The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 3
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t MK H.K)*L' HLICA N, A Lt}ON A, IO U A. W KI >N KSI> A V, APKIlY 8. 1 ' "Not How Cheap, but How Good" ia Is the Principle Applied to ^•hk. * a"-.,, , 0 ^» ii £ {/^r Specialties! j. WHITE PEAK FLOUR. DIAMOND BRAND COFFEE. BATAYIA PRESERVED FRUITS. LION AND GOLDEN CANNED GOODS. PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR AND VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP. o —eo—o q^The above Goods are the BEST ON THE MARKET and guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded. -PATTERSON & SON. MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props. We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work clone on short notice. MOWERS AND BINDERS OF ALL KINDS REPAIRED. Wo are bore to stay. Shop oast of Ruthnrford House. orders promptly attended. MULLICA & OHNSTEDT, A Igona, Iowa. "T7T7"E can sell you a nice new five-drawer Sewing Ma chine at $20, a still better one at $25, so it is not nec essary to send your money east to get a machine that when you get you will never know at what factory it is made, and when you should need repairs you may not be able to get them. It, also, is not necessary to think about the freight, for— W1NKEL PA Y8 THE FREIGHT. J. IB. "W Notary Public.. Agent. Manages Farms for Non-Residents, The Bancroft Insurance Agency, J. A. FRECH, Proprietor. Is always on deck with 12 good Companies to do all, kinds of Fire, Lightning, Tornado, Life, Accident, Plate Glass, and Hail Insurance. The strongest agency in Kossuth county. The most easy and liberal terms. Correspondence solicited. Will write Insurance anywhere in Kossuth county. The Sulky Plow PLOW PLOWS, Strong, durable, easy to work. If your agent does not keep it write us. GALE MFG. CO., Albion, Midi. All kinds of Plows. Harrows, Rakes, Cultivators and Planters. ORIGINS NOTICE. In the District Court of Iowa, In and for Kossutli County, May Term. 1808. rM. fteulions. plulntllf. vs. Fred Buorka, .Mary Huerka and John Dunn, defendants. i/, To Fred Buarka and Mary Huerka. clefen- ^aants: You are hereby uotliled that a petition In now on (lie In tlio oHIceof the clerk of the District Opart of the State of Jowa in uncl for Kossiith uoimty, claiming' of you seven lunulrim dollars [8700,00] us money justly due. with Interest at 8 pop cent, per annum from the first c}ay of February. A. D. J80H. with attorney fee and costs, on two cetv tain promissory notes of two hundred and flighty dollarsl*28o 00] each, dated May 5th, 1804, dues December 1st, 1894, and December 1st, 101*3. respoutlvuly; also the foreclosure flf a I'tsrttiin mortgntre (jiven to secure said notes i/n (ho jiortji 1ml t of the northwest quarter, and the northwest quarter of the northeast (luarU-r. all In suction Twunty- three township ninety-nine range twenty- seven, west of r.ho 5th p. m., claiming also general equitable relief, no personal judjj- jwenf boink asked u^alnst Mary liuorku. And, you uppuur thereto and defend *. before noon of tbo necpnd d«y of tlu> nost *. tjipn). boiiiff tlie M»y term of said, court, rok'h will commence at AIfrpmu Ipwa. May ",A. |>. Will, default will beenterort ayuinst and jijdg-mont mid diorco rendered !Uereo.n »> provided by IHW. Baled thi* Hth d:iy of MtmOi. A. 1). 18QO. E. Y. SWKTTING, 23-5* Plaintiff'* Attorney. 98-39. Sale to comnionco at thn hour of 3 o'clock, p, in., of said day. Witness my hand this 30 day of March. 1890. 0. C. SAMSON, Sheriff, Kossuth County, Iowa, SHERIFF'S SALE, Notice Is hereby given, that by virtue of special execution, to mo directed by tlie clerk of tlio District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods chattels, lands, tenements, etc., (if G. W. Skinner aj;d Win, Harsh defendants, in favor of Joseph Kra'dt plaintiff, T will od'er at pub•'Uc sale, to the highest and best bidder, for .cash, at the door of the Phoenix House, in tfie.tovvii of Bancroft, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the tlth day of April 1890, between the hours of 9 o'clock, a. m. and 4 S'cJocU p. i»., on said duy, all of said G. W, Skinner and Win. llarsh's right, title tjnd interest iu and to tlio following described personal property situated In Ko»- fcuth county, towit: Fpur stacks of flax ' yjated on n'lif se qr 3:2, about 33 bushels of joshed flax located on the u hi se qr of ', i4 stacks of hay loca^d qu the u\y or "~, about ir> ftcro^ of corn all}« twp No. NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT, Notice is hereby arivon thatW. J. Lung did on tho 28th day of Keb. A. D. 180«. convey to me as assignee, for the benefit of his credit? ors, all of his stock of saddlery and harness goods, controlled by MiJton Walters In his store room on Stato St, Algona, Iowa, and that I now have possession of said stock as assignee, All persons having claims against W. J. Lang will present them to me for allowance, as is provided by statute in such cases, within 00 days from tho date hereof. B. VV. HAQO4UD, Assignee. QEO. R, CLOUU. Attorney. t28 WATER QB W PAT, Artesian well contractor. J liavg the only. cable steam drilling maphiue owned In the county; sink wells for water supply for towns, cities and railroads. Special attention to farm we)l work. UJstiinates . made. I employ only expert drillers. Address. 4- F. DAIJ.EV, ALGO^A. J OW A SALESMEN WANTED. Pushing, trustworthy meu to represent us in the sale of our Choice Nursery Stock. Specialties controlled by us. Highest salary and commission paid weekly. Steady employmewt the year round. Outfit free; exclusive territory; experience not necessary; big pay assured workers; special inducements to beginners. Write at once for particulars to 36-39 -EN NURSERY CO., ROCHESTER, N« Y, Consuiaptlon, LaGrlpra, Pneuinonift, and ftll Throat and kung are cm-- e4 by Siilob's Cure. 1 Sold bj Fraufe ilchrist Says FiivoHt<> IJeiiietly Ncvor Falls la Rheumatism And Kidney Complaints. Ur. W. T. UilehrHt. druggist,, of Wati- l«)ii, Iowa, said, in speaking of Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Kerned y of Handout, M. Y.: ''II; never falls tho directions arc. followed when taken for Icidnoy disease, livorand urinary troubles. 1 *, rhc.n- matlsin and dyspepsia. DR, DAYID KENNEDY'S FAVORITE REMEDY is also a sped lie for tlm sickness peculiar l.o women, it builds up and pnrilies the blood, and restores tho glow of health to pule, and sallow ('.hecks'." Hundreds of men imd women with that, "run down" condition, unable to work, have, recovered lioalth and strength through this renuirkanle. remedy. It pnr- ilie.s t.iio. blood, stirs tho liver and kidney?' to a. healthy action. In wises of rheumatism, kidney, liver and urinary troubles,!t is a well known spr-ci'-c. For sale by l)u. L. A. MIIKKTX, Pharmacist. Aljrona. at one dollar a bottle or six bcttles for live dollars. —april. BY STANLEY J. WEYMAN. Is an Exciting Story of Adventure in France during the MASSACRE OF ® ST. BARTHOLOMEW. IF YOU WANT TO READ A FIRST-CLASS STORY. BE SURE AND READ IT. AIK! She Believed Him. She—I don't see why you keep on paying 1 15 cents for cigars when you can get one just as pretty for five cents. He—I know they are just as pretty, but those five-cent ones are cigars that have soured. • You wouln't buy soured fruit just because it was cheaper, would'you?—Indianapolis Journal. Not a Man-Milliner. "I could forgive my husband for his ill-treatment of me," moaned the bruised and beuten wife; "I would say nothing about this awful bump he has raised on my head—but — but—he hasn't got the bump on straight," and, sobbing as if her heart would break, she made application for divorce.—Judge. The 1'ln-de-Sieole Way. There was a Klrl In our town And she was wondrous wise; She kissed a man with a week-old beard And scratched out both her eyes. And when she saw her eyes were out, It gave her no great pain; She went and looked for another man To scratch them In again. —San Francisco Wasp. A Harder Question. Customer — How is it that you charge 99 cents 1'or these goods '? Clerk— Instead of a dollar? Why, madam — Customer — Instead of 89 cents, young man; the same as everybody else charges! — Puck. Ills Uiiptirdouuble Sin. Jeems — Why, don't you like Frank" leigh? He's the sort of a fellow that will never tell a lie about you. Peems — That's just it. He always tells the truth about me. — Town Topics, A. Good Definition. Johnnie Chaffic — What is a senatorial courtesy? Mr. ChniHe-rWeJl, it means scratch the back of njy postmaster and I'll fickle your collector of customs with a feather.— Texas Sifter. Getting Even. Mrs, Youngwife (to handsome girl jipiil her husband is rather fond of)— What do you suppose makes Charlie so fond of me lately? Miss Sharpe — • Absent-mindedness perhaps.-— Truth, Course. ^ Hoax— I understand you ran away to when .you were a boy? I started to; but my fa- caught me, and I we»t on a whaling expedition, with him} — Chester Bemocrat. MANY DELEGATES PRESENT. I grjMMARY OF THE WEEK'S HEWS : itei>tib!ican College Club* In Session at ClilcttffO. CHICAGO, April 4.—At the meeting of the American Republican Collego league, there were 200 delegates present, Representing 60 colleges. President Vaughan from the University of Chi* cago called the meeting to order. Alexander H. Revell of Chicago made the address of welcome, which was responded to by J. H. Fryo of Princeton college. An address to the league in general was then made by Senator Thurston of Nebraska. He said that as he was a delegate to the Republican national convention, it would hardly be proper for him to say who lie thought the presidential standard- bearer for the party would be. He was assured, however, he said, that the standard learer, whoever he might be, Would be victorious. Senator Thurston was loudly applauded by tho college yells of the Various institutions represented. The election of officers resulted as follows: James M. Perkins of Harvard law school, president; A. J. Weaver, Nebraska, vice president, and W. S. Harris, Princeton, secretary. Minneapolis was unanimously chosen as the place for holding the • next convention. MAY BE SOLD BUT NOT MADE. Sill Allowing Miuiuf icture of I/lquor Knocked Out by the low:i Semite. DBS MOINES, la., April 3. -The mulct law won a decisive victory during the day in the senate, tho liquor manufacturing bill being defeated by a vote of 22 yeas to 27 nays, with one absentee. Following as this does the defeat of the question of resubinission a few weeks ago the vote practically settles the prohibition figM in this state. Iowa will, therefore, still have the curious anomaly of a law which permits liquor to be sold in this state, but forbids its manufacture therein. The debate on the bill consumed all day in the senate and, when it came to a vote, it lacked four of a constitutional majority. GREAT INCREASE IN IMMIGRATION Those Now Coining of the Most Undesirable Class. WASHINGTON, April 2. —The immigration officials are somewhat disturbed at the present enormous in crease in immigration. During February tho number of arrivals at New York aggregated 11,822, an increase 01 about 65 per cent over the arrivals in February, 1895. The class now coming over is said to be altogether undesirable, even while entitled to admis sion under a strict construction of the immigration laws. SPANISH LOSS EIGHT HUNDRED Humors of a Great Battle in tho 1'ro- vlnco of Flnar del Ilio. TAMPA, April 4.—It is rumored here that in the battle which occurred on Tuesday in Pinar del Rio, between the forces of Maceo and Colonel Suarez the Spaniards lost 800 men. The insurgent loss was also heavy. No details of the battle are given. Colonel Suarez was seriously wounded. Knocking Out Territorial Divorces. WASHINGTON, April 4.—The house bill requiring a residence of a year in suits for divorce in the territories, received the favorable endorsement of the senate committee on territories. The committee amended the bill so as to provide that it shall not affect suits al ready begun. Iveg Defeats Schaefer. NEW YORK, April 2. —Madison Square Garden concert hall waa crowded by a representative audience of billiard lovers to see Frank Iveg and Jake Schaefer cross cues . for the first time at the 18-inch balk line game. The playing was brilliant throughout, Ives winning by 600 to 894. In tho Presidential Class. WASHINGTON, April i.—The following postoffices have been raised to the presidential class, the action taking effect April 1: Juneau, Alaska; University, Cal.; Williamsport, Ind.; Ne waygo, Mich, j Glenwood, Minn.; King City, Mo. Rhodes Asks For Volunteers. LONDON, April 2.—A Cape Town dispatch to The Times says that Hon. Cecil Rhodes has reached Salisbury, Mashonalaud, and has asked for as many volunteers as can be spared for the campaign against the Matabeles. , Hippolyte'a Successor Chosen. KINGSTON, Jamaica, April 2.—T, Simon Sam, formerly minister of war for Hayti, has been elected president to succeed General Hippolyte, deceased, by the senate and house of representatives. City pospUM Quarantined. KANSAS CITY, April 1,— All Saints hospital, one of the largest in the. city, has been placed in quarantine, and one of its patients, John Murphy, a rail* road hand, taken to the pesthouse suffering from smallpox. _ Embezzled. Trust Funds. CHICAGO,, April 1. — William L. Pierce, one of the oldest of the real estate dealers in Chicago, has been in- dieted by the grand jury on the charge of embezzling trust funds to the amount of |1»,281. PUpatchln? 'froop* to South Afrl««. LONDON, Ajfftt l.-^-Owing to the gravity of the agnation in South Africa, the government is taking steps to dispatch §,000 troops jtQ the Cape of Good Hope £3 goon as possible, to be ready for any Voluntary WASHINGTON, Ajjril 4— The senate committee pn judiciary decided upon $ favorable leport upon the voluntary bankruptcy bill. Tnomlny, Mnroli 31. Tho president nominated Benjamin J. Franklin of Arizona to be governor ! or Arizona. '• At Kansas City Harry Hill, tiged 28, a hotel porter, shot and killed his wife and then committed suicide. Roderick B. Seymour, recently ap. pointed justice of the Second district court of Jersey City, is dead. Over the championship course at Newcastle-on-Tyne. Bubear beat Wallace Ross in a sculling race for a purse of $200. Lieutenant Colonel Amyoit, one of the French-Canadian members- of parliament, died suddenly at his home in Quebec. The St. Paul postoffioo did $40,000 more business during the year ending March 31, than in I ho year ending March SI, 1895. The total receipts this year will be about $425,000. Wednesday, Apr.l. 1 The second annual convention of the Minnesota Good Roads association is in session at Minneapolis. The president has nominated William A, Little of be assistant attorney general, vice John I. Hall, resigned/:- i The Manufacturers' club of Philadelphia has adopted strong resolutions opposing the free and unlimited coinage of silver. Tho Cutter Silk Manufacturing company of West Bethlehem, Pa., has made an assignment. Tho failure is a heavy one. American Bell Telephone company at their annual meeting re-elected the old board of directors and voted to increase the capital stock 10 per cent to $28,650.000. An order issued by the Austrian minister of public instruction has been published, admitting to registration in Austria of women who hold foreign medical diplomas. _ Thursday, April £. Terms of office of 34 presidential postmasters will expire during April. Sir William Stuart, brother of Baron Blantyre and late British envoy to the king of the Netherlands, is dead. Charlie Holt and child and John Jenkins and two children were drowned in a swollen stream in Russell county, Va. The Rock Island, Milwaukee, Burlington and Missouri Pacific have filed charges against the Union Pacific and the Northwestern for violation of the passenger agreement. By a decree issued from tho superior court, the doors of the Richelieu hotel, Chicago, will be closed in 10 days and the property sold in its entirety, after the expiration of three weeks. The American Tobacco company has declared a regular quarterly dividend of 2 per cent on the preferred stock; a dividend of 2 per cent on the common, and 20 per cent scrip extra on the common. _ Friday, April 3. The Chinese government has decided to enter into the postal union. The telegraph line between Korosko and Murat Wells, north of. Wady Haifa, has been cut. C. M. Murphy, the crack Brooklyn wheelman, has, at his own request, been declared a professional. At Chicago, Fred Payne and James McKinstry were instantly killed by a train on the Chicago and Northwestern road. Hon. Bert Van Horne, ex- member of congress from New York, died at his homo at Lockport, from cancer in the stomach. ' At Columbus, O., Edward Knuppe, after wounding Frances Russ, killed himself. Mrs. Russ refused to return to him as housekeeper. Saturday, Apr'.l 4. Fire at Brunswick, Ga., caused half a million loss. \ The 50th anniversary of the repeal of the corn laws will be celebrated in a fitting manner by the Cobden Club. Mr. Chamberlain, in a note' to President Krnger, insists on redress of Dit- lander grievances. ', John Foxon, a wealthy farmer of Bryon, Wis., was fatally frozen in the recent storm, An attempt was made to wreck the Mississippi capitol at Jackson by undermining it. MoKinley's opponents are holding him up as unsound on the financial question, having discovered that he once voted for free coinage. The conference on the Manitoba school question at Winnipeg, closed, without result, neither side being willing to yield any material point, Monday, April 6, A Missouri farmer cremated his child, while burning fodder. A statue in honor of Thomas Jefferson is to be erected at New York. Tbe English people think Chamber* Jain is trifling with the Egyptian The firemen's strike at Vienna has collapsed and the men are returning to their paste. e Soujfe Palcpta Grand Army en* oampmen^§t W^terdown will be he!4 June 538-84. . hfta engaged, the Audito- riuip. for headquarters during the Dem* ocr^tio. co4v|ntion. , Smith.- Crisp financial debate in Georgia has been declared off owmg to Mr. Crisp's bad throat. scti ehQW ft large increase ki the money order business of the postcmca department for the last year. 4 fQ*eig» eyn^ioajbe- hap 13,000,000 foj $« priyjiegepf Erie oa»al Fire at Clwtoji, la,, destroyed the Cremated Tea in a, fire aj 38 Toss, wereburne4 Unjon street Tippie—T Pidn/t you have am affaire 4e ypujjig Cajjley? found out -S.£? It isn't to be wondered at that there are so many sick and half-sick women. Most of them suppose their peculiar troubles cnu only be cured by the physician. That means local treatment and examinations. No wonder they hesitate. And hesitation gives disease a stronger foothold. The truth is that local treatment and examinations are nearly always unnecessary. They should not be submitted to "till everything else fails. cures p'ain'ful menstruation, irregularities, life-sapping drains, falling of the womb and flooding. It cures all the p:iins auc' troubles by iu;ihing the feminine organs perfectly strong and healthy. Its action is wonderfully beneficial to girls just entering womanhood, and to women passing through _ the period known as the "change of life." No iicetl to hesitate now. Cure can be had right at home. SOLD AT $1.OO A BOTTLE GREAJ_SALE RAILROAD LANDS I —IN— Southern Minnesota, In the Fertile Minnesota Valley. These rich prairie lands are dark loam soil and are very productive. This partof Minnesota is well settled and has school houses and churches. These lands are lo- • cated near THE low A COLONY, nearTaun- ton, Minn., a bright new town and h'rst- class locations for all kinds of business. Ulno Joint hay grows in abundance on the upland prairie, making it a line stock country. Wo arc selling these choice prairie lands on very easy terms at prices ranging from S7.50 to §12.50 per acre. One- tifth cash and 0 per cent, interest, titles perfect and no payment tho second year. Two years to make second payment and the crops will pay for tho land. We rebate round trip faro to purchasers of 100 acres over tlib Northwestern Line. . 50,000 Acres of Fine Selected Lands At $ I O to $ 1 3 Per Acre. 100 CHOICE IMPROVED FARMS for sale on easy terms at 514 to $17 per acre within % to 5 miles of R. R. towns, also several section farms and 12 sections of wild land. Wo also have some finely improved farms near R. R. stations at from $16 to ?18 per acre on easy terms. G. F. HOLLOWAY, Agt. BANCROFT, IOWA. We Want A Few To represent us in cities and towns, soliciting 1 orders for our high grade and complete line of Orntimontul Shrubs, Trees, Hardy Roses, etc. Also, men to work country trade on sale of our famous NORTHKUN aUOWN SKED POTATOES, and fiiil line Nursery Stock. Apply at once, stating 1 iifro. L. 1.. MAY *. CO., Nurserymen, Florists and Seedamen, 20-211 BT, PAUL, MINN. ARRIVAL ani* DEPARTURE of TRAIHS CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL. LOCAL TIIAIN BAST. No. 2 passenger I0:47am No. 4 passenger fi:04pm No. 70 freight carries passengers . 8 ;20 p m No. 94 freight carries passengers... 2 :05 p m OOIKO WEST. No. i passenger 0:08 am No. 3 passenger .. 4:24pm No, 71 frtvoht carries passengers— 6:40pm No. 03 freight canies prssengers 12 :05 a n> Chicago & Northwestern K'y. GOING NORTH AND WEST. Passenger... •. Rnsam Passenger 3:20 p uj Freig't 9:30am Freight , , f:33pm QOINQ SOUTH AMU EAST, Passenger. 3 :05 p m Passenger 5 ;58 p m Freight 9:30 am Freight 2 :45 p m Passeugers arrive In Chicago 7 a. m. and 6 a. in. Arrive in Des Moines 7 :50 and 11:30 p m. Scientific American CAVEATS. ADB MARK*. OE8ION PATCNYit t « Forjlnforaifttlon and free Bankbook write to MUNN ft CO.. 861 33B04PWAY, N»W YOW. Q14<Btt bureau for securing patent* in Americ Every latent t»¥eaogt tho pubUo by a notice g frjcutific yeai 3pu»

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