The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa on December 16, 1971 · Page 8
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The Sioux County Capital from Orange City, Iowa · Page 8

Orange City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1971
Page 8
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LEGAL NOTICES Municipal Utilities fit RlCONl Daniel L. Van Voorst, City Council Brink, Sheldon, _„ ,, n Chevrolet. Orange City Municipal Utilities DEEDS FILED urange * & r n ml Aj> , e Notebo0 metato Ger- mtor>a Kot«t aid R. Kelthley & wf Sits / The following ItaM. "•* the Orange City Municipal 4 2 , Blk 42, Orlg Plat, OC$1. schedu i ed for last; w«ek»« Cap ' Henry Kate fw« to Arthur Council Meeting November 4, 1971 monthly session the last The monthly bills The City Council met in regular with all members being present. The minutes of stated meeting were read and approved. •\n<\ reports were presented and approved. Resolutions accepting the report of the election judges and approving contracts and bonds for the purchase of fire equipment were adopted. Ordinance Number 562 pertaining to the operation of snowmobiles was adopted. On motion meeting adjourned. /s/ Robert M. Dunlqp, Mayor ATTEST:/s/ Don E. Schreur, City Clerk Council Meeting November 18, 1971 The City Council met in regular se*,! -monthly session ^^VlSs^^o^w^raSteTr use of the a,di- Sm was authorized for Saturday afternoon supervise the ment. On motion meeting adjourned. /s/ Robert M. Dunlop, Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur, City Clerk WARRANTS ISSUED NOVEMBER 1971 General Government Harry Van Wyk Jr., labor ..................... 74 ' go Henry A. Hubers, park labor ................... 12 51 La Vern Wichers, street labor ................. • g3 ' JO Joe' Helda, misc. labor ......... ........... 90 21 "5*70 H.C. Moret, Treas., bonds & interest ............ ' 35 00 H.C. Moret, treas. fee ....................... 173*08 John W. Ter Horst, park labor ................ • ^ g ' gQ Paul Do Leeuw, labor ...................... '94*91 Anthony Bomgaars, street labor ................. g ' 00 State Permit Board, beer permit ................ 34 ' QO Andrew W. Oordt, election exp ............... • • ' 00 Peter R. Wielenga, election exp ................. g4 ' 00 William Top, election exp ..................... g4 ' 00 A.J. Heemstra, election exp ................... 34*00" Anthony Hasselo, election exp .................. 5 ' QO William Faber, election exp ................... • • Andrew sorgdrager, park labor. . . . ............ % 11*70 Northwestern State Bank, federal w/h ............. °"« Treas. State of Iowa, state w/h ---- . . ---- • • ..... " • la. Employment Security Comm., social security ..... 559.43 la. Public Employees Retr. Sys.,IPERS ............ J4»." A & M Laundry, mop & towel service ............. °-'^ Auto Service Garage, equip, rep ................. • Bill's Sanitation, trash hauling .................. - QQ Robert Bonnecroy, refund ........... • ......... • Herman M. Brown Co., equip, rep ................ • Central Telephone Co., phone services ............ !*'•" Clint Cambier, sand, rock .................... 0 "*' Coast to Coast, supplies ................ • ..... • Robert M. Dunlop, office rent .................. ^.uu E.L. Graham Co., equip, rep ................... - • y's Radio & TV, radio malnt ................ ™- '= The Board of Trustees of the Orange . M ^ m Utilities met in regular monthly session with all members being present except Trustee Roy Vander Stoap, The minutes of the last stated meeting were read and approved. The monthly bills and reports were presented and approved. The Board approved employing the services of Beuttler Associated Architects to submit a plan for Improved office area in the City Hall. On motion meeting adjourned. /s/ Merlyn Kraal, Chairman ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur, Secretary Orange City Municipal Utilities November 23, 1971 The Board of Trustees of the Orange City Municipal Utilities met in special session with all members being Dresent Resolutions accepting Improvements and extensions to the MunlcVpal Utilities Water Rehabilitation project were adopted. On motion meeting adjourned. /s/ Merlyn Kraal, Chairman ATTEST: /s/ Don E. Schreur, Secretary WARRANTS ISSUED NOVEMBER 1971 Municipal Utilities 00 80 Postmaster, postage for billing 7g ' 00 Lu Ann Dykstra, misc. labor Vaifi'75 Sewer Rental Revenue Bond Fund, transfer 3316*75 H. C. Moret, Treas., interest 2*432*33 Payroll Account '.'',' ' ' ' 4 00 Clerk of District Court, line extension • J.™ Vogel Paint & Wax Co., misc. gen. exp 'g6QZO Northwestern State Bank, federal w/h -^ Treas State of Iowa, state w/h. • ajic'en I T owa Employment Security Comm. social security 646 68 Iowa Public Employees Retr.Sys.,IPERS... Wigman Company, additions & improvements, ^ ^ line extension • • Haarsma Brothers, misc. gen. exp... Coast to Coast, transportation exp. & g4 gg plant operation • ••• B ' 99 Farmers Coop Oil Assoc., transportation °.»» Sieg Company, plant' operation. ..... • Vogel Paint& Wax Co., Inc., plant operation 2*7*42 55 Midwest Culvert Co., misc. gen. exp. . *, Muni-Utilities, water, lite, sewer rental ' %a6 10 Light Fund, light & power. . °°°'i_ Auto Service Garage, transportation exp, Klay & Bastemeyer, misc. gen.exp.... . Henry Vande Berg, misc, gen. exp Bureau of Reclamation, purchased power, Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Doornlnk Agency, Insurance • Rons Deep Rock, truck expense Sioux Feed Co., plant operation E/RuUer & wf Pt Ls 7 & 8, Kats Addn, RV $1. Herman A, Oktenkamp A wf to Pierce De Jager L 9, Blk 23, OC $1. Lorenz A. Mouw, Extr to Wlllard Rowenhorst Pt L d, Blk 23. OC $1. Henry J. Klein &wf to James A. Klein Pt SW* & Pt BE* 27-95-43$!. Melvln J. Mouw & wf to Rodney J. Mouw Pt E| SW* 6-95-45 $3500. Roy Jager & wf to W. Dale Kraal & wf Pt L 5, Blk 3, Davidson's Adn, Hull $1. Sioux County, la to Mar- Pt Govt L 3 of 216.29 i.OO 18.32 10.00 Missouri Basin Municipal Power Agency, contract dues _'.:„ dues & agency Sioux Abstract Co., Inc., misc. gen. exp, 3.50 41.68 . 7.42 19.45 nn *• • 3.97 15.59 25.00 Harry Hyman's Constr. Co., rock William Faber, misc. exp Farmers Coop Oil Ass'n, gas & rep. . . . Farmers Feed & Sup. Co., street supplies Farmers Mutual Coop Ass'n, misc. exp. . .Uv-Shon Chevrolet, equip, rep Klay & Bastemever, legal services Muni-Utilities, lite, water, supplies Naplers, Inc., office supplies Northwest Implement Co., equip rep 0*17? Orange City Appliance Center, equip, rep ».'' Orange City Builders Sup., supplies 'j>«° O.C. Plumbing & Heating, repairs .'L~ Orange City Sanitation, trash hauling, Orange Motor Co., car malnt Joe Van Ommeren, relief policing '01 fiq Matt Parrott & Sons Co., office supplies "-°° Punt-Cambler Mtr. Co., asphalt, equip, rep ' ,'0-7 Servall Towel Sup., towel service Sleg Company, equip, rep Sioux Abstract Co., Inc., maps - - Sioux City Towel Service, towel service a - uu Don E. Schreur, zoning enforcement officer's fee & mtg. exp }l, r, Sioux County Capital, adv. proc. & claims Qo'=n Sioux County Recorder, recording fees «••>" Tolman Welding & Mfg., equip, rep "*•"* Tomann-Wagg Mfg. Co., signs QKR'RB Truesdell Oil Co., fuel oil 11 25 Vans Super Service, equip, rep ^ Harry Van Wyk Sr., misc. labor '/^I'^n Fehrs Tractor & Equip. Co., asphalt distributor 4 ' 2 M Bergan Welding Supply, supplies "J«* Russell's Ready Mix, sidewalk constr &J . e<s Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Doornlnk Agency, Insurance • ' 00 Ada De Koster agent, land purchase iiq 00 Cor. Van De Steeg, bond 101 26 Phillips Hlway Service, gas & rep 1222 Standard Parts Co., equip, rep J fi «£ fi Vogel Pnint & Glass Co., equip, rep. . . Visser Brothers, bldg. permit Rons Deep Rock, gas & tires Rons Motor Sales, gas & equip, rep. . . Russell's Ready Mix, bldg. maint. & rep £»».'» Orange City Plumbing, furnace & boiler rep <"°.°' Korver 5 & 10, tulips & misc. rep 6 98 Kreykes Hardware, tools . • • Woo Hubers-Van Engelenhoven Doornink, Insurance. ..... idb.w De Groot Elect. & Ref., boiler rep • , f*-\ aniiln rpn_ ......••••••••• '"•*' 18.48 & "'™ . '•« All-Wheel Drive Co., equip, rep, Iowa Public Service Co., gas. . . . 043*20 Haarsma Bros. Plbg., buildings & additions 943.20 Kepp Construction Co., Inc., _ 50 buildings & addition 1*959*23 Payroll Account •• ' '. 14*00 Sioux County Recorder, recording fee. '»•" Siemonsma Stump Removal, stump removal »«.« Herman M. Brown Co., equip, rep *• Sioux City Stationery Co., office supplies . g jj.« Sioux Co. Engineer, signs. . . . . . Tom Weeks, plans & spec, refund. Korver 5 & 10, misc. exp office supplies. O1UUA AUOlia^i. vv., *»^., • e> , 1C f7A Farmers Coop Oil Assoc., turn, fix & equip . »>. /u Russell's Ready Mix, line extension, dlstrib. sys... . . s ->°°"'*f The Sioux County Capital, misc. gen. exp »*.'» Tolman Welding & Mfg. Inc., line extension .8.24 Carlson Machine Co., plant equip, lines 167.85 Central Telephone Co., office supply & exp IUB.IO Standard Parts Co., transportation exp., buildings & plant Novelty Machine & Sup. Co., buildings & plant. . . , Hemco, Inc., buildings & plant O.C. Builders Supply, line extension, distribution sys., main an'on Valve & Primer Corp., buildings & plant ' Q ,]*nn McKesson Chemical Co., plant operation 936.ou De Jong Excavating, misc. gen. exp • ™«°|> Groen Plbg. & Htg., line extension 2, Punt-Cambler Motor Co., transportation exp <5U.°3 Pecaut equipment Co., line tools & equip 78.28 Northwest Implement Co., transportation exp 10.84 Thomas H. Weeks, misc. gen. exp •9.00 American Pamcor, Inc., line extension. . 00*00 J.I. Holcomb Mfg. Co., msc. gen. exp '*£'** Burmetster Electric Co., Inventory 304.aa A & M Laundry, Inc., misc. gen. exp. . i". 01 Dowzer Electric Co., line extension; ale Thorp Electric, maintenance °9-25 Northwest Tel-E-Lect, transportation exp '-.oi'fto Anderson Brass Company, inventory.. 437.63 Electric Materials Co., line extension ' ann Ad-Visor, misc. gen. exp 36 «°° Slbley Concrete Products Co., misc. gen. exp. & maintenance . • 531.43 Iowa Electric Sup. Co., line extension St. Lite Ext ' oA*nn Mrs. John Slickers, deposit refund zo.ou David Miller, deposit refund 20 «°° Iowa Commerce Commission franchise requirements XX Cherokee Bottling Co., Inc., misc. gen. exp 2.00 Visser Brothers, building^ & plant .21 Harry's Radio & TV, transportation exp 30.00 Griffin Pipe Products Co., distribution sys 46.32 Barco Municipal Products, Inc., maintenance 49.40 Alton Wells & Concrete Co., misc. gen. exp 231.08 Roggen & Ford, outside services 258,00 Orange City Plumbing, line extension, buildings & plant ™.°7 Orville De Jong, misc. gen. exp > 248.39 Donald Wichers, misc. gen. exp 33.75 Elmer Wlersma, misc. gen. exp 27.00 Dick De Vrles, misc. gen. exp 27.00 La Verne Wichers, misc. gen. exp. 9.63 Iowa Public Service, gas 17.31 All-Amerlcan Transport, Inc., plant operation 12.57 Marvin Faber, misc. gen. exp 258.00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., pumping & htg. West Branch 52.00 Treasurer, State of Iowa, sales tax o«o? De Jong Bros. (DX), transportation exp ^ Payroll Account. 8 2M!j Lu Ann Dykstra, misc. labor 79.01 Iowa Public Service, gas „« Jea Min La, deposit refund 20.00 Dale Clefisch, deposit refund 20,00 Payroll Account. 2,648,94 Ray Tilstra, deposit refund 20.00 Allen Roos, misc. gen, exp, , 102 .'K> Bus Company, misc, gen. exp,, 2,05 Dowzer Electric, line extension, , ,,,,,., 22.56 Bruce Visser, deposit refund , 20,00 Sioux Electric Cooperative Ass'n. pumping & htg. West Branch 173.70 Postmaster, office supply & exp 44.20 Postmaster, billing postage 93,28 Henry Heynan, misc. gen, exp. 46,00 Hubers-Van Englenhoven Ins., insurance,,,,...,.. 394,28 cella Long 18-96-47$!. Florence R. Mouw, wdw to Eleanor Schula Pt Ls 4 & 5, North Addn, OC $10. Florence R. Mouw, wdw to Eleanor Schula Apt Unit No. 1 & Garage Unit No. 1, Windmill Park Apt, OC $10. John Carl Ver Steeg etal to p Donald Mouw Ni Ls 1 & 2, Blk 21, OC $9250. Kent E. Sneller & wf to James A. Vos & wf L 4 & Pt L 1, Blk 2, Schoep's Addn, Soo Cen $16,700. Nwn College, OC to Arlo J. Nuemann, dba Sioux Vet Clinic Pt Blk 6. Vander Aarde's Addn, OC $1. Donald Raak etal to Hospers Telephone Exchange, Inc. Pt Ls 14 & 15, Blk 9, Hospers $1. Hospers Svgs Bk to Hospers Telephone Exchange, Inc. Pt Ls 14 & 15, Blk 9, Hospers $1. NEW CASES FILED Probate 9939 Emma Jacobs, deceased. Probate 9940 Malinda Marsh, deceased. Probate 9941 Adrian Vander Wilt, deceased. Probate 9942 Lubbert Noo- tenboom, deceased. DC 13934 Henry Schouten etal vs Lee Moret etal (Law). DC 13935 Far Mut Coop Assn vs Don Wielenga (Law). NEW AUTOS Otto Rowenhorst, Orange City, Oldsmobile. W. Martin Sneller, Sioux Center, Mercury. Clarence Huygens, Hospers, Ford. Ted Wpudstra, Hospers, Bulck. Daniel L. Ve'ldman, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Edward Foreman, Sioux ital but regretebly had to b* omitted because of lack of space. DEEDS FILED Oliver Harold Oroth & wf to St of la Govt L 2 of 23$ & dovt L 2 & SW-i SW| 24} all In 97-48 $12,200. Clara R. Hout, wdw, etal to Merle L. Van Roekel & wf L 1, Blk 2 of Tuttle's Subd of L 1, Rouwenhorst's Addn, Bydn $1000. Town of Hull, la to Town of Hull, la Pt L 4 in Aud Subd of Blks 31, 33, 34 A Hull St in SUbd of OL 2, Hull $1. John A. De Groot etal to Town of Hull Pt L 13; all Ls 1 & 2; & Pt L 3 In Aud Subd of Blks 31, 33, 34 & Hull St In Subd of OL 2, Hull $1. Gertie Mol, sgl, etal to John Mo & wf Pt Si SWi & Pt SWi SE^ 5-95-45 $30,000. Charles H. Sedgwlck & wf to Arthur Kallsen & wf L 4 & S| L 3, Blk p4, WTL Co»s 1st Addn, Hwdn $1. Myrtle Mae Wood & hs to James W. Jones & wf L 10 In Aud Subd & Rplt of Blk 8, Van Orman's Addn, Hwdn $4000. Helen P. Hennlng eral to Hazel J. Rundell Pt L 15, Blk 22, WTL Go's 2nd Addn, Hwdn $1. NEW CASES FILED The White House Conference on Aging Washington last week. It was attended by Here Congressman Wiley E. " points and progress of the < from Iowa's Sixth District. Discussions Rayburn room of the U. S. Capitol. The (left to right - seated): Mrs. John Schmidt Congressman Mayne, Mrs. Charles Wehb ' Standing: Mr. Paul Morris, Sioux city, Mrs.' fin, Dakota City, Mrs. Freda Bahcle, Marathon Kobes, Orange City. , ' Rev. verlng Mahlor anci ancl Van K», and l\ pent a couple 01 fell a pkoboJIforaChwehcSI ciling Course. " Probate 9933 Janet Marie Johnstone, Guardianship. Probate 9934 Erwln Lee Nibbelink Conservatorsip. Probate 9935 Wilhelmlna Colenbrander, Conservator- ship. Probate ,9936 Raymond D. Meengs, deceased. Probate 993.7 Herman K. Kleinwolterlnk, aka Herman K. Woltertnk, deceased. Probate 9938 Bertha Flanagan, deceased. DC 13930 First Fed, Rock Rapids vs Eugene Alvin & Eleanor Van Grouw Re: Pt L 9, Blk 1 in Subd of Pt Blk 25, East Addn, OC (Foreclosure). DC 13931 Hull Coop Gas & Oil Co vs Richard Anders (Law). DC 13932 Hull Coop Gas & Oil Co vs Gerrlt Ankers (Law). NEW AUTOS Gerald A. Dow, Hawarden, Ford. David S. Gearhart, Hawarden, Ford. Rev. Allison A. Hansen, Center, Volkswagen. Ben Fedders, Orange City, Hull, Chevrolet. Chevrolet. William Pollema, Royce C. Toenjes, Ireton, Chevrolet. Hull,. Chevrolet. Henry Visser, Hawarden, 25.00 20.00 44,20 37,00 Payroll Account, GENERAL GOVERNMENT RECEIPTS November 1971 Winter Construction, distribution sys,,, ,,. 32,554,91 Robert E, Schwesser Co., Interest 47 ' l0 io ™ Payroll Account. ,,,,,.....•••••••• t •••• RECEIPTS MUNICIPAL UTILITIES November 1971 852,97 General. . , Streets. . . . Sanitation. . Muni-Enter, Recreation. Road Use. . TOTA1 9221 15 9'617 § 25 185237 31,50 .».»•••»•••• ••• OQl'711 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::•&& Robert M. Dunlop Mayor Light, .,,.....•••' Water, .,,,,...<•< Sewer Rental, , ...... Sewer Rev, Bonds, .., Main Sewer........ . Meter Deposit,....... TOTAL. • . , ,,,,,..» , , 36,284.53 ,, , 9,513,12 . , , 4,397.50 , , , , 3,316,75 y.y,,,, 1,025,00 140,00 54,676.90 Merlyn Kra»l, Chairman ATTEST: Don E. Schreur City Clerk ATTEST: Don E, Schrewr, Secretary Elmer Houtkooper, Center, Chevrolet. John P. Van Wyk, Bulck. Peter Ver Mulm, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Marion W. Rozeboom, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Stanley Vander Ploeg, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Rev. A. Dykstra, Hull, Chevrolet. Marion L. Walters, Alton, Plymouth. Arlon J. Sandbulte, Sioux Center, Mercury. Louis Cuperus, Hull, Oldsmobile. Rev. G. H. Docter, Orange City, Ford. James R. Ellwanger, Gran- vllle, Ponitac. Peter E. Zwaagerman, Orange City, Bulck. Albert J. Vlnk, Rock Valley, Bulck. Peter P. Vis, Boyden, Ford. Gerrit B. Koerselman,Hull, Bulck. John Gammeren, Sioux Center, Plymouth. Charles Ranchau, Rock Valley, Ford. Marion G. Bonestroom, Hull, Chevrolet. Leonard E. Kaskie, Rock Valley, Ford. Elmer Vander Zwaag, Orange City, Ford. Northern la Telephone Co, Sioux Center, Mercury. Interstate s Elec & Eng, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. Howard Miller, Hudson, S. Dakota, Plymouth. Clarence Van Heukelom, Hospers, Ford. Lawrence BJoemendaal, Alton, Chevrolet. Frances Bloemendaal, Alton, Chevrolet, Lavern A, Schmidt, Ireton, Chevrolet, John Slderlus, Boyden, Chevrolet, NEW TRUCKS • Albert Moehlman, Chatsworth, Ford, Sioux Elec, Coop Assn, Orange City, International, Philip Van Gorp, Boyden, Ford, James Filarskl, Alton, Ford, Arlin D. Van Roekel, Sioux Center, Chevrolet. FNB, Sioux Center, Chevrolet, Severt Van Berkel, Sioux Center, Chevrolet, Sioux Feed Co., Sioux Center, Chevrolet, Tensen Impl Inc., Hull, Ford. John J, Kulper, Hospers, Chevrolet, Harry Kersbergan, Rock ' Valley, Ford. •* John Gammeren, Sioux Center, Plymouth, Sioux Buick. John M. Humme, Boyden, Hull, Chevrolet. Herbert M. Peck, Hawarden, Pontlac. Stanley Yates, Ireton, Ford. Foreman Service, Alton, Volkswagen. Arthur D. De Goei, Orange City, Pontiac. NEW TRUCKS Herman Van Eldik, Rock Valley, Dodge. B & L Plbg & Htg, Hull, Chevrolet. Mrs. Sam Jager was honored by the 500 Club at the home of Martha Jahn with a gift for her .50th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Evers of Dakota City spent Sunday at the Irene Cose home and took their mother Mrs. Otto Evers back to her home in Denison. Mr. and Mrs. George Conrad of Scotland, S.D. spent the week-end In the Dennis Conrad home, Mr. and Mrs. Al De Jager report the birth of a great grandson, Lon James, to Mr. and Mrs. James Van Maasdam of Lafyette, Minn, on Dec. 9. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Aalberts and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Clever Inga of Alton attended church services here Sunday evening and were guests in the .Jake Foreman home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Faber of Orange City attended church services and were guests in the Bill Bleeker home In the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mast of Forest Grove, Mich., returned to their home Sat,, after spending a couple of weeks in the Rev. Van Koeverlng home. Mr, and Mrs. Peter Steggerda and five sons have moved into town in the former Kruid home. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dykshorn of Sioux Center attended church services here and visited in the Arlin Kuiken home, Robert Dekker, Ireton, International. Bernand A. De Jong, Orange City, Ford. The Maurice Women'sCtel presented a Christmas m,I gram •A the Heritage fl in Orangp City. EmlleeDA,! stra, JoEllen Bleeker, Kil Vlleger and CindyRulschsui for them. The Club then nil turned to the Maurice «ta(| for their business and lunch. Harriet and Clara Schat were'til tesses. The Donald Van family spent the week-eniili. the Bryce Hendrlks tamH Johnston, la. and calledal|| Rev. Harvard Krulzenpfc in Des Molnes. The Sr. RCYF and I sponsors plan to go to S City Thurs. and wlththeyi people from MorntngsWe? Church distribute gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Harold JiS and Charlotte were In S City Sunday, They took Inft| Christmas service at Paul's Lutheren Church idl were dinner guests intheGU|| Grohs home. Mrs . Gordon Van and Brenda of Ireton spe Tuesday visiting In theh of Mrs. Ed. Van Gelder, Mr. and Mrs. BillVanColJ Jr. entertained on Sundayil;| ternoon in honor of daughter, Brenda, who cell brated her birthday Dec, 1! Guests were Mrs, Will Van Crop, Sr., Mr. and H Butch Vander LaanandCat* and Mr. and Mrs. Bud Van " Laan and family. Mr. and Mrs, \Vm. Gorp, Jr. and Mrs. W Gorp, Sr. were guests ln« home of Mr. and Mrs,"" Leu on Sat. evening I deer supper and also toe ' brate the birthday of 1 Leu. Sweet Gifts Help Solve Christmas Shopping Every Christmas list has a few exceptional friends and relatives to add to the holiday shopping woes. They're the folks who have everything — or just extra special people who deserve more than money can buy. To solve the dilemma, Ann MacGregor, chief home economist for Amana Refrigeration, Inc., sends along recipe ideas for homemade treats which can be prepared in advance and placed in usable containers, such as antique fruit jars, canisters, apothecary jars, plastic containers or candy dishes. "Super Sundae Topping" in a decorative jar will delight grandpa's sweet tooth and provide just the right touch for many desserts. "Caramel Peanut Puffs", a delicious mixture of caramels, marshmallow and peanuts, can provide the perfect entree to Aunt Martha's open house when they arrive bedecked on a holiday platter. To make the season even more merry are "Cinnamon Sugar Nuts" and "Popcorn Peanut Bate" which, festively wrapped, provide the ideal gift for mailing to a faraway friend. Recipes are adaptable for use in Amana's Radarange® Microwave Oven, which cuts cooking time up to 75%, or for use in the conventional oven. Microwave cooking also means minimal clean-up time since glass, paper and plastic cookware replace pots and pans. Caramel Peanut Puffs 1 pkg. (14 oz.) caramels 3 Tbsp. water ' 30 marshmallows V/ 2 cups chopped peanuts In a sauce dish, melt caramels with water in Radarange oven 2% to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Dip marshmallows in carmel syrup, using toothpicks and rolling to coat completely. Roll in chopped nuts and place on waxed paper. Let dry at room temperature. If the syrup gets thick, stir in % tsp. water and reheat in Radarange 30 seconds. Yield: 30 pieces. In conventional cooking, melt caramels In double boiler for approximate- ly 10 minutes over medium heat. Complete recipe as above. Popcorn Peanut Bars 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup light corn syrup !/ 2 cup peanut butter !/ 2 tsp. vanilla , 3 cups popped popcorn 1 cup salted Spanish peanuts Combine sugar and corn syrup in a sauce dish suitable for use in the Radarange oven. Heat to a full boil in the Ra- darange, about 2 to 2% min : utes. Stir in peanut butter and vanilla until smooth. Pour over popcorn mixed with peanuts; stir to coat all particles. Pat firmly into a buttered 8-inch square pan. Cool and cut into 2-inch squares. Yield: 16 2-inch squares. In conventional cooking, bring sugar and corn syrup to a boil over medium high heat, approximately 10 minutes. Complete recipe as above. Super Sundae Topping 3 cups quick oatmeal, uncooked % ou firmly-packed brown mix until darange f or ^" noll5 j every mmute. Cool then toss 1'gW'yT-- to form crumby S nuts. Store ma cov refrigerator, or, storage, freeze, before using. « ,j for sundaes, v ., lA other desserts. In conventional !/2 cup butter or margarine, melted 1 can (6/2 oz -> salted peanuts Melt butter in a XO-inch ceramic dish for 1 minute in Ra- darange oven. Add oatmeal and brown sugar to butter; above. Cinnamon ./ 4 cup granulated i/* tsp. cinnamon '2 Tbsp. butter 2 cups pecan or halves Mix sugar set aside. B* inch ceramic range oven f< nuts, ti ' every »™ : n su g 8 r skillet, stir » »».., namon mixture. Spread nuts in cool. When cool. Yield: 2 cups cooking, dish in 32. toast for sugar ana c. coating nuts, as above. 8--THE SIOUX COUNTY CAPITAL, Thursday, December 16, 1971

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