Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California on March 12, 1948 · Page 1
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Ukiah Dispatch Democrat from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
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Second District Supervisor Seeking Third Term Supervisor Guy Redwlne, in an-, jiounqing himseU a candidate for re-election lor the Second supervisor* district post, says, "I favor all such projects as are for the advancement of Mendocino county, and only insofar as they do not , work hardships upon the taxpayer^; "I was born at Covelo, in this county, and graduated with the class'of 1900 from the Ulciah high scKobl. I have followed engineering, extensively and was err^ployed in the railroiad survey from Willits to Eureica—the original survey. I then turned to private .practice. "In 1906 I was elected county surveyor, and again in 1910. Later I was employed by the U. S. government for several years on public land surveys, and was engaged in garage business at Ukiah from 1921 to 1937, and served as city councilman. "Elected supervisor in 1940, have served two terms. Am now chairman of the county retirement board, chairman of the building committee, the board's representative for contributions toward the expense of maintaining the county service officers, and also represent the board in all matters connected with securing funds under chapter, 20 and chapter 47, statutes of 1946, by which state apd federal funds are allocated for road work—building, construction, etc." -Menclocino Counfyvs Pioneer'Newspaper ~ DISPATCH-DE3M0CRAT OFlTECE: 164 East Standley St. Weekly Digesf of Men'ddcino County News City, Rural and County NeWs From. Every Section of Mendocino County DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT: Phone Uliiah Number O— New, Drgsfic Plan To Save EleGtricity I^. Bragg Mill Worker Killed Walter Kain, aged 37, received injuries at the Union Lumber Corn- pan mill at Fort Bragg Wednesday night which caused his death a short time thereafter. Kain was Employed as a scaler in the mill and was on the log deck.* Several logs were being moved to a position where they could be rolled to the carriage for sawing. One of these buckled and struck Kain, throwing him against an Iron bulkhead. He then fell to the 'floor, striking on his head, sustaining tlie injury which caused his death. He died shortly after .reaching the Redwood Coast Hospital. The dead man was a veteran of World War II and was a member of Sequoia Post No. 96, American Legion. Comrhander Neil Berkovits' is trying through the Legion's state organization to learn the whereabouts of surviving relatives. Burns Seeks Senate Seat Assemblyman Michael J. Burns of Eureka, ivho has represented this Assembly district for the past 16 years, has filed for the state senate from the Third district, a seat which is being vacated by the retirement of Senator Irwin T. Qulnn. In a letter to this paper announcing his decision to run for the senate, Mr. Burns says, "The senate seat will consist, of Hum^ boldt county alone, but I desire to assure you of my continued support of the counties that I have' ihad the honor of representing for the past 16 years. "Will you also thank the people for their loyal support '•uring that period and invite them to write to me as usual, of their many problems, as if I were still serving them as assemblyman, if indeed I shall have the honor to be elected to the senate." Richmondite's Car, Philo T>uck Crash I. E. Adair of Richmond was given a citation for being over the center of the highway Sunday night whAi his car collided with a truckload of lumber driven by Alvin Hansen of Pliilo, about a mile and a half west of the Boonville hifeh school. Adair was headed west and met the Hansen truck in a headon- sideswipe collision and was injured slightly. Audie Wilson, a passenger In Adair's car was also shaken up. Officer Reg Stinehbfl Investigated and issued the citation. Industries Must Save Equivalent of One Day Per Week The Pacific Gas & Electric Company has announced drastic new conservation plans, effective Monday, requiring all industrial, commercial and agricultural consumers to save at least a day's power supply each week. Vice-President N. R. Sutherland said the regulations would remain in effect Monday through Saturday of each week for the duration the state's drought emergency. The new action came as the State Public Utilities Commission ordered an embargo on new electrical connections for industrial, commercial and agricultural users in northern California's drought- struck area? The commisson said the ban on new electrical service did not apply to residential lighting or to service affecting public health or safety. Clifford Bartlett, P.G.&E. North- bay Division manager, said he has received instructions to reduce! the load in this area by 15,000 Kilowatts a day, effective Monday. Consumers failing to make the 10 per cent reduction in uses ordered by the Public Utilities Commission may have all their service discontinued for the duration of the emergency. , If all, power users co-operate, a company spokesman said, it may be unnecestary for the operating dei^rtment to pull switches ^yhen demands exceed the power supply. Under' tJie riew plan iriduSffies will be called upon to discontinue use pf power for the equivalent of one day a week. Stores and other commercial establishments will be expected to reduce their operating hours or cut their use of power to accomplish the' same relative saving. Agricultural users will be asked to forego pumping operations one day each wek. The "no pumping" days will be specified and will var.v in different sections, the company said. , Five Running For Second Dist. Post Five candidates for the post of Second district supervisor had filed their petitions with County Clerk W. J. Broaddus at the end of the week. In the order of their filing they are: Samuel Erickson, Norman Furman, Paul Poulos, Guy Redwine, incumbent, and R. O. Foster. Three of the number, Furman, Erickson and Redwine, are registered from Ukiah;'Mr. Foster is a resident of Talmage and Poulos now has his legal losidence at Potter Valley. Quite the largest array of aspirants for the Second district post in many years, it seems to herald a spirited campaign before the primary election in June. The only other candidate to file for office during the first six days was Mrs. Ruby Hyman of Fort Bragg, as candidate for Democratic county central committeeman. ACCIDENT CLAIM SETTLED A compromise settlement for $1000 filed by Marshall A. Hearn, 50, of Willits, and the Redwood mill of Willits, was approved by the state industrial accident commission. Hearn was employed as an oiler last Apr',1, when he suffered a wrenched back while working on the framing of a rig motor base. Previously, he had received $2170 in disability indemnity payments. Herbert James Woodin, 71, a brother of Roy M. Woodin of Willits, died March 4 at Alturas. He was a native of Virginia City, Nev. Savings Bank To Add Floor Space The brick building belonging to the Savings Bank, located at the rear of the bank building and occupied by the A. P. Book Shoe Service, will be vacated as soon as the frame shoe shop in the Gardner lot at the southwest corner of the Standley and Oak streets intersection is completed. Soon after the brick building is vacated the bank will begin alterations to connect it with the main building for accommodation of their accounting department. An entrance into the annex .will be opened on the south side of the bank vault. This is understood to be only a temporary arrangement to relieve the crowded conditions, as the Savings Bank has ready an extensive building program which it intends to conclude at some future date to provide the facilities required for the Rapidly growing business. Jas. Cleland Saturday Ivening James Cleland, son of the late B. L. Cleland and Mrs. Susan Clelana of Ukiah, passed away Saturday evening at his mother's home, 403 Park boulevard. Funeral services from the Ukiah Funeral Chapel will be held Tuesday afternoon at !t o'clock, followed by inurnmept at the Chapel of the Chimes at Santa Rosa. Elbert Holland will , be . the Oflficiating clergyman. Jimmy Cleland was born in Ukiah, of one of the oldest of our pioneer families. He.was educated in the local schools and attended a mortuary coUego to &t himself to enter business with his father in the operation of the Cleland Funeral Home, On the death of his father, he took over the business and continued until ill health forced him to retire. His mother is the only survivor of His immediate family. He was a member of Abel Lodge, F.&A.M., and was one of the most popular young men of this city, his death bringing deep regret to innumerable relatives and friends. " A nephew of Dr. H. O. Cleland, he was the jcousin of Attorney Thomas Cleland and William Cleland of Ukiah. Pallbearers will be Floyd and Gordon Gibson, Tom and Logan Anker, William and Thomas Cleland. 1,' ' Wayfaring Yolitii Tangles With Law Sheriff Broddija was holding Edv/in R. Krefoot, 18, for investigation whilp he hunted for the boy's relatives. He is now on his way home to Oregon. Krefoot was captured "enroute" i'.i the early hours of tlie morning of March 3 when he stopped at the Wah-Me-Co Court, .10 miles north of Laytonville and tried to enter the place through a 'window. Traveling by bike, Edwin was tired, cold and hungry, and perhaps a bit too eager to get inside. His efforts awakened H. M. Bartle, the owner, and when lights were turned on in the lodge, the boy went aWay, leaving his modus operandi leaning against the building. Bartle took charge of the bike and went back to bed, but not to sleep, and when the boy came back for the bike invited him in, shackled him, hand and foot, and took him to the V>^illits police, 35 miles distant. ?mm m SEISNEWRECO Dimes Marched to Tune of $13,685. i^l! Time High . Mendocino county poui-ed $3|3,685.05 into the 1948 Infanflle Paralysis Fiind, the largest amount; by far ever collected m this courrty,' and exceeded all expectations. | ^' This amount divided equally tween the Mendocino organization and the National Foundation,'after deducting $580.91 for expenses lof the campaign, cut the melon into tv/o checks for $6552.07 and ^he check for our share of the p^fc- ceeds Was turned over this wejbk by Fred Hamilton of Willits,. chairman of the drive, to Arthur SoHil- der, president of the Mendoc^' County Chapter, J A letter to Mr. Hamilton froif;; Edgar Lampton, chairman of thj ' California' State Employees Dlvfe ; sioh, says: . gl "Dear Officer Hamilton: Onc^l again you have turned in an oufe;; standing performance for {he March of Dimes. . . Mendocini county tops the entire state to dfd: arid it is unlikely that Los Angela, the only county that coiild,conceiv- ably do so, will exceed your total. - "I was amazed that such a total could be raised in a county Without large metropolitan centers jQf population and astonished '.that yoii were able to exceed your 1947 totalj by such a large margiii. Please accept my congratulations and thanks for a job well done.":^ Towns and communities cop- tributing to the drive and amounts turned in are as follows: i ' Willits; Mrs.. Don: Frey, ^ $4^72:«8„ Ukiah, Al Anton - 2727.00 Fort Bragg, J. Andreani „ 1680.78 Anderson Val., M. Perkins 1843.54 Leggett Val., Mrs. R. Justis 370.78 Covelo, Mrs. J. A. Longland 261.78 Potter Val., Mrs. E. Pickle 324.00 Redw. Val., Mrs. J. L. Smith 70.36 Hopland, J. F. Manning .... 120.42 Mendo. City, Dr. Whited_.. [ 111.96 Pt. Arena, Geo. Myland .... .166.87 Piercj^, Charles Kirk '288:4« Laytonville, E. EUiott 593.35 Contributions, rural areas.. 253.09 TOTAL .._'.$13,685.05 Hamilton Delivers March of Dimes Check Water; Sewer Bond$ Efection For Apr. The Ukiah City Council laid before a weU-Med Council , room Wedri^aaay evening the plans for the proposed .improvement i^d additions to the water distribution system of the city; the proposed additiohs to the sewage collectioa system awi additions-arid air Unpaid Taxes Now $29,895 Delinquency Oyer State Due to Higher- Assessments Highway Paliolman Fred Hamillon. cjiairman of the March of Dimes drive in this county, passes to. Aithur Schilder, presWent of the Mendocino County Chapter of the Infantile Paralysis Association, a check lot $6552.07, this county's share of the $I3,68S total collected in this county. Hamilton's $5 Club was responsible for a total of $5488 of the amount. UN BISHOP OF EM iHER DM Semi Spills Ix>ad OnBroglio Scales A semi load of lumber headed for San Diego upset Friday morning just north of the scales at the Broglio Service Station and skidded onto the scales where the load of lumber was dumped. The truck was the property of Edison Dye of San Diego, wlio was asleep in the cab when the accident occurred. His driver, whose name was not learned, was making his first trip over the route ^nd misjudged the turn in the road. Neither was hurt, although the back of the cab was" torn away where Mr. Dye was asleep. The accident .took place at 2:30 Friday morning and it was 1" o'clock that night before the leloading was completed. Worker Suicides Near Branscomb Irene Hamilton of 215 Norton avenue is back at work after being confined to bed for quite a while. Elmer Farley, of whom very little has been learned, shot himself to death on Tuesday night of last week near Branscomb. The body was found by W. A. Scott of Laytonville and turned over to the Anker Mortuary of Willits while Deputy Sheriff Al Reynolds of Covelo completed the investigation. Reynolds was substituting in the Laytonville district for Deputy Curtis HoUingsworth, who was ill. Farley is said to have a wife at Drain, Oregon, and other relatives whom authorities have tried to locate. Hiealdsburg Store Safe Burglarized Hammer yeggs who have operated so successfully in recent weeks in Solano, Marin, Napa and Sonoma counties are moving further north, using almost the identical technique that worked so successfully at a State street place of business in Uldah a couple of years ago. At Healdsburg early Tuesday morning they battered open a large office safe of the Rosenberg & Bush department store and escaped with $200. Not a big loss for the firm and chicken feed for the cracksmen, compared to some other rewards for their labors. That job was done by someone who was after money only, the report says, as a check of the store failed to show any merchandise missing.. This is a good time for local establishments to make a double check of their locks and bars before leaving for the night. Ukiah police blotter shows merchants have been very, very negligent in that particular. Noted Magician Comes To Hopland Hi School The student-body of the Hopland high school will present the wellknown magician, Ormond McGill, on IWonday evening, March 15, in his humorous program, Mfigic That Refreshes, at the high school gym, beginning at 8 o'clock. McGill's programs are much in demand for return engagements wii^rever he goes. In his personal appearances he brings an intellectual background, coupled v/ith an understanding of entertainment, which assures his audiences the finest in exhibitions of magic. Tickets are now on sale at the Hopland high school. OAKLAND "CHECKER" TAKEN Police Chief Lary Moore of Willits took Lenn Bryan into custody for Oakland authorities who wanted him on check charges and Deputy Sheriff Bill White brought him to the county iron-clad Tuesday. Loren Bishop, a native of Mendocino county and former Fort Bragg businessman, now manager of the. Wellman-Peck Company, wholesale grocers of Eureka, was urged to enter the race for congress from the Fiist district by the informal' Democratic conference held in Ukiah Sunday. The report says that progressive citizens throughout the First Congressional District, ret)resenting Democratic central committees, Granges, labor organizations and other interested groups, reviewed the congressional campaign picture and went on record, urging Bishop to enter the race. Bishop ' addressed the meeting, outlining his views, but withheld definite commitment as to his candidacy, it is said, pending a more thorough contact throughout the district. Butte, Humboldt, Marin, Mendocino and Sonoma counties were represented among Jhe 58 persons present, and'it is'' said that Colusa county sent a message pledging support of a Democratic candidate if one was chosen. Senator Drobish of Butte county, elected in a recent special election, was among those present and on the list of speakers. Bishop was backed imanimously by the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee and was pledged the support from all other counties represented. He calls himself a Roosevelt Democrat, in stating his convictions to th-: meeting. EXPERTS SPEAK i Ukiah Breakfast Club Sponsoring Town Hall Meeting . . The Ukiah Breakfast Club within the next few weeks, will sponsor a Town Hall meeting for the purpose of getting the citizens out en masse to learn from candidates for the city council their ideas on cer lin municipal matters which will be before them for action during the coming year. Maters on which the Breakfast Club hopes to have the voters informed are the bond issue, sale of the ball park, city health program and improving and modernl'dng the water system. Such a meeting Thursday, March 18, is Potter Valley Dairy Day, under the auspices of the Potter Valley Farm Center of which Ernest Moody is cliairman. The meetings will be held in the Community church, beginning in the morning at 10 o'clock and running until 3 o'clock in^the afternoon. The progt^rn consists of discussions on dairy breeding, feeding and management, irrigated pasture problems., weed control, mastitis and bloat control. Speakers will be G. E. Gordon, extension specialist in dairying; Dr. K. McKay, extension specialist in veterinary science; H. A. Anderson, commodity service department of the California Farm Bureau; R. D. Foote, farm advisor, and F. H. Taylor, assistant f?rm adviser. Lunch will be served by the Potter Valley Farm Center ladies, a potluck dinner with meat, bread and coffee furnished. Those attending should bring salads or desserts. A cordial invitation to attend is extended to all dairymen and others who are interested in the dairy industry. Three Injured In Weekend Wreck Enid Matilda Wickstrom of Redwood Valley and Fred Moynahan of Talmage received minor injuries Saturday night, and Moynahan was given a citation for reckless driving by Patrolman Arif Stultz. Out on the Boonville road, about eight miles west of the Redwood highway intersection, with both cars traveling west and headed west, Moynahan side.5wiped the Wickstrom coupe as he assayed to pass. The coupe went off the highway and was badly damaged. The accident took place at 11:4. McNcb Made President S. F. Improvement Club John L. McNab, San Francisco attorney and prominent in civic and political affairs, was elected president of the Civic League of Improvement Clubs at a special election, George W. Gerhard, sec- will serve also to get the voters retary, announced Monday. and the candidates acquainted. The time and the place for the meeting are yet to be selected Mr. and Mrs. Rex • Jahn will spend the week in San Francisco, having gone down Saturday. They will attend the national cleaners and dyers convention that is being held in San Francisco for the first time in several years. McNab succeeds James Leo Halley, recently appointed to the board of supervisors. Halley offered his resignation, saying that he was taking this action in compliance with the spirit and purpose of the by-laws of the organization. The executive board of the league accepted the resignation and tiie choice of McNab v/as unanimous. SACRAMENTO, March 10 — (WNS)—tJeiinquqent taxes for the flscal year 1946-47 increased somewhat over .that of the preceding year, but the increase was blamed to generally higher tax rates, and increased assessed values throughout , the state, the state board of 3qu^Iization announced today, Tlie delinquency ratip during the'fiscal year was 1.680 as compared to' 1.500 the preceding. 12 ..months, to fonn a 12% increase, the board said. In Mendocino county, taxes this year totaled $1,280,947 of which $29,895 was delinquent as compared' to •^taxes of $911,170 last year and a'delinquency of $6961, the Ijoard'raldi ' • Tax .collections in all counties of the state this year totaled $421,113,748 as compared to collections of $330,623,986 last year with the delinquency this year amounting to $7,073,878 and last'year $4,958,708. Little Alpine county collected 100% of its levy. Other rates raiiged frorti .155% in Amador county to 4.868% in Trinity, county. Friends Prompted Orr's Candidacy Fred Orr, candidat»5 for city councilman, is a home product in every sense of the word. He was born in this neighborhood, of pioneer stock who was here in 1860. In the beginning of the idea of trying for a seat on the city council it was his friends who promoted the thought and urged Mr. Orr to run. The idea finally "took" with him and he is now all for' it and promises that if elected he will ap.ply to the job of councilman tlie same energy that has made his ovvn business so successful. Mr. Orr is a member of the local Eagle lodge and a past master of the Masons. His business includes the Chrysler-Plymouth automobile agency and garage and the Ukiah Motor Sales & Auto Body Shop, Local Air Passenger .Traffic Now Up 107% Southwest Airways' January pasesnger traffic, although refl|ect- ing the seasonal decline common throughout the industry by falling ;5hort of the preceding month, showed an increase of 106 per cent over that of the same month last year. Air mail and air express carried also showed marked increases over last year January figures. Gains were 47 per cent and 180 per cent, respectively. More recently inaugurated air freight once again reflected the. steady monthly Increase enjoyed since its August 1 inception. A total of 31,901 pounds were transported over the Pacific Coast system as compared to August's 15,•443 pounds and December's 29,871, pounds. Karl Stitcher, Southwest's local station manager, reports that Ukiah January passenger traffic was an increase of 107 per cent over that of last February, initial month" of the station's operation. Air mail and express cUso showed increases. CALIFORNIA HAD INFLUENZA Influenza reached epidemic proportions during the month of January, the state department of health said today, with 5778 cases reported during the month as compared to 218 in January, 1947. Communicable diseases in January of this year totaled 20,697 cases, with cbickenpox ranking second. terations tp the sewage treatment plant, and bi-ought up for diiBCUssion the repfal "Of the ordinance passed for; the purpose of creating the present base- baAl' park, .to permit; the .sale of the land, the money from which would be, earmarked for,thp.cit3!,'s recreation grounds program." The improvement of the,water distribution, system wiU, bei^ estimated cost of .$257,000. aiid includes a 2,500,000-gallon reservoir, new 16-inch pipe line frpnl the pumping plant, a 16-inch main from the well on the'VJchy, Springs road to State street,- a • 12- inch main on South State .street and other minor changes through" out the system. . . .- -.T Such iniprovements would^meet' the fire underwriters' reqiiiremefits and provide maximum fire protection and reduce insurance, i^ates.';'''' A sewage system to serve ;tHe territory embraced in tlie noi^'- ern, southwestern and southeastern additions of the city will call for the addition of a collective system to serve the new :t0?rir tories and additions to the .present treatrtient plant. It is proposed to lay sewer-lines in the northern addition and con- ^ ne6t tiiein to the present system. In the southwestern and southeastern additions sewer lines will be Iaif''in.th6'enfir6'area'and con- • nected with the plant by a new outfall line,'beginning at.the xail- road on River road. The estimated cost of the northern addition sewer is $16,200; in the southeastern and southwestern additions $69,400 is the estimate. Revamping and enlarging the plant wUl' be made at an estimated cost of $63,296 and will add a 45,00,0-gallon clarifler, a chlorinating system, etc. In this undertaking, state assistance amounting to $36,000 can be had, provided the state health department standards are met. A survey by three real estate agencies has set a conservative value of $44,000 on tiie present ball parlt, but it expected the land will brjng much more than that price. An area approximately twice the size of the present ball park . is under option to the city near the municipal park,^ swimming pool and municipal clubhouse area which can be had for $11,000 and equipped for a ball park with adequate facilities at an approximate total cost of $44,400. The water and sewer improvements are 'contingent upon' a bond election in the future and the purpose of the Wednesday night discussion was to inform the people present, and arouse an interest out of which it is hoped will come a complete understanding by the people of what is required to be done to provide for the future growth of Ukiah. The entire matter, it is understood, will be publicized by the council to assist in this complete understanding, so the bond proposition can be included in the municipal election of April 13. Lane's Residence Badly Damaged The Ukiah Fire Department sent a truck to Calpella Sunday evening where the honie of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Lane was badly damaged in a fire of unknown origin. The Lane family was away from home anil the fire had gained considerable headway when discovered. Furniture, including the piano and radio, and the interior of the home, were badly burned. The house was a 3-room structure. The Ukiah and Redwood Valley departments responded to the alarm. Ed Cadd, Burton Thurston, Pete Carmichael, Clarence Mitchell and Floyd Ross accompanied the Ukiab, truck. O. E. S. SOJOURNERS NIGHT Monday night at the Masonic Teniple will be open house for sojourners with Mrs. Myrtle Eglin as chairman, in charge of a very attractive program, planned to provide a pleasant evening.

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