Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Page 18
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 14, I960 ffefegrap)t'« Hrc'/v C/inrf One of 4ft«m Box Board'* Original Crew Retires USD mnt ftfcW (MBS) 7TIKC KMOX (UBS) KWR 1«MKC WOKZ lilt BO walk come N: Gordon D. Gordon N tiortn«: N N: O*Vll N: W S: N N: S N: Rlchtrd K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N: S N; S Man on Oo World N E, Morgan F. Lewis Jr. D. Gordon N D. Ciordon N: W T. BUCK B Burntt Bob A Rav N: Richard K. Richard S: Richard K Richard N: P«gg Four veteran AltonBox Board Co. employes retired recently, It has been announced by the company. They nre Charles Fritz. Harry M. BPKS. William H. Me- Dow and Edwin B, Ixnvix. Fritx. one of Ihn company's oririml rmplovf, .-hm eh.. Altai mill «,, M.MtaM in 68 Enrolled in VBS at Moro Cadet to I Take Cruise of C.G. Academy An Alton man, Cadet 1-C iCharles R. Robinson, U.S. Coast ;Ouard. will be one of the Corps ^of Cadets of the U. S. Coast !Gu«rd Academy in New London, Conn., who will visit Northern N Music Mli Musir p. Gordon S: notrton D. Hordoii Amos - Andy run in Stands Inlrrvlew N: Richard K, Richard S: .fenklns B Jenkins N: I. Peg* Pegg; N sign Off .M N: ,\:uslc .13 MIc Music O Gordon Sinn Off <. arris- N 1 Jenkins B .renMn* N: Jenkins B .Tenklns .M v lma«* .18 Image .3t < Merruimmc N': R. Sh-jp Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop ,..,.,_ "cmp u '" "" Mw " r.'nmr,/, on <, >"" ''" '"»" ° n ' «nm i mn " M- h A in min' 11 '"*^ ' n ' ne M'>''" Preshyterian mer. . !n«H tho f rmiand «• John's Evangelical va- They ? m01 *!...'^cation church s,hool whlehj«W«* KIdred ELDRED — Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hottord of CarroUton and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoi- ford spent the weekend at Lomax a* guests of Mr. and Romaine Tate. Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ir! Davidson were: Carl Rless and son, Billy, of Joliet, and Mr. and Mrs. Al Taylor and family of GrlggsviUe. Mrs. Max Brannan and infant June II aboard the ;son were dismissed Monday Memorial Hospital. ;i straw in • ti u-i-i sperlor. HP help- , ' .! ChlJlvh al thr Presbyterian opened in. i p-1 rrl in the con- smirlion of the' There VV( ' rr 2:t in tnr first mill »md j»..s|'lepHrtment. 23 in the primary. first machine i ""'I '» in thl ' kindergarten., for forming pap-f' S ' !Ven adults and eight highj; erhoatd. Most of!*'"' 100 ' helpers stuff the school.! his career has' Club to Hold Ten been spent in MOKO The Moro Woman's n=*s=L tsr s **. <z ™ wr ^, 7 pounds and ha* . . . ,,, t> , named Kirby Mark, and barks each sunv^ , he Brannan . H second ch , M . They have a son, Kevin, 2'i i.years old. Mrs. Brannan'f* aunt. Florence Osterman. C. Frit* thf finishing and . .15 .30 .43 J. Buck N; R. Shop Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N; MemortM Memorial Memorial: N N; Buck .;. Buck N; R. SHOP Record Shop N; R. SHOP Record Shop Community Club will have a tea observing its fifth anniversary at the Moro School Wednesday afternoon. shippinK departments at the mill. He retired from the latter department. He and his wife, Ma- |mie, resirle at 1011 Marie St., Alton. They have two sons and three daughters, all of whomJQuercus Grove, and the Ed- are married. iwardsville Monday club. ! Bess, a machine shop employe 'at thr time of his retirement,; ! served modern C oast Guard Cutter. Zelmt Mrs. Zelma Logan of San Carlos, Calif., was guest of horn or at a geMogether of the Borman cousins" Sunday aft* ernoon at the home of Mrs. Charles Smith. Others present were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ader« ton of Hardhi; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schneider of Carrollton; Mrs. Elmer Robley and Mrs. Janie Wiles. Edward Havelka underwent an appendectomy at Boyd Memorial Hospital Saturday evening. Read Telegraph Want Ada Daily i TODAY I WED, MATINEES DAILV 12i45 stay with her for a f«v days. I Dennis Gowln of Hettick spent; last .week with his grandparents] '..Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Flat! and! i attended Bible school. This years ca-i Mrg ^ Rhodes of O chopee. ., who has been in St. Other clubs invited to the tea,voyage in addition to the Eaglej rece ', vingtrcatme nts at the Jew- are Bethalto. Liberty Prairie, |wlll include the 311-foot ocean , [9h Hospitali ^ bee n visiting „ . _. ^. r-.i "wpnilipr station vossols. tnr .,_..,..„„ t,-^/, relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ansc'lj H. Gunthar Ooener N fartn vosei Farm N: wnllama G. willlama ciockwateiMr G, Newiome N; Newtoma G. Newsome N: Day Bob Day N: Oay Bob Day N. Gunther H ("iiuithfr Farm Dafley N: W Rrx DavU i tockwatchar N: Newsome G. Newsome N: Newsome G Newsome N: Day S; Da> N: Day Bob Day Woijd N H ('tunthtr N, Cjtinther- tt i Davit N; Newsome fi. Ncwsom* N; Newsome G Newsome N HOD Day station vess< Coast Guard Cutters Absecon, Family Reunion (operating out of Norfolk. VaU end Mrg Mary Schilds spen i j MORO Eighty-six were pre«- * nd Yakutut. out of New Bed-'g d w ,, h Mrs . Schlld ' s SOIV ; s '' r«,.,i -\\.,LI^ Tliev trill cruise a!. . . j.. ui •».»_ „,,.) i tin,,- of his retirement,! MORO Egty-sx were pre* -, T , ,, 1 , sa unay w . 27 years with the com- lent at the annual Green-Robson ford. Mass. Ihey «il c MI* - , n . 1|iw and davlg hter, Mr. and ^ pany. starting In family reunion held Sunday at|tot«l » ,.891 n, es • s '* n j n « ^Mrs. Martin Borman, of Man- mL 1033 as a mem- the local school. The four living Jdo.vs »l sea and 14 days in «"^ |( . hes i er . • - . nor of the straw 'descendants were present. They jforcmn !»'•»«• , i Mrs. Rowe Lee and Mrs. Hart crew. He work- 1 arc Mrs. H. F, Dorsey, R. F, : "ic wn.adiwn s bra ' >p ulll of Roodhouse visited Saturday ed in several de-i Green. Mrs. Charles Mohl. and^' «' H "i?"T ' partmen.s al thcLvirs. Mar«aret Kal.el. '• A da - it afternoon al th ° h ° me OfJMrSl partmen.s al thcvirs. Mar«aret Kal.el. • " Charles Smith. Sunday dlnnnr mill before be-i Following « basket dinner at^;'! «'-«ve to Oslo ^on ay at-| gucs , s ftt ,,, e Smith home W ere assigned to i noon a business menting wasinvmg -lul.v U for a tluee-day, Joseph Cunningharn an d ohil- 1 "IK t h e machine I held, shop about two! II was visit. reported that duriim; Next on the itinerary will bej_l : dren of Mt. Gilead and Mrs. N Wilson l.'d WilSOB N: Newsome U. Newsome N; Newsome (i. Newsome N; Walter H. Walter rciio Quit R. Benson deaths: Leo Luman. Mrs. ly Ellis, and Miss Virginia Hag- j 1 six-clay visit (hero, they will erman; one marriage, Reid Bra- N W'.ijo* Ed W«!SCB ••*.»• C"e« Godfrey Godfrwy N: Davis G. Davis N': Davla ',. Davis N; Benson R. Benson five of Stnrdi- Mo.. Bess lives at 'J906 Werges St.. Alton, with his wife, i;rnuui; uuc mumu^--, •<.^-~ —••• . . . - r Bessie, and daughter, Virginia, xier to the former Miss Linda riving nerc on Aug. u. , McDow. a native of ' Elsahjcoss; and eight births. The old- During then stay in SVUK with the firm for 26 years.jest present, were Mr. and Mrs. mouth, the cadets are scheduled begin the 1! 1-day trip home, ar- Pots r. M. in 12 iWH I .is .M .45 15 ..W -45 N . \v-scn Lcl Wuser ; D«fiey N Dafley Dafiey: N N: Party Kouseparty O. Moore Crosby-Clooney N: Davis G. Davla N: Davis G. Davla N: Time Cty. Tlm« M. Games He began his career as an elec-;H. E. Dorsey who are 85 and 83 trician's helper, and for the past i years of age. The youngest pres- lEi years served as an electric!-ient svas Benda Kay Tester, an in the mill's maintenance de-igieat-granddau^btor of Mr. and parlmcnl. MclJow and his wifr.'Mrs. H. E. Dorsey. All mem- 'nielnia. live on R). 1. Godfrey.'hers of the late Ephraim Green He is a member of the Masonic ill family, 20 in number, were i N P'nouse Pty. .N: Farm vogel Farm Ilie World N: Headlines .r. McCormlok Helen Trent 2 Next Door N ; Davis G. Davis N; Davla G. Davla N I'arm-MM, A. Grace Club Newa Lodge in Grafton. Lewis, who resides at 200 E. Alton, retired after .39 .45 ' N. Party P'house Party N; Witt D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N Whispering Sta. Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Day Bob Day .» •» B Counter . Burke Burkp D. vvm N; Witt Witt; N Rt. to Happiness N; Jenkins N; Palen Put Buttram B. Jenkins i Palen Ci. Williams N; Jenkins " •• " . B. Jenkins " " 3 .00 .:in .r. i N. Burke '.} Burkf D Gordon N Gordon Gordon: N Buck Buck N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins K. Richard N; Palen i Palen present. Reid Brazier was named as the new member of the steering to visit London, while the Le- Havre visit will entail an excursion to Paris. The Eagle was originally commissioned in September of 1936 by the .Gen-mans ajid named the Horst Wessel. During World War II. the ship was converted from a German naval cadet training ^5 ship to a cargo transport vessel, operating between East Prussia and Germany proper. Alter the more than 23 '• committee. years of service. ! To Get Degree He had been MORO - Miss Marine Ayres. war. a crew of Coast Guard offic- first fireman in I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan- era and men left for Bremen, the steam andiiel Ay res. a 1936 graduate of haven to claim her as part of p o w c r depart- j Edwardsvillc High School, will ! xvarjeparalions. mcnt since 1944.] be graduated from the Univer- (iets Lewis started ]sity of Illinois Saturday. She; NEW BED poRD. Mass. JP—\ with the com- j will receive a bachelor of sci-! <<Is thJK Marblehead?" asked a pany as a beat-; once degree Jrom the CoU<3ge^c> f 20-year-old sailor driving NEW SYSTEM HAMBURGERS FOSTER'S DRIVE IN 334 Wood River Ave Look for the 384 Wide Screen .15 .M .U N. Burke • J. Burke 1 Burkr: N N: Gordon D. Gordon N Gordon Ojrdon N \ Buck I. Buck Buck W N. Richard K. Richard \; Richard K Richard N: Palen .1. Palen er room em-!Education. She majored in Ed- K. Li'wiB ploye. His wife, vicution for Mentally Handicap- Ann, is a supervisor tor Illinois ped Children. Bell Telephone Co. They have Miss Ayres will go to San Fran- une married son. Lewis is a cisco with two of her college, member of the Eagles. classmates the latter part of. through New Bedford. The policeman nr asked sent him to TV digest with John N. Junes Moro MORO The United June to live. Man Wins Battle With Buffalo Bull CHARITY REPORT A life and death stmygle be- NEW YORK W — During the .will meet Thursday "afternooni"'«l ;l -'^ear-old farm fore- America contributed $387.211 to at the home of Mrs. Tlnirman ma " m ' 111 ' Kruger National Park n er-tl.\ members of the theatrical jended in victory for the foreman,-profession. And 11.336 relief cases Nelspruit. South Africa, reports. W erc aided during the year. I c o u r t instead of Marblehead. iwhicli is 7.5 miles away. Charles Roger Jr.. stationed at Newport, R. I., paid a S100 fine Cor drunken driving. Telegraph Want Ads "Click." KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4,, (9) Bookmark KSD (NBO 5, KETC 9, KPLR 11.1 9: '25— (2) Highway Patrol TUESDAY EVENING 6:00—(2) Woody Woodpecker (41 (5) News Reports (9i Sing Hi. Sing Lo 6:10— 141 CBS News: Edwards (a) Sports: Ingham (9) Friendly Giant 6;L'j—i.)i Spotlight with Nancy 6:30—(2) Sugarfoot (4> Phil Silvers Show (5> Laramie (9i Search for America (1.11 Wild Bill Flickok (51 Coronado 9 (9) Sociology: Credit Course. (11) Expose 9;3a—(111 Code ^ 10: DO— (2) Pro-P'ootball (4) News: Spenm- .MJen 15) \Vhirlybirds (.11 ) Movie '0-1Q—(41 Weatlier: KoiUaine 10:la— (4> Eye On St. Louis 10:30-(4) Movie (j~> News, Sports. Wi-ather Mr. and Mrs. Henry Knoche attended the annual picnic for 1 employes of Duncan Foundry, j Alton, a! Rock Springs Park ] Saturday. Mr. Knoche w a s among those receiving a 10-year pin for service in the company. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dorsey C. A. dc Kokcr was desperate- ' recent meeting of the ly hanging on the the bull's horns f unc i, producer Vinton Freedley when a game warden shot thc: was rrelected president. Other animal twice in the neck. One . 0 £fi cl . rs are Gilbert Miller, Katha- bullet lodged in dc Koker's knee ,. in(1 Cornell and Herman Bernand the bull fell on top of him slein as it died. Dc Koker is recov- 7:00—14) Dennis O'Keefe Show 1 10:15—(.V Jack Paur Show i9> Big Picture 1111 Bold Journey 7:3U— 121 Wyatt Eai'p (41 Dobie Gillis (51 George Burns Show i9> Platform i.ll i Mono 8:00—12) Rifleman (41 Tightrope(9> Briefing Session 8:30—(2» Colt .45 l:15-(4) Give Us Tliis Day (4) Red Skelton Show l:20-(2) Daily \\'ord (5) Arthui- Murray Party: j WKDVESUAY, JUNK 13 (Color). i 5:45-(4) Give Us Tills Day (9) Escape from the Cage! 5:50—(4) News: Tom Brooks 11:00— 12) Movie- 11:30—(U) Bedtime Stones 12:00—(5) (II) News r.':05—(4) Movie (5) Night Court 12:35—(51 Weather Report 12:40—(2i News 12:45—(2) Home Digest 12:50—(2i Paris Precinct 1:10—(4) Late News Roundup quietly observed their 63rd wed-1ering. ding anniversary Friday at! their home. Their daughter-in- law, Mrs. Maurice Dorsey, serv-j ed a dinner at which Mrs. Dor-j sey's brother and sister, Mi'. R ] E. Green and Mrs. Margaret i Kabt'l. were present. David Lambert was a delegate; to the Presbyterian Youth Synod held Friday through Sunday at Illinois College, Jacksonville. Mrs. Froel Untorbrink is honv tollowing hospitalization at tlivj Wood River Township Hospital! for several clays. 1 Michael Brazier was ainon^; tlii! 49 Southern Illinois University athletes who recently received varsity letters in spring sports. Brazier received recognition as a member of the SIU track squad. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily The Chicken Shack (Formerly Joe's Grill > liotite 67—(iudfrey I lie I'lace to (io When Vou Want Hie \er.v Beit: ::00—(2) Alcoa Presents (41 Garry Moore Show (51 M Squad Our new Maximum Height timer Includes YOU (and ev- •rvooe wttbla a s*-mile r*Al- «• of Alton-Wood River) lu our cvverave urea. K yuur Catuioel t picture U not bat- tetoctorv. vou'U mi*k -THL BIFLEMAN" tonight 6:00— M) Town 'n Country 6:30—(4) P.S. J: Government 7:00—(4i Morning St. Louis (5) Today 8:00— f2'i Cartoon Classic (4> News: Grover S:ir>— i'-'"' Cartoon Time (1> Capt. Kangaroo 9:OO—il.'i Jack LaLanne Show (-li Red Howe Show (5> Dough-Re-Mi Rompfr Room On The Go Play Your Hitm-h I Love Lucy Pi'ii-f Is Right i Color' 'i'opper JX'cembff Bnde Concentration Mr. & Mrs. Nurtlj Love of Life Truth or Consequences ll;lj—ill) Morning Chapel 11:20 -(11) News: Duuut 11:30—(21 Coffee Break (4> Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You (Col- BRACKEN TO STAR NEW YORK I* — Comedian Eddie Bracken will star in '"Hie Fair Sex," a comedy by Charles E. Miller, who has previously written and directed off-Broadway productions. The Caspian Sea. between Europe and Asia, lias an area of UM.SOO square miles. I Imi ruul Broiled Straits Agetl to Perfection skillet I'riei) Chicken Pit Itiirlifcuetl Kib* BEL+AIR HW r 66 & I I 1 Tfl 6 96 36 >PEN 7:00 — START DUSK LAST TIME TONITE! NEARSIGHTED MR. MAGOO! 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS! Starts Tomorrow Seafood Charcoal Broiled Chicken Liver* THE UPRQAR'Ous MOVIE FROM THE BIG BEST-SELLER! ••(•M inmti DORIS DAY--DAVID NlVEK I tUTEHK MODUCTION li COIOII OOMt ^1W £ DAISIED Open Daily 6:30, Start 7 p.m. Adults 50c Kiddies 3Sc FAMILY NIGHTS TONIGHT, WED., THUR. AL.I, SEATS -!.-.c Mnliiit-i' W<^diieN(luy uncl. K\ t'.ry \Vi-,ilnesdii.v all Summer. Let the Uptown be- your Baby Sitter for a Ic.w hours. M-O-M ...... ClNa>M»ScoP6 iso COLOR Tues., Thurs. at 8:50 p.m. Wed. 'lioO, «:00, tt:20 p.m. Tues., Thurs.. T.'l'i p.m. •inil Chapter of "ZORRO'S FIGHTING LEGION" Tin's., Tliurs. 7 p.m. W'od. 1:0(1, 7:10 p.m. *?1A E, Broadway, Alton CLOSED MONDAYS! GRANP T , .i i i t n t For Anyone Who Needi Seme ERNIE MARQO JACK KOVACS-MOORE-WARDEN 3:03 5:35 0:05 2nd Hit Starts Thursday "Tllft Lilt Vtyigl" —^— AND ——— "Dr«(itrl|> Girl" At 12:46 4:15 7:45 .Adults 80c, Teenage OOc Child 25c RINCESS TODAY & WED. 2 COMPLETE SHOWINGS DAILY! MATINEES EVENINGS Ooen 1 P.M.—Starts 1:40 Open 7 P.M.—Starts 7;40 [USKMETOSEE|[i '1 OPEN 6:30 TONITE ft WED. TECHNICOLOR RICHARD BURTON BARBARA RUSH JACK CARSON PLUS "ISRAEL'' Color at 8:30 uid mam other stlerlU'iis Ceiled with luine-muUe hot Ulbcultb. berr\ lum and creamy butter. i'tm.AU DINING UOOM t UK SMALL PAUIIES Dial HO 5-9634 Air Conditioned for Vour Comfort! Open Tuesday thru Saturday 3 P.M. to 1 A..U. H P.M. to 10 P.M.—Closed Monday* WEDNESDAY! Matinee Only 1:30 "KIDDIES SUMMER FUN PAW" THE FIRST OF THE VACATION SEASON! 2 HOURS OF FUN! CARTOONS GALORE PLUS "LITTLE RASCALS" t "3 STOOGE" COMEDIES DOORS OPEN 1 P.M. 11 TH ANNIVERSARY WEEK Extra Tonite—Oldest Cur Mte - Start Dusk SEASON PASS TO OLDEST AUTO—BRING YOUR TITLE Princess & Wood River Theatres Ends Tenitc—Our Happiest Show for 1960 PLUS STARTS THURSDAY! (ji Queen For a Day (111 Movie K I V 1 or). Uli Short Story 11:40—f4' Guiding Light 11:1)5—i2i News: Ha.\ \vaul Noon—'"'.'I Kestltss Gun (li News: Max Hoby Weather: Fontaine. iji i^liarlu.te Peters • Hi Woman's Touch L':U.> C'> I Mauiecl JOiil) I'.':!*)- i'-'' I..JM llial Bt'Li! (!• A> Hi. \V»rl I TIM I W- <•-'• \lj. 'II f-aO .- M' l-'Jl B< '!<•! ul U.'l 1:;!0—CM Susie i4i House Parts' Cii Lotvtta Vouna J:tJU— 21 Day in Court Millionaire Voting Dr. M'lluin -MON'il 1 '^:'.'Ai — 2i liali Slot 111 4'i \'ordict Is Youi> ji From Tiiebf Ro'ji^ 3:UO—t2i Bi-at The Clock (4) Brighter Day t.j) The r niin Man Who Do You Trust 1 .' t4i Edge of Night (51 Yaucy Dfrrinyei -»11^ Capt. 11 American BundstiinJ (4) SS Popeje io' Our Miss Brooks l.'M— 14' Movie (.11 Uic Of Rile> 5:UU— «.2i My F'rieiid t'lickj 'ji Wrangler's Club:r'irb' li ininutfb '.ti color. (I! i Sat. Preston i IJ i &ra|jfllM \illi • ' Mi-.-iihiT: M.isv MI ini. YOI'K l-'A \OIUTr; I'AMII.V UltlVK-IV STARLIGHT Box Offiet Opens At 1:00 i«un i«, ceuMt AVI • AIYON. IOJNO» j HELD OVER THRU SAT. FIRST RUN SHOWING! MAMII VAN UUKtN - CIKLS IUWN •; liirtuuuit—tree Pvu>^ruuiul—CUilUn-u .itiiuillud I 1 ret .. FRANK CAPRA'S* IHouuniHuD « » *, .g fHK NOOGES A *«. i.«b •« w 3 Major Film Hits— Srai-ts Tomorrow! (». - I HKU MucMl KltAV Mblrtoy JoilCk "BOBBI KINS 11 "THE CRIMSON KIMONO" KUCHNICOLOT' COLOR CARTOON RWPUHfl COIOR IXTtA W««jii«id*y Only SADIE HAWKINS DAY tret> AdiuiMioa to tboae ill «*»«« MUMU Htm- DM* WV US TtflMTM MM UUKHCV *VM*<**MCM4l< A* *m»f ic»n

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