Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 11, 1957 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Thursday, July 11, 1957
Page 5
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FBI Files in CI i By RELMAN MORIN KNOXVILLE, Tenn. <*) - De- iense attorneys in the Clinton segregation trial were battling today ^or complete access to the formerly secret FBI files. They dfr 'manded to see exactly what they contain regarding the 16 accused men and women. * "We are going to try for every^ thing we can get," a lawyer said, The defense already has ob talned one document from the FBI file — a signed statement by JRobert V G. Grossno, chairman of the Anderson County (Clinton) School Board. But it has not seen a summacy of the agents' reports on the violence at Clinton. This document is in the hands of'U.S. Dist. Judge Robert L. Taylor, who was withheld a ruling on whether defense attorneys are.en­ titled to examine the report, The FBI entered the Clinton >case last December after 1 riots had broken out over enrolling Negroes in the high school there. A Baptist minister, the Rev. Paul Turner, was beaten for escorting six Negroes to the schooljiouse. On trial today are 15 Tennes- seans, including a pregnant housewife. The 16th defendant is dark- haired John Kasper, New. Jersey segregation leader They are accused of flouting a federal injunction not to interfere with integrating the high school. It is the first state-supported high school in Tennessee to mix the races. A dramatic courtroom battle — with a dozen opposing attorneys on their feet at the same time —developed when the defense demanded to see the FBI files-! "We should have it now so we can prepare our case and not be forced to wait until we are.sand­ bagged," said J. Benjamin Simmons, of Washington, D.C., who represents Kasper alone. "The defense asks for the records for the purpose of preparing for cross - examination." said | George W. Williams of Baltimore, I former federal district judge. "They only want the file so they -can intimidate our witnesses," rumbled big-shouldered John C. Crawford, the U.S. district attorney who is prosecuting the case. That brought a greater storm of protest and objections from the defense side of the courtroom."Gentlemen — gentlemen —please," Taylor snapped. He quickly restored order. Then he Instructed Crawford to hand over the one document, Crossno's signed statement. The basis for the angry dispute was a recent Supreme Court ruling that defendants in a ,' criminal case are entitled, under certain circumstances, to study FBT files to impeach a witness i *n6 to prepare a defense. . Defense lawyers did not disclose what Crossno's statement- said. They indicated, however, that the* defense would demand full access to the FBI file on the government's key. witnesses*. Crawford opened his^ case by calling Byron Pope, clerk in the federal court. Pope read into the record documents relating to the arrest of Kasper. Times Herald, Carroll, Iowa Thursday, July 11, 1957 Synod Sessions Closed at Ames Carroll Presbyterians attending sessions of the Synod of Iowa, Synodical Society, and S y n b d Westminster Fellowships at Iowa State College, Ames, this week, will return Thursday evening. The Rev. Walter E. Schiel, pas- Academy at StPO ilGN C . rAs lf.tlil^eeways aren't enough of a challenge to motorists, this sign confronts them N at the corner of Pearl and Gordon Streets, In downtown Pomona, Calif. Tommy Bromley one of the smaller residents of Pomona scratches his head over the sign. But yoyng Tommy isn't really as confused as the drivers who pass this corner. He can't spell, either. Simulated Enemy Attack Qn City in Iowa Scheduled icers DES MOINES m - An Iowa, Military' Academy will be established at nearby Camp Dodge to train national guardsmen to become commissioned officers, Maj. Gen. Fre"d C. Tandy, Iowa adjutant general, said Thursday. Sixty guardsmen from through- tor of the Carroll Presbyterian | out the state, ranging from pri- Church, has been in attendance j vales to warrant officers, have for the duration beginning with a'^ n selected for the training Convocation on Christian Educa-i Those , who qualify m academic tion Sunday and Monday at which i and leadership Dualities will be he presented plans for a $2,000,000 capital funds campaign for Presbyterian institutions of higher learning in Iowa. commissioned second lieutenants. The course will include course will include two weeks of training beginning July '. 28, eight weekends of work be- Mrs. Lester Heinen of Halbur.! tween tnen and next summer, and one week of training next summer. Maj. E. P. Berner, operations and training officer for the Iowa National Guard, said the academy vice chairman of the Carroll Presbyterian Women's Organization; Mrs. Robert F. Barels, past chairman; and Mrs. Robert, C. Sorenson. secretary of the Ft. j work for guardsmen was begun Dodge Presbyterial, attended sessions of the Synodical Tuesday. SEGREGATION TRIAL CONTINUES . . . W. T. Dabney of Clinton. Tenn., a witness In the Clinton spgrpRntlon trial In Knoxvllle. Tenn., stops to chat with two of the 15 Anderson county defendants. With hfm are Raymond Wood, 35, of Clinton and Clifford Carter, 33, of Hciskcll.Tpnn. (NEA Tplcpholo) by the State of Massachusetts inj 1913. I Norman Erbe, Iowa attorney general. Others on the staff are 1st Us. Mayrose, Atlantic; DES MOINES Iff) - Some time between 10 a.m. and noon Friday one of nine Iowa cities will be the "victim" of a simulated enemy attack by nuclear bombs and missiles, State Civil Defense headqar- ters said Wednesday. It will be a part of "Operation Alert," as conducted by the Federal Civil Defense Administration More than 100 cities in the nation Young people returning today! Last year the National Guard after four days at Synod Fellow-j Bureau in Washington took up the, ship meetings are Barbara' plan and now has it in operation ] Leonard A. Brown, chairman of the Commission on Christian Witness for the South Half of the Ft. Dodge Pres- - bytery; Becky Barels, Judy Cru-j state. i Grove chelow, Sarah Huffman, Sara! Commandant of the school will; A second class of about HO men' Dallas Postmen Like Muzzles for Pooches St. Paul Groups Fete Caravaners Members df the congregation,*©! St. Paul Lutheran: Church joh)«td with the Walther League,in .a bo* supper Wednesday night in church basement for three mem* bers of a youth caravan who hav| been conducting services in Car* roll since "Monday. . The three caravaners are Doa Mossman of Melville, Saak.,, Can* ada; Ingrid Schlange of Arasa, Calif.; and Beverly Richardson of Spokane, Wash. Supper was served under auspices of the Walther League. Erie Andreasen, president. Members of the congregation then joined in a presentation of the five-fold Walther League program including a recreation period. ' The evening concluded with » candlelight meditation service in the sactuary undet auspices of the Walther League. John Mobley prepared and led the meditation; Donna Berndt led in prayer; and Roger Kaspersen read the scripture lesson. Hymns selected by the group were sung without accompaniment. A picnic for caravan members will be given by the Walther League Thursday night in' Northwest City Park. in 34 states'.' This will "be"the'"first! Harry M. Willits, Le Mars; Nor-i DALLAS Wl—Postal officials say ] time in Iowa National Guard his-> an L ; Annan, Clarinda. and S<jt. the city's leash law has really j tory for such a program in this j Jj^; vf , Ken " eth R Lester ' Ea 8 le : helped muzzle unfriendly pooches. j MISSED SIGNING ' Regional Postal Safety Director! Jonn Adams " and . Thomas.. Jef- Robb, JoAnn Schoenjahn, L o a be Brig. Gen. Gerald Du Bois, ad- j will go into the academy next sum- Harold Packard said postmen re wmW 'subjectt^ Jan White and Berlha An at ™,u' . 4 . 'trip will be Rev. Schiel and Max When we receive notice "f, Huffman of Glldden. which one of the cities has been . ministralive assistant in the Ad- neberg. Drivers for the return | jutant's office. Maj. Berner will be assistant commandant. The instructional staff will include Maj. mer. Additional groups will be giv- ported eight dog bites in en training each year. The pro- compared to 24 in the same month gram will be on the same basis as| last year before the leash law be- that for the first class. i came effective. jferson, both signers of the Dec- j laration of Independence, did not June,! sign the Constitution in 1787 because Adams was in England'and- Jefferson in France as ' United States ministers. Finds Sum of Cosh Taken to Cleaners CHARLOTTE, N. C .V -John E. David took police to the cleaners- looking for his pants. . David mistakenly left $619.60 in the pants' pocket. Officers found the money hidden in a boiler room ef the cleaning plant. Police,' all steamed up, are ready to press charges against the culprit who stashed the money away. Eddie We vers of Van Nuys, Calif., Arrive at Ralston (Time* Hemld »ws Service) RALSTON - Mr. and Mrs. Eddie "Wever of Van Nuys, Calif., came Monday for a visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Wever, here and with her relatives in Coon Rapids. Mary Nesbitt of Sioux City spent the weekend in the home of her mother, Mrs. Etta Nesbitt.' Jean Jubell of Des Moines visited Saturday night and Sunday in the home of her parents,-Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jubell. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hewitt were Des Moines visitors Monday in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nemmers, and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Kreger, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Copenhaver and daughter, Mrs. Barbara Pickering and Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Copenhaver were Monday. evening supper guests in the J. A. Tranter home, complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Copenhaver. The Ralston - Maple Grove WSWS met Tuesday afternoon in the Community building with Fleta Jubell and Edith Tranter as hostesses. The meeting was turned 'over to the leader, "Mrs. Etta Nesbitt, The topic, "Women United to Serve," was presented* by five members on five subjects, "Who," "What," "Why," '^When'* and "Where.' Who was given by the leader; what by Ruby Silbaugh; why by Dottie Cook, 'when by Clara Brown and where by Hazel Hunt. The meeting closed with prayer by Rev. Jones. The next meeting is to be held August 13 with Grace Tuttle and Augusta Burdine as hostesses. Mrs. Grace Tuttle: was hostess Tuesday afternoon' to the * Coon Rapids Rural Garden Club at the Star Church. Attending from Ralston were Mesdames Grace Tuttle, Grace Kreger and Edith Tranter. Under an international treaty, the catch of whales by all countries of the world is now limited. And the quotas have been de- creaslng in recent years., 'attacked' it will set in motion an example of what can be done in case of the real thing," said C. E. "Ben" Fowler, state director. He said Davenport is listed as a "critical target area." Cities in the "target area" classification are Burlington, Dubuque, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Sioux City, and Council Bluffs. Ottumwa has been listed as a "possible target area." Fowler explained that each of the cities has been sent letters, to be opened at 10 a.m. Friday, by civil defense leaders. No one knows now which of the cities will be "hit." % "The director in the city 'at- j tacked' will call the state headquarters immediately for help," Fowler said in relating the procedure to be followed. He added: "We will evaluate the 'damage,' and if we can handle it on the state level we will do so. Otherwise, we will ask our federal headquarters for 'disaster designation' and for help. "It might be financial, 'medical, or we might ask for authority to draw medical and hospital and engineering supplies from the Federal Civil Defense Administration j at Hampton. "There is eight million dollars worth of equipment and supplies in the warehouse. It includes seven 200-bed portable hospitals, medical supplies such as antibiotics and serums, and engineering items such as generators and-water pipe to carry water 20 miles." Fowler sard various state and federal agency representatives would be in his office to help in directing "assistance." Also, he could commandeer all of the supplies in all of the drug outlets in the state. Fowler said. He added that he has invited! 2,350 ham radio operators to assist in the exercise. Fowler said the cities.other than the one "hit" will be declared "support areas." He explained that Sioux City and Council Bluffs might help Omaha, and Dubuque, Davenport and Burlington might go to the assistance of Chicago. Another part of the exercise calls for tests at 10 a.m. Friday of the air-raid warning systems in all of the 99 county seat towns. Reports from them on their tests will be due in Fowler's office next Monday. FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 25 MILES We Hove Oyer 100 of These Units to Sell • and-Timt Is Short... So Let's Deal! Freezers-Refrigerators and Dual Temps $150 for Your Old Refrigerator Toward Any New , ADMIRAL DUAL TEMP ALL SIZ1S — ALL STYLES IN STOCK ' Best Trades in Town on Our Complete Line of Refrigerators FREEZER SALE feu. ft. UPRIGHT • ^ ilAO Q5 Rtiular S1I9.95 —j . .f • $'^- T * . U eii. H. UPRIGHT tlQO R«»i»Ur 1229.95 lip.* 14 cu. ft. UPRIGHT PUOulir $359.9$ II ew, ft. UPRIGHT Rtgufer $359,95 .... 17 ey, ft, CHUT. R.tul.r $349.95 -1 20 cu. ft. CHI8T P^«u1*r S4ft,?S $269,95 1 $ IASY PAYMfNTS DUI 9513 S P Q RfR E R\ S ;•• APPMANqis till 1 •* %*, .«* fi\ )F\ 4 M. •01 talinpr Av«; HURRY Takt .Advantage of Thtit SPMUI LOW Prlets NOWI Choeit WhiU All Mod«ls Art in Stock Sal* Positively Indt July 31 RE-UNION Tomato Juice 46-ox. Can Open Every Nite For Your Shopping Convenience CAKE MIX DUNCAN HINES Spice White Marble 4' • 1 00 U.S. CHOICE GRADED BEEF CHUCK Peaches*35c ROAST All Well Trimmed Blade Cuts Lb. For Lemonade or Puddings Lemons -35c Red or White PotatoesB9c CHOCOLATE SYRUP HERSHEY'S 2 Bis I6-01. Cans 35c Coconut TENDERSHRED Big Cello Lb, Bag 39c each FLOUR GOLD MEDAL 45c Salmon HUMPTY-DUMPTY Tall 16-ox. Can each 45c CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS A i. Lb. 59c CUBE STEAK ^ Lb. 59c WIENERS ^ 21/2 -lb. Bag 89c SLICED BACON * i Lb. 47c SMOKED HAM BUTT PORTION 45c SUMMER SAUSAGE Lb. 39c ALL MEAT MINCED HAM 39c BUTTER-NUT, FOLGER'S, HILl'S Drip or Regular Lb. 89c Del Monte 14-ox. Bot. 15c SUNSHINE 3*1 PAX CRACKERS BRIQUETS Stilwell Frozen STRAWBERRIES 10-ox. Pkg. 15c CHARCOAL MAYTIME BEETS RE-UNION Pork & Beans 3 79c ^25c } & 25c FROZEN Orange Juice ADAMS c .M0c PRICES BFFBVTIVI THURS., FRI. AND SAT, — JULY 1M2-13 Enjoy a Free Cool Drink While Shopping Friday and Saturday iSI-r — 6 Cola 1 39c «• 1 t < ( O' \ O vi 1 ( \ 1 \ . , (Plus Dtpoilt)

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