to John McGuJfin et ux, land in Yokayo farftfho. John Boyle et ux to Wilbur Anderson, land in T18N R13W. DEEDS OF TRUST Amos Casteel et ux to Mendo Co TiUe Co, trustee and Walter Moore, land in lot 17 of Little Lake Land Co Tract No 1. Chas Alexander to Mendo CP Title CO, trustee and Grant Vassar, land in T21N R18W. John McGuflin et ux to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in Yokayo rancho. Wilbur Anderson to Corp Am, trustee and Bk Am, land in T18N R13W. . • RELEASE OF MORTGAGES Bk, Am ,to Angelo Damiano et al. Bk Am to Louis Guimelli, mortgage. RECONVEYANCES Jesse Price et al to Paul McKinstry et ux, deed of trust, prpp- erty in Fort Bragg. Mendo Co Title Co to W A Cornitius, deed of trust. MORTGAGES Angelo Damiano et al to Bk Am, crop of pears, grapes and hops grown during 1948 near Hopland ranch, also farm equipment. Wilbur Anderson to Bk Am, on land known as Sturtevant equipment, furniture and fixtures, property located near Willits. PARTIAL RECONVEYANCES Mendo Co Title Co to Ben Abel et al, deed of trust, portion of land in T16N RllW. Same to Kenneth Butler, deed of trust, portion of land in Yokayo rancho. Same to John Boyle et ux, portion of land ill' Willits. LEASES Wilbur Anderson to Leslie Goble, property known as Andy's near 'Willits, for term of 5 years. Wilbur Anderson to Thomas Arrington..,et al,. service station, portion of property known as Andys, near Willits, for term of 5 years. BOND OF OFFICIAL Edith Beck, purchasing agent for Co of Mendo. Since January, 1945, he ha^ been the Ukiah area distributor .for the Associated. He is a menfter, of Abell Lodge of Masons and|of the Order of Eastern Star. Thft'X-ind- sey family own their h<ane on Highland court. Thatcher Tells 2J-30 Club We Must M|ke Way For Gro — -' "We must prepare for a population of 12,000 within the n^t four years," Herbert Thatcher §>ld the 20-30 Club at their dinnef meeting in the Maple Cafe ^esday night. I "There are 20,000 . people a month coming into Calilprnia, the nucleus of which will cmter in Los Angeles and San fwincisco and the percentage of that number likely to settle in lilkiah is 4000. In order to keep tje city more or less in its origii^l outlines we should plan to feep all new industry- outside tne city limits, rather than inside.,|"The population now has grown to the size where it require|changing the type' of governmeat from sixth glass to a charter |pnn of government. It should befstarted now, because it will takevtwo or three years to establish thechange, because it has to be -gralJted in the state legislature. ,| - • In closing, Mr. Thatcher said: "In voting bonds and enlarging facilities we should allowj'for future growth of the city. The population has increased in the past three years and all indications are that 4000 within four years is a very nominal figure. iSei -ti- face the fact and build now for said increase, thereby saving iA necessary taxation as well ast inconvenience of widening streets and sidewalks, enlarging publifc buildj- ings, for which no plans he^vo been hade in the original out'jne. "The town we can have should be planned now, evtii as we grow," ; PKILO* March 6.—Plans are going ^head for. the Unity Glut) meeting, Saturday 'afternoon, March 13, at the high School. Following the meeting th? Style 'Shop will present the spring fashion show, which w:lll be open the pubUc. 'This begins, at the high school at 2 p.m. Not only: will spring frocks be shbwn, but-Miss Beatrice Pine, who is ppening a beauty salon in Boonville, plans' to do the hair styling and/make-up for the models. District Deputy President Vada CoUier will make her official visit to the Red.wood Rebekah Lodge, •Tuesday evening, March 10. The affair will be; formal and, many visitors from .outside lojjges are expected to attend. The Methodist board of stewards met at the toonville • parsonage last Tuesday evening for .their monthly meeting.'As yet no regular pastor has been obtained,- although it is reported that we will have one ooon. At. the present time Bev. Gibson,, a retired minister employed'at the.Merritt mill, is preachirig Sundays at the• Boonville church. Chairman Bob Gilliland is arranging to ha^e Rev. Gibson lead a service at the Philp church, Sunday, March 14. Whether a' morning or evening service, it is hot yet ascertained, but notice will be published, giving the time. The next stewards' meeting will be at Philo, April 6. , The Philo Ladles' Aid, met Thursday to. continue practice on •their, play to be presented at the Philo church March 19^ The program will include several skits, songs and. other entertainment' arid the ladies are also planning to sell fancywork. Proceeds from this will go toward maintenance of the churches. • Notice of change in bus schedules has been received from the Mendocino Transit Company. Due to the seasonal slowdown, the afternoon bus schedule will be discontinued. The morning schedule will remain the sairie, with a southbound bus leaving Boon.ville at 9:45 and arriving in Santa Rosa at noon. This bus leaves Santa Rosa at 1 p.m. and arrives in Boonville at 3:15 p.m. Connections are also possible on this bus for Ukiah via Cloverdale. . Mr. and Mrs. Burt Rowley and Donald Mackintosh returned this week'from a short trip to Utal;, where they visited relatives and enjoyed a brief vacation. 'Sid Ward arrived Tuesday from Los Angeles to visit _ his bi''othfir and family, Mr. and'Mrs. Frank Ward of Philo. Mr. Ward, a realtor in Los Angeles, enjoys returning to the valley, where he has friends and relatives. Another valley visitor this week was Mrs. Williams, mother of Mrs. Randdll of Navarro, who is a native of Canada. Mrs. Williams, who arrived by way of Utah and Wyoming where she visited friends, says that Anderson valley is quite like some of Canada, and she is enjoying her stay here. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guntley were Ukiah visitors this week. The Wildwood Cl^oir met Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Millie Brown of Philo where they practiced their Easter cantata, The Garden of Easter, which is under the direction of Miss Charmian Ward, and has a cast of 15 girls. Mrs. David Russell motored up fromBerkeley this week to visit her grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Gowan, and other relatives. Mrs. Russell is the former Chrystal Gowan, daughter of the Frank Gowans of Berkeley. Chrystal, who is a flight stewardess in Florida, -where she and her husband live, flew from Florida to Berkeley. She motored from Berkeley to Lake county to visit' her grandfather, Mr. Bucknell, and other relatives, then on to Anderson valley. The following is a list of social eveiits- for. tha cpming. week:... Tuesday night, March 9, official visit of the dLstrict deputy to the Rebekah lodge. Wednesday night, March 10, • -Many north coast: civic anti farm leaders have indicated their attendance at the coming North Coast Council meeting of the Cali- Iprnia State Chamber of Commei:ce to be held In H9tel Santa iRosa, Fi-iday, Majfch 19,' when projejcts ijivolving the seven cpunties of the regioii Will be Placed before the six committees during their morning sessions, covering highway, ag--j rtculture, industry, natural re-' sources, tax and travel and recreation. Highlight of the session will be a tplk at the council luncheon by General Manager James Mussatti of the statewide orgnizatipn covering the senate reapportionment prpppsal and other issues affecting 'the welfare of California. • Other key issues include state ^nd local, highway development, development of agricultural,,mar- ireta,' federal. forest highway program, ; school district financing, water resources development, fish «ind game, industrial development, ha^bpr 'development, and the local Centennial programs. .'Or. Robert Bums,. president of the College of Pacific, Stockton, wUl outline the program of state assistance to local Centennial groups, and a special invitation has been issued to those directing the centennial celebrations in all north coast coiinties, , Survey Lake County lor Redwood .H.iwciy Rbtite Frank Johnson, Lake county 5ti'rveyor and road commissioner, has received' notice-from Ralph Miller, engineer with' the state highway district office in Eureka, that a ground survey has been started in the vicinity of Pieta, for a new route from the Redwood highway to Lakeport. The survey crew will look over the country to determine a. feasible route for a hew highway, and when the survey is completed a report, will be submitted'" to ; the county. The Lakeport Chamber of Coni- merce started the movement for this survey*, almost two years "^ago and Gesford'Wfright, who was then secretary of the organi7 ,ation, has kept after the project. He was assisted in his efforts by the board of supervisors and other interested persons. GUESTS W STATE CAPITAL Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Wilasy were guests of their daughter, Mrs. R. ^. Swai^ at her. home in Sacramento Ipst we^end., BTlOp^pljs^CK FOR TRIAL Walt'll' ;Prodeh,' who forget to kep a ftetaJh court here some time back, dfp;*i)eing released with the understanding he would appear, was picked up by Sonoma authorities apd brought "home" by Sherl^I Broaddus Tuesday. |ltf;_wlth';lpflue9 to TJthjiiah.OeaeralyJ^ORpital for w past wek;'it«a«(f'^(joidajr^'iihe was a guest in.the.h!t»J9«5';«s^e.' and Mt^. I'rank Zeek aliaireiii^hed for several days. [ t-'" '"i Her husbaheC?!?»«i6in.,6'pm their home Iti Coyelo on;'Mdin4ay and .they retiffned .*home; ::'la?t t week. Mrs. .Tuttle;feceivedmj(jJy beautiful flowers" and :Mr ^s:^'wW[le in the hospital, for •wh%4'she:',fxpressed her sincere thankgaL;yj?|jvi':' .. - Independents! Get 21 Committeemen , SACRAMENTO, Muirch 10 — (WNS?-^entraI conmiittees rep- 'resenting the indepe^ident pro- gresislve party bf Herijy Wallace are entitled" to 21 coinmitteemen in" counties Haying le«s than five assembly districts, the {same as the minimum allowed oliier parties, Attorney General Fred N. Howser ruled today. • Howser said that wbile the number of corhmitteemep allowed a party is based on tlie vote- given a party candidate at. the previous election the ^ minimum is 21, As "Wallace's party is riewly formed and withi no voting irecord, it is entitled to the minirhimi allowed other, parties, he saia. The opinion was asked by "the district attorneys off Sah Luis Obispo and San Diego counties, doubt being expressed in the latter as to, how many com-mitteemen should represent Wallace. The ruling applies (in all counties except 'lis Angeles, jSan Fraiicisco aiid. Alameda, whiui have more than five assembly ^istricts. Thursday Fjunerai For Shiyley Man .Funeral services for Harry L. Williamson of Shi|/ley, Humboldt county, v/ill be held Thursday afternoon at 1 o'tjlock from the Ukiah Funeral Oiapel with Elbert Holland oHlt^ating and Rev. and Mrs. Oran fepllinger of the Christian church the vocalists. In­ terment'will be in the family plot at the Ukiah Cemletery, Mr. ' Williamson passed away Sunday," March i, in a Scotia hospital. He was the^ father of Charles R, Young, formeirly of Ukiah. -. f ^— C, E. UNIOM. WILL SKATE Next week th| young people of the Christian Endeavor Union of Ukiah 'have planned a skating party in Willits, with arrangements for the .4flair in charge of Miss Margie yinspn. The young people will go/ in cars and they will be sure and have a group meal. The exact date will be announced in timte for 'aTrangemehts with their invited guests. District 1 ok American legion •now holds firgj; place in membership in ther stale of California -with over' 2000 paid-up cards. They l^bpe tP be ccrjipletely over the top by April 1, vi^hen they are going into final pusli of Aerial round-up. Young Adult Club'meeting which will be held at the high school at 8 o'clock. Thursday night, March 11, Odd Fellows meeting at the lodge hall in Boonville. Wildwood Choir practice at Mrs. Millie Brown's. Saturday afternoon, March 13, Unity Club meeting at the high school. A fashion show open to the public at the high school at a p.m. Regular Grange meeting at Grange hall at Philo. QUICK RELIEF FROM Symi^toms of DistrMtAriiinsfi-om STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBoekTellsefHomeTriatmantthat Must H«ip or It Will Cast You Nothing Ovar three million boCUemf tlie WILLXBO TBBtTUBHT hOTe been sold for relief ot aymptonuo/dlitreaiarislugft-om StamMh and DuPd<n«l Ulun due to Excnt Acid — nor PlftiM «n, Svur pr. UpMt SlaiMcb, Qntlnnt, HMitburn, Slteplmniw. ate, dueto&««»A»! 16 da>s' ulall Ask for "Wlllu-d'c Mtmf" vliidh follr explains this troatmcot—»r«—at MEDICO DRUG COMPANY MORRIS DRUG CO. LEGAL NdMCE . state drCullforidl* jrOTICSI TO COWTRAOT0H8 Sealed croposiils %vl]I recelvciV a< the Office of the $tatr Wishway Engineer, Hoom 373,',Eubllc Works Bulldlner, Sacramento,;; Calif ornln., until 3 o 'clock p.m.i'On'Aiifll 7.-19-lS, at which tliTio. they::-wlU be publicly opened and redd in, the Assembly Room of said buUdlne, for con< structlng- Stats Hlerhwayiln aceord- ahoe with the Speeiflcat'lons there- for. to which ; special reference Is' made, as foUo-ws;, Mendocino County^ between l .ii miles south , of Forsytho^Craek ami 3.5 ,miles north .of, Fo.rsythe Creek I (}-Mon-l-C,D) about 'liye.jind two.j| tenth's (5.2) mlleii! )ri .length to bo f srndad; and. /lurfHood yivl .th Plifjlf mixed eurfaclni?.;bp cement troats base, and a steel bettm. biMdee lo .*c opns.truotad. . .V - tV .. : Bids are roti\ilred tor Vthe flrttlre work described herelnr. " . In.acoordfcnca with the provisional of'Section 1T70 of the 'ijlbOr Codil the'DopArtment of Public Works 1;/* ascertained the general. prevall-lB. rate pf wages applicable to the wofl to be done to be as.follows: : ' R«t<- Clamllloiitlon,. .' perboui^ Apprentice- ollePi powur •.. ' shovels or cranes K ;.... .^1,05 Asphalt plant anBlnear^:...... 2.10 Asphalt spreading machine operator ...U','.. Blnsters-Powderrhen*'..';''.-.'.. Boxmen or mixer bper^-,.- ator (ooncriBte :or aapliWt plant) ..... .•','•. -.. Carpenter 2.10 l.CG 1.3 A -90 1.62S 2.'<!6 1.75 i;30 , ' 2,25 .. 2.40 ... !i.,OQ .. 2.00 . . 2.00 .1 2.26 . .. .2.125 Cement finisher (journeyman) zMn Concrete mixer operator (yp <; to one yard) 1.75 Concrete mixer operator (oyer one yard and. paving type). 2.05 Concrete vibrator operator -. Derrick operator .. ^;-... . Fireman Ih hot plant . ,.v. •Flagman ...................T. Jackhammpr operator • ... Laborer ......... i. i.,... Mechanical finisher operator (ebncrot* or asphalt). (Wgh- : way or street work) .i;.... 2.10 Oil- distributor bootniah. 1.426 | Operator of poworlrihbvel'.; and/or other- excavating equipment \^lth shovel typo controls (up-to and in-. eluding one yard) Operator of powor shovel apd/or other-exuavatlnit. equipment with shovel typo -controls (over one yard) Painter (brush) .'..i..,/.. Painter (spray) ........... Painter (.struoiural steel) . Pile driver holstmain or •-• operator .. pile driver man .:,,''. . Power grader operator (pO\ver • plaher,,motor patrpl or any :' typo power blac!e >)v .., 2.26 I Reinforcing steel-worker 2.00 <| Roller operator - 2.! Structural steel worker 2.; Tractor drlvbr JM Truck driver (18 .ouhlc< yards -f-r:) water level capacity or il more) ........ .:1.862S| Truck driver (14 cubic yards i' and less than 18 oablo^>yards ] water level capacity) .-1.737J Truck driver CS cubic yards • ,i a and less than 14 cuHo yards •J'l I water level capacity) .*...'. .fc^i I Truck driver (4 cubic-ya«!da ! I and less than 8 cublo'yards -' >J -Tvater level cai)acity)1.487ol Truck driver' (less thah 4 ,: cubic yards, water level . capacity) •........'...•;'.....'.. 1.40 Any classification oijiltted ' . herein not less than. .f. ...... 1.30 Overtime—one . and one-hall (1% ) times the above rates. • • Sundays and hol^ays-^one-and one- half (.1%) times the libove rates. Plans may ,be seen, -and forms of proposals, bonds', contract, and specifications may be obtained at the • office of the State Highway ESnglneer, Public Wovks: Buildliig, Sacramento, California., and thfey may. be seen at the ofTloes of the District Engineers at Los Angeles and San Francisco, at the ofClce of the District Engineer of the District In which the work is situated, and at the ofClce of the Associated General Contractors In Saiv Franclsod; . No bid win be considered unless I it Is mafie on a blank form furiilslx-'' ed by the State Highway EnplnAer and Is made in aOoordance with the provisions of the Proposal Requirements and Conditions set forth under Section 2 of the Standard-Speclfloar tlons. Each bidder must be licensed and also prequalified as required hy law. (Sne said Proposal Requirements and Conditions.) The Department of Public Worlts reserves the right to -reject any pr all bids. DEPARTMENT QP PUBLIC •WORKS. DIVISION OP MIGH-WATS. O. T. MoCOT, State Highway Engineer. Dated March 12, 1948. • S-13, 19, 2G l4laxl Let Greyhound clo yovir driving for you. Comfortable air-conditioned coachea.Dependable drivers. Frequent service everywhere. Xktn An No lower lafest SAN FRANCISCO «1.8S EUREKA .... 2.60 SACRA/AENTO . . 2.6S PORTIAND , . W.BS RENO ..... 4.90 LOSANEGtES . , 6.70 ADDITIONAI SAVINGS ON ROUND TRIP PARES T. W.POULOS, MAPLE CAFE PHONE 8S

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