Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Page 12
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WKtt TWELVE ALTON CVEN1NO TftLEORAPH TUESDAY, JUNE 14,1900 , Indians Face Crucial Test Club§Meet For First Place Tilt By CD WILKB AsSWiBtM rfBM BpUftS Baltimore and Cleveland get going on a four-game argument ovef the American League lead tonight, but the New York Yankees, frolicking along at Kansas City, could have the last word. Ita Orioles are a half-game behind the Indians as they open the three-day series at Cleveland. But the third place Yankees arc Just one game shy of the top after winning their sixth in a row with an 8-4 decision over the A's Monday night in the only AL game Four Men Tied for Lead In City Golf Tournament More than 130 local golfers were stymied by rain Sunday afternoon and the final day of play In the Alton Invitational Golf I Tournament was postponed un- 81; E. Smith, 42-39-81: E. Smith, 42-39-81; J. Clifford. 38-43-81. J. Ashby. 38-44-82; A. Lambie.j 41-41-82; A. Davis, Woodward 41-41-82; 39-43-82; J.i S. Brown, j til next Sunday at the Rockj4o-4'J-82; B. Awe, 43-39-82: Spring Golf course. I Reynolds 42-41-83; R. Ernst. 40-i Going Into the final 18 holes of ,43-83; E. Newberry, 41-42-83; B.j play, four men were tied for DeMoulin, i3-40-83;^G. Kllma, 41-j honors with a 73. M. Lowery. F. 42-83; M. Miller, 44-39-83; W.i Bono, R. Lutz and M. Robyn j Winslade 40-43-83. i carded the one over par 73's Saturday. At the end of the third round of play Sunday, the field will be broken down into flights according to scores and prizes award A. Condellone, 42-42-84; B. Wilkins 41-43-84; K. Burgdorf, 45-39-84; W. Muehleman 42-42-84; L. Pipkins, i en, ed to the top three finishers inj pny 44-41-85; K. 4W1-85; G. Endicott (.:. Mann. 42-13-85; D. each scheduled. Ifs Jim Perry (6-2), a hander shooting for his sixth straight success, for the Indians, and either Milt Pappas (3-5) or Billy Hoeft, the lefty Just recalled from the minors, for the Birds. Cleveland took over first place by winning five in a row, then slipped to second by losing the ' c " first two games of a scheduled) four-game set in New York last Bow 4/-43-I Mur- j r..,, ,„.„„„. J. Harris, 42-43-1 rm. T ... ._ /to R- Neuhau.1. 46-39-85; K. The standings at the end ofi R |e ^ } ^. F VaMe ^.i •- first day of play are a s fol-i g3; v Moselo . H . 41 . 85; L Suhre(! 42-43-85: S. Sak, 43-42-85; D. Orrj Perica, 41-44-85: Slows: j M. 74; J. Hand 38-38-74; C. Schmidt, 38-37-75: W. Calvey, 37-38-75. M. Bacus, 38-38-76: J. Stnrr, ! T. Ko/latek, 4244-86; V. Mit- 'chel! 13-43-86; B. Bledermun, weekend. The Indians climb,* back on top Sunday when - the Yankees and the Orioles 'ostjrjupske two to Kansas City. P. Brown 39-38-77; O. Scrogglns, ncidcr - ' tM5 - s7 ' 38-38-77; B. Thiele. 38-39-77; B. Mat- B. Bouiilion. 47-41-88; L. Zak, . Costa 34-43-77; D.! 44-44-88; J. Kuilikowski, 45-43-88; L ^ While the Birds and Indians play four, including a twi-night pair scheduled for Wednesday, the Yankees have three more left with KC. 177; E.Wasson, 41-36-77; D. Harmon. 36-41-77; R. Yenny, 37-40-77; Netzhammer, 42-35-77. D. Williams, 44-44-88; J. Bick 45-43-88 N. Buesch, 45-43-88; W. JR. Gleason 44-45-89^ J. Lowery, '47-42-89; M. McReynolds, 48-41- J. Meyers, 39-39-78; P. Kluge, 1 89: w - Winter 45-44-89;. 41-37-78; Doc O'Leary, 37-41-78; A. Bergstrom 46-14-90; C. Fry, IR. Umfleet 40-38-78: J. M a y- 50-40-90: D. Stupperich, 46-44-90;! The Yankees made it sevenjnard, 41-37-78; t. Suller, 39-39-, : J. Wright. 1H-14-90; 0. Wood. 51-i straight over Kansas City, five 78; W. Wohlert, 40-38-78; B. Kal-i 39-90; B. Hartnett, 49-41-90; C.| this season, behind right-hander jlal, 39-40-79; D. Medlock, 38-41-79; iCalculri, 47-44-91; C. Lauer. 45-: Bob Turley and slugging Moose jc. Walsh, 40-39-79: J. Pfeffer, 43-'46-91; H. Orr, 45-46-91' J Barr Skowron Monday night. 136-79. '47-44-91; G. Harmon. 46-45-91. Turley, now 4-1 with his fourth K. Dial, 39-40-80; B. Doneison. J. Handion, 44-48-92; R. Plchee; Sportllte fey JACK BARBAft Sport* By THE AMOCIATED PRBM AlMffOMI LeBgOe W. L. Pet. G.B Cleveland 29 19 .508 — Baltimore 31 23 .574 > New York 28 21 .971 1 Detroit 26 23 .331 3 Chicago 28 23 .528 3 Washington 22 28 .440 7< Kansas City 22 31 .415 9 Boston 17 32 .34712 Monday Results New York 8, Kansas City 4 Only game scheduled Tuesday Game* Baltimore at Cleveland (N) New York at Kansas City (Ni Washington at Chicago (N) Boston at Detroit (N) tames In this area, but If • fan wmntt t« stay ftoow ke can s«e an AM. gMM Ml TV. jfHB Therefore tto Out* tte put Into a bind .. . towing to lure people «w*y from the seta and out to the park. To overcome some of the obstacles, the Cardinals will videotape all pre-season gam«s and will be shown In the St. Lotils area the next day. The Cards open their pre-season schedule against the Dallas Cowboys at Dallas August 13 and the tape will b« shewn over KMOX-TV. A St. Louis brewery managed by the Gresidick brothers will sponsor seven out of the 13 teams' games In the NFL each The list to be sponsoredoy *lUIHIIll|l uuufroi f-i » m* w «• | «. t Brook*. Brook, will nJ*. [the group includes Cardinals, play for the South team. 'Chicago Bears. Washlnton Red- WUItams flcks Bradley Rich Williams, Granite City High School Cage star, has selected Bradley University as his choice and will attend the Braves' campus next season. Williams, during his three years of varsity basketball for the Granite City Warriors, won the Southwestern Conference scoring title two times and scored a total of 796 points in three «oasons for a loop record. His high mark came this season when he pumped in 46 with the Warriors winning the game 101-87. Williams has been named to play on the South Squad In the North.Soath prep game slated to be played In Champaign July 16. named to the nquad Eaat St. 1-flUis' out- hoonstpr, Don Brooks is remembered for his Wedneada.v Oameit Washington at Chicago (N) New York at Kansas City (N)jwas not quite to par last sea Boston at Detroit (N) Baltimore al Cleveland (2, twi night) :outstanding play on a team that son. Brook* scored 305 points in 12 Southwestern Conference Barnes last season to win the Pittsburgh San Francisco Milwaukee Cincinnati St. Louis Los Angeles Chicago Philadelphia Monday National 1/eague W. L. Pet. G.B. 32 20 .615 — 32 26 25 24 20 19 22 20 27 27 28 26 33 .593 .556 .491 .481 .462 .435 ,,. ori mle . The two rival leagues will Pro Football ! battle this year for the viewers The pro football wars not j as well as the customer's del. only will be fought in Dallas,jlar with the NFL having the Los Angeles, New York and the Icicle track with an older .365 13 SLEEP* TIME straight victory, had a one-hitter and had faced the minimum 21 men until the A's broke through 41-39;80; C. Hull, 3W2-80; F. Maloney, 39-41-80: C. Newkirk, 40-40-80; R. Martin 42-38-80; A. 43-49:92; J. Kravanek 44-48-92; E. Held, 49-43-92; E. Sawyer, 4449-93; L. Rinehart, 47-48-95; for all their runs in the eighth. Credeur, 42-38-80; J. Harkrader,' C. Burgstrom, 50-49-99; N. Kaet>- The Yankees had finished :.heirj 42-38-80; berg, 52-47-99; G. Schaetzel, 44- scoring against loser Ken Johnson' B. Murphy, 43-37-80; L. Wrest, 55-99; E. Medlock, 54-48-102; (2-4) and Bob Giggie by then. 40-41-81; W. Weiblon 42-39-81 ;JJ. T. Reedy, 50-54-104; J. Reedy, R. Bartlow, 41-40-81; M. Muel-jSr. 51-54-105; W. Jamison, 52-54- LIBERTY, N.Y.—Jeannettc, 13-day- offl daughter of Rolf Johansson, is too sleepy to care about the attention being paid her by world heavyweight champion Ingemar Johansson at Liberty yesterday. Rolf, champ's brother, and other .members of Johansson's family share house at Liberty where Ingemar is tuning up for his title defense against Floyd Patterson next Monday. (AP Wirephoto.) Results Milwaukee 12, San Francisco 5 Only game scheduled Tuesday Games Pittsburgh at San Francisco (N) Chicago at Milwaukee (N) St. Louis at Cincinnati (N) Philadelphia at Los Angeles (N) Wednesday Games St. Louis at Cincinnati (N) j Chicago at Milwaukee (2, twi- I night) i Philadelphia at Los Angeles (N) I Pittsburgh at San Francisco skins, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 46 ers and the L.A. Rams. Only the Cardinal road games will be seen in the St. Louis area. Skowron drove in four with a home run, single and sacrifice fly. The Yankees, tying Detroit for the longest streak of the season ler 41-40-81; J. Faerber, 42-39- ; 106, I in the AL. scored three in "to*!! Midwest Scores MaiOf Stars inning triggered by Tony Kubek'sj J leadoff home run. Skowron horn, ered in the third and then capped a three-run fourth by driving in two with his single. The Moose closed it out with the long fly In the sixth. League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National League Batting (based on 100 or 'nore at bats) — Burgess, Pittsburgh, Baseball Bill j LaMotta Appears Before! Higgi™ s ees Hits Senate Senate Boxing Probe Floor Today Kokomo Dubuque 300 202 002—9 12 000000000-0 6 By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON (APi — Senate WASHINGTON (AP) - The > investigators ca]le d Jake LaMot- (6), Ordaz (8) and Luketich. Home runs—Kokomo, Wear, 1st, two on; Reo, 4th, one on. (first game) Decatur 000 100 000—1 3 1 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Hitting—Johnny Logan, Braves,, 1 drove in five runs, with a double _ and clinching three-run triple, in j baseball bill, which would libara- j i' a ,' "former•" middleweight boxing u -'• 12-5 victory over the| ljze ^ drafting of payers from [ champion, for quizzing today team to team, was in the lap of j about his stormy up-and-down the Senate today. There was no | ring career, indication how soon it might act.; i Waterloo 001 000 001—2 3 0 through seven shutout innings. Ison and Hazard; Krotec and Skeen. .367; Adcock, Milwaukee, .348. ' Home run — Waterloo, Lorek, Runs — Skinner, Pittsburgh, 43; 19th, none on. Hoak, Pittsburgh. 42. (second game) Runs batted in — Banks, Chica- i Decatur 020 020 1—5 10 0 go. 48; Clemente, Pittsburgh, 44. j Waterloo 001 000 0—1 1 3 Hits — Groat and Clemente,; Sprout and Gecnen; Dennis and Pittsburgh, 74; Pinson, Cincinnati, j Skeen. 69. ' Only games scheduled Doubles — Robinson, Cincinnati, 1 — Burton, Milwaukee, Groat, Pittsburgh and Cunningham, St. Louis, 14; Pinson. Cincinnati and Mays, San Francisco, 13. Triples — Pinson, Cincinnati, ti; Bruton, Milwaukee, Skinner, Pittsburgh and Kirkland, San Francisco, 5. Home runs — Banks, Chicago and Boyer, St. Louis, 16; Aaron, Milwaukee, 13. Stolen bases — Mays, San Francisco, 15i Pinson, Cincinnati, 14. Pitching (based on 5 or more decisions) — Williams, Los Angeles, 54), Law, Pittsburgh 9-2. j Strikeouts — Drysdale, Los An-i geles, 96; Friend, Pittsburgh, 76. i American League Batting (based on 100 or motiv at bats) — Runnels, Boston, .385: : Maris, New York, .333. Runs — Mantle, New York, 45, Maris, Now York, 36. Runs batted in — Hansen, Baltimore, 41; Maris, New York and Lemon. Washington, -10. Hits — Runnels, Boston, 72; Minoso, Chicago, 63. Doubles — Lollar, Chicago and; Skowron, New York, 15; Allison, Washington, 14. Triples — Fox, Chicago, 6; Ana-, ncio, Chicago and Becquer, Wash-; ington, 4, ; Home runs — Maris, New York, j 17; Lemon, Washington, 16. ! Stolen bases — Aparicio, Chica-i go 15; Minoso, Chicago and Pier-' sail. Cleveland, 9. ; Pitching (baaed on 5 or raorej decisions) — Coates, New York, 64), B. Daley, Kansas City, 8-2. Strikeouts — Paccual, Washington, 90; Sunning, Detroit, 74. Giants. : Pitching —Bob Turley. Yankees, | won fourth in a row with six-nit, •seven-strikeout 8-4 decision wnr| ^ b ffl would provide that each ijor league club could own or i control only 40 players exempt Jfroni draft by rival teams. There I is one exception: A player would jnot be subject to draft until he I had completed four years in or- iganized baseball. Cedar Rapids 6, Green Bay 1; Just what effect the bill would Sioux City 9, Topeka 4 have on the proposed Continental \ i eac jj*iw Lincoln at Des Moines, ppd, rain i League drafting players from the Three-1 League By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday Night Results LimpingBucs Face Giants By GO WILKS Associated P.-CMS Sports Writer { he road trudge into Fox Cities at Burlington, ppd. j National and American leagues gan Vrancisco tonight for the opener of a three-game buries with ruin 'remains to bo seen. THE GREAT DIVIDE Minor Scores 0V THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American AMB. Denver 5, Dallas-Fort Worth 2 gt Paul 8, Indianapolis 1 Houston 2, Charleston 1 Minneapolis 8, Louisville 1 Ink-railttonal League Buffalo 'i, Columbus 1 Rochester 7. Richmond 0 Toronto 7, Havana 4 Only games Paoifk COM*! Levyue fcattk 3-5. Sacramento 0-2 Vancouver 8, Saji Diego 4 (10 innings) Only Sen. Estes Kefauver (D-Tenn), chairman of the Antitrust and Monopoly subcommittee, mentioned an earlier New York state investigation of "possible bribe offers to LaMotta." Kefauver filed the statement with the subcommittee as part of the official record. He said the group would explore allegations that underworld figures are coiv spiring with some big shots in the boxing promotion field to wield monopoly role over professional boxing. Police protection reportedly has been arranged for LaMotta and National League-!several other witnesses. getting their Kefauver said assorted hoodlums and boxing figures, some of them hostile witnesses, will testify in various stages of the inves- the second place Giants, whojigatkm. haven't been doing much better. He said the hearing will center at. homo. >on two of LaMotta's Madison The Pirates go into Candlestick jScjuare Garden bouts in 1947, and Park with a one-game lead and the 1949 bout in which LaMotta right-hander Bob Friend <7-3t well beat Marcel Cerdan by a techni- rested for a duel with the Giants' j cal knockout in Detroit to win the Sam Jones (S-4). j middleweight title. Simple mathematics show Hiat The subcommittee said it is; Higher Finish DETROIT (AP) —Mike Higgins reached for the reins of the Boston Red Sox again today and indicated he doesn't intend to finish in the American League cellar. Asked whether he thought the club was a last-place team — and that's where it is after losing 25 of its last 32 starts — Higgins replied: "I wouldn't think so. I certainly wouldn't think so." I He fended off questions about j specific weaknesses or plans, how- jever, saying "I haven't seen the ;team. I'll tell you about that in a couple of weeks." San Francisco Bay area, but also on the TV sets next fall. Recently the American Football League signed a multimillion dollar contract with ABC for next season. Now what this means is that ABC can come into National Football League cities with AFL games which will present a choice for the spectator. Tnko the newly arrived St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals will not TV local more established league. The St. Louis Grid Cardinals will face some problems from the new league with the TV threat, but St. Louis area football fans should want to get out and see the big boys In person each Sunday. SCULLING A lAf I I MO ! WITH ONE HAND JAMLLlN^ aou.0*** •» " BOWL HAVEN Monday Mixed High games- -Clark 172, Melba Moore 189-201, W. Grove 212, J. Monroe 223, M. Beckinan 162193, E. Brandt 204. 3 Man Scratoh Higli game—Netzhammer 208290-231 (919), Scroggins 231-223212-219 (8801. Manns 221-258-216 f886), Coleman 257-220-214 (878), L. Smith 218-211-214-209 (852), .Steiger 248-205 f834), Laughlini 235-22J (825), B. Pace 224-211206 (826), Edgars 227 (812), Boone 223, Walker 214-202, Laub 203. Althoff 210-201-213, W. Smith 258. Martin 201, Dabbs 200-226. SctlLL WITH ONE HAND ID LEMAE OTHER HAND FP&. FOR WSHINfl. THEW* A MMCK TO IT IN TWIS*- MO 1MB 0AM FOR EACH STROKE OF 1MB FMfMH. ACTION. ANp,M- CAUBEOPTMtSTWlSTINS, APW- LOCMNS CWRtOCK CANT BG UBBD. MOUKT OTHER AN OPEN- OR RINtr TVnt OARLOCK M TM CBNTCR OP TRANSOM ®, OB TO CLEAR MOTOR PONV IS MUD. A 2ND COLLAR LEATHER WILL PRtVHNT OAR'S LOSS WHEN MM! LET CO ID PLAV A FISH. MORE CAR! all the Giants have to do to take charge is sweep the set. That's \vhat happened the lust time the Bucs showed up at San Francisco. looking into the June 6, 1947, middleweight match in which LaMot- j ta won a decision over Tony Jan-i iro, and a bout on Nov. 14 the But that was a month ago. Hie j same year in which Billy Fox Giants haven't won any of their!scored a surprising 10-round tech- last four series at home. Even if they break the slump by taking nical knockout victory over La- Motta in a light heavyweight bout. Jackson Faces Redlegs Tonight CINCINNATI (AP) — The St. two of the three with Pittsburgh,; .they'll still trail the Pirates by| 'percentage points. ; i The Giants missed another' i chance to close in on the Bucs: :Monday, blowing a 4-0. first-inn-, • ing lead and losing 1^-5 to third-' 1 place Milwaukee. That aave the Braves a split in thr four-game i Louis Cardinals will start right- series and put them within o'/i-ihander Larry Jackson tonight sames of first place: against Cincinnati's southpaw Jim Johnny Logan drove in rive runs > OToole in the first of a three- for the Braves and Lew Burdette game battle for fourth place. : (6-2), who now has won three in St. Louis n^eds two victories to | a row or the first time this sea- j step into the first division, being ison. Logan doubled home a pair i only one-half game behind the I in a tying, four-run second inning | that chased Jack Sanford, and then clinched it with a bases-loaded triple in the third off losing reliever George Maranda (0-1). fourth place Redlegs. Cardinal Manager Solly Henius will be expecting the yeoman duty he's been getting from outfielder Bob (Burly) Nieman. White Sox Clobber Cubs In Exhibition Tilt, 7-0 If you can afford a low-price-name car,, you can now afford a new Mercury, and for less money. A Mercury Monterey is now priced lower than the top V-8 models of low-price-name cars. Come see! Palmer Favored to Cop U. S. Open Bj DON WGtbS PreM Sport* Writer DENVER <APt - Masters champion Arnold Palmer flew in from his latest money-making venture, fired a 66 and the odds on him to win the National Open golf tournament dipped to 4-1. "Whew, what i»hotmaking." said Bob Rwiburg. UK- 1959 PGA champion who Momluv practiced \\itli Palmer for the Thursday opening round- "A 6t>—tu)d a bb eased up. too Hf's playing beautifully Hi* Allots >.u'ir just wonderful." "I'll tell you this, too." Ro.sburg went on "Either they (thi U.S. (iolf ASMI. i harden these greens or you're going to see scores that art unbelievable. And Palmers' likely lu be the most unbelievable of them all." L'nbfl cvable enough to threaten the Open record of l-'Tb Ben Hogan set at Ri\ iera in Los Angeles in 1848? "Di'linitely. ii tin coursr stajs like it is> now. said Rosburg. who : Otlltd his 72 a "bad round" "Tlir grt-ont, aiv just wonderful --soft and almoM too good. And the rougli isn't tou a 'h like you find ion moot Open sites. It's thin and 1 penalizes you hardl> at all." The course is the 7.004-yard, par 35-36—71 Cliero Hills Country Club, nestling in a meadow with the Rocky Mountain^ as a back(drop. CHICAGO (AP» - The Chicago White Sox knocked off the Chicago Cubs 7-0 Monday night in their exhibition for Boys baseball in a gaiiie which drew a crowd of L'8.400 and was called in the sixth inning because of rain. Actually, the lain started more thitn an hour before the game and a fine mist tell throughout the encounter but the players persevered ami Bo\s baseball ui Chicago benefited by some $59,000. The most significant factor in the contest was the work of Herb Score, the questionable White So.\ southpaw. | Score pitched the first five in- flings it) which he yielded four hits, three walks and struck '>ut six. Despite Score's fine showing, Manager Ai Lopez said he lias no immediate plans of using Snore. "We'll let him keep working on : the sidelines to gain his strength " -said Lopez "and eventually va may work him into our rotation." , The Cubs open a four game i series at Milwaukee tonight wnere Glen Hobble (5-7> goe« against Bob Bun) (5-2). The White Sox play Washington at home in the first of two night games against the Senators. Frank Baumann (3-3) will go] Pedro Ramos (3-7). ' CARTER LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES, Inc. 1430 «. »r»»dw«y

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