Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 15, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1960
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EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Thnn 124 Vears fl|t Established January 15. 1836 Vol. CXXV, Nfc 130 ALTON, ILL, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 1960. ON SPEAKERS? PLATFORM Ike Says U.S. Must Keep Faith j\/[ Og t Violent, flv .IOMN SCAU Member of Tht MrteM* Wing From left, The Rev. E. B. Lamport, members of the board; SIU m «*ldent pastor of First Christian Church of Delyte W. Morris; Gov. WffliamG. fcdwardsville, gave the invocation and Stratton; Vice President Harold W. See, benediction at graduation ceremonies and Dr. R. B. Lynn of Alton, chairman at SIU camptu near Edwardsville of the Southwestern Illinois Council of Tuesday night. Others on the platform Education.—Staff Photo, are Harold Fischer and .1. P. Wham, 61 Texas Delegates To Johnson Need for State Bond Issue Cited KDWARDSV1LUC - The public approval of the §195,000,000 universities bond issue, to be voted upon throughout the state in ( \Pi (API the fall, will be his number one interest between now and Tev.s' the Nov. 8 election, Gov. William G. Slratton told the first com- Itsas ; Qf Southem minols University's Southwestern IHI- By JOHN SCAU MANILA IP - President Eisenhower today declared that the United States must remain "strong and faithful to its friends" in the face of the Soviet Union's anti-American offensive. The President, hailed again by thousands of friendly Filipinos after his stupendous welcome 'Tuesday, assailed international .communism as the single most : important breeder of world ten- jsion. Eisenhower spoke in a major foreign policy address to a Joint session of the Philippine Congress. It was the first in a series he will make during his 10- day tour of the Philippines. Foi> Imosa, Okinawa. Japan and Ko- irea. I Summing up anew what Ameri|ca stands tor. the President said ! its actions must make clear that : "propaganda pressures, rocket i rattling and even open agfjres- |sion are bound to fail." | Warm Greeting j Cheer's and whistles greeted ;the President on his arrival in the legislative chamber, which was packed with coatless senators and congressmen in the traditional open-neck shirts that Fil-; ipino men wear outside their; trousers on even formal occa-i sions. The President wore a brown business suit complete! with vest. pledge of 61 national convention n() . s Campus Tuesfiay nigll , votes to Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson ,.,, addressed the Police Seek to Disperse Thousands of Students By OKNK KRAMER TOKYO (API—Police fired tear gas Thursday In attempts to disperse left-wing mobs in the most violent and bloodiest outbreak so far against Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi's pro-Western government. Thousands of howling students before President Eisenhower is stormed the Japanese Parliament grounds Wednesday, overpowered police and occupied buildings in a savage near-insurrection that ran on through HIP night. At least one person and perhaps f : vc, died, and 473 were in- due to reach Tokyo on his four- nation Asian tour. Kisht's ministers convened soon after midnight at Ills official residence. Scarcely two blocks away, fanatical pro-Red students burned at least 10 police trucks In a show of fora- against the government U. S.-Japan security Eisenhower warmly praised- ---- • --------- INJURED IN TOKYO RIOTWG An injured student is carried to a Tokyo policeman at right opens a route waiting ambulance outside the Japanese to tlie ambulance. The riot was the Parliament building today during the most serious so far against Prime Win- bloody battle between left-wing students ister Kishi's pro-western government, and police defending the building. A (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo.) jured. Kishi's :abinet met in an emer-| an d the gency session to deal with the up-!treaty, rising, which broke only four days! Slucl(?nl mobs had torn down the i Parliament gates, hurled bricks i and staves at tlie outnumbered i police in kamikaze (suicide) (charges and sacked a two-story (annex to the granite Diet build- ling. The latter was left intact. Kill Klshl More than 3,000 rioters occupied [part of tlie Parliament grounds I tor hours, shouting "Kill Kishi" "crush the U.S.-Japan security 'treaty" then joined thousands of MANILA, Thursday (APi-The SodalistSi communists and union- New Riots May Cancel Ike's Visit .„ .. . . . .. , „. ,. .'Filipino nationalism as a power-: 67: this proposal Is the fact thutj^ ^ jn buildlng cloge Ues | with the United States. "Communist leaders fear con-! for the Democratic presidential graduates, their families and 1 tlie bonds can be retired under nomination raised the Texas sen- f,.j e nds and university officials the proposal, and should be, ators unofficial mlly today to| in an out door setting just off i through .using the general reve- ( nttllulwllM1I aa „ -, MMi. | U.S. Bypass 66 southwest of here. I nue money which ordinarily^ ^ he said ..^ fear }g | It helped narrow tlie gap be- M rs. Harold Horsley of God-! w ' ould be appropriated over a wi( , pn j. , n the continuine efforts'. tween Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts, leading the race with 363 convention votes, and the second place Johnson who had been running well behind for weeks. The home state vote for Johnson, the Senate majority leader, had been expected. With 761 votes needed for the presidential nomination, the unofficial lineup, based on primary re- Mrs. Harold Horsley frey, mother of five children, was a member of the graduating class. She received a bachelor of science degree. Mrs. Horsley who has taught in the Betlial- to unit the past few years, will long period of years to our state universities for piecemeal, and inadequate building, making unnecessary thc imposition of any new tax '" ! fives. SIU is no exception to tliej ««j] iey evident in the continuing efforts ( of the Communist conspiracy to penetrate nationalist movements, to prevent them, and to pirate for their own evil teach in the Alton system this trend today for universities to a |] ' ;stress some branches of learn- About 1,500 attended the cere,|»"8 *** Activity over others, ' Stvnttnn tnlrl lite aurlipnr'P. A ( O1 . ce an d threats Program for Work-Relief '>-*»**• • 1 to City Officials •*" How a work relief program | She pointed out that the per- could apply to Alton was explained today by Miss Elizabeth Ve- son is not forced to work. However, the plan is that, If tlie per- nardos, district representative of: son is found to be physically able •lllCy U&r. iui L.U miu iui.v.«.t.ij • • , i • * i 11/11 of force, subversion and brib-'tbe Illinois Public AW ^k-and^he^or to family ery, propaganda and spurious jsion. get. He added that he: thought the program would "give needed work to people who would prefer to work rather than to re- I bloody new riots in Tokyo havc lleft American security officials I deeply concerned whether Japa- 'nesc police can protect President ! Eisenhower, it was reported early i today. Members of Eisenhower's party were disturbed over Tokyo dispatches which pictured the Japanese police as helpless against the onslaught of thousands of loft-wing students who stormed the parliament ists rioting in the streets outside. The opposition Socialist party's secretary-general, Saburo Eda, predicted the death toll would hit 10. Although his/party has criticized violence, Eda said the heavy casualties have plunged Japan into new crisis which make it Impossible for President Eisenhower to visit here next weekend. U.S. security forces with President Eisenhower in Manila were ceive a dole." monies. Stratton, Stratton "amazing" ^ told hs ago me Tt^WW*gnity; She expUUned a program tor. 'T A; <* ««*• and havc subjected, providing employment lor able- wurk seheduU-. mn-siy re-i millions to thc execution; bodied men on pubhc assistance' work he will today as follows: Kennedy 363, Johnson Sen. Stuart Symington bf Missouri Sen. Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota Adlai E. Stevenson 26%, others 256, and uncommitted 379. 'numbered 484,000 in 1959 and inj 1969 will number 750,000. j "In 1959 there were 185.000 j students em-oiled in higher edu-, cation in Illinois and me pre-j diction for 1969 — if facilities are •available, and that is import- Span's ^ier Nob^ K^ deeply concerned whe.h- ^ i^nrtown'^ '^^r^»^» answer to a ques-ishi called a midnight cabinet se., j £ Jojanj^ Ponce can protect .funds - then he is put on the tion, said that assistance dis-j^o" ^ .^"^jL "rL^Jri as | The police had used only clubs i and fire hoses in efforts to block j a _ithe attacks.,on .Parliament. They the month-!°l joned "P ^ lh tettr sas Thurs- If he refuses to bursals in the not receive assis-isomc $9,000-510,000 monthly of this is medical. He individual is to work at! (>s ,h .h,, o nniPu -0 n »P ta while continuing the has-, Eisenhower ic work of providing a well- rounded education. Care and Thought "Much care and thought went into thc development of this activity. We were aware tliat In never IILUII. Tho mmvirillHI m m WOIK HL *""""•"" •>>"> —- --• — . must.JS, p^aS £ the city fori-u.d be eligible loeally lor <**\**™™* mentioned) sponsor the work projects to make | |hfi j vpo of task no performs, j work relief program the new U.S.-Japan defense trea- Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev by name, but with Khrush- ichev obviously in mind, Eisenhower said that "the principal target" of the current Red pro- the program effective. She spoke to city officials ii^ tlie mayor's office. Attending were Envin Dormann and Harold Bean, superintendents of illc works the number of hours required to match the cost of assistance which he later receives. Advantages of the work relief Miss Venardos said she would! prepare a . confirmation of this President K.senhower is due in morning's conference and send I Tokyo Sunday afternoon copies to the officials who at-j Informed sources, requesting i is! on thc i understood that U.S. security forc- on "elean- tho type of; Democratic delegates with 1,345 ant — is 300,000. . votes have now been selected,! "The conclusion is simple andjfcrst. Southern must retain its __ leaving delegates with 176 rates j direct. We must build for now j identity and standing as an ed-, still to be chosen to round out land the future, and the facts arejucat.ona luutitution. and that '— the convention roster of ] .521 i inescapable - we have been 1 problems of thc area which votes building to the full extent of our'served must be complimentary I of lh« In a senarate convention Texas I financial ability as a state gov-jand not supersede that first con-; pawns , in a sepatace convention, u.Mtbi' • _ _, , j !c i,i n ,.ntir»n AI Mm «umo i-immwar. ex Republicans put 54 more -Jete- ernmcnt. and havc gates in the column of Vice Pres-Pace. Wo are losin» ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ dcgrading ident Richard M. Nixon for the *'• «« ™ gl j m solrhu , the great area of South- of bcggardly dependence." GOP presidential nomination. J^ ^ ..ecommended the'crn Illinois." Thc Southwestern ienhower said. general assembly accepted and Campus is an "exemplification" the people in November will of _ that success, tho governor"" judge the bond issue to help sai(l the state catch up on the build- Addressing the graduates spe-j— ,"""'"„',"""," "j "'" '"" ;T WO examples of work as cited ing deficiencies and prepare for icificially on what they face mnot »'.tf la ™* tliat were onc e> . ' ' ; d ' the future. "I expect to push tho world today. Stratton said:! subject to Western control have "j ^'!',,;', L ... ,, n i-I-.., i u.,,,, ttiic"<Tnri'iv vnn m-irinain intft t' peaceably achieved self-deter-1'"'^'""' h " u suoMimj,. with all the ability I have this. Tod.-i> ,\ou gi.iduato into a,^.^.^, Points of Contention step is'wal mev not bc ' named - said Uie y . i ...-tjerstood that U.S. security forc- bolh in Manila with Eisenhow- program are numerous the parks and recreation depart- d tcd _ lave'barely kept siclcration. At the same time!war. exploiting them and their : John W. Hoi-fen, losin" thc "race." there could bc no second rate resources to enrich our own eco- Lmphasis was put Program ' effort made in tho vital task of'nomy. degrading them to a role j "I 1 WO1 * as ,'. nK . .: AU,. ,.,, * ,,..«.. — r C*AII«U nf l-w.nrr'i I'/lli/ rim mtirlntif >n " K'lK- , lUSKS 111 Ml \\ OUlfl D< work could be called "cleanup 'work," tasks for which the city Inside Musts Municipal Band Concert Program Thursday, Riverview Park, 8 p.m. Sunday, Rock Spring Park, 8 p.m. Barbershop- pers. Jean McCorrnick. director: George J/>v>, manager. March, "Ponderosa"... .King Selection, "Flower Drum Song" Rodgcrs Modern, "Dry Bones" Arr. Yi'jder Overture "Fountain of Youth" King Favorite* "Festa do Campagna" Filippie Concert*March "March of the Skaters" Polhamus Vocal solos "The Barbershop- pers" Modern "Fidle-Faddle" — Anderson March "Purple Pageant".. King i does not appropriate funds and : which do not conflict in any way. i, ,. . ,, „,,. -with work for which the city ,..„ said communism! the township ass.sancerol. This | wou)fl ordlnar| | V h in . :in om . governor!had forcibly deprived 12 coun-'.work, all at the conferencej tries of independence in the past 1 agreed, is such as is not schedul- • Not ^^ W(jr| . in the same pe-'^ «" dei> n ;« ular "PP-'opnations ; Dav ^^ ([ |hf , .„,; that were once!Two examples of work, as cited th . i( '^^ ^ i . pljt . r nmgl ,, m: would accomplish much toward leanup of city property and KUITORIAL . MAKKKTS.. SOCIAL . . . OBITUARY . COMICS . . . SPORTS . . . KAI1IO & TV CLAHSIFIKD PAGE 4 PAttE 1.0 PAGE It PAGE 18 PAGE 30 PAGE 31 PAGE 23 PAGE 25 i Friday. A U.S. Marine helicopter I rescued him. Here in Manila Eisenhower was ! day morning. Tear gas was last used here in 1952 May Day Communist riots which left one person killed and more than 650 persons injured, Officials said in the new demonstrations 285 policemen and 178 demonstrators were injured. Swing Clubs Police followed up their tear barrage with a club-swinging into the crowd, littering street with fallen students, in- many coeds. 'Smack them, smack them, don't let anybody get away! shouted tho police storming into thc crowd. It put diehard students in full still wrapped in the glow of Phil-j ippine friendship, He spoke to the i Philippine Congress Tuesday andj The violence broke out shortly i attended a gala state dinner at i night, wearing a barong tagalog, the social-dress shirt that Filipino after Kishi's 'government yielded to Socialist pressure and abandoned efforts to gain final ratifi- plan because we need it in llli-i period of peace, of advance- nuis and because we will be sotimcnt. of scientific progress, ofj back at least a generation in thejpi-osperity and understanding, field of higher education il we probably unrivaled in our cen- don't gt'i it. Wholehearted Support tury. A cold war doesn't kill, and while insults may annoy. DATA AT THE DAM 8 a.m. temperature Yesterday's Stratton said he expected the they don't crack heads." wholehearted support of most of Stratton said "you graduate the people of Illinois, because ho. as leaders in a time when lead- said he was certain that thoyjorship can be the salvation of know, "as do we, that the need!the world. Such remarks. I for new college and university |know, are expected of corn- buildings is greater than anyimoju'cmont speakers, but I hap- 'one session of the general assem-ipen to mean it. The opportunity, any one biennial uppropria-' ty Q| giving a commencement today 66'. River stage below dam at 8 a.m. 13.4. Pool 18.7 High75Mow5S'. Precipitation '24 lirs to 8 a.m. None. general . assistance recipients to " Tniir work. Apartment Project Work To Begin in Two Weeks men use in the summer heat here.!™" 0 " of thc » 1>W U.S.-Japan.mlli- _ • tary treaty in time for President Eisenbowor's arrival in Tokyo Sunday. Kosaku Shinoda. public relations spokesman for Kishi's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, told newsmen tin? administration would recess Parliament for a "political truce, so that President "Whereas, the use of Market j Eisenhower's visit can be made a The workers would not be paid,^ 0 | street and an extension <>t! s treet and an extension thereol''success." 'but would receive the amount jt would be the best route to the!as u route for the connection be-. i.ouo Polin- of assistance to which they are Beltline highway from the Clark jtween thc Clark Bridge-MeAd-. More than 1,000 police tried to -,,.,, , • u i bcautification of parks, a pro-. • Miss Venardos, in her cxplan-i Mt , )cm . provlded undei , lation. cleared up several points; f ds _ -, This is d ,.., i of contention that have been rais-1 -; ot u ,, nak(MVOl . k . ,„,,., ed m connection with putting' Township supervisors would sell up tho work program. They would jkeep the records of time worked.; Survey of Market St. Route to Beltline Asked survey to determine it Mar-' judged entitled and do the amount of work required to meet Bridge has bet; n requested by lams Highway Complex and Ft'd-ihold the mob at bay. the City Plan Commission. 'oral Aid Route 132 seems to of- "It was tantamount to an insur- thf cost of the assistance. Market street now ends at.fcr attractive possibilites. rectum," said Shojiro Kawasni- Under the statute the work^oth street, leaving about two "\viiL-reas, the City Plan Cum- lna ' strretill 'y general of: the rul- tion, can pay for. Most of us. I address! incidentally, is becom- Ground has been broken for! be wooded. All thc'se will be lor relief program can apply to any . mi j,, s between 'JOth and the Belt- misskm \ VM ^-commended that ;i "S Librinil ;P cn ?p imlt ^ ; know, homes but most That "And ring Precinct Line Revision Plans to Be Reviewed ing cancellation of the visit he is when I graduated. i Vital Truth* fronting the 700 block of Washington avenue, and extending eas,* After the apartments have'.W there is insufficient employ- j wil ys. been completed constrfjction • will opportunities for general c. Howard Slu-iipard,. of Shep > connect ion. "They are nevertheless valid, and southeast 1.000 feet. thereloi'r. bi; il resolv begin on the two one-story office;assistance recipients; (2) thejpanl, Morgan and Schwaab, en- ^ by t|u; Cound , 0 , tl)t , ' city Plans for revamping Alton Township precinct lines, necessary because of annexations to the city within the last year, were to be reviewed and brought to survey stage at a second conference here this afternoon. Supervisor Stephen Kennedy said that the county clerk, Miss Eulalia Hotz, county supervisor of voter registration, was expected to attend, as well as city and town officials, and that Supervisor Fred Greazebadt ol Wood River had been invited to be present. Some of the Alton precinct adjustments will aflect Wood River Township precincts, said Kennedy, and it was desired that the Wood River supervisor have knowledge of at the conference. Others to attend were to be Assessor James man and Town Clerk Paul PIT and likely Town Attorney Kenneth i;^ v Stratton K. Kelly. ,.,,, a this first commencement here, *»«*'"«'«> ; ' v ™ ut a » d w " '* the stieet. HUB iiiov v.u4iiiiii7iii:i=jju:iji uritr, .11 A prime purpose ol (he mrt t- ijecaus( , he js mwe Umn a fi . ie| , d between U« apar.ment park and ing, said Kennedy, was to center iof higher edut .£,tion. he also un- with C. H. Sheppard, civil engi- !dei . slandh the need Ioj . it neer, on surveys tliat will be neces- j j-jg sa j,j sary in mapping and describing tlie ] lines Ui be recommended for pre- inalic wushf-rs .md dr>ers and | jave with storage sp-u-iv will be avail- due. evidence oi Worknvn's;by UK Plan Commission to the. ,ibU lu each oi-i'iipani Compensation oi insurance cov-:Councils a» follows: "Whereas, Mor- ^ IU " section of apdilinenis The company lauiu-nin:.'. tlu-S-',- erugt of project workers: (a)jth. State Division ol Highways, four w ' th ^ u ™' s is scheduled lor Mt.noo project i> an llli the sponsor must furnish super-,ha* .n-(tuested the City of Alton to start Sunday. The uprising cast grave doubts on thc ability of Tokyo metropoli- the Presi- similar vio- r, members Zengakurn hurled . i , , , , -- r --——- and stones tu accompli.-,!, th,- work: .met, an.i Hop Hollow. ol as ; \ l »" lU: |' ^^ ^'•*£ and set fire to a police truck that the sponsor <cit.M must pro- The resolution lee.ormuended,^ vynnection hetueen tluj t-ldik^|u an . ed their way. It marked the •Hi-idgi- • McAdams Highwayj firat -^^ ^j^ tow retaliated nothing mure fitting than that decisions made in the occupancy on Oct. 1 eoiporation \\ a-<liin^tun vision, and mati <6ijto indieal, a desired route foi connection between «ve Plan ol the Cay ot Alton, and federal Aid Route | with clubij aild fire such connection to be| liearly follr weekg ^ demon8tra . i? with the Major Street I ^ part of the Comprehen-i development of the Southwest- The second &el with ili units, i* Avenue Developm.-nt Corp. The tin work is to be done at theja ... s .."..j • h e ,. etofore apnroved " cinct changes. The oow|ty board j ern Campus: The Shurtleff Col-, scheduled toj occupancy on Nov. president of tlie corporation is prevailing wage rate, and the job j the Clark Bridge and rederud is to act on precinct changes at aji ege campus, lease of the East 1. C. raid Mason ol Si LouL-.. archi- done must be worthwhile and'Air Houte I3'J a means of! W the City Council approves lice lay a , and pu- Parliament gate, splashed with blood atid mud- More than a dozen ambulances July 13 meeting. St. Louis center, the first appro- As proposed at a meeting lastipnation earmarking funds for ol week, the number of Alton voting j the campus and the inclusion in of precincts would be increased from j the coming bond issue by amend the present ^3 to 10. A problem to be discussed today was a number of "islands" of unincorporated Set for occupancy by the lirst tect and buildei. Other ottieers ol lasting value, and the super- expediting design and construe- the resolution, then Uie Illinoisjshuttled between Parliament and the vvar is the third section are: Arthui B Winkelmewr uf Msor of Uie project must accept lion ol new bridge appioaches, .Division ol Highways will be re- j hospitals. 66 units St. Louis, real c,u,ie broker, all worker* assigned by the sup-,ami <<VK*ted to make an eiigint-eiingi The apartment de\flopment vice president: Robert G. Hanei ervisor of assistance. "Whereu^. tlie recommenda- ; *>tud> ol the Market street area.I „ „ what was proposed on Uie Alton j areas surrounded by the oily whose side ol tfce line. i voters will bt kit at a distance Cily Manager Grabani W. Watt from prteiucts in ttdjucuit town was expected tu represent (be city ships. ment of nwney for the South- will b* the new type, with park- of Altun. \ice president; Sam western Campus, all of landscaping, and all apart- Xandei^ oi the governor approved and'menu will face a center court, 'retaiy-u t tlie Work 'ti'jn uf the Lot-liner Report for Tlu- Flan Commission voted to Alton attorney sec-. Mayor Day summait/ed hisahe UM of Luiigdon street align-,hold a public hearing July 7 at views by saying that his idea isiiiuni does not appear to be rea&-'7:30 p.m. in the City Hall to agreed to. Without these tilings, Scheduled tor future construe-. F. H. King, retired manager thai the plan will enable the ci-^naiili :xiul practical aiid the City ; hear a proposal to ^rezone tlie development ot the Southwestern, Uoii are a awjmmuig pool, wad- of Alton Water Co.. will be leas- i> tu have \\urk "" • ....... "" J ....... -• ' ...... - ' "' • • ..... '•• ~ "* ........ ' TODAY'S CHUCKLE Success in dealing with other people is like "nfowg rhubarb pit which Campus would "be difficult. U ing not impossible," Morris s>aid !ph> and picnic areas, lhat will'. tire development. playgrounds., bdi'becue iog agenl ia\d uiawagej 01 the «.-n- there is a iveed but tor which is no money in the bud- Plan i desires to con- Elfgen pi'upeily on Main street side.i a logical alternate for the!near Hit- intersection of Main Henfe >tietH route, oiid land Hillcrest etreets^ —use all the suga? you can, and then double U- • (0 t960. Gea»f») ^wirti Corp.)

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